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Making the Play

Part (1)

Troy Allen from Bel AmiTroy tossed another rock across the water, watching it skip along, until finally it just sank. He felt like he was that rock, just skimming along when suddenly, he just was dropping to the bottom. Strange, to sit here in this beautiful setting, and feeling like his whole world had ended, without really knowing how, or why.

If he was honest, with himself, he knew the reason why he was feeling so alone, so dejected. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out either. He was nineteen, an athlete on a small community college team, had decent looks, and was Gay. Problem was, he forgot that he was in a small school in a small town, that word got around, yet he really hadn’t thought it would get out, least not that fast.

Maybe he had secretly wanted it to? That could explain his stupidity in trusting Tommy, or maybe he was just tired of keeping who he was, a secret? After all, he couldn’t keep on pretending he was straight, faking his taste for women when all he really wanted was a cock.

Leaning back on his arms, he stared out at the lake, at the deep blue water that glistened in the setting sun. It was a bit cool, but he didn’t notice it, as he lay there, wondering why he had opened up to Tommy. Could it have been his eyes, or maybe it was the guy’s long gentle curving blond hair that set his face off, like it was in a flowing picture frame?

Maybe he was just lusting after the guy’s solid frame, and that obvious big dick? Now that made sense, but he had seen guys like Tommy a few times before, and never wanted them, as much as he had wanted Tommy. Yet, he had felt something, more than just a desire to jump his muscular body, and swallow that huge cock in one gulp. There was a look, a way that he kept seeing Tommy staring at him, that made him think that he had found a kindred soul. Least he had convinced himself of that, which was perhaps his fatal mistake.

It wasn’t like he was a virgin but he wouldn’t call himself a pro, or even experienced. He had a few flings back in the day, and his journey to College had made him imagine a whole new world, where sex would be easier to have, to enjoy. His first day at orientation had quenched that thought, and here he was, starting his second year and so far, he had two half hearted experiences.

Looking down at his hands, he realized they had more to do with him getting off, than some other guy did. Two miserly attempts, that weren’t quite right. Oh they had been okay, but hell he could barely remember what the guys looked like, let alone recall how it felt to take them in his mouth, or take the one up his ass. It just wasn’t memorable enough, which is maybe why he had built up that fantasy about Tommy?

While Tommy was a hunk, he was more of what you would call the typical twink. He wasn’t fat, lean really and you could see his stomach ripple at times. He had some muscle, was well defined actually and he thought his curly reddish blond hair was attractive, even if it did give him a bit of a girlish look. Still, it wasn’t hanging on his shoulder like Tommy’s.

While played at the Wide Receiver spot, Tommy was a cornerback, and a good one too. Some even said he might make the pro’s one day, if he honed his skills. Gawd, how he would like to have been the one helping to hone Tommy’s skills, and not at Cornerback either, but at fucking. That was obviously no longer a realistic dream, given how angry Tommy had gotten, from that one little error on his part.

It really wasn’t fair either, because damn it, the guy was a hunk. That and the simple fact that he enjoyed flaunting his natural attributes should be made into his fault. Like, the way he always paraded around the locker room, rarely with a towel over his midriff, and generally sporting a rather good sized boner as well.

Thinking about it, what did Tommy think would happen? Why wouldn’t anyone think he was always occupied with sex? I mean shit, the guy was always first to get naked, last to get dressed. What else would any normal guy think, but that he was showing off and why wouldn’t it get noticed? Yet Tommy had made out like he didn’t even think some guy would get a stiffy over him.

All those nights, when he would dream about Tommy, about being in his arms, feeling his stomach muscles ripple as his hand would caress those perfect rippling muscles. How they would shake to his touch, to his lips lightly kissing them, making them shudder even more. He felt it, every night he would fall asleep, thinking of Tommy, so why shouldn’t he make a play for the guy?

It wasn’t like they were strangers, and in fact, had been friends. Granted that all changed from him being stupid, and from thinking Tommy had wanted it, but fuck, he was a normal guy, with a normal sex drive. All Tommy had to do, was shut the fuck up about wanting to shoot his load, to let it go, instead of constantly harping on it. In some ways, it really wasn’t Troy’s fault, because he would never have summoned up the courage to offer to relieve Tommy, if he hadn’t kept yapping about he didn’t care how, but he wanted his dick sucked.

He should have kept his mouth shut, instead of blurting out that he’d give it a try, if Tommy wanted. Like that was a smart move, and while he had gotten a sort of strange look, he hadn’t made much of it. After all Tommy had said he wouldn’t mind, and even joked that Troy was a better friend than he expected. So what was he to have thought?

In some ways, he felt certain Tommy was encouraging him, and as they were alone, why the fuck shouldn’t he have felt that way? Not like there were any of the usual girls around to show their appreciation for the team players, and besides, Tommy had made out like any hole was good, without saying it had to be a girls.

Now here he was, alone and wondering where he could transfer to, because like a sap he had offered. One thing to maybe agree to jack him off, but to suck him dry? No, despite his claims that he was just curious, that it was a thought and not something he had ever done before, it was a stupid move on his part. Worse was how Tommy seemed to egg him on, to keep on asking if he was sure, as if he really wanted him to try.

All that talk about being curious, about experimenting, was just a come on, to get him to commit, to out himself. Man he felt like such a fool, but what was worse, was he really did want to do it, to taste his hard dick, to feel it throb between his lips. More than that, he wanted to taste him, to swallow his cum, and savour its flavour as it slid down his throat.

