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gaydemon definitionsDid You Know That…

that during the 1700’s the concidered medical opinion was that self ejaculation was a terrible illness?

It was perceived that masturbation was not just immoral, according to religious morals of the time, but that it was actually an illness that could lead to serious health problems.

During the Victorian Era, pants were specifically designed, to prevent the hands in the pockets from touching the male genitals. ( source – Gaydemon Dicktionary & Wikipedia )


Story – Caught (3)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (3)

Terry licked his lips, as he stared intently at the little video screen on his camera. He could see Jesse standing, staring back at him with a sort of wide eyed look that showed how nervous he was feeling. He could see how he stood, so rigid, so stiff that he wondered what was going through his mind. The whole thing was a bit weird, to be caught by the guy, then instead of being run off the property, he had wound up sticking a dildo up the guy’s ass.

Life was certainly strange, but then too those red welts on the guy’s ass cheeks bothered him a bit. It really wasn’t any of his concern, besides which, it wasn’t like he had asked the guy to strip, or to perform. It was all Jesse’s idea and it was a chance he wasn’t going to ignore. The guy was even better looking than Damian in many respects.

Maybe it wasn’t so much that he was better looking, just that he had that shy, country boy look. The faded jeans, the boots, and the obligatory red and blue checked shirt. Naturally he had a scarf or whatever they called it, around his neck, which just made him look so sexy, that Terry couldn’t help but feel himself aroused. Man, what it would be like to taste the guy, to have his dick in his mouth, or up his ass, but he wasn’t about to make that kind of move. Least not until he got the video of the guy whacking off.

Terry could sense Jesse’s nervousness. He lifted his head up, and then moved back towards the spot he had placed the camera for his self jerk off video. He sat down, resting his back, and opening his legs a bit. Okay, it might be a bit much, but judging by how Jesse’s eyes kept following his every movement, he figured it might just be worth it.

Settling back, he lifted up the camera, shooting from a lower angle. He put the camera down, then staring up at Jesse, he told him to just ignore him, to look ahead, and to try and imagine himself with someone special. To think of that one person that got him horny and not worry about him or the camera.

Jesse nodded at him, then stared ahead. Terry watched as Jesse’s eyes fluttered a few times, opening and closing as he tried to picture someone. He found it strange, to see how much trouble he was having, figuring that most country boys his age were nothing but horn dogs, yet it didn’t seem that way with this one. He just watched, as finally his shoulders sagged a bit, and his hand moved up his leg.

Terry flicked the record switch, and the red light began to blink, as he watched the action on his little view screen. How the hand moved so hesitantly up his rather long legs, how the fingers began to spread apart as they moved up his side. The shirt seemed to flutter to the touch, but it was the wind picking up a bit, as Jesse moved his hand up, and then across to rest under his chin.

The fingers moved up the long thin neck, tracing a circle around the bopping Adam’s apple, then he tilted his head back, to show the underside of his chin. Terry sucked in his breath as he watched the fingers move up and over. They crossed the well defined chin, then two of the fingers moved up and over the thin pale lips. One finger suddenly disappeared behind the lips, into Jesse’s mouth.

He watched him suck on his finger, noticing what a natural he was, as the finger moved in and out very slowly. He gulped as he saw him take it out, then lower his head to stare down at the camera. It was a look he had never seen before, one that got his heart firing on all cylinders. He could feel it racing inside his chest as the eyes fluttered, then looked up to stare off into the forest ahead.

The hand moved down his chest, and pulled the shirt out, and began to unbutton it. His fingers moved slowly, starting at the bottom, as they moved upwards, until the entire shirt was open. Jesse pushed his hand inside, and tilted his head back, a soft moan escaping his lips as the hand moved slowly up and down, hidden by the shirt. Terry couldn’t help but feel his blood boiling, feel his own dick starting to grow inside his pants. God the kid was a damn natural, as the hand moved so seductively under the shirt.

His small moans were so arousing, Terry hoped the built in microphone would pick it up. Gawd, how sensuous it was, to watch his hand move up and down his long torso, the occasional flash of golden skin tantalizing him. Then slowly, he saw the hand spread the shirt open more, gradually letting Terry and his camera capture more of his perfect looking skin.

The one hand moved across and out now, taking the shirt edge, and pulling it back so he was now displaying a completely bare side of his upper body. His own eyes bulged as he saw the deep purple skin around a fully erect nipple. It wasn’t large, but it stood out clearly against the golden tone of the chest, and then the shirt was pushed over the arm and off the shoulder. Terry could see the shoulder bone as the arm moved, to let the fabric fall off, with now only half of the shirt covering his front.

The camera zoomed in as he saw the shirt tail rise up, while the sleeve dangled behind the thin frame. Licking his own lips he moved the camera upwards, to take Jesse’s facial expression in. He couldn’t help but see how the eyes had narrowed, how the nostrils were flaring a little, and how his mouth had a firm set to it. Moving the camera back down, he saw the Adam’s apple bopping up and down, as the freed hand moved across and under the remaining portion of the shirt.

Swallowing hard, he heard the soft whimper, as he saw the shape of the hand reaching across, and circling where the hidden nipple was. He could see the fingers pull together, certain that Jesse was tweaking his own nipple between them. The ache in Terry’s groin was becoming a bit uncomfortable, as he watched mesmerized by the soft motion of the hand under the shirt.

The shirt fluttered a bit at the bottom, then slowly Terry watched Jesse pushing it back, watching the arm move away from his body, as the shirt began to slide off the shoulder. He could see the muscles, the bone even, as the shirt slid down the arm, towards his wrist. When it was nearly off, Jesse flicked his wrist, making the shirt sort of jerk away from him, to fall to the ground.

He could see Jesse’s chest heaving, see the way the skin shimmered a bit in the filtered sunlight that was coming through the dense covering of the trees around them. It had a sort of haze in it, tiny dust particles highlighted by the sun’s rays, that made Jesse’s body shimmer a bit.

Wiping his eyes, he saw the small little tremble go up and down, as Jesse began to once more caress his own body. The hand moved across his belly, making it seem like it was rippling, then slowly inched it’s way back up towards his head. Keeping the camera on the hand, he stood transfixed by the motion, until it reached the hollow of the neck. The camera continued to move upwards, while the hand slid to one side of the chest. He saw the face looking outwards, the thins tightly held together.

Quickly he moved back down, to watch the hand moved down to the pants, where he saw one leg jerk forward, cross over the other. He let the camera move down, noticing the very thick bulge in the crotch, as he let the camera take in Jesse’s long legs. He let the camera focus on the feet, as Jesse pulled the boots off, by simply hooking the heel into the toe of the one, and pulling his leg up.

As the boot came off, he watched as he simply tossed it aside, with his foot, as if he had done it a thousand times. Then he hooked the remaining boot over the stocking foot, and once more pulled the leg up. How the pants rode up his leg, tightening, highlighting his leg muscles was caught by the camera, as he now stood in his stocking feet.

