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Remembering (Epilogue)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved


Trent stared out the big bay window of the front room. He could see the horizon, see the orchard fields below. He sighed, as he felt the warm air blowing into the room from the opened front door. He turned his face, to look at the front stoop, to see the man slowly making his way down the ramp, towards the front roadway.

He felt a small twinge in his heart, as he saw how he moved so slowly, the pain of his injuries showing across his face, as he began to make his way towards the front gate. The mail sign was up, and there was no denying him. For several days now, Rob had made this journey, accepting the pain it gave him, refusing to let Trent go.

It was his choice, his decision and Trent wasn’t about to argue. He could see the determination on his friends face, knowing how much it cost him, knowing too that even now, several years after his injuries in Iraq, the pain was never gone. Well that wasn’t entirely true, least in his mind.

There were moments when it seemed like Rob had no pain, nor did he either. He had suffered no injuries, no scars covered his body as they did Rob’s, though his scars were within. He still could hear the General’s words, the scathing remarks, and his own equally harsh retorts.

It was a long time back now, but they still hurt. Yet, one day soon, he knew he’d let them go, forget them as they deserved to be forgotten, but not just yet. He may have aged in years, but in looks he had seemed to just get younger. He kept blaming Rob for that, because they were finally together, finally accepting of the love that they shared.

Moving to this valley had been hard, had cost him every penny he had saved, begged, or borrowed, but then too, Rob had done the same. Yet for him it had been hard, because Rob needed so much, even though he rarely asked for anything. Then that was Rob, he never did complain, and so they had bought this small little orchard in California.

He had expected some troubles, specially if the neighbouring people found out about him and Rob, which they were bound to do. After all, his Court Martial wasn’t exactly a well kept secret. Nor was Rob’s either, which had really hit the wires like a ton of bricks. It was bigger than if the Titanic had been sunk, all over again.

Still he had been surprised by how welcomed he & Rob had been. Oh there were a couple who grumbled, and who would never have him or Rob on their guest list, but then again, he wouldn’t have them on his. For the most part, the folks in the valley accepted them both, and while it had been a bit strained at the start, things had gotten a lot easier over the few years they had lived there.

Many had watched at how determined Rob had been. He didn’t act like any cripple they had ever seen, and while no one expected much, they soon came to realize that Rob was a force to reckon with. While the Doctors had said he’d never walk again, that the rest of his life would be confined to a wheelchair, Rob didn’t accept it.

And there he was, outside on his own two feet. Granted, he wouldn’t win any marathons, but he was lurching ahead, on his own. No wheelchair was in sight, just a pair of canes now. The crutches had disappeared six months ago, and Rob had vowed that the canes too would disappear. Trent believed him too, even if the Doctors were still a bit sceptical. But then, they didn’t understand the man, or his character.

Trent was just realizing it, himself, as he watched his friend slowly making his way down the hill, towards the gate. The small red flag of the mailbox up, showing they had mail. Rob was certain that today it would be there, that this was the day.

He smiled, realizing that he too was just as anxious. It was rather special, and frankly, he never thought he’d see this day come. Certainly not as a teenager, nor even after he had his first sexual experience, back on his eighteenth birthday, had he ever thought this day would come.

Looking back on his life, on his time both with and away, from Rob, he had to admit. The sex had been something else, specially that first time, but in all honesty, the sex lately, had been more than just a release. He couldn’t really explain it, it wasn’t like they had a lot of options either.

Rob had come back damaged, yet despite all that, the sex seemed to be as good, if not more enjoyable. Sure, they were limited, at first, and Rob liked to joke that it was the sex that was making him push himself, so that he could really get off. Course, Trent knew that each time they became physical, it was a hard choice for Rob. The pain, in moving, was real. It was a constant reminder of his service in Iraq, a constant reminder of his personal sacrifice.

Just trying to move his legs at times, to spread them apart, caused him pain. Certainly at the beginning of their living together, yet Rob never complained. In fact, he kept instigating it, wanting it, even though he had to have felt more pain than pleasure. Still, that was Rob, and who was he, to deny him that?

They had talked about it, even with the Doctors. That was a discussion he wouldn’t forget. Looking out at Rob now, he remembered how he had been sitting with the Specialist, when Rob out of the blue asked him when it would be okay for him to have anal sex. He had almost fallen off his chair, and the look on the Doctor’s face was priceless.

Still Rob hadn’t let him off the hook, despite his unwillingness to get into the details. Rob on the other hand, well he wanted to know if certain positions would cause harm, to his recovery. The Doctor was as white as a ghost, and given that he was an African American, that was one hell of a feat. Still, Rob had persisted, and when he got his answer that in all honesty the Doctor couldn’t say that it would cause any added damage, Rob had simply turned to Trent, and smiled.

Course he had also blurted out that Trent could pick up the Condoms on the way home, which had made him have a pretty bad coughing fit. The Doctor on the other hand, had glanced away, but you could see his own surprise.

Then that too, was Rob. As he had said afterwards, why should he feel ashamed of how he liked sex? It was a natural physical function, and as long as he wasn’t going to cause any more damage to his already damaged body, he was damned if he would pass on trying. Plus, as he pointed out, he had some new memories to try and make, which had ended any objections Trent had.

Thinking now of it, of coming back to their small little apartment, at that time. He was rather amazed at just how good of a memory that first time had been. Maybe it had been all the talk, the touching to position Rob, but he had to admit, it had been a memorable night of passion. One that certainly had rivalled their first experiences, when they had been eighteen, out camping.

Staring at his friend now, he realized just how special their moments had become. It was those earlier memories, that had brought them together, had brought them to this very point in their lives. Sex for him, had always been more of a physical thing. Least when it had involved other men, not Rob. Yet those times with Rob, before now, before his war wounds, had always been more than just a physical release. Course he hadn’t seen it that way, then. He sure as hell did now, as a smile crossed his weathered face.

Being an Officer, being in charge of other people’s lives, had taken its toll on him, but the news of his friends wounds, had sent him over the top. He had known, virtually the instant he had heard, that he couldn’t do it anymore, that he couldn’t handle that kind of responsibility. He also didn’t know how he’d handle life, if Rob wasn’t somehow a part of it.

Fortunately the Doctors then, had been wrong, and it seemed since too. Rob had made progress, but the physical act of sex, was vastly different. Trent realized that despite his advanced years, he looked forward to their intimate moments. He yearned for them too, like the time when Rob had been hospitalized, for complications.

God, how he had imagined the worse. How he had thought that somehow their sex had been the cause of it all, though it hadn’t been. Still it hadn’t prevented him from thinking of it, from vowing he would not press it. Yet, seeing Rob in that bed, again, had made him realize just how connected they had become.

That first hospital night, when he was still running a high fever, and under some powerful sedatives, how he had looked up at Trent, winked, and asked him to rub his itch. Trent had almost split a gut, because he knew exactly what itch Rob had wanted scratched. The guy was more of a sex pig, than he had ever thought one man could be.

What had made it so funny, was that the male orderly was in the room, and offered to scratch whatever was irritating Rob. Fact that he was rather cute, and had been the subject of an early discussion on how Rob wouldn’t mind a nice sponge bath from him, only added to the moment. And in typical Rob fashion, he had merely looked at the orderly, and told him that only his hubby could scratch that particular itch.

The guy’s face had been a study in changing seasons. From concern, to consternation, to sudden realization, to embarrassment. He was a nice guy, but you could see how his face dropped when it dawned on him exactly what Rob had been asking for. He had stared at him, then over at Trent, his lips quivering, his eyes fluttering, as he tried to figure out what to say, if anything.

He opted for nothing, and quickly left the room, with Rob trying to lift himself up, to stare at his butt as he swished out of the room. It was those moments, that really made what they had special. While Rob’s mouth was certainly getting them more notoriety than Trent was comfortable with, it really didn’t matter at the end of the day.

When they would lay together, side by side, and Trent would have to undress Rob. How they would talk about the day, about those little moments when the straight world had been turned upside down by a crippled queer. How he enjoyed his moments of watching their faces, at how their mouths would tremble, trying to say something, without being offensive.

At the very beginning, after Rob had been evacuated to Germany, for better care, Trent had thought it was simply his way of getting back. He had been surprised at how often Rob would let people know about who he was, about his homosexuality. It bothered him, because while the cat was out of the bag for him, too, he didn’t think it right to flaunt it.

Yet when he had casually mentioned it to Rob, it was what had set off their first real disagreement. Hell, it had been a knock em out, drag em down, battle royal actually. Oh, he could smile now, but back then, he didn’t see any humor in it. He had even wondered why he had thrown his whole military career away, on someone like Rob, but finally the shouting grew to a distant roar, and he began to actually listen to the words.

That discussion had been one for the books. The way Rob’s face had twisted in anger, his too. Never before had he felt such anger, such disgust too. There were things he had said that he instantly had regretted, but Rob wouldn’t let him off the hook either. He had pursued it, like a dog with a bone in its jaws. No way was he going to let it go, and now, well now Trent understood it better.

Course, when Rob had said he damn well needed to know where Trent stood on it, given how he was planning to spend his entire life with him, well it changed the whole argument. It also made him realize that in many ways, Rob had planned it that way. He was a calculating son of a bitch, at times, but then, maybe that was why so many respected him. He saw not just the next hill, but beyond the whole range of hills.

He knew that it would be hard for Trent, not the gay stuff, but what if Rob’s determination to walk again, didn’t work out? Could Trent handle that, could their relationship handle that? In some ways, the whole being gay thing, wasn’t what they fought about, but the feelings of guilt, of fear too.