While he did manage to get a small taste, of what Tommy’s dick tasted like, at how it felt between his lips, it was just that, a small taste. How could he have been so stupid, as to let himself actually get down on his knees, and rest his hands on Tommy’s thighs, and then stare at the hard uncut cock, licking his lips, showing Tommy how much he really did want it. That was his mistake, not being coy or reticent. He should have milked it, and who knows, maybe then he wouldn’t be out here now, thinking of how to get a transfer and get it fast.

He heard the crunch of a branch and turned his head to see the figure coming from the roadway. Troy recognized him, as he balled his fingers up into a fist, unmoving but ready. His eyes stared at the tall figure, as he made his way down towards him, and he could see he was carrying a six pack with him. It didn’t make sense, as he watched Tommy approaching.

‘Thought I’d find you here.’

‘Yeah well, here I am.’

‘I can see that.’

‘What do you want?’

‘To talk.’

‘Why? Think you said it all back there, what else is there to say?’

‘Look Troy, get your head out of your ass man, you surprised me is all, what did you expect me to do or say?’

‘I dunno, just not that.’

‘Yeah, well, feeling your mouth on my dick, I mean Christ man, I had no idea you were uh, were that way. If I’d have known…’

‘You’d have what? Not pushed your dick at me so much? Fuck Tommy, I may like dick, but I don’t like a fucking tease.’

‘Yeah, okay simmer down, I am sorry, okay?’

‘No, no it isn’t okay, I mean fuck man, you were the one itching to get blown, you were the one who said you didn’t care, and you were showing it off, what was I supposed to think?’

‘I am not Gay Troy. Sorry if me having a hardon and wanting to get off made you think otherwise, but Christ man, we’ve always joked around about it, hell everyday in the locker room someone is joking about wanting to get blown.’

‘Yeah but we weren’t in the locker room, there was just you and me, not any of the other guys, so give me a break, it was like you were trying to get me to out myself, happy now?’

‘Fuck, you don’t get it, do you Troy?’

‘Get what, that you like to fuck with my mind?’

‘No, that, well, I am curious, okay, there I admit it. I was curious, you were right, satisfied now?’

‘Huh? I mean, I don’t… why the fuck did you go all ballistic on me then? If you…’

‘I don’t know, guess it was seeing you on your knees, seeing the way your eyes were looking at me, fuck it just, I don’t know, it scared me.’

Tommy opened up a bottle of beer, and took a deep swig of it, then wiped his lips with the back of his hand. He stared at Troy, then handed the bottle to him, while grabbing another from his six pack.

‘Scared, you? I don’t, fuck Tommy, you have me so fucking confused, you mean, you really were wanting me to, but how, I mean…’

‘Shit Troy, from the first day most of knew you were probably Queer, just no one wanted to say anything to you, in case, well, in case you weren’t, or just weren’t willing to trust us.’

‘Everyone? I mean, from the first… fuck, you are just fucking with me, aren’t you? I mean…’

A cold chill ran down his spine, as he tried to make sense of what Tommy was telling him. If everyone already knew, and nothing had happened to him, why the whole scene earlier? What the fuck was Tommy’s game? Was he trying to cause trouble? It didn’t make sense, as he took the opened bottle, and drank down the remaining beer.

‘No Troy, the Coach even had a talk with us, that first time, warning us he’d not tolerate any, you know, hazing stuff.’

‘I never, I always, shit, but… why didn’t anyone say anything?’

‘We were going to, but then when you talked about girls, like you knew girls, well, we kinda thought maybe we had guessed wrong.’

‘I still, I mean why now? I don’t get… was this some sick way so you could find out if I was or not?’

‘No, not the way you mean it, just that, well fuck, it’s always been in the back of my mind, and it’s been awhile since I’ve had any, so I thought, shit, do I have to spell it out for you?’



‘Hey, you are the one who says he’s not gay, so why come on to me? I don’t get it.’

‘I am curious, like you said, I’ve heard things, and well, fuck, you figure it out, not like you are stupid.’

‘Am or were curious?’


‘Then, why did you stop me? Fuck I don’t get this.’

‘I don’t know, I thought, I might, oh fuck man, I don’t know, I wanted you to, then I didn’t, cuz well, maybe what they say is true, and maybe, maybe I might like it.’

‘Being sucked off by a guy?’


Looking up, he could see the terror in Tommy’s eyes. He was telling the truth, or at least he looked like he was. Maybe it was what he wanted to see, but he lifted up his hand, and looked at the six pack. Tommy shoved his hand forward, offering him the six pack. As he reached up to grab a bottle, his fingers touched the back of Tommy’s fingers.

Troy felt a sudden shock, a strange jolt, and looking up he could see that Tommy had felt it too. Yet his eyes just looked down at him, his mouth firmly shut. He didn’t know what to make of it all, as he took a bottle out, and flipped the lid open. It was all so confusing, as he took a long pull on the beer, wiping his mouth, just as Tommy had done earlier. It made him shiver again, realizing he was stalling for time, unsure what to say or do.

Then too, the idea that he might still have a chance at realizing his dream, was beginning to come front & center in his thinking. He tried to push the thoughts away, afraid of what might happen if he let them in. He needed to think about this, but with Tommy standing there, so close, it was unnerving. How do you push away your dreams, when they are standing right there, maybe even offering themselves to you?

Looking up, he noticed how his hands clenched the six pack, how his whole body seemed to be stiff, ill at ease. Then too, there was that tell tale bulge, that said that maybe what he was saying, was for real. He couldn’t make up his mind, as his eyes moved up, to see the Pecs sticking out from the shirt he wore, from how his neck was rigid, the vein running up the one side throbbing. His whole face looked like a mask, as if set in stone, and he wondered if it would break, if he just reached up and touched the side of it.

