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Tough Guy (4)

Part (4)

Jesse stared at Connie, as he felt his hand run across his cheek. Connie could feel his body trembling, as he touched the soft skin, as they looking into each other’s eyes. He had never felt this way before, and even though they had blown their wads, he couldn’t help but still feel very aroused, very excited. He knew it wouldn’t be long, before they were once more clawing at each other, touching and just enjoying the wild sensation of being with another person, that way.

Many didn’t understand it, how they could have such feelings, but that was their problem, not his. And it wasn’t like he was some sex maniac either, because truth was, it wasn’t like the magazines, the stories, or the videos made it out to be. You didn’t just find someone, then rip their clothes off, and fuck.

Boyfunks beautiful boy JeffOkay, this was different, or was it? They had gone through something together, shared something that many never shared. They had bonded, without saying a word, without even really knowing each other. Still, it was nothing like how they said, it was real, and the dried cum on his stocky body, on Jesse’s slender frame, was real.

And he knew, from that touch, that they had something special between them, that would only grow. Not just his dick, or Jesse’s, but what they were feeling inside, where it really counted.

Connie pulled himself upright a bit, leaning up against the bare wall of his secret place, and Jesse moved up to lean next to him. They just grinned at each other, though he could see how moved Jesse was, how much his early shooting had effected him. Granted, at that particular moment, when it dawned on  him that Jesse had cum, he had felt disappointed, but it only lasted a millisecond. He knew, inside, that there would be more opportunities, and even the realization of it being out of circumstance, he didn’t mind. It didn’t seem so bad, knowing that right now a few toughs were out looking for him and Jesse, waiting to attack him, to beat him into a pulp. He also knew, that if cornered, he’d not hold back anymore. He had tasted victory, and it was sweet, just as it was in the ring.

‘Connie, uh, how long you figure we going to hide out here?’

Looking at him, he realized he was scared, desperately trying to not show it. Inside, he felt a bit of that fear, but he also knew, he was about to blow this area, to head off to college, where he hoped things would be different.

‘As long as we have to, I guess.’

‘They won’t give up, no matter how long we stay away.’

‘No, they won’t, but hell, we have loads of canned stuff, last about a few weeks or more, if we go easy on it. Plus there is fresh water and even fish in the river, so really, we can hide out here, as long as we want.’

‘Nothing is forever Connie, besides, as much as I don’t want to think about it, eventually we have to go back, don’t we?’

‘Yeah, I have to get back, to grab my stuff then blow this place, forever.’


‘Yeah, but what about you? Did you get in anywhere, away from here?’


‘How come? I mean, you didn’t fail did you?’

‘No, just uh, oh shit, I am not a 4.0 student, not a jock, so no chances at any scholarships, and well, it isn’t cheap, college.’

‘Your parents not able to help?’

‘Oh they could, but I won’t take it, not under their terms. I’d rather dig ditches than give in to their conditions.’

Deep in the pit of his stomach, Connie had a pretty good idea what those conditions might be. In some ways he was lucky, in that while his parents didn’t care for his lifestyle, they were quite willing to pay the price, to have him out of their lives. It sucked, in one way, but was a blessing in another, because it meant he could get away.

Looking over at Jesse, he felt his pain, and let his hand reach out, to take hold of Jesse’s. He felt the coldness, felt the misery, as he held it tightly, then brought it up and kissed the back of it, as he moved his body, shifting to lean into Jesse’s body. He let his arm move around his slender body, pulling it closer to his own.

The feel of Jesse’s head on his shoulder, felt good, as he let his one hand gently caress the back of the blond hair. It felt so soft, so silky that it made him quiver a bit. He could feel the way Jesse’s chest heaved a bit, how his face buried into the muscle of his upper shoulder, how the warm tears felt as they began to trickle down.

Laying there, with Jesse in his arms, made him feel contented. He knew there was some real problems ahead, for them both, but somehow, he just knew he couldn’t leave Jesse to face them alone. It wasn’t right, to just take his ticket and go, leaving the wrath of Tim & his gang, to fall on Jesse. And fall it would, but how could it be avoided? He didn’t quite have an answer, yet, but they had time.

There was no sense in heading back to town, until there was no choice, which gave them a chance, to not just be together, but to maybe figure something out. He wasn’t sure what, but he owed him that much.

Finally, Jesse lifted his head off of Connie’s shoulder, and wiped his eyes. He looked over at him, noticing how red and puffy the eyes were, but also how they seemed to sparkle a bit, as if there was a bit of fire inside.

‘sorry about that.’

‘no problem, you okay?’

‘yeah, just that, I dunno, sometimes it just, you know, gets a bit much.’

‘yeah, I know.’

Jesse leaned back a bit, and stared hard at Connie. His eyes were questioning him, as if not quite believing that a tough guy like him, would feel the same way. He saw how his eyes peered into his, and he didn’t turn away. Truth was, when he was younger, when he wasn’t all muscle, he spent many nights crying into his pillow.

‘I normally don’t bawl my eyes out like that, guess it was just, the after shock of everything, I mean…’

‘you don’t have to explain it to me Jesse, I get it.’

‘for real?’

‘yeah, it sucks, but yeah, for real.’

‘so, when do you have to… shit, I really don’t want to think of that, not now, not when you are so close.’

‘we’ll have to, soon enough, but yeah, for now, let’s just.. i don’t know, ignore all that, besides, I think I need to do some personal exploring.’

‘huh? Exploring? Where? I mean you aren’t…’

Connie leaned and covered Jesse’s mouth with his, and stifled his sudden onset of panic. He felt the tense body, go limb in his arms, as he gathered him up and brought him closer. He kissed deeply, his tongue driving deep inside, duelling with Jesse’s own. His hands began to move down the lanky frame, as he felt Jesse move his leg closer, wrapping it over Connie’s. He also felt the growing stiffness, of not just his own dick, but of Jesse’s, as it pushed into his belly. It felt so good.

He could feel the slender guy awakening, as his hands began to explore Connie’s body, with as much intensity as his were. It felt amazing, at how the soft hand moved across his belly, down between their two bodies, to touch his penis, to make him shudder. It was like the electricity had suddenly returned, with even more of a charge, than at first. Connie couldn’t believe how his whole body seemed to be shaking, quivering with the excitement, and how Jesse’s seem to be doing the same.

How his fingers groped down, to touch the base of his cock, how his own hand had suddenly moved down between them as well. How it moved to grab hold of Jesse’s cock, to wrap the fingers around it, feeling it pulse, feeling it throb to his simple hold. It was amazing, yet hard for his mind to grasp, given all the other pleasures that were once more rushing through.

Connie felt his head being pushed back as Jesse’s own head lunged forward, his mouth now over his throat, his tongue licking at the hollow of his neck, as the hands pinned his shoulders back, then moved up and down his body. Jesse had moved to where he was basically, on top and it felt so fucking good, Connie could almost scream.

His whole body was laid out on the ground, his head twisting back and forth, as Jesse worked on his upper body, with his hands, his tongue and lips. He felt himself moaning, not hearing it, just feeling it, as his body squirmed, shook to the hard then soft, then hard, touch of the hands. How they fingers moved around his chest, reaching and circling his nipples, then suddenly grabbing hold of them, tweaking them a bit, then releasing them. Then suddenly he’d feel the mouth over it, the lips pressing down into his skin, the teeth grating lightly across the very tip of the nipple, then suddenly bite down on it, and pull up, making him groan, and flop around more.

Every part of his body seemed on fire, as his hands kept flaying at the scattered leaves on the dirt ground. Then they’d move back up, to try and corral Jesse’s moving body. His legs were pinning him down, then between them, the knee wedged up tight into his scrotum, his balls pushed and flattened up into his groin. He could feel himself moaning, hear the distant echo of the hard panting sounds, that came from them both.

The hot liquid around his thigh only made him moan more, made him clutch up at the swirling body, knowing it was the pre cum from Jesse’s dripping cock. His own pole, throbbed with desire, as he groaned, with every touch, every press against him.

Then suddenly it stopped.

Connie felt his body tremble, as there was a sudden emptiness. No hands moved along his body, no lips pressed down or teeth nibbling at his flesh. Nothing, and his head couldn’t figure it out, when suddenly he felt the hard grasp of a hand wrapping around the base of his cock. His eyes started to open, to see what was happening, when he felt the lips.

He cried out, as the hot mouth suddenly closed around the head of his cock, the weight of the young man resting on his legs, which straightened out, and shook, as he felt the press of the lips, against the fiery top of his cock head.

The warmth was unbelievable, as he felt the quick flick of the tongue, knowing that his dripping precum was being taken, was being swallowed. His whole body was on fire, as he felt every pore opening, oozing rivers of his sweat, to run all down his muscled body. His stomach quivered, the muscles rolling inside, in an unbelievable pattern of increasing waves, that just made him sweat even more.

Connie didn’t even notice the hard ground, as his fists hit it, repeatedly. His mind was blank, as wave after wave of pure pleasure came rushing through, only making him moan and cry out his enjoyment. He could feel the blond hair swaying across his stomach, making him writhe about more. It felt so light, so stinging almost, as it was dripping sweat, almost like tiny little lashes of a whip end, as they moved across his belly.

The pain of holding back, was too much. His whole groin was about to explode, as he cried out, as the mouth suddenly pulled up off his cock head. He felt his lungs sucking in air, as his body slowly relaxed, as the pressure in his groin eased. Connie couldn’t believe how good he was feeling, and how much he needed this interlude.

Just as he was about to reach up, his fists no longer pounding the dirt with joy, he felt the stinging lashes across his stomach, as Jesse’s hair moved across his still stomach. Then once more his cock was being coated in a warm wetness, that has him clenching his fists, had his legs trying to stretch out of the skin. His toes ached, as they flexed up and down, as the pleasure came roaring back inside.

‘Oh God’ he cried out, as the mouth moved down, until he could feel the nose poking into the side between his crotch and inner thigh. He could feel Jesse’s hot breath, blowing as he tried to breathe through the nose, while taking all of his cock down into his throat. Nothing seemed real, and at times, he felt like he was floating, other times, drowning in his own seed, because he refused to let it free.

His arms became heavy, his eyes were closed so tightly he could feel the eyelashes digging into his cheeks, just under the eyes. His whole body was shaking, as the lips moved up and down, along his throbbing pole. There was no stopping it now, he thought, as his body began to swing, to move up in time with each downward push of Jesse’s head. He had his one hand up, the fingers wrapped tightly around several strands of hair, yanking on them, then pulling on them, as he tried to quicken pace, to force the head to move faster up and down his pole.

Crying out, he couldn’t hear anything beyond the thunder of his heart. It was beating so fast, he didn’t think anyone could ever count it, and that he’d have a blasted stroke, the way it was beating. Yet even as he heard the roar in his ears, he could feel the pain deep in his chest, as his lungs were drained of the last of his air.

Jesse had moved his whole body, in between Connie’s legs. He had pushed the two strong legs aside, as if they were feathers, and had moved his whole body up, to keep the legs apart. His head was bent over, working on Connie’s cock, sucking on it like it was a siphon to some secret stash of a magical elixir.

The pounding grew, and his whole body was nothing but a pile of burning flesh under a raging river of sweat. He could feel the way it flowed all over his body, dripping between his legs, making his body hairs flatten. He was soaked, as the head continued to move up and down, faster with each halting breath he took.