Just like back when he had been eighteen, unwilling to admit he liked guys, that he wanted dick not pussy. Now it was the same, in many ways. Was he really willing to spend to his remaining years looking after a cripple? Was he prepared to have his sex life limited by braces, by broken limbs?

Yet each time he had thought about it, he too had wondered, but the memories, they were just too much, too overpowering. Still, Rob knew that too, making sure that Trent did, as well. It was all part of the whole transition, from military life, to one of domestic bliss, as Rob put it. Only thing was, domestic bliss had its pitfalls, its battlefields too.

At first he didn’t think he could handle it, making his private life, public. Yet with Rob, it was like, it didn’t matter, because he had him to come home to, to be with. Strange, because he had never felt so alive, as when around Rob. Specially after the trial, after what had been described as a brilliant military career had come to a close.

None of it matter, and yet sitting alone in that dingy apartment, after the final gavel of the Courts Martial, after the rendered judgement of his peers, it didn’t seem to matter. He had Rob, and Rob him.

They had lain on the bed, the hot stuffiness of the room making the shirts stick to their skin, when Rob had looked up at him, and just smiled. It was like the future didn’t seem so dark, so ominous. It was as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders, as Rob pulled himself up on the bed, so his back lay against the headboard.

What if it doesn’t get any better than this? Can you handle it Trent?

He had seen the look, seen the way he was being given a way out. Trent knew that look, had seen it many times, when he had even grabbed at it. As he studied his friend, and his friend him, he saw it all flash before him. The tent, the way the sleeping bags had been laid out for them both.

But there wasn’t any eighteen year olds spread out on them. Instead there was a wheelchair to one side, metal crutches next to it, and shiny metal braces on the seat of the wheelchair. He could see two old men, hair white for the most part, where there was any hair. It was them both, but not in the past, but the future.

He had shaken his head, to clear the image, but it persisted, as he realized that his mind was transporting him to what it might be, if things didn’t get better, if Rob didn’t manage to confound the Doctors.

It scared him, to peer into the possible future. Here he was, discharged, unsure what he would be doing at his age, with a cripple to care for. Maybe that was harsh, but it was the truth, and one thing he knew, the truth never stayed hidden for long. Could he cope? Could he manage the rest of his life, looking after someone who couldn’t look after themselves?

Not the sex, because that was what it would be, but the rest of it. The having to help him to the bathroom, and afterwards. The having to bathe him, to clean him up, because he couldn’t do it for himself. Could he spend the rest of his life, dealing with that, as well as all the rest? The medical bills, the medical crisis that would surely follow as they both grew older, could he deal with that, and still love him?

Looking at the vision, of what might be, he wondered if he could, and he felt a cold chill in his heart, despite the warmth of the small room. Despite his shirt being sticky with his sweat, he felt a coldness in his heart, as his eyes looked downwards, and across the room. There was the wheelchair, dark and forbidding, the crutches off to the side. Just as in his vision, but they looked dark, forbidding, as he turned his eyes back to his friend.

Already he had made sacrifices, to be with him. He had outed himself, had thrown his entire career away, and for what? Damaged Goods? That was what some would think, would believe, and yet, did he believe that? Was Rob damaged?

Sure, he had no feeling in his legs, his arms were barely strong enough to pull himself up into a sitting position, and while he had managed to wheel the chair for a little distance, he still couldn’t get around with being pushed. He might make it to the bathroom, but that exhausted him, least then it did.

The sun shone off some stones, blinding him for a minute, as he saw the struggling figure of the man, making his way down the road towards the gate. Yes, now he could walk, now he could manage a lot more than just wheeling himself to the edge of a bathroom 40 or so feet away.

Back then, they didn’t know what lay ahead. Back then, Trent had no idea what Rob could manage, or not. Neither did Rob, and the question had to be asked, the way out had to be given. He could see that now, see it then too. He knew Rob was just as frightened, but he was thinking of Trent, when he had asked.

Trent hadn’t answered Rob, instead he had simply stood up, and took off his sweat soaked shirt, tossing it aside, while unbuckling his belt and throwing his clothes off. His eyes had never left Rob’s, which seemed to grow wider with each discarded piece of Trent’s clothing.

He stood there, stark naked, as he stared at his friend. It was like yesterday, as he watched his friend make it to the gate now. His body had tingled, as he had stood there, seeing the way Rob’s face looked at him. Seeing how his eyes sparkled, as he moved slowly towards him. Rob had licked his lips, as Trent moved around the bed, to stand beside him.

The way his face looked up at him, as he towered over him. How he flinched, as he reached out with his hand, to tussle his hair, to run the back of his hand down his friend’s face. He could see it all now, as if he was there. How hot his cheeks felt, how flushed he was, as he let his hand move down, as he sat on the edge of the bed.

There was no mistaking the fear that existed either. Yet he seemed unwilling to let it stop him, as his hand moved down his friends face, to rest lightly on his chest, near one side of him. He could feel the irregular beat of the heart, feel him sucking in air, afraid to let it out, until forced to. The way his whole body seemed to be on edge, as if wound up tight, beyond its ability, ready to explode. Trent felt it all, as his hand rested there, as they looked at each other.

Yes the vision of the camping trip had been altered. There was a wheelchair, but it was still the same tent, still the same sleeping bags. So there was some added stuff, it didn’t change how he had felt that time when they were just eighteen, it hadn’t changed how excited he felt, being touched by Rob, or by him touching Rob.

Nothing was really different. Sure, time had marched on, things had changed, but so? They were still the same, older, more experienced, had more to share, so what if Rob couldn’t run a marathon anymore? So what if he needed Trent to shift his legs, to lay them out? It was still him, still the same man inside, and wasn’t that what had made him fall for him, in the first place?

He had let his hand move downwards, to run across Rob’s crotch, as he thought about it all, as he thought about how he had always liked Rob, how before that birthday party, he had been attracted to him. It wasn’t his good looks, wasn’t his lock of hair that he would wipe away, or how his basket would bulge at times.

It was how he felt after they talked, how he would lay next to him, on those sleep overs, and just be there. It wasn’t his dick, or his ass, it was him. It was how it felt to have his warm breath blow across his chest, or his face. It was how he felt each time he looked at him with those eyes, always sparkling.

That is what made him want him, made him dream of him when they were apart. It was how he was always watching Trent’s back, without it seeming like he was. His hand had stopped over Rob’s groin, and he began to unbuckle his pants, to let his hand slide underneath, as his eyes stared deeply into those of Rob. He could feel him, not just his hard penis, but the man himself.

It had made him shudder then, and it did again now. He felt the rolling tremor inside, just as he had back then, as he told him, in his own way, that it didn’t matter. The fear he had, seemed gone the instant his hand touched Rob’s penis. The very instant he felt his warm body, felt his heart beating, he knew he could manage whatever the future would hurl at them both.

If Rob never walked, if this was indeed as good as it got, he’d manage. It wasn’t some form of penance either, because he didn’t see it as an obligation. Just as then, he felt the excitement inside, felt the tingling as he undid the pants some more, as he pushed them open.

He breathed in deeply then, smelling his scent, his aroma. Just as then, he could smell it now, feel it waft around his nostrils, float deep down into his nasal passage to make his heart quiver with the excitement. Just as then, Trent could feel it all over again.

How good it had felt to touch him, to let his hand move down, and push the shorts down, so that Rob’s penis stuck up, fully aroused. His legs might not work, but that third leg had no trouble standing up. How it had felt, had trembled to his light touch. Trent could feel it throb, through the tips of his fingers, as he let them move up and down the hard pole. His eyes could see the little flickers inside of Rob’s eyes, as his fingers moved up and down, then around the head.

His eyes never left Rob’s, as his fingers seemed to know where to move, how to move, no matter in which way Rob’s cock jerked, or moved to his touch. It all seemed like they were connected in ways, that were impossible to be, but he felt it then, felt it now, and yes, he had felt it ever since. They were connected.

His body shook, just as it did that time too. Trent could feel the way his legs grew stiff, how his heart began to race, as his fingers just moved across the throbbing pole, at how they sensed the blood pumping through the organ, feeling every drop as it rushed past. It didn’t make sense, but he could feel each drop, feel its warmth, its very essence, and he could see it too, see it in Rob’s eyes.

The way he looked, how when his heart skipped a beat, he could see that too, see the chest rising and falling as his breathe became labored, became shallow, as his body reacted to his simple touch. Trent could hear his questions to, his constant question of if he was sure, if he was certain.

Yet as he heard the question being asked, his body was responding, telling him yes, soothing his frightened nerves, with reassurances, that no words could ever give. How calm he had felt, as his fingers moved down the hard pole, to circle the shaft, to feel its power, as it shook to his touch. How at ease he felt, as his body gave Rob the answer he wanted, the answer he needed to hear.

Closing his eyes, he could see it all again. See how the vision of the tent, switched from two old men laying on the sleeping bag, to two eighteen year olds, exhausted by the night’s passion. He smiled, as he felt his groin stir, as he felt Rob’s cum spurting through his fingers.

How neither of them seemed surprised either, as they just stared at each other, as Rob’s body shook, as his milk flowed. How he felt his own body shake, felt his own heart quicken, as it felt the hot jizz flow past his fingers. It was as good as if they had been having intercourse. The moment was right, for just what they had done.

How Rob’s chest had heaved, how his eyes had shone, as the last of his milk dribbled out. The way he had looked at him, had felt the calm entering his friend’s body, and mind. They never did speak about the ‘what if’ again, they simply didn’t need to. They had answered the question, the only way they could, with deeds, not words.