‘I guess I can see that, but now what? You here to make it all right, or you looking for another chance to get your rocks off?’

Tommy stared down at him, a small flicker of the eyes told Troy he had hit a mark. He leaned back on his arms, taking another drink, wondering what he would do, if Tommy said he did want to try again. The idea of actually doing him, after all that had happened, was still rather exciting.

‘I already said I was sorry.’

‘Yeah, you did, so, that mean you do or you don’t want your dick sucked off?’

‘I do.’

Troy felt a lump in his throat as Tommy said the words, so softly. It was as if he was already feeling ashamed for wanting it, for being here, and a quick glance upwards, confirmed it. He could see terror in his eyes, yet also a glimmer of desire, of lust even. His eyes moved back down, to see that the bulge had grown, and he remembered how big his cock had looked, how thick.

He didn’t want to miss out a second time, and surprised himself and Tommy by how he quickly laid the bottle down, and was in place, kneeling before Tommy’s crotch. He heard the intake of his breath, as he reached up and undid the belt and popped open the button of the jeans. Troy could feel the body shaking, feel the tremors racing up and down Tommy’s body, to the touch of his hands.

Glancing upwards, he saw the terror was gone, replaced by an obvious look of desire. The eyes were wide, staring down at him, the facial muscles constricted, and a bit of drool at the corner’s of his mouth, as he watched Troy. The way his body was so stiff, how his legs were just slightly parted, made his own dick throb a bit, as his fingers fumbled with the zipper for a second, then managed to yank it all the way down.

Breathing in, he could smell the scent of the surrounding trees, and lake, but the man scent that wafted across his nostrils was more powerful, more intoxicating than he recalled. It made his heart tremble, his own legs ache, as he continued to breath in the heavenly man scent from Tommy’s wrapped groin.

He pushed his face into the soft flesh beneath the underwear, while his hands yanked the pants down from either side. He heard a small gasp, a sort of moan as the pants slid down, exposing the firm flesh of Tommy’s thighs.

Troy could feel the man’s warmth, against his face, emanating from the underwear. He could feel the hard pole jerk as his lips moved over it, held tightly by the fabric. As his mouth moved along the long tube, he came to the end, and felt the wetness that was soaking into the fabric, knowing that Tommy was leaking precious precum.

His mind was clouded, as he let his hands move up the firm thighs, to wrap around the underwear, and to pull downwards. The sound of the hard cock popping free echoed, but he ignored it, as he stared at the long pole that was now free. A tiny drop of white at the head, was all his eyes could focus on. His tongue snaked out quickly, gobbling at the precious fluid, that now swirled in his mouth.

He felt the press of hands on his shoulders, as he licked at the underside of the exposed head, tasting the sweat, the dried ooze from before, and as he pushed his face beneath, he could smell him. The rich aroma of his manhood permeated his pores, as he shuddered, as his tongue licked at the tightening skin around the pole.

Tommy’s uncut penis trembled, as his tongue moved underneath, licking at the veins wrapped around the huge pole. He felt the balls brush up against his chin, felt the hands digging into the flesh of his shoulders, as he worked along the underside. His own body was quivering, as his nostrils kept sucking in that aroma, that fragrance unique to men. The mingle of sweat, of cum, of desire, all filled his nose with its deep richness.

He sighed, as his tongue licked at the shaft, at the very root of the huge pole, making Tommy moan, making him tremble. His legs moved apart on their own, restricted from being wide open by the gathered clothes at the ankles. He could hear him moan, in a sort of hypnotic chant, that only made him take hold of the man’s thighs. His own fingers now digging deeply into the soft flesh, pushing aside the coiled muscles.

‘Oh Christ, suck it, take it, please’ echoed across the lake, as Troy moved his mouth over the top of the hard cock. The foreskin had pulled back tightly, the head was poking out, shimmering from its coating of Troy’s licking. He moved back a bit, felt the cramp in one leg, ignored it, as he pulled his head back, to stare at the glistening cock head.

His eyes fluttered as he moved forward, his lips parted slightly, as he felt the hot flesh touch. His body shook, as he opened his lips further, to engulf the burning head of Tommy’s penis. He felt the man shake, felt his body convulse in a spasm of pleasure, as his lips tightened around the skin, as the head of the cock passed between to enter his mouth.

His head began to slowly push forward, as he shut his eyes, the last vision being of Tommy’s pubic hairs growing closer. He sighed, as he felt them brush at his nose, as he breathed in deeply, before his nostrils were firmly planted into the side of Tommy’s groin. The cock was buried deep into his throat, filling his mouth with its throbbing pole, making him nearly gag from its size. Yet he managed to take it all, in one huge gulp, feeling proud of himself, feeling like he was born for this moment.

His throat ached, but relaxed as he began to slowly slide back on the burning pole, as his hands began to relax their tight grip on Tommy’s thighs. He moaned as he pulled back only a small amount, then rushed forward, his lips tightening as he did. He could hear the groan, the gasp as his mouth sucked on the hard pole, feeling the legs vibrate as he moved his head back and forth over the cock.

Tommy’s hand moved off of Troy’s shoulders, and grabbed at his hair, twisting the tight curls even tighter. He felt the press of the hands, felt the shuddering of the man’s hips, as they began to move in sync with his head. The hard press on the back of his head, the hard thrusts of the hips, nearly made him gag, but he held on, as Tommy began to cry and moan in a sort of animal type sound.