He could feel his hips moving upwards, then come crashing back down to the ground. His cheeks made a hard thump each time they crashed down, but only for a brief moment, before they were once more being lifted upwards, to greet the greedy throat that held his cock.

‘I can’t hold it, oh God, I am cumming’ he yelled, in a strange gurgling sound, as his body heaved, as the waves of pleasure were replaced by a sudden surge of electricity. He felt the hairs on his body suddenly bolt upright, felt the way his legs shot out, becoming steel boards. His arms were suddenly on the ground, laid out like a giant hammer had pinned them to the ground. His head throbbed, ached even, as strange lights flashed behind his closed eyelids.

His lungs were suddenly empty, no air was coming in, as his mind clouded over, grew very light headed. His heart seemed to have changed gears, from overdrive to super hyper drive. It was like an engine running amok, no control, no way to brake its wild charge forward, constantly gaining speed, becoming faster and faster.

With his head tilting up, his neck also tilting up and his shoulders firmly digging into the ground, Connie felt the explosion rolling through his whole body. His arms pined, and his feet too, as if a thousand pounds of weight were on each. Yet, his torso was up, lifted up off the ground and high up in the air, nearly soaring to the clouds, it was so far up.

The rush made his head swim, made the roar in his ears grow to a thundering crescendo, as his body arched even more, his cock firmly impaled deep down into Jesse’s throat. He could feel the head, feel it rearing back, even as his hips shot upwards.

He felt the lips tighten their hold, in anticipation, as he screamed, as the hot liquid churning in his balls, suddenly came flooding out and into his cock. He felt the skin stretch, as the liquid rushed through, bulging the skin, and then he felt the head shoot forward. The tiny little slit at the top widening, and the stream was burning as it flashed past, threatening to rip the tiny slit wide open.

Every nerve in his body seemed to suddenly explode, and filled him with an unbelievable warm and content feeling. It wasn’t like a sudden release of electricity, but more like a sense of well being, that he had never experienced before. It was like a warm deep wave crashing all over him, washing everything away. Taking the tension, the fears, that rested inside, and throwing them aside, leaving nothing but utter happiness.

Tears were rolling down the corners of his eyes, as his body slowly seemed to come down from the strange high it had achieved. His lungs burned, from no air, his mouth was bone dry, and his heart seemed ready to just explode, but it too, was beginning to slow down, to ease down a notch or two.

His head was like a ball of cotton, fuzzy and warm, as he heard strange sounds begin to replace the roaring thunder they were used to. He could hear the coughing, the gagging sound in the distance, but he also hears a strange indistinguishable sound, almost like singing, but not quite that. Connie felt his body shaking, as if he was in the middle of 9.0 earthquake.

His cock was still trembling, as the last of his milk, came dribbling out, sliding down the underside of it. He could hear the gasping sound, and he realized that the mouth no longer covered his dick, that the head no longer was bent over his crotch. The hairs no longer grazed his belly, and yet he couldn’t open his eyes, not just yet. The shudders continued for some time, until finally he felt them subside, and opened his eyes, to stare upwards.

The dark craggy roof of the cave didn’t register at first, then as he glanced down, he could see Jesse. His chin was coated with his dried cum, and the head that had been hovering over him, was now leaning backwards, looking up at the same roof.

There were streaks all down the still heaving chest, that Connie was sure was dried cum, mingled with sweat. He could see the dots, the tracks too, as his eyes adjusted to the dimness of the cave. Looking at Jesse, he knew he couldn’t leave him behind, not alone, not to face Tim or the others. He knew that what he had found today, wasn’t just a friend, but someone who was more like a part of him.

He also could see the desire, even in the rolled back eyes. It was amazing how he could notice every tiny detail, while still trying to catch is own breath. How the vein running down to one side of the neck was still throbbing, how the left nipple was sort of shaking, vibrating really, while the right seemed as rigid as a two by four.

The way the whole slender body seemed to be at odds with each other. Like how the stomach looked like it was rolling up and down, as the chest heaved and shook.  How the arms, that held him up, were shaking, quivering as he tried to hold on, to keep supporting the weight. How each nostril flared, opening wide then collapsing inwards, the mouth slightly opened as well, adding to the intake of air.

Finally Jesse moved off, though in reality it looked more like he simply rolled off, to lay beside Connie. It was more as if he had simply been unable to support his body upright, and as they lay side by side, Connie knew he wasn’t going to leave him behind, not without one hell of a fight, if it came to that.

He opened his eyes, his mind made up, to see Jesse staring at him, a small smile across his mouth. Connie leaned forward, head tilted to one side, and he gave him a small kiss, tasting the remnants of his cum on the lips. Then he leaned back, his eyes not leaving Jesse’s face. One hand, reached out, and rested lightly on Jesse’s warm arm.

‘how much cash you got?’


‘you got anything saved, I mean in a bank account or anything?’

‘why, you thinking of charging me or something?’

‘bitch, no, not for that, seriously, how much, if any, have you got?’

‘not much, about 700 I suppose, why?’

‘got any credit cards, your own?’

‘VISA, but, what is this about?’

‘That’ll do, hell it’ll have to.’

‘Okay, glad you approve, but what the fuck are you rambling on about.’

Connie stared hard into Jesse’s face. He could see the confusion, as Jesse tried to figure out what he was up to, in asking those questions. Yet, it was so damn obvious, he could kick himself for not thinking of it before now.

‘I am not going to leave you.’

‘Well, glad to hear that, least for now, as I kind of want my turn.’

‘Shit, not that, I am serious man, I don’t want to leave you, not now, not later either.’

‘Yeah well, not practical, is it? I mean you are off to college, so, it isn’t like you are going to hang around, now is it?’

‘Only if you refuse.’

‘Refuse what? Fuck, talk sense dude’

‘It’s your choice, but I want you to come with me.’

He could see the surprise on Jesse’s face. The way the eyes opened wide, and the mouth sort of just hung open, he knew it hadn’t sunk in yet. He waited, as Jesse closed his mouth, and as his eyes focused onto his. He could see a small tremor going through his upper body, see the chest heave a bit, as he tried to digest what Connie was trying to say to him.

‘I don’t, I mean, are you sure, of what you are asking me?’

‘I am sure, should have thought of it sooner, but no way can you stay here, not with Tim and his goons hunting for you. And don’t think it’ll end with just one shit kicking, I know how those mother fuckers are.’

‘Yeah but, I don’t see how.’

‘Look, not like your folks would care, right? I know that sucks, but it is the truth, isn’t it?’


‘so what have you got to lose? Come with me, we can share a place, and be away from this place, from guys like Tim.’

‘do you know what you are suggesting?’

‘I know’

‘And if I refuse?’

Connie lifted himself up onto his arm, his upper body up off the ground. His eyes bore straight into Jesse’s, as his hand reached out, and he took hold of Jesse’s shoulder.

‘Then college will have to wait, until you change your mind.’

He could see the shock in his face, even in his own body, he could feel it as he heard himself say those words. Maybe he was being crazy, stupid perhaps, but he couldn’t leave, knowing that Jesse would have to endure endless beatings. It hadn’t been his fight to begin with, but had stuck his nose in, to help him. How could he leave him behind? Besides, he felt a strange attraction, not just at how good he looked, or even the sex that they had just enjoyed.

It was something else, something far more powerful, than anything he had every felt before, and which he doubted he’d every feel again. Maybe he was crazy, but as he stared at Jesse., he couldn’t help but feel excited, feel so at ease, comfortable, that he knew, any sacrifice, would be worth just being with Jesse.

To be continued…

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Tough Guy

Part (4)

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Tough Guy pt1

Part (1)

God how he hated his parents, for naming him Connie. He could really strangle them, but right now, he just needed to get up, off the ground, and let that bastard Tim feel what is was like, to get a damn good shit kicking. He hated having to always do this, just because his parents liked the name Connie.

You don’t go calling a guy by a girl’s name. There were a ton of songs about it, yet his parents, in their infinite wisdom ignored them all, and so now, here he was, eighteen and still having to fight jerks like Tim, all because of his stupid damn name.

Not like they didn’t know a guy’s name, after all his middle name of Justin was a good guy’s name. Why did they have to make Connie his first name, instead of making it his middle name?

When he first started High School, he already had a reputation for being a fighter, and even though he tried, he graduated with that reputation intact. Hell, he had tried to be different, had tried to use his middle name, but the school wouldn’t allow it. His teachers refused to call him anything but Connie, even after he explained it, but did they listen? Hell NO. So what did they expect? Of course he was going to get into fights, especially when guys like Tim were around, allowed to be the assholes they were.

Maybe once college started, he could try using Justin again, but that was still a few weeks away, besides, he still had to live here, in this hick town, where everyone knew everyone, and their business. God how he hated it, but worse, how everyone judged him, thought he was just some jerk who loved to fight.

Like who in their right mind would enjoy the pain of fists hitting their face, of having gone through living with six broken noses, a few cracked ribs, and all before he was sixteen? Yet that is what they thought of him, that he was some pain freak or something, but he wasn’t. Connie hated pain, least that kind of pain. Always having to watch his back, always having to put up with the crud, like what Tim kept spewing.

He pushed himself up onto his feet, recovered from the jerks sucker punch, and already a few guys had crowded around, anticipating another brawl between him and Tim. He knew it wouldn’t be a fair fight either, as he saw the way Tim’s buddies were grouped around, their fists already clenched, eager to join in.

Another fucking mess he’d gotten into, thanks to his parents dumb choice of a name. He relaxed his shoulders a bit, and let his hands rest at his side.  His deep blue eyes glanced over the gathering group, noticing where hidden danger lay, where he could retreat to in relative safety. There was Ned on one side, along with Parker, who he would have to keep an eye on, and a few of the non committed dotted the rest of the loose circle, that had formed around him and Tim.

Jesse & Robbie from Blake MasonHe noticed the new kid too, Jesse or something, who had shown up at the end of the school year. Nice looking guy too, but skinnier than a rake, and a total unknown. His father was the new bank manager, and his mother was the new secretary for their Principal, twathead Michaels.

Jesse had some nice looks, and while he seemed tall & thin, there was a sort of confidence in him, that he didn’t notice in other guys. His short blond hair was more white than blond, and he had a wicked smile too. Plus, he wasn’t a talker, or anything like that, but you could see his mind working, at how his eyes would sparkle. Connie wished he had more time to get to know him, as he felt a strange connection, each time they saw each other, but he would be off to college soon, thank God.

His head moved back to stare at Tim. Now there was one ugly mother fucker. The guy had thick lips, a sort of do it yourself haircut that only made him look lopsided, and his face was covered in red zits. Tim never did have a good complexion, while his own was rather zit free. Oh he had his bouts, but that was way back when he was a kid.

Maybe all his working out, his fights, helped keep the oil down or something, or maybe the constant sweating, from fighting, from working out, helped. Whatever, it didn’t matter as Tim thought he was King Shit, but then, he was a good football player. Made All State too, for defence, which was no mean feat. Didn’t give him the right to be a total prick, but Tim thought it did, as did most of his school mates.

The teachers didn’t step in either, because no one wanted to risk being the one to hurt the school’s chances at winning football games, and a championship. So they turned a blind eye, or worse, made him the scapegoat. He could handle that, but now, well school was over, there was no need for him to hold back, or to take another beating.