The body moved, as one leg was lifted up and crossed over the other, so that Jesse was sort of hopping a bit on the one foot. The hands moved into the picture frame, and quickly the sock was removed. He bit his lip as he stared at the bare foot being shown in the screen, his eyes lifting up over the screen to actually look directly at the naked foot. Jesse didn’t seem to notice, as he lifted up his other foot, and again crossing it over the firmly planted leg, his hand moved in and removed the sock.

Terry noticed how the toes wiggled once freed of the sock, and at how long they all looked. He hadn’t gotten much of a look when Jesse was taking the dildo, but he was rather certain the guy was hung, and uncut. He was about to find out, as the naked foot was once more on the ground, and Jesse was no longer hopping around. Moving the camera back up the long legs, he saw one hand hooked on the waist band of the pants, the other slowly moving up the leg. It looked so inviting, he was tempted to just put the camera down and go over to undo the pants himself.

Biting his lip, he watched as Jesse moved his hands around to either side, the thumbs hooked inside the pants, sort of pulling the waist band outwards. It pulled the pants tighter around his groin, showing his bulge even more, as he finally moved the hands back to the front of the pants. Both hands were over the button, and there was no mistaking Jesse’s heavy breathing. Terry lifted the camera up quickly, to grab a quick head shot, noticing how the head was tilted back, just a little, but still focused forward, into the woods.

Sound of the zipper quickly had him moving the camera back down, to aim right at Jesse’s crotch. It looked so full, as he saw the pants open, a faded blue fabric behind the open flap of the faded jeans. Terry felt his heart skip a beat as the pants opened wider, and he could see the outline of a huge pole pushed to one side.

The pants were slowly being pushed down by both hands, and he could see the hair falling in front, as Jesse leaned forward, to slide them down. He watched with his mouth open a bit, as the pants continued their slow downward journey, until they rested at the ankles. His eyes stared at the limbs, noting the soft colored hairs on the skin, gently swaying in the afternoon breeze.

Gulping, he glanced up from the video screen, to see Jesse looking right at him, almost expressionless. The lips were drawn, paler than at first, yet set firmly as he slowly lifted himself upright again, the pants at his ankles. Then carefully he lifted up one leg, flexing it upwards, as his other foot held the pants down, until the foot was freed of the jeans.

Then with his foot still bound by the pants, he shot the leg forward, arching his foot, so the pants would fly off the foot. They went sailing, which he captured perfectly on the video, following their brief flight, as they left Jesse’s body. Looking back at Jesse, his eyes moved up the lanky body, noting the bulging thighs, then the hard lump that showed in the threadbare fabric of Jesse’s shorts.

The guy was a natural, he thought, as his eyes were held captive by the rather large lump. He could clearly see the outline of the cock, see how thick it looked within the shorts, and he felt his mouth going dry, as he glanced up, to see the glazed look in Jesse’s eyes.

The hands moved up and down the legs, slowly, teasing him, and whoever else was to ever see the video. It was so natural looking, so unforced that he couldn’t help but feel his own chest heaving in anticipation. His eyes were glues to the show in front, as a hand moved lightly over the crotch, gently passing over the large pole shaped lump. Terry saw the pole twitch, as the hand moved slowly over it.

Blinking rather quickly, he felt himself swallow hard. The idea of having that hidden pole in his mouth or up his ass was becoming too much to ignore. It was so amazing, as he watched the hand clench, then two fingers moved back down, barely grazing the outline of the hard pole. Licking his lips, he watched as the two fingers moved down, to reach under the leg of the shorts, and slowly pull up on it.

Staring wide eyed, he saw the bulge grow more pronounced, as Jesse pulled his shorts backwards, tightening the material around the dick held captive inside. He couldn’t wait, he thought, as the camera kept recording. Terry felt his hand quiver a bit, as the fingers suddenly released the material, then move quickly up to the waist band of the shorts. They were grasping the edge as he sucked in his breath, waiting for the revelation of that throbbing cock.

Jesse suddenly stopped, then his hand moved downwards, very slowly. He was taunting Terry, or so it seemed, as the shorts began to creep downwards. Terry could feel his eyes widen, as the first glimpse of the small pubic hairs began to appear, as the outline of the groin became visible. His chest hurt, and he could feel the lump of his own cock shifting, jerking inside the pants, as the shorts made their way down, yet still hiding the hard penis from view.

A quick look up and Terry could see Jesse’s head tilted back, the eyes shut tightly. His nostrils were flaring a bit, as he let his hands push down. There was no doubt, he had found someone to think about, making Terry wonder who it could be. Still, he didn’t dwell on it as he moved back to watch the hard cock being unwrapped.

Licking the lips, he saw the flesh begin to show, the fresh pink color of the pole, a bit whiter at the base, from being pushed down by the shorts. He saw it slowly fall downwards, as the shorts pushed, then he found himself jerking backwards, as the cock shot out from the restraint of the shorts.

One second he had seen its outline, next it was jerking in the air, pointed nearly straight at him, away from Jesse’s trembling body. He could see the quiver in the thighs, as the cock stuck straight out at him. The cock head was not fully showing, hidden by a dark patch of foreskin, nearly covering most of the head. It was perfect, to his eyes, as he zoomed the camera in.

The brighter color of the head, in sharp contrast to the foreskin, made him quiver. As he held the camera up, moving it slowly up and down, to capture all of the beauty of the naked young man, he couldn’t help but let his other hand rest on his own lap, feeling his own arousal at the stiffening penis.

Moving back to focus on the penis, he sucked in his breath, noticing the very full balls, that dangled freely below. Each one swayed a bit, the shape of the testes clearly visible in the swollen sac. He could see the tiny bristles of hair that appeared across the scrotum, that had a sort of leathery look to it. A bit darker than the flesh of the penis, that was still in need of some growing. Yet even as Terry realized Jesse wasn’t fully hard yet, he couldn’t help but admire the length and thickness.

He could see the mottled color of the veins criss crossing the large pole, see the skin around the head drooping forward a bit, as Jesse stepped out of his shorts, and took a step back. Then he watched as the hand moved down the thighs, pulling the soft thigh flesh back, so that Terry could film the crotch without any other skin showing.

The pain in his groin was almost too much, as his hand moved a bit over it, pushing his own hard cock to the side, as he once more zoomed in on the hardening cock. He could almost believe he could smell his aroma, but he knew it was just his imagination. With the camera rolling, he saw the body begin to sink down, as Jesse began to fall down, or appear to.

He was lowering himself, to kneel and Terry got a guick head shot, seeing the intensity in the face, how the muscles were all tightening, highlighting the bone structure of the younger man. Sucking in his own breath, he watched Jesse sit down on the back of his legs, his knees firmly planted into the blanket. Yet the cock still was sticking straight out, the balls sort of folded outwards, below the wavering pole.

Jesse’s hand came off the thigh, and reached forward and to one side, where the bottle of lubricant was, and as if born to it, flipped the lid open with his thumb. He brought the bottle over, and slowly tipping it over, began to let the lube pour down in a stream, on top of the hard pole, near the base. He moved his hand forward, making the stream of lube follow with the hand, until it was coating the cock head.