The motion was fast, faster than he had ever experienced, as he felt the ache in his own body rise. He could feel the dull ache in his ass, feel the pain as his own cock stiffened to break free from his pants. He felt it all, but also the way the cock inside his mouth was growing thicker by the second.

Tommy’s balls were slapping his chin, as they rose up to press up against the hard pole. He could hear his panting breath, as the motion of hips grew more wild, more determined, as he slammed his whole cock into Troy’s mouth. The hands behind his head moved with the hips, as they shot back, the hands pulled him back, as they pushed forward, the hands rammed his head forward to meet the force of the hips, to help drive the huge cock deep into his throat.

He felt it bang, felt it bounce off the roof of his mouth, then his cheeks, before finding his throat to slide down, then it was suddenly wrenched up and out, then back it would come, faster, and harder. Troy was groaning now, matching Tommy’s wild cries with his own. It was close, he knew that, but not that close, so he thought.

Just as he wondered if he would swallow his load or pull back before, the hands gripping his hair yanked on them, almost pulling them from the roots. The loud cry filled the quiet lakeside, as he felt the cock rear back, felt it being pulled out from his mouth. Troy struggled to hold it inside, his lips tightening as hard as they could. He felt his jaw closing, desperate to hold the dick inside, but he failed.

As the head passed from his lips, he felt the stinging stream of cum strike his mouth. The hot goo was pouring out in a huge stream, that splattered across his lips & chin. He opened wide, to take what he could of the hot milk, as it poured out in a wild spray of stinging shots. He felt a gob pass into a nostril, another strike the tip of his nose and splatter upwards across the bridge of the nose.

The sounds of Tommy’s shrieks echoed, as more hot cum splattered across his upper lip, and off to one side of his face. He felt the hot liquid splash across the corner of his mouth, where his tongue snaked out to try and gobble at the dripping fluid. He could taste some of it, from the first stream that made it past his lips, and he felt his body shaking, as it was splattered by the streaming cum.

Troy could feel his skin tighten, as the cum began to dry. He smelled its aroma, which made his own cock jerk, made his own balls throb from the need to unload. Every muscle in his body was screaming at him, as the hands holding his head let go, as the body before him stumbled backwards a bit, as the last of the cum dribbled out.

His eyes opened, to see the moist head sliding back into the fold of foreskin, half of it still exposed. The skin hung a bit around the head, looser than a few seconds ago. The head still glistened, as he stared at the softer cock, at the dangling balls that looked empty and much smaller. He felt the pain in his throat from the wild pounding it had taken. His hair tingled too, from being pulled so hard, as he leaned back on his legs.

The numbness was easing, and he felt the cramping muscles loosen, adding to his aches. His toes were uncurled now, no longer pushing into the bottom of his shoes, as he struggled to breath a bit. The cold crisp air hurt, as he breathed in deeply, his heart gradually slowing its rampant beat.

Tommy just stood there, a bit back from Troy, his underwear and pants curled around his ankles. His legs were coated with dried sweat, as they trembled still but it was his eyes that made Troy quiver. They shone so brightly, still held in the glow of the orgasm that had pulsed through Tommy’s body. Then his head moved a bit, the trance broken, as he looked down at Troy.

Instead of pulling his pants up, he just sort of let himself all down, and sit on the cold ground. His eyes were still sparkling, his chest heaving still, as he just stared. Then he gave a huge shudder, as he moved his legs further out, and leaned back on his arms, just as Troy had been, when Tommy had shown up.

They just looked at each other, as their bodies slowly came back to normal. His breathing was easier, the pain in his chest eased, as he looked over at Tommy, enjoying how he kept looking at him, kept glancing down at Troy’s crotch. He didn’t want to move, or say anything that might spoil this moment. Part of him wanted to ask, to find out how he felt, if he had enjoyed the sensation, as much as he had. Yet he didn’t want to break the mood, to maybe ruin it, so he waited, just as Tommy did.

The darkness was starting to surround them both, and still Tommy hadn’t made a move to pull his pants up. He lay there, exposed, which was fine with Troy. He liked what he was seeing, and as the time grew, he could tell that Tommy was still feeling a bit aroused, still maybe, basking in the glow of his orgasm.


‘Yeah, I do that too.’

He hadn’t meant to be so flippant, as he saw the eyes narrow, but despite the way Tommy had said it, he couldn’t help himself and make a smart ass remark. He had expected a comeback, but instead he saw how the eyes opened a bit, how the semi hard penis in his lap jerked a little.

His own eyes moved back up and Tommy averted his gaze, for a moment, as if he had been caught at something. It was almost as if maybe, he had taken Troy’s remark, as a possible offer. His heart made a sort of hesitant jerking thumb, as a bit of adrenalin pumped into his body, with the idea of what it would be like, to fill Tommy’s ass, or better yet, have him fill his.

‘I ain’t that curious.’

‘To take it, or do it?’

Troy didn’t know why he said it, but he had. Now he stared intently at Tommy, wondering if he had gone too far, if all that they had just shared, would be ruined by his brash remark. Yet even as he felt nervous, he couldn’t help but notice that Tommy didn’t reach for his pants, or even attempt to cover himself up. In fact, he noticed how his cock was a bit stiffer, the foreskin a bit more drawn back, as if the body was showing its own interest, in the insane proposition.

