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Making the Play (5)

Part (5)

He shuddered a little, laying there with Philippe’s head on his shoulder. How warm it felt, how enjoyable, to feel his body nestled into his own. The way the legs wove together, and how it felt as his chest heaved while he regained his breath. It was something he hadn’t experienced before, and yet it seemed so natural, so right.

Lying there, enjoying the moment, he realized just how much Tommy had missed out. This was what sex was about, not just the moment when you got off, or when the other tasted you, but as you got ready for more, as you realized you wanted more. He couldn’t help but smile.

‘What are you thinking about?’

‘Huh? Oh, how good you tasted.’


‘Yeah, really.’

‘I never really liked the taste, myself.’

‘Of yours? Or just anyone’s cum?’

‘Fuck, mine, of course, not like I am some tramp.’

Dolph LambertTroy reached down and gave the hair a muss, as he laughed at the smiling face nestled into his arms. How good it felt, to be able to just talk, to relax naked with another guy, and not be on pins & needles.

‘Oh, so that makes me a tramp, ‘cuz I have tasted other guy’s cum?’

‘No, no, I didn’t…’

‘just teasing, but yeah, not everyone’s favourite, I guess.’

‘You liked it?’

It was a question he didn’t know how to answer. Not like he was some expert who had lots of taste experiences with cum, but truth was, he really wasn’t sure how he liked it. The taste before, always made him feel a bit, well nauseous, though not Philippe’s. Rolling his eyes upwards, he wondered how to say it, without sounding sappy, or like some love sick cow.

‘Well, not like I have tasted a lot, but yours, well, yeah, I liked the taste of it. Maybe because it, I don’t know, maybe because it was yours?’

‘You asking for more?’

Troy lowered his eyes, to stare at Philippe. There was a strange look of horror, on Philippe’s face but Troy could feel his cock jerking, feel it growing a bit, as it was wedged up into his side. Maybe he didn’t think he could do it so soon? Though the truth was, he was wanting something a bit more than another taste of Philippe’s jizz.

‘Funny boy, maybe I am asking if you want to taste mine?’

Funny how Philippe’s face got all twisted, as he stared up into Troy’s face. The way the eyes glistened a bit, but also seemed a bit, well, frightened. Yet at the same time, he could feel his cock, jerking a bit as it was wedged into his side. The feel of him, of how his chest seemed to heave a bit more, with the idea of maybe sucking him, of maybe having to taste him.

‘If uh…’

‘It’s okay, I am not asking, but you are welcome anytime.’

‘I uh, shit, I sound like a real jerk. I kind of do, and don’t, at the same time. It is just, I don’t know, what if I don’t do it right?’

‘You start over? Shit, I don’t even know if there is a wrong or right way, all I know is that I loved how you tasted.’

Philippe lifted his upper body up, and stared at Troy for several seconds. The silence felt weird, as he saw how Philippe stared at him, at how his eyes seemed to be searching his face for something, for some sign. He felt the ache in his groin too, as he held his breathe, not sure what was going on.

The face moved away, and stared down at Troy’s body, that lay stretched out on the bed. A hand moved up and rested lightly on his chest, just below the nipple. It felt shaky, trembling a little, as he waited. Then the hand moved down, the fingers brushing across his skin, that made him tremble a bit, with a sense of excitement.

His leg shook a bit, as he pushed it aside, further up against Philippe’s body. The hand moved down, the finger tips brushing over his pubic hairs, making his stomach muscles tighten. Troy felt sweat starting to bead up on his forehead again, as he watched the way Philippe’s hand moved down his body.

Troy could see how his face had drawn in, the muscles of his cheeks tightening. A thin white line appeared near the corner of his mouth, and he could see the brow furrow, as his team mate stared down at the hard cock, that stuck up from his crotch. The tip of his tongue darted out, licking at the lips, and Troy heard a small little gasp, as the head moved down, to rest on Troy’s stomach.

He reached out, to let his own hand caress the back of the head, just enjoying the pleasure of his body resting against his. The feel of his hot skin, at the beat of his chest against his, made him lean back, waiting. Troy sighed as he felt Philippe’s hand reaching out, feeling the tips of his fingers touch the base of his stiff cock.

It was like an electric shock, as he felt the touch, as the fingers moved around the base, pressing lightly against the hairs around the base of cock shaft. How weird, to notice the way each touch made him quiver, made him catch his breath. Troy could feel his chest beginning to hurt, as Philippe’s hand moved around, and the fingers slowly took hold of his dick.

The way each touch seemed to generate a jolt inside as he felt his eyes closing, as he felt every muscle grow tense inside. It was odd, and yet thrilling, that made him want to lift his head up, to stare down his body, but instead he found himself leaning harder into the bed, waiting, wondering how it would feel.

The way the bed suddenly moved, at how the press of Philippe’s body changed, made him close his eyes tighter. His mind was struggling with the emotions that seemed to be welling up inside, as he waited, nervous and yet excited. Would he take it, or would he try and stop? Was he maybe too big, or not big enough for him, and what about his precum? Would it make Philippe back off, because he could feel it oozing, feel it along the top of his cock head.

Troy felt the hot breath blow across the head, which made him shudder. He moaned a bit as he felt Philippe’s breath getting warmer, which meant his head was getting closer. He wanted to look, but instead clutched at the bed sheets, as he waited, his body stiff and tense. So many things were running through his mind, yet all he could concentrate on was how much he really did want it, how much he wanted to feel his cock between those soft pink lips.

His hands stopped pulling at the bed sheets, and moved up to rest on Philippe’s shoulders, then moved to take hold of his hair. He felt the strands through his fingers, as he wrapped them between. His mind could see it happening, yet all he could think about was feeling those lips. The sound, the press against the palms of his hands, were ignored, as he felt that wetness, that warmth envelop the head of his cock. Troy felt his body quiver, felt the tremors rushing up his body, as he slid his cock into the open mouth, past the lips, scraping against the teeth.

He could hear a sort of garbled cry, or maybe it was a moan? Troy didn’t care, as his hips pushed up a bit, lifting his butt off the bed a fraction of an inch or so. The feel of the flesh covering his cock, of the wet warmth the coated his head was too much for him, as his hands seemed to be pushing down.

There was some resistance, but he tried to ignore it, to just enjoy the feeling that was filling his thoughts. He ignored the gargled cries and eventually the resistance ended, and suddenly he could feel the motion as more of his cock was taken into the warm wetness. He felt his balls ache, as one hand moved to the bed, the other lay across the trembling shoulder.

Troy moaned, as the lips tightened even more, as the head moved without any need of his guidance. He could feel the tongue licking at the thick vein underneath, as more of his shaft was taken inside the warn cavern of Philippe’s mouth. The way his hand gripped at his cock, the tight hold that held his erect cock made him moan even more.

The teeth no longer scraped against the side of his cock, as it made its way in and out. He could only feel the lips sliding up and down, as more of his cock was taken. His body stiffened even more, as he felt the strands of hair lashing at his belly, as he felt the nose pressing into the soft skin of his inner thigh.

Philippe’s body moved down a bit, and he felt the hot breath against his pubic hairs, felt the nose, the way the air would blow each time it came closer until it was buried into his flesh. Troy was moaning loudly now, one hand pounding the bed, as he realized how close he was to cumming. His eyes popped open, his mouth was ajar, as he felt the heat inside, felt the way his balls were stretching as the fluid inside bubbled, as it boiled from within.

Down in his ass, he could feel the muscles tighten, feel them constrict, as his body tried to hold back, as in his mind he saw the head bob up and down over his erection. How good it felt, and yet he didn’t want it to end, not yet. He struggled to hold back, tried to keep his balls from releasing their pleasure.

It wasn’t easy, as Philippe had moved one hand up and was pushing into the stomach, the other no longer holding his cock, but digging down and under his full balls. He felt the fingers digging into the flesh of his buttocks, felt the balls slapping against the palm of the hand, as the mouth moved up and down on his cock. He had never felt like this, never felt this excited, this aroused.

Every part of his body felt like it was on fire. Even the tips of his hair felt like they were being singed, as the mouth moved faster and faster over his cock. Troy could feel the head banging into the hard roof of Philippe’s mouth, feel it as it was forced down into the throat. He cried out, knowing he couldn’t hold back, desperate to try to.

‘Oh Christ’ he called out, feeling the press inside, feeling the mounting pressure up against the very base of his cock. The lips were clenched tightly around him, he could feel the tongue’s raspy edges licking at the bulging vein on the bottom of his cock, feel the sensation of the blood rushing through the constricted membranes of his veins. His hands were pounding the bed, as his body struggled to hold back, as he squirmed across the bed itself. He wanted so much to cum, to let it fill Philippe’s mouth, but not yet, not this moment.

The sounds of rushing water filled his ears. It was like being in a far off cave, listening to a distant echo rushing inside. His body was shaking, and he was yelling, telling Philippe he was cumming, that he couldn’t hold back, but the lips still held tight.

He couldn’t stop. It was too much for him, and with one last loud cry that he was cumming, his body shot upwards. His hands reached up to grab hold of Philippe’s head, as his cock impaled itself deep into the mouth. He could feel the throat muscles contract, feel them taking hold of his cock, as the head jerked back, as the tiny slit began to widen.

As his cock head shot forward, he felt the muscles in his groin contract, felt them release the precious milk from his balls. His eyes were clenched tight, tears of pleasure being squeezed out around the corners, as his body could hold back no more. He felt, rather than heard, the gagging sound, the rush of liquid being poured out. Then he felt it, as his cum was washed back across his burning pole, and down into his groin.

Just as his body began to sink back down, he felt the spasm inside, felt the waves of pleasure rushing up his body, to overwhelm his thoughts. His body shook, as his limbs went numb. There was no feeling left in his arms, or his legs, as his entire body seemed to suddenly release itself. Every muscle that had been coiled, and tightened, was suddenly released.

Every part of his body sagged hard into the bed, as he felt his precious milk being drained out. The sensation of warm wetness around his cock was no more, but he could feel the hot spurts leave his cock, hear each one striking, before falling against his own burning skin. Troy could hear his moans, but also the gasping sounds coming from above his own waist.

The spasms racked his body for what seemed like ages, and he could feel the panting breath blowing across his stomach, as finally he managed to open his eyes. He saw the stars or what looked like stars flashing before him, until his blinked a few times to clear them from his vision. As he adjusted to the room’s light, he glanced down, to see Philippe’s head. It was tilted up and back a bit, and he noticed how the cheeks kept blowing in and out, as if he had just surfaced from holding his breath.

There was splashes across the cheeks, the bridge of his nose, and even under one eye, that Troy knew had to be his cum. He could see the chest still heaving, and noticed more splashes of his milk, around the chin, and upper chest. His own body was still shaking, still feeling the effects of his orgasm, but he couldn’t help but notice how Philippe’s body was shaking, how it was trembling.

‘You okay?’ he managed to croak out, and watched as Philippe leaned back, then slump down a bit. His shoulders sagged, as his face turned to stare down at Troy.

‘I think so, I am sorry…’

‘sorry? For what?, I never, I uh…’

‘I just couldn’t take it all, I tried, I really did, but…’

‘That’s okay, I didn’t, I mean, it’s okay, I wasn’t expecting you to take it, honest, it’s okay.’

‘I wanted to, but there was so much, I just…’

‘Philippe, it’s okay man, I should have given you more notice, I mean, I did try to hold it back…’

‘No, no I heard you, but… shit man, I wanted to try, to see if, well, to see if it did taste different.’

‘Yeah? And, was it, I mean…’

‘I don’t know, it was all so fast, so quick, and yet, I mean, fuck, I didn’t get that much, to taste that is, but fuck, you sure got me covered everywhere else.’

‘Sorry, I can see that.’

‘Feels kind of weird, in a nice way.’

‘They say it is good for the skin.’

A small smile crossed his face, as he stared down at Troy. The glint in his eye was something to see, and he felt a strange tremble inside, because suddenly it did matter to him, if Philippe did like his seed, or not. He didn’t know why, but it was like being judged for something important, without knowing exactly what.

