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Anointing of the Man Child (2)

Anointing of the Man Child

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

Blake turned his face away, as he stared at the Senior, who was still looking a bit in shock, from the result of Brian’s effort. Zero rang out from the Senior behind Brian, and the Senior in charge, made note of it in a rather subdued voice. He also reminded everyone, points went to those who could shoot their jizz the farthest. It was rather strange to think about, but as he waited for the signal to begin, he felt like maybe, just maybe, he had a chance at doing okay. It would be nice, to be the envy for something.

He felt nervous, as he quickly looked over at the others. He noticed how Trent had his eyes wide open, how his lips were shut tight. In all honesty, the guy looked hot that way and it made him shake a bit. All these new feelings, these thoughts, were strange to him.

Sure, he had gotten aroused by seeing other guys. He had even dreamed of a few, like his High School friends. There had been Jesse, the basketball player. The way he would go to the games, not because he liked the game, but to see Jesse running around the court, in those shorts. It would make Blake think of all sorts of things, specially when he would get back home.

Funny, he never talked to Jesse at school, only in his fantasies. How he would somehow bump into him in the hallway, and a conversation would ensue, that would lead to sex. How he imagined Jesse had a big dick, how he would be duly impressed, as he would get on his knees to worship it.

And now here he was, among 20 other guys, about to jack off, when he couldn’t even muster a ‘hello’ when passing Jesse in the hallways. Strange how things could suddenly change, as he stared past Trent, to the other three. They all seemed to be bored, sort of. He thought it was simply an act, a way for them to try and bluff past it all, or did everyone but him have experiences with jerking off in front of other guys?

He had seen a few photographs of guys doing that, in his magazines, so maybe it was common. Yet he rather doubted it, as he saw how Trent was so intent on looking everywhere, but down at his own dick. The way the others seemed to be looking everywhere, but at their dicks. Blake looked down, to see his fully aroused dick, to see the skin tight and to feel the ache in his balls.

Odd, he hadn’t been thinking of any one guy, yet here he was, totally hard. It was almost like his dick had a will of its own, that it worked on its own thoughts, independent of what he wanted. He felt a small smile, as he realized that he really could stand a chance here. The scores had been rather low, and those who he had expected to really amaze, had fizzled. Well, Brian hadn’t fizzled, but it was obvious, he wasn’t a shooter, but a gusher.

Funny, he was a damn rookie, hell a rookie was ahead of the game, compared to him. Yet he actually had the strange notion that he could win, that maybe he had a chance, but then maybe it was simply wishful thinking. After all, no one really figured on him lasting. According the chart in the entrance way to the house, they listed the odds on the new members, of who were favourites, who were long shots. He had been saddened to find his name, listed at 200 to 1 of being likely to make it.

Then too, he did wonder at how he even got selected to get an invitation to join. Maybe it had been a mix up? They had meant it to go to someone else named Blake Mason? He had rather suspected that, right up until he had showed up for the orientation meeting. Still, who had put his name forward, who had arranged for him to make even that list, of the 20?

From what he had heard, this was a rather exclusive club. You weren’t just randomly picked out, and given a chance, or maybe in his case, it had been just that? Maybe for the sake of some twisted logic, they had elected to let one of the real non desirables have a go? It could be that, still here he was now, thinking he could do it.

As he watched his fellow new members, as the memory of that first test continued to play over and over in his mind, he couldn’t help but feel elated, pleased with himself. He had to admit too, he had surprised even himself on that first test.

To have stripped, to have had someone touch his dick for a measure, then to jerk off in front of everyone else. That just wasn’t something he had ever thought possible. To think, two weeks ago he had never once had any kind of sexual experiences with another person, and now here he was, no longer a virgin, in any sense of the word. It had all started by jacking off.

The leader of that first test had stood in front of them. They were the last five to compete, and so far, the title was up for grabs, or so he said. In the back of Blake’s mind, he rather thought that he knew exactly who would be cut, who wouldn’t, on this first night of endurance.

At first he had expected the usual type of stuff, associated with initiations. The wearing of outlandish costumes, of wigs and stuff, then having to parade around campus dressed that way. Yet, this was not what he had envisioned for a beginning test. As he listened to the rules being explained again, he couldn’t help but feel an urge to just tell the guy to shut up and let them get on with it.

How odd, he thought as he looked back down at his cock, at how it seemed to waver a bit, as if it too was anxious. Then too, he hadn’t had his usual time alone lately. One of the major disadvantages of college life, was the total lack of privacy. And Blake needed his privacy, or so he believed, though looking around, he wondered why he had make such an issue about it.

Blake felt the small tremor inside, as he realized that so many of his preconceived notions were biting the dust, all in one swell swoop. Like he never believed he could be naked with a stiffy, in front of others, yet here he was, kneeling and totally naked, with a hard on, and over 20 guys were all watching.

Then too his whole concept of being less equipped than others, but to his amazement he was a bit above average, in that department. His idea that he couldn’t get hard in front of others was long dispelled. As the signal was given to begin, he also realized that he did care, that he did want to show them all. He wanted to make that ‘200 to 1’ rating given him a huge mistake. Somehow, he wanted to show them all, as he reached up and spat on his fingers, while the others were already stroking their dicks.

He let himself wander off, closing his eyes, as he began to do what he could do best, dream. Blake felt the liquid around his cock head, as he gently spread it over the head of his cock, then down his shaft. He could feel it tremble to his touch as he felt his hand come down to his groin, where he let his fingers slowly wrap around the base of his cock.

He sighed, felt his body lean back a bit, his upper body leaning forward, as he got comfortable, just like he would do in his own bedroom back home. The floor was a lot harder, but he ignored it as he began to think of Brian, the guy with the huge dick. It was a knack of his, to think of what might be, rather than what had been. After all, you didn’t remain a damn virgin till you were eighteen by having experiences.

With the eyes shut tight, he began to slowly move his hand up and down his dick, his tongue licking at the lower lip, then he let himself go. He started to see Brian’s huge cock in front of his face, to see the veins that wrapped around the amazingly long pole. Once more he licked his lips, as his hand began the steady motion of up and down, stroking the hot pole.

He wondered what that white spot was on the cock before his eyes, knowing it was some pre cum. Licking at it, he felt its raunchy taste penetrate his senses, make his body ache a bit more, as he would reach out with his hand, to lightly run his finger down the stiff pole. Blake could feel it tremble to his touch, feel it shiver, as he slowly would move his hand down and then around Brian’s big cock.

In the back of his mind, he felt a strange pressure on his head, but it only added to his dream. It was Brian’s hands reaching for him, wanting him to stop teasing him, to do more than just let the fingers trace the various patterns of the veins. He could feel his desire too, see it in the shorter guy’s eyes. In his mind, he heard himself sighing, heard his own voice moan softly as he opened his mouth.

His lips were apart, as he leaned forward, as his tongue shot out, to taste that second drop of precum that was now oozing from Brian’s dick. He let the tongue lick it, swallow the cum, but not pull back. Instead, he let his tongue circle the head, then move across the head, to the ridge of the cap, to let the tongue lick slowly just underneath that ridge.

He could feel the pressure increase on his head, knowing it wasn’t Brian, but thinking it was. He ignored everything else, the heavy breathing from beside him, from above him, as he concentrated on the dream, on the fantasy that Brian was begging him to take it, was forcing it to him, as he held back. Blake felt his body shudder, as he finally opened his mouth wide enough, and that suddenly he could taste the salt coated flesh as it pushed past his teeth, to bang up against his throat.

It was hard, making his jaw stretch, making him nearly retch, as the huge dick was stuffed into his mouth. He heard himself cry out, a sort of muffled cry, as his hands reached out to grasp at Brian’s thighs. He could feel the skin give to his pressure, feel the bone being touched by his finger tips, as he tried to hold the hips away, to regulate the pushing.

His hand was moving faster along is cock, as he thought about how Brian would be moaning, how pale his face would be getting, as he took that monster dick, as his throat muscles finally listened, and relaxed enough for him to let the huge pole slide even deeper into his throat. Blake could hear himself choking, hear himself panting, as he strove to control every muscle in his throat.

As he felt the excitement rising, he could feel the hard banging of the cock against his throat, feel it pressing past his larynx, as he let his tongue try to lick at it. He could feel the beat of Brian’s heart from the pulse of the thick veins that coated the huge pole in his mouth.