This time around, he could let go, and as he gritted his teeth, he moved in, his hands no longer at his side, but raised as he knew they should be. No holding back, as he saw Tim’s eyes widen a bit, then glare even more. He hated being challenged, and usually a sucker punch or two ended it between them, but not this time.

No more being Tim’s personal punching bag. Connie circled a bit, then moved in quickly, as he knew how. His right fist jabbed out, surprising Tim, but before he could recover, Connie let go with a left roundhouse. Tim staggered, and Connie could see he had cut the jerk’s lip. It made him smile, because this time, he wasn’t going to let it end, as it usually did. So what if the big lummox was heading off to Alabama on a football scholarship, so what if he was going to be a big shot there, not like he was going to Alabama.

He swung again, a quick set of jabs, that rocked Tim, made him stagger backwards. The jeering from the group stopped, and Connie could hear them sucking in their breath, amazed at how he had dared to come back. Oh they all knew he could fight, after all he had won a few boxing tournaments for the school, but no golden gloves. Still, they never expected him to fight back, not like this.

Tim was circling him, moving away, trying to gain some time, trying to think of what was happening. He was out of his element, no one ever challenged him like this, no one dared fight back, as he was doing. Connie could hear the shrill cries from Tim’s little clique, hear them urge Tim on, to pulverize the faggot, to make him eat dirt. Well, he’d have a tough time doing that, he thought, as he saw another opening, and sent a straight hard blow in between Tim’s upraised fists.

He felt his knuckles hit the cheek, not a glancing blow either. It hurt, as he felt the jaw bone being hit by his fist, felt the shudder begin in Tim’s body. Moving in closer, his hands upraised, he feigned one way, saw Tim fall for it, then he righted himself, and jabbed, and jabbed again. Each blow hitting him, staggering him, and then he let his hands move down, and he gave Tim several hard body blows, before Tim pushed him away.

Connie could see him sucking wind, as he moved back in, aware of the silence around him. His body continued to weave a bit, not giving Tim a clear target, but Tim didn’t weave. He didn’t know Jack about how to box, but he was about to get one hard lesson. His feet steadied, planted firmly onto the dirt, as he let his arm swing forward, all of his weight behind the blow.

It wasn’t a clean blow, more of a glancing one, but he could hear the cry, feel the mush against his knuckles, as his hand moved off the side of Tim’s nose. At last, he thought, as he hear began to move in, almost chasing Tim. If he hadn’t broken his nose, he sure as fuck had made it ache.

The crowd noise seemed quiet, apprehensive even, as he continued to jab, landing more than being blocked. Tim had struck out a few times, but his arms were heavy, and Connie knew how to block wild throws. He kept his defence posture, circling and moving, holding the center ground, forcing Tim to move more, to expend more energy.

It was a good ploy, especially considering Tim was a big fat old defensive player, not used to a lot of leg work. Then too, his upper body was strength was superior to Connie’s, but he never let him get close enough to use it. Now Tim was too tired, to be much of a threat even close in. Connie began to move in more, land more solid punches to the mid section, to the arms, and a few glancing blows to the face.

The yell of his name, the shrill cry of ‘watch out’ made him stutter for a second, as he was moving in to land a good hard punch. Rarely did he let crown noise ruin his concentration, but this wasn’t a normal voice, and he knew he was in a hostile surroundings. He pulled back, moving off to the side, as he felt the stinging pain glance off his shoulder.

He staggered, the blow taking him by complete surprise. As he twirled around, he saw Tim rearing back, about to send a haymaker at his head. He let his head shift, while he tried to keep his footing, and saw that one of Tim’s buddies had decided their hero couldn’t be allowed to be beaten by some faggot. The pain in his shoulder was like knives digging into his flesh, and it burned too. A searing wave of pain kept going all through his body, from his shoulder, as he backed away, seeing Parker and his evil grin.

He’d fix him, but he had to survive this one with Tim first. The blow glanced off his arm, but hit his shoulder, adding to the pain. Then a hard fist made its way into his side, doubling him up.

As his head bowed down, and he instinctively grabbed at his side, he saw another scuffle to his left. It was the new kid, Jesse, mixing it up with Ned. With tears running down the corners of his eyes, he knew that it had been him that warned him. Least it was enough, to make Parker’s attack less effective. Now he was paying the price for sticking his nose into it, but there wasn’t much he could do, at the moment.

Moving around, he realized he had lost the center ground. Tim had claimed it now, and was lunging, just twisting his feet instead of having to take steps. He, on the other hand, was feeling winded from the surprise attack from behind, and the few blows that Tim had managed to sneak in. Yet as he moved, his anger grew too. Not just at his parents, but at how a jock like Tim could get away with his crap, without anyone standing up to him.

Connie had to admit, the new kid had guts, and from what little he’d seen, he was holding his own against Ned. Time for him to stop dragging his own ass, and with that, he stood back up, bringing his own training and experience back into focus. His motion upwards surprised Tim, once more. His eyes widened, as Connie began to approach him, his fists jabbing, countering, but constantly flaying outwards, forcing Tim to back up, to move away from the center ground.

He continued his press, and directed him, by which hand he kept flying at him, keeping Tim off balance. Parker was cut off, thanks to the way Connie was directing Tim, constantly jabbing, constantly striking him at different levels. From his arm, to his gut, he kept up a steady barrage, as he watched Tim’s massive hulk shuffle and stagger backwards, moving closer to where the new kid was holding off Ned.

The confusion of the other fight, of the murmuring voices, threw Tim off balance. His head surrendered to the curiosity of the noises, which was the opening Connie had been waiting for. As Tim turned to take a quick glance, Connie’s fist lashed out, catching him squarely on the jaw, just below the corner of his mouth.

The pop echoed around, and the small circle of onlookers seemed to suddenly press inwards more, which only added to the confusion. Tim’s eyes blinked, as his head snapped to the side, allowing the entire force of the blow to go all the way through. He staggered, his balance precarious, as Connie reared back with his other hand, and sent it hard into the open midriff. He could hear Tim’s air being expelled from the lungs, as his fist was buried deep into the mid section.

Tim’s already battled head fell forward, as his arms dropped, to cover up the pain Connie had just delivered to his stomach. It left his face wide open, and Connie didn’t hesitate to reload his arm, and with every ounce of energy, every ounce of his entire body weight, he sent it flying towards the exposed cheek of Tim’s face.

The connection of fist to flesh and bone sent a tremendous wave of pain up his arm, into his body. The throbbing ache in his shoulder became more painful, as he saw the eyes glaze over. The head was falling away from Connie, but so too was the body. His legs were buckling, and his massive body was collapsing on top of them. Connie knew the signs, knew he had scored a perfect combo of hits, and that Tim was going to be out for the count, and more.

As he saw the collapsing body, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the new kid strike out hard, his fist catching Ned square between the eyes, as he had been distracted by Connie’s perfect combination on Tim. Seeing his hero, his master, collapsing had given the new kid the opening he needed, and he didn’t miss.

Even as Tim’s inert body was bouncing off the hard dirt, Connie turned around, searching for Parker. The small group had somehow widened, moved away from him, and he noticed they had also moved away from Jesse. It was like they had witnessed an impossible feat, and that it scared them more, than the bullying of Tim and his buddies.

Just off in the distance, he saw the running figure, knowing it was Parker. Well, he’d catch up to him sooner or later, as he let his arms fall down to his side, panting. Sweat was dripping from his forehead, as was blood from his nose. He could feel the pain still in his shoulder, as he stared over at the new kid, Jesse.

Blood was dripping from the side of his mouth, and there was no doubt he was going to have a black eye, and he saw how the nostrils still flared, as he too gasped for air. He was bent over a bit, his hands resting on his knees, as he turned to stare at Connie.

‘Took you long enough to finish him off.’

‘Yeah, he’s tougher than I thought.’

‘I’ll say, uh look, love to stay and chat, but don’t you think we should kind of get our asses out of here, before that great big lummox you decked, wakes up?’

‘Him? He’ll be out for a bit longer, but yeah, guess we should. That weasel that blindsided me, he’s most likely gone to get the rest of this hunk of shit’s buddies.’

‘Then uh, can we fuck off out of here?’

‘Yeah, come on, follow me, I know a place, where even those bozo’s won’t dare follow.’

‘Oh, that makes me so much more relieved, they won’t go there, but we will?’

‘Yep, safe for us, just not them.’

‘Well, serves me right for butting in, okay tough guy, lead on, and uh, let’s not waste anymore time.’

Connie didn’t know why, but he laughed, as he lifted himself upright. He could see Tim starting to move a bit, and with a quick nod of his head, he began to run off, away from the still shocked group. Right behind him, came Jesse. He could hear his panting breath, but he didn’t complain about the pace he was setting, as the small little clearing was left behind them both.

Once out of sight, he quickly veered off in another direction, and a quick glance backwards, told him Jesse was right on his heel. For a skinny runt, he sure had some stamina, and Connie continued to push forward, not dropping the pace, despite the ache in his chest. He kept it up for several more minutes, and a few more hard twists and turns, just in case anyone was following behind.

Finally, he slowed down his gait, but didn’t stop. He knew Parker, knew that he would have gone for the other’s, and that once they got to where Tim was, they’d head off after him.

The light became dim, as they had entered a grove of trees. Old ancient trees, that were huge as well as old. Their limbs extended high and the foliage was broad and dense enough, to nearly block out most of the sunlight. Only then, cloaked in the eerie twilight type light, did Connie stop briefly, to let them both catch their breath.

He glanced over at the bent over figure, admiring how his chest heaved, from the long run. How his legs seemed to be quivering, as they were no longer pounding after him. To be honest, he was feeling rather impressed by the guy.

‘Names Connie.’

‘Connie? Shit, that’s a… sorry, Jesse is mine, uh, guess that was what the fight was about?’

‘That’s the excuse they use.’


‘Truth is, I am gay, something that scares them more, than my girly name.’

‘Don’t see why, unless you are into butt ugly, I mean shit dude, that guy you were fighting, he makes a cow look cute.’

Connie couldn’t help but laugh. The idea of a cow being better looking than Tim was true too. A cow had a much nicer face, and wasn’t quite as fat looking as Tim. Suddenly, everything just seemed to be better, and then too, Jesse hadn’t gone white when he said he was gay. Not something you saw in guys, around these parts.


To be continued…

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Tough Guy

Part (1)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2009 ? All Rights Reserved

Category ¦ Athletes, Jocks

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Wasted (5)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (5)

Kale from HM Boys“Hey Mr. Qb, how’s it going?”

“Rich, this is a surprise”

“Yeah, well I thought I’d come by to see practice, man that was one hell of a hit he took, how’s he doing?”

“Cool, yeah it was, uh, I don’t really know, they won’t really know much until the swelling goes down but he’s out for a few weeks at least, that’s for sure”

“So… does that mean what I think it means?”

“Uh huh, I get to start on Saturday”


“Hehe, yeah it is kind of exciting, hasn’t really set in yet”

“Well, hey, we have to celebrate…”

“No way man, I have a ton of stuff to learn by game time, I am going to have an early night”

Richard could feel his moment slipping away from him and the hard cock in his pants started to slowly shrink and grow limp. He had to make this work; the ache in his groin was almost too much for him to bear.