‘Do you, I mean, do you always shoot that much?’

‘No, but you haven’t said yet, did it, I mean, was it okay? Or…’

The silence seemed to grow, and yet the way he looked was anything but positive. He didn’t know what he would say, or how he would feel if Philippe didn’t like it, but he waited, feeling a bit uneasy. It was obvious that Philippe wasn’t sure, or maybe he just didn’t know how to break it to him? Maybe he should try to put him at ease, but how?

Before he could say anything more, Philippe laid backwards a bit, leaning on his elbows. His eyes seemed to be off elsewhere, and Troy felt certain he was going to tell him he didn’t like his spunk. His chest was still heaving, but he was already beginning to feel like he was being rejected.

‘I honestly, I am not sure. It was so much, and yet, I mean, it was salty, then sweet, and well, truth?’

‘Yeah, truth.’

‘Truth is, I want to try tasting it again.’

‘For real?’


‘Sure you just aren’t some cum nut, and just want to drain me dry?’

‘Funny, but I don’t know, maybe I am and don’t know it? Or maybe you just stalling because you can’t cum more than once a night?’

‘Oh I can cum more than once, not at this moment, but I can, soon enough.’

‘Good, ‘cuz I really do think I could get into tasting a lot more, just as long as you don’t try to drown me again.’

He felt relieved, as he stared at Philippe, realizing that he wasn’t just saying those things. He really did want to try again, and Troy couldn’t help but wonder, what it would be like, to try a bit more than just swapping some cum.

‘Well give me a few minutes, and I’ll do my best to not drown you.’

‘Okay, uh, have you ever, I mean… have you ever gone all the way?’

Troy wasn’t sure where this was leading, though he had to admit, it was on his mind too. He wondered, if Philippe was a top or bottom, but from his look, he was fairly certain either way would be a first for him.

‘You mean fucking?’



‘You do it, or take it?’

‘Took it, it was, sore, from what I remember, hurt like hell at first really. Why?’

‘Just curious, I mean I’ve seen the videos, looks like it’d hurt a lot, even the guy doing it always seems to scrunch up their face, like its hurting their dick or something.’

Strange, he never really understood how one came to just, doing it. In the videos he had seen, well they just seemed to naturally go to doing it, though he realized that there had to be more to it, than just flipping over and ramming the cock in.

From what he could remember, from his only time, it had hurt like hell, but he couldn’t remember how he had wound up with his legs spread open, his legs up and over his head, and a guy breathing on his face, as he stuffed his hole. Man the pain had hurt, and he knew it would be a lot worse doing it sober. That time, he was blitzed, which helped, or maybe not.

Now he kind of wished he had kept his wits about him, so he’d know how to maybe, find out for himself. He also wasn’t sure how to tell Philippe, that he was as much a rookie as him. It sure sucked, not being able to ask others, but then again, maybe it really was just natural? Maybe he should just reach over, and pull the guy to him, and roll over?

‘Could be, I uh, I should say something like you get used to it, or something, just that, oh fuck, I just don’t know.’

‘Really? Me neither.’

‘Fine pair we are, but all this, I mean, damn it makes me want to, well, to do it.’

Philippe looked at him, with a growing smile on his face. It was as if he had been hoping Troy would say that, or at least give him an opening to suggest it.

To be continued…

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Making the Play

Part (5)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Making the Play (2)

Part (2)

Tommy Jones from Bel AmiTommy’s breathing was still ragged, as he lay there, looking everywhere but at Troy. It was an odd feeling, to be looking over at him, at seeing his still erect cock, swaying a bit with each panting breath that Tommy took. It was hard to see much detail, as the darkness continued to grow. It was a bit cooler now, and he could hear the water lapping at the shore, adding to the unreal serenity he was feeling, as well as feeling rather on edge.

It was like he was teetering between two poles, one minute totally at peace, the next second wondering if a lightning bolt would hit him square in the face. He could barely see Tommy’s chest heaving and yet he didn’t move to yank his underwear up, or his pants. He just lay there, his face angled towards the water, as if in some trance.


Tommy seemed to shudder a bit, as his head lowered and turned slightly to look directly at Troy. He couldn’t believe how handsome he looked, in the shadows. His whole face had a glow to it, or so it seemed. His eyes were like brilliant stars, glittering in the growing darkness.

‘Well what?’

‘Geez, how was it? Christ doesn’t everyone ask after?’

‘Uh yeah, guess they do.’

‘Well, so? Come on, was it what you had expected?’

He stared at the shadowy figure now, wondering what was going through his mind. Was it so bad he didn’t know how to tell Troy, or was it so good, it made him think he was maybe Queer? All he could do was wait, as he felt a slight chill, felt the moment passing him by, as he just waiting for the answer. Had he done okay, great, or rotten?

‘I uh, I don’t know.’

‘Huh? What do you mean you don’t know, shit man, either it felt good or it didn’t.’

‘Christ all you guys this pushy? Yeah it felt great, at the time, but now, now I don’t know, I mean you want me to tell you the truth, or you want some bullshit?’

‘Christ, the truth of course.’

‘Then accept that, that fuck I just don’t know. I mean, right now, I feel, oh fuck Troy, I just don’t know, can’t we just leave it at that?’

He didn’t understand what it was he didn’t know. Shit if it felt great at the time, why shouldn’t it still be that way? What fucking mind games was he trying to play on him? Troy didn’t get it, as he leaned back on his haunches, wondering if maybe it had been a mistake to do it, to let himself be so exposed to Tommy. Would he keep it between them, or would he blab about it to everyone once he was away from here? Christ, that was all he needed, to walk into the locker room and have everyone know he had sucked Tommy off.

Watching, he saw Tommy reach down and yank his underwear up and pants. He leaned back, and Troy saw how he pulled at his clothes, as if in a hurry. He even was mumbling that he had to get going, as if he needed a shower or something. In a way, it made Troy feel dirty too, as if what they had done was going to hang over their friendship forever.

Standing up, he brushed some of the sand off his pants, and he stared at Troy, his eyes boring hard into his face. He saw how tight the lines were around his mouth, as if the muscles were totally constricted.

‘Uh, you aren’t gonna say anything, to anyone, are you?’

‘Fuck no, are you?’

‘No, no I won’t, uh, I gotta go, see you uh, later.’

He watched silently as Tommy turned and headed off. His eyes kept peering into the darkness, long past when they could see Tommy’s retreating figure. Troy didn’t know what to make of it, but for some strange reason, he felt as if he had been kicked square in the stomach. It was a strange feeling, as he felt tears welling up at the corners of his eyes.

He really did like Tommy, had managed to not only see his cock, but to suck it off too. That had been a secret fantasy of his, and he had achieved it, so why the fuck did he feel like crying like some two year old baby? Man, he had disappointments before, had things not work out as he had dreamed, so why should this be so different?

In the meantime, he felt his own body shudder, as he realized that he more than just liked Tommy. He cared about him, in a way that was confusing. Not like he hadn’t known that he was 100% straight, but still he had dreamed of him, of wanting him, of doing things with him. They had been friends, which should have counted for something. Okay maybe they hadn’t grown up together, or been hanging out a lot, but they did share some common interests.

Maybe he had made too much of the guy, maybe this whole curious crap was just a come on? It could be that Tommy was just like him, gay but not willing to come out, to anyone they knew. Hell, even his best friend back home didn’t know, nor would he ever tell him either. Tommy might be just like him, in that respect, though the way his face looked, he rather doubted that. He wasn’t gay, and he was just fooling himself, trying to make an excuse for still wanting him. Still it bothered him, in a way he had never felt before.

All sorts of thoughts kept running through his mind, until finally he managed to collect himself. Wiping his eyes with the back of his arm, he got up and made his way back to the campus, wondering if he would ever be able to look at Tommy without thinking of today? It certainly would make practise awkward, never mind being in the locker room with him.

Wasn’t like he would have lots of time to wonder either, as there was a scrimmage tomorrow, and that meant, he would be up against Tommy. As he walked, he felt the pain inside, as well as the anger too. If he didn’t like it, why not just tell him, why tell him ‘at the time it was great’ if it wasn’t? Why wouldn’t it still be great after?


Troy stood by the doors leading to the men’s locker room. He had a rotten night’s sleep, and had more or less gone through the whole day, as if in some daze. He couldn’t explain it, but he went from thinking nothing would happen, to imagining that the instant he stepped into the locker room the others would be waiting, to harass him or worse, pummel him.

It wasn’t rational, because for them to know, well it would mean that Tommy would have to say how he knew. He would have to admit to having his dick sucked by some fag, and somehow, he just didn’t think Tommy would be stupid enough to expose his own safety, least not that way. He might make some story up, but hell, soon as they would confront him, he’d be sure to spill his guts. No way would he take their shit, without fighting back, and that would include embellishing the blow job, making it more like Tommy had begged him for it.

Even as he planned his response, to potential trouble, he knew he’d never go through with it. He cared, which was stupid, given how Tommy had just walked away. How he had called him out, at first, then later, simply walked away. Maybe the guy was just scared, though he couldn’t see of what. No way was he going to tell anyone, nor did letting some guy suck your cock off make you queer, so it was puzzling to him.

Didn’t help how he was feeling as he stared at the doors, hearing the muffled banter going on inside, as his teammates got dressed for practise. Standing there, he realized he couldn’t put it off much longer, or he’d be late. That wouldn’t please the Coach, and the penalty was ten laps around the field. Troy really wasn’t into doing laps, not today.

Pushing the doors open, he felt his body tense, as he made his way into the main locker area. He ignored everyone as he quickly made his way to his locker, and began to pull out his pads and stuff. His heart was beating a thousand beats per second, or so it felt, as he waited for someone to notice his arrival, to start off the hazing, the attacks.

As he managed to undress and get ready to head out to the field, he felt relieved. So far, no one had said anything, and nothing had happened. He thought maybe it was a reprieve, that the real damage would be out on the field, with maybe cheap shots, or more hard bone crunching tackles. His imagination was still running wild, as he closed the locker, nearly jumping to the ceiling, when one of his team mates passed and looked at him.

He almost spoke out, asking him what he was looking at, his fists balled up at his side, but before he totally lost it, he heard the whistle being blown outside, knowing it was time to head out. The teammate was already starting to trot away, and the moment passed. He tried to count to ten, to relax, but he felt like he was walking on egg shells. Every step he took that moved him forward to outside, was like a step towards his doom, and yet he had no valid reason for thinking like that.

Sure, Tommy had bolted, sort of. If he was honest, the guy hadn’t just let him suck him off, then in disgust, rush to get away. He had laid there, for some time, and hadn’t reached for his clothes, until the end, until he had opened his damn mouth, wanting to know if he had been a good cock sucker. Christ, maybe he had scared him away?

That too had been in thoughts, not just now, but all day and hell, for most of his night too. Not like he had managed much sleep, other than some tossing & turning, some brief interludes that seemed to be no more than a few minutes. It was his nerves. If anyone was going to attack him, call him out for being gay, they would have done it before he put the pads on, or they would do it after he took them off.

Not like they would get far attacking him, while he was in his gear, and okay, maybe a few tackles would be harder, not like he would really notice, beyond the moment. Troy felt a bit better, as he started to hurry, so as not to be late. Laps were not in his plans for after, just a quick strip, dress, and out the friggin door. He’d shower back at his dorm.

Everyone was already making their way to stand before the Coach, and Troy sidled up to hear, but not make his way further in. No one seemed to notice him, and a few of the guys just nodded, as was usual, and he breathed a sigh of relief. So far things were normal, no one seemed to know, or give off that vibe. He relaxed, until the group broke up, to run the scrimmage.

As he lined up on the outside, he noticed that he was facing Cort, not Tommy. It made him hesitate for a second, and lose his concentration. He moved a step, and the shrill piercing cry of the whistle startled him. Looking to his left, he saw the assistant Coach, who was yelling something, that he just didn’t quite get, until the man repeated himself.

Troy felt his face turning red from embarrassment, and from the sudden attention he was getting from everyone else. He lowered his head, and got back into position, as everyone was certainly watching him, thanks to his stupidity.