To be continued…

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Making the Play

Part (1)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Anointing of the Man Child (7)

Anointing of the Man Child

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (7)

Somehow the darkness seemed less forbidding, less intimidating, as he felt Trent next to him. He could hear him breathing, almost see it really, as he peered into the darkness. There was no mistaking how he had his head hung low, how his body trembled a little. He could feel it in how the bed seemed to move, as he waited.

It seemed like an eternity before Trent started talking. The words were said so softly that Blake had trouble hearing some of them, but as the story unfolded, he realized just how much pain Trent had to be in, just as he was. He listened in horror as he heard Trent explain that it had happened to him too, but not recently, but years ago, just when all those strange feelings were being felt, when a guy first realized that he was different than his friends, that he wasn’t into girls, but wanted guys.

He listened quietly, feeling his heart thump, feeling his blood turn to ice as he listened to the story, of how at just 14 he had made the mistake of telling his best friend how he had felt. He felt the cold come to him, as Trent told him how his friend had let everyone in school know about him, and how one day after baseball practice, his so called friends had waylaid him, had decided he needed a lesson in what being men were.

His stomach gurgled as he wanted to throw up, as Trent told him it all, in detail. It was like what had happened to him, but in Trent’s case, he knew his attackers. They were his team mates, and worse, the Coach knew. He hadn’t stopped the attack, had simply turned an eye to it, and had even chastised Trent, telling him what did he expect, for being a sinner?

Listening to the story, to how Trent’s so called friends took turns abusing him, doing things that made his blood grow cold, made him think back to Ron, to his own friends. Would they have turned on him too, if they had known? Would they have waylaid him as Trent’s had done? Maybe, though he wasn’t sure, and yet Trent didn’t seem to have let it stop him, to have changed him.

As the horror unfolded he couldn’t believe the things done, all by so called friends. It was like they had all gone crazy, had become animals. He had read the books too, yet he never believed them, but now he knew they were true. Just as Trent had found out, he too had found out, but this was 2008, not the Middle Ages. This wasn’t possible, and yet as he listened, as he felt Trent’s hand tremble under his, he knew it was true.

He could hear a clock ticking off in the distance, hear the silence as the darkness just seemed to hold them both in its cloak. The beat of his heart sounded so loud in his ears, different than last night, scary even, as he tried to figure it all out, to make sense of it. The pain in his body, well it hurt but somehow it didn’t seem as bad as the pain he felt in his heart, from listening to Trent, from remembering the way his attackers sounded. That hurt more than anything, as he sat there, realizing that he wasn’t alone in how he felt.

His hand was on top of Trent’s, as he clasped it, feeling how cold it felt, how afraid Trent was, as was he. It didn’t make sense, all that hate.

What happened after, did the Police charge them?

The Cops? No, no one got charged.

Why not? I mean…

You saw how they were at the Hospital?

Yeah, but that is here, I mean they still took everything down, I don’t…

You don’t get it, I never told anyone, least not until now, how could I? My parents, they wouldn’t believe me, it would have been my fault, and it would have made things worse, it was bad enough, so no, there weren’t any charges, I didn’t tell anyone.

He felt suddenly like he was an old man. Everything he had believed in, everything he had relied on, seemed to suddenly not exist. It was a shock, one that was only acerbated by the pain inside. Blake felt like he had been living in some bubble, as he should have known. He felt so empty, and yet there had been last night. That had been good, no matter what, as he looked over at the slumped shadow next to him.

Blake let his hand move up the trembling hand, to take a tentative hold on the arm, and yanked a bit, to try and bring Trent closer to him. At first he felt him resist, then he too seemed to just collapse, as it all took hold of them both.

Trent was holding him, hard at first but he quickly pulled back, as Blake winced and moaned a bit, as the pain from his injuries intruded. Trent released his pressure a bit, but didn’t move away, and Blake felt his breath on his face, as they looked at each other.

Some friend I am.

Huh? You are a good friend.

Yeah right, here you are the one who gets beaten up, and I am the one crying on your shoulder. Fine pair of mugs we are.

Haha, yeah, but it’s okay, I don’t think… I mean Trent, last night, was it, I mean…

Yeah, I meant it Blake, I don’t, I mean it’s not been easy for me to meet guys, only well, only lately did I feel safe enough, so yeah, last night was real, least for me.

Me too.

For real? I mean I know how you must be feeling, how things like what happened, how it screws us up, if we let it.

Then let’s not let it, Trent, what happened, it really isn’t our fault, is it?

Blake felt the body stiffen next to him, then relax a bit. He also felt the head move closer, then a soft brush of Trent’s lips against his own. His body jerked a bit, as he felt the tender kiss on his bruised lips, felt the sudden ache in his groin too, felt the stirring there that he hadn’t felt since the attack.

No, it isn’t, it really isn’t.

Blake felt his own body relax, as he tasted the kiss, felt the warmth returning to his body, as he also felt the ache from his bruises. He felt better, as he slumped back down onto the mattress, holding Trent’s hand.

Trent began to get up, off the bed when Blake reached out with his hand, to tug at Trent’s arm. He saw him turn, and look down at him.

Don’t go, not tonight.

He could see the lips part, see the gleam of Trent’s teeth as he smiled down at him, then watched as stood up by the bed. His face was in darkness, but saw his arms move down, as he dropped his pants, and then lifted up the covers, to slide under the covers, to lay next to Blake.

Trent reached over, and gently lay his arm over Blake, and let him roll into his warm body. Blake felt the press of Trent’s body, and his eyes closed. His body seemed to just uncoil, as he felt the soft press of Trent’s body next to his own. He felt safe, for really the first time since coming back from the hospital, as sleep began to take hold.