“Okay, but later we will have to make it up”

“Sure man, but if this works out, it most likely won’t be until after the season is over”

“Sure, I understand, but hey, how about this, I mean if you don’t mind, why don’t we just head back to your place, I’ll cook you up some dinner while you soak the grime off in the tub, and then, well if you want, I can give you a really nice rub down? What do you say Cory? Up for something like that?”

Cory really wasn’t into company at this moment, unless maybe if Mason had shown up but even now, well maybe yes, maybe no, but he just felt so drained by it all. The reality of his responsibility was settling in and he bore the weight hard. He felt so alone, so empty that he even doubted if he could do it. Sure he had made some pretty good throws in practice, but that was due to the adrenalin rush he had experienced then, and he doubted if that would sustain him through the next few days, never mind the game itself.

Looking at Richard, he could see the hope in his eyes and he really just didn’t want to disappoint anyone else right now. He knew in his heart what Rich wanted, which was to get into his pants and well, to be honest it was an attractive idea, after all it had been some time since he had felt a man inside of him or been inside of one himself. He could use the release and it was nice of Rich to show up on such a dismal day to watch him practice.

Maybe he could put aside his own selfish thoughts for a few hours tonight, and just let loose, it wasn’t like Mason was really ever going to come back home to him. He could feel the emptiness in his heart as he felt his thoughts jab into him. The ache inside of him wasn’t for the feel of a cock or the warm breath of another man, but was for the loss of his love. It felt so empty inside, so devoid of emotion and he had to admit, Rich felt good next to him.

The idea of someone cooking him dinner while he lounged in a hot steaming bath was enticing plus Rich did have nice hands. He could give a very good back rub and so what if it lead to something more? After all the guy had needs to and it was kind of selfish of him to expect Rich to stick around with only a rather half assed jerk off session afterwards.

“Sure, why not Rich, sounds good to me”

“Really? You sure?”

“Yeah, why not, I could get into a nice back rub, and such, sure it isn’t too much trouble for you?”

“Trouble? Fuck no Cory, I would really love it”

“Okay, well let’s go, I could sure use a good hot bath about now”

Rich almost jumped into the Camero as his heart was so pumped with the result of his desperate gamble. It had paid off and he would see if maybe it wouldn’t stretch into something a lot more involved than a back rub. He could see the small twinkle in Cory’s eyes and he was sure that tonight would be the beginning of a long and happy relationship with not just a hot jock but maybe even a rising college star, God, life couldn’t get any better than this.

The drive to Cory’s apartment seemed like it was taking forever. Rich had wanted to reach over with his foot and stomp on the accelerator but he managed to barely contain himself. His heart was pounding and each time he would steal a glance at Cory, his heart would skip a beat and race faster for a second or two, until he was forced to look elsewhere. He could feel tiny beads of sweat on the palms of his hand as they barely spoke with each other, both lost in their own fantasy worlds.

Cory could feel Rich’s desire burning a hole in the side of him. Every time he tried to start a conversation up, Rich would have to be brought into the present, his mind clearly elsewhere. In a way, Cory thought it was flattering, that someone as experienced and good looking as Rich would be so giddy about the prospect of doing him. Maybe it was that he was a jock, he knew that was a turn on for some, but maybe Rich really did care for him?

Deep inside his heart he felt alone, even with Rich next to him and the prospect of maybe having sex with him, he still felt like he was alone. He should be crowing now, talking a mile a minute about how it felt to kneel inside a college huddle, with the 1st string unit, how scary it was to think that in three days he would be taking the field for the first time, to lead his team hopefully to victory.

All of those things he should be doing, but in looking at Richard’s face he just knew that it wouldn’t get the kind of attention he craved and needed. If Mason had been here, well that would be different because when he did talk with Mason, he could see the way his words affected him. He could feel his words reaching down into Mason’s soul and while maybe Mason wasn’t all that keen on football or sports, he was interested when it had concerned Cory. He missed that the most, even though they rarely had in over the two years of being together.

Parking the car in his spot, he climbed out feeling a bit dejected, a little less than pleased, but as he kept telling himself, at least he wasn’t alone totally and at least he had some chance at maybe having a tiny celebration for his success. That had to be some comfort, and who knew, maybe sex with Rich would open up a whole new part of him that he could fall for, that could make him forget Mason and how much he loved him.

Entering the apartment, Cory stood still for a second or two, until Rich asked him what was wrong. He answered nothing but it was like he could feel the walls closing in on him and it had made him shiver a little. There had been a strange presence, as if to ward him off and he couldn’t understand it, as it grew inside of him while he turned on the lights and tossed his car keys onto the counter.

Maybe it was just a natural reaction from the afternoon’s stress that was getting to him as he went by every light, flicking them on so as to make the room blaze with the artificial light and hopefully drive away the dark fear that was suddenly filling his heart and soul. He couldn’t understand it as he listened to Rich talk about the bath, asking him which soap he liked and all the other stuff that he really no longer cared about.

“You okay?”

“Huh? Oh yeah Rich, sorry, guess I am more tired than I thought”

“Well, I have the hot water running, why don’t you go and get those clothes off and by then the bath should be all steamy and ready for you”

“Sounds good, you sure you don’t mind fixing dinner while I soak?”

“No, not at all, if you want, I’ll come and wash your back”

“That’s okay, I think I’ll just lay there and let the dirt soak off this time around”

“Well, whatever, holler if you change your mind, I don’t mind doing it for you Cory, you know… it is kind of exciting isn’t it? You getting the start on Saturday”

“You think?”

“Well, yeah I do, I mean I don’t know all that many athletes, well not your kind that is, but it has to be exciting for you”

“Yeah it is, guess it just hasn’t really sunk in yet, well… I better get a move on, I really am bushed, didn’t realize how much until now”

Cory headed towards the bedroom while Richard headed off to the kitchen area. He didn’t bother closing the door all the way as he quickly stripped off his street clothes and stood in front of the dresser mirror. He stared at himself wondering why it was that Mason wasn’t here but Rich was. Could it be fate telling him that he had guessed wrong a few years back? Could it be that maybe Rich was destined to replace Mason in his heart?

As he thought about it, the coldness from earlier grew colder and his heart shivered as the fear seemed to blanket it and tried to strangle his heart. He felt the cold run up and down his spine as he shook his head and went into the bathroom. The hot misty steam rushing towards him as he opened the door and he felt the heat as it surrounded him, and yet the cold in his bones still held him in its grip.

The hot water made his flesh groan and turn a bright red as he slowly lowered his bruised and aching body into its comforting hold. He could feel the coldness in his bones slowly begin to evaporate, as the steam swirled around him, cloaking him and he could look out, to barely see even his toes sticking up from the end of the bathtub.

Cory knew he had to shake this feeling and he started to think of how it would feel to hear his name echo through Martin Stadium on Saturday as the starting quarterback. It was what he had strived for back in middle school and then high school. He had succeeded too and he thought about his old high school coach, the one who had helped him in getting George out of Mason’s life and he smiled, knowing that at least he would be happy for Cory.

Laying there, he knew that he would have to call him, to let him know that he would be starting, because he would at least be able to have someone be really pleased for him, not faking it so they could get into his pants, or have the ability to say they were friends with the new starting Qb at WSU. Funny, he had thought Rich was sweet that first night, but now he was starting to see him differently and maybe that wasn’t fair of him. After all, Rich did come to the practice, he did offer to take him out to celebrate, so maybe he was just being too critical of the guy, or maybe he was just too damned hung up on Mason.

The water had cooled some, so Cory let some out of the tub and then turned the hot water tap back on full blast. He felt that same chill again and for some odd reason he couldn’t seem to keep warm. Damn, all he needed now was to get sick before his one chance. Fuck, couldn’t life give him at least one break? He wasn’t that bad of a person, and okay, yeah he had tried to run Mason’s life, but it wasn’t because he wanted to control him, it was because Mason needed someone to break him out of that situation, and damn it, he loved him, what else was he supposed to do?

“You going to turn into a prune if you stay in there much longer”

“Huh? Oh Rich, sorry, I guess I was just enjoying the hot water”

“Uh huh, well dinner is about ready, uh, you want to eat first or would you like that special massage I promised you?”

“Oh, uh, well, I am not really all that hungry, I guess, unless you are?”

“Me? No, I am not starved, uh, so tell you what, why don’t you come lie out on the bed, I put the bath sheets down already, and I’ll towel you dry and then give you a really super massage, in honor of the university’s newest star, hey?”

“Haha, yeah right, newest goat you mean, but sounds good, okay I’ll just be a minute”

“Goat? Nah, you’ll do fine, I am sure you are a good Quarterback”

Cory waited while Rich left and he could feel that chill again, but this time it seemed to be eating away at him, like it was trying to ward him off and the more he thought about it, the less he felt like going through with having sex with Rich. The guy was hot, there were no doubts there, but there was something wrong, something that was giving him the willy’s and he didn’t know what it was. He hadn’t felt this way for a long time, hell the last time he felt this way was when Mason had finally told him about George.

Standing up, he could feel the mist swirl around him and he cursed himself for letting his imagination run away again. Rich was a good catch, he was tall, had a nice build and while his dick wasn’t super sized, who cared, it was good enough to look at and it did feel nice when it would rub up against his body, so fuck it, he needed to stop thinking so much and start having some fun. After all, he was the starting Qb for Saturday’s game and that was what he was here for, to play football.

The sound of the doorbell echoed in his ears and he laughed. God he felt kind of giddy and he looked over at the man sitting in the big armchair, his head tilted forward and his tongue hanging out one side as he just sat there. To think, he was the Terrible Terry everyone snickered at when really he wasn’t all that bad.

So far all he had done was pat his bottom when he walked past or knelt down to snort up a line of coke. Other than that, the guy had honored his word and not made a move on him. It felt safe which surprised him, as the room they were in was not exactly your average den. He looked over to the one wall, to see long silver links of chain hanging from iron pegs, shackles on one end, the other fixed to the pegs. The other wall held a wide assortment of whips and then there was the glass-covered case.

Mason had stared at it in amazement, and every now and then he would get his ass up off the couch and stagger over to stare once more at the huge assortment of adult toys that were displayed under the glass case. It really was something actually, the guy had so many interesting toys, little clamps that he said were for a boy’s nipple, bigger one’s for men and then there were the dildos. Man some of them looked so damn huge he doubted if anyone’s ass was big enough to take the, but Terry said lots could. He thought he was bragging but what the hell, who cared?

“Man that doorbell sounds wild, maybe we should answer it?”

“Oh yeah Mason, go ahead… I don’t think I want to stand up right now, besides, I can stare at that nice firm butt of yours easier this way”


“Oh yeah, definitely, anyhow, it’ll be Chad, he’s bringing us some more candy”

“Oh well in that case I better get over there, hate for him to think we weren’t home, I do love his candy”

“I can see, maybe he’ll stay and join us, if you ask him nice and if I promise to give him a nice bonus, would you like that? To have Chad stay and join us?”