Once more he lined up, staring out at the new cornerback facing him. His heart quickened, wondering why suddenly Cort was facing him, instead of Tommy. He didn’t dare look for him, wondering if he was even at practise. The change had made him nervous, and as the ball was snapped, as he made his move, feeling Cort’s hands reach out to try and disrupt his pattern, he stumbled a bit. His legs seemed wobbly, as he felt the other guy’s hands push at him, wondering if this was about to be the payback for blowing Tommy.

Once more the whistle was blowing, & once more he was the center of attention, as they had to do it all over again. A few of his team mates were definitely looking at him weird, as was the Coaching staff. It was like suddenly he was wearing a huge bullseyes on his jersey, as he trotted back, to the huddle.

‘Christ, get it together man, I don’t want to spend the whole practise on this stupid play.’

He just nodded at the Quarterback, and broke the huddle to head once more to his position. His heart was pounding, as he took his stance, unwilling to look beyond Cort. He stared at him, at the way his eyes looked at him from under the helmet. How piercing they suddenly seemed, as he noticed how his hands were clenching, then unclenching.

Did he know? Was this how Tommy was going to get back at him, by sending Cort to do his dirty work? If that was the plan, it wasn’t going to work, as he heard the count, saw the snap out of the corner of his eye and began his route. He saw the hands coming up to try and throw him off, again.

He twisted his body to the side, in a sort of rolling motion, and moved out of the way, watching Cort go falling forward, taken by surprise. Troy had moved unexpectedly, and now Cort was falling forward, and he had a clear run ahead. He turned his head, to look the coming pass into his hand.

Every part of his mind was concentrating on the fast approaching spiral. His hands moved out and up, as he watched the ball come towards him. His legs continued to pump, his heart pounding as he felt the hard pigskin strike the fingers. Pulling in the ball, he began to tuck it under his arm, when something made him look up, and there he was.

Tommy was racing towards him, full tilt, his legs pumping, his arms starting to lean forward towards him. He was running flat out, and Troy knew he would hit him hard. The ball was tucked hard into his side, as he saw Tommy leap forward, leaving the ground in a flying tackle.

Everything seemed in slow motion, as he watched him coming at him, like some guided missile, yet all he could think of was how hot he looked, at how his body was so perfectly displayed in the tight uniform. His legs were pumping faster, when Troy put the brakes on, leaning back. He could see the sudden surprise on Tommy’s face as his body was nearly impaled on his own.

The sudden stop, the twisting back had nearly worked, but Tommy managed to reach out and grab at his shoulder. He felt the shock of their collision, felt the hard wrench at his shoulder, as his body tried to go in two directions at once.

First his movement backwards was arrested, then the yanking pull from Tommy’s hand was pulling him off his feet, making his head lower down. His eyes saw the thigh muscle, as he fell forward, as he saw the legs up in the air. The hand held his jersey tightly, making him fall forward and out of instinct, he tucked himself up, to roll down and up.

Troy landed hard on his upper shoulders, at an angle. He felt the ground strike him and felt the lancing pain run through his whole body, as Tommy’s last gasp had worked, and had taken him down. He felt the back of his legs crash into the ground, felt his whole body bounce on the hard turf. The wind was knocked from him, as he lay there, the ball still tucked under his arm.

The pain was everywhere. He could feel it down in his legs, across his chest, and all the way down his back, as he stared up into the sky. There were stars above his eyes, dancing in a strange glowing circle, that made him laugh, which in turn made his body ache. He could feel himself coughing, feeling the hard pain in the very pit of his stomach, as he lay there, trying to gasp for fresh air. Still, he could feel the football wedged into his side, still in his grasp. That would make the Coach happy, he thought, as he tried to take some deep breathes.

Christ, that had been a surprise, to see Tommy come flying at him. Maybe that had been the plan, to let Cort take the point and then Tommy would finish him off. Well it didn’t work, did it, he thought, as he slowly raised himself up on his elbows. The rest of the team were all rushing forward, as he sat up, feeling the soreness in his body. He had shown them, not only had he made a good break from Cort, but he’d taken the best Tommy could dish out. So much for fags being sissy boys, he thought, as the cobwebs seemed to hang around.

A hand was looming in front of his face, which he grabbed, grunting at the same time. His body ached, as he was pulled up to his feet, and found himself staring into Tommy’s face. His mouth dropped open in surprise, but he quickly closed it, as the rest of the team were in ear shot.

‘You okay?’

‘Yeah, yeah just had the wind knocked out of me.’

‘Uh, that was a good move, didn’t think you could move that fast.’

‘Thanks, nice recovery on your part, you got some serious strength there.’

‘Comes from being on Defence.’

Everyone was crowding around now, complimenting them both but it broke up as the Coach approached and pushed a few of the others away. He looked at Tommy, smiling, then stared at Troy. He could feel his eyes boring into him, as he studied him, asking him if he was okay. Despite his protests to the contrary, he was made to go sit on the bench while the team continued with the scrimmage.

He hated not being out there, but he did still feel a bit woozy from the hit and landing. Wasn’t really so much the glancing hit, but the turf that had rung his bell the most. There was no doubt he would be feeling that tackle for a few days, as he leaned forward into his hands, propped up on his knees.

Gradually the fog in his head was clearing, and he managed to lean back on the bench, to watch his replacement. Cort was still playing the Cornerback position, and he noticed that Tommy was now back playing Strong Safety. Obviously the change wasn’t his decision, which made him relax a bit more.

One of the assistant coaches kept standing close by, and looking at him, which made him a bit nervous. Still it was most likely because of the hard tackle to the turf that made him so attentive, but it sure cut down and the other’s coming close. A few had come by, to tell him what a good move he had made, and how he had sure surprised everyone.

It wasn’t unusual, though he didn’t think he had been so predictable as was obvious by the remarks. He had made some moves, but then Tommy was a damn fine cornerback, so maybe now he could shine a bit more. The whole thing was odd though, and once more his paranoia seemed to be kicking in. Did they mean that they didn’t think some fag could take a hit like that, or did they even know he was gay? Had Tommy confirmed their first thoughts, or was it just him, being a nervous Nelly?

That too was beginning to weigh on his mind. If they all had guessed about him, why hadn’t he picked up on that? Worse, was how did he tip his hand? That he certainly wanted to know, and as he watched Tommy running across to make another hard hit, on someone else, he thought about asking him.

After all, it was the least he could do for him, seeing as how he had sucked him off last night. That too was in the back of his mind, making him wonder if all straight cock was that delicious, or if they all shot like Tommy had? He sighed, as he thought about the whole situation. He hadn’t asked to suck him off, and yeah, he rather did wish it had gone a lot further. Then too, maybe he needed to stop being such a worry wart. So what if his team mates knew he was Gay or thought he was. Obviously it hadn’t made any difference, because no one stopped making their jokes because of it, no one had turned away from him when coming out of the showers, so why was he so worried about it?

Shit, it was all so complicated, so confusing. I mean maybe there were a few others on the team, curious like Tommy? Now that would be something, to have some of those other beefy guys wanting to get their dicks sucked off. Course, he wouldn’t, but then again, maybe he would, depending on who was doing the asking?

Say it was that sexy running back, Philippe. He was from Louisiana and had the cutest little accent, but more than that, the guy was hot. He wouldn’t mind finding out how big he was in the dick department, wouldn’t mind a taste either of that Cajun sausage.

Shaking his head, Troy couldn’t believe some of the thoughts crossing his mind. Just because Tommy had wanted to experience a guy sucking him off, didn`t mean the others had the same curiosity. Hell, he rather doubted if any of the others did, including Philippe.

Despite the jockstrap and all that was holding his package down, he could feel it straining inside, aching too. He shifted himself on the bench, as he tried to get his mind off of his teammates, off of Tommy. The guy did look hot all decked out in his uniform. The tight pants didn’t help his thinking process much, as he noticed those firm cheeks, those massive thighs.

He could still smell him too, that aroma, as his nose had dug deep into the groin, between the thigh and crotch. How good it had felt, how tangy the scent was too. More than that, it meant he had his entire cock buried in his throat, and that was what he really enjoyed recalling. In fact, so much he didn`t notice that the Coach was approaching, until he was standing right in front of him.

Looking up, he felt his body shake a bit, wondering if somehow he had once more given himself away. It was how the man looked at him, worry in his eyes, but something more. Maybe he should say something, or not but it was decided for him.

Troy tried to protest, to tell the man that he was okay, but there was no changing the man`s mind. He was being sent to the showers, to end his practice long before anyone else would be allowed to leave. All because of that stupid hit, and the fact it had taken him a bit to get back up. The Coach was nice, but firm, telling him to hit the showers. He also told him to report to the Trainer tomorrow, which irked him. He was being let off tomorrow`s training too, or so it seemed.

Grabbing his helmet, he stood up, and walked towards the lockers, feeling dejected. He thought he had handled the hit well, and so what if he had lain on the turf for a few minutes. Christ he had just been taken down hard, what was he supposed to do, jump up like it hadn`t happened?

Walking back inside, he felt a bit dejected. First Tommy had just left him last night, which had made for a rather restless night, and nerve wracking day. Now here he was, being sent off because of a hit. It was like nothing really was working out like he would have liked. Then too, the way Tommy had looked at him, when he helped him back to his feet, was well, something different.

For a second or two, he was pretty certain that there was genuine concern showing in his eyes. Flashes that maybe he had hurt him, which made Troy wonder, if all that ‘I am straight’ stuff was true. After all, he didn’t seem to have much trouble staying hard, even after blowing his load. So was he? Was it simply a cover, so Troy wouldn’t know, or be able to use it against him?

Moving into the showers, he kept wondering about last night, and about what he thought he had seen reflected in Tommy’s face. Was it that he had meant to hurt him, but then after, felt remorse for it? Could his tackle have been a desire to punish him for actually sucking his cock?

As he soaped himself up, under the hot spray, he couldn’t help himself. His body ached, but his dick was aroused, by the strange thoughts going through his mind, about Tommy. His dick grew hard, but he didn’t care, as no one was due back for ages yet. For the first time, he actually had the shower to himself, and the hot water hitting his body felt damn good.

He felt the pain easing, felt his muscles in some places relax, while in others they seemed to tense up. As his hand moved down his legs, and around his groin, he couldn’t help but feel a bit aroused. Besides, the whole thing with Tommy was never far from his thoughts. It wasn’t right, to feel so enamoured by a straight guy, but he couldn’t help himself. There was that feeling he had, that desire that was more than just about having sex with the guy.

Not like he had many crushes, or thought of guys in a romantic way. There simply had never been a chance back home, and out here, well things weren’t all that better. Still, with Tommy, he had fallen for him, which was perplexing. Why couldn’t he fall for one of his own kind? Why the fuck did it have to be a straight guy?

The vision of Tommy’s uncut cock kept floating before him, and his own hand was enjoying the feel of his own cock. It was also remembering how good it had felt to touch Tommy, to feel his balls as he had cupped them, while licking at the underside of that rock hard cock. He was a guy, after all, and the idea of Tommy, the smell of him coupled with the touch, was still fresh in his memory.

He was stroking his cock, feeling it tremble to his touch, to his memory of Tommy. The whole thing felt unreal, thanks to the hot water that cascaded over his bruised body. The rising steam didn’t hurt either, as he tilted his head back, enjoying the memory of Tommy.

The cough made his hand tense, then drop to his side, as he realized that he was no longer alone. His body tensed, as he turned his head around, to peer out, at the entrance to the showers. He saw the figure, the tussled hair, and the dirty on the face as he looked over.

As his eyes adjusted to the steam, and to the figure standing there, he realized it wasn’t Tommy, but someone else, a bit smaller, but just as well built. He tried to turn his body away, so they couldn’t see his dick sticking out and up from his crotch, as he felt the way his heart was suddenly pounding away.

‘Uh, the Coach sent me in, to see if you were okay.’

‘Oh, yeah, I uh, I am fine.’

‘Yeah I can see that.’