It was hard to breath, as the huge cock filled his windpipe. With his chest heaving, he could feel his hand stroking his cock. The heat was intense, and the ache in his groin was replaced by a strange ache between his buttocks. The sounds were muted, as if in a distance, as he could see Brian’s cock being pulled out and forced back in, in a rising pace. He could see the eyes flicker, see the glaze come over them, as they fluttered, then closed.

Strange, but he knew it would be seconds, and he felt his muscles tighten around the cock in his mouth, felt his hand tighten around his own cock, in a choking grip that hurt, which he ignored. All he could think of was that image of that hard pole being pounded into his face. The press of Brian’s hands on his head, the way he smelled too.

Blake breathed in deeply, smelling that scent, that aroma that was new to him. It was cum, but for the first time, it wasn’t his cum that he smelled. He breathed it in deeply, feeling the cock jerk, feeling it actually thicken even more, as he let his head move in time with each thrust of Brian’s hips. He felt it as his whole body was nearing the tipping point, that magical point when he couldn’t control himself.

It was the one perk he had missed, and now here he was, having that special moment in front of over 20 strangers. Sure, they had introduced themselves, but that was as far as it went. Right now though, all he could think of was that moment when Brian fell backwards, when his short upper torso was stretched back over his haunches, as his big dick quivered, just before it let go.

He felt his own body shaking, felt the ache in his balls suddenly explode. Blake clenched his eyes tighter, squeezing them even more, as he tried to hold back the roaring waves of his juice. He could feel the cock tremble, feel it shaking in his hand, that now flew up and down the pole in a maddening frenzy. He could feel the ache inside grow, feel it make every muscle in his body suddenly go taut. It all registered, yet didn’t. All he could see was that huge cock head, see the coming gusher of cream.

Biting his lower lip, Blake tasted blood, as he saw the replay of Brian’s moment of glory again, though in slow motion. He saw the slit widen, saw the coming stream of grey white liquid moving up from within the tube of the penis. His eyes narrowed even more, as if gifted with x-ray vision. Every little detail was there, as he felt the burning pain in his lungs, then felt the excitement of seeing that moving white cream start to spill out.

With absolute clarity, he could see the tiny nerves popping all around the cock head, as they were coated by the sticky white substance, as Brian’s cum made its way to freedom. He watched the skin tighten, watched it change to various shades of purple and red. He could feel its heat too, see the cum begin to fill the air between Brian’s closed fingers.

As he watched, he felt his own body shake, felt his own body begin to pour its precious liquid out. His hand ached, the muscles in his shoulder were in agony, as his body surrendered to the vision of Brian jacking off. How the tiny white lines formed around his mouth, how the veins on his forehead pulsed, then lightened in color, as the blood drained to the huge cock. He could see it all again, as his whole body exploded.

There was a gasp from just above him, another from nearby, as he felt his cum pass through his fingers, and make their way forward. He felt the way his body didn’t lean backwards, but shot forwards. Every nerve in his body was screaming, as he felt dizzy. He knew that he had cum, that his daydream of Brian was coming to an end. He hated that part of it, but end it had to, but maybe he would find other things to contemplate, next time.

Still, he couldn’t believe that he had just done what he had. His body was still shaking, as his eyes opened then closed quickly. The light was glaring, but finally he managed to adjust to it. Blake felt himself leaning back, felt the goo between his fingers, as he slowly returned from his fantasy.

Looking off to the right, he could see Brian was staring at him, that his mouth was ajar a bit, and as he felt his heart pounding, Blake noticed that everyone was looking at him. He felt a self conscious, as he tried to collect himself. Everything still was a blur, as he felt the pain in his lungs.

As the beat of his heart slowed, as the thundering in his ears began to subside, he could sense the strange stillness in the room, as his eyes began to grow more accustomed to the light. His breathing was still a bit labored, as he slowly sat back upright, and he looked around.

Something was different, as everyone seemed to be staring at him. He felt very self conscious, felt his dick shrink even quicker, as he also placed a hand over it, to try and hide. He couldn’t quite figure it out.


Blake glanced up to see the head of the group talking to him, and all he could do was sort of mumble a thank you, though he had no idea what the guy had been talking about. Yet somehow he felt different, as he looked around, and saw a strange glint in the eyes that were looking at him. It was as if they were in awe of him, and he couldn’t quite figure it out, as he slowly relaxed his sore muscles.

As the members all gathered around each other, to compare notes, Trent leaned over and whispered to him. His voice showed his amazement.

Man, you always shoot that far?

Huh? I don’t uh, how far did it go? I uh…

You kidding? Didn’t you hear?


Shit, your spunk hit the far wall man, like major footage.


Shit yeah, unreal dude, that was some display, and it sure as hell wasn’t some thin little gob either.

He couldn’t help but feel pleased with himself, and before he could carry on the conversation, the members all broke up and came forward. They were all looking at him, as they announced the winners. Trent had gotten fourth place in the distance event, and he had taken first. It was a surprise, as he noticed how the others all seemed to look at him,

They were told to get dressed, and as they were standing up, they were also told that the first cuts were decided. He felt suddenly tense. One name was quickly read off, and then they were free to head off. It was a relief, as he realized that he had made the first cut. As he pulled his pants up, a few of the others passed by, stopping to shake his hand, which was unusual.

Brian even came by, telling him he wished he could shoot like him. He was at a loss for words, as he shook the guy’s hand, feeling a bit guilty. He wondered if he would still be thanking him if he knew that Blake had been thinking of him and his giant dick when he had cum? Hell, he wondered if he would have made it this far, if they had known about him?

The slap on the back startled him, as he turned around to see Trent there, grinning at him. He didn’t know why, but he was attracted to the shaggy haired guy. The guy was certainly good looking, and seemed rather at ease with everything. He hadn’t seemed as nervous as the others were, when they were all told to strip.

Wanna grab a cup of coffee at the student lounge?

Uh, I don’t know, I guess.

Cool, I gotta find out how you do it man, that was one hell of a shocker.


Way you shot your load dude, you serious? You black out or something when you cum?

I guess, I just, ya know, get lost into what I was thinking of.

Wish I could zone out that way, at times.

Blake felt nervous, as they left the fraternity house, and made their way down the dimly lit walkway, towards the main square of the Campus. Getting closer, the lighting grew brighter, which almost made it seem like daylight. He didn’t understand why it was so brilliantly lit, until Trent mentioned how there had been a few attacks on some of the girls, and the College had beefed up the lighting.

As they made their way along the Quad, he couldn’t help but notice that only the path going towards the Frat House were still barely lit, while all the other paths were like miniature beacons.

All the way to the big flat building, he couldn’t help but notice how Trent kept looking around, his eyes always darting around. It was as if he didn’t want anyone to see him with Blake, or something like that. He didn’t quite understand it, unsure why Trent seemed so nervous, so cautious.

For the most part they exchanged small talk. It was a bit stilted, which made him feel a bit nervous himself. The constant checking, looking over the shoulder had him feeling uncomfortable. He couldn’t put his finger on it, wasn’t even sure he wanted to know what was making Trent act that way.

Maybe he didn’t want any of the others to see them together? Maybe Trent knew his secret, or had guessed at it, and didn’t want to get tagged with being one himself? It was perhaps Blake’s greatest fear, of being outed. Still, he didn’t think he had really given anyone a hint, let alone make it obvious. Still the way Trent kept searching everywhere, was making him worry.

As they approached the entrance to the well lit Student Union building, he could feel Trent’s nervousness increase. It was like he was dreading walking into the place, with him. He couldn’t quite understand it, after all it wasn’t like he had suggested they come here. Getting close, Trent stopped, staring around at everyone that was milling around on the Quad.

Something wrong?

His voice seemed to startle Trent, who jumped a bit, then he got this sort of lazy grin over his face, as he stared down at his feet, then glanced upwards at Blake. The way he looked made Blake quiver a bit, as he found himself being attracted to the shaggy haired guy.

How can you be so cool? Doesn’t it bother you?

Huh? What? I mean, I don’t uh…

Trent stared at him, his mouth open a bit. Yet all Blake could think about was how those lips looked so inviting, and wondered what it would be like, to actually press his own on them. Strange, he had thoughts of guys before, but never as powerful as what he was feeling right now.

You don’t feel it?

Feel what?

Afraid, I mean I know they say its safe, but then you didn’t see any bright lights along the path to the House, did you? Only along the other paths, to the other Houses.

