Story – Stragglers


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

For the last month or so, Gregg had been taking the old forest road home. It was less crowded, and while longer in distance, it was considerably shorter in time to get from downtown to his home. He also noticed that as he drove past the heavy growth of trees and brush, that a group of cyclists would be pedalling along the shoulder of the road, and he always slowed down.

The sight of those firm young buttocks upraised, as they pedalled along was a good end of work day vision. It was amazing how no matter the weather, this group of teenagers would be out cycling along the road. Their legs churning as they raced each other.

At first he figured they were young kids, as he rarely got a view of their faces, but lately he had seen them turn to stare at him driving by. He doubted they were any younger than seventeen or eighteen. Hell one looked like he was in his early twenties, judging by the growth of hair on his face.

On occasion he could hear them yelling at each other, talking, and from the bits of words he judged them to be from the private college that had opened up last year. It was some religious order, that had bought the land and set up a college. It was open to anyone, but it was funded by some Religious Order that had raised a few eyebrows among the community.

Watching them pedal so hard, reminded him of his days going to the old High School that was now the centre of the new college. Course that was years ago, before he had gotten so old. Being in his mid thirties, he felt like an old fart. Going to work every morning at the same time, coming home at the same time, seemed so boring. When he had been like those bicyclists, he rarely got home at the same time. He used to stay late, playing catch, talking, or just riding like hell as these kids seemed to do.

He couldn’t help but call them kids, even if they were in the last years of their teens. Working at his daily grind had jaded him, or made him feel his age more than he should. Living alone was part of the problem, the other was that the local gay bar had closed. Well not closed totally, but had opened itself up to non gays. It no longer was his safe place, where he knew the guys drinking were the same as him.

It wasn’t like there were fights or such, but it did make one a bit more cautious about sending some hunk a drink. You just couldn’t be sure if he was gay or just slumming it. There were a few you could tell, but the notion that all Gays were flamers just wasn’t true. His last fling, a teacher actually, was also the athletic director at the University. The guy was no flamer, not with that deep voice, or that build.

Okay so he was horny, shoot him. It just wasn’t all that easy to find a good fling these days. Plus, seeing those hot tight butts shaking and staring at him every night was rather exciting. He found himself looking forward to the drive home, to the point where he even turned the radio down once he hit that stretch of road. Just so he could have no distractions as he drove past.

There were a few rather hot guys in the group. They always seemed to be near the end of the procession, always talking with each other. In fact, he noticed they had longer hair than the rest, and were always dressed in ordinary clothes. That meaning they weren’t wearing black pants with white shirts. They wore jeans, different colored shirts, which set them apart from the others.

The red head seemed to be the leader too, and he was always tossing his head back, and had one of the most seductive smiles Gregg had ever seen. It made his whole face light up, and the other two seemed to always be grinning. The rest of the group seemed so stern looking, as if they were off on some mission. When there was laughter, it seemed to always come from the three young men, and the loud voices seemed to always be theirs. It was like the others were zombies, or so focused on their cycling, they didn’t have time for talk.

Driving along the road now, he spotted the group up the way. He slowed down, because a few days earlier he had noticed that at one point, the three stragglers had veered off, and taken an old path into the forest. He knew the place well, having cycled inside the forest grove all through his youth. It had been once the grounds for a huge mansion, long since gone. But the land had been left to the town, to be kept as a undeveloped forest.

The track of trees was quite extensive and wound its way in a giant oval. While it looked dense, it really wasn’t. There were a ton of paths inside, not to mention small little clearings invisible from the paths or the roadway. It was in one of those clearings, near the path the stragglers had taken, that Gregg had lost his virginity. He had found memories of that time, when life wasn’t about time clocks, or sales quotas.

His eyes watched the three, and suddenly the redhead had veered off. He was pedalling hard, and behind him were the other two. They were standing up, pedalling as fast as their legs could pump, and in less than a second, they were into the forest. They had chosen a good spot, because the road turned inwards for a bit, so that you really couldn’t see that far behind you without being blocked by thick ancient trees and their branches. It was a perfect spot to ditch anyone ahead, which made Gregg curious.