Trent heard his name, and he shook his head, to stare out at the front. There was Rob, at the mailbox, and he was waving the envelope. He smiled, as he left his post, to head outside. The blast of hot air assailed him, but he didn’t care as he jogged down the path, to his friend. Trent could see his eyes sparkling, see how his body seemed a bit more erect, a bit stronger.

Coming to stand in front of him, he saw the State Seal on the envelope. He smiled, as he held Rob’s hand, as he ripped it open, to pull it out. He saw the fancy writing, saw it all as Rob turned from looking at the certificate to look up at him. The canes were in one hand, suddenly fell to the ground, as Rob just looked at Trent.

It’s official now

Trent felt the tears at the corner of his eyes, as he saw the small grin on his friend’s face. It was like being eighteen again, as he leaned forward, and pushed the hand holding the certificate to one side. With his other hand, he lifted up his friend’s face, and stared into it.

Was there any doubt?

As he said it, he leaned forward and kissed Rob fully on the mouth. A car whizzed past, honking as it did, but he barely heard it above the roar of his heart. He felt Rob’s body pulse, felt it shake, as they held each other, tasting each other. The tent, the crackling fire, all of it was there, parading past them, as they clung to each other, feeling the satisfaction of having reached this moment, together.

The license lay between them, clenched in both of their hands, as they broke apart, and looked into each other’s eyes, for the millionth time. It felt right, now, just as it had back then, so many years ago. Rob smiled, as he held onto Trent. His body swayed, but he reached up, and wiped away that rebellious lock of hair, grinning as he did, recognizing the glint in Trent’s face.

We’re legal now

He couldn’t help but grin, at seeing the joy in Rob’s face. Deep down inside, he knew he too was just as happy, just as excited. At long last, part of their struggle was over, part of their pain was now gone.

You Non Coms, we have always been legal.

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Remembering (4)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (4)

Funny, and sad too, at how hearing of a tragedy, of finding out someone you cared for, knew, had been hurt, could change your whole life. From the instant that Trent had learned of Rob’s injuries, of his wounds, how his whole life suddenly became less complicated, yet more involved. He never thought that anything could alter his path, could stand in the way of his dreams.

Yet here he was, nearing the twilight of his career, his goal well in sight, yet that was all tossed away, the instant he had heard the name listed on a causality list. He shouldn’t have been, he should have been used to it. After all, being a Soldier, you know that death of those you knew, wounds to those you shared a beer with, shared your soul with, was very possible. You didn’t dwell on it, but you knew each time you went out with your comrades, that there could be times when they wouldn’t be there to join you, that they had fallen.

So why did learning about Rob change all that?

Okay sure, they had known each other since childhood, but he had seen brothers join up, one get wounded, and it didn’t effect them half as much as this did. It wasn’t logical, wasn’t rationale, or maybe it was? Maybe he had closed himself off for too long? Had he really not known, or had he just lied to himself, along with everyone else?

Clasping Rob’s hand into his own, he stared off into space remembering how it had felt that night. How he had tasted his first jizz, yet how it made him only want more. It was like he had been set free, from some sort of cage that he had been ignoring. Now once more, he was being set free, and like then, it was Rob who was giving him his freedom.

Bit ironical that, as here he was a soldier whose job it was to defend freedom, to protect the rights of his fellow citizens, but he hadn’t been able to protect his own rights, his own freedoms. Somehow he knew that things moved the way they did, for some reason, he just wished he could know what it was for, what it all meant.

Looking down, seeing the sparkle in Rob’s eyes, seeing how his face was a bit more relaxed, he knew that he too was remembering, that he too was back at that campsite. Strange how the mind could block things, then suddenly wham, the whole blocked things were right there. It was almost as if he could reach out, to touch the young men in the memory flashback. It was like he was some voyeur, lurking in the woods, watching it all unfold.

He felt the hitch in his heart, as he realized how much that night actually did mean to him. Not just that he had tasted his first cum, or had his first blow job, but at how Rob had never pushed it. It all was so natural, so unrehearsed. Like how he had been totally spent, exhausted to a point he had never felt before.

The way his eyes had closed, the cum still on his lips, still sticking to his chin. Yet he had fallen asleep, and it had been a deep sleep too. How long he never knew, but he could see it now, see himself feeling something, while he was asleep. Not someone touching him, but sort of a sense, that he wasn’t alone, that his time for rest was over.

It had been odd, to suddenly open your eyes, and be staring up the open stars. Their tent had one of those mesh tops, that when open, let the stars shine inside. How beautiful they had looked too, and how he had snuggled down a bit, just staring up at the wonder of Mother Nature. The way some would glimmer, others just shine. It made him sigh, and it also made him realize he wasn’t alone, or the only one awake.

Turning his head to one side, there he was. Rob was propped up on one elbow, just looking at him. Like he was now, he noticed. It had given him goose bumps then, did now too, as he saw something odd in those eyes. It wasn’t fear, wasn’t rejection, but was something soft looking, almost warming really.

Trent could feel it now, as his eyes glanced over at Rob. It was the same now, as then. He felt his presence inside, felt his inner most thoughts, as he had then. Only thing was, then he didn’t understand them, now he seemed to get their meaning, get their message.

He could taste his friend’s cum still, and it made his body tingle. Trent felt the nerves inside, felt his muscles stretching and tightening, as he stared back at Rob’s face. The way the eyes peered at him, with such tenderness, such desire, made him grin, then and now. It was like somehow, all that happened earlier was just a prelude, a test. And he had pasted the test, or so it felt.

Rob’s hand came out, and rested lightly on his arm. How the eyes seemed to come alive, even more, as the hand moved up, and the back of it just ran across his cheek, lightly caressing him. How good it had felt too, as he had leaned over, to kiss it, as it moved along the side of his face.

How that little peck, seemed to bring his whole body to life. How the sleep was suddenly gone from his eyes, from his entire body. It was like a switch being turned on, as he lifted himself up, onto one arm, like Rob. How he too reached out, to run his hand over the soft gentle face next to him. Damn it had made him quiver, just as the idea did now. He felt the tremors inside, as his hand moved lightly over Rob’s face, down his bare chest, to curl with some of his body hairs. To touch them, to feel them wind around his fingers.

His eyes roamed over Rob’s body too, just as his hand did. He could see the way the chest heaved a bit, to his touch. How good that sight made him feel, knowing his own chest was doing the same. It was like they were in perfect sync, at how his eyes moved down, still amazed at the beauty of being next to Rob’s naked body.

The way his eyes had widened when they stared at Rob’s crotch, seeing his fully aroused cock. He hadn’t expected that, not after all they had already done, but there it was, once more filled with blood, gorged to the point of looking like it would explode. How he felt too, he remembered. It was as if seeing that hard cock validated everything about him. It had made him feel like this wasn’t some pity date, some obligation, but was being done out of desire, out of Rob’s own need to be with him.

It made him feel special, in a way he had never experienced before, yet he knew it was a way he wished he could always feel. To see the veins pulsing, to see the cock head fully gorged with blood, only made his own body tingle more. A quick glance down told him that he too was fully erect, again a surprise for him.

As the scene passed before his eyes, he could feel the change in his heart, the change in his breathing as they lay there, touching each other. How he felt the ache in his chest, as the hand moved down, towards his erect penis. How good it felt to have him touch him, again. How Rob was reacting the same way, to his touch.

Trent could feel every tingle, every shiver that raced up his spine then. He could fell it all over again, as his eyes fluttered, as his breathing became softer, his chest aching all over again. His stomach rumbled, the cheeks clenched tighter, as his mind flashed it all before him again. It was in living color, which made him smile as he thought about it.

To see the soft shadows of darkness, as the lantern flickered in the tent. As the stars shone down from above, all were recorded, replayed as they had been first witnessed. How Rob had moved closer, his own body shuffling closer, until they were skin to skin. How hot it all felt, how sticky and exciting too.

He remembered it all, how his body leaned into Rob’s, how Rob leaned back, how his hand moved over his side, to grasp at his back. The way the fingers moved up his spine, then down to just above his ass. How they lay there, hesitant, then slowly how the whole hand moved down, to grab hold of his firm cheeks, and pull Trent into his body even closer.

Trent sighed, as he felt that squeeze, the pressure of Rob’s hand on his cheek, of his cock pressing into Rob’s thigh, of how it felt to feel Rob’s own hard dick poking at his belly. It was all there again, as his eyes fluttered, as the beat beside his heart began to pound, began to increase its tempo.

How his blood flowed that night, how his head was so light headed, yet it hadn’t missed a single instant of action. Nothing was left out, as he leaned back in the cold metal chair. Trent was feeling it all again, as his body relaxed, as he watched the two young bodies pushing and being pulled by the other. Damn it had been so hot, so arousing.

He could see how Rob began to push more, to lean harder against him, giving a sense of urgency. God it had felt good then, and now too. His whole body quivered, as he recalled how Rob pushed, then slowly gained the upper hand. His firm young body now nestled nearly on top of Trent, and suddenly it all grew quiet.

The night noises seemed muted, distant, and even the sound of the river passing by seemed hushed. His eyes saw the looming face, and Rob’s eyes peering down into his. He could see them flash, seem them widen, as they just looked deep into his own.

He had felt that thrill then, how suddenly every nerve inside his body was screaming for more, was begging even. He could feel it again, feel the moisture near his hole, feel the dripping of his cock, as his pre cum oozed out. Every nerve, every muscle, seemed to be pleading with the soft eyes. It was as if Rob could read his body, read its desire long before Trent’s own mind could.