Moving the camera up, he saw Jesse lean backwards, over his legs. His head was tossed back, as one hand rested behind him, the other now letting the lube rest next to him, then move and taking hold of the coated pole. The fingers slowly wrapped around the base of the cock, until the whole hand was clenching the pole.

His hand moved slowly forward, until it came to the very tip, where he let it flow over the head, rubbing the lubricant over it, smearing the tiny drop of pre cum that suddenly appeared. Terry heard the soft moan, and looking up, noticed that Jesse’s eyes were tightly shut. The hand now began to move in a sort of circular motion over the hard pole, pushing the skin back, then sort of twisting around, until it was back at the groin.

Jesse’s hand began to stroke the hard pole very slowly, moving up and down, stopping every other time, to reach down and poke at the full balls below, then quickly move back to take hold of the cock. The foreskin was gradually tightening, as more of the deeper colored cock head began to show. It had started out looking so bright, so fresh, but as the blood rushed through the skin, it grew darker, and darker in color. The gleam of the lubricant adding to its hue. Terry felt the catch in his throat, heard his own tiny groan, as he watched the eighteen year old begin to pull on the cock a bit quicker.

The body was shaking, it showed in the view screen, as the hand moved up and over the hard pole. The foreskin was taut now, tight around the whole cock, just a bit loose enough to push forward when the hand was up near the cock head, then it would tighten up as the hand pulled backwards. Terry felt his own body aching, felt the muscles in his butt clench and unclench, as he watched Jesse stroking himself.

The hand he was resting on, came forward, the body lifting forwards a bit, to compensate. The hand moved up his chest, grabbing one nipple and twisting it, as the other hand moved faster over the hard pole. Terry could hear Jesse’s breath becoming more rapid, more shallow, as the hand was becoming a blur over the hard pole.

Terry let the camera pan upwards for a brief shot. He saw how the face was constricted, how the young man’s entire body was taut and stretched. He could see the thighs jutting out as the camera moved back down, see the muscles inside coiling, tightening up, as the hand moved quicker over the shiny pole. His own throat felt parched, his own chest heaved, as he heard Jesse crying out, calling out in short raspy gasps.

Terry felt his mouth hanging open, as he held the camera as steady as possible with one hand, his other hand now reaching for his own cock, still in his pants. It hurt to touch it, to poke at it, as he saw Jesse’s hand becoming a total blur. He heard his raspy groans, heard his cries, as his body grew even more tight.

I am cumming, quick, take it, hurry, Oh God, hurry

The words thundered in his head, stunning him, then he dropped the camera, and leaned forward. He stretched out fully, to see the hand holding the cock, to see Jesse’s hand quivering, as he held the throbbing pole and had it aimed towards Terry. He didn’t even think, as he pushed forward, to get between the legs, to let his hands move up and touch the hot burning flesh of Jesse’s hips.

Jesse’s hands moved out of the way, reaching up until they were grapping at Terry’s head. He felt the fingers take hold of his hair, pulling him forward.

I can’t hold it, hurry

Terry took hold of the hard cock, feeling his whole body suddenly go into shock. His legs suddenly ached, as he opened his mouth wide, smelling the man scent of Jesse, seeing nothing but the glistening cock head. He felt his head being forced forward, as he breathed in deeply, as the cock in his grasp suddenly jerked backwards.

Moving faster, he felt his lisp touch the hot cock head, as it shot forward, the tip just inside his lips. The spray of hot cum was suddenly filling his whole mouth, and Terry gagged on the stream of milk that suddenly was rolling down his unprepared throat. He groaned, as his head was yanked forward, until the cock was thrusting deep into his throat.

He gagged again, as the huge pole filled his mouth, now impaled into his mouth, already flooded by a sea of hot salty man milk. Terry coughed, swallowing at the same time, as cum dribbled out from the corners of his mouth, as he tried to keep it all inside. His tongue was flatten down, as the throbbing pole continued to vibrate, to jerk back then shoot forwards, as more of the hot milk came flooding into his mouth.

He moaned, as his hands grabbed the base of the cock tightly, squeezing it as he felt his nose buried into the soft flesh of Jesse’s groin. His legs shot out, and his whole body trembled, as he began to taste the cum, that was like an endless stream.

Slowly he began to get on top of the flood in his mouth, to have less dribble out, as he tightened his hold around the cock shaft. His lips hurt, as he began to pull his head back, sucking on the cock in his mouth. He could taste it all now, feel it in the pit of his stomach, feel it drying across his chin, and over his hand.

Terry felt the final spasm, as it rolled over from Jesse’s pole, into his mouth. He felt it begin, felt it gather strength, as it travelled along the throbbing pole, to his own lips, through his own jaw, and into his whole body. He felt his own reaction, felt his own cock stiffening inside the pants, felt his buttocks clench tighter, as the last of Jesse’s cum dribbled out.

Pulling his head back, he felt the foreskin as the cock head seemed to suddenly shrink. As he sucked, tasting the salty flesh, his own body shook one more time, and then his mouth was off Jesse’s trembling cock. Terry pulled back a bit, as he felt the hard beat of his heart, the heave of his chest, as his eyes blinked, staring at Jesse’s penis.

Terry could hear the harsh gasps from above, and he lifted his head upwards, to stare up at Jesse. He saw his nostrils flaring, saw the sheen of sweat glistening on his chest, as it heaved. He lifted himself up a bit, as his eyes moved further up, to see the face, to see the glazed look gradually leaving Jesse’s eyes.

He pulled himself back, to once more sit up, and as he did, Jesse moved his legs, to have them crossed over in front as well. Jesse just looked at him, his eyes looking indirectly at Terry, but they looked so wide, so frightened, that it made him just look back, a small smile on his face. He didn’t know what to say, or if he should, as he waited for Jesse to say or do something.

Terry wiped his face, with the back of his hand, tasting the dried cum, realizing it had a bit of sweetness to it, as well as the saltiness. It had felt so good, to taste that milk, to feel it nearly overwhelm him. He felt the ache in his own groin, and glanced down at the bulge in his pants. As he did, he could feel Jesse’s eyes following his movement, feel them stare at his bulge.

Glancing up, he couldn’t mistake the hungry look in the guy’s eyes, as he leaned back, spreading his legs apart, and as he did, he saw the way the eyes seemed to just widen even more. He reached down, and pushed his basket, seeing the eyes follow his movement. Without a second thought, he reached up, and undid the button, then unzipped his pants.

With his pants open, he finally lifted his head up, to stare directly into Jesse’s eyes.

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Story – Caught (pt.2)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

The question caught him off guard. He couldn’t help but notice that the man holding his camera was about his age, had a rather nice looking face, but the way he kept looking at Terry’s crotch seemed a bit unnerving. It was almost as if he couldn’t make up his mind about what he was staring at, which kept Terry feeling apprehensive.

Just someone I know

He must have said Damian’s name when he was jerking off, but he didn’t remember. It was all a blur really, other than he knew he had felt good, at the time, until now. Looking up, he couldn’t make out if the guy was disgusted or just unsure, as he stared down at Terry.