Troy just stared as he watched the grin come over the small dirty face. He couldn’t believe how it made his whole face glow, or how it made him feel excited. There was no mistaking, that he had seen him whacking off. There also was a sort of, well, interest showing in his face, as the eyes were still fixed towards Troy’s crotch. He seemed to hesitate a bit, as he continued to take in Troy’s naked body, and especially his aroused cock.

‘There something else?’

‘Huh? Oh, no, guess I should get back.’


The figure began to turn around, to leave, when he stopped, and once more turned to stare at Troy. He seemed like he was about to say something, thought about it and was once more about to leave, when he just spoke, in a rush.

‘That was a hell of a play you made Troy, damn nice moves.’

‘Uh, thanks.’

‘Took us all by surprise, fuck you should have seen Cort’s face when he got up, it was a hoot.’

‘Yeah? Well uh, thanks.’

‘No prob, uh, maybe we can hang sometime? I mean, if you want, I’d sure like to learn how you do those moves, it would be handy to add to my own game.’

He was half way to answering sure, when he noticed how the guy was staring at him. His eyes weren’t looking at his face, but at his crotch, and he felt a strange tingling at the roots of his hair. The way the guy was staring at him, at how his lips were closed tightly, almost as if he was drooling, made him study the guy closer.

‘Sure, uh anytime you want.’


‘Uh, yeah.’

‘Cool, say you know where Miller’s Field is?’

‘Yeah, why?’

‘Be a great place for you to show me those moves, ground is flat, and bit softer than the turf. Maybe this weekend?’

‘I guess, what Saturday or Sunday?’

‘Sunday if you don’t mind, I got a part time job on Saturday.’

‘Sure, what time?’

There was the distant sound of a whistle being blown, which made them both realize that practise was still going on. For a brief moment, Troy had forgotten about where he was, or that Philippe hadn’t stopped staring at his naked body, despite their conversation.

‘Shit, I better get back or the Coach will make me do laps, uh, look, maybe I can drop by your dorm room later? We can sort of uh, work out the details?’

‘Sure, I guess so, about eight?’

The small figure turned and was already nearly out of sight, when he yelled ‘eight it is’ and was gone. For a few minutes more, Troy stood under the hot water, wondering what had just happened. For some reason, he felt like he had just been propositioned, or at least given an advance warning that one might be coming his way.

To be continued…

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Part (2)

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Remembering (2)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

He could see them now, see Rob’s long blond hair and deep blue eyes sparkling, as he came around the truck front end, to grab a couple of back packs out of the truck bed. He tossed one to Trent, who almost missed it, still not sure what was happening. There were no bedrolls, no sleeping bags attached, but there was one huge cooler.

It took both of them to lug it out, to sling it between them, as Rob led the way towards the trees and the river. Trent didn’t mind following, as it had given him a chance to admire the tight fit of Rob’s jeans around his butt. He really did admire those firm cheeks.

Even when he would sleep over, he would enjoy running his hand over them, to feel their firm flesh, but he had never gone further. It just would have led to too many questions, which he’d have to answer. Cuddling, rubbing his crotch up into the back of Rob was one thing, doing more was, well, just never going to happen.

He had resigned himself to that, though deep down he knew he wouldn’t like it. Trent just couldn’t do more, or bring himself to do more or ask for more. It was enough that Rob would let him rub himself, even cum, which was more than he could expect.

Back then, you just didn’t blurt that kind of stuff out. You didn’t make it obvious, though Rob had to know. Still, he had it better than others. He wasn’t a target, wasn’t forced to live in pure torment like some of the others in school were. He couldn’t imagine himself surviving that crap, which is why he never said a thing. Oh it had turned his stomach to see, to watch but unlike Rob, he never took a stand. He never risked his position in the social pecking order, like Rob had.

No one thought either of them were, which suited him fine. He didn’t believe Rob was either, though at times he had dreamed about it, wishing in his sleep that he was. It wasn’t just that he had a great body, or a winning disposition. There was something about being near Rob, about talking with him, that made him feel special, made him feel safe.

Looking down now, all he could see was those firm cheeks leading the way through the forest. The small giggles as a branch would suddenly come flying back at Trent. One more reason why he enjoyed his time with Rob, he was always having fun. He could be serious, but it didn’t matter, the occasion, or the situation they would be in, Rob always found a way to make it fun, to find something to laugh at.

The hand squeezed his, as he thought about that short trek into the woods, to where they came out to a clearing. At first it didn’t seem much different, until he noticed the shadow of their tent. It was just like the one they used, and then it hit him. It was their tent, already set up and off to the side was a cleared path, stones built up and split logs already laid within the circle.

A bucket of water stood to the one side, and further off were several more already cut logs, ready for grabbing and tossing onto an open fire. He felt surprised, his mouth hung open as he stammered at the set up campsite, now knowing why he hadn’t been able to reach Rob all day. He had been here, getting his surprise ready.

No wood searching, no having to rush and put up the tent before the darkness overwhelmed them. It was all done and as they set the cooler down, Rob had turned to him and punched him in the arm.


Yeah, it’s great, so what’s in the cooler, booze?

Booze? Nah, can’t have you getting drunk, least not yet. Just some food, soda, and stuff.

Stuff? Like what?

You’ll find out, later. First let’s get the fire going, then how about a quick splash in the river, before it gets too dark?

He hadn’t caught it then, but he got it now. Looking down at Rob, he saw a hint of that grin, that little impish grin he had, when he had suggested the quick dip.

The fire had started quickly, and was already crackling & roaring as they headed down the path to the river’s bank. He once more following Rob, who seemed to enjoy leading, as if he liked to be watched from the backside. Trent had no objection to being behind either, and as they got to the river bank, he felt the cool breeze coming off the water.

Rob was already stripping, and taunting him to get a move on, before winter set in. He glowed in the soft twilight that filled the area, his skin looking paler than it really was. He saw how his arms moved, how they were already pushing his tight pants down, bending over to take them off, making his cheeks stick upwards, aimed at Trent, adding to Trent’s aroused state.

He couldn’t help himself, but he was long past feeling embarrassed about having a hard on around Rob. He too began to undress, thinking that the cold river water would erase his current state. As he pushed his pants down, his boner tenting his jockey shorts, Rob turned around to stare directly at it.

There was a strange glint in his eyes as he looked at Trent’s crotch, then he laughed, as he pushed his own shorts down, turning around to face Trent. His pubic hair a sort of shadow surrounding a huge stiff pole, the most beautiful dick he had ever seen. Whether in some video he had found, or some of the skin mags he had managed to get a hold of, Rob’s hard cock looked much better, bigger too.

He swallowed hard then, as Rob just laughed, and made his way to the water, with Trent finally moving up from the rear. His hard cock bouncing as he ran down the little slope towards the water’s edge. It was freezing cold, or so he had thought, but somehow it didn’t seem to erase his problem. Just seeing that cock, fully hard, was more powerful than the cold river water.

Then too, there was Rob and his closeness, to keep his mind focused on it as well. How he splashed, laughed at Trent. How they moved out a bit, swam around and trying to tag the other. He was certain that a few of those swings that hit his crotch weren’t by accident, but he just enjoyed the touch, afraid to say anything, in case it ruined the moment.

It was two kids, having fun, splashing and just being kids, despite their new age, that made them adults. It wasn’t like reaching the magic age suddenly made them serious, yet it felt different. Splashing, pushing and the odd touch, was different, was somehow more intoxicating.

All the pressure of reaching eighteen was gone, while they horsed around. It was as if the world had gone away, and there was just the two of them, free of everything. The restraints of society, the weight of wondering what the future held in store for them, the gloom of trying to figure out what it was they wanted for the rest of their lives, was all gone in those minutes of just splashing around. Of laughing, at chasing each other in the cool river water, made it all seem so carefree, so relaxing.

Even the notion of being Gay & all it meant, was gone from his thoughts. He could only think of Rob, of how much fun he was, of how good of a friend he was. The idea that they may go their own ways was not even lurking, as they just had now. It was an amazing feeling, that he only now understood. It was a gift, one he could hold onto for his entire life, unlike some other present that wore out, or got misplaced. This birthday gift, was something he would never lose.

He felt his heart thumb and through his narrowed eyes, he saw the figure on the bed. Trent could feel his pain, but right now, he felt nothing but his pleasure, as he too was thinking of that time they exchanged a gift, that really meant something. Strange, how it had taken him decades to fully appreciate, to fully comprehend it.

Sure he had remembered that time, many times throughout the years, but never as powerfully as he felt it now. It was like yesterday that it had all happened, and he felt the thrill deep inside. His whole body was recalling it, as he held Rob’s hand.

How Rob had lead him back to the river bank, and climbed up to stare down at Trent. He could see the moon over his shoulder, the pale moonlight glimmering off his well build body. How the drops of water shone in the pale light, making it seem like he was glowing. But it was how he stood, how he showed Trent that he too was all man. How there was no mistaking the hard pole, that stuck straight out from his body, right at Trent.

It made it all seem normal, as he too stood up, and despite the cool water, was still aroused. Or maybe it was that he just kept getting aroused? From the odd touch, the odd poke, and now the sight in front of him. It all made his body respond, made him ignore everything else.

The worries, the doubts & fears, just seemed unimportant at that time. Somehow, Rob had made him feel safe, comfortable in who he was. He couldn’t explain it then, or anytime since, not even now, but it was as if he could just be himself, not feel afraid or worried of it being misunderstood. His erection was part of him, something natural to have, at that moment.

Sex was never a comfortable topic for Trent, back then or really anytime afterwards. The only time he had ever felt safe, felt at ease, was with Rob, and it all came back to that birthday, that time when Rob showed him just how natural it was.

Out of the water, they raced back to their campsite, to find the fire in full roar. They stood next to it, letting the crackling flames dance and warm their toned bodies. It felt good, to just stand there, naked, and let the smoky warmth dry their skin.

It was just a few seconds, maybe a minute or two, but it felt good, and he couldn’t help but glance over at Rob, to check him out. His dick had softened a bit, but he was mesmerized by the sight of it. The way it was just there, for him to look. He knew Rob noticed, but he didn’t flinch, didn’t move away, or try to cover it up. He just stood there, letting him see all he wanted to see.

Then he moved to his backpack, and pulled out a towel, that he put down on the long log that was near the fire. He quickly moved to grab two more large logs, dumping them on the fire. The sparks flew high in the air, the flames twirled around the new fuel, then began to eagerly eat at it, while Rob dug back into the backpack, pulling out a huge terry cloth towel.

He sat down on the log, with one end of the towel around his shoulders. Rob opened one arm up, holding the other end of the towel, and it was somehow like an invitation that Trent couldn’t refuse. It seemed so natural, that he didn’t even hesitate to walk over, sit next to Rob, and let him place the open end of the towel around his own shoulders.

Rob didn’t let his hand move away either. It rested firmly over Trent’s shoulder, holding him close to his own body. They touched, at various parts, and stared out at the now roaring fire, in front. They didn’t say a word, but just rested into each other’s side. He could remember that feeling now, how good it had felt to have another leaning into him, to lean back & not be rejected, not be worried it would be misunderstood.

Time didn’t seem to matter, and they had just sat there, moving once or twice to add a few more logs onto the fire, but they just sat there. No words spoken, just two friends enjoying the touch of the other next to them. Even the cooler night breeze didn’t seem to phase them. Trent recalled how his hand rested on Rob’s thigh, then moved down so his whole arm rested on the thigh, his hand at the knee. Rob had his arm still around him, but it rested down at Trent’s waist, the hand just up around where his stomach met his thigh.

It felt so good, to feel those strong fingers laid on his leg, his whole body feeling like it was almost floating, only Rob’s touch holding him down, stopping him from floating up into the air, towards the heavens. It was an odd feeling, that he had never felt before, or since. It was a moment of utter bliss. Trent never could remember a time when he had been happier, and the evening had only just begun.

Looking down at Rob, he knew he owed him a lot, for just that one night, that one moment in his entire life, when he truly felt at ease, felt like he could be himself. He smiled down, seeing the answering smile in the pain wracked eyes. Even now, Rob could make him feel like he was okay, that he didn’t have anything to prove.