Yet even as his mind began to rest, he could feel the warmth at his groin, feel the warmth of Trent’s bare legs against his, and he sighed, feeling content. He was safe, and the memory of earlier was gone, for now. Instead he saw the way Trent was looking at him, when he had been on his knees, staring up at him. It was last night, and he knew that what they had planned for tonight, wasn’t lost, that it would happen, just not now.


Time had flown by, and here he was, standing in front of everyone, about to become a member. It was still amazing, given how things had gone, but he had done it, had gotten past the first trials, then the beating. That still hurt at times, but he had his last exam this morning, and the Doctor had told him there was no sign of internal injuries, which meant, tonight was a go, if he wanted.

Stealing a glance down the line, he saw Trent, and immediately he felt the stirring in his groin. In his mind, there was no doubt that tonight would be a go, and best of all, they wouldn’t have to look for a place. As members of the Fraternity, they had their own room, and it had been decided that they share a room. It was sort of a gift, from the guys, which had made him weepy, when they told him last night.

From being a 200 to 1 long shot at making the Fraternity, he was now fully accepted. The ceremony was a formality, but he had been told earlier that he would make it, simply because he hadn’t given in to the hate. He hadn’t backed down, like he had thought he would, and while not much would come of it, least when he walked along the Quad, the whispers weren’t so much, and people actually didn’t avoid him. Some even smiled or waved at him, which was a lot different than he had hoped for.

It was far from being over, but he wasn’t backing down. He was pursuing it, forcing the Administration to deal with it, to find ways to correct it. While it wasn’t much, the unlit path to the Fraternity was now lit at night, just as the other paths were. Campus Police patrolled it as often as the other pathways, and the New Chancellor had promised that the College would find his attackers, would prosecute them.

Not many at the Frat House bought that, but they were willing to wait and see. It hadn’t made the news beyond a brief blurb on the local television station, but that was okay too. He really didn’t need that kind of attention, but he also knew, standing there now, that if it hadn’t been for Trent, he’d never be standing here, never be looking forward to his first full fledged night with a guy. Least that was the plan, but this time he wasn’t about to take any chances.

After the ceremony, he wasn’t leaving the house. Nor was he letting Trent go out either, and he already had purchased all he needed for tonight. There were not one, not two, but four boxes of unused Condoms in their room. Two giant bottles of lubricant to go with the Condoms, one water based, one silicon based. Reading all those magazines had given him the facts, that some Condoms were less reliable with silicon lube, so he wanted to make sure.

Trent had laughed at him when they were at the mall. How he had read every label, so carefully, before selecting not just the lube, but the Condoms. He avoided the one’s with spermacide in them, avoided the short dated one’s too. They had laughed when Trent said he was like some GI Joe on a Mission.

Gawd, how good it had felt to laugh, to just be thinking of tonight, instead of his nightmare. He still had those, but each night they came to him, Trent had been there. He had held him, had comforted him as he had relived the horrors, had imagined worse, but now they didn’t last as long, didn’t need hours of comforting to put them aside.

Looking at the row of guys making the leap forward, he felt rather special. He knew things weren’t going to be easy, specially if they did find the guys who had attacked him, but he was different than that night, not an easy mark anymore. He had taken some lessons, very basic one’s, but he already felt like he had changed.

To begin with, his parents had been amazing. The Cops had called them, but they didn’t yell, scream, or ignore him. His father had offered to come up, to take him home if he wanted, which was a huge change. His mother had worried about him, but he had managed to assure them both that he was okay, he even had the guts to tell them about Trent, and to his surprise, they hadn’t sounded upset, or surprised.

Less than two weeks, and it was like an eternity of changes had happened almost overnight. He had a new self confidence, most of the time. Yet he was honest enough to know it was just a beginning, just a start due in large part to Trent. How he had stood by him, never leaving his side, but it wasn’t just him. It was everyone, from the Frat President downwards. They were all there, for him, which had surprised him.

They had run a sort of shuttle like service. Posters appeared on Campus, with a telephone number for Gays wanting someone to go with them, when walking to town, or just going back from a late night study session at the Library. The Frat Guys had it all set up, and it had surprised their straight counter parts when they found out just who some of the gay guys on campus were.

Most of the Weight Lifting team for example, were members, and any one of them could take on at least two or three others. Couple of the defensive line turned out to be Gay also, which shocked the football coach. Shocked him so much, that he resigned even.

It was like a revolution of sorts, in how suddenly a lot of people just became gay. No one had suspected them, no one had guessed, and he wondered if some of it was simply symbiotic, or if all those who came out, really were. He was pretty certain that a couple of the football players that had signed up for the protection service really weren’t gay, and frankly none had actually said they were.

Everyone just assumed that only Gays would turn out to help Gays, but Trent didn’t buy that, nor did the Frat House. They seemed all rather pleased, and gave him the credit for making it happen, though in all honesty, he didn’t think he had done much. All he had done, was sign a complaint, at the local Police Station, and had followed it up with a formal complaint at the Administration area.

Course one of the old Alumni had helped more than him, though it was on his behalf. The guy was a top lawyer, and someone had send him an email about Blake’s attack. He suspected it had been Trent, but Trent denied it, though not quite as well as he should have, if he hadn’t done it. Still, he got the credit, and now tonight was his chance at what he had really wanted.

He felt totally nervous, and most of what was being said at the ceremony was going over his head. He couldn’t help but still think about it, about how it would feel, to have something up his ass, that he wanted. Blake had to keep telling himself that, as his mind tried to ruin the desire of his heart. He wanted Trent, wanted it all, and yet his mind seemed to resist, to try and force him to change his mind.