A quick glance did notice a bit of a bulge, which sort of relaxed him, but the solemn look on the guy’s face was disquieting, none the less. The way he had his lips closed so tightly, drawn even, wasn’t a good sign. Then too, he hadn’t made any threatening moves, yet.

You one of those porn actors?

Terry blinked, not sure what this guy’s game was. He was still holding onto the camera, rather tightly too which added to his nervousness, but his voice didn’t sound menacing, and honestly, his look wasn’t all that angry looking.

Uh, no, no I am not

Oh, so uh, what’s with this? You uh, auditioning or something?

There was something in his voice, when he asked, almost wistful, as if he sort of wished that was the case, plus when Terry had said he wasn’t a porn actor, the guy seemed to sag a bit, as if disappointed. This was becoming a bit weird, as he pulled his pants back up, careful to keep his eyes on the stranger.

Why? Uh, bit personal, don’t you think?

I suppose, that a problem?

Uh no, guess not, so uh, who are you?

Jesse, my folks own this property.

Oh, I didn’t, I mean I thought… I am Terry.

Cool, uh yeah guess the fence does need mending, and new signs put up.

At first he wanted to just sort of give him some smart ass reply, but the way he was standing, shifting his stance as if he had something on his mind, made him bite his tongue a bit. There was something different about the whole thing, not like he was yelling at him to get off private property, or threatening really.

Uh, I didn’t mean to uh trespass, uh didn’t see any signs, and the fence, well it is pretty well fallen down, uh, I’ll take my camera and leave.

It’s cool, I am the only one who comes out this far, uh, here, so uh, why the camera? You trying out for one of them internet porn sites or something? That would be trippy.

Terry reached forward, to take his camera, but the way Jesse looked, how he said it, made him hesitate a bit. Fuck, why not he thought, be better than saying he wanted to watch himself jerking off, added a bit of spice to it too.

Uh yeah, sort of, just sort of doing it on a lark.

Cool, be rather fun, all those chicks to dick, uh, if you get selected, still, it would be cool, plus it would make it easy to get chicks, not that you would need to, I am sort of, well, sounds cool man.

Uh huh, something to brag about I guess.

Yeah, it sure would make a guy’s friends jealous, I mean to be getting all that pussy, uh, you think I’d stand a chance? I mean I am not as well built as you, but it would be fun to see.

The way he looked, when he asked was rather arousing. Terry couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but he was definitely getting the impression that Jesse was a bit, well, more like a kid, than anything else. Like he was good looking, seemed to be close in age, but he acted like he was maybe 14 or so.

Well, uh, you have to be at least 18, and I don’t know, I uh guess you could uh try.

Turned 18 couple of months back, so that’s not a problem, uh, does it have to be a video? I uh, we don’t have one.

He felt relieved at that bit of news. For a moment he was worried, but hell if Jesse was 18, why did he act like he was just finding out about sex? Maybe it was living in the country, but the city wasn’t more than a good 15 minute drive, so was he one of those kids whose parents kept him at home? Christ just what he needed, to be caught whacking off on some cult property or something.

Oh, uh, well, yeah it uh does, I mean least I uh think so.

That sucks, uh, those cameras aren’t cheap, uh, can you rent them?

Actually, uh, this one is about $400, which isn’t bad, and I really don’t know, maybe you can borrow one from a friend?

I don’t have that kind of money, or friends with that kind of cash. Besides I don’t think any of my friends have one, then if they did though, I’d have to explain, but it would be kinda fun, I mean to uh, you know, see if they thought I was good enough, be a great way to get laid too.

He really did think Jesse was that naïve, the way he kept trying to bring up about girls, about sex. It was like he found someone who could tell him all he didn’t know, yet looking at him, he didn’t seem stupid, or ignorant. He had to know about sex, about this stuff, Christ he was 18, where did he go to school? Hick High? Still, it could be an act, but he just didn’t look like the type who could be anything, other than what he appeared to be.

Yeah, uh…

Maybe you could… uh nah, never mind

No, go ahead, what?

Well, I mean, you are here and done yours, maybe uh, maybe you could take one of me? I mean, I can maybe pay you for the film, and you could uh, maybe send it with yours?

You serious?

He had blurted it out, and saw how Jesse seemed to take a step backwards, surprised by Terry’s words. It was like he knew he was doing something wrong, or thought he was. Besides, looking at him, he wouldn’t mind seeing him jack off. There was no mistaking that Jesse had a decent body on him, and might be one of those that looked even better without clothes.

Well, yeah, why not? You think I’d stand a chance?

Uh, sure, I guess, but uh, you sure about this? I mean if they uh, I mean you’d have to uh, oh hell, sure, if you want, I could uh record you, I have some spare disks.


Uh yeah, it takes little discs, like the music one’s, they uh, don’t use film, it’s uh all digital.

Cool, bet they are expensive?

Nah, about $4, so sure, I mean if you really are serious.

Yeah I am, uh, what do I have to do?

You really are 18, I mean you gotta send ID and all, so uh, you are, right?

Yeah, I got my ID here, see.

He took the plastic license from Jesse’s hand, feeling how warm the hand was to his touch. Terry looked at it, and did the math in his head, and Jesse was right, he was 18, not feeding him a line.

Well, uh, seeing as how I can move around, uh, you just sort of strip, then well, you know, you play with yourself, sort of make it sexy, not just uh, jack off, but uh, build up to it.

Like what you were doing?

Uh yeah.

Cool, yeah I can do that, uh, you think I have a shot?

I don’t know, I suppose.

So, uh, do I take all my clothes off? I mean you didn’t, so do I…

Well, I didn’t have anyone to hold the camera, so I tried to just, you know, do what I could in front of the camera.

Oh, maybe you want to redo yours? I could hold the camera for you, course you’d have to show me how to work it, but, I mean I could do that if you want, I mean seeing as how…

Damn, the idea of jerking off, of shoving his toy up his ass, while having Jesse watching, recording it, was adding to the ache in his crotch. The whole idea was almost too good to be true, but maybe he was lucking out. Like, how long could he go without something decent happening?

Maybe after, I uh, I mean kind of hard to do it again, so soon.

Yeah, I hear ya man, so, do I lay down after I strip? Or should I do it all standing up?

Well, uh, maybe start off standing, and uh, well, then yeah maybe lay down on the blanket, to uh, finish.

Okay, what about, I mean, you had that uh, do I uh need to, I mean that looks a bit…

Jesse had turned his head, to look down at the blanket, where Terry had left his dildo. It lay there, next to the lube. Looking at him, Terry could see he was sort of puzzled, unsure of himself, as if he didn’t really know what it was.

The idea of filming him, of having him shove a dildo in his ass, while he watched was making him feel rather warm, sweaty even. He wiped his forehead, and realized that Jesse was waiting for an answer.

Oh no, well, I do have a smaller one, so uh, yeah, if you want, it uh, it might help. They uh, they don’t require it, but uh, do say it would uh, be better if you used one.