Knowing the place so well, he pulled into a small driveway, where he parked his car. It was hidden from the road, as he made his way silently towards the clearing he remembered so well. It still gave him a tingle, to think of those summer days when he and Seth had ditched their other friends, to do some ‘exploring’, as Seth had called it. Naturally it was to have sex, and frankly he wished for those times again.

No commitment, no worries. Just hop off the bikes, and drop the pants. Nothing to make it awkward or embarrassing either. The clearing was always in shadows, and yet the way the sun would sparkle through, made the sex even that much more enjoyable. The danger of being seen too, now that was a rush. Seth liked it the most, but he had to admit, the notion that someone could be in the bushes watching, well it always made him harder.

He moved quietly, knowing exactly how to follow the path, without stepping on dried leaves or twigs. It was part of the fun he used to have with Seth. One would agree to be in the clearing, the other would have to sneak up on him. If you were heard, you were the bottom, if you got in without being heard, you got to be the top. Gregg liked being the top, specially considering how nice of an ass he had. Gregg could still jerk off to those memories, those thoughts of that milky white skin, upraised, waiting for him to penetrate.

Gregg stopped for a moment, adjusted the hard lump in his pants, and listened. He could hear a sort of chorus of grunts, groans, and smiled. He had been right, they were in the clearing, and better, they sounded like they were using it for the same purpose he and Seth had used it for.

Moving slower, he came to a special group of bushes. He stopped, listening to the louder sounds now, identifying them of youth engaged in sex. There was no mistaking that sound, that sound of flesh banging into flesh, the grunts as someone tried to hold their position, the moans of someone enjoying whatever was happening.

Slowly he came to the tree. It was the one he had used many times, to spy on Seth, before jumping out and surprising him. Then to take his reward. He smiled, wondering where Seth had gotten to. Would be nice to rekindle old memories, as he leaned to one side, to stare off into the clearing.

He saw backside of one, who was standing slightly off to one side. He had his pants down around his ankles, and was obviously stroking his cock. He was watching his two friends, one of whom was bend over, grapping at his ankles. His pants lay at his feet, and behind him, almost directly opposite was the Redhead.

His hair was flying in all directions, as he moved in and out. Gregg licked his lips as he took it all in, watching the one bent over tossing his head up, every now and then. His face was constricted, and he looked in pain, but his grunts said otherwise. He was biting his lower lip, and every few seconds would lift his head up, to peer up and over his shoulder at his friend.

The redhead was pounding the ass hard. He could see his hips moving in a blur. The pants were at his ankles, the hair on his legs growing less noticeable as his eyes moved downwards.

Glancing up, he saw the face. The eyes seemed so full of fire, his breathing laboured, as his body seemed to move in and out like a jack hammer. He could see one hand stretched out, taking hold of the bent over teenager’s shoulder. His hands were holding him from flying forward, as he drove his cock into him.

Looking at the one jerking off, he saw how his hand was moving fast and furious. His chest was heaving, as he stared at his two friends. Every now and then he would shuffle over, grab the hair of the one bent over, lift it up and push his hips forward. He did that a few times, hard too, judging by the groans as the kid took the cock into his mouth.

He would reach around, to play with his own ass, as he drove his body forward, into his friend’s mouth. The cheeks looked so firm, so white, that it made him suck in his own breath, as he watched. Gregg could hear them, as they moved. The redhead was muttering something about ‘take it bitch, take it all’ and the guy in front, was moaning something like ‘suck it, suck it derrick’ and the sounds. They were making Gregg feel very warm, as he heard the gurgling sound of the kid sucking.

His eyes stared at the clenched ass cheeks, at the rather nicely shaped balls that dangled between the legs. He saw the soft look of the skin, as the boy’s hips pushed in and out. Yet he couldn’t help but notice the redhead. The way his hair flowed, and how he wiped it out of the way. He was clearly enjoying his time being a top, just as he had with Seth.