Sitting together, on that log, he had felt so at ease, that he surprised himself and had turned his face to look at Rob, and out of instinct, he kissed the warm shoulder that his head rested on. As his lips touched the warm flesh, he realized what he had done, but instead of leaping up and running, he waited.

It was as if Rob had been waiting for it, as all he did was snuggle his own body closer into Trent’s, and there was a sort of small little whimper that he heard over the roar of the fire. It all felt so natural, that he just let his head push in a bit more, his arm moved from on top of Rob’s leg, to circle his friends waist, to rest just as Rob’s hand rested around him.

Trent could feel the contentment, the simple feeling of being accepted, even now. He chuckled a bit, to himself, as he remembered how Rob had looked at him, how his eyes seemed to just peer right inside of him. It had felt rather hot, a turn on that somehow seemed right. How he would then glance down to Trent’s dick, and how the eyes would widen a bit. Thinking of it now, he also remembered how Rob would lick his lips, so slowly that he couldn’t help but notice every crevice in them. How his eyes would see the cracks on the rough surface of the tongue itself, as the tip would run across the upper lip first, then the lower one. How it would curl around the corners, as if he had a piece of food stuck in it.

It all came back to him now, as his eyes softened, as he stared down at his friend. How could he have missed all that love? Yet he had found it, before it was too late. He felt a hitch in his heart, as his chest heaved a bit at the lost moments but the beat of the other heart next to his, made him push away the regrets. Instead his mind took him back to that night, to that eighteenth birthday celebration.

While his folks had made a fuss over it, his mom making him a special dinner with all of his favourites, it was the night by the river that had made it memorable. It was where he finally lost the awkwardness of youth, thanks to Rob.

How he had just stood up, putting out his hand for Trent’s own hand. How he smiled, how he looked, totally naked, standing straight to his full 5foot 11inches, shoulders squared. It made him look like some ancient Greek God, the matted dried blond hair curling around his shoulders, his neck. The curls bunched up in spots, the eyes a brilliant blue, the face in a warm inviting smile, all added to his feelings.

He had no idea what was to happen, but he let himself be led back towards the tent, where another surprise greeted him. The sleeping bags were all laid out, one fully opened filling most of the tent. The other rested to one side, to be a cover when required. There would be no separation between them tonight, as he stared down at the arrangement.

To one side was a small overturned box, their camping lantern set on top. It was set to low, and the flame flickered a bit, greeting them as the wind blew softly around the inside, from the opened flap at the front. He sighed, as he stared at it all, at how romantic it all looked.

Walking past Rob, he looked around, letting his hand drop Rob’s clasp, and after taking it all in, he turned towards Rob, to thank him, but Rob had moved in closer. He was a bit surprised by his closeness, further stunned by how Rob simply put a finger up to his lips, indicating for him not to say a word.

Then he moved another step closer, and Trent could smell him, a mix of smoke and river, that made his insides rumble a bit. He blinked, as Rob reached out, to wrap both arms around him, to draw his naked body into his own. He felt the press of Rob’s hard cock against his thigh, felt it slide to one side, as his own hard dick pushed between his friends legs, next to a warm thigh and very hot groin.

He could feel that shudder, even now. How it had felt, how the strange rolling waves of pleasure had made their way up and down his whole body. How he had shook, as Rob pulled him in close, how he then felt the warm press of his friend’s lips against his neck, just under an ear. How good it felt, as the hands moved up and down his backside, touching him in a way that only made the shaking increase.

How his hands moved down to his naked buttocks, to grasp at his own cheeks, how his own hands seemed to awaken, to also begin a strange movement across Rob’s naked backside. How his cock jerked, how hard it suddenly felt, how much it ached too, as they held each other, standing together. He felt Rob’s perfect cheeks, the touch making him tingle, as they ran down the firm orbs. It was unbelievable, even now he felt the tingle deep inside, as he recalled that moment.

Trent could see it all now, see how Rob pulled back, his hands holding him by the shoulder as his blue eyes stared deeply into his own green eyes. How the one hand moved upwards, pushing a lock of Trent’s hair away from his face, how the lips looked. It all came back to him, making him tingle, all over again.

He could see his eyes flutter, the lids slowly closing, as the head tilted to one side, and moved inwards. Trent could feel how his heart had begun to race, how his blood begin to pump wildly through his whole body, making it quiver, as his own head tilted, as his own eyes began to close, despite his desire to capture every moment.

How his body shook, how it simply seemed to explode as he felt the soft touch of those lips on his. It was agonizing, wonderfully agonizing, as he found his lips parting, eager to let in the pressing tongue. The way it moved inside, how it pushed past the small opening of his lips, forcing its way past his teeth, to lick eagerly at the insides, at his own tongue. It had made him tremble then, and now too.

How could he have missed it, but he had. Now he knew it, and he felt it all over again, only this time it was even more powerful. How deep the tongue moved, how his body felt the power of the kiss, the emotion of it all. It was his first real kiss, from another guy, and it was like nothing he had ever experienced.

The press of Rob’s body against his grew too, as he felt his body taking charge, as his mind simply revelled in the wonderful feelings that kept filling his whole being. Nothing else seemed to matter, as he felt the deep hard kiss, as he felt the press of Rob against his own body. How they slowly sank to their knees was nothing but a blur, as they kissed each other. His hands were roaming all across the now hot flesh of his friend, as was his hands. He could feel the fingers probing him, reaching him in places no one had ever touched before.

He had no idea how long they kneeled, kissing each other, exploring each other, before he realized that they were on their sides, stretched out on the open sleeping bag. He could feel its padding, but more than that, he could feel the warm body pressing into his own.

Trent realized, not once had he objected, not once had he drawn back. It was perfect, as it was supposed to be. It was as he had always imagined it would be, as he lay there, feeling his hands touching part of another male, without fear, without feeling like the world would suddenly come to an end. He didn’t feel any shame, as a strange hand moved across his belly, as another’s hand brushed past his pubic hairs.

How he had moaned too, as that hand reached down between their hot bodies, to take hold of his stiff dick. How he felt the rolling tremors rush through his body, as the fingers wrapped around the base of his cock, gripping it firmly. It was unbelievable then, more so now as he could feel it, feel the passion come from the finger tips that touched his throbbing pole.

It felt like tiny electric shocks, the way the tips seemed to just spark. Like a charges of electricity was passing from Rob’s hand to his cock. It made him ache in a whole new way, one that was almost too much for his body to take. He felt himself quiver, felt his body arch upwards even, as the hand held his cock tightly.

Trent recalled how his chest hurt, how he struggled to breath, as Rob’s hand began to slowly move up his pole, to pull on his taut flesh, to roll over the full veins that were sticking out, throbbing with the rush of his blood. How his own limbs felt numb, as the blood rushed to his groin, at how his eyes were watering from the racing emotions deep inside of him.

His own hands were trembling, but he felt them reaching between their bodies, felt them touch the tip of something hard, that was hot and sticky. His hand trembled even more, his mind began to see strange flashes of lights, as he held his eyelids tightly shut. The pain was excruciating, but oh so wonderful, as he realized that Rob was oozing pre cum, just as he was.

The realization only confirmed the pleasure he was feeling, the passion too. How good it all felt, as his hand moved down his friend’s dick, to wrap his own fingers around the throbbing pole. It was his first dick, first touch of one that wasn’t his. It was strange, as he felt the blood pulsing through the thin veins, knowing that Rob was feeling the same sensations. To know another was feeling, what he was feeling, only made him moan more.

The hold he had was broken, as the body next to him moved, as the lower part disappeared from his grasp, and the tight hold on his own cock seemed to suddenly lessen. A brief moment of despair crept in, but was quickly vanquished as he felt the hard press of lips on his chest, the hot breath of another over one nipple, then another.

There was the sudden pain as teeth nipped at one nipple, biting it lightly and pulling back, then as it made its way up his nervous system, he felt the soft press of warm lips on around the nipple, a press that made him groan. Trent felt the brush of the nose against his chest, then the raspy edge of the tongue as it licked at the centre of his chest, moving down his heaving chest. He tried to suck in as much air as possible, smelling the scent of smoky wood, the crispness of river water.

As the tongue moved downwards, he felt the ache growing, felt the way his body was rumbling, how his balls were swelling, adding to the ache, to the growing threat of explosion. How much could his sac grow, before it burst, he wondered, as the tongue was joined by two hands, that moved along his body, touching him, caressing his rolling muscles.

He heard himself cry out, felt himself biting his lower lip as his hands rested on the sweating back of his friend. He could feel the strands of his hair, feel his fingers grabbing at them, twisting them around as the new sensations moved up and down his entire body. How his legs were stuck straight out, stiff and unyielding, making him cramp up, which he ignored.

Everything was coming too fast, as his breath panted, as his heart raced, all the time the tongue moving closer to his groin, to his throbbing cock. He couldn’t believe what was happening, he couldn’t even fathom at how it had happened, only that another man was kissing and licking his body. Only that another guy suddenly was kissing his belly, that a tongue was suddenly licking at his pubic hairs.

He remembered how he had cried out, how his hand had grabbed hold of Rob’s head, how it was pushing it down, even further. How much he wanted to feel that tongue, those lips, around his cock. And when he did, how it made his body suddenly shook in uncontrollable waves of spasms. How every nerve in his body suddenly seemed overwhelmed by the moment, how his body had arched upwards the instant he felt the touch of Rob’s lips around the head of his cock.

He didn’t realize it then, but he remembered it now, at how his hand had pushed, how his body had arched upwards, driving his hard cock past the lips, deep into Rob’s mouth. How there was a sort of gagging sound, how hot it felt all around his pole, as it pushed up into the waiting throat. How the lips wrapped so tightly around the hot flesh, how they slid down, letting his cock in, then out.

How good it felt to feel his nose pressing deep into his groin, how his body seemed to ache, to throb in time with the motion of the mouth over his cock. There was his voice too, loud and shrill as it cried out, shouting his enjoyment of it all.

His voice would have sent any animals nearby scurrying away from its loud cry, yet even as it filled his ears, he could still hear the crackling fire in the far off distance. He could still smell the smoke, smell Rob too, as his body throbbed, as it pushed further up with each new thrust. One hand held the head hard against his body, as he arched upwards, his other hand pounding the earth next to him, as he felt the power of his body growing, as he felt the swirling emotions inside bind together to become one uncontrollable wave of pure passion.

Trent could feel it now, just as he had that night. How his body soared, how the pain grew and grew until there was no other choice. His whole body had become a sea of sweat, of desire. His balls had swollen to more than twice their size, or so it had felt like. He felt it all, felt the press of his sac, as it couldn’t expand any further. His cock was rock hard, never before as hard as it was at that moment.

He felt it all, felt the roaring pain inside, felt it suddenly explode. The force knocking the little air in his lungs out, as the force of it, made him feel like he was in the middle of some blender turned on high, as if he had been in a force 5 tornado.

It sucked the life from him, as his body jerked hard, as it arched upwards, driving his thick throbbing cock deep into the willing throat. There was nothing but a swishing sound, echoing in his ears, as his body exploded, as he felt the power of his ejaculation.

The sound of his cum, how it roared out from his cock echoed in his ears, or was it Rob swallowing as fast as he could, as he felt the thick sticky goo coating his cock, running down the throbbing pole to drip down around his pubic hairs. He felt it all, felt the way his body suddenly seemed drained of all energy, of all power, as his cum continued to pour out.

The throb in his ears, the cries in his throat, all combined to make him shiver, make his body tremble in ways he didn’t think possible. It was unbelievable, even now, at how deep the tremors reached. It was like a secret cavern had opened up inside of him, to unleash this horrendous downpour of the very essence of his life. He felt it all, in tiny compartments of his brain, as he felt all of it.

Every drop that came rushing out, made an impact somewhere deep in the recesses of his mind. He could feel them leave his body, feel the warm mouth and throat that eagerly drank each single drop, desperate to let none escape.