Weird, uh okay, I suppose if it helps, I can try, does it hurt much?

Nah, not if you do it right. Takes a bit to get used to at first, but its cool.

How do you, I mean I never used one of them, how do you know you are doing it right?

It’s not hard, uh, you could practice first, see if you uh, want to use it.

I don’t know, that one looks awfully big to go in such a small place, it has to hurt.

Here, this one is a lot smaller, and if you use enough lube, well, it just sort of slides in real easy.

Oh, I can use this one instead of the bigger one? Won’t they sort of, you know not count as good?

Watching Jesse holding the smaller dildo he had pulled out of his bag, he couldn’t help but feel his dick jerk a bit inside his pants. Christ he was getting hard already, even after shooting a huge load minutes earlier.

Shouldn’t matter, for a first time, it’ll be just as good.

So, how do I? I mean try it out, do I…

Just uh, well, drop your pants, and well, you bend over and then you sort of get it between, and find the uh, the spot, then slowly work it in, uh you push in, only uh when you are comfortable, stop if it hurts, till you uh, get used to it, then, uh, well…

I don’t know, uh, what if I uh, what if it gets uh, well…

I got stuff to clean it with, just make sure uh, make sure you put enough of the lube on it, first. Uh, maybe put some in your uh, in there first.

Huh? How do I? Man there is a lot to this.

He could see the concern in Jesse’s face, the way his nose was a bit wrinkled up, the corners of his mouth turned up as well. His eyes were narrowed, and you could tell he was thinking about it, wondering how to do all that Terry had explained to him. He really was that much of a rookie, which made him a bit nervous.

You just uh, well put some on your fingers, and uh, well you slide them uh in, and uh, well coat the inside, then put some on the uh, dildo, and well, get it there and just, work it in, as you uh, as uh when it feels okay.

How much, how much of that do I use?

Well, uh, I guess till you feel like uh, hell, you uh, want me to do it for you? I mean, if you uh…

I guess, I mean if uh, man this is weird, but I don’t know how much to use, or how to tell, so, uh, this is weird man.

Yeah, I had to have someone help at first too, uh, it was no big deal, so if you want…

Okay, yeah, that uh, that would be cool then. I kind want to do it right, it be so cool to land a gig like that, make all my friends jealous.

He couldn’t help but laugh, which made Jesse smile a little. Seeing that grin, made Terry’s heart skip a beat, as it really lit up his face. He looked so innocent then, and his eyes were sparkling too, as if he was proud of himself. It was like a peacock, strutting its feathers for the first time.

Jesse moved over to stand on the blanket, and he turned his body so that his back was facing Terry. He stood there for a moment, then glanced back and gave Terry that grin again, as he unbuckled his belt.

What if it uh, what if it hurts too much?

Just tell me, I’ll stop, but don’t worry, you’ll do fine.

Really? You think so?

Yeah, I do.

With that, Jesse turned his face away and looked down as he unzipped the pants, then pushed them down his legs. Terry watched at how quickly the young man dropped his pants, and at how white his flesh looked. Least most of it, as there were some red welts across his buttocks, but he didn’t want to ask, afraid of maybe Jesse changing his mind.

Yet, as he stepped up closer, he could see several of the red welts, not old, criss crossed over the entire buttocks. He let his hand reach out, to touch the outline of one, felt the cheeks tremble to his touch.


That’s okay, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Your uh, your dad do that?

Jesse turned his face around, and looked up at Terry. There was a darkness in his eyes, a sort of sadness he hadn’t seen before. It gave him a bit of a chill, as he looked at Jesse, then at the red welts.

No, that was from the Pastor, my uh, penance for uh, well, just penance for somethin’ I did. Is it uh, is it gonna make my chances worse?

He sucked in his breath, as he thought about it. It wasn’t that he was religious himself, but from what little he did know, and had been involved in as a kid, the preacher didn’t go around tanning someone’s bottom, certainly not an eighteen year olds. It obviously wasn’t something Jesse wanted to talk about either, as he swallowed, and tried to put it out of his mind.

Huh? Uh, no, no it won’t.

Okay, I guess I am ready, if you are.

Terry could see how tense he was, how his legs were stiff, and yet as he reached down for the bottle of lubricant, he felt the excitement growing. It wasn’t everyday he got to lube up a straight farm boy, which Jesse obviously was. Plus, he’d get the double reward of having it all on Video, including him jerking off.

He poured some of the lube onto the tips of two fingers, and then with one hand, he gently pushed the two cheeks apart. Jesse spread his legs a bit wider, adjusting to the touch. Terry put the lubed fingers near the small of his back, then slowly let them slide down the opened cheeks, along the tender flesh of the valley between.

The two cheeks seemed to quiver a bit, as his fingers moved down, and between them. He could hear Jesse holding his breath, as the fingers finally came to Jesse’s rectum. The muscle was tight, and the whole body suddenly seemed to tense up even more.

Take a deep breathe, hold it, and let it out as you feel my fingers push in, okay?

Jesse just nodded, as Terry heard him taking a huge breath in. He waited a second, before he began to push forward with one finger, feeling the muscle resist him at first, then gradually ease up, so that his tip began to move inwards.

Terry felt the body shake, felt the young man release his breath, then suck it in again as the tip of the finger worked a bit more in, a bit more past the tight muscle. He could feel how tight he was, how the muscle clung to the edges of his finger tip, despite the lubricant.

His other hand held Jesse by the hips, as he let his finger stop, the very tip just inside. The body was shaking a bit, but soon calmed down, as he then pushed in a bit more, keeping the pressure steady and slow. Terry heard Jesse grunt as the finger pushed inwards. It felt so warm, so tight that he closed his eyes, pushing the finger in a bit more, until he felt his knuckles pushing up. He had his whole finger in, and so far, Jesse hadn’t asked him to stop.

He twisted it a bit, which made Jesse moan, a sort of soft whimper really. There was no doubt he was enjoying the finger in his hole, as Terry began to slowly pull it out, but before it could pop free, he stopped. He let it stay there, letting Jesse get used to it, then after a slow count of three, he pushed back in, feeling the muscles grip his finger, as it slid past them.

Slowly he let his finger go in and out, not wanting to rush it, or make him feel uncomfortable. At the same time, he wished he could reach down, and grab his own cock, because it was turning him on like nothing else had before. Hell, he’d love to reach out and grab Jesse’s dick, but he knew that would be a deal breaker.

Getting control over himself, he pulled his finger out, and heard the sigh from Jesse. He quickly lubed the smaller dildo, and placed it, as he had his finger. Just as then, Jesse tightened up, his cheeks quivered a bit, as Terry began to slide the head of the dildo down between the cheeks.

As before, Jesse shuffled his feet, spreading his legs further apart, or at least as far as he could given how his pants were at his ankles, restricting his movement. Terry could hear Jesse’s rapid breathing getting more ragged, as the dildo came to the hole, and he gently pushed it forward, so that the head was just lightly pushing the tiny muscles apart.

Jesse grunted again, as his body shook, and he looked back over his shoulder at Terry. His eyes were wide open, as he looked hard into Terry’s face.