“Yeah it would be cool”

“Well then, go, go answer before he leaves”

Mason found it hard to get up off the couch, but the idea of partying with Chad again was enough to finally get him moving. He stumbled a bit as he went towards the front door, making sure to wiggle his butt a few times to keep his host happy. Amazing how such a little thing as a slight hitch in his step would make the guy happy so that he would keep on supplying the party goods. He had to admit, the coke was definitely 1st rate and at the door was more, plus a hot guy too. Shit, this was definitely better than staying at the bar or going back to the apartment.

“Hey its Chad the party caterer, how’s it hanging there Chad”

Mason was feeling very ripped. He had been sipping at some Jack Daniels all the time and he could feel his head swimming but the sight of Chad at the door was enough to make him feel very happy. He reached out as he spoke, his hand groping at Chad’s crotch, checking to see just indeed how it was hanging.

“Fuck Mason, are you ever ripped”

“Oh yeah, come on, get that nice firm little ass in here, we got some partying to get under way”

“Underway, shit man looks like its been going on for some time”

“Yeah, just the warm up, hey TT says he’ll give you a nice big bonus, but you gotta stay and party hard, so what do you say? Hmm? I’ll throw in a nice fuck if you want, or how about you fuck me? There, now that’s a deal you should like, right Chad old bud?”

“Christ, get a grip will you, since when did you become Terry’s agent? Man, you sit down while I go talk to Terry, where is he? In the room?”

“The room? The room you say… I don’t know, it’s his playpen he said, I think that was the words, so come on; you bring more of that excellent snow? I don’t know where you get it from man, but fuck it is good”

“Whoa, down Mason, okay? Shit, take a breather until I talk with Terry, this isn’t cheap shit either… fuck you are wasted”

“Yep, and if you aren’t careful, I’ll be more wasted soon, so hurry it up, do the business shit and then come and get me, I think I need to get a great big dick up my ass, you going to be my salvation, how’s that for fancy talk?”

“Good, okay man, let’s go see Terry”

HMBoys is about Home Boys, the kind you just might find next door, skateboarding down the street, or standing by the bus stop. They feature barely legal teens from all over, and you have to admit it, if you are a Twink fan, these guys know how to pick ’em.


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Wasted (1)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

The sound of water gurgling made Mason twist a little and blink his eyes, as he slowly woke up from his deep sleep. As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes he could see the haunting image of George looming over his prostrate body, his eyes glittering and his mouth salivating as he came closer to Mason’s nude body, all stretched out on a hospital gurney. He could almost feel George’s heavy breath against his face and almost feel the rough hands as they reached down to his groin, and he rubbed his eyes harder, willing himself to come awake and end one more episode of his nightmare dreams.

He lay there, sweat soaking his young body as he struggled to push aside the crazy images of George and the various ways in which he could imagine his older brother coming for him, coming to teach him that family love was his duty, was his responsibility. In the past, he would open his eyes to find Cory holding him in his arms, and as he finally cleared the sleep from his eyes, he felt disappointed. There was no Cory next to him, no Cory holding his sweating body next to his, no soothing sounds of ‘It’s Okay Mason’ softly filling his ears.

The sadness grew inside of him as his heart became heavy with the realization that he would not be having that safe feeling anymore. He trembled a little, realizing that his nightmares were his own; there no longer would be a strong loving shoulder to bury his head in, to take away the pain and fear. He was alone, once more left to the dark thoughts of his mind. CHRIST, one day away from Cory and already he was becoming the basket case, he knew he was.

Angry with himself, he threw off the coverings, and sat up on the floor to take stock of just where he was. He glanced around to see his bags next to him, a sleeping bag had been tossed over him and he shivered a little, as he had no shirt on and it was cold in the room. Looking over he saw an unmade bed, linens strewn over the place and dirty clothes piled up next to it on the floor. As he slowly stood up, his bare feet feeling the cold floors he searched for his socks and shoes but found nothing in the room, not even his shirt.

His first few steps were painful and his head began to ache something fierce. He could feel the room spinning and he found himself staggering over to the bed, where he sat down and waited a second or two, for the room to stop spinning and for his stomach to go back down to his belly instead of being in his throat. God, he felt like he had been shit kicked and yet he really hadn’t had all that much to drink, well comparatively speaking that is. Mind you, mixing beer with Tequila shooters as well as Vodka, was not always a good idea, plus downing a few rum and coke’s would not help matters either.

Man, you look like shit

Huh? Oh Justin, gee thanks for the kind observation, fuck if look half as bad as my guts feel…”

Yeah well, you most likely do… the john’s back there if you need it, want some food?”

GOD NO! Sorry, no… this your room?”

Nope, its Chad and Mark’s love nest, can’t you tell by the stench of cologne and sweat? Hehe

Oh, don’t… I thought that was… oh shit I have to lay down, my head is killing me… they going to mind?”

Huh? Oh no, Mark’s already off to class and Chad is still passed out in living room, just don’t sleep on your stomach unless you want to wake up to a dick up your ass… Chad has a habit of just, well you get the idea

Yeah, thanks… maybe I can just crawl to my room, which is where by the way?”

Yeah, well, about that, guess we should kind of get that all cleared up, uh, I mean I guess it comes down to how much you willing to chip in towards the bills and all

Mason had managed to squirm his way back onto the bed, his head and back leaning up against the wall. The smell of dried cum was ripe where he was and normally it didn’t bother him, but he could feel his stomach doing summersaults with each breath. He also was feeling a bit edgy, the way Justin seemed to be hedging on his earlier pledge about moving in.

Yeah? I thought when we talked before, you told me I could crash here for about $250 a month, so, like what’s the score with that?”

Hey, don’t get all cranky on me, that’s the deal if you want it, I just wasn’t sure if you did, after all you did crash in here instead of my room…”

Uh, what’s that supposed to mean?”

Fuck man, you still drunk or what? The deal man, you pay $250 and crash with me in my room, I mean you don’t get your own room for that kind of dough, besides, you said you wanted to pay cheap rent so you would have more to party with, remember?”

The mention of having more money to party with struck a chord in Mason’s jumbled memory and he slowly started to remember some of the conversation. They had been out on the quad, smoking a few joints when Mason had told Justin he wanted to find another place to live, and Justin had volunteered to let him move in with him. Shit, now he recalled it, Justin did say something about sharing his room, for the right deal. Fuck, one of these days he’d have to stop trying to make decisions while stoned, it never did work out.

Sort of man, tell me more

Nothing more to say, really. If you don’t want to go through with it, I suppose we could work something else out, there is a vacant room we use to keep our other junk in, but I mean not for any $250, that’s for sure

Yeah, so, like what? We share the room or we sharing our dicks too?”

Justin looked at Mason from under his eyes. He had a habit of looking away from a person when he was on edge, or when he was trying to pull something and Mason recognized the look. He maybe hung over but he still could think, in a fashion and he waited for the answer, knowing that if it was yes, he’d be looking for another place to stay.

Well that would be nice, but, uh, no, it wasn’t part of the deal, it was simply we’d share the bed, with one rule, whoever had a date spending the night, the other one got to grab a piece of the floor, but like I said, if you want to throw in sharing your dick, I sure as fuck ain’t going to object

Cool, you really do have a thing for wanting to get into my pants don’t you Justin?”

Hey, what can I say, I like a nice piece of cock and ass, and yours is definitely up there in the choice department

God, I bet if I told you to come and suck it now you would jump

Hehe, yeah most likely, why? You offering?”

Yeah right… NOT. But, hey you never know, so where is ‘our’ room then? Hate to have Chad mistake me for one of his one night stands, and I hate sleeping with my hand over my ass

Mason spent most of the day sleeping it off, but every now and then he would wake up and reach out, looking for Cory’s warm body and when he came up empty, he could feel the heaviness grow inside of him. He knew that he had deep feelings for Cory, and yet a part of him resented those feelings. There was no explanation other than that he was a major fuck up, a complete ass who deserved shit and not someone like Cory, and yet Cory seemed to be stuck on him.

He knew that leaving Cory was the hardest thing he had ever done, well almost, the hardest had been saying ‘no’ to George when he first started seeing Cory, but that was sex, this was different. Somehow, he had to give Cory a chance at getting what he deserved, and that meant no ‘Mason’ in his life. God, how could the guy still like him, never mind love him after the crap he pulled in Memphis?

There was no doubt that he had been out of control there, and yet through it all Cory had stood by him, even when he had come home with two other guys and proceeded to kiss them and fondle them, right in front of Cory. Either the guy was a sucker for humiliation or he really did love him, and in his way, Mason had to admit he did love Cory, it was just, well, just he wasn’t good boyfriend material. George had seen to that, the way he had twisted everything up for him, but it wasn’t all George’s fault, he had played his role in it too. After all, he could have done something to stop George, he didn’t have to let George rape him every time he wanted, so really, if anyone was at fault, it was his own sick sense of need.

‘FUCK’ this was getting him nowhere, and he finally climbed out of bed and padded into the bathroom, where he stared at the image in the mirror. ‘God what a royal fuck up’ he thought, staring at his reflection and he wondered why God had even wasted his time in letting him be born. ‘I mean shit, I can’t even decide if I prefer to get raped by my brother’s monster dick or spend a life in the arms of a nice guy, I gotta be a complete jerk’ and with those thoughts he went and turned on the shower, to try and clear his fogged brain.

Without even taking his boxer shorts off, he stepped into the shower to try to clear up the fog inside of his head. The cold water hit him hard and he started to shake a little and blubber as he let the stinging needles bring him fully awake. The sound of a person entering the bathroom shook the last cobwebs away.

That you Justin?” he yelled

No, its Chad, who’s that?”


Cool, want some company in there?”


Okay, how about a beer then?”

Okay, be out in a second

Kay, I just gotta pee, flush it for me when you get out


Mason wrung his shorts out and threw over the top of the shower bar, letting them drip into the tub while he towelled off. He felt better now, the dark thoughts banished for the moment, but he knew they would be back soon enough, but for now, he was free of them and after a few drinks, he’d be rid of them for a while longer. Nothing helped much, but at least he could get some peace from the thoughts that plagued him all the time. Cory told him he should see someone, and he had answered that he was, he was seeing several people, Smirnoff, Johnny Walker, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and even Captain Morgan. Cory had not been impressed but Mason thought it had been funny.

Hey you made it, thought maybe you had drowned there for a second, here, have a cold one

Chad tossed him a cold Bud and he flicked the top off and took a nice long pull of the beer. He sat down on the couch, his hair still dripping a little but he did feel better now, that first taste helping immensely.


No sweat, so hear you joining our band of drunks and perverts

Yep, okay with you?”

Yeah I got no problem with that, so, what’s the score with you and the jock? Thought you two were an ‘item’ as they say

Ancient history

Cool, so no classes or taking a ‘moving day’? Hehe

Moving day… yeah that sounds good, hell, I needed a break anyway, you?”

Haha, me? Nah I gave up on that shit ages ago, I just go from party to party man, the only way to spend your youth

Sounds like a plan

Yeah, so, want another brew? Here…”

Thanks, you got wheels? I gotta hit the liquor store and re stock

Yeah, I got a beater, but hell, I got a couple of 24’s so don’t sweat it, you can pay it back later

Thanks, I’ll do that

So, you and Justin… anything there?”

No, why?”

Well don’t want to step on any toes, …you up for some party action or too burnt from last night?”

Never too burnt, what do you have in mind?”