Leaning back in the plain metal chair, Rob’s hand still grasped in his, he felt how drained he was now, just as he had been then. His eyes flickered, as they took in the soft light of the room, but as he looked at his friend, there was a strange sheen on his face. A sort of glow that made him realize that Rob had felt it too, that somehow, through all the pain killers in his body, he had felt that moment again, just as he had.

It hurt, inside, to realize how long it had taken him to come to this point, at what it had taken, to wake him up. Glancing down, he felt the love. For the first time in his life, he was able to acknowledge it, for what it was. No hiding behind other words, no need to cloak it behind some mask of shame or guilt. It had been love, still was love, as he tightened his own grip on the hand in his.

The hand returned his strengthened grip as he felt his chest ache. The shortness of breath was still there, the way he had felt the second the last of his cum had dribbled out from his cock. How totally exhausted he had felt, how his whole body had immediately sunk back into the warm earth. How Rob had fallen on top of him, equally exhausted, equally drained of all strength.

What he remembered most of that instant, was at how totally exhausted they were, but how satisfied he was. How full he felt, how warm and complete he felt. He rarely felt such pleasure, such fullness, satisfaction, as he had right then. Leaning forward, he let his one hand run across the damp forehead of his friend, smiling down at him, still holding his hand.

He saw the understanding in the eyes, saw the sparkle again, only this time, a bit more vibrant, a bit more lively than before. Despite the drugs being pumped into his veins, he was telling Trent that he too felt it, that he too remembered that time, that instant, but that he also remembered it all.


Entering the Dark Side (2)

Entering the Dark Side

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

The silence was uncomfortable. He couldn’t help himself staring, and yet it seemed that Dix was totally impervious to his stares, or his needs. It was like a test of wills, in some ways. How he had a sort of blank stare on his face, while Mark stood there, sweating.

Staring at the phone, he remembered just how it all felt, how he felt annoyed at first, then self conscious, then scared, as Dix just stared at him. Eventually he managed to avert his gaze, and it was shortly after that he was ordered to get on the table. It was like a sudden surge of relief, and anxiety all rolled into one.

He stretched out on the table, and felt the hands pulling him, positioning him slightly differently. His neck was resting on a rolled up leather tube, that gave him support. Then came the restraints. Each one was carefully tightened over his wrists and ankles, making it impossible for him to move.

Mark felt Dix’s presence, as he came close, and whispered into his ear: ‘What is your safe word?

Immediately he answered, ‘Demon, Sir’ which got him a pat on the head. In some ways, it was rather exciting, to feel that gentle little pat on his head, more rewarding than any words could make him feel. It was strange, thinking of that now, of those little touches, little signs of doing something right. He could still feel the pride, the warmth with each pat, each gentle caress that it earned him.

While other sex, they had always expressed their pleasure, this was different. It was in the moment, not afterwards, and it wasn’t words either. You expected those words after a hard fuck, or long tasty blow job. Yet that was during the sex, and he settled back into his couch, feeling the twinge, yet feeling that pleasure too.

Funny how it all seemed to mingle together, as he struggled with deciding on whether to call or not. Some of what had happened, scared the shit out of him, yet at the same time, the good feelings far outweighed the others. And to be honest, he wasn’t so sure the others were bad, just that they were new to him.

The whip for instance. How sinister it looked in Dix’s hand, as he held over Mark’s face that first time. How the strands of leather hung from it (*known as falls), lightly touching the cheek of his face. How his eyes fixed on the hard knot at the end, where it joined the handle, and how dark it all looked in the flickering candle light. He had swallowed hard, as Dix held it near his face.

They had mentioned corporal punishment, and how he might want to try being disciplined with a variety of tools. A cane, a riding crop, and even a hand whip were mentioned, which he had agreed to. Now seeing it, well he was having more than second thoughts.

Yet Dix just stared at him, that little evil grin on his face, as he ran the leather straps down the side of Mark’s face, then under his chin. He used it to lift his chin up, ordering him to keep his head that way, as he let the leather lightly caress his throat, then down the centre of Mark’s chest.

He felt his muscles coil, felt his heart race a bit, as the falls continued to lightly move down his chest, towards his crotch. How Dix let them dangle, let them tease him, was making him both nervous and excited. He was afraid he couldn’t handle them, with any force, yet their slow movement across his flesh made him ache to feel it, to have them lash out and strike.

When Dix moved them down between his legs, how they lay across his groin, then around his hard dick, made him wet his lips. He felt strangely excited, more alive and sensitive to each touch of the falls, thongs, that he felt his balls swelling, felt the cum swirling inside, wanting to escape.

The muscles along the inside of his thighs quivered, as the leather slid past them, making his nerves tingle in anticipation, then when Dix suddenly pushed them up and under his balls, he moaned. He felt the hard knob of where the leather falls had been gathered together, felt it press up against the root of his cock. He felt his body arch upwards, felt his legs strain at the ankle restraints.

Then suddenly they were gone, the feeling was just taken away. His body slumped back to the table, his heart felt disappointed, as he felt the ache in his balls, and in his ass too. He had thought for sure there would be more.

A creaking sound made him flinch, but he kept his head tilted back, as ordered. He felt a sudden burning sensation across his groin, felt his cock jerk as something hot hit the shaft, then across his cock head. He cried out in surprise, as more drops of hot liquid dripped onto his groin, drying almost instantly. He had no idea what it was, as he lay there, head tilted back. He so wanted to lift it up, to stare down his body, but he was too afraid of what Dix would do.

His balls were suddenly grabbed. Mark felt the hand take them both, and squeeze, making him wince, then cry out a bit, as the hand twisted his balls, then pushed them inwards, as if to crush them back into his body. His legs twitched, at the pain that came up his backside, then it suddenly ended. He breathed in deeply, as his hard pole was now grasped by a hand, tightly squeezing the base of it. He moaned a bit, as the hand pushed up and down for a few quick hard strokes. His head move a bit, side to side, which brought a slap to one hip.

Keep still’ was ordered, and Mark struggled to obey, to not move, but it was hard to do, as the waves of pleasure and pain continued to race up his body from his cock. He felt himself moaning, felt his body shaking as the hand clasped his dick even harder, almost as if to strangle it.

The hand moved down under his cock, pushing his balls upwards, then two hard fingers began to massage his crack, to run up and down between his cheeks. He wanted to lift his legs up, to let the fingers have more access, but he couldn’t. His restraints made it impossible for him to shift himself much, plus he had been told to stay still.

It was agony, as the fingers moved up and down, then twirled around his tight hole. He felt the tips brushing past, lightly pulling at the muscle, lightly opening it. He moaned more as the fingers began to concentrate just on his hole, on the tiny sphincter muscle around it.

The penetration was quick and hard. Mark cried out as suddenly not one, but both fingers were digging into his insides, his muscles unable to prevent their entry. They move in deep and hard. He felt his insides protest, felt his body arch upwards, that got him another hard slap on a side of his body, around his buttocks.

It hurt, and yet as the fingers moved in and out, in a steady but fast motion, he also felt the pleasure such penetration eventually delivered. His head ached, and he could feel the sweat dripping from his forehead, as Dix worked his hole. Soon a third finger was pushing in, making his insides stretch even more. He cried out, a sort of muffled moan, that made the fingers twist a bit, as they pushed hard inside.

Mark had no idea for how long he was fingered, but he felt the change, when his throbbing cock was suddenly engulfed in a warm wetness. He cried out, as Dix’s lips wrapped around his cock, and slid down, while three fingers probed his insides. He felt his body arch up, to meet Dix’s mouth, to escape the fingers.

Dix let his mouth take him all, every inch of his throbbing cock. He felt the man’s nose pressing into his soft belly, felt his face on his groin, as his cock was deep inside of his mouth. His body shuddered, as the tongue licked at the throbbing veins around his cock, as his balls began to throb as well. He wanted to cum, felt his balls getting ready, when once more all of the sensations just ended.

He could hear himself panting, as his body relaxed on the table. Every nerve inside of him was screaming, wanting more, as he struggled to gulp in air. The flickering candle lights made him blink several times, when he felt Dix’s hand push his head back, so it rested in a more normal position.

Thinking about it now, he also realized that not once, during the entire session, had his dick softened. Not for one single moment, did his dick soften or even slightly soften. It kept hard, throughout, which was unusual for him. Not that he had problems keeping it up, just that at certain moments, it would relax, as he and his partner gathered themselves for the next bit of fun.

Funny how that hadn’t happened last night, or for that matter, how during those odd little breaks, those moments of nothing but silence, how his dick seemed to ache even more, seemed to throb just that much more. It was like it hated the break, anticipated more happening, which it never did. In some ways, it was as if his dick knew more of what was happening than his mind.

The whole night had been like that too, nothing seemed expected, yet when things happened, his body was like amazed, taken by complete surprise. Every nerve in his body never seemed to totally relax, but his dick, just seemed to know more was coming. Not once, which really was remarkable, given how long he had been there.

His arms and legs were sore, from being stretched out for so long, but he didn’t complain. One more of the rules he remembered, which was to not speak, unless to utter the safe word, or to reply to a command. For him, that was different. He was a surveyor, used to giving orders to others, to move this way or that way, yet here he was, the one taking the orders.

In his other life, his sex life before last night, he was the aggressor, the top. He was the one who decided what would be done, when and how. If he liked the guy’s looks, how his dick hung, he’d suck him off. If not, well the hand was a good tool at times, and rarely did he ever meet someone that he wanted to rim. Though he liked receiving it, he wasn’t a fan of ass sucking.

He had told Dix that, who simply told him, if he wanted his ass licked, he had to do it. That had been a tough call to make, sitting drinking some coffee in a rather ornate room. Yet he had bitten the bullet, realizing that Dix was pushing him, testing him. Agreeing that he would rim Dix, if ordered to, was just one more way he felt himself submitting to the will of another. At first glance, Dix would not be one he would normally choose to give a rim job to.

Everything kept playing over in his mind, running together. How he had sat agreeing to do things, then actually doing them, or not. It all seemed like one blurred picture, yet distinct enough to make him ache for more, even now, hours later. In some ways, it felt like maybe he was just some sicko, yet at the same time, he felt so alive, so full of life.

Okay he hadn’t had much sleep, and had been sitting here for what seemed like hours, but he felt tingly all over. Sure, he didn’t like everything that he had done last night, or had done to him, but it was the whole package, that had him feeling so invigorated. It was almost as if he had a brand new perspective on things, even work.

Having his morning coffee was even different now. It kept reminding him of Dix, of that room, of those papers. It also reminded him of his decision, of having to make a choice. Glancing at the clock, he realized that time was starting to run out, that he had only minutes to decide.

There was no doubt that if he was late, if his clock was off by a minute or two, it wouldn’t matter. He’d be shit out of luck, which made him pick up the phone. He knew inside what he wanted, how he wanted to keep on feeling, yet his mind was still opposing him. It was still throwing up roadblocks, playing to his fears.

Like how Dix made him suck him off, was one thing that had nearly made him use the safe word that night. How he had stuffed his own uncut cock into Mark’s mouth, forcing it past his lips and down into his throat. How he had nearly choked on it, and how Dix kept at him to take it all, to suck the whole thing, had made him panic.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t deep throated a dick before, some even a bigger than Dix’s eight inches, but the way it was just thrust into his mouth, at how the hand grabbed at his hair, lifting his head up, to take the whole cock straight in.

No preliminaries, no warnings, just suddenly his head was being lifted up by the roots of his hair, the smell of stale sweat filling his nostrils, then the thick pole being stuffed down his mouth. How it hurt his jaw, made his tongue flatten all came back to him, as he held the phone in one hand.

Mark had nearly thrown up. Not once, but three times, as Dix was merciless. He kept pushing it in and out, forcing Mark to take it, making Mark gag more than once. It was rough, hard, and yet it made his body tingle, made his own cock jerk a bit as he tried to swallow the cock, to let his throat muscles relax.

It had gone on for several minutes. He had felt the skin tighten around Dix’s shaft, felt the head become more noticeable as the foreskin was held back. He tasted his salty precum too, which seemed to be never ending. It made him nearly toss his cookies, but he held back, afraid to let his natural urges take over. Dix had pounded his face for what seemed forever, then like everything else, it just ended.