It hurts a bit

I know, just take a few deep breathes, then take another, hold it, and slowly let it out, the pain changes, and it goes away, don’t worry, you can do this.

I am trying.

You are doing fine, go on take a few more deep breathes

Terry waited until Jesse had taken several breathes, then leaning over, to whisper softly into Jesse’s ear, he told him to take one more, to hold it, and to slowly let it go.

As he heard him begin to exhale, he pushed firmly on the back of the dildo, feeling the resistance from Jesse’s muscle, then suddenly he was in, the muscle had given in. He heard Jesse cry out, but he didn’t tell him to stop, as he continued to gently push forward.

He could feel the body all tense up, feel the muscle inside trying to prevent the thinner dildo from going further, but his was the stronger force. His hand pushed on the end, while the other reached around, to hold Jesse, at his waist, pulling him back towards him and the dildo sliding into him.

The touch of his hand over Jesse’s bare belly made him tremble a bit, and he could feel the stomach ripple too, as he held him firmly, pulling back. There was no resistance from Jesse, as his body sank backwards, as he managed to slide the dildo in past the tiny pink hole. He could hear him groan, feel his body shudder, as his insides were gradually spread apart.

Feeling Jesse’s whole body shaking was making Terry sweat, as he held him close. His hand pushing the dildo in, his other hand feeling the muscles rippling under the skin of his stomach. The sound of Jesse’s panting made him moan himself, which he quickly cut off, fearing it would tip Jesse off.

Uh you can reach back, and move it in and out, just take it slow, okay?

Uh, it hurts, I don’t know man, uh maybe…

It’ll be easier later on, you’ll be able to uh spread your legs more, that’ll help.

You sure? It isn’t all that bad, but I don’t know. It’s weird feeling something in there.

Yeah well, you’ll get used to it, go on, you reach back and uh, you move it in and out, just don’t take it out, until you are ready.

Terry stepped back as Jesse’s hand came back, and brushed past his. It was like touching something electrical, the energy or spark just seemed to make his whole body flinch. His eyes were glued to the way the hand moved, as he grunted a bit, as he tried to work the smaller dildo in and out.

He couldn’t help but stare at the butt cheeks, at how they glistened from his sweat, and how they moved as he tried to get comfortable with the dildo inside. Terry felt his own cock stirring, and he adjusted his own package, as finally Jesse seemed to have had enough.

Taking it out, he held it in his hand as he stood up, grunting a bit, and turned his head to stare at Terry. His eyes were rather sparkling, sort of like saying he was proud of himself, at being able to do it.

The pain wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Yeah it goes away quickly, as long as you take it easy, uh, well, you ready? I mean to make your video?

Jesse nodded as he bend down, to let the dildo rest on the blanket, and pull up his pants. As he zipped up, and turned around, there was no mistaking the thick bulge in the front. The dildo had certainly gotten him excited, as Terry bent down, and taking his rag and the plastic bottle of bleach, began to clean the dildo.

He reached inside his bag, pulling out some bottled water, that he ran over the dildo, then he pulled out a fresh bottle of lubricant. Looking up, he could see how attentively Jesse was looking at him, watching his every move.

Standing up, he picked up the camera, taking the disc out and putting it away in his bag. He grabbed a fresh one, inserted into the compartment, shutting it and looking up at Jesse.

Okay, so, uh just sort of try to ignore me being here, okay, don’t look at the camera if I move out of view, it’ll seem more natural then, okay? Ready?

Jesse looked at him, and nodded.

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Story – Caught (pt.1)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

Terry looked around, and just listened. The sounds of the birds chirping, the water rushing over some rocks and flowing downstream were all he heard, as he stood there, just listening. There hadn’t been any cars in the lot, and glancing up, he could see the sun shining through the tree tops. It really was a perfect spot, as he laid out the blanket, and his small bag, then he took out the new video camera he had bought.

Holding it in his hand, he looked around and then noticed the worn stump, near his blanket. It would be perfect, he thought as he turned the camera on and started to film the surrounding bush. He kind of liked the rustic look, and felt a bit foolish for being here, but then, it was better than being back at the dorm room.

At least here he would have some privacy, and not have people barging in, asking for his room mate or wanting to know if he was going to the cafeteria or to the student union building. He hated all those interruptions, but then it was college life. At first he had rather enjoyed it, but now he was feeling a bit put off by the total lack of privacy.

Like how was a guy supposed to jerk off, when it was like Grand Central Station in his dorm room? Not that he wouldn’t mind showing off for some of the others, though he rather doubted any of them would appreciate it. Certainly Damian wouldn’t, which was a shame. He rather liked how he looked, and he was always in a state of undress too. Come to think of it, he couldn’t really picture ever seeing him in the dorm area when he wasn’t walking around shirtless, or in his underwear. Course, unless he was just coming in or leaving that is, but damn it was hard to see him strut around, half naked all the time.

After all, the guy was hot, and he was one of those who knew it too. The way he would toss his curly blond hair, when he would look at you. How his deep blue eyes would always be sparkling, were hard to ignore. They were so piercing at times, as if he could read your mind, though he doubted Damian would want to read his mind.

Shit, every time he saw him, he got a boner, and yet it was like he didn’t exist, other than as a message centre for his room mate. About the only time Damian ever spoke to him, was when he was looking for Craig, and then it was always like he couldn’t wait to get away from him. At first he didn’t let it bother him, but it was bugging him lately, mainly because he didn’t think he was a geek or some ugly frog.

Hell, couple of times that he had ventured out into the dating scene, he had found he was considered a bit of a catch. Okay, maybe not by the Damian’s of the world, but he wasn’t fat, didn’t smoke, had clear skin, and he was no dead lay. So he didn’t have the rippling muscles, or python type biceps, he wasn’t some 98 pound weakling either. Nor was he what they called gangly, he could catch a football, baseball, and not throw it back like some girl either.

So he wasn’t on any sports team, nor was Damian, so how come he was the pariah for guys like Damian? Sure, he was always out dating some girl, but it wasn’t like Terry walked around with a sign saying ‘Queer Boy’ or anything. Far as he knew, no one in the dorm knew he was, which is why he had come out here, to this little grove of trees. He just couldn’t keep going to some bathroom to whack off, to play with himself.

Besides he was tired of having to rush it. He wanted to enjoy a nice good old fashioned jerk off, without worrying about someone walking in, or someone banging on the stall door telling him to hurry it up. He just wanted to stretch out, think of guys, and let nature take its course.

The video camera was a last second thought. He figured if he could video tape his fun, well, it might be of some comfort back at the dorm, specially on the weekends when everyone was off looking to get lucky, leaving him at the dorm. It was about the only time when he felt safe enough to jerk off in his room, when locking it wouldn’t seem unusual.

That was the other thing about dorm life that had him feeling down. Seemed that if you locked your dorm room during the week, everyone seemed to assume you were jerking off. No one seemed to think it was just a way to avoid interruption, like for studying. Then too, it seemed most in the dorm weren’t all that interested in that aspect of college life, least not how he was.