Well, I got some weed if you want, good stuff from Canuck land too, or if you really want to get in the mood, I got some great coke, really good stuff

Maybe later, for now I’ll stick to the suds

Cool, let me know though, I got primo stuff, not like some of that crap Justin winds up getting

Yeah I’ll keep that in mind, so anything brewing for tonight?”

Not much, I think Mark wants to hit the bar tonight, so I’ll most likely start off there, not sure if Justin is going to come or not, he usually can’t handle two nights in a row during the week, you wanna tag along?”

Maybe, have to check the finances first, don’t get any more till Monday

Yeah? Well, its Mark’s party, he’s buying

Oh? Well shit, in that case sure… he won’t mind?”

Nah, I’ll just squeeze his dick a little first, and he’ll be happy

Haha, yeah okay

Hey, it works, and he really doesn’t mind, besides, he knows how it is

Yeah? Well, that has to help

Uh huh, guess the jock didn’t hey?”

No, no he really didn’t, funny isn’t it? You would think he would have tweaked by now, oh well, you got another brew there? This is gone


Mason was feeling a bit guilty as the waiter brought him another run and coke drink and passed the bill over to Mark. Looking at Mark, he smiled, wondering what the guy was thinking, and then he shook his head, wishing that these constant doubts would just leave him alone, let him be so he could have some fun. Chad had been right, Mark didn’t object when he was told that Mason would be joining them at the bar, if Mark were buying. All he did was smile and comment how it would be great to be in the middle of two hot young studs.

The booze was having its effect on him and he started to loosen up, ignoring the feelings he was having, the guilt of taking advantage of Mark. Instead he could feel his chest swell a little, as he noticed how most of the bars’ elderly patrons kept glancing their way, their eyes fixed either on Chad’s trim young body, or on JT’s athletic frame, or even on his own svelte muscular body. No one stared at Mark, or Debbie, knowing that they were lucky only in being able to sit so close to such obvious prime boy beef.

Seeing all those old guys drooling over him and Chad and JT, it finally dawned on him why Mark was always footing the bills for Chad. He enjoyed the attention; he enjoyed having other’s fantasizing about Chad while he got to actually realize some of those fantasies. If to keep that hold, he had to pay for other’s fun, why not, this way he was the envy of a group that normally wouldn’t even look his way, let alone wish to be in his place.

Mark really wasn’t a bad guy, he was actually funny at times and he did have a sort of interesting shyness about him that was rather attractive. However, that was as far as it went, and Mason didn’t think he really was being prejudiced but he just couldn’t see himself having sex with Mark, there was just too much of him. He was surprised that Chad would actually, because Chad was even more of a society climber than he was, but then Mark did pay the bills, so that had to be the reason.

Maybe Chad did care for Mark, but he couldn’t actually enjoy doing him. After all, Mark was not tall, maybe 5 feet 9 inches at best and if you looked at him sideways, you were sure he was the same size as if you looked at him from the front. He had to weigh at least 180 pounds and he had several rolls on his stomach and his arms were beefy looking, no tone to them or muscle definition either.

As he finally began to unwind and let the booze take hold of him, he also started to realize a little of what Cory must of felt like. Maybe that was why he had taken so much shit from him, because he enjoyed having people staring at him, knowing that he was Mason’s lover and boyfriend. Sure, Cory always said it was because he loved him, but come on, what they had wasn’t love, least not in any sense that he understood. Hell, they hardly enjoyed sex with each other lately, but then too, that wasn’t Cory’s fault, it was just that he, Mason, was always too drunk to really get hard enough. Plus, well, he really didn’t feel like he was having sex with Cory, there just wasn’t the pain that he had experienced with George, and that was what love was supposed to feel like, to be painful, to know you had something in there, not all that warm stuff, that gentle shivering or quivering body shit.

Downing another rum, he signalled for a refill and wondered if he really was that fucked up or if maybe he just wanted a reason to feel the way he did? There were times when the touch of Cory’s hands on his naked body would send him shaking and he thought the whole world had exploded, it had felt that good, but ever since Cory had dealt with George, had ended forever his time with George, that had changed.

No longer did Cory’s hands make him feel special, or any of that other mumbo jumbo stuff, least not all the time. Instead, he would find himself wondering what George was doing now, or whom he was doing. Thinking like that would generally get him horny too, as he would find his mind replaying some of the more pleasant times with George, when he took his time, to slowly insert his huge monster dick up Mason’s ass, and yes, it hurt even then, but differently. It was more like the pain was a part of the love, part of George’s gift to him and if he really loved his older brother, well then he had to show him by taking that pain, so that George could give him all of his love.

Maybe he was warped, but it was how he felt and no amount of discussing it with some shrink or other do gooders would change that. He loved his brother, they were blood and if it hadn’t been for George, he would never have accepted being gay. Maybe it was just that you had to have some pain in order to know how lucky you were, and while George did go overboard at times, he couldn’t believe he meant to cause him harm.

Okay, his story to the doctor and clinic was a lie, but if you thought about it, he had to protect his own reputation too, not to mention the families, so who was Cory to have passed judgement on him? Cory didn’t know all the details, and besides, it wasn’t George who plied him with alcohol so he could cop a feel, that was Cory, so maybe Mr. Righteous himself should be the one who should go see a shrink, not him.

Man you looking angry, what’s up bro?”

Huh? Nuthin Chad, just thinking how Cory thought I should see a shrink… kind of pissed me off

Whoa, no fooling man, come on, let’s go show all these old farts what two hot studs can do on the dance floor

Yeah, why not

They started off slowly, just dancing like any two people did but as they shook, as their bodies heated up and the booze took a stranglehold on them, Mason could feel himself getting more into it, more desirous to really show the people around what it was like to be 6ft tall, 165 pounds of pure man with real blond hair flowing down to his shoulders. He began to gyrate his hips to make even the blindest old man go bug eyed with desire and Chad followed his lead.

Together they started to heat up the dance floor, their two young bodies moving as one, slowly going up and down each other, as if locked in a wild passionate embrace. Mason had his hands on Chad’s shoulders, pushing him down where Chad would then rub his face against Mason’s stomach, then down his crotch and then down one side of his leg, then he would move over to the other leg, raising his head now upwards, once more passing the crotch and then the stomach and then he would bring his own young lithe body inwards. Chad would crush his pelvis forward, grinding his groin into Masons own solid crotch.

They danced wildly, making the sexually provocative scene from the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ looks like a kids dance. They would have there hands clutching at the others buttocks, squeezing the hard flesh and making the body’s join together that no one thought two people could do on a dance floor.

Mason could feel his desire for Chad growing as they danced and he knew that he was definitely turning on Chad. Each time that Chad’s body would crush into his own, the hard press of a very substantial dick would press into his belly and he could only imagine the size of that cock as he would try to press his own 9 inch wonder weapon into Chad’s stomach, to make him feel his own hot desire and wild passions. The music grew hotter and their dancing became even more intense. His body started to sweat and he could feel his shirt sticking to his hot flesh as they danced wildly. No one else seemed to want to dance, all they wanted to do was watch the unexpected floor show of two hot boys as they enticed each other with their young flesh.

Chad’s body was shorter and he moved quicker, but you could see his jeans being stretched hard now by the bulging cock inside. The older men in the bar were all crowding around the edge of the dance floor to catch as much of the shots as possible. Mason could feel their eyes burning into his body as he would swing his hips to cover up the thick bulge, and it was as if he could hear them sigh each time he did that, and he got a large smile on his face each time.

The sight of Mason smiling every now and then was making Chad feel very horny. His cock was pressing through his jeans like a god damn jack hammer and he could feel hs body aching to have that young body pressed up against his own naked body. For a brief second he felt like just dumping his clothes and yanking on Mason’s jeans so he could drill his butt right then and there but he knew that Mason wouldn’t go for that, least not right now. As he danced, as he felt Mason’s hot hands caress his backside, and then squeeze his buttocks, digging the fingers in deep till they touched bone, his cock started to jerk inside of his pants. His balls were full and they started to ache in a way he had never really felt before and he swore that if Mason smiled one more time he really would fuck his ass there and then, and to hell with the consequences.

Mason could feel Chad’s desires, feel his need for him and it made him feel like he was special. He could almost read his mind, and each time he ground his hips into that hard throbbing bulge, he could feel Chad groan and a sort of glazed look would come into his dark eyes. Shit, every time he stared into those dark chocolate coloured eyes, he could feel his heart melting a little, wondering what it would be like to have Chad take him, right there on the dance floor in front of everyone, but he knew he couldn’t do that, least not now.

Both of them were sweating like pigs, pools of water were flowing down their bodies onto the dance floor. Their shirts were so wet that they clung clearly to every rippling muscle in both chests. Mason could feel the eyes on him and Chad and it made him dance even closer, draining him of his fluids as his body continued to ooze nothing but sweat. His state of arousal was becoming a problem for him too, he could feel his own hot sticky pre cum oozing from the slit in his hard cock and he knew it was adding to the wetness around his groin.

Chad had never felt so overwhelmed by another male as he was feeling right now dancing with Mason. His body ached for more and his heart was pounding, praying that this night would end in a wild passionate explosion. His mind could think of nothing but how hot Mason looked and felt. His body ached in spots he never thought could ache, and the excitement only increased with each thump of the music.

Once more, the music changed its tempo and slowly it began to die out, as the DJ simply couldn’t handle it any longer. He was feeling too aroused himself and he could see how everyone was being mesmerized by the two young men, as they gyrated closely, their bodies mere extension of some deep hidden desire. It was almost like a mating dance, the way the two had danced together and he could feel his own dick pushing at his pants and he needed a chance to hit the men’s room and relive that burning ache in his crotch.

The music had been stopped for several seconds before either Chad or Mason realized it. They had been so lost in their feelings, their awakened passions, that the empty sound and collective sighs of those watching didn’t even phase them. As the end of the music finally dawned on them, Chad reached across and kissed Mason very lightly on the lips. He could taste the salt from all the sweat and he felt his body quiver as his own lips pressed briefly against Mason’s.

Don’t know much about this one, other than his name is Kai and he is one of the models from HM Boys.


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Plain Brown Wrapper (3)

Plain Brown Wrapper

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (3)

Barney felt his skin getting clammy as he led Chris towards his bedroom. It wasn’t like he was a virgin, but this was his private domain, the one place no one, but himself, had ever been. Even his housekeeper that came in was barred from the bedroom. It was the one room of his house, that he never shared, never let anyone enter.

Maybe it was paranoia, or just being anal about his privacy, but he rarely brought anyone to his home, let alone to his bedroom. He could feel his nerves tingling, but not because it would be a first time letting someone else into the room, but because he actually was excited about it.

Approaching his closed door, he was also nervous, feeling like he needed Chris to approve, to pass judgement on the room, because in some sense, it was important to him. He couldn’t rationalize it, or make sense of it, it simply was important to him.

He couldn’t even remember if he had made his bed this morning, as if it should matter, but it did. Maybe he was just too finicky, or maybe it was that he really cared as to what Chris thought. Without realizing it, they were there, and as he reached out, to turn the door knob, he turned to Chris, reminding him that he lived alone, and that he wasn’t a good housekeeper.