Until now, he never realized how excited that moment had been. How hot his body had grown, as if it was near the melting point as Rob stared into Trent’s face so many years ago. Looking down now, he saw those eyes, the pain gone for the moment. All he could see was what he had seen then, as his body quivered.

It was like he was being asked, all over again, and just like then, he was agreeing. It was odd, no one had really said a word, not before, not at any time, and yet it was like they had spoken volumes. He knew it would hurt, yet knew too, that Rob would not push beyond what he could handle. No words, just a simple understanding, heart to heart. He shivered now, as he remembered how his chest had heaved, as Rob had leaned over and fumbled with something over his head.

Then the hand came back down, and Trent could see the condom in his hand. How tiny it looked, how fragile too as he feared disease and illness more than ridicule. Yet looking at it in Rob’s hand, he felt suddenly safe, suddenly at ease.

He knew little about them, how to put them on or anything, but he didn’t have to as he watched Rob rip the package open in one single tear. It was held tightly between his teeth, as he ripped it open, and Trent stared at it, wondering what it would be like. Sure he had seen them, but not this way.

His buttocks seemed to be throbbing as his eyes stared wide eyed at the ripped open package. Had he damaged the thin plastic inside? How much would it hurt to have it going into his body, over Rob’s cock? Worse, would it stay on, or would it stay inside?

All of those strange thoughts had come to him, back then. He smiled now, as did the man resting in the hospital bed. It had been the truth, back then. Yet thinking of it now, he felt a bit foolish, then realized it was nothing abnormal. It was how kids were, even if they were eighteen or not. Inexperience, always was filled with fears, with unjustified concerns.

Still back then, he had wondered as he watched Rob take the thin little disc out, to sort of show it off. In a way he had thought it reminded him of some Warrior, showing off his badges, before entering the ring of battle. Like a shield, being pounded with the hilt of a sword. Odd, that later on they would be real warriors, but then, then it was about their bodies needs.

Rob may have been the older of the two, certainly the more experienced, but you could still see the nervousness, the hesitancy in his face, as he slowly took the disc down, to place it over his cock. He had moved, to straddle Trent’s shaking body, his cock sticking up just over Trent’s belly. How his eyes had stared down his body, to that amazing sight.

His hand shook, as he placed the condom over the head of his cock, then once more his eyes were glancing upwards, staring deeply into Trent’s. He could hear him asking, hear his mind calling to him, to make sure it was what he wanted. He could hear his own answering cries, strangled in fear, but defiant none the less.

The beat of his heart, the way his chest moved, all gave Rob his answer then, as it did now. Looking down at Rob this time, he saw a tear by his eye, rolling down the cheek, as he too remembered that glance, that final look before he unrolled the condom.

He saw how Rob moved down his body, to squat between his legs, and how he had pushed his legs apart. It was by instinct that he found his legs upraised, the flat of his feet against the warm insides of the sleeping bag. How his toes had curled into it, digging down past the bag, to take hold of the soft dirt beneath. How his knees looked, hitched upwards.

Trent remembered how he looked at his own knees, then across to Rob. How good he looked, squatting between them. How much Trent enjoyed seeing his head bent over, as he stared down at his crotch, unrolling the condom. It seemed like hours, but was only seconds. Yet he could remember seeing every inch disappear behind the opaque sheath that was unrolled down. How strange it looked, yet he could still see the bulging veins, still see them rise and fall as the blood was pushed through to keep Rob’s cock hard and hot.

The way the end of the condom pinched at Rob’s pubic hairs. At how so many were gathered around the unrolled end, had made him stare, then glance up into Rob’s face. The tiny lock of hair that always fell over his face, was being pushed away, and he could stare without hindrance, into his friend’s soul.

How that image had made him quiver, how it had made his cock jerk, as he felt himself spreading his legs even further apart. He wasn’t sure what to do next, but he felt the firm press of Rob’s hands on his thighs, and saw how he leaned backwards a bit.

His legs were suddenly being lifted upwards, and out of some unknown instinct, he was reaching for his ankles, to grab hold, and bring his legs further back. He felt the stretch of his muscles around his thighs, as he lifted the legs upwards, and as Rob’s body moved inwards.

The way Rob’s eyes widened, as they stared at his exposed buttocks. How they seemed to just sparkle, had made him groan, made his body ache in a way he had never felt before. How hard his cock felt, as Rob stared down at him, his own cock in one hand, as he leaned forward.

It truly was something special, though at the moment he hadn’t realized just how special. The approving look he had gotten, the wonder in those eyes, all were there to be seen, but he had been lost in the moment. Not now, now he could see it all, even better than when it had all happened. Better, he could even feel it too, as Rob had stared at his open legs, at his exposed butt. How he licked his lips, as he stared down at his crack, at the warm pinkness of the insides.

He saw it all now, felt it too as his hand tightened around Rob’s hand. There was some strength in Rob’s grip, that hadn’t been there before, and he looked down at his friend. It was like he had been, all those years ago. Full of life, uncaring of what the future held. How he had envied him them, and how he still envied him.

The way he looked so pleased at seeing Trent spread open, at how his eyes seemed to glaze over as he looked down between the cheeks. It was as if he could see inside, see where his dick would soon be. In a way he felt him already inside of him, the way his nerves and muscles felt. The way they seemed to quiver in anticipation of his coming.

The way his face screwed up, how the muscles inside seemed to tighten, as he leaned over, as he felt the hard muscle poking at his crack, at the fist that held it pushing up against his buttocks. Trent felt it all, again, as his mind kept the steady stream of details flowing. It was making him feel hot, all over again, despite the air conditioning of the hospital room.

Trent could feel the sweat dripping down his backside, trickling down his pant leg, as he watched Rob move closer, felt his hot breath against his stomach, then over his face. He saw that rebellious lock of hair, falling again, but it only added to the moment’s thrill. He could see his hand moving up, his leg muscles tightening to hold his leg up in the air, the press of Rob’s shoulder helping.

How his hand touched the lock of hair, how Rob shuddered to that little touch, how his lips grew tighter, how his eyes seemed like a 4th of July fireworks display was going on in front of them. How it all seemed to work, to fit. The stupid fears were all banished, as if some hand had simply come along and wiped them away, with a simple flick of the wrist.

His whole body was on edge, a good nervousness, as he felt the press between his upraised cheeks. How the hot pole seemed to slide down the valley of his cheeks, to rest at last against his tight hole. Rob’s face was above his own, his hand let go of the lock of hair, the back of it caressing the side of one facial cheek, feeling how flushed it was. He stared at the eyes, that looked down at him, and then he reached back to his ankle, grabbing hold of it, and trying to spread his legs even further. His buttocks moved up just a bit, the cock head suddenly was wedged tightly against the tiny muscles of his hole.

Trent could feel it now, feel the warmth, feel the love that surrounded him. He hadn’t known what it was then, afraid to understand it, but he knew it now. He embraced it too, as he felt the press, felt the suddenly strength of his insides, as they resisted, but not from fear, but from wanting to make it last, to make it take longer.

He saw Rob biting his lower lip, saw how his eyes flashed, as the moment came. He could feel it now, feel the sharp pain as it raced into his body, as the thick head began to push aside the resistance from his muscles. How hard it hurt, how the pain had made him cry out. The way Rob stopped, the pain still rolling up and down his body, the cock head barely inside. He hurt, was biting his own lower lip, and he looked up into Rob’s face.

There was no mistaking his concern, but his whole body seemed unwilling to give in, to accept that it couldn’t handle the moment. It urged Rob on, screamed at him to enter inside, to let his whole body be impaled on his cock. His soul cried out, begging to be united with Rob’s. He saw the eyes understand, saw the brow furl a bit, the nostrils flare as the pressure grew inside.

The cries were loud, his hands grew white at the knuckles as they held the ankles, as more of the cock head moved past his muscles. The pain felt like it would never end, that it would explode through his own head, but he held on, crying out for more, begging for Rob to penetrate him, all the way.

He felt the sudden release of his muscles, felt the sudden drive of the cock into his insides. He felt the soft lining inside stretch, as if it would shatter. The huge cock was inside, filling him up in a way he couldn’t believe. So many strange feelings were raging inside. The pain still was rolling up and down his body, but so was the pure pleasure that came with the full penetration. His mind was torn, between the various senses.

Breathing in deeply, he smelled that scent, that aroma of male testosterone, that always made his head swoon. He could smell it now, ten times more powerful than ever before. It made him sweat, made every hair on his body seem to stand up on end. He cried out, with pure happiness, as Rob’s cock filled his insides, as his smell assailed his nostrils, as Rob’s sweat dropped into the rivers of his own.

Trent could feel it now, feel the way his insides were stretched as the pole slid deeper into his very being. He could feel it throb, feel it quiver as it slung free of the tiny muscles that feebly attempted to deny its presence. He could feel the thrill inside, as another man entered his body. It was nothing like he had imagined, dreamed of. It was more, so much more that he could only fathom it all now. Back then, it was too overwhelming.

He knew he had cried out, knew that his whole body had shook, knew that his very core had been shaken, as Rob filled him. He could still feel the rolling waves that overwhelmed every one of his senses. His body shook, as the huge pole stopped, reversed course, making him groan, making him clench his cheeks to try and stop the retreating pole. He thought he’d die if it left, and that was when once more it stopped. Near the point of final retreat, but it didn’t. It held firm, gathered its strength, and came back with an even greater urgency, an even greater push.