Sure, he was maybe a bit of a bookworm, but hell, it had cost his parents a bundle to send him here, and he was taught the value of money. So yeah he took studying seriously, to get his work done, and not scribble something at the last minute. Craig was one of those, always Sunday night working late, trying to finish a week’s worth of work in a single night.

He put the camera down, and leaned down on one knee to stare at the screen, to adjust the focus, to make sure it would capture him on the blanket. It looked good, so he turned on the timer, and got down in front of it, on the blanket. Taking one last look around, he waited until he heard the little click, then the sound of the camera recording.

Slowly he undid his pants, and let them flop open to reveal his underwear. He ran his hand down his front, then up over his stomach, lifting up his shirt with his hand, to show off his belly. It wasn’t rippling, but it was firm, and he liked the touch of his hand over it. He’d have preferred Damian’s hand or anyone else’s, but his would do.

He let his hand move down under his white shorts, to touch his semi hard dick, pushing it out, showing the growing bulge of his pole to the camera, then he let his imagination start to take hold. He began by recalling all the guys in his dorm, the way so many would walk around in just a towel, a few without even that.

Terry wished that Damian would drop his just once, when he could see if he was right that Damian was uncut. It was part of his guessing game, to try and guess who was circumcised and who wasn’t. Foreskin was something he liked, being uncut himself. He liked how it would cover his cock head, until he made himself get fully aroused.

The way the skin would gradually tighten over his dick, how it would make it seem to thicken, to grow, was a bit of a thrill. He rather wished he knew about Damian, as it would make his fantasy perfect.

Opening his eyes, he stared out at the camera, then at how his hand was holding his cock. Terry pulled his dick out, and looked down at it. He saw how the veins were stretched, how the foreskin was still covering most of his cock head. Licking his lips, he raised his hand up, and spit on it, as he reached back down to coat his dick with his saliva. He felt a bit of a tremor inside, as he wonder what it would be like to do that with Damian, assuming he had an uncut dick.

For the life of him, he didn’t quite understand what it was about Damian that had him so obsessed with the guy. Wasn’t like he really noticed him, or paid him much attention. Certainly wasn’t like they were anything more than passing acquaintances or anything, yet he couldn’t help but keep thinking of what it would be like to do him, to touch him.

Hell, to kiss those thin lips, to wrap his around his well formed body was something he would love to do. Yet why? Okay so Damian was the type he liked, and so he had the build, the looks, it wasn’t like he was the only candidate for his desire? There were others, equally good looking, so why Damian?

Didn’t make sense, but as he thought about it, he could feel his cock stirring even more. Whatever Damian had, it was something Terry wanted to experience, to be a part of. Like to be able to hold him, to kiss him, to let his hand run down his rippling muscles, to maybe let a finger trace the outline of his pec, of his nipples. Maybe to even nip them a bit, sort of a tease, then to suck hard on them, would be something he was certain Damian would enjoy.

He could see it now, see how his hands would clench his shoulders, while he nibbled at the jutting out nipple, at how they would dig hard into his flesh as he sucked on each one, licking the tip of the nipple, feeling the muscles quiver as he did. Opening his eyes, he reached up and pushed his shorts down, and this time reached for his bottle of lube.

Terry flipped the cap open, then slowly poured the silicone gel over his hard dick, bringing the bottle up so it would drip down, like a waterfall or stream. Flipping the top closed with one hand, he reached back down to grip the hard pole, and gently he worked the lubricant all over his throbbing pole. He felt his body shudder, as he moved his closed hand over his cock head, feeling the foreskin tighten a bit more.

Yeah, Damian would quiver to his touch, how he would lick at his nipples, then how he would let his tongue drag down the centre of his chest, making the muscles shiver. It would be an amazing feeling, of that he was certain. How the rippling muscles would be quivering, as he let his tongue lick ever so lightly over the skin. Just enough so he’d notice it, feel it, but not enough to push back the skin, least not until he reached his belly.

Then he’d lick around the belly button, rolling his tongue a bit, to dig inside the belly button, then he’d do a quick hard drag of his tongue back upwards, then down again. He’d make Damian tremble that way, make him beg him to go down on him, or at least have his hands pushing his head down further, past the belly.

What a rush it would be, to let his mouth move down, to lick at his pubic hairs, those tiny little blond strands that always were sticking up from the towel. Man how he would make them stand, as he would work the soft skin between the thighs and the groin. His tongue knew how to please, how to just lightly lick at the soft moist flesh there.

Terry knew that he’d have Damian trembling, his legs quivering, as he would ignore the stiff dick. It would be stiff too, he was certain of that. After all, he knew how to get a guy hard, without even touching their dick. It was in the touch, the way he would use his mouth across his body, that would get him hard.

With his eyes shut tight, he could almost see him standing there, see his perfect body trembling as he would run his hands along his thighs, as they would gently pass over the small nearly invisible blond hairs. How his muscles would stiffen, as his warm hand would move lightly over them, making them tremble. Terry was good at that, he knew it, just as he knew how to please himself too. Still, the idea of doing Damian was becoming obsessive, to the point where he was out here, stroking his own dick, so as to not get caught.

It was becoming more difficult too, he thought, as the image of Damian, of his curly shaggy looking blond hair passed before his eyes. The way his nose was just slightly hooked at the tip, how the nostrils sometimes flared. Gawd, it was impossible to hold himself back, as he felt his hand quicken its pace, but he fought it, slowing it down, not wanting to end it just yet.

Hell, he had driven out of town, just for this spot, he wanted to enjoy his fantasy more, as his hand moved much slower, as the ache in his balls eased just enough. The twitching in his butt made him groan, as he stretched his legs out now, leaning back on the blanket. Terry could feel the rough ground beneath, but he didn’t care as he tried to focus on the images he had of Damian.

How he would move, and how he enjoyed watching his firm butt cheeks sway under that towel he was always wearing. Why the fuck couldn’t it fall, just once? Everyone else had their towels fall, now and then, but not Damian. It was like it was sewn to his body, which was damn frustrating.

Just a glimpse of his naked butt, would be enough to make his wanking ideal. Course he would prefer that Damian would be facing him, if his towel ever did slip, but Terry didn’t think he’d ever be that lucky. The way his body swayed as he walked, that sort of swagger, was enough to get Terry instantly hard. And he could tell that at times Damian wasn’t exactly soft.

Course the thick terry towel hid any details, which only made him more frustrated. Still, he knew it was above average, of that he was certain. Now if it was uncut, well he’d be in hog heaven.

Thinking of that, he fumbled for his bad, and pulled out his other little toy, a nice blue dildo. He kept that hidden well in his dorm room, but now he felt like he needed it. Without even opening his eyes, he managed to find his lube bottle, and get it opened, and pour some over the thick dildo. Still stroking his own hard on, he brought the dildo up to his upraised rectum, hoping his video camera was catching it all.

He smiled as he felt the tip of the dildo between his cheeks, as he moved it along the valley between, until the moist tip was wedged up to his hole. This was the part he rather enjoyed, the idea of trying to push it in, without letting the rest of his mind know. Sort of like how it really was, when you got fucked, to not know exactly the moment that the penetration was to happen.