Chris had laughed, which seemed to just make his head a bit dizzy. Everything about Chris was making him tingle, making him skittish too. His approval mattered, but it was strange, almost like he was on a first day back when he was a pockmarked teenager going on his first date. He shouldn’t feel this way, he wasn’t a virgin but it felt like it, as he rubbed the palm of his hands on his pants, opened the door and stepped to one side, to let Chris enter his private domain.

He watched as the slender youth entered the room, and took only a few steps inside. Barney saw how his head moved slowly around the wide expanse of the master bedroom, obviously taking everything in. The tension just seemed to grow, as he waited for some comment, some sign, that everything was okay.

Nice’ was all he said, as he moved more into the room, but it was how he said it, that made Barney feel like he was floating on a cloud. It was the tone, how Chris’ body seemed to relax, as he moved more into the room, still looking around at the pictures on the wall to the mess on the dresser.

Barney watched as Chris moved around the room, till he was by the side of the bed, looking into the open bathroom door. He watched as he took a step closer, looking inside then turning with a small smile on his face, he moved towards the bed. Stopping at the end table, he put the box of Condoms down, then turned to look at Barney.

There was something about how he looked, that made Barney relax, move closer into the room. He felt himself smiling, as he moved further inside. The sun was shining in from the large windows opposite the bathroom, which gave a sort of golden glow around Chris, as he stood by the bed. There was that sort of haze, that sunlight created as the dust in the room swirled around, adding to the illusion.

He couldn’t help but feel rather excited, as he saw how handsome Chris looked, standing at the side of his bed. The way his hair fell across his shoulders, glittered a bit in the sunlight. How his face seemed to be glowing, from how wide of a grin he had. The long arms, the legs just spread apart enough for sure footing, all added to the young man’s aura. Chris was an attractive young man on his own rights, but right now, Barney couldn’t think of any guy he had ever seen, that was more handsome, or desirable.

As he made his way towards Chris, he noticed a sudden movement, and he stopped. Chris was kicking off his runners, and Barney realized the curtains were still open. Turning he looked at them, wondering if he should go close them, or if that would seem too anxious. After all, the window overlooked his back yard, and he had a ten foot high full boarded fence, for privacy.

Can anyone look in?

Barney turned to look at Chris, shaking his head as he mumbled that not unless they had a ladder. Chris chuckled a bit, then said if Barney didn’t mind, he’d rather have things as they were. He was impressed, that Chris had known what he had been thinking.

I don’t think old lady Grayson has a ladder anyways.

That your neighbour? How old is she?

Yep, and ancient, looking at her, you’d swear she was on the Ark with Noah.

Chris laughed as he smiled at Barney, then began to unbutton his shirt. His fingers seemed to fumble a bit, as Barney watched him begin to undress, as if it was perfectly natural. Yet as he looked on, he could see tiny beads of sweat on his forehead, see a few strands of hair becoming matted as the sweat beaded up.

In one way, it seemed like any other time when he had indulged his need for male flesh, the way things were so calm, so collected as Chris slowly undid his shirt buttons. Just like any other guy he had picked up, but as he watched, he realized it was totally different. Sure those other guys were a bit nervous, but not like Chris.

They were more worried that they wouldn’t get paid, while with Chris, he could tell it was for other reasons. The look in his eyes, how his fingers fumbled with the simple task of undoing a button, told Barney that he was nervous, scared even, that Barney wouldn’t find him attractive, or something.

Stepping closer, he saw how rigid Chris was holding himself, how he kept glancing at him, as if he expected Barney to suddenly change his mind, and have him stop. He couldn’t help but feel the attraction growing, as he moved around the end of the bed, to stand in front of Chris.

He let his eyes move up and down Chris’ body, smiling as he took it all in. There was no mistaking the bulge in Chris’ pants, nor how his arms were shaking, from nervousness or excitement. The way even his legs seemed to be vibrating, as he took a step closer.

Let me help, or we’ll be here all day.

That wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Barney laughed, as he reached out, to unbutton the last few buttons. He was amazed at how his hands didn’t shake, or tremble as he undid the buttons, opening Chris’ shirt. The way it fell away, to expose the smooth golden flesh to his eyes, made him quiver a bit.

His nostrils flared, as he smelled Chris, his scent mingled with sweat & cologne, that gave him a strange warm feeling deep down inside. Barney couldn’t help but feel his body react, as he stared at Chris’ open chest. How there were really not many hairs there, and what was there was so fine in color, that they didn’t look like hair at all.

Before he could step back, or think, he felt the hands on his hips, and he looked up to see Chris staring at him. The eyes sparkled as he took a step closer, which his own body matched. It was like he their bodies were being drawn together, and before he could realize it, he felt Chris’ hot breath across his face.

His own eyes were blurred, and he found his head tilting to one side, opposite to the way Chris’ head was also leaning. It was all instinct, or just some natural reaction, but he could feel his heart start to rumble a bit, felt his chest suddenly become tight.

The brush of moist lips against his, made Barney quiver. His whole body shook, as he felt the lips begin to press harder, felt his own lips pressing back and opening a bit.

It was all Chris needed, as his tongue was suddenly pushing through the tiny opening. It felt like a battering ram, as the rough edged tongue forced its way through the small gap between his lips. His whole mouth suddenly seemed like it was on fire, as the tongue forced his jaw to widen, to let it enter.

While his body was tingling, it was strange how he could feel the tingle of his toes more than any other body part. Not even his dick seemed to overpower that feeling come up from his toes, as he found himself holding tightly to Chris’ trembling body. He could feel the hard press of his groin into his own, feel how the lump in the jeans was actually stiffening, even more than it already was.

So many strange sensations were rushing inside, that he felt like his body was about to explode. Barney had been aroused before, but nothing like how he was feeling at this moment, and just from a simple embrace & kiss. He could hear himself moan.

Chris’ hands were clutching at his butt cheeks, the fingers digging in, as his own hands were pulling the slender body closer to his, trying to make them one. He could feel the shortness of breath, feel the pain around his lungs as they struggled for air. It was amazing as he let his eyes flick open, to see the pressed face against his own, the long hair wrapped around them both.

Barney could feel Chris’ hands moving around and across his whole body. It was like a pair of demons tearing at his body, and yet he was totally enjoying the sensation. The way they were tearing, ripping at him, prodding him. It all made him shudder, made him quiver in desire, as his own hands seemed to be taking their cue from Chris, not from his own thoughts or impulses.

Breaking apart, after what seemed like hours, he found himself gasping for air, his chest heaving, but he also found that they were both stretched out on the bed. He had no recollection of them moving onto the bed, and judging by the way Chris was breathing, he doubted if he did either. The pounding inside his chest, made him glance down, to notice that a lot more than just getting on the bed had gone unnoticed.

His belt was undone, his pants were open, showing his underwear. Looking over he noticed that Chris had his own pants spread open, that the bulge was sticking between the opening, which made his eyes widen. God, how big it looked, how hard it seemed, and yet he had no memory of undoing the pants, of maybe even touching that bulge.

Looking up, he saw a strange gleam in Chris’ eyes as he realized that the ache in his chest wasn’t easing. The blood was rushing, as his heart continued to pound wildly inside. He saw the glazed look, as Chris now leaned forward, once more tilting his head, but instead of moving towards his lips, Chris’ head moved down, and the hair brushed past Barney’s open mouth.

Looking down, he saw one hand rise up and rest on top of Chris’ head, as his body leaned backwards onto the bed. His legs still dangled over the edge, but he also realized his shirt was wide open, pushed aside to expose his entire upper body to Chris. Barney could feel the sweat trickling down as well, feel how his dark chest hairs were matted from the small little rivers of sweat that had rolled down.

The sharp little jolt made him glance down, as he saw the head poised over one of his exposed firm nipples. The pain was from Chris’ teeth that had taken hold of the jutting flesh, and bit down on it, pulling upwards at the same time. Barney cried out a bit, as he felt a hand reaching down his belly, pushing under the waist band of his shorts.

He let his head fall back, as now the tongue licked at the still tingling nipple. Barney could feel the tongue’s raspy edge swirl around the nipple, licking at the rough base, then up and over. He moaned a bit, as his hands pushed up against Chris, pushing his shirt up and off the younger man’s shoulders. He could feel the hand reaching under his underwear, rubbing the soft flesh of his groin, pushing the fingers into it.

Barney had never felt so aroused, as Chris continued to lick and suck on his nipple, nibble at it even, which only made Barney moan a bit louder. Then he felt the tongue snake across to his other side, to the other untouched nipple. His body suddenly arched up, as he felt the fingers touching the base of his hard cock. He didn’t know if he could back, as the fingers prodded at the thick base of his pole, as his belly was sucked in, as the press of Chris’ palm made his shudder.

He had many hand jobs before, but this was totally different. The touch felt like small electric jolts, as the fingers moved around, slowly encasing the base of his cock. His mind also could feel the tongue licking at his nipple, then at the centre of his chest. Even the hairs on his chest seemed to be sending some sort of signal to his brain, letting him know how good it felt to be touched that way.

It felt like he was being assaulted by huge waves of pleasure. The way his body was shaking, or felt like it was, only made his mind groan with delight. His own hands seemed to be moving, but he really couldn’t feel anything but the way his own body was acting, how it was responding to the touch of Chris’ tongue, hands, and fingers.

Barney felt a cramp in one leg, felt the vibrating pulse of his main artery in the other leg, as it shook, from the way his whole body felt like it was on fire. He moaned and knew one of his hands had hit the mattress, was still hitting it, as he responded to Chris’ touch. How the hand moved around his dick, how the tongue was now licking at his belly, while the other hand caressed his tingling nipples.

His legs wanted to open wider, to give Chris more to touch, to fondle, but they were being held back. He struggled, unable to open his legs wider, and yet he couldn’t stop Chris, couldn’t let it end so he could find out why his legs wouldn’t spread open more. His mind knew why, but he couldn’t quite bring the answer forward, as too many other thoughts were whirling around inside. He moaned, as his hands continued to caress, pull, touch, Chris’s backside. He could feel the hot flesh under his touch, unsure how he could feel the bare skin, not caring how, just that he was.

The press of Chris’ lips against his lower belly, made him cry out, made his body arch a bit upwards, his head pressing harder down into the mattress. Just as he felt like he couldn’t hold back, that his body was about to let him down, the sound of heavy panting echoed in his ear, then he tasted salt on his lips, then the press of Chris’ lips back up against his own mouth. He tasted the tongue again, as it suddenly darted inside, then withdrew, his own tongue following it.

Barney could taste the inside of Chris’ mouth, then the feeling of something burning his fingers, as he realized he had hold of something. The press of Chris’ body on his arms told him he was grapping at the hard dick, at Chris’ own hard dick. He felt the sudden shiver inside as the realization of it dawned on his mind. For a brief instant, he could feel the blood rushing through the veins of Chris’ erect penis, then his mind was once more overwhelmed by the sensation of Chris on top of him.

Slowly he heard his own panting breath, along with Chris’ and he opened his eyes. Above him was that perfect face, the eyes still glazed over, if not more so. The long curly hair drooping downwards, ends moving lightly over his own heaving chest. He could feel Chris’ hot breath on his face, felt his own chest heaving, as they looked at each other.