There had been the excuse of it being too dangerous, specially so soon after his assault. He had taken care of that by talking to the Doctor, one he had found off campus. One who wasn’t a prude either. Man that had been scary, trying to broach the subject with a total stranger, but the man had made it easy, unlike the one’s on campus or at the Hospital.

As the ceremony wound down, he could feel his nerves stretching, feel the sweat beading up on his forehead. It was nearing that time. Yet while he felt the ache in his rectum, in his groin too, he also felt scared. What if he didn’t like it? What if he couldn’t do it, just yet?

He ran over his check list, trying to make sure he hadn’t missed anything. Hell he had taken every precaution possible. Had ate a light dinner last night, nothing but fluids all day, and some vitamins. He had made damn sure he was cleaned out, which had gotten Trent giggling this morning. But hell, last thing he wanted was to gross him out, and the kiss he had gotten, well that made the constant trips to the toilet worth it.

Blake had read about all this stuff, had thought what a hassle, and in reality it was. Still, if you wanted to have it all go right, it was worth it. Least he was rather hoping it would be. Still, he worried about things that had him skittish. The slightest sound would make him jump, and he had nearly lost it when Trent had sneaked up behind him, and popped a balloon. Christ, had he jumped a mile in the air, yelled too when he found out it was all a joke, but then as they had hugged, he couldn’t help but laugh too.

Then too, he had gotten even. A well chosen moment, a well aimed balloon with just the right amount of ice cold water, had satisfied his desire for revenge. It had looked so funny, and the others, all laughing with him, had saved him from Trent’s anger, but then Trent never seemed to get angry at him. Put out maybe, but never really angry.

It was almost like they were meant for each other, as if all that had gone on, had not driven them apart, but had brought them closer. He felt so happy, as he shook hands with the Frat President, as he mingled with Brian, and the other new members that had made it through. Funny thing was, other than the one that first night, no one had flunked out.

The House had simply expanded by nineteen new pledges, with cots being added to many of the rooms. He and Trent were slated to have a new roomie too, but it wasn’t to happen until next weekend. It was like the House were giving them time, to let his injuries heal, to let them have some private time. No one had asked them too, it was just done.

Kind of made him wonder, why so many hated Gays. From what he had seen, his kind weren’t nasty, weren’t constantly having sex either. It wasn’t a constant parade of naked men either, with hard ons. Fact was, he saw more dick at the dorm than here, as most walked around with towels covering themselves, unlike the Dorm.

Course it wasn’t that way in his room, not with Trent. The guy was a show off, the way he would enter the room from classes, and in less than a blink of an eye, he would be stark naked. At first he wasn’t sure if it was simply to make him not feel ashamed, or what, but as the days wore on, he realized that Trent liked showing him his naked body. Fact was, he enjoyed seeing it too, though there wasn’t much he could do, least not at the beginning.

He somehow got into the same habit too, so much that when other’s came to call them for dinner, or to pop in to check on him, they would enter with their hands over their eyes. It made them both laugh, as they would quickly grab a towel or sheet to cover their nakedness, but lately, well, who cared?

They earned the nickname, Sunshine Boys, not for being old, but for being alleged nudists. They were always in the buff, in their room, and well, Trent did have nicely tanned skin, though not all over. He had that nice little whiteness, that always made Blake horny.

The first few days had been awkward, but the more that Trent ignored it, the more that he simply took being naked in front of Blake as natural, the more Blake seemed to feel himself change too. He didn’t close the bathroom door when undressing, or taking a pee. He liked it when Trent would stare at him, would comment on how nice of a penis he had.

That first touch, after the attack had been something he would never forget. It wasn’t that he even managed to get fully erect, but that problem ended the very next time. Yet it was typical of Trent, at how he worked at making him feel normal, without it appearing to be work. How he simply would reach out, and grab his dick now, to yank on it, and lick his lips. How his eyes would glance up at Blake, as if asking if it was okay.

He enjoyed being sucked off, enjoyed sucking too, and while it had taken almost a full week before it happened, it seemed like it would never end now. The instant he heard the door to the room open, and that it was Trent, his dick would suddenly spring up, become fully aroused.

Trent was a big tease too, as he would sometimes undress real slow, or would strip so fast, but not his undies. Then he would parade around, swishing around, showing off his ass. And he had a nice one too, least Blake thought so. Tonight, he was hoping to experience a lot more of Trent’s ass.

Last night, he had been worried, hoping that today’s Doctor’s appointment would give him the green light for tonight. Even the shopping for the Condoms, the lubricant, was all in anticipation of tonight, which he really didn’t think would happen, least not then. Sure he wanted it to happen, least he thought he did. There were still doubts, still fears, and they had talked long into the night about it.

Another change for him. He had never had anyone to talk to, to actually discuss things like how it felt to have a dick in the ass, or to suck on one. Trent seemed so open about it all, yet the more they talked, the more Blake realized that Trent was just as shy as he was. He just showed it differently, but the talks, it was something he wished he could have done a lot sooner, done without having to have been attacked.

Trent was the worrier now, when it had been him at first. Trent was the one who insisted on having the Doctor tell him, face to face, that they could have sex, that it wouldn’t cause any damage. Then too, the Doctor had said they would have to take it slow, which had made Blake laugh.

He had to explain why too, which made Trent blush, because they had talked about it, about how Trent liked to not pound an ass, but to go in slow and deep, then pull out slow, before going back in. How he preferred to take his time, to feel every nerve inside, to feel every muscle surrender to his dick, as it moved inside.