So? I mean, maybe they ran out of money, or they haven’t gotten to it yet, I don’t uh…

He trembled a bit, as Trent stared at him. His eyes were wide open and he shook his head. It seemed like he was missing something, and that somehow he should know what Trent was talking about. Still, he didn’t quite understand, why he was so nervous, why he expected him to be, as well.

Shit, you really don’t know, do you?

Know what?

Christ, I thought… I mean, uh, fuck, uh maybe we should just, you really don’t know?

It all felt odd. The way Trent was talking, in such amazement. What was he missing? He couldn’t figure it out, but he felt suddenly on edge, as the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Something was wrong, but he didn’t get it. He hadn’t a clue.

What? What am I supposed to know?

The Frat

What about it?

Shit, uh, I thought you knew man, unless you uh, shit, you had to know, they wouldn’t invite you otherwise, you have to, fuck…

Blake trembled a little. His leg quivered, and inside he felt a strange dread. It had been odd, to be invited, when he didn’t even know anything about the Fraternity. Just that he had been so swept up as being asked, he never really thought much about the Fraternity itself. For a moment he wondered if somehow they knew about his secret, and it was all a way to out him.

Please, I don’t have a clue what you are talking about, I mean, if I screwed up or something, wish you would tell me.

You screwed up? Uh, you really don’t get it. Man, I thought… The Frat House, dude its only for uh, for guys like us.

Huh? Like us? I don’t…

Shit, you really don’t get it, man it is for us fags, queers, fudge packers, whatever term you want, no breeders allowed.

No, no way man.

Fuck, like I’d make that up? I thought you… I mean you are, aren’t you?

He stood there, like a statue, as he tried to make sense out of what Trent had said. How could it be true? Worse, should he answer him, and how? Should he pretend he wasn’t, or at least try? It was obvious, someone had known, or guessed. Was Trent out to trap him, to get him to admit to being gay, then scream it out, to out him?


On The Run (6)

On The Run

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (6)

It had been hours since Bobby Rae had left him alone in the cabin. The fire had died down quickly, and he huddled by the dwindling embers, wrapped in a blanket. He knew he needed to keep himself warm, for the trek to the Mountains. Least he had a destination, but more importantly, he had outside help.

Since this whole nightmare began, he felt like he stood a chance. He still wasn’t sure why so many were after him, and he sure hoped Old Roy would find out. Least then he’d know. It was the not knowing, that was perhaps the worst. It made you unsure who to trust, or how far to trust those who you did.

He should be used to that though, but then again maybe not. After all most around where he lived knew about him, knew he was Gay. While some bitched about it, some called him out, least he knew where they stood. The others, well they didn’t seem to care either way, but his friends, the one’s he relied on, they had always stood up for him.

Mind you he had been wrong about the Sherrif, and Bobby Rae too. He still could feel the dull ache in his ass, from that pounding. Gawd, how he had wanted to scream out, to have him stop. Good thing he didn’t, but still, the way he had pounded him, no way he wasn’t into it. He had to be, and not the way he said.

Still, he could think of that some other time. Now he needed to get ready, to begin doing things the right way, so as to keep out of the clutches of the Feds. Man, the one thing he hated more than the Preacher or some of the so called elite of the town, was the Feds. Politics hadn’t been his thing, though he knew his folks had been a bit political. They were always at the town meetings, always handing out flyers or writing letters.

His Father was a simple man, who did his work but he took an interest in the place. He wasn’t the kind who tended to the crop, then sat around. Both he and his mother had always been out, visiting and talking. Maybe it was that which Bobby Rae had meant, or maybe it was something else.

He wished he had asked more questions, but it was enough that he was getting help. Least, he thought that it was. Still, Sheriff Roy was a crafty old man. Maybe it was a set up? Maybe he just wanted to torment him some, before hauling him off to the Feds? It was possible, but then again, it didn’t really suit the guy. He might be a stickler for some things, but he was known for being honest. His Father had always told him that, yet he still felt a bit hesitant.

It was a natural instinct, for hunters, to stalk their prey, to wear them out before making the final attack. He learned that but never really thought about it. Yet he thought about it now, as he waited for the darkness to fully come, to give him the chance to make his way to the river, then upstream to the Mountains, and hopefully sanctuary.

Yet if he was being stalked, if it was a trap, he would be too tired, to exhausted to put up a fight, even if he did have ways to make his capture costly. The knife that Bobby Rae gave him, for example. It was designed for hunting men, not animals. It was a close quarter’s weapon, one he knew how to use.

A lot of things were going thru his mind, as he waited. If only his Father had told him more, hell if only he was still alive to help him, to guide him. Maybe he could make it, but as he grew a bit depressed, he tried to snap out of it. One thing he couldn’t afford was self pity, Bobby Rae was right on that too. He needed to have his wits about him, not the kind that got him laid either, but the one’s that let him survive.

Being gay, he knew of how to survey a situation, how to get a feeling for people, so as to avoid risking a confrontation. In some ways, being different, had given hi a sixth sense, and while he was not 100% convinced of Bobby Rae, he felt like he had been telling him the truth. That it wasn’t a set up, that people were helping.

Like that time with Trent. He always had liked him, but never really got close to him, not like he did with Rick and Ron. He wished he had tried though, but then all the signs said NO. The guy had shaggy hair, that gave him a really hot look. The way it hid his eyes, made him look a bit mysterious.

He was on the football team too, so he wasn’t one of those super skinny dudes. Trent could move too, as in running. The way he would pump those legs at times, as he jogged around the countryside. It was a thrill to just watch that, and to imagine what he would be like in the sack. One of TJ’s favourite pastimes, to daydream about some of the guys he had grown up with.

Thing about Trent, was he was all guy. He liked to have his bit of fluff with him most of the time, which told TJ that he was a possible. When guys were always showing off, it usually meant they were possible lays. It was their way of proving they were guys, not sissy boys. Still, it could also be because they were horny, and he had enjoyed watching a few of the guys making out.

It was one reason he paid such good attention to the bush lessons his Father gave him. It stood him in good stead, for sneaking up and watching some of the shenanigans that went on in the bush. Some of them were so easy to follow, and watch. Like Elijah who was always up by the old mill. The guy loved to bring his girl up there, make her climb the steep hill and then clear some leaves, before settling down to some old fashioned humping.

He was cute, but not his type. TJ smiled, as he thought about Trent, about Elijah, and some of the others. He wondered if they were out hunting him too? If Elijah was with the Feds, well he didn’t think he had anything to worry about. The guy was all left feet in the bush, and the noise he made, man it would scare off a deaf deer, never mind what it would do to a one that could hear.

Trent on the other hand, would be a challenge. He came from a long line of backwoods folks. Had even grown up near the tree line, just where the main farming lands ended. And he ran daily through them, and he was good. TJ had tried following him, even trying to see if he could head him off, but the guy could move. Not just in speed, but in being quiet too.

That worried him a bit, but he felt his chest relax, as he realized, he had bested him. He had managed to get ahead of him, to find out why he ran in the woods so often. It gave him a bit of a warm feeling too, because while he had never chased Trent, he knew exactly what he was like, naked.

To say he was a stud would be an understatement. The guy was hung, definitely bit bigger than average. He had a real nice penis, which always got TJ a bit excited. Plus, Trent was one of those moaners, who when he stroked himself, would moan and twist around. Man it had been fun watching him, and better, Trent never knew.

So, he could survive, but he’d have to start thinking, not let himself get lazy, or forget what was at stake. Just like when he had made up his mind to stalk Trent, to find out why he kept running through the bushes. It was just like that, when he became all serious, and planned his every move, so as to avoid being caught.

Last thing he wanted was for Trent to catch him. If he had, it would have gotten ugly, and he really didn’t want to have to think about marring that face of his. The way his nose was just perfect, and the lips, so full, so desirable. Last thing he wanted was to have to land a few hard bare punches on them. He’d much rather be kissing them.

Just like then, he’d have to start thinking about his plan, about how he would move, where, and all of that. Just like he had scouted the trail that Trent took, to figure out where would be a good spot to lay in wait, to follow from. Now he’d have to figure out the river, where to find good spots that would give him cover during the day.

As if to emphasize it, he heard the distant sounds of something in the air, and he knew it was a helicopter. The way it’s noise was so different from a plane, as it sliced through the air. He tensed up, as it grew a bit louder, until he heard it pass away. He sighed, as he realized he had past one more test. He hadn’t rushed out, to run, but had kept still, kept his wits about him.