No slow steady motion, it dove deep and hard, until he felt as if Rob’s whole groin was about to penetrate his tiny little hole. He could feel the bristles of the pubic hairs, feel them scratching at the insides of his cheeks, tickling the soft flesh around his hole. He cried out, arching his body, trying to take him all the way in, failing.

Several quick thrusts, in and out, then it just all slowed down once more. His hands were numb, his legs too, as he felt Rob’s weight keeping them in the air. His body was totally impaled on Rob’s cock, that seemed to grow thicker with each thrust. Not for a second did he feel like his body wasn’t being pushed to its limits. Each thrust in seemed to want to tear past his insides, to exit from his throat.

He could hear his panting breath, feel his cock jerking as it bounced from each driving blow into his body. His balls ached too, from the hard slap of Rob’s stomach that crushed into him with each penetrating thrust. His eyes were blurred from the rivers of sweat that poured from every pore in his forehead. His arms ached, as if they were about to be wrenched from their socket, as Rob just pounded into his willing body.

As he relived that moment, he realized that then he had thought that Rob had pounded him for hours, though inside he knew it had to be minutes only. Now, he could count each thrust, and was surprised to realize how few thrusts it took, before Rob had pulled out, ripping the condom off his cock, and leaning up against him, his cock a blur, as Rob stroked his cock with a wild furry.

He could see his own eyes widen, staring at the blurry mass of flesh in the midst of Rob’s fist, saw it suddenly grow still, saw the coming white stream from deep within the head. It was all there, before him once more, as Rob came, as his jizz was flying from the mottled purple head, that stuck out from between the clenched fist.

His insides were still enjoying the fullness that had been Rob’s cock, now it was there, in front of his very eyes, its off white cream flying out in a steady stream. He could feel it striking his body, his chin even. He felt his own body tremble, felt it shake, as each drop landed.

There were many sounds, as he heard his own lungs screaming for air. As his body shuddered, he could hear Rob’s cries, hear his cry of complete surrender, as his cum flowed like a raging river, to coat Trent’s body. He could see it all, once more, as he felt each deep shudder rolling through his body.

But that was then, as he looked down at his friend. It was then, in a time long gone, but one he would never forget. His hand held Rob’s, as he felt the pulse quicken, felt the draw of his eyes once more. He didn’t want to look, as he knew it was Rob trying to say goodbye, but he wasn’t ready for that. He knew it was coming, but as the eyes held him, as they were fixed to his downward hanging face, he knew he’d have to face it, to accept it.

Yet deep down inside, he didn’t want to, didn’t want the memories to end, just yet. There had been so much to that night, to that birthday present, that he wanted time to enjoy it, to relive it once more with the person who had given it to him. He had never thanked Rob, nor had they ever spoken about it, but it was part of their friendship, their bond.

With a heavy heart, he slowly allowed his head to lift up, to look at his weakened friend. He knew what he would see, but as his eyes finally lifted up, to look back, he felt the strange glow in his heart, felt a strange beat that was reminiscent of a time long ago. He felt the heaviness around his heart ease, as if someone was brushing it away, like so much dust.

Looking down at Rob, he saw the opened eyes, saw the thin pale lips that had once kissed him where no one had before. He could recall that touch, feel it now, as his friend smiled up at him. He could see he was trying to speak, and he leaned forward, still holding his hand.

Trent could see the lips moving, as he bent closer, to hear the raspy weakened voice, to hear a soft crackling sound, as Rob spoke to him.

You give up too easy, we got more memories to make.

His heart held steady, as he listened to the voice, as he heard the door to the room being flung opened. He saw the eyes and knew that the words were the truth. His body shook, as he leaned forward, letting go of the hand, to let it rest on the side of the pale face.

He looked down at him, his face tilted to one side. Trent could hear the huffing of a very angry man coming closer, but he didn’t care anymore. For the first time, he felt like he was his own man, free as a bird. He leaned closer, and lightly brushed his lips across those of his friend. He could hear the sudden gasp, the sudden stop of the rushing man that had burst into the room. Trent could hear it all, but inside, he could only hear his friend, hear his heart beating strong, next to his own.

Looking deep into Rob’s eyes, he spoke to him, hearing his answer, feeling his courage holding him steady, as he stood up from the metal chair, to turn and face his past. He felt so light, so free, that it was rather amazing, making him wonder why he hadn’t done this a long time ago. Of course he knew the answer to that, but at least it wasn’t too late.

As he turned fully, he let his hand fall to his side, to reach for Rob’s. He felt the fingers touch his, clasp his hand, as he stared at the mottled face of the General. He could see the ribbons, that used to always shine, always cast off a glare to those who stared at them. Yet now, they seemed rather lack lustre, rather tarnished really, as he felt the rush of excitement inside.

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Remembering (3)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (3)

Trent’s smile grew wider, as he too began to remember, to recall just how that night had gone from one high to an even greater high. How the whole night had been one strange progression of reaching one plateau, then climbing upwards to the next, each one higher, each one giving him an even greater view, better feeling than the one previous.

Leaning back, once again, Trent let his mind go back, to that night out with Rob, to that tent by the river. He could hear the river running now, hear the panting breath of both Rob and himself. How good it had all felt, the total exhaustion, the feeling of being spent. In his wildest dreams, Trent had never thought it would feel like that, that it would be like it had been.

He had stared down his body, seeing the patches of dried sweat, seeing the mop of blond hair resting on his belly. How sweet it looked, how right it all felt to him. He didn’t know why it had happened, but it had. That had made the day the best of his young life, or so he had felt then, not knowing that it would be a memory that would carry him through more than just that night.

How it had felt, watching his chest slowly rise and fall, as the lungs were once more filled, as feeling once more returned to his limbs. No one could put it into words, the feelings he was having, as one hand reached out, to play lightly with some of the strands of Rob’s hair. Even just touching them, seemed to let him relive those precious moments from just a few minutes earlier.

After a few more seconds, the blond hair moved, and the head turned to stare up at him. He could see the eyes glittering, like two tiny stars that had gone super nova. How brilliant they shone, how deep their warmth penetrated him, and he could feel it now, feel it as intensely as if it was then. He felt the tremors inside, all over again, as his body sunk deeper into the back of the cold metal chair.

Nothing could replace that feeling. Not the winning promotion to his current rank, not to getting a medal by the President himself, could make him feel any better, than that look had made him feel. How those eyes seemed to reach out, to touch his very soul, was still the most powerful feeling he had experienced. It was the high of his life, as he sat there, remembering how the blond head grinned up at him, at how the tongue licked the cum stained lips, tasting his milk a second time.

How it had made him feel so alive, so real. Then how the head had lifted up, how the body moved up along his, to rest once more, side by side. This time Rob’s arm lay across Trent’s chest, the fingers wrapped down and under his ribs. How they felt so close to him, how he felt the hot breath across his bare chest, nipple.

Never, in his dreams, his fantasies, had Trent ever thought it would be like this. It had never occurred to him, how deep the emotions were, or could be. Yet even as he lay there, strength slowly returning to his body, he could feel the desire growing too. He could feel the growing desire, specially the way Rob had looked at him. How his eyes seemed to be talking to him, telling him how good that had been, how good the rest would be.

They had moaned, groaned and he knew he had screamed a few times, but nary a word. Not one syllable had passed their lips that could be considered a word. Yet he felt as if they had spoken volumes, in a way he had never felt before. It was like each time he looked at Rob, or Rob at him, they could read each other’s mind. They could feel the thoughts inside their heads, understand the desires that run through their brains.

Maybe he wasn’t as good at it as Rob, but there was no mistaking how he just seemed to know, to understand exactly what Trent was thinking. Like now, as he glanced down, to see him looking up, to see him grinning as he moved his legs slightly, to show his hard cock. He had been thinking that, wondering what it would taste like, what it would feel like to have one in his own mouth, as Rob had just done for him.

He felt the excitement inside, as Rob spread his legs apart, showing off his groin. How beautiful the hard pole looked, as it stuck out from the light colored hairs that surrounded its thick base. He could see the thick head, how it seemed to be like a molten rock, waiting to be blown out from the top of an erupting volcano.

How just looking at it, he knew that he would be tasting it. That his thoughts were read, that his desire was also Rob’s desire. He couldn’t understand how, least not then, but he did now, as he felt the scene growing in front of him. He could see the lantern flickering, see the flames from their fire still flickering outside. How they looked against the tent walls, like dancing shadows that rose up and fell down, in strange erotic patterns, that only made him more excited. Like some strange aphrodisiac, the way the flames moved, adding to the whole night’s mood.

Trent’s desire to taste Rob’s cock was growing, but he didn’t know how to say it. Then as he looked back up, he realized he didn’t have to ask, as Rob just smiled, and slowly moved his body around, so his groin was now within reach of Trent’s upper body. At the same time, he rested his head on the lower thigh, his hand moving lightly across the small hairs of Trent’s leg.

Rob’s legs moved in closer, and he could smell him. That strange aroma of testosterone, of a man aroused, filled his nostrils, as he breathed it all in very deeply. He felt nervous, as he tried to think about it, but the sight of the hard cock, its smell, its closeness, banished the thoughts from his mind, His body was in charge, as he found his hand was already busy, lightly massaging the full thigh next to him. His eyes were fixed so intently on the cock, he hadn’t even noticed how he too had shifted his body, so he lay on one side.

His eyes closed tightly, his hand grasped the other firmly, as his mind took him back to that moment. He felt his body shift, felt himself leaning on his side, pressing down onto Rob’s prone body. The touch of his hands made him tingle, the press of their bodies made him tremble a bit, as he breathed in the intoxicating scent coming from Rob’s groin. He loved how it played with the tiny hairs in his nostrils, how it made them flare, how it made his heart once more begin to pound deep in his chest.