Gawd, the way he would pound Seth’s ass. The way he would slap it, just as the redhead was doing every now and then. Only difference was that he and Seth didn’t have someone else there, to share the fun with. It was just the two of them, enjoying the pleasure of each other’s young bodies. The way Seth would moan, and how he would tell him to shut up, fearing someone would be watching. Seth ignoring him, moaning louder at times, or how he would literally scream as he shot his load.

Everything he was watching now, reminded him of Seth, of his skinny arms, as they held onto his ankles, while he pounded the ass. He would drive his cock deep into him, taking it nearly out each time, then back in as hard as he could. Just like the redhead was doing, he would hold onto Seth’s shoulder, hold him from flying forward, from falling to the ground from the hard thrusts of his body.

Closing his eyes, he could hear Seth now, hear him pleading with him to go slower, to not fill his ass so hard, so much. He always ignored it, because soon Seth would be begging him to go faster, to drive his ass harder, to split him, to put it all inside of him, and then shortly after, he would feel it. The pain in his balls would grow, he would feel them tighten, and then explode.

His body would shake, as his cum would be starting its journey up to his cock. Gregg would cry out then, pulling back and reaching down with one hand to rip the condom off. Always just in time, he would hear it snap off, the plastic ripping, as he cock would rear back, then rush forward, spewing its thick cream. Gregg would aim it, actually hold its throbbing shaft, feeling his whole body tremble to the final explosion.

Most of the time he would never see it land. His eyes would be shut, but he would see strobes of lights, all shapes and colors, as his body released its load. Other times, he would open them, in time to see the last shot of his cum splatter against the Seth’s quivering cheeks. He would see the milky cum hit the skin, then slowly spread outwards. He would see  the body flinch as the cum hit, hear Seth moan, as his cum trickled down his skin.

Gregg looked up, and as he did, he felt, then heard the twig snap under his foot. Glancing over at the three boys, he saw them suddenly grow still. The boy jerking off, held his cock and turned around, looking in the opposite direction than where he was standing. The boy bent over had his head lifted up, looking towards the bushes to Gregg’s left.

The redhead was looking straight at him. His eyes were narrow, and his body was still pressed into the other’s. His eyes were searching, as he suddenly seemed to find Gregg. It was a fleeting glance as the eyes moved away, then suddenly began to come back. Gregg ducked away, behind the tree, his heart pounding as he tried to hear what was going on.

With his heat feeling like it was in his mouth, he peered back around the tree trunk, from the other side. He saw the redhead leaning back, he was bending down, picking up his pants. The one who had been bent over was pulling his pants up as well. The brunette, the one who had been jerking off, was already dressed. He held his bike up, looking around as he waited for his friends.

They moved quickly, as finally the three were astride of their bicycles. The redhead told them to move, and they stood up, heading away, while the redhead waited for a second. He looked around, and at the tree again, but didn’t linger, as he began to cycle forward. He stood up, his butt cheeks showing, filling Greg’s eyes with more thoughts of Seth, when he noticed the redhead turn and look back to the clearing. He had a huge grin on his face, the same type of grin Seth would get, when he had made Gregg think someone had been watching. It was amazing, as he watched them cycle off, pulling his hand from out under his pants. It was sticky from his cum, as he slowly made his way back to the car.

He felt rather happy, as he turned back onto the road and face down the street. Soon he came to the far end, where he spotted the group of cyclists nearing the point where they would turn off to head back, where he would turn away to head home. As he came along the road, he saw the three cyclists come out from the forest, just behind the main group. He could see the redhead in the lead and as he passed the three, signaling to turn away, the redhead turned towards him.

Gregg saw the twinkle in his eyes, as he grinned and nodded his head, ever so slightly, before turning back to meet up with the group ahead. His legs were pumping, but he swayed his hips from side to side a bit more than normal, making Gregg smile, and determined to leave work a bit earlier tomorrow.

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