Fiction – Maximum Refresh Rate

Maximum Refresh Rate

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Rodney quickly turned on the computer, tapping his thin tapered fingers while the machine did its thing. He was impatient, as he had slept in a little and hoped he hadn’t missed on the morning pleasures he was used to viewing. There was something about the latest additions to his favourite cam site that made him eager to start the day.

He had been on the verge of cancelling his membership to the site until they brought in Carl to join the other five guys. It was one of those frat type houses or such and their were live feeds from virtually every room of the house, including the broom closet. Strange that one, yet two of the guys actually had used it for some groping, while playing a joke on one of the others.

Thinking about it, he got a bit more excited as the screen flashed and did its ritualistic hiccups before the damn thing was ready for his fondling. Rodney liked to call it that, because frankly it was where he got the best sex, from his computer.

It wasn’t like he was a virgin, just that he found it difficult to meet new people and to get them naked. He wasn’t what you would call an Adonis but then he wasn’t exactly ugly either. Least not in his mind, and so what if he had a bit of a belly hanging, didn’t stop his dick from being seen. Yet many of the ‘yuppies’ at the bar seemed to look down on him, which is one reason why he loved his computer.

On the machine, he didn’t have a beer gut, nor was his hair going balding either. Online he was a virile stud, one that age had no effect on which is how he liked it. Staring at the screen as his browser searched for the cam site, he let his hand reach down and pat his amble belly. It felt cold to the touch, as he licked his thin lips.

Already he was preparing himself for disappointment and yet still hoping that he would catch Carl still in the house. Carl was about mid to late 20’s he thought, even though the site listed him as 21. Somehow he just looked older but damn he had a fine body. The guy had to be over 6foot and yet he didn’t pack the weight either. He looked beefy enough, not a skinny runt or beanpole look. Yet you could sort of tell that he wasn’t one who spent his time working out for hours like the others.

Carl was different from them. He had a morning job then classes at the college in the afternoon. For the most part he also had an evening job so he wasn’t really around much, even on weekends, but when he was, he was hot. Rarely did he walk around the house naked, or in his underwear, but then that was part of his charm. He would generally appear shirtless and in tight jeans. You could really see the bulge when he was aroused, and the thought of undoing those pants, of releasing his dick was very arousing, least for Rodney.

He could feel his hand reaching through the open bath robe he was wearing, and lightly caressing his groin. The mere thought of Carl, sitting in the big armchair, legs drawn up to his chin, his bare feet dangling over the edge made Rodney shiver in anticipation. That was Carl’s standard position in the main room, each morning.

Course that was always after a nice hot shower and some very interesting towelling off. God how he liked watching that every morning and he hoped he hadn’t missed it all. The way Carl would wrap the towel around himself, exposing his groin and always hard dick was most entertaining.

To see that pink flesh encased in a nice soft white towel, the bluish purple head jutting out from the folds, was something that always made Rodney choke a little. If only he could touch it, to let his own tongue run around it and make it grow even more. Now that would be something worth having he thought as he typed in his username and password and clicked on the icon for streaming video connection.

While the tips of his fingers circled his own cock head, he couldn’t help but think of Carl. The guy had a nice cock and it always was enjoyable to see it out and available. He loved the way it looked when soft too, though in all honesty, he had rarely seen it that way. Carl always seemed horny when on camera, which was one more reason Rodney enjoyed him. The guy played it up, obviously, but he didn’t care. The guy was built just right. Well proportioned and sexy too. The way his hair was always neatly trimmed and combed, no fake mousse or joy jel there, thankfully. It was all natural looking and he should know, after all he spent every morning watching Carl groom himself.

The way he would brush his teeth and floss. Not always a pretty site, but it was nice to see that Carl at least took care to not gross too many out, while still maintaining his dental care. The others didn’t bother too much and he wondered how anyone would want to kiss them, given how little attention they paid to their teeth and mouth. Carl at least rinsed his mouth often and that too was rather sexy.

To see him tilt his head back, the Adam’s apple bopping up and down as he gurgled. Then the rinse in the mouth and the head coming down over the sink to spit. It made him horny just thinking about it at times, as the stiffening cock in his hands attested to.