It had taken him nearly two weeks, before he had found a spot that was near the path Trent always took. He had scouted the whole route, noting the paths, the roughness of the trail, until he came upon the one spot, that showed signs of use. It was a small clearing, just to one side of the pathway. There was dead grass there, as if it had died from being flattened too many times. It puzzled him, but as he had surveyed the area, he noted how isolated it was.

If you wanted to do something, like rest or take a piss, it was a great spot. No one could sneak up on you without you hearing them come. It was hidden so that if you were perfectly still, a person could come past on the path and not even notice you. TJ had thought it odd that it looked so well used, then he began to do his math.

He figured out how long it took Trent to enter the woods, then leave. Keeping notes of the times, he realized that on certain days, Trent always took longer to make his way through the woods. That wasn’t normal, and given his already suspicion that Trent was up to something in the woods, well it made him even more curious.

Like he had been taught, he took care to scout out the terrain. He knew the river, knew the path to the mountains, like it was the back of his hand. There were good spots for him to lay over and rest, some a bit of a stretch from a previous lair, others a bit close, but he had ten days or so Bobby Rae had said. There would be no sense in rushing, and as he sat there, he made a mental note of the spots that would be good for resting.

Counting it up, he knew he’d need about eight days at most, to make it to where he had to go. That would give him some cover, plus it would also not tax his strength too much. While he felt he could trust Bobby Rae, he wasn’t going to arrive at the cave, and be unable to defend himself.

Just like he had taken a whole day to come up with a way to explain why he was in the woods, if Trent caught him. He had found a perfect spot that would let him view the clearing, and the path. It was ideal for him, where he could stretch out, and watch. Yet if Trent did spot him, he needed a plan.

In scouting the area out, he had noticed that a few spots had some good mushrooms growing around. It gave him his alibi. He’d make sure he had some nearby, so that he could explain his presence. He also made sure his spot was well flattened down too, to further give his alibi some credence, as to being a spot he used often, to rest after doing some mushroom picking.

He had it all worked out, and when finally ready to put his plan into action, he knew it would work. All the details had been attended to, now he would find out exactly what it was that football hero Trent did in the woods. From his scouting, he knew that Trent always took longer to go through the woods on Monday. There were other days, but Monday was a regular one. He always took longer, so as the next Monday approached, he got himself ready.

That first Monday had been quite an eye opener for him. He had figured that Trent would stop and do something like smoke a joint or something. It had been a hell of a surprise when he had watched him come along the path, barely audible. That had surprised him a bit, but then when he had come up to where the clearing was, his actions had made him tense up.

TJ had expected him to check to see if anyone was nearby, but the way Trent had moved, showed how nervous he was, how cautious too. The way he would walk up and down the path, peering into the woods, sniffing even. Man it was a bit uncanny, and TJ had felt himself sweating, wondering if Trent would spot him. There was one brief moment when he thought he would, but it passed.

Watching, he saw Trent carefully make his way to the little clearing, and to TJ’s surprise, he watched him get onto his knees, and suddenly pull his shorts down. His eyes bulged as he saw the hard dick, and how Trent stared down at it. The way his eyes seemed to suddenly sparkle, as he checked his own boner out.

The sudden show had made his own dick stiffen, but he kept himself still, wondering what the fuck was going on. Was Trent waiting for someone else? Maybe his latest squeeze would show up, but as he cocked his head to listen, there was no other sounds indicating anyone was coming.

He couldn’t believe it, as he watched Trent lick his fingers, then slowly run them along his hard dick. It was almost as if the guy was going to jerk off, which he was. At that time, he wasn’t sure, believing Trent was doing drugs not jacking himself off. After all, Trent could have any girl in town, anytime, so why would he find a secluded spot, to jack off? Didn’t make sense, but he was rather enjoying the show.

How Trent moved his fingers along the top of his taut dick, how it shook to his touch, how the muscles in his thighs quivered. TJ could see it all, from where he lay. It was uncomfortable, thanks to his own stiff dick, but he didn’t move a muscle.

His eyes were glued to Trent. To how his fingers moved up and down the top of the shaft, then circled underneath, to cup the balls. He got a good look at them, then. It was like looking at perfection, as he stared at the two round eggs in Trent’s open palm. How the hand held them, then slowly closed around them, to squeeze them.

Trent’s head tilted backwards a bit, and TJ was pretty certain he was licking his lips, as his other hand now moved to take hold of his cock. How it grasped the shaft, wrapping all of the fingers around the blood gorged pole, gave him a bit of a quiver. He felt his legs vibrate a bit, as he watched Trent move his one hand along the shaft, the other squeezing the balls.

It was then that he heard him, the soft moan that didn’t stop, but only got a bit louder as the hand moved faster along the shaft. The sound mixed with the birds chirping, the wind rustling through the trees, was amazing. He could still hear it now, as he looked out the window, seeing the darkness growing thicker.

TJ licked his lips, as he remembered how Trent’s voice had sounded, as he had stroked himself. The way it would sort of just sing out, like a chant that rose and dropped at points. His voice had a huskiness to it. Yet he couldn’t help but notice how the whole body also moved, shook as the hand began to stroke faster.

His eyes had bulged open as Trent’s had become nothing but a blur. The way it moved up and down that pole, how his whole body seemed to rock, and the moaning became louder almost made him want to grab hold of his own dick, and stroke it. He didn’t, because he knew Trent would hear him, but he almost risked it, that day.

It was that discipline he needed to hold onto now, as he thought about how it had felt to watch Trent jerk off, to watch him and see how his body moved, gauging when he would shoot. That helped keep his own hands still, as he watched the mouth, the lips tighten, then the facial muscles tighten too, and TJ knew it would be anytime soon.

He moved his eyes downwards, to watch the blurred hand working the dick, waiting for that final moment. The moaning became louder, and he licked his own lips, as he waited for that sign, for that spurt to happen. TJ recalled how his own body had tightened up, how every muscle in his body was taut. How he held his eyes open, afraid to even blink, for wanting to not miss that moment.

Thinking about it now, he realized how close he had come to missing it. Yet he had caught it, just as he had hoped. The sun had shone through, a ray catching that milky white liquid stream as it spurted through Trent’s clenched fist. He had seen it as it flew out, and as he heard the moan change its tempo.

He could hear his shallow breathing as well, as he watched that stream splatter far away. It was an amazing stream of cum, one he wished was hitting the back of his throat, instead of being wasted on the ground. How Trent’s whole body had shook, how his bones were sticking out, the muscles wrapped so tightly around them. TJ could see it all, as Trent shot his load.

The second and third pop was no less impressive. TJ couldn’t believe how much spunk the guy could shoot, nor how good of a view he had of it all. If only he could reach down, to grab his own dick, he knew he would cum too. Still, there was time enough for that once Trent left, plus now that he knew what went on, he also knew where he would be come next Monday.

As he watched Trent slowly relax, and lean forward, he saw how he reached down, and wiped a drop of his spent cum off his cock head. Looking on, he saw him put the finger with the cum up to his face, where he looked at it, then licked it clean. He could see Trent’s face, see the pleasure he was getting from it. If only that was his dick, he thought, as Trent stood up, his cock still semi hard.

Trent looked around a bit, then pulled his shorts back up, and it was suddenly like he hadn’t even missed a beat. He was off on the trail, moving down the pathway. As he heard the feet hit the ground, he couldn’t help but notice how light they sounded, how quickly their sound dissipated as well.

TJ had lain there for nearly ten minutes, before moving. His legs had cramped up, but all he could think of was Trent and his dick, at how he had stared at it, before jerking himself off. His own hand had his pants undone, and his own cock was sticking up in the air. He didn’t listen, or look around, but he quickly wrapped his hand around it, and felt the warmth, felt the blood pulsing through it.

His chest hurt, as he felt his body buck, then as his hand moved down the hard pole, his legs twitched, his toes tried to curl up, as he moved up the shaft. He had been right, it wouldn’t have taken him much effort, as he felt his balls release their precious fluid. He felt it rushing through his body, felt his whole body tremble.

He had never shot so much, or so hard, before. The image of Trent, of how his cum had spurted through his clenched fist, only made him ache even more. The way the muscles in his stomach had contracted, at how he could see them tighten under the golden flesh, made his own body grow hard.

