Fiction – The Watcher

The Watcher

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Terry looked at his watch and then the array of monitors set in front of his desk. He was feeling annoyed as time grew closer to when the early morning occupants would soon be arriving and he hadn’t been able to enjoy his after midnight jerk off. It was all the fault of that new tenant up on the 10th floor of the building.

While his brooding eyes scanned the monitors for any sign of life, his hand reached down to push his cock to one side. He was horny and was itching to relieve the ache, but he couldn’t chance it as long as Richard was still prowling the building. The guy wasn’t bad looking for an older guy, and he did have a rather interesting build to him, but that was as far as it got with Terry.

Richard Longtree was the new tenant, a consultant was all that he knew. He had taken up the three empty offices and foyer on the 10th,  where he was looking now. All he could see was the lit reception area where he had hoped to see more. Like Longtree leaving but instead it was empty. Sort of like his own existence as he sat back in the chair, wishing for some excitement.

Terry was only 25 but he had been working the night shift here for 3 years now. No one else wanted the job of staying awake guarding a relatively empty office building from midnight to 8am. Still he found it interesting at times, like when that old fart up on the 18th who showed up every Thursday night with a couple of hot young men.

Couple of times Terry had seen one or two sneaking out of the office to use the washrooms, stark naked, which had helped his midnight whack off sessions. The guy was a jerk, but he did have good taste in men. Still he had to admit, for action and putting on a show, the guy was rather boring. Compared to the photographer who had the 5th floor, who always seemed to have something going on, and didn’t really hide it either. Hell the guy was also a good tipper, but scantily clad women just wasn’t Terry’s thing as he continued to glance across the various screens.

He flipped a few switches and looked a bit closer at the monitors that covered the underground parking. Sometimes a few would sneak in when late night tenants left. They could put on a good show too, unless they were prowling. Then he usually just called the cops to deal with it, but for the most part he just watched.

The building was in an older part of town, and lots of street people seemed to be around at night. Most were old and he generally chased them off. Besides they would relieve themselves in the corners, which really pissed him off. He was the one who generally had to clean  it up, so he tried to not give them the chance. Then there were the college kids that would sneak in from the little community college nearby.

Now those generally sneaked in with their dates. They weren’t there to prowl, but to do some good old fashioned humping which always gave him a bit of fun. He would smirk too, at how some of the girls hadn’t a clue on how to suck a guy off either. That would always give him a bit of a chuckle and he had to admit, some of those guys were hot.

Looking over the monitors, he couldn’t help but recall the time he spotted two guys sneak in. At first he thought they might be street kids looking to find a quick score, but that quickly changed. The taller one grabbed the shorter one as soon as they were inside, and pulled him off to the side, almost invisible from the security cameras, but not totally. He was surprised as he saw the tall kid reach around and kiss the shorter one.

His cock got immediately hard as he adjusted the monitor to zoom in. The lighting wasn’t the best, but he could see the features better. He noticed that the short one had a curly mop of red hair and was shedding his coat while still kissing the taller one. It was certainly a rather hard kiss and he couldn’t help but notice that the taller one was groping the redhead’s ass pretty hard.

Terry could feel his own excitement as he fine tuned the camera to catch all the action. He licked his lips as he watched the redhead sink down to his knees and tug at the taller guy’s pants. He couldn’t see clearly enough, but he knew exactly what was happening. His groin began to ache as he squinted, trying to catch a glimpse of the exposed body.

It amazed him that they would even be there, given how cold it was out that night, but it didn’t seem to stop them. He saw the redhead’s moving in and out from the taller boy’s groin. It was friggin frustrating to watch, because he couldn’t see shit. He watched groping his own cock as the redhead kept sucking and then Terry got his break. The little one pulled his head back and reached his hand out to grab at the taller one’s cock. In that moment he saw the hard pole jutting out and he almost cried out.

The fucking thing was huge, even from his vantage point. It had a small little bend in it just past the head and he could see the head of it. Fuck it was huge, he had thought, wondering how the redhead had been able to gobble it all up in his mouth. The kid must be good at giving head, and he watched as the kid started to lick the hard pole. He was able to see more of the huge dick and felt his own hand pulling on his cock.

He was enjoying watching the redhead move. His head would twist around as he licked the hard pole, going all the way to lick at the root and pubic hairs. He would slide the cock shaft along his mouth and then suddenly pop it into his mouth. He liked that and hated it too. After all he wanted to see it. Still the way the redhead sucked and stroked the cock was a show he was enjoying.