For several minutes afterwards, he coughed, trying to get his throat relax, wondering when the next assault on his mouth would happen. His body ached too, as he slowly stopped panting, gradually feeling his throat ease. It was then, when Dix once more brought out the whip.

Mark had been turned over, but in a different way than before. His head now hung over the table, his arms were stretched out and downwards, towards his feet. His legs still spread far apart, but they felt different.

Dix held the whip under his face, so he could see it, then once again he brought Mark’s face up, using the hard end. Mark stared into Dix’s eyes, saw that same little grin, saw the sparkle in the eyes too, which made him tremble. He was in position to being whipped, and he knew it. It scared him as Dix stared at him, then once more let his head fall back down. The falls moved across his cheek, then up over his shoulder.

Mark felt his body shake, felt his arm twitch as the leather moved lightly over his shoulder blades, and along the back of his neck, then gradually down his spine. He felt them brushing past his lower back, to rest around the top of his buttocks and back. He felt himself licking his lips, then biting lightly at his lower lip, as the leather pieces just sat there, as if trying to choose where to strike him.

His muscles were once more coiled up, as Dix moved them down one of his butt cheeks, then down between his legs. A hand reached out and underneath to grab hold of his scrotum, and pull them back, so they were between his legs, but visible, not hidden by his lower body.

Down the inside of his leg they moved, slowly and lightly, until they curled around his foot, then back up Dix took them, to once more tease his buttocks. He felt the hard knob suddenly push between his cheeks, then he felt the soft leather caress his exposed balls. He felt frightened, wondering if Dix was going to whip his balls, or worse, reach out and push his hard dick down, and whip that.

Strange thoughts had run through his mind, as Dix just stopped the motion. The leather straps rested on his balls, and Mark could hear his heavy breathing as he waited for the pain to come. He felt his nerves tingling, felt his body grow taut, in anticipation, but instead nothing happened. He felt slightly deflated, when the loud whack echoed in the room.

Mark cried out instinctively, as he felt the hard blow across both cheeks. He only felt the one, realizing that it was something else that had hit his cheeks. The warmth was creeping up from where he had been struck, as the next blow landed just above the first. He kept quiet this time, biting on his lower lip as the pain and warmth, both made their way up his spine and through his whole body.

He flinched after the third blow landed just below the first one. His legs jerked as he felt the tingling of his body, as he felt his balls suddenly swell up and try to push up into his belly, then sag down. A fourth blow was not so straight across, but more on a diagonal, cutting across the three previous blows. He felt himself groan, felt his toes curl up a bit and his legs jerk.

The restraints hurt as his arms pulled at them, as well as his legs, as each blow landed, all on different spots of his fleshy cheeks. He felt the warmth become a solid wave, felt the pain become a bit more intense. Each blow was deliberate and full on to his cheeks, which he could feel shake after the landing of them. His eyes were clenched shut, as each blow struck, his teeth digging into the lower lip, making his cries muffled.

The table creaked, and he felt something wedge between the burning flesh of his buttocks. His head was in a cloud, as he felt the hard press of a thick pole, thinking it was the cane or riding crop that Dix must have used on him. He gritted his teeth, as suddenly he felt the thick knob pressing up against his hole, then slice inside.

He cried out, straining at the restraints as his whole body trembled. His legs grew taut, as did his arms, as they struggled to break free of the restraints. Yet even as he thrashed around, he felt the pain race up his spine, making him even more tense, more tight.

Whatever it was, it was in quickly, stretching his insides like nothing else had so far that night. He cried out, his hands balled up into fists, as he realized that whatever it was, it wasn’t a cane or riding crop, it was just too thick for that. Mark felt his body shaking, as the hard object drove deep into him, making his insides stretch beyond their breaking point. He felt them ache, felt them protest, as the hard pole shaped object stopped its drive in, then began to pull back.

He realized then, that it was Dix’s hard cock. The pain inside only grew, despite knowing what was being impaled into his body. The hard slap of Dix’s groin into his cheeks only added to his groans. He felt each thrust, that seemed to drive in deeper than the previous one. His whole body shook, as he twisted his head from side to side, as the hard cock dove in. Then it would stop for a brief second, before being very slowly withdrawn, to where just the cock head was inside of him.

Each thrust made him jump, made him strain at his restraints. He cried out, wanting to call out ‘demon’ but he didn’t. He bit his lip, until he tasted blood, as the hard pole would dive deep into him. Each thrust going further, each thrust forcing all of Dix’s weight to force him flat against the hard wooden surface of the table. He cried out, but stopped short of yelling out ‘demon’.

While his body struggled with the pain, the fullness inside, his mind grew stubborn, refusing to let him give him. It kept telling him to take it, to not think of the word, to not think of ending the pain, that was filling his whole body. He let himself take it, believing Dix was merely testing him, to see if he was worthy of more, or being allowed to cum.

His cock ached as it slid up and down against the hard table. How his taut belly rubbed one side, the hard wood the other. It made him groan, made his legs twitch, his arms strain. Each crushing thrust brought a sort of grunt from Dix, but that was it, as he felt himself getting closer, nearing the point of orgasm.

The pain inside stopped as suddenly as it had come to him. He felt his chest heave, felt his heart still pounding despite the lack of any pressure on his backside. Then his head was once more held in a vice like grip, and his eyes opened, to see the massive cock in front. Before he could say or do a thing, it was being driven into his mouth. Once more he felt his throat constrict, felt it try to stop the thick pole from entering, but he failed.

Only this time, it didn’t seem to take him as long to relax his muscles. Then too, the thrusts were quick, and hard, when he felt the fingers pulling at his hair, as he felt them yank hard, as the cock was thrust deep down into his throat, further than before. He smelled the testosterone, smelled that man aroma, and as his nostrils flared, he felt the jerk of the cock.

He knew what was to come, but then suddenly the hard thrusts ended. The thick pole was taken out and all Mark could hear was the heavy panting from both himself, and Dix. Then he felt a hand reaching down underneath his heaving body, and take hold of his cock. The fingers wrapped around it, and stroked it while he lay on top.

There was no way he could hold back, on the third stroke he felt himself explode, felt his balls suddenly empty their contents. He felt his cock shake, felt it tremble in between the hand that was sliding along its length. He cried out, yelling he was cumming.

He was too late in shouting his warning, as the hand suddenly stopped moving. Yet he felt his whole body shudder, felt the explosion of his milk as it raced through his cock, streaming out onto the table and along his heaving chest. Mark felt his muscles suddenly collapse, his whole body shaking. Every part of him was suddenly exhausted, as his cum spewed out. The hand that held his dick, was quickly removed, but he still shot a small final load of cum.

Mark lay there, slowly letting his body return to normal. There wasn’t any other sounds really, just his own panting breathing. He didn’t know what to do, or if that was the end of it, as he felt completely exhausted. His ass hurt from the caning, his legs and arms hurt from how he had thrashed while taking Dix’s cock, but he didn’t want it to be over. He wanted more, wanted to take Dix again in his ass, but he wasn’t even sure if Dix was still in the room, it was devoid of any other sound, but his own.

He was beginning to wonder if Dix had left, when he felt the restraint on an ankle loosen, then another. The wrists were last to come off, as he lay there, totally spent. His body ached, as he didn’t have any strength to even lift his head up, to try and see where Dix was.

His body flinched, as once more he felt the leather straps on his shoulder. His head turned to see Dix standing near him. His eyes were narrow, sort of slanted, as he told him to get off the table and get down on his knees. Mark swallowed, not sure if he could do it, but he managed to push himself up, then slide his legs off the table.

Holding on, he lowered himself off, to kneel at the side of the table. His eyes followed Dix’s every movement, not sure what was going to happen. His lips felt bruised, and he could still taste his blood, as Dix moved to stand right in front of Mark.

He had one hand holding his cock, which was still hard. Mark noticed how the cock head was still so purple in color, so full too. It made him lick his lips, which seemed to get Dix to smile. Then, before he could move, Dix had his other hand around the back of Mark’s head, and was holding it tightly, as he moved in closer, and shoved his cock towards Mark’s mouth.

There was no need for any words, as he quickly opened his mouth, to let Dix ram the hard cock past his bruised lips. He felt it push inwards, once more filling his mouth and throat with its thickness and length. The cock was shoved in as far as possible. He could feel Dix’s pubic hairs rubbing up against his face, smell them, as Dix began to twist and turn his hips.

It didn’t take him long either, before he was pounding Mark’s face with his hard dick. The one hand behind his head, kept him from moving away, made him take every inch of that cock down into his throat. He felt his body shaking still, as Dix pounded his face. He could hear the man’s breathing growing shorter, feel the thrusts coming faster, when Dix just pulled it all out.

Before he could close his mouth, he felt the stinging stream of hot cum splatter across his face. He heard the low groan too, as the hot cum struck him. He closed his eyes briefly, but then couldn’t resist opening them again, to watch the stream of milky cum shoot out from the cock head. He licked at his lips, tasting the cum, as more shot out. He felt it hit him, as Dix stroked his cock a few more times, before it was all over.

Mark leaned back against the table, totally exhausted, covered in Dix’s cum. His own belly and chest had his own dried seed on it, as he looked over at Dix, who still stood there, staring back at him.

It was shortly after that, when Dix had told him that if he wanted more, if he wanted to not have sessions end so quick, that he would have to call tomorrow, to confirm his desire for more advanced training. It was said so softly, so low, that he had trouble picking up each word, yet when he did, he felt his body shake. It was like he was on the edge of a cliff, about to fall off.

Looking down, at the phone in his hand, he felt himself shake all over again. It was as if he could hear Dix now, telling him that there was lots to learn, that it would take months before he could really call himself trained. Mark felt the sweat on the palms of his hand, as his eyes stared up at the clock. Licking his lips, he began to punch the numbers, realizing that time was nearly gone, that his chance to enjoy it all, was about gone.

Mark fumbled with the phone, having to hit cancel twice, before he finally got the numbers pressed. He waited, looking at the clock, waiting. His body was tense, as he realized how close it was to the time limit set by Dix.

please, let my clock be fast, please oh please’ he kept saying as he waited for Dix to answer the phone.

Scenes from the Dungeon
Scenes from the Dungeon


Anointing of the Man Child (4)

Anointing of the Man Child

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (4)

He could feel his body tremble, as he stared at Trent’s crotch. The underwear was there, right in front of his face, and while he had seen guys in their shorts before, this was different. He knew he was going to not only see more, but be able to reach out, to touch it. It was scaring him, yet at the same time it was exciting him. He couldn’t quite figure out which was doing more to him, or if the combination of being scared & excited was making him feel so shaky.

The hands were trembling, he could see how they shook, as he reached out, to touch Trent. None of the magazines ever talked about it, gave him any clue as to how he should feel, or how he should act. They just seemed to assume everyone had done it, but damn it, he hadn’t. He didn’t want to ruin the moment, by being clumsy or doing something wrong.

Glancing up he could see the little smile on Trent’s face, and he breathed in deeply, taking comfort from the way Trent looked at him. It was warming, comforting. He couldn’t explain it, but he managed to reign in his nerves a bit, to let his hand actually take hold of the pants, around the waist, then pull them down. His eyes never left the bulge that was showing through the undies. How big it looked, all wrapped up in the cloth, how inviting it looked.

He had always wanted to touch the real thing, to put his hand around a fully erect cock. The whole idea of him being able to do it, to not just touch it, but to let his mouth wrap around one, was making him feel a bit dizzy, a bit light headed. His eyes were bulging, his cheeks puffing as he lifted his hands upwards, to take hold of the shorts.

The cock seemed to move which made him hesitate a bit, and he could hear Trent’s heavy breathing. The way his legs seemed to quiver too, the flesh tight as the muscles seemed to flex, while he stood there, waiting for him. It was that which almost kept him from moving, the idea that someone else wanted him, was waiting for his move. Blake felt his body shake, but he felt a strange sort of desire, that was far more powerful than the fear inside. It was the excitement, but also something more. It was almost as if some sort of instinct was kicking in, was guiding his hand as it moved up and took hold of the waistband.

