Fiction – The Camera Never Lies

The Camera Never Lies

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Ken couldn’t believe how easy it had been to get the faculty adviser to sign off on the project, nor did he even believe how simple it had been to get the entire school on board. Hell the Coach even congratulated him, as if he was one of his selected warriors, despite his geeky appearance. Part of him felt a bit bad about the deception, but hell it wasn’t like he was making them have sex with him or anything. He was just taking their pictures, and okay so he would pose them in a provocative way. Wasn’t like they were naked or anything, though a couple he wouldn’t have minded seeing the entire package, instead of just the wrappings.

However, that would have been pushing it, though when they were hot, like the wide receiver Norm, or the place kicker Benny, he did try to imply that they could arrange for more personal photographs. So far none of the hot studs he had dropped the hints to had taken him up on the offer, but he had hope. Besides if not these football jocks, he still had the basketball team, swim team, and even the ice hockey team to work on. Surely one or two of all that pride choice meat would fall into his trap. After all, they were just jocks.

Most of the guys were certainly not in need of any help in getting dates, yet everyone of them eagerly accepted the idea of having their half naked pictures being taken, and posted. Some would be for the college rag, some would be for the yearbook, and a very select few would be for the calendar he had suggested. It was to be a fund raiser, and he had even enlisted the support of a local sorority. Now that had been a stroke of genius he thought, as it made things seem more legit.

As he waited for the pictures to develop of his latest subject, the quarterback no less, he smiled to himself, and grabbed his own aching cock. It had been hard to keep that piece of meat from ruining things, as Jason was beyond doubt a hot stud. For him, Ken had insisted on the tight short ensemble with open sports shirt. It just showed the maximum amount of flesh that would pass the school censor. If only that idiot professor knew the truth about this whole photo project. He’d pass out from shock and that brought a chuckle to Ken.

Positioning Jason had been nearly the ruin of it all. The guy was that hot, and to touch him, to smell him up close had nearly made him shoot his own load. He couldn’t have that, and somehow he had managed to conceal it from Jason. God, if he had found out he wouldn’t be standing here, waiting for the pictures to develop but would be stretched out on some stretcher, battered and bruised. Not that Jason was violent, but he sure as hell wouldn’t consider a compliment that he was the object of some geeky guy’s attraction.

After all, he was the quarterback and had a reputation. He was known on campus as a real ladies man, a new one almost every week. Still, in moving his arms and twisting those thighs to set the pose just right, Ken couldn’t help but dream at what it would be like to have them wrapped around his own slender body. To feel his hands clamped over his hips, holding him tightly while ploughing his ass, was a thought that he couldn’t shake, even now.

Staring down at the blank paper in the chemical mixture, he wondered if he could manage a second shoot with Jason? He could claim that some of the pictures hadn’t turned out or such, but what if the guy had the smarts to ask to see? He’d be fucked then, and the whole game would be up. Though he doubted Jason would, it was a risk he didn’t think he’d want to run. Yet the notion of once more being able to touch that hunk, to smell him up close, was a tempting notion.

As the paper began to show the image, he smiled as it was the one he most wanted to see come out perfectly. It was Jason, bending over with his shirt off, just a pair of tight blue shorts the only clothing on him. He had his helmet on and was simulating taking a snap from a phantom center. The way his butt had stuck out, those perfect orbs stuck out there in mid air, was the one pose that nearly made him cum.

He had risked it all too, to move in and reach down to move the legs a bit further apart. When his hand touched those well muscled thighs, to edge them further apart, he had breathed in, smelling that man scent. That and his hands on Jason’s legs, his nose near that well shaped ass had almost done it. He had to step back quickly before he got into trouble, and now the picture was taking shape on the paper.

His cock was erect inside his own pants, and Ken reached down to adjust the hard pole. It hurt as he licked his lips, enjoying the gradual developing of the photo. It was exactly as he had remembered it, the ass up in the air, the stretched shorts showing the perfect shape of the cheeks. He could see the darkness down the centre, indicating the ass crack which made him sweat a little.