Terry found his own cock exposed, as he leaned closer to the monitor, ignoring the rest of the screens. He tried to zoom in more and had some success, as he could see a bit better. The way the kid sucked was amazing, and he could feel the lust through the camera shot. The taller kid was starting to gyrate his hips while his hands held onto the redhead’s shoulders, then head.

No mistaking that things were going fast either. The taller kid has his head tilted back more than not. His hands were gripping at the redhead’s curls, tugging on them even. The redhead seemed to not notice, as his head was a blur, moving along the long shaft, the odd pink of his tongue showing as he licked at the thick shaft.

His own hand was stroking his cock fast. He could feel his breath growing shallow as his eyes stared at the scene in front. His body was shaking as he watched the redhead suck. It was unbelievable at how one second he could see the cock, then it would disappear deep into the redhead’s throat. It must have made him gag but he obviously knew how to handle it.

The feeling in his groin had been intense as he watched the redhead suddenly slow down. He was moving his head in and out, and the taller kid was shaking. His hands were pulling the redhead’s hair, but he was still keeping a slow pace. Then it picked up in a rush and he saw the kneeling kid’s hands reach up to grab at the taller one’s hips.

His imagination was good, and he was certain he could feel the strength of the grip that the redhead was applying to the taller kid. It had to hurt but he doubted if he would notice. His shallow breathing became more like a pant as he watched the taller boy start to tremble. The head suddenly tossed back on the shoulders, and the motion stopped.

The redhead had his head buried hard into the groin of the taller guy. He could see him shake a little and Terry knew that the tall kid was shooting his load. His hand moved in a blur as he brought himself to that same point. He felt the hot sticky cum flowing between his fingers as the tall kid pulled the redhead right into his groin. He could see the small indentations of the muscles contracting on the exposed thighs. He almost thought he could feel it as he watched the hips shoot out, and he wished he could hear the obvious scream of pleasure. The tall kids mouth was wide open, and Terry knew he had to be screaming.

It was over before he knew it. The redhead was now standing up and kissing the tall kid again. Terry knew that he was sharing the cum with him that had filled his mouth. He wiped his own mouth, tasting his own dried cum as he watched them hold each other, kissing. Terry wished he had a mike on the camera, so he could applaud or maybe even get an encore?

He hadn’t realized how much that memory had meant to him either. He stared down at the array of monitors to notice that the lights were off on the 10th and he quickly tried to stuff his spent cock back into his pants. Christ, all he needed was for the new guy to see him half undressed, whacking off to nothing but a memory.

Still he wouldn’t mind if Longtree spotted him. After all, the guy had a nice build, and as he thought about it, he could feel his cock stiffening again. He was feeling horny again, wondering if those two would ever find their way back. Maybe they would do a little more next time he thought, as the elevator opened and out walked the new guy.

Terry’s mouth dropped open as he realized that Longtree wasn’t alone. Right next to him was a familiar face. The small curly haired boy from the other night was with him and as he passed, heading towards the parking garage elevators, he turned to Terry and smiled. It was almost as if he knew that he had been recognized. Impossible but the strange glint in Longtree’s eyes also made him pause.

His pants were zipped up but as the two entered the elevator, Terry quickly turned to bring up the parking garage cameras onto the main screens. His hand was already pulling his cock out, as he watched the older man and redhead emerge from the 2nd floor elevator bank. The redhead was leaning next to Longtree, who had his arm around the smaller boy’s shoulder. They were walking very slowly, almost as if they knew.

He kept watching as they walked to the lone parked car. Longtree pulled out something, and he saw the taillights flash. Terry watched as Longtree reached out and squeezed the redhead’s butt cheeks. The firm looking cheeks shook as the redhead turned and reached out with his one hand, to grope at Longtree’s crotch.

It was all making him super horny, as his hand was stroking his cock, when the boy moved away, looked over his shoulder then moved to get into the car on the other side. Terry watched as Longtree followed the boy with his head, then he turned to open the driver’s side door. Before he stepped in he turned his head up and over his own shoulder, to stare directly at the spot where the surveillance camera was located.

Terry saw him grin at the camera, almost as if he knew that Terry was watching. Still smiling he got into the car and started it up. As he backed the car out, the window seemed to roll down and once more Terry could see Longtree’s face. Despite that look, all Terry could think about, was how that redhead had taken that huge cock into his mouth. He wondered if Longtree was also that big, as his hand continued to stroke at his cock.

As his hand stroked the shaft, he felt rather happy. After all, not often he got to whack off twice in a night.

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