The waves of pleasure were already travelling up and down his spine, before he realized he was cumming. His fingers were covered in his sticky cum, as he felt himself arch up, then fall back to the hard ground. His chest ached, as he felt his body drain totally of all fluids. The pain in his legs were intense, as the muscles finally released. His heart was thundering, as he felt the cum between his fingers start to dry in the warm air.

TJ looked up, saw how dark it had suddenly become. With a start, he realized it was time to leave the cabin, to begin his journey to the Cave. He quickly stood up, and pushed his pants down and off. Grabbing the Vaseline, he worked it up his legs, and as he coated his dick, the image of Trent flashed once more before him.

His hand stopped, quivering a bit, as he though about jerking off. The grease of the Vaseline would make it quick, but he also knew he couldn’t afford to do it. It simply wasn’t practical to jerk off now, but it would be a thought to hold onto, for when he made his first rest stop, before daylight. He could indulge himself then, if he wasn’t too tired.

He pulled his underwear and pants up, and sat down to put on the socks and boots. His face was set in a frown, as he listened for any strange noises, any indication that anyone was near by. He had managed to sneak up on Trent, and was damned if he’d let anyone do it to him.

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A Hidden Treasure

A Hidden Treasure

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (-)

Kyle stood up and walked over to the edge. He stared down at the dark shapes beneath his bare feet, then glanced up to see the sky beginning to brighten. Sun rise wasn’t far off, judging by the growing lightness around him. He felt the soft breeze blowing across his toned body. It felt good to be standing there, despite the slight chill in the air.

Looking out, he could see the sky brightening, and he felt slightly sad, that another night had come to an end. Turning around, he saw the curled up figure on the sleeping bag, the bare legs just sticking out from under a casually wrapped blanket. A small smile curled around his lips, as he stared at his sleeping friend.

They had come up here, after the party down in the valley, and it had been a night he would always remember. He chuckled a little, as the sun began to peep up over the horizon. Soon, he’d have to go back, in case anyone was out bird watching and saw him standing here, starkers. Knowing how people in the small town below were, he was certain they’d be calling the cops, complaining about some sex maniac up on the mountain top, by the old water station.

He still had time, he figured, as he raised his hands up and spread them out, letting the wind blow across his naked frame. Slowly he felt the rays of the Sun, as he tilted his head back, and closed his eyes, just enjoying the freedom. To stand there, totally naked, free of clothes, free of people looking at him, free of worry. It felt so good, and yet no one would believe that he would be the kind to do that. To just stand up there, naked, and enjoy it.

Most of his friends, including his sleeping one behind, thought he was too shy for his own good. They always kidded him that he always opened one eye first, to see if anyone was watching, and then he’d open the second, just to double check. He really wasn’t that way, but people, well, they did make him a bit uncomfortable, until he got to know them.

Thinking of that, he couldn’t help but smile, as he felt the wind blowing around him. His legs twitched a bit, and his arms felt a bit heavy, as he kept them spread out, showing off his whole body, to anyone that could see. In all honesty, he doubted anyone could see, but the idea that someone might, was rather invigorating. It made him tremble a bit, and it made his dick quiver as well.

21 years old, and he felt like the world was his, at times. Up here, among the clouds, where people rarely came, he felt like he was a giant, not some 5’9” nobody, like he felt when he was down there, among all those others. How they all put so much stock in height, in being perfect, or seeming to be perfect. He knew it was a mirage, but it didn’t help when some Adonis would walk by, ignoring him totally.

Maybe Sally was right, that he simply needed to stop being so quiet, stop wearing old fashioned clothes that old men wore. It wasn’t that he didn’t like tight fitting clothes, or tank top shirts, it was just that they didn’t suit him. The shirts, well, what did he have to show off? Wasn’t like he had the perfect six pack to display, and while he wasn’t ashamed of his dick, the rest of him was toned, but certainly not bulging with muscles. That was what they wanted, and he simply didn’t have it.

The wind was picking up a bit as he opened his eyes, and let his hands fall to his side. He felt so alive up here, so free, that he felt a bit angry at the Sun, for starting to rise, to signal his return to being just Kyle. Down there he was the one who got the coffee refill, or the basket of bread sticks when the first ran out, but up here, well up here he was someone else. He was the one who rode on top, who made them pant, who made them clutch at the grass in their fist, as he showed them what it meant to be stuffed.

It wasn’t that he was some freak, but he knew how to please, least when he was up here. Down there, well, he just never seemed to find the right words, the right motions, or the right rhythm even. Yet up here, he could find that spot, and hit it time after time. No one he had come up here with, had ever complained. In fact, many had been surprised, because he was different. He acted different too.

Down there, the lights had to be off, the room dark with maybe a candle or two only. Up here, he didn’t care if the damn headlights were on, or if a huge spotlight was shining on him. There he took his time in undressing, sometimes going into the bathroom, then coming out with a towel around his waist. Up here, well, he had stunned a few at how quick he could shed his plain looking clothes. The way he would need to spend more time finding the tossed articles than he took in shucking them off.

This was his place, but soon it would be gone, no longer open to him, or to anyone. The old water tower was going to be taken down, and some government funded crap was going to be set up, here on his mountain top. It made him angry, as he stood there, realizing that with this place gone, he’d never again be the lover he was, when up here.

It was stupid to believe a place could have such a difference, could change a person, but it just did. It was that simple, and so for the last week he had been like some sex machine. Up here every night, with someone different, someone new, to just try and make the memories that could hold him, when down there.

Suddenly he felt deflated, as the idea of losing this place took hold. Damn the world, damn people and damn the Government, he thought. Why did they have to take the one spot that made him feel so alive, so much like a real man? They didn’t need his spot, they could have their stupid whatever anywhere. He didn’t know what they were going to put here, just that it would no longer be accessible, that there would be security guards all the time, that the natural beauty of the place would be ruined, with sterile government buildings and cement parking lots.

No more gravel road to come up here either, but a fully paved road. The big machines were already down at the base, as the day of his doom was fast approaching. Still, he had some time, was making the most of it, but he wanted more. Was he greedy? Shouldn’t he be happy that he had what he had, or was he just too unwilling to make what worked up here, work down there?

Rodney said he could be whatever he wanted, anywhere, that it didn’t take a special place. But he was wrong, he had tried to be the same, down there. It had yet to work, not like up here. Oh there had been flashes, but only flashes. Nothing like how it was up here, where he was the Stud, the one that made the choices, the moves. Up here, he was the one who made others cry out in pleasure, as he shoved his 8 inches deep into various parts of their body.

More importantly, he never needed help in being hard, not up here. It was always hard, the foreskin stretched taut long before he would reach the top. It was always that way, but never down there. It was more like work than pleasure when he was forced to have sex there, but never a chore up here. Here it was like suddenly being in heaven.

Everything clicked when he was up here. He could feel his body tremble, as he felt the growing warmth in the air. Not long now, he thought, as he stared out at the wide expanse of country, all at his feet. He wasn’t some egomaniac either, he wasn’t into control, or into being demanding. He enjoyed sex, in a give an take type of approach. Yet up here, he felt it more, enjoyed it more, whether it was him sucking, or being sucked. Whether it was him driving his dick into a nice tight ass, or if it was his own butt being ploughed.

Blake Mason studs Kyle B & Matt HLike last night, the way it had started out with him servicing his friend, Matt. He had stunned the poor guy, by not only willingly suck his dick, but he managed to suck it all. Now that was something to be proud of, given that Matt had a huge whopper of a dick. He hadn’t measured it, but he would bet all his money that it was bigger than 11 inches. Plus, it was uncut, which only made it even more enjoyable.

So he liked uncut dicks, it didn’t make him a snob. He could enjoy a cock, cut or uncut, with the same degree of pleasure. Still, poor Matt had been a bit surprised by how he had deep throated his whopper. That would be a good memory, to recall how tight it was in his mouth, how full it made him feel. How his tonsils protested, and how the muscles tried to close and not let Matt’s dick in. Still, he hadn’t backed off, or even thought about backing off.

He had wanted that huge dick in his mouth, and Matt didn’t know it then, but Kyle had wanted it up his ass too.

Kyle knew that if he had done Matt down there, he’d never have been able to take that dick up his ass. That would have been a shame, because he really enjoyed taking it. To feel that thick piece of meat tremble as it pushed past his stretched insides. To have felt all of that long shaft, as it filled his insides beyond the point he ever thought possible. To have missed out on that, would have been a tragedy, least in his mind.

