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Blake Bennett from BoyFunk

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In their own words:

Meet twinky Blake Bennett from BoyFunk.


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View Uncut Dicks in HD

Blake Mason adds High Definition VideosOh I am excited. Seriously, I really am.

Blake Mason has just released their first video, in HIGH DEFINITION.

Now I can see the penis shots crisper and in much more detail, thanks to the 900 x 540 hi def videos shot at an amazing 3Mbit.  Naturally there are the other options but this new Super Hi Res feature is dynamite.

High Definition Videos Here

I have a 22 inch wide monitor, and you know, the video of Tony LOOKS HOT!

Yes, I can actually notice the difference, which you have to admit, is not easy. Blake Mason had great quality to begin with, and now it is even better.

Think about it. I mean now you get to see even more of the finer details of these UNCUT DICKS from the amateur males at Blake Mason. And man, that is what it is all about.

Oh, did I mention that the price of membership hasn’t changed either?  It is still $28 to sign up for the first month, then $24 a month afterwards.  So it was a bargain before, NOW IT IS A MUST HAVE!


HD exclusive videos at Blake Mason


Bradley and Jon from Blake Mason

Amateur Brits from Blake Mason

Personally I think that Blake Mason has found a real winner in 19 year old Bradley.

I love his look, and man, can this stud ever get it on. I just love his blue eyes, and that hair is rather enticing too, but how he takes it, how he kisses, is what gets me. Now Jon isn’t too bad himself, even if he is 24.

See for yourself at Blake Mason

You can watch the 23 minute exclusive video when you join Blake Mason. For myself, it is well worth the initial $28 (USD) for the first month.


Amateur Brits jerking off, and a lot more


Jordan Bares All

Blake Mason has added another sexy amateur male model » Jordan B.

Uncut Jordan B from Blake MasonJordan is from Manchester, is 21 years old and has a rather seductive look to him. Those brown eyes of his can just melt your heart when he looks at you. Hey, don’t believe me, check out his preview gallery here.

Over at Blake Mason you can view his entire gallery, as well as watch the 20 minute jerk off video this uncut beauty has done. Talk about flying cum!

For $28 subscription fee, that rebills at $24, it is a good deal. Not only do you get to see Jordan, but over 260 Other Exclusive Amateur Males.

In case you are interested, he is versatile, which means he can top or bottom.  Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?

View my gallery of Jordan B. Here

Get More Uncut Action at Blake Mason, Click Here for Exclusive Access.

Amateur Male models from the UK


News – Clash of the Eighteen Year Olds

I am becoming a huge fan of Blake Mason.

Not just because I get a commission either, I am also a member of this site, and I have to say, the latest update has both myself, and will have the wifey, drooling. I really liked Will when he first showed up, now here he is again, with Dean, another sexy eighteen year old.

I am not a joiner of sites. I really am cheap, just ask the Wife. However, Blake Mason is one of those sites that gives me more bang per buck than most other sites can do, COMBINED! I know, sounds unbelievable, but frankly it is true.

Will from Blake MasonI mean come on, just take a look at Will here.

Tell me you don’t like that look, that face, that smile?

Plus, this little stud muffin is hung too. I mean that has to be a plus, but I am more of a look kind of guy. I mean, I get off on how they appear, how they smile, not just how big their dick is, or if it’s cut or not. I want to be captured by their grin, their eyes, their face.

Will is just one of many at Blake Mason who do that.

Dean and Will from Blake MasonLet’s not forget Dean either. (he’s the one in the pink shirt) I mean the guy is rather cute, and well, he does have all the right equipment, as Will certainly seems to have noticed later on, in the video of these two. I mean not only does Blake Mason have some good models, but the videos are better than the crap available at our local video store.

Just so you know, both Dean and Will are students, both are Uncut if that makes a difference to you. Dean is from Nottingham, and Will is from Birmingham. I can tell you, I’d sure wouldn’t mind visiting either of them, course the wife might have a different opinion on that.

He’d make me stay at the hotel while he went visiting Will and Dean.

The video is about 23 minutes long, has lots of different download options (no DRM) to make life easier, and is HOT. I looked, can’t wait to see the wife’s reaction when he watches it later tonight…

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Visit these Amateur Brits at Blake Mason Here.

Don’t forget, click the images above to see the larger picture. Also tomorrow is a new free story release. I think you will enjoy it.

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