To think of how close he had been to reaching out to touch it, only made the ache in his groin worse. Course it would have been the worst mistake of his young life, but it might have been worth it, if there had been the slightest indication that Jason was that way.

While he could hope, he knew it was pointless. What would a hunk like Jason ever want from someone like him? Jason had long flowing hair while his was cut short, like a buzz cut actually. Jason had perfect skin tone, soft creamy gold in color while his was pasty white with pimples. In comparison, there wasn’t a single blemish on Jason’s face. He had perfect nipples, well defined muscles and even some decent chest hair, while he on the other hand, had one odd shaped nipple, a birth mark just below and you could see his ribs without much effort. There simply wasn’t any muscle definition showing, unlike Jason.

Then too, his arms were puny looking, while Jason had those beefy looking things. You could see the muscles in the upper arm, the way they flexed without any effort. He had a washboard stomach too, unlike the little paunch that Ken was developing, despite his bird like appetite. No doubt Jason wolfed down burgers and fries without an ounce of it showing. He hated that, but was used to being the runt among the pack.

Hanging up the photos, he stepped back to admire his work. His lips were dry as he stared at Jason’s semi nude body, and he peered down to see if he could see the outline of Jason’s privates. He had tried to get a few close ups but it wasn’t on this roll. He sighed as he began to get set up to develop the next set. Maybe those close-ups would be there, he hoped.

Taking out his magnifying glass he examined the hanging pictures more closely. His one hand moved down once more to adjust his hard on, as he stared at the perfect body. He couldn’t help himself as he really found himself attracted to Jason and that particular look. The way the nose hung down just right, the small bend from being broken hadn’t ruined the look either. In fact he kind of thought it added character to his look.

The way the hair seemed to naturally flow over his shoulders too. It was all he could do from reaching down into his own pants, to relieve himself now. He pushed down the temptation though, knowing that it wouldn’t take him long to cum, but he didn’t want it to interfere with his developing. Besides, it would be more fun to have all of the photos spread out in his little office, where he could enjoy the full effect of Jason’s photo shoot.

Time dragged on for him, but eventually he had the full set all finished and while the school’s copies were drying, he took his private set down and smiled. One more perk of the job he thought as he hurried to his own little office.

Quickly he set up the photographs along his wall, enjoying each photo as they stared back at him. He had to admit, he was a damn good photographer as he stepped back to admire the result of his work. He leaned back against his desk, feeling the rising tension in his crotch. His hand played with the hard pole inside his pants as his eyes moved across the array of images spread out for him.

Licking his lips he kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants. In his stocking feet he moved back up the pictures, his eyes taking it all in. Licking his lips his hand continued to pull at the thick pole still in his boxer shorts. It was as his eyes moved past one photo that he suddenly stopped. His hand immediately was stilled from groping himself, as his eyes now moved back to the close up photo of Jason’s crotch. His eyes narrowed and bore in on that image, and he felt suddenly very aroused.

There was no mistaking the sign, the clear outline in those tight shorts of a large tube shaped object. Ken blinked a few times, not sure he was seeing what he was seeing. He moved in closer and there was no mistake. Jason was sporting a hard on and the thin blue material was able to show its shape clearly. The camera had caught it at the perfect angle and he exhaled loudly . He couldn’t believe his luck as he stuck his hand down into his shorts. Christ, the idea that Jason had been hard while he was taking his picture was totally arousing. Nothing but seeing Jason naked could be any better as he reached around to grab his thick cock. His hand was sweaty, which surprised him. Ken looked down at his own skinny frame, his shirt open while his hand was stuck down his pants. The idea that he had touched that perfect body and it had reacted, as the photo showed made him tremble a little.