Up here, he had not only taken it, but had given it such a good ride, that he had Matt screaming his pleasure. The way he had twisted his body as he took that big shaft, as it had drove deep into him, and how the waves of pleasure just seemed to never end. It had made him lose a few pounds too, from all the sweat that poured from his body, as he took it hard and fast.

While the wind blew around him, he could still hear his own cries, urging Matt to go faster, to pound him harder. He could still feel it, as he reached down & around to feel his cheeks quiver a bit, at the memory of a few hours ago. How good it had felt to feel that pole in there, to feel it reaching deep and pushing at his insides. The way it had dug in, made his body scream in agony, while wanting more.

The way the rolling waves kept his whole body shaking, made him actually pound the ground below him, as each hard thrust tried to bury him into the very dirt. How the blanket was wrapped so tightly in his fists, as the cock jerked from side to side, as Matt moved his hips in a circular motion. How the sound of his big balls slapping up into his butt cheeks echoed in the still of the night.

Gawd, it had been a memorable fuck. One he knew he’d never have a chance at experiencing again, least not the same way as last night. No more Matt’s to seduce, to bring up and amaze with his own sexual prowess. It was about to end, as he looked out at the growing dawn of the day.

The feel of Matt on top of him, of his ragged breath blowing across the nape of his neck. How his sweat poured off his body onto Kyle’s. The way each drop made his body twitch, made him moan even, was amazing. He could still feel the thrill of it, the way his body seemed to ache for Matt, for that giant dick. How great it felt and how sharp the pain had been as it had penetrated him, dug deep past his tiny hole, stretching his insides.

It was making him hard all over again, as his hand reached down for his own uncut dick. He could feel the foreskin growing tighter around his own shaft, as he closed his eyes, thinking of Matt. How his hands had felt as they pushed his buttocks apart, as the two fingers run up and down the valley between his two cheeks. How they twirled around his puckered hole, how they teased it, before suddenly slicing past his guarding muscles.

The sudden entry had made him gasp, as they dug in quick, and deep. Just like how his cock would do it, but he didn’t know that then. Yet he could feel those fingers push in, feel the bare knuckles pushing at his hole, almost as if they wanted to join the fingers inside. How he had moaned then, squirmed a little as Matt twisted the fingers around, pushing at the lining inside of his ass.

Matt knew his stuff too. The way he had kept his fingers inside, while ripping open the condom with his teeth, then unrolling it over that huge cock with his other hand. That was the sign of a real pro, and before Kyle could think much about it, the huge cock was suddenly sliding between his cheeks. He could feel Matt’s legs pushing his legs apart, and he reached behind him, to help by grabbing hold of his own ass cheeks. He dug his fingers deep into his own flesh, then pulled them far apart, as far as he could.

The press of the huge cock head up against his tiny hole made him tremble, made his fingers dig into his flesh even harder. He gritted his teeth, as he breathed in and out very quickly, then he sucked in as much as he could, as he felt Matt starting to press the dick a bit more up against his hole.

He held it as he felt the pain suddenly begin, then he let it out, just at the right moment, as the huge cock split his hole apart. The pain raced up and down his spine, making him cry out, but he didn’t let his hands release his cheeks. He kept them there, trembling, as the huge shaft penetrated him fully.

The cock head made his insides scream, but as he bit his lip, tasted a bit of his own blood, he also felt the warmth rising, the pleasure starting to catch up to the rolling waves of pain. Soon he was feeling totally stuffed, as Matt slowly worked his whole cock into his ass. It hurt, yet didn’t.

He had cried out, but so had Matt. The press of his groin up between his own cheeks had made his whole body shudder. His mind had long since given up protesting, as he let the waves of pleasure overwhelm him. He felt it deep inside, felt his throat catch a little, as he realized what was inside of him. His body ached, as Matt slowly began to push in and out, gradually making him grow accustomed to the huge pole.

Kyle had cried out, but not to stop, but to have Matt really pound him. To have him slam that pole deep into him, and Matt had obliged. Gawd how he had moved, his hips became giant pistons, as he drove his dick in and out faster and faster. The pain was intense, but the pleasure more so.

More he kept yelling, harder he kept begging, as he felt each crushing blow. His body dug hard into the ground, his fists even pounded the hard dirt, as his body was slammed into the dirt with each thrust. The way Matt would make the huge cock corkscrew inside of him, with every other thrust. How it made him cry out his pleasure, how it made his body shake all over.

He could feel it now, feel that huge pole digging into him, as his hand moved up and down his own thickening cock. Feeling the wind, he let his head tilt backwards, his eyes shut tight, as he let last night flash across his vision. He could feel it all over again, feel the hard thrusts, feel how his muscles protested as the pole drove past them, how it felt as he pulled back, for one more hard deep plunge inwards.

He had taken the huge cock for what seem an eternity. To be honest, he really couldn’t remember how long he had lain there, being pounded. Kyle couldn’t care less, as he could still feel it now, and that is what he had wanted. The memory to last, and as his hand flew up and down his own cock, he knew it would last for a long time. How good it felt, how good he felt at being able to do what others couldn’t, which was take that monster dick, and enjoy all of it.

Matt had been impressed, and totally drained. The way he had cried out, had suddenly yanked his big dick out of Kyle’s ass, then scream even more, with Kyle feeling the hot splatter of his cum on his back, before the cries had even reached full throttle. How it had felt as gobs of precious cum had splattered across all of his back, even up into the back of his head, matting his already wet hair.

How it too seemed to go on forever. Just like the hard pounding, the stream of cum seemed endless, as it spurted and spurted, splattering all over his trembling back. Kyle could still feel the remnants of the dried cum on his backside, as his hand pumped his dick. The memory of Matt collapsing on top of him, his still rather impressive cock flopping against the upper thigh, the whole weight of Matt resting on his backside.

The way his chest was heaving, even as he lay there, how the sweat was still dripping off his forehead onto Kyle’s shoulders and back. It was all there again, in front of him, as he felt his balls sling upwards, then fall down. The rolling explosion making his whole body shudder, as he felt his cum begin to spurt through his clenched hand. His cock reared backwards, then sprang forward, the hot cream streaming out, just as it had earlier after Matt had finally found enough energy to roll off Kyle’s back.

It had taken Matt a fair amount of time, to be able to speak, but his eyes had told Kyle all he needed to know then. How they sparkled in amazement, in exhaustion, told it all to him. His body bucked as he saw those sparkling eyes peering over at him, the satisfaction shining through. He felt the cum jetting out between his fingers, as he cried out, as his body exploded to the memory of a few hours ago.

He felt the sun warming his body, as his hand moved up and down his naked body. He felt his own cum being smeared across his chest, that still heaved, as he finally opened his eyes. Off in the distance was the sun, just starting to fill the sky with its brilliance. He felt his body relax, as he breathed in deeply. The soft fragrance of the morning, mixed with the tangy odor of his cum, made him smile. Kyle turned away from the edge, to look over at where Matt was.

His cries must have awakened Matt, as he was sitting up on the sleeping bag, looking towards Kyle. There was a warm smile on his face, as Kyle smiled back, then let his eyes glance downwards. The blanket that had been over Matt’s naked body, had a distinctive tent shape to it. Looking upwards, he saw the eyes sparkling, saw the grin widen as they just looked at each other.

It would be different, to do it one more time, in the light of day, he thought. Then he began to walk down from the little rise, to where Matt waited. As he began to come closer, Matt pushed the blanket off his body, and there it was, once again ready for him. That huge monster dick, fully aroused, as he felt the ache in his buttocks. It was like they were signaling each other, showing their desire, their readiness for more. Who was he to deny what his body and what Matt’s dick wanted?


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Story – Caught (pt.1)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

Terry looked around, and just listened. The sounds of the birds chirping, the water rushing over some rocks and flowing downstream were all he heard, as he stood there, just listening. There hadn’t been any cars in the lot, and glancing up, he could see the sun shining through the tree tops. It really was a perfect spot, as he laid out the blanket, and his small bag, then he took out the new video camera he had bought.

Holding it in his hand, he looked around and then noticed the worn stump, near his blanket. It would be perfect, he thought as he turned the camera on and started to film the surrounding bush. He kind of liked the rustic look, and felt a bit foolish for being here, but then, it was better than being back at the dorm room.

At least here he would have some privacy, and not have people barging in, asking for his room mate or wanting to know if he was going to the cafeteria or to the student union building. He hated all those interruptions, but then it was college life. At first he had rather enjoyed it, but now he was feeling a bit put off by the total lack of privacy.