He gulped in some air, as he slowly pulled down on the shorts, to see the growing patch of pubic hairs. He saw every strand as the shorts moved past. The V Shaped patch grew, as the shorts were being held back by the hard lump within. His hands pulled outwards, to slide the fabric over the hard pole.

His eyes were fixed directly at waist level. Blake wanted to look up, but the draw of what was being revealed was just too much. He stared as his hand shook, as suddenly the hard lump was freed. It shook as it broke free, and suddenly there was this large pole staring at him.

In a way it looked like an eye, with a thin white looking drop dead centre. His body shook, as he stared at the large dick, one he had seen before, but this was somehow much different. Back at the Frat House, it was just a penis, one that he never thought he would have the opportunity to touch. Back there, he was an on-looker, spectator, here he was about to touch his first cock.

He took it all in, saw the way the veins bulged and were wrapped all around the pole. He could see how the head was a different color than the rest, a more deeper hue, and the thin band around the head was lighter, as was the first part of the shaft.

Trent moved a bit, pushing his legs further apart, and his hand came down, to rest on Blake’s head. Blake looked up, and saw a sort of glazed look in Trent’s eyes. He swallowed as Trent’s hand seemed to push his head, to guide it towards that hard pole. His eyes moved from Trent’s face back to the hard cock, and he licked his lips, knowing what Trent wanted.

His head moved inwards, and Trent seemed to step forward. The hand on his head grabbed hold of his hair, holding him tightly. His eyes were wide as he saw the looming shaft, the winking eye of the cock, as it came closer. Breathing in deeply, he smelled Trent’s scent, the mix of his cologne, of sweat, of his body.

Trent’s other hand came down to grip the penis, by his groin. The fingers were wrapped around the shaft, holding it steady. He felt his eyes flicker, blink rapidly as if they wanted to close, but didn’t. The whole experience was nothing but a mass of confusing thoughts, as Trent stepped in closer, as his hand pulled Blake’s head closer.

His tongue snaked out, surprising him. He tasted his first pre cum, as the tip flicked out, and took the drop that was there. His body shook, and then he just seemed to feel like his whole body was on fire. His legs twitched, his arms quivered, and he was suddenly feeling a whole array of emotions inside. His mouth had somehow opened and wrapped around the head of Trent’s cock, and without even knowing it, he was moving his mouth down the hot shaft.

Blake felt the fullness, felt his muscles object, but his body was ignoring the minds confused orders. His throat ached, as the cock was somehow stuffed inside. The hand on his head was gone, the pressure gone, as his own body took charge. His hands moved to hold Trent by his hips. His fingers were touching the naked flesh, making him quiver deep inside.

The way his fingers dug into the flesh, the way he felt Trent’s bone beneath his fingers, all made him feel even more dizzy. His eyes were closed, but he breathed in deeply, as he fought with his mind, to let his throat relax, to let the whole cock enter his mouth.

His jaw hurt, as he felt it being held open wide. The way the head of the cock was pushing up into his palate, then trying to force itself down his throat, was strange, yet pleasant. He could feel his own head moving down the shaft, doing the forcing. It wasn’t from Trent, but his own body, that was trying to choke him.

He coughed, gagged a bit, but he fought it. It was unreal, how hot it felt, how good it felt despite the desire to throw up. The way his throat seemed to fight him, to fight some unseen desire, that was making him move forward. The way his hands were pulling at Trent’s hips, trying to make him come closer, to make the cock force its way past his objecting throat muscles.

The brush of hair against his nose tickled, as he realized he had the whole cock inside his mouth. His body trembled, as the realization hit his mind. He had won that part of the struggle, and felt rather proud of himself. His body sensing the victory, urged him onwards, and he began to move back, then forward.

His lips tightened their grip around the hot shaft, feeling the warm flesh sliding between them. His body shook, and Blake realized he was once again hard. His balls were aching, as he relaxed the grip on Trent’s hips, then began to reach around, to grab at the firm buttocks. He felt his knees ache from the hard ground, as he shuffled forward a bit.

Nothing he had read, was as good as how he was feeling. It was unreal, the way his head felt so light headed, how his legs had no feeling, but how his whole body seemed to be tingling. They never wrote about how his body would shake, how the muscles inside would tighten, then loosen, how the pain in his jaw would dull. All of that was never spoken of, or written about. They left so much out, that it was amazing. Yet as he felt his cheeks sink inwards, as he sucked on the hard pole, he could feel the veins bulge, then collapse, as blood flowed through them.

He found that as he moved forward, they would expand, then as he slid back, they would flatten a bit. He could feel the rush of the blood, feel the pulse, as if he was actually feeling Trent’s heart beating. The faster he went, the faster the blood seemed to flow through the veins, and as they did, they tightened the skin too. It was like string being wrapped one’s finger. How it would make the skin puff up in sections.

His eyes were shut, but he could see strange little flickers of light, tiny blue and red dots, as he moved his head back and forth along the shaft. His body was aching, and he could feel the pain deep down beyond his groin, his ass. Right smack inside of his body, he felt the pleasure, felt the fire of his desire. It hurt in a good way, as he found thinking about it, made his lips tighten more, made his throat expand a bit more.

The sounds began to become discernable. He could hear his own panting slurping sounds, hear Trent’s own panting breath, as he moved his mouth along the hard pole. He could feel the desire too, hear the soft moans, as the legs quivered. He felt them, felt the muscles in Trent’s buttocks clench and unclench. The way his flesh would tighten, then relax, in time to his head’s motion.

His mind was recording it all, taking notes. The way he felt, the way how he moved his head, whether he twisted his head to one side, how it made Trent stiffen more, or how his hands would clench as it pulled Trent closer, would make him moan.

The cry startled him, and he felt a sort of panic in his heart, but he kept his mouth around the cock. He could feel it shake, feel the throbbing of the flesh as the cry rang out. His lips tightened even more, he felt the head bang the back of his throat, then rear back. Inside, he knew that Trent was about to give him his first taste of cum.

His body shook, he was frightened by the thought, but he kept sucking on the hard pole. One hand moved off the buttocks, and reached down to take hold of the hanging balls. As his fingers touched, he felt Trent’s body shake uncontrollably. He felt the way the whole body suddenly began to tremble, to quake and he knew it was about to happen.

The first spurt, was like a flood gate had opened. He gagged, as the warm salty stream began to fill his throat and mouth. His throat rebelled, his mind was fighting him, wanting him to pull back, which he did, but suddenly a hand was holding him still. The cock inside was filling his mouth with a thick cream, that filled the air with its aroma.

His body shook, as he tasted the cum, as it kept coming into his mouth, until his natural instincts took over, and he began to swallow, tasting it even more. Blake couldn’t believe how it tasted, as he struggled with trying not to throw up. Blake could hear himself cough, hear himself gagging, but he fought to not let the cock free, to not let it loose, but he was losing the battle.

Despite Trent’s hand holding his head, he forced his head back, just as the next stream of hot milk came jetting out. He felt the splatter against his face, around his lips, then his chin and cheeks. He felt his body shudder, then as he swallowed the last remnants inside, he felt an overwhelming urge for more. One second he had wanted to throw up, the next he wanted more.

His head moved forward, his hand reached up and grabbed hold of Trent’s penis. He held it tight, as his mouth opened and once more he had Trent’s dick inside of his mouth. His lips held on tight, as he pumped the shaft. Blake held the cock head between his lips, feeling the cum around it, letting his tongue lick at it.

Trent moaned loudly, as his body once more shook. Blake felt it, felt the head try to pull back, but he held his lips tighter, and was rewarded by the cock jerking forward once more. The hot liquid didn’t stream out, but he didn’t let any escape his mouth.

He felt his cheeks sink inwards, as he sucked on the cock, while his hand continued to pump the shaft. He felt the body behind the cock shudder, and then the hands were on his shoulders. Blake felt the fingers tremble, as if they were using his shoulders for support. He sighed, as he realized there was no more of that sticky fluid would be coming out.

Blake felt his whole body shudder, as he let the cock fall out of his mouth. He felt himself leaning backwards, felt his chest heaving, as he finally managed to open his eyes. The darkness didn’t seem so dark, as he looked upwards at Trent. He could see his chest heaving, see a bit of drool by the corners of his mouth, but it was the way his eyes looked that made him feel all warm inside.

They were still glassy looking, but there was a strange sparkle to them, as he watched Trent’s nostrils flaring, watched the facial muscles slowly relax. The veins on his forehead seemed to slow down their wild pulsing beat. Trent took a step backwards, looking down at Blake.


Blake stared up at Trent, not sure if that was a sign he had done good, or not. Yet the way Trent looked at him, he felt like it was a good sign. He let his legs come forward, the pain making him wince. As he did, he watched Trent slowly lower himself to the ground, to lay down himself, still naked from the waist down. He couldn’t help but notice how Trent’s cock was still semi hard, how his balls though were somehow, smaller looking than before.

Was that, I mean, was it okay?

Trent looked at him, his mouth slightly ajar. The eyes were sparkling, as he just looked at Blake.

Okay? Shit, you sure you never sucked cock before?

Yes, why? Did I do it wrong?

Wrong, fuck man, that was the best blow job I have ever had, that was fucking fantastic.

Really? I mean, you aren’t just saying that, you really liked it?

Yeah, I really liked it, hell, I have never cum that much, not when being blown, anyhow.


I am totally drained man, uh, did it uh, did it taste okay?

He wasn’t sure how to answer that one. He could still taste it in his mouth, and around his lips. Blake felt his tongue licking at the dried cum around his lips, as he looked over at Trent. There was a sort of glow, or so he thought, but he knew it was just from the filtered starlight.

Yeah, I guess, I mean I don’t know how to say it, I mean I tasted my own, but this was different, I just, I mean, at first I wanted to throw up, you know? Then I don’t know, it sort of changed, it was kind of weird, but after the first taste, it well, what can I say, but I wanted more.

I know what you mean, my first taste, well I did throw up, still I do like it.

You did? It felt like I would too, but somehow, I don’t know, I didn’t want to stop. I think I like the taste, I know I wouldn’t mind tasting it again.

He watched as Trent slowly stood up, his chest still heaving a bit. He pulled his shorts up and then his pants, and as he buttoned the top of the pants, he looked over at Blake. There was a strange glint in his eyes, as he looked at him, which made Blake feel a bit nervous.

Blake, uh, do you think you’d like to see me again?

He couldn’t help but smile. It was what he had wanted to ask Trent, as he suddenly had an urge to taste his cum again. It was like having Chinese food, you got hungry all over right after, no matter how much you had stuffed down your mouth.

Oh yes, if you want to, I mean, well, I wasn’t as, I mean I’d like that.

You know, doesn’t matter how many times you do it, it is always a bit awkward afterwards, so I do if you do?

Yes, I do, but uh, where? I mean it is a bit, well, cold out here.

Leave that to me, I have an idea.

Trent suddenly stepped forward, and gave Blake a soft kiss on the lips. It felt so strange, that he found himself holding onto Trent, his arms around him, and kissing him back, hard. Blake felt Trent’s arms around him, hugging him, pulling him in closer, then they broke apart. Trent just looked at him, which seemed to make him tremble a bit.

Will I see you tomorrow?

Sure, we have to be at the Frat House first thing, so yeah, I’ll see you.

I know, but I mean, after?

If my idea pans out, maybe for the whole night, if you want.

I want, even if your idea doesn’t work out.

Trent looked at Blake, then down at his crotch. Blake felt the eyes staring at him, and he knew he wanted to spend the whole night with him. There was so much to talk about, to experience, that he couldn’t help but feel excited.

So I see.

They laughed, and hugged, as they slowly made their way back the way they had come. Trent reached down, and held Blake’s hand as he led him back out from the small clearing, towards the path. Blake couldn’t help but feel all giddy and warm inside. It was like a whole new world had somehow just opened up, one he hadn’t expected to ever experience.

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