The video player was now up and running and he quickly searched the various cameras, and there he was. Just as he had imagined, sitting in the big armchair. His face looked scrubbed as did his feet. Rodney zoomed the screen and scrolled down to stare at the toes. They kept wiggling while Carl kept reading the paper. It was his daily ritual and Rodney enjoyed the idea of taking those toes in his hands and rubbing them. Then he would bend down to take each one individually into his mouth, to taste and lick them, knowing how it would make Carl groan with pleasure.

Leaning back in his own chair, the image of him and Carl alone together was overpowering. He thought he could smell the shampoo even, but then that was no surprise. He had seen what kind Carl used and now he too used it. It was all part of his fantasy and so what if some might think it strange. After all, it was all that, just a fantasy. Though at times, stroking his own hard cock he wished it would be more.

Rodney wished he could literally be there, to smell Carl after he came home from work. The idea of him undressing Carl, of touching his flesh was always a thought that would get him panting a little. He knew it would never happen, specially when he had written the sites owners and gotten back a terse reply. Still it didn’t daunt him from thinking that one day, he just might meet Carl. Then he’d show him what sex was really like. None of that quick wham bam thank you crap the others practised.

For him he’d take his time, in undressing Carl. Piece by piece he’d get him naked, then slowly lay him out on the bed. He would let his own body nestle against the hot flesh of his Carl, and slowly begin to taste him, to let his tongue travel all along that perfectly toned body.

He would taste it all, from the rough cheeks of Carl’s face to the calloused bottoms of his feet. His tongue would caress and moisten it all, every inch of that young man. His hands would gently move behind, touching and tweaking here and there. No long lingering though but he would insure that each of those rather large nipples would know they had been attended to. Hell, he’d nipple on them even as he knew it made Carl excited.

Just as he knew that Carl loved to have his belly touched and licked. The small little tufts of hair that led to his groin would be matted by his saliva as he would spend extra time licking and caressing around the oblong shaped belly button. To think of licking that and then knowing that just below was heaven itself.

There he would outshine even himself. For there was what made him ache for Carl, to want him so much that he even changed his entire morning schedule just so he could be alone with Carl online. The browser showed not many others were watching, which suited him fine. Besides they didn’t appreciate Carl like he did as he found himself stroking his cock faster with each flicker of his video player.

His eyes grew a bit glassy as he thought about him and Carl, at how he would please him and make him realize that even if Rodney was a bit overweight, it wouldn’t matter. He could see it as he felt his body grow rigid. The way he would slowly let his head move down and nestle on Carl’s flat belly. His eyes turned downwards, to gaze at the manhood that would be sticking up and dripping.

Just to look at it that way would be worth what he had in his bank account he thought. Still he knew he wouldn’t be satisfied until he actually touched and drank from that gorgeous pole that would be standing rigid before his eyes. The thick shaft at the base would need a special touch, that only he could give it.

He would start by licking around it, and moving down so he could gauge how Carl was enjoying it. His hands would gently push open those rather furry legs so he could work his tongue around that thick base. The dark pubic hairs would be well matted down as he would make sure of that. Kissing and licking at the inner thighs would be just the beginning of his worship of the man’s penis.

Letting his imagination run on, Rodney felt the growing thickness of his own cock. His hands were moving faster and his balls began their tell tale ache as he thought more about Carl, about how he would suck on that thick pulsing pole. His tongue would rake the head, then slither down the underside, tasting all of it, and feeling the pulsing vein that always showed when Carl was fully erect.

He felt himself arch upwards, the pain in his groin unbearable as his hands clenched the pole between his legs. His body shook as it jerked upwards and his knees banged up into the metal desk, the computer shaking as his body exploded. The stream of hot sticky cum came flooding out between his fingers as the image of him licking Carl’s own cock began to fade. The smell of his own body, his own man scent permeated the room as he shivered and collapsed back down into the chair.

Rodney’s eyes were watered and he felt totally drained as he stared ahead, not seeing anything. Slowly the flickering of his monitor made him glance downwards, to see an empty armchair. He sighed, knowing that once more his morning ritual had been completed before his fantasy.

One day, he swore, he would hold on until he had completed the dream, had felt all that the fantasy could bring him. Standing up, Rodney headed back to his own bathroom, to shower using Carl’s brand of shampoo, toothpaste and floss. Then he’d dress and head off to work, shutting off his own cameras, leaving the screen blank to those who had watched his morning ritual.

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