Terry could see himself laying on his back, his legs up in the air, with Damian’s face looming over him. How it would feel to be staring up into those blue eyes, to see his hair dangling down, to see his nostrils flare, as he would wedge his dick between Terry’s upraised ass.

The idea made him catch his breath a little, as the fantasy played in front of his closed eyes. The way he would stare up, the way Damian would look down, the feel of his big dick wedged up to his hole, just like he had the dildo right now. He liked the blue one, it was what he thought Damian’s dick would be like, in size.

The press of the hard rubber up against his hole made him wince a bit, as he spread his legs a bit wider. Thinking of Damian, he knew he wouldn’t just ram it in, he would make him sweat a bit, make it slowly press up against his hole, until he was moaning, just like he was doing now. His voice would be soft, asking him if he realy wanted it, and he would be yelling ‘yes, god yes’ and Damian would just push a bit more, but not all the way, as he’d make him twist a bit, make him squirm.

Just like he was doing, he thought, as he gripped the end of the dildo, just like it felt as the tapered end pushed a bit more, as his legs trembled, then he knew Damian would pick the right moment. He would see it, see how Terry would be wanting him, would be moaning, and then he’d pull back just a bit, then he would push, with his hips.

His cock would split him quick, the first part of his cock head would fill the tiny hole, then wait a bit, as his cries would echo, then Damian would push a bit more, as the cock head would stretch him every so slowly, until he would feel tears welling up at the corner’s of his eyes.

Terry would have his head twisting and turning, biting his lip, as he felt the fullness of the cock head inside, the pain rolling unimpeded up and down his whole body. His legs would shudder, his chest would be heaving as he tried to breath, to let his body stretch, and then, just at the right moment, Damian would push inwards in one single motion.

His cock would drive past his tiny hole, making him cry out, as the head slid past and inside. It wouldn’t stop either, it would keep on going, until the whole throbbing pole was buried deep inside of him. Terry knew he would be moaning constantly, that he would be thrashing a bit, as he took the big cock, as he would feel the hard press of Damian’s crotch into his own buttocks.

The cock would go in deep, his whole insides would be forced to stretch wide, to accommodate what had to be a thick dick. His voice would grow weaker, as he would let the sensations roll through him, touching him where no one else ever had. He would feel his hands banging on the bed, or whatever he was resting on, as Damian’s body would grind hard into him.

Terry could feel Damian’s hot breath across his face, would find himself looking up into the deep blue eyes as they would come closer to him, and he would lift his head up, to meet Damian’s face. They would kiss hungrily, tasting each other quickly, as the cock would bury itself deeper into Terry’s willing body. How fucking full it would feel, how much the penetration would still be rolling inside of him, as he would clench his cheeks, holding every muscle inside tightly around the throbbing dick.

Damian would be panting, even groaning a bit, as he would begin to pull back, to slowly start the process all over again, and how he would twist his hips, so as to make the cock inside twist and turn. Terry would feel every inch of it being pulled back, then just when he would feel like it was about to be taken fully out, Damian would suddenly ram it in, driving it in faster and harder than anything.

It would feel like suddenly Damian had turned into a piston, the way he would drive his dick in and out, and then just when he would think he couldn’t take anymore, he would slow it down, making it agonizingly noticeable. How it would slide slowly back, until just the head was wedged inside, then it would push back in, slowly driving past his already stretched muscles. How they would tremble, as the dick would push past them effortlessly, how his whole body would be a mass of quivers.

Then once again the hard piston would take over, and he would feel his sweat dripping off him, to run down his own trembling body. How little rivers of sweat would roll down his heaving chest, rolling stomach, mingling with his own sweat. How his chest would ache, his balls would be so painful, that each time he felt Damian dig into him, they would shake, wanting to let go, to release their own precious liquid. How his own cock would be pressed up into his stomach, as Damian came down onto him.

His legs would become numb, as the weight of the guy would crush them down onto him, how his whole body weight would seem to just hang there, and then suddenly he’d be free, as the body lifted up, readying for one more giant rush in.

Terry felt it, as if Damian was really there, knowing that if he was, he would be ready to deliver the final blow, that final hard driving thrust, that would make it all come together. He could feel it, as it pushed deep into him, knowing it was his own hand pushing the dildo into his hole, believing it was Damian’s big powerful dick.

His hand left the dildo wedged hard into his rectum, reaching for his own throbbing pole, as he bit down on his lips, moaning now as his hand flew up and down his shaft, burning, as the ache in his balls grew to where he couldn’t stop it. His hand was a blur, as he twisted a little on the blanket, feeling the fullness inside, believing it was Damian, as his body suddenly tensed up.

The muscles in his legs tightened, and felt like steel bands, as his toes arced a bit inside his runners, as the muscles in his arm began to bulge and tighten. He felt his chest ache, felt his breath becoming more shallow, more desperate as he felt his balls sling upwards, then fall down. His body arched up, as he felt it rolling up from his balls, feeling the power of his milk filling his tube, filling his cock.

The hot burning flesh of his dick made his hand move faster, as his eyes were shut tight. The idea of it being Damian’s dick inside was too much, as he cried out, as the cock in his hand suddenly swelled, then reared back and finally shot forward. He felt it, felt the hot jizz come flooding out, shooting off into the air.

He cried out, as more of his cum poured out, as his whole body seemed to be in the midst of a violent convulsion. The legs quivered, the arms shook, and even his teeth seemed to be chattering, as he shot his second and third load of cum. He could feel some of it across his thigh, then on his belly, as his hand clenched his dick tightly.

Then it was all over, as he lay there feeling totally drained. His body continued to shake though, as he felt the dildo slowly slide out from between his cheeks. He felt the emptiness inside, as he gasped for air, as his chest continued to heave. If only it had been Damian, he thought, maybe he would have lasted longer, maybe he would still want to keep on taking him, to have him fill his insides with his dick.

As he slowly managed to calm down, he wondered how much the camera had captured, how much it had missed. It would be fun to watch, to relive this moment, as he let his eyes slowly open. The sun was still up there, shining, and the birds were still chirping, as he slowly sat up, thinking of reaching out for the camera, to replay the recording.

The eyes slowly focused, as his hand lifted up off his now limp dick, covered in his cum. It felt a bit chilly, as if there were clouds overhead, but as he looked up, to reach for the camera he realized he wasn’t alone. His video camera was not on the tree stump, as he swallowed hard, seeing the legs just behind the stump.

Lifting his eyes up, he stared at the young man holding his video camera. It was still aimed at him, as he felt suddenly terrified. His hands were already reaching for his clothes, to pull them up, to cover himself, when he heard the camera still running. His eyes moved up the towering shape of the body, to stare at the face that now peered down at him.

The guy holding his camera turned it off, and lowered it, standing there staring, at his crotch. Terry’s hand trembled, as he felt the eyes boring down on him, his video camera now lowered, resting at the young man’s side.

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