He remembered that he had reached out and moved Jason slightly. His hands had briefly touched those hips, and he had looked down too. To think that the shot right after showed Jason hard, made him break out in a cold sweat. Christ, could he be? But no, no he couldn’t be or he’d have noticed the signs, but shit, the guy had gotten an erection. It had to be from his touching him, and that idea drove his hand to begin pumping his own cock, all the time wondering if he had somehow missed any other signs.

Moving along his gallery, he was looking for other missed signs, while stroking his own cock. He could feel the excitement inside as he peered closer at the semi nude images of the quarterback. He noticed the way the nipples looked firm and erect, and he felt his mouth going dry. Licking his lips he stared at those two perfect nipples, and there was no mistaking it, they were erect too.

Ken was absorbed by the missed signs as his breathing became ragged and shallow. His hand was moving quickly along his throbbing cock shaft, making him stand a bit funny, as he continued to look at Jason’s photos. His mind refused to accept what it was seeing, yet inside he couldn’t deny the evidence before him. Jason looked aroused, the flesh looked hard and taught and as he stared down the body, his eyes noticed the thigh muscles. They were taut and rigid.

His hand moved faster as he stared at the long legs. He could see the hair along the lower legs, the thickness of it that slowly grew more sparse as his eyes moved up the legs, to show the side view of his torso. The way the ass cheeks looked now seemed different than he had remembered. They looked tight just as the thighs did. It was almost as if the impossible was actually true, that Jason was aroused. He still found it hard to believe, but his eyes returned to stare at the crotch shots again.

There was no mistaking the erection held inside. He could see the slight ridge of the cock head too. Ken licked his lips as his body continued to shake. The simple thought that Jason had been turned on, was hard to accept, but the proof was there. He could see it with his own eyes, and he felt the sweat dripping off his own forehead, as his eyes just stared at the bulge.

His legs grew taut as his eyes closed. The image of that cock still burned on his memory as he stroked his cock. Faster and faster his hand went, as his body shuddered. He wasn’t thinking now, as he could hear himself moan. Ken was close to cumming as the shadow of that hard pole flashed across his vision. He was breathing hard, excited in a way he hadn’t experienced before, as his hand held his own cock harder. He could feel the skin burning his fingers as he shook. His own voice moaning its pleasure made him stroke his cock even faster. He was cumming, he could feel his balls releasing their man juice and all he could think of, was how good it would feel to shoot it all over that finely chiselled chest of Jason. To have his milk splatter across that chest, to coat those firm erect nipples. It made him groan loudly, as his body shook in an uncontrollable shudder.

His hand felt the hot sticky cum shooting out. He cried out and kept his hand moving at a frantic pace. His body shook and shuddered as he felt himself cum. He jerked his cock, shaking it a few times, getting every drop out before he leaned backwards, against the desk. His butt felt the edge of the metal desk, and he sighed, slowly relaxing his body. Ken pulled his hand out from his shorts, caked in his cum. He finally opened his eyes to once more see the array of pictures of Jason. A smile crossed his lips as he saw that close up.

The cough startled him as he turned his head around quickly. Panic suddenly tore at him as he saw the tall figure in the doorway to his office. His eyes opened wide in alarm as he recognized the figure. He couldn’t move, as he stared out at the tall figure, his pants still down at his ankles, his chest still heaving. No way could he explain this as he felt the eyes bearing down on him. Ken had known fear before, but this was different. It must be what a deer must feel like when spotted by a pair of bright lights. His body quivered as the figure in the doorway spoke.

‘You did say you would do private shoots?’

It took Ken a few seconds to understand the words, but as the figure stepped into the office, he heard the door close behind the tall young man. He had a strange grin across his mouth, along with a rather mischievous glint in his eyes. He just nodded as Jason stepped closer. Turning away from Ken, he looked over at the pictures of himself displayed across the wall.

Pointing to one of the photos, he spoke with a husky voice. ‘I like that one, where I am pretending to be taking the snap’

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