He breathed in deeply, as his hand moved up & along the thigh, to play with the small wiry pubic hairs. How each strand felt being run through his fingers, how he felt the tiny electric jolts, as the tips of his fingers brushed past the thick base of the throbbing pole. It made him groan, a soft rumbling sound, that seemed to go on forever.

Then he felt the jolt, the fire inside, as his hand moved over, to take hold of the throbbing pole. He felt his body shake, as his eyes opened, to stare at the winking eye of the cock, at the oozing white precum that was rolling down the rounded head. He felt like his mind was somehow detached from his body, as if it was floating above, as he watched his tongue come flicking out, taking the falling drop of precum on its tip, then bringing it back into his mouth, for him to taste.

It had a salty taste to it, one he was totally unaccustomed to, yet it had a sort of sweetness buried inside, that made it palatable. He felt his stomach gurgle, felt his tastebuds shrink back, then surge forward, wanting to taste it again, urging him to give them more.

He watched as his tongue flicked out again, tasting more of the precious fluid, then he saw how his hand tightened its grip around the pole. How his fingers were white at the knuckles as he held the throbbing pole in his fist. It made his body tremble even more, as he watched in amazement as he saw his head lowering itself. He could see his hair, how it hung down in a dishevelled mess around his neck, how it fell across one eye, how his other hand reached up and angrily pushed it out of the way.

Every movement was etched on his mind, like he had actually saw it happen, as his mouth slowly opened, while moving forward. How his tongue reared back, licking his lips hurriedly, as they came closer to the throbbing cock. How his heart was pounding, how the blood was rushing through every vein, how his own cock was suddenly being held.

It all flashed across his vision, as his head came closer, as he saw his eyelids flutter, saw then struggle to stay open, but fail. Just as his head was right over the fiery cock head, he saw his eyes close, saw his mouth open a bit wider, as they moved closer, small ridges from his skin just lightly touching the hot skin of the head. He could feel the jolts inside, feel the giddiness too, as his head lowered itself even more.

How his whole body shook, how it seemed to quiver in the dim light from the lantern behind his back. Trent could see it all, as he felt it all happen. How it made him groan, he could hear that too. Even now, decades later, he could see it all, feel it all. It was just as powerful, as he saw his head lower, felt the lips wrap around the head. The taste of precum filled his mouth, making him lick his lips now, as he could taste it, once more.

The way his tongue moved to one side, how the lips surrounded the cock head, sliding downwards, slowly. He felt the cock shake, felt it tremble, then push up a bit, anxious for his mouth to cover it all. How he had obliged too, how it felt watching his nose bury itself deep into the soft groin, tiny blond pubic hairs all around the bridge of his nose.

Every detail was etched on his memory, just as if a picture had been taken every second from behind his head. He could see the tiny hairs fall flat against the groin, saw how one moved below, another to the side, and how the balls shook, as his hot breath wafted across the sac. How big they seemed to grow, as his lips held the base of the cock between them. It all was there, as was how Rob was feeling.

He could hear him, hear him sucking in his breath, hear his heart racing, as his cock was sucked up into Trent’s mouth. At how he trembled, as the tip of his cock head banged up against the roof of Trent’s mouth, then pushed past to enter his throat. He could see how Rob’s body was shaking, how his legs had become like steel beams, rigid and firm.

His eyes might be closed, but he could see how Rob’s toes were curled, how his one big toe was flexing, was trying to dig itself back into the sole of Rob’s foot. How the other toes were curling, some pushing away from the others, while his mouth took all of Rob’s cock inside.

It was as if he had done it before, the way it just seemed to fit perfectly inside. He didn’t feel any trouble, no objection from his muscles, as the thick pole pushed inwards, as it made its way into his throat, filling it fully. He could feel his nostrils flaring, trying to breath, while at the same time enjoy the taste of the hard cock.

His body shook, but he could see the muscles in Rob’s stomach rolling, seem them shuddering as they contracted in time to the way his tongue was trying to lick at the thick pole. His body was constantly quivering, as if he was having some sort of spasm. His muscles all ached, as he saw his head pull back, saw the glistening pole sliding out, coated in his saliva. Then he saw how his head moved quickly back down, gobbling it back inside.

Trent could feel the cock throbbing. He could feel the blood flowing all around it, feel the nerves in the head tingling as his lips held it firmly under the head. His own body was tingling too, as he felt Rob’s hands massaging the inside of his thigh, stopping every few seconds.

The feeling of Rob touching him ended, as he saw how his head tilted back, at how his mouth was open, his eyes shut tightly. He could see the way his face was drawn, how the muscles inside were drawn taut, as his mouth moved up and down Rob’s cock.

Each beat of his heart, mirrored the beat of Rob’s own heart. The faster it beat, the faster his followed. The more it thundered, the louder his own heart echoed in his ears. It was like twin hearts, the way his body and Rob’s, shook together, in unison. Strange how he really hadn’t noticed it before, at how so much they were in tune with each other.

How it made everything seem so much better, so special. He still felt in awe at it all, at how deeply he felt Rob’s presence, even now. Just as then, he could feel his mind inside his, as if they were talking. He could feel every beat, just as he did then. It made each feeling more real, more intense.

Just as how he felt, when he could feel the balls swell, feel them reach that point where they would either explode or burst. How he felt the rumble deep down inside of Rob’s body, how he felt his mind flashing, how the electrical charges seemed to just grow between them. It was all doubled, as it included his own feelings, his own waves of pleasure.

His mind seemed to see it all, to experience it all. How the tiny blond hairs on Rob’s arms suddenly stood up, how the hairs on the nape of his neck were all standing straight up from the burning flesh, how they waved in the air within the tent. They all were noted, as was how the tiny hairs along the sac were looking like they would pop out, as he felt the tremor begin, deep down inside of Rob.

He felt the cock vibrate in his mouth, felt the head shaking, then rear back, as he saw the muscles in Rob’s legs tighten even more. Strong bonds of steel was how they looked, like the wire running to hold up a suspension bridge. Thick and round, each weave taut and strong. It was how his legs were, as he felt the rushing pressure coming from the tiny hole in the cock.

It was unreal, like a herald announcing the coming stampede. The way it blew into his mouth, following almost immediately by the hot salty taste of liquid, that felt like an entire ocean had been poured into his mouth. He felt his throat recoil, felt an overpowering urge to constrict, but how the that urge was refused by his body, by his heart. How the blood inside of Rob was rushing, pushing the hot milky cream forward, like a powerful jet engine.

The roar in his ears was filled by the thunder of his and Rob’s beating heart, by the loud cries that came from his legs, and he could see it too. He could see the wide open mouth, see the teeth glistening, as the cry came breaking upon his ears. He felt the wave of pleasure, felt it reaching his tongue, his throat, then his whole body, as more of Rob’s cum flowed out into his open mouth.

How hot it felt, how sweet at times, how salty even, and how good it all tasted. He had never tasted it before, other than his own, but this was so different, so much better, that he felt his body wanting more. He couldn’t explain it, not then, not now, but it was like he could feel more of Rob, than before. It was as if he could understand his signals more, as he watched how his face twisted, as his body continued to arch upwards, giving him more of that precious milk.

Sitting there now, it was like he could taste it all over, again. He had the same feeling of wonder, the same excitement of something new. Odd, as he had tasted other men, since, but the only real taste he could remember was that from Rob. Glancing down at him, he realized just how special his relationship had been, how unique it had been.

Yes, there had been other men, other guys early on in his life, in his career since that birthday campout, but none seemed to be as vivid in his mind, as the times he was with Rob. Nothing he could dredge up now, could equal how good it felt, just thinking of the times with Rob. Yet until now, he never really understood that, never really comprehended why it was so special, so crystal clear in his memory.

Hell, he couldn’t even remember the names of some he had later on, yet he could still see those hairs standing up on Rob’s leg, decades earlier. He could still see clearly the way his face looked, as his jizz pumped into his mouth that first time. It was like he was seeing it replayed on a digital captured video, though he knew it wasn’t. They didn’t even exist when his memory had been made.

Tears were welling up in his eyes, once more as Trent realized just what he had missed. All those lonely nights he had accepted could have been filled with Rob’s laughter, with his presence, if only he had the guts to accept what had been so freely given to him, so many years earlier. If only he had seen past his goals, seen what really mattered. Maybe he wouldn’t be the frosty man he was today, maybe none of this would be, if he had simply stood up, and accepted who he was?

It was a sobering thought as he felt the tears roll down his face, as his eyes once more sought those of Rob. He saw them staring back at him, almost as if Rob could read his mind. They looked the same, as they had that night, clear, free of all pain, as Rob spoke to him, just as he had that night. No words, just the beat of his heart next to his own.

The world could be disintegrating around him, but he couldn’t hear it, just the warm steady beat of Rob’s heart, next to his. It felt good, it felt like it belonged there, as his mind cried out, as his failures from the past seemed to just, disappear. It was as if he was being absolved of his past inaction, his past reluctances.

The pain in his chest, around his heart seemed lifted as Rob’s blue eyes stared deeply into his soul. He could feel it, just as he could feel the pulsing beat of the heart. It shouldn’t be, couldn’t be. He was a practical man, one trained in the art of believing what you saw, not what you felt deep in your gut. Trent had never been a man of faith, of blind belief in something unknown, unproven. Yet at this moment in his life, he found he did have faith, have what he always thought had been missing in his character, real courage.