Panic suddenly gripped his heart, as the image began to slide away, until he felt the hands gripping something around his thighs. Looking down he knew why he couldn’t spread his legs any further, as his pants hung down, just halfway down his thighs. His eyes opened even wider, as he saw the blond head slowly moving down his body, licking and kissing at his exposed upper body, as his hard cock was pressing up into Chris’ own exposed chest.

He felt it all, and watched as the head slowly moved down, as the hands took hold of his pants, and pushed them down. Barney felt his legs close a bit, felt his lower body lift up, as Chris pulled the pants downwards, freeing more of Barney’s lower body from their constraint. He could hear the heavy panting breathe, as the head lifted up to look upwards, along his prone body. Barney felt himself tremble, as he stared into Chris’ eyes, seeing the desire flashing at him. His own eyes returning the desire, the need.

Chris pulled Barney’s pants and underwear off in a quick easy motion. Then he was suddenly standing up at the side, as one hand tossed Barney’s pants off to one side. Barney felt himself lift his upper body up, to watch, to stare at the young man. He saw his ribs moving, as his chest heaved, and he saw the way his own pants were pushed down a ways, his underwear still hiding the hard dick he had been holding.

Barney licked his lips, as he saw the little grin, then noticed how Chris had moved his hands to his hips, to lift up the waistband of his boxer shorts. He watched with bulging eyes, as the young man pushed down, and leaned over a bit, to shove his underwear and pants off his body. Standing back upright, Barney saw the hard dick winking at him. He saw the thick pole jerk a bit, then steady, staring right at him. He couldn’t help but let out a small moan, licking his lower lip at the same time.

Glancing upwards, he saw that look in Chris’ eyes become even more intense, more alive. It was as if a whole slew of fireworks were exploding in the pupils, as they began to come closer to him, making him move his body a bit further up onto the bed. His legs still dangled over the side, but only the ankles and feet were hanging over, as Chris now stood right up in between them.

The touch of Chris’ body next to his feet made his own cock quiver, which brought a smile to Chris’ face. Then he felt the hands reaching down, taking hold of his legs, and pushing them apart even more. He felt the legs being pushed up and backwards, spreading them open, exposing his buttocks.

His head hurt from leaning up, and he let it fall back, as he felt the hands pushing his legs further apart, then felt the warmth of the young man’s body as it rested between his legs. The bed creaked a little, as Chris adjusted his body between Barney’s upraised legs, then the hands moved down, from the just above the ankles, to around the top of his thighs.

Looking down his body, he saw the golden flesh between his legs. The sunlight was shining across Chris’ naked upper body, and he could see the tiny white hairs down the v of his chest. He could see the deep purple of the skin around each nipple, and as he looked up, he could see the blond hair gleaming, the sunlight reflecting off the sweat soaked strands.

He saw Chris lick his pale lips, then look down at the hard cock that jutted up from Barney’s crotch. He saw the eyes flicker, saw them quickly glance upwards, then back down. Barney could feel the blood rushing from his extremities, as Chris’ hands reached around his thighs, the fingers digging into his flesh, along the inside of both thighs.

A brief moment of calm seemed to enter his mind, his body, as he felt the fingers tighten their hold on his flesh. Then he felt the swish of air, as Chris’ head moved suddenly. He felt his body tense up, then was stunned as he felt the press of Chris’ tongue between his thigh and groin. He moaned loudly, as the tongue licked downwards, his hard dick brushing past Chris’ face.

His body shook, as the tongue licked at the thigh, then moved down under his dangling balls. Barney felt the hands digging into his flesh, pushing his body upwards. Chris’ shoulder now pushed as well, as they lifted him upwards, forcing his legs even higher.

Crying out, he felt the tongue licking at his moist flesh, at the spot just below his balls. He felt the sac being pushed by Chris’ face, that made him tremble even more, as his hands balled up into fists, as they struck the mattress with force. He felt the waves of new pleasures coursing up and through every nerve in his body. His mind reeled, as they came crashing into it, as his heart began to race even faster.

Sweat was now pouring from every opening in his body, as Chris’ tongue seemed to be moving down, rather than up. His cock wavered and swayed to and fro, as Chris’ nose was wedged up between the join between his thigh and groin. He could feel the hot breath with each exhale, as it blew across his sweat soaked flesh. He cried out, as the tongue seemed to swirl around, teasing the soft skin below his sac.

The muscles in his legs quivered, shaking as the tongue suddenly pushed further downwards. The fingers now reached across, the weight of his legs being borne by Chris’ shoulders, to grasp at his fleshy butt cheeks. Barney felt them reach between each cheek, making his body shudder.

The fingers were quickly stretching his soft flesh, exposing his inner valley to Chris. He felt the tingling, felt the desire only growing inside, as the finger tips reached down, to then dig sideways into his soft flesh. He felt his hole ache, felt it tremble too, as the fingers spread apart the cheek, the room’s air blowing across the moist pink flesh of his inner valley.

The room began to spin, for him as he couldn’t understand what was happening. He thought maybe Chris wasn’t going to wait, that he was about to be penetrated by that huge dick, but it wasn’t feeling like that. His whole body was a quivering mess of jumbled thoughts, of unknown sensations, as he felt the air swirling around his opened hole.

Part of him wanted to yell out, to remind Chris to use a condom, but his mind couldn’t make his mouth form the words. His lips were swollen, one under the other, as his teeth were biting the soft flesh, as more and more new sensations flowed into his whole body. His legs trembled, the muscles inside shaking.

Barney felt the tips of fingers touching the outer edge of his hole, then he felt them dig in, then pull away from him. His hole ached as the tiny muscle resisted, then gave in slowly as it was stretched wide open. Then he felt the hot breath over it, which made his head spin. His heart began to pound, as he felt a rough flick against the dead centre of his hole. He felt its wetness, then his body just seemed to explode.

He heard his voice crying out, heard himself pleading even, for more, but what it was he wanted, he still couldn’t fathom. The new sensations were familiar in some ways, different in others. He could feel the tongue now, know it was Chris’ tongue, but it was licking at his insides, at the silky skin of his rectum. No one had ever done that, no one either male or female, had ever done what Chris was now doing.

It felt amazing as the waves of pleasure rushed up into his body. His balls were shaking, as was his dick, as he felt the tongue’s tip lick at his inside, then pull out and slowly travel all around his quivering hole. He could feel it, as Chris tasted him in the one virgin spot of his body. He cried out, understanding why his voice was pleading for more.

Nothing felt as good as this, never before had he experienced such an exhilarating explosion of pleasure inside his body. The tongue was licking one second, then the tip darting past the moisten hole. Then it was out, licking again, moving up and down the soft skin between his spread apart cheeks. He could feel the nose pressing against his balls, feel the hot breath as it blew downwards.

As the fingers pulled, he felt the tongue suddenly move down and give a quick swirl around his hole, then he felt it burrow inside of him. He moaned loudly, his fists banging the bed, as the Chris’ tongue dove deep into his trembling body. He felt it fill his hole, fill the tunnel inside, pushing the silky lining wider. He felt it lick up and around, all inside of his body. The pleasure was immense, and so intense that he could feel himself losing it.

Never had he felt like this, so out of control, so aroused. The pain in his groin was only growing, the beat of his heart was like a jet engine refusing to be held back. The blood was rushing from everywhere, towards his groin, as Chris’ tongue licked and swirled around inside.

The tip would poke one way, then another, as he felt the press of Chris’ face into his buttocks. The fingers were pulling back, harder as they tried to open him even more, to let more of Chris’ tongue push inside. Barney could feel the muscles on the back of his thighs tighten, quiver as they grew taut.

His eyes flickered open, but all he could see was exploding lights across the entire room. Long flashes of red, of blue, streaked across as he felt the tongue digging into his body, felt his body pushing down onto it, wanting to feel more of it penetrate his insides. His hands held onto the bed cover, gripping it as the waves of pleasure seemed to roll through him, in endless wave after wave.

Barney knew he couldn’t hold out, it was beyond his ability to control, as he felt his balls push up then fall back down, as the hot cream inside was about to be released. He cried out ‘I am cumming, God I am gonna cum’ that seemed like a cannon shot into the room. His whole body began to spasm, his buttocks pushed down hard, then was starting to arch upwards, when he felt the face move from his body.

A hand reached around, as his legs were suddenly free to fall to either side of the body still between them. He felt the tight hold over his cock, as his body arched up to where only his shoulder blades were pressing down into the mattress. As he cried out, he felt the head of his cock suddenly become wrapped in a strange warmth and wetness. He couldn’t make it out, as his body suddenly shook uncontrollably.

His voice was groaning loudly, the room echoed and echoed to his groans, as his body was suddenly totally out of his control. His toes curled, and even the hair on his head seemed to ache, as he felt the rolling explosion from his groin. Every nerve was suddenly sending signals to his mind, which was reeling. The ache in his belly grew, the eyes began to flutter and grow dim, as he felt the blood rushing from everywhere.

He heard himself scream, heard his strangled cry of release, as his cock reared back then was shooting forward, as if to pull free form his body. He felt the sticky cream racing through the hot tube of his dick, felt it suddenly fly outwards, but he didn’t hear it. Instead he heard a gagging sound, a strange gurgle as his body continued to shudder, quiver uncontrollably.

Barney felt himself falling, then just as his buttocks touched the mattress, the second wave was on him. His hips had sunk back, now arched upwards in a sudden rush. As he cried ‘oh God’ for the umpteenth time in a few seconds, he felt the sticky cum sliding down his throbbing cock, wondering at how it could be possible.

His mind continued to try and process all the tingles and jolts, that made his whole body shake. His toes were hurting, from being curled up, and his hands hurt from pounding the bed, as his body released more of his precious milk. He felt the emptiness in his balls, felt the veins around his cock tighten around his quivering pole.

He heard the coughing sound, felt his body shake, as his eyes managed to peer through the fading flashes of lights. The brightness of the room made his eyes narrow, made his eyelids close and open rapidly, as he tried to peer through it all. As he felt the last spasm ease, his eyes fastened onto the shimmering shape of Chris, who was now looming over him. Barney saw he had moved, that he was leaning over his crotch, and he saw a strange whiteness around his lips, and his chin. He stared at him, seeing at how his chest was heaving, as much as Barney’s own chest.

As their eyes locked, he saw the look of satisfaction in Chris’ eyes, realizing that the drying white stuff on Chris’ face, was his own cum. He could see some on the forehead, some by a cheek next to a still flaring nostril, realizing that he had begun to cum before Chris could get his mouth over Barney’s dick.

Barney watched, as Chris moved off and around Barney’s legs, to lay next to his side. His body was still shaking, as was Barney’s, as he rested one hand on the trembling belly. His face looked up and over at Barney, the eyes seeming to ask him if everything was okay. As much as he wanted to speak, he didn’t have the strength, as he smiled back instead, his own hand now resting on top of Chris’ hand.

Chris seemed to understand, as he let his head fall down, to rest on top of Barney’s breast. The hair was just under his nostrils, and he could smell a faint aroma of shampoo, as well as the pungent odor of sweat mingled with his cum. He sighed, as he let his arm wrap around the young man’s body, bringing him in closer.

The idea of hamburger for lunch, was long forgotten, as he lay there, enjoying the warmth from Chris’ naked body leaning up against his own. He felt satisfied, and hungry, but not for food, but for Chris. His body gave one last twitch, as the idea of him & Chris, seemed to take hold, deep down inside of him.

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