Like how was a guy supposed to jerk off, when it was like Grand Central Station in his dorm room? Not that he wouldn’t mind showing off for some of the others, though he rather doubted any of them would appreciate it. Certainly Damian wouldn’t, which was a shame. He rather liked how he looked, and he was always in a state of undress too. Come to think of it, he couldn’t really picture ever seeing him in the dorm area when he wasn’t walking around shirtless, or in his underwear. Course, unless he was just coming in or leaving that is, but damn it was hard to see him strut around, half naked all the time.

After all, the guy was hot, and he was one of those who knew it too. The way he would toss his curly blond hair, when he would look at you. How his deep blue eyes would always be sparkling, were hard to ignore. They were so piercing at times, as if he could read your mind, though he doubted Damian would want to read his mind.

Shit, every time he saw him, he got a boner, and yet it was like he didn’t exist, other than as a message centre for his room mate. About the only time Damian ever spoke to him, was when he was looking for Craig, and then it was always like he couldn’t wait to get away from him. At first he didn’t let it bother him, but it was bugging him lately, mainly because he didn’t think he was a geek or some ugly frog.

Hell, couple of times that he had ventured out into the dating scene, he had found he was considered a bit of a catch. Okay, maybe not by the Damian’s of the world, but he wasn’t fat, didn’t smoke, had clear skin, and he was no dead lay. So he didn’t have the rippling muscles, or python type biceps, he wasn’t some 98 pound weakling either. Nor was he what they called gangly, he could catch a football, baseball, and not throw it back like some girl either.

So he wasn’t on any sports team, nor was Damian, so how come he was the pariah for guys like Damian? Sure, he was always out dating some girl, but it wasn’t like Terry walked around with a sign saying ‘Queer Boy’ or anything. Far as he knew, no one in the dorm knew he was, which is why he had come out here, to this little grove of trees. He just couldn’t keep going to some bathroom to whack off, to play with himself.

Besides he was tired of having to rush it. He wanted to enjoy a nice good old fashioned jerk off, without worrying about someone walking in, or someone banging on the stall door telling him to hurry it up. He just wanted to stretch out, think of guys, and let nature take its course.

The video camera was a last second thought. He figured if he could video tape his fun, well, it might be of some comfort back at the dorm, specially on the weekends when everyone was off looking to get lucky, leaving him at the dorm. It was about the only time when he felt safe enough to jerk off in his room, when locking it wouldn’t seem unusual.

That was the other thing about dorm life that had him feeling down. Seemed that if you locked your dorm room during the week, everyone seemed to assume you were jerking off. No one seemed to think it was just a way to avoid interruption, like for studying. Then too, it seemed most in the dorm weren’t all that interested in that aspect of college life, least not how he was.

Sure, he was maybe a bit of a bookworm, but hell, it had cost his parents a bundle to send him here, and he was taught the value of money. So yeah he took studying seriously, to get his work done, and not scribble something at the last minute. Craig was one of those, always Sunday night working late, trying to finish a week’s worth of work in a single night.

He put the camera down, and leaned down on one knee to stare at the screen, to adjust the focus, to make sure it would capture him on the blanket. It looked good, so he turned on the timer, and got down in front of it, on the blanket. Taking one last look around, he waited until he heard the little click, then the sound of the camera recording.

Slowly he undid his pants, and let them flop open to reveal his underwear. He ran his hand down his front, then up over his stomach, lifting up his shirt with his hand, to show off his belly. It wasn’t rippling, but it was firm, and he liked the touch of his hand over it. He’d have preferred Damian’s hand or anyone else’s, but his would do.

He let his hand move down under his white shorts, to touch his semi hard dick, pushing it out, showing the growing bulge of his pole to the camera, then he let his imagination start to take hold. He began by recalling all the guys in his dorm, the way so many would walk around in just a towel, a few without even that.

Terry wished that Damian would drop his just once, when he could see if he was right that Damian was uncut. It was part of his guessing game, to try and guess who was circumcised and who wasn’t. Foreskin was something he liked, being uncut himself. He liked how it would cover his cock head, until he made himself get fully aroused.

The way the skin would gradually tighten over his dick, how it would make it seem to thicken, to grow, was a bit of a thrill. He rather wished he knew about Damian, as it would make his fantasy perfect.

Opening his eyes, he stared out at the camera, then at how his hand was holding his cock. Terry pulled his dick out, and looked down at it. He saw how the veins were stretched, how the foreskin was still covering most of his cock head. Licking his lips, he raised his hand up, and spit on it, as he reached back down to coat his dick with his saliva. He felt a bit of a tremor inside, as he wonder what it would be like to do that with Damian, assuming he had an uncut dick.

For the life of him, he didn’t quite understand what it was about Damian that had him so obsessed with the guy. Wasn’t like he really noticed him, or paid him much attention. Certainly wasn’t like they were anything more than passing acquaintances or anything, yet he couldn’t help but keep thinking of what it would be like to do him, to touch him.

Hell, to kiss those thin lips, to wrap his around his well formed body was something he would love to do. Yet why? Okay so Damian was the type he liked, and so he had the build, the looks, it wasn’t like he was the only candidate for his desire? There were others, equally good looking, so why Damian?

Didn’t make sense, but as he thought about it, he could feel his cock stirring even more. Whatever Damian had, it was something Terry wanted to experience, to be a part of. Like to be able to hold him, to kiss him, to let his hand run down his rippling muscles, to maybe let a finger trace the outline of his pec, of his nipples. Maybe to even nip them a bit, sort of a tease, then to suck hard on them, would be something he was certain Damian would enjoy.

He could see it now, see how his hands would clench his shoulders, while he nibbled at the jutting out nipple, at how they would dig hard into his flesh as he sucked on each one, licking the tip of the nipple, feeling the muscles quiver as he did. Opening his eyes, he reached up and pushed his shorts down, and this time reached for his bottle of lube.

Terry flipped the cap open, then slowly poured the silicone gel over his hard dick, bringing the bottle up so it would drip down, like a waterfall or stream. Flipping the top closed with one hand, he reached back down to grip the hard pole, and gently he worked the lubricant all over his throbbing pole. He felt his body shudder, as he moved his closed hand over his cock head, feeling the foreskin tighten a bit more.

Yeah, Damian would quiver to his touch, how he would lick at his nipples, then how he would let his tongue drag down the centre of his chest, making the muscles shiver. It would be an amazing feeling, of that he was certain. How the rippling muscles would be quivering, as he let his tongue lick ever so lightly over the skin. Just enough so he’d notice it, feel it, but not enough to push back the skin, least not until he reached his belly.

Then he’d lick around the belly button, rolling his tongue a bit, to dig inside the belly button, then he’d do a quick hard drag of his tongue back upwards, then down again. He’d make Damian tremble that way, make him beg him to go down on him, or at least have his hands pushing his head down further, past the belly.

What a rush it would be, to let his mouth move down, to lick at his pubic hairs, those tiny little blond strands that always were sticking up from the towel. Man how he would make them stand, as he would work the soft skin between the thighs and the groin. His tongue knew how to please, how to just lightly lick at the soft moist flesh there.

Terry knew that he’d have Damian trembling, his legs quivering, as he would ignore the stiff dick. It would be stiff too, he was certain of that. After all, he knew how to get a guy hard, without even touching their dick. It was in the touch, the way he would use his mouth across his body, that would get him hard.

With his eyes shut tight, he could almost see him standing there, see his perfect body trembling as he would run his hands along his thighs, as they would gently pass over the small nearly invisible blond hairs. How his muscles would stiffen, as his warm hand would move lightly over them, making them tremble. Terry was good at that, he knew it, just as he knew how to please himself too. Still, the idea of doing Damian was becoming obsessive, to the point where he was out here, stroking his own dick, so as to not get caught.

It was becoming more difficult too, he thought, as the image of Damian, of his curly shaggy looking blond hair passed before his eyes. The way his nose was just slightly hooked at the tip, how the nostrils sometimes flared. Gawd, it was impossible to hold himself back, as he felt his hand quicken its pace, but he fought it, slowing it down, not wanting to end it just yet.

Hell, he had driven out of town, just for this spot, he wanted to enjoy his fantasy more, as his hand moved much slower, as the ache in his balls eased just enough. The twitching in his butt made him groan, as he stretched his legs out now, leaning back on the blanket. Terry could feel the rough ground beneath, but he didn’t care as he tried to focus on the images he had of Damian.