The catch in his throat made the hand squeeze his just a bit harder, and once more he felt his eyes drawn to Rob’s. He could see it all, see the love that he had refused to acknowledge, to accept. It was still there, for him, and he felt the easing of his heart.

Leaning back, feeling exhausted, he wondered how he could have missed all the signs. How could he not have known that what Rob shared with him that night, had been out of love, not out of some physical need? Nothing about that night had been casual, had been borne out of some physical lust or desire. He knew it then, but had refused to accept it.

Even now, he found it hard to understand how blind he had been. What else would you call it, when a man didn’t accept that what had passed between them, had been more than just getting off? There was no excuse, yet as he held onto Rob’s hand, as he let his mind drift back to that night, he knew that it was from fear.

Fear is what had held him back, lack of having the guts to let himself feel, beyond the moment, was what had nearly cost him everything. He felt the shame again, though not as he had felt it back then. Then it was from being a freak, or so he had thought, and even after that night, he still felt like he was a freak of nature, an abomination.

It had taken the news, read by some uncaring, unknowing face, telling him of the day’s causalities, of hearing the name, that he had known for so long, being on that list, that had finally woken him up. He smiled as he remembered how surprised his aide had been when he had ordered transport for here. How the man had reminded him of his important meeting with the Commanding General, and how his aide’s face had looked when he told him to fuck the general and get him transport to this field hospital.

The look on the young man’s face when he asked what he should tell the General, of where he had gone, was priceless. It was like someone had let off an RPG in the entire complex, the way it had grown so silent as he had simply told the man to tell the General he had gone to see his lover.

The way his clerk had dropped his clipboard, papers flying all over the place, at how the young corporal by the computer had nearly fallen off his chair. It was priceless now, but then it was just an irritant. He didn’t really give a damn what they were thinking, just as long as they got him the transport, just as long as he made it here, before it was too late.

Looking down, the small smile on the lips were good enough for him. Sure, the shit would hit the fan when he got back, if not sooner, but he didn’t care. He had something they couldn’t take from him, he had the memories of those times, those all too few times, when he had let himself be a real man.

He felt the tap on his shoulder, heard the faked cough as he looked up to see the Orderly standing there, at attention. His face was pure white, and there was a horrible zit on his chin, but he wasn’t a bad looking kid, he thought as he asked him what he wanted.

Uh Sir, there is a General outside.

One of ours?

Huh? Uh, Yes Sir, he wants to see you, he uh, he looks pretty uh, pretty upset Sir.

Trent looked at the orderly and smiled. It was obviously going to be sooner than later he thought, as he turned his head to look down at Rob. He saw his eyes staring at him, questioning him, but he just smiled back at Rob.

The sounds of the river were gone. There was no soft gentle rustle of wind blowing through trees now, just the dull mechanical whirl of cold lifeless machines. He could hear them once again, as he realized that the orderly was waiting for an answer.

Somehow, he felt more confident, more in charge of his life than at any other time. It was like a whole new world had just opened up in front of him. He no longer feared what people would say, or even do. There was a lot more to living, than always being afraid.

Son, tell the General I am busy.

Uh Sir, I uh, he’ll have my ass, he uh…

Just tell him son, he won’t bite, he’ll save that for me, now shoo, go.

He could hear the man suck in his breath, could even feel his eyes staring at him, but he was already pushing him out of his thoughts, as he held the hand, raising it up to his lips, and kissing the back of it.

From deep inside he could hear himself talking to the warm spirit next to his heart. ‘I am not running anymore Rob, I am going nowhere, without you.

The hand tightened a bit and he could see the answer in the man’s face. The pain had somehow been pushed back as they just looked into each other’s face, knowing what was in their hearts. He could feel that passion, just as he had back then. As the door to the room closed on the orderly’s exit, the sounds of machines grew more distant, more muted. He was once more letting himself go back, to a time he wished he had more of. To a time when life had its moments, to a point in his past when he truly felt as alive, as free, as he did at this minute.

He smiled as he could hear his own pounding chest, feel the hot warm milk dripping out of the corner’s of his mouth, as Rob’s cock pulsed and jerked inside of his mouth. He was back, to remembering what was important.

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A Hidden Treasure

A Hidden Treasure

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (-)

Kyle stood up and walked over to the edge. He stared down at the dark shapes beneath his bare feet, then glanced up to see the sky beginning to brighten. Sun rise wasn’t far off, judging by the growing lightness around him. He felt the soft breeze blowing across his toned body. It felt good to be standing there, despite the slight chill in the air.

Looking out, he could see the sky brightening, and he felt slightly sad, that another night had come to an end. Turning around, he saw the curled up figure on the sleeping bag, the bare legs just sticking out from under a casually wrapped blanket. A small smile curled around his lips, as he stared at his sleeping friend.

They had come up here, after the party down in the valley, and it had been a night he would always remember. He chuckled a little, as the sun began to peep up over the horizon. Soon, he’d have to go back, in case anyone was out bird watching and saw him standing here, starkers. Knowing how people in the small town below were, he was certain they’d be calling the cops, complaining about some sex maniac up on the mountain top, by the old water station.

He still had time, he figured, as he raised his hands up and spread them out, letting the wind blow across his naked frame. Slowly he felt the rays of the Sun, as he tilted his head back, and closed his eyes, just enjoying the freedom. To stand there, totally naked, free of clothes, free of people looking at him, free of worry. It felt so good, and yet no one would believe that he would be the kind to do that. To just stand up there, naked, and enjoy it.

Most of his friends, including his sleeping one behind, thought he was too shy for his own good. They always kidded him that he always opened one eye first, to see if anyone was watching, and then he’d open the second, just to double check. He really wasn’t that way, but people, well, they did make him a bit uncomfortable, until he got to know them.

Thinking of that, he couldn’t help but smile, as he felt the wind blowing around him. His legs twitched a bit, and his arms felt a bit heavy, as he kept them spread out, showing off his whole body, to anyone that could see. In all honesty, he doubted anyone could see, but the idea that someone might, was rather invigorating. It made him tremble a bit, and it made his dick quiver as well.

21 years old, and he felt like the world was his, at times. Up here, among the clouds, where people rarely came, he felt like he was a giant, not some 5’9” nobody, like he felt when he was down there, among all those others. How they all put so much stock in height, in being perfect, or seeming to be perfect. He knew it was a mirage, but it didn’t help when some Adonis would walk by, ignoring him totally.

Maybe Sally was right, that he simply needed to stop being so quiet, stop wearing old fashioned clothes that old men wore. It wasn’t that he didn’t like tight fitting clothes, or tank top shirts, it was just that they didn’t suit him. The shirts, well, what did he have to show off? Wasn’t like he had the perfect six pack to display, and while he wasn’t ashamed of his dick, the rest of him was toned, but certainly not bulging with muscles. That was what they wanted, and he simply didn’t have it.

The wind was picking up a bit as he opened his eyes, and let his hands fall to his side. He felt so alive up here, so free, that he felt a bit angry at the Sun, for starting to rise, to signal his return to being just Kyle. Down there he was the one who got the coffee refill, or the basket of bread sticks when the first ran out, but up here, well up here he was someone else. He was the one who rode on top, who made them pant, who made them clutch at the grass in their fist, as he showed them what it meant to be stuffed.

It wasn’t that he was some freak, but he knew how to please, least when he was up here. Down there, well, he just never seemed to find the right words, the right motions, or the right rhythm even. Yet up here, he could find that spot, and hit it time after time. No one he had come up here with, had ever complained. In fact, many had been surprised, because he was different. He acted different too.

Down there, the lights had to be off, the room dark with maybe a candle or two only. Up here, he didn’t care if the damn headlights were on, or if a huge spotlight was shining on him. There he took his time in undressing, sometimes going into the bathroom, then coming out with a towel around his waist. Up here, well, he had stunned a few at how quick he could shed his plain looking clothes. The way he would need to spend more time finding the tossed articles than he took in shucking them off.

This was his place, but soon it would be gone, no longer open to him, or to anyone. The old water tower was going to be taken down, and some government funded crap was going to be set up, here on his mountain top. It made him angry, as he stood there, realizing that with this place gone, he’d never again be the lover he was, when up here.

It was stupid to believe a place could have such a difference, could change a person, but it just did. It was that simple, and so for the last week he had been like some sex machine. Up here every night, with someone different, someone new, to just try and make the memories that could hold him, when down there.

Suddenly he felt deflated, as the idea of losing this place took hold. Damn the world, damn people and damn the Government, he thought. Why did they have to take the one spot that made him feel so alive, so much like a real man? They didn’t need his spot, they could have their stupid whatever anywhere. He didn’t know what they were going to put here, just that it would no longer be accessible, that there would be security guards all the time, that the natural beauty of the place would be ruined, with sterile government buildings and cement parking lots.

No more gravel road to come up here either, but a fully paved road. The big machines were already down at the base, as the day of his doom was fast approaching. Still, he had some time, was making the most of it, but he wanted more. Was he greedy? Shouldn’t he be happy that he had what he had, or was he just too unwilling to make what worked up here, work down there?

Rodney said he could be whatever he wanted, anywhere, that it didn’t take a special place. But he was wrong, he had tried to be the same, down there. It had yet to work, not like up here. Oh there had been flashes, but only flashes. Nothing like how it was up here, where he was the Stud, the one that made the choices, the moves. Up here, he was the one who made others cry out in pleasure, as he shoved his 8 inches deep into various parts of their body.