The Doctor had only grinned, and slapped Trent on the back, then gave his okay, saying that he was sure it would be okay. Funny thing about it, until that slap, that almost laughing agreement that it would be okay, he hadn’t felt horny, but in that instant, he had gotten a boner. A real hard one, that required very little effort to relieve, once they had gotten back to the Frat House.

It was also the first time that he had gotten Trent to nearly choke, on his cum. The expression on Trent’s face had been priceless, as he had taken Blake’s cock, had managed to wrap his lips around it, and was only half way down on his shaft, before Blake had felt it begin.

He had cried out, his hands had suddenly dug deep into Trent’s shoulders, and his body had reared back, before lurching forward, hard. His whole cock had suddenly been thrust fully into Trent’s mouth, without much warning. Blake had heard him gag, heard him struggle, as his cock just seemed to explode.

His whole body had trembled, had shook as he emptied his balls, as Trent tried to swallow it all, failing too. A lot of Blake’s cum was dribbling down Trent’s chin, as he pulled out, and felt himself shake. It had been quick, and as he looked down at Trent, he could feel how much Trent cared for him. It had never struck him, as much as at that moment.

Funny thing about it, was how Trent leaned back on his hands, and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, then licked his lips. He grinned too, as he said that next time he’d like a bit more notice, so he wouldn’t be such a slob, and miss out on his protein. Blake had surprised himself, by telling Trent that there was lots more, when he was able to properly suck a dick.

He had changed, and he was enjoying the change too. As the group began to break up, as guys paired off with others, to celebrate on their own, he looked for Trent, to take him up to their room, where he could finish his education into the Gay lifestyle.

Blake jumped as a hand clapped him firmly on the shoulder. Turning around, he saw Trent standing there, his eyes sparkling, as he stared at him. He smiled back, relaxed as he felt the hand reach out, take his and begin to lead him towards the main stairway. He could feel other’s watching, wondering for a bit at why, but ignoring it, as he felt the urgency inside of his body.

They took the stairs, mostly two at a time, and moved down the hallway towards their room. He was having troubles keeping up, as Trent seemed in a rather rush, which surprised him a bit. He had figured he’d be the one rushing, but something was holding him back, or so it felt.

Then as they approached their room, he couldn’t help but notice that there was something on the door. It made him stop for a moment, made him suddenly remember the taunts from that night, made him shiver. He felt Trent stop, then squeeze his hand, which pushed the memories away, and let him move forward.

The door had pink ribbons on it, and a small little bronze plate. He stared at it, then read the inscription on it. His body shook, as he read the large print, that said ‘lovers only’ and below that, were his and Trent’s name.

He felt the kiss, felt the hand grope him, then he was inside the darkened room. Small candles were flickering next to the their beds, which had been pushed together in the center of the room. They had done it before, but it was different this time. The flickering candle light made his heart quiver a bit, as he saw the single rose.

It was a deep fire red, and was placed across both pillows. It just seemed to shimmer in the candle light, as he felt Trent next to him. He turned to stare at him, and he felt his touch on his face, wiping away a tear at the corner of one eye.

The kiss was soft and gentle. Blake felt his eyes close, felt his body melt into Trent’s body, as the kiss made his whole body tremble. Then he could feel the soft caress of his hands over his whole body, just lightly touching him. He moaned, as he felt his shirt being undone, felt his chin being lifted up, the hollow of his neck being lightly kissed.

He stood there, feeling the tenderness, feeling the joy of just being held. His body was trembling, as Trent slowly opened his shirt, slowly moved his hand along his chest, lightly caressing him. He shivered, as the flickering lights danced around him, as his body revelled in the soft touch of Trent’s hand that gradually had him stripped naked.

Blake had no idea what time it was, or how long it had taken, but he was standing there, in Trent’s arms, totally nude. His body ached, in a good way as he felt his butt cheeks clench and unclench as Trent’s hand passed over them. He felt the hardness of his cock, as the fingers moved lightly over the hard shaft, barely touching the hot flesh.

He felt his legs quiver, as the hand moved up and down, as Trent’s tongue licked at him, touching him as it had many times before, yet it was different this time. It was more tender, more sensual. He felt his whole body shaking, as the hands moved him, guided him, until he was suddenly stretched out on the bed. He didn’t even remember falling down onto the bed, or how Trent had somehow managed to shed his own clothes. All he knew was that he was there, resting beside him, his hand moving over his rolling stomach muscles, that his cock was sticking up like a flag pole, harder than he had ever been.

The ache in his balls were excruciating, yet wonderful as Trent’s fingers moved across the full sac. He felt his breath on his forehead, as he leaned over to reach for something next to him. The flickering lights were suddenly gone, their wild dance on the room walls were suddenly gone, and the darkness took hold. He didn’t panic this time, as usual. He didn’t feel a cold chill creep into his body, as he smelled that cologne, that Trent wore.

He felt the ache inside, felt his body quiver as he rolled over onto his stomach. The hands moved lightly over his back, around the nape of his neck, lifting his hair up. He felt the soft press of lips and shivered, as Trent kissed him, then dragged his tongue downwards. He felt it run down his spine, right to the beginning of his butt.

His legs twitched, his cheeks seemed to flutter a bit, shake like jelly, as the hand moved along them, the fingers barely touching. He sighed, as his body sunk further into the mattress below. His body ached, but not from pain, but from desire.

It felt like he was floating on air, the way everything was so soft, so gentle. The touch of his hands