How he would move, and how he enjoyed watching his firm butt cheeks sway under that towel he was always wearing. Why the fuck couldn’t it fall, just once? Everyone else had their towels fall, now and then, but not Damian. It was like it was sewn to his body, which was damn frustrating.

Just a glimpse of his naked butt, would be enough to make his wanking ideal. Course he would prefer that Damian would be facing him, if his towel ever did slip, but Terry didn’t think he’d ever be that lucky. The way his body swayed as he walked, that sort of swagger, was enough to get Terry instantly hard. And he could tell that at times Damian wasn’t exactly soft.

Course the thick terry towel hid any details, which only made him more frustrated. Still, he knew it was above average, of that he was certain. Now if it was uncut, well he’d be in hog heaven.

Thinking of that, he fumbled for his bad, and pulled out his other little toy, a nice blue dildo. He kept that hidden well in his dorm room, but now he felt like he needed it. Without even opening his eyes, he managed to find his lube bottle, and get it opened, and pour some over the thick dildo. Still stroking his own hard on, he brought the dildo up to his upraised rectum, hoping his video camera was catching it all.

He smiled as he felt the tip of the dildo between his cheeks, as he moved it along the valley between, until the moist tip was wedged up to his hole. This was the part he rather enjoyed, the idea of trying to push it in, without letting the rest of his mind know. Sort of like how it really was, when you got fucked, to not know exactly the moment that the penetration was to happen.

Terry could see himself laying on his back, his legs up in the air, with Damian’s face looming over him. How it would feel to be staring up into those blue eyes, to see his hair dangling down, to see his nostrils flare, as he would wedge his dick between Terry’s upraised ass.

The idea made him catch his breath a little, as the fantasy played in front of his closed eyes. The way he would stare up, the way Damian would look down, the feel of his big dick wedged up to his hole, just like he had the dildo right now. He liked the blue one, it was what he thought Damian’s dick would be like, in size.

The press of the hard rubber up against his hole made him wince a bit, as he spread his legs a bit wider. Thinking of Damian, he knew he wouldn’t just ram it in, he would make him sweat a bit, make it slowly press up against his hole, until he was moaning, just like he was doing now. His voice would be soft, asking him if he realy wanted it, and he would be yelling ‘yes, god yes’ and Damian would just push a bit more, but not all the way, as he’d make him twist a bit, make him squirm.

Just like he was doing, he thought, as he gripped the end of the dildo, just like it felt as the tapered end pushed a bit more, as his legs trembled, then he knew Damian would pick the right moment. He would see it, see how Terry would be wanting him, would be moaning, and then he’d pull back just a bit, then he would push, with his hips.

His cock would split him quick, the first part of his cock head would fill the tiny hole, then wait a bit, as his cries would echo, then Damian would push a bit more, as the cock head would stretch him every so slowly, until he would feel tears welling up at the corner’s of his eyes.

Terry would have his head twisting and turning, biting his lip, as he felt the fullness of the cock head inside, the pain rolling unimpeded up and down his whole body. His legs would shudder, his chest would be heaving as he tried to breath, to let his body stretch, and then, just at the right moment, Damian would push inwards in one single motion.

His cock would drive past his tiny hole, making him cry out, as the head slid past and inside. It wouldn’t stop either, it would keep on going, until the whole throbbing pole was buried deep inside of him. Terry knew he would be moaning constantly, that he would be thrashing a bit, as he took the big cock, as he would feel the hard press of Damian’s crotch into his own buttocks.

The cock would go in deep, his whole insides would be forced to stretch wide, to accommodate what had to be a thick dick. His voice would grow weaker, as he would let the sensations roll through him, touching him where no one else ever had. He would feel his hands banging on the bed, or whatever he was resting on, as Damian’s body would grind hard into him.

Terry could feel Damian’s hot breath across his face, would find himself looking up into the deep blue eyes as they would come closer to him, and he would lift his head up, to meet Damian’s face. They would kiss hungrily, tasting each other quickly, as the cock would bury itself deeper into Terry’s willing body. How fucking full it would feel, how much the penetration would still be rolling inside of him, as he would clench his cheeks, holding every muscle inside tightly around the throbbing dick.

Damian would be panting, even groaning a bit, as he would begin to pull back, to slowly start the process all over again, and how he would twist his hips, so as to make the cock inside twist and turn. Terry would feel every inch of it being pulled back, then just when he would feel like it was about to be taken fully out, Damian would suddenly ram it in, driving it in faster and harder than anything.

It would feel like suddenly Damian had turned into a piston, the way he would drive his dick in and out, and then just when he would think he couldn’t take anymore, he would slow it down, making it agonizingly noticeable. How it would slide slowly back, until just the head was wedged inside, then it would push back in, slowly driving past his already stretched muscles. How they would tremble, as the dick would push past them effortlessly, how his whole body would be a mass of quivers.

Then once again the hard piston would take over, and he would feel his sweat dripping off him, to run down his own trembling body. How little rivers of sweat would roll down his heaving chest, rolling stomach, mingling with his own sweat. How his chest would ache, his balls would be so painful, that each time he felt Damian dig into him, they would shake, wanting to let go, to release their own precious liquid. How his own cock would be pressed up into his stomach, as Damian came down onto him.

His legs would become numb, as the weight of the guy would crush them down onto him, how his whole body weight would seem to just hang there, and then suddenly he’d be free, as the body lifted up, readying for one more giant rush in.

Terry felt it, as if Damian was really there, knowing that if he was, he would be ready to deliver the final blow, that final hard driving thrust, that would make it all come together. He could feel it, as it pushed deep into him, knowing it was his own hand pushing the dildo into his hole, believing it was Damian’s big powerful dick.

His hand left the dildo wedged hard into his rectum, reaching for his own throbbing pole, as he bit down on his lips, moaning now as his hand flew up and down his shaft, burning, as the ache in his balls grew to where he couldn’t stop it. His hand was a blur, as he twisted a little on the blanket, feeling the fullness inside, believing it was Damian, as his body suddenly tensed up.

The muscles in his legs tightened, and felt like steel bands, as his toes arced a bit inside his runners, as the muscles in his arm began to bulge and tighten. He felt his chest ache, felt his breath becoming more shallow, more desperate as he felt his balls sling upwards, then fall down. His body arched up, as he felt it rolling up from his balls, feeling the power of his milk filling his tube, filling his cock.

The hot burning flesh of his dick made his hand move faster, as his eyes were shut tight. The idea of it being Damian’s dick inside was too much, as he cried out, as the cock in his hand suddenly swelled, then reared back and finally shot forward. He felt it, felt the hot jizz come flooding out, shooting off into the air.

He cried out, as more of his cum poured out, as his whole body seemed to be in the midst of a violent convulsion. The legs quivered, the arms shook, and even his teeth seemed to be chattering, as he shot his second and third load of cum. He could feel some of it across his thigh, then on his belly, as his hand clenched his dick tightly.

Then it was all over, as he lay there feeling totally drained. His body continued to shake though, as he felt the dildo slowly slide out from between his cheeks. He felt the emptiness inside, as he gasped for air, as his chest continued to heave. If only it had been Damian, he thought, maybe he would have lasted longer, maybe he would still want to keep on taking him, to have him fill his insides with his dick.

As he slowly managed to calm down, he wondered how much the camera had captured, how much it had missed. It would be fun to watch, to relive this moment, as he let his eyes slowly open. The sun was still up there, shining, and the birds were still chirping, as he slowly sat up, thinking of reaching out for the camera, to replay the recording.

The eyes slowly focused, as his hand lifted up off his now limp dick, covered in his cum. It felt a bit chilly, as if there were clouds overhead, but as he looked up, to reach for the camera he realized he wasn’t alone. His video camera was not on the tree stump, as he swallowed hard, seeing the legs just behind the stump.

Lifting his eyes up, he stared at the young man holding his video camera. It was still aimed at him, as he felt suddenly terrified. His hands were already reaching for his clothes, to pull them up, to cover himself, when he heard the camera still running. His eyes moved up the towering shape of the body, to stare at the face that now peered down at him.

The guy holding his camera turned it off, and lowered it, standing there staring, at his crotch. Terry’s hand trembled, as he felt the eyes boring down on him, his video camera now lowered, resting at the young man’s side.

Who is Damian?

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