More importantly, he never needed help in being hard, not up here. It was always hard, the foreskin stretched taut long before he would reach the top. It was always that way, but never down there. It was more like work than pleasure when he was forced to have sex there, but never a chore up here. Here it was like suddenly being in heaven.

Everything clicked when he was up here. He could feel his body tremble, as he felt the growing warmth in the air. Not long now, he thought, as he stared out at the wide expanse of country, all at his feet. He wasn’t some egomaniac either, he wasn’t into control, or into being demanding. He enjoyed sex, in a give an take type of approach. Yet up here, he felt it more, enjoyed it more, whether it was him sucking, or being sucked. Whether it was him driving his dick into a nice tight ass, or if it was his own butt being ploughed.

Blake Mason studs Kyle B & Matt HLike last night, the way it had started out with him servicing his friend, Matt. He had stunned the poor guy, by not only willingly suck his dick, but he managed to suck it all. Now that was something to be proud of, given that Matt had a huge whopper of a dick. He hadn’t measured it, but he would bet all his money that it was bigger than 11 inches. Plus, it was uncut, which only made it even more enjoyable.

So he liked uncut dicks, it didn’t make him a snob. He could enjoy a cock, cut or uncut, with the same degree of pleasure. Still, poor Matt had been a bit surprised by how he had deep throated his whopper. That would be a good memory, to recall how tight it was in his mouth, how full it made him feel. How his tonsils protested, and how the muscles tried to close and not let Matt’s dick in. Still, he hadn’t backed off, or even thought about backing off.

He had wanted that huge dick in his mouth, and Matt didn’t know it then, but Kyle had wanted it up his ass too.

Kyle knew that if he had done Matt down there, he’d never have been able to take that dick up his ass. That would have been a shame, because he really enjoyed taking it. To feel that thick piece of meat tremble as it pushed past his stretched insides. To have felt all of that long shaft, as it filled his insides beyond the point he ever thought possible. To have missed out on that, would have been a tragedy, least in his mind.

Up here, he had not only taken it, but had given it such a good ride, that he had Matt screaming his pleasure. The way he had twisted his body as he took that big shaft, as it had drove deep into him, and how the waves of pleasure just seemed to never end. It had made him lose a few pounds too, from all the sweat that poured from his body, as he took it hard and fast.

While the wind blew around him, he could still hear his own cries, urging Matt to go faster, to pound him harder. He could still feel it, as he reached down & around to feel his cheeks quiver a bit, at the memory of a few hours ago. How good it had felt to feel that pole in there, to feel it reaching deep and pushing at his insides. The way it had dug in, made his body scream in agony, while wanting more.

The way the rolling waves kept his whole body shaking, made him actually pound the ground below him, as each hard thrust tried to bury him into the very dirt. How the blanket was wrapped so tightly in his fists, as the cock jerked from side to side, as Matt moved his hips in a circular motion. How the sound of his big balls slapping up into his butt cheeks echoed in the still of the night.

Gawd, it had been a memorable fuck. One he knew he’d never have a chance at experiencing again, least not the same way as last night. No more Matt’s to seduce, to bring up and amaze with his own sexual prowess. It was about to end, as he looked out at the growing dawn of the day.

The feel of Matt on top of him, of his ragged breath blowing across the nape of his neck. How his sweat poured off his body onto Kyle’s. The way each drop made his body twitch, made him moan even, was amazing. He could still feel the thrill of it, the way his body seemed to ache for Matt, for that giant dick. How great it felt and how sharp the pain had been as it had penetrated him, dug deep past his tiny hole, stretching his insides.

It was making him hard all over again, as his hand reached down for his own uncut dick. He could feel the foreskin growing tighter around his own shaft, as he closed his eyes, thinking of Matt. How his hands had felt as they pushed his buttocks apart, as the two fingers run up and down the valley between his two cheeks. How they twirled around his puckered hole, how they teased it, before suddenly slicing past his guarding muscles.

The sudden entry had made him gasp, as they dug in quick, and deep. Just like how his cock would do it, but he didn’t know that then. Yet he could feel those fingers push in, feel the bare knuckles pushing at his hole, almost as if they wanted to join the fingers inside. How he had moaned then, squirmed a little as Matt twisted the fingers around, pushing at the lining inside of his ass.

Matt knew his stuff too. The way he had kept his fingers inside, while ripping open the condom with his teeth, then unrolling it over that huge cock with his other hand. That was the sign of a real pro, and before Kyle could think much about it, the huge cock was suddenly sliding between his cheeks. He could feel Matt’s legs pushing his legs apart, and he reached behind him, to help by grabbing hold of his own ass cheeks. He dug his fingers deep into his own flesh, then pulled them far apart, as far as he could.

The press of the huge cock head up against his tiny hole made him tremble, made his fingers dig into his flesh even harder. He gritted his teeth, as he breathed in and out very quickly, then he sucked in as much as he could, as he felt Matt starting to press the dick a bit more up against his hole.

He held it as he felt the pain suddenly begin, then he let it out, just at the right moment, as the huge cock split his hole apart. The pain raced up and down his spine, making him cry out, but he didn’t let his hands release his cheeks. He kept them there, trembling, as the huge shaft penetrated him fully.

The cock head made his insides scream, but as he bit his lip, tasted a bit of his own blood, he also felt the warmth rising, the pleasure starting to catch up to the rolling waves of pain. Soon he was feeling totally stuffed, as Matt slowly worked his whole cock into his ass. It hurt, yet didn’t.

He had cried out, but so had Matt. The press of his groin up between his own cheeks had made his whole body shudder. His mind had long since given up protesting, as he let the waves of pleasure overwhelm him. He felt it deep inside, felt his throat catch a little, as he realized what was inside of him. His body ached, as Matt slowly began to push in and out, gradually making him grow accustomed to the huge pole.

Kyle had cried out, but not to stop, but to have Matt really pound him. To have him slam that pole deep into him, and Matt had obliged. Gawd how he had moved, his hips became giant pistons, as he drove his dick in and out faster and faster. The pain was intense, but the pleasure more so.

More he kept yelling, harder he kept begging, as he felt each crushing blow. His body dug hard into the ground, his fists even pounded the hard dirt, as his body was slammed into the dirt with each thrust. The way Matt would make the huge cock corkscrew inside of him, with every other thrust. How it made him cry out his pleasure, how it made his body shake all over.

He could feel it now, feel that huge pole digging into him, as his hand moved up and down his own thickening cock. Feeling the wind, he let his head tilt backwards, his eyes shut tight, as he let last night flash across his vision. He could feel it all over again, feel the hard thrusts, feel how his muscles protested as the pole drove past them, how it felt as he pulled back, for one more hard deep plunge inwards.

He had taken the huge cock for what seem an eternity. To be honest, he really couldn’t remember how long he had lain there, being pounded. Kyle couldn’t care less, as he could still feel it now, and that is what he had wanted. The memory to last, and as his hand flew up and down his own cock, he knew it would last for a long time. How good it felt, how good he felt at being able to do what others couldn’t, which was take that monster dick, and enjoy all of it.

Matt had been impressed, and totally drained. The way he had cried out, had suddenly yanked his big dick out of Kyle’s ass, then scream even more, with Kyle feeling the hot splatter of his cum on his back, before the cries had even reached full throttle. How it had felt as gobs of precious cum had splattered across all of his back, even up into the back of his head, matting his already wet hair.

How it too seemed to go on forever. Just like the hard pounding, the stream of cum seemed endless, as it spurted and spurted, splattering all over his trembling back. Kyle could still feel the remnants of the dried cum on his backside, as his hand pumped his dick. The memory of Matt collapsing on top of him, his still rather impressive cock flopping against the upper thigh, the whole weight of Matt resting on his backside.

The way his chest was heaving, even as he lay there, how the sweat was still dripping off his forehead onto Kyle’s shoulders and back. It was all there again, in front of him, as he felt his balls sling upwards, then fall down. The rolling explosion making his whole body shudder, as he felt his cum begin to spurt through his clenched hand. His cock reared backwards, then sprang forward, the hot cream streaming out, just as it had earlier after Matt had finally found enough energy to roll off Kyle’s back.

It had taken Matt a fair amount of time, to be able to speak, but his eyes had told Kyle all he needed to know then. How they sparkled in amazement, in exhaustion, told it all to him. His body bucked as he saw those sparkling eyes peering over at him, the satisfaction shining through. He felt the cum jetting out between his fingers, as he cried out, as his body exploded to the memory of a few hours ago.

He felt the sun warming his body, as his hand moved up and down his naked body. He felt his own cum being smeared across his chest, that still heaved, as he finally opened his eyes. Off in the distance was the sun, just starting to fill the sky with its brilliance. He felt his body relax, as he breathed in deeply. The soft fragrance of the morning, mixed with the tangy odor of his cum, made him smile. Kyle turned away from the edge, to look over at where Matt was.

His cries must have awakened Matt, as he was sitting up on the sleeping bag, looking towards Kyle. There was a warm smile on his face, as Kyle smiled back, then let his eyes glance downwards. The blanket that had been over Matt’s naked body, had a distinctive tent shape to it. Looking upwards, he saw the eyes sparkling, saw the grin widen as they just looked at each other.

It would be different, to do it one more time, in the light of day, he thought. Then he began to walk down from the little rise, to where Matt waited. As he began to come closer, Matt pushed the blanket off his body, and there it was, once again ready for him. That huge monster dick, fully aroused, as he felt the ache in his buttocks. It was like they were signaling each other, showing their desire, their readiness for more. Who was he to deny what his body and what Matt’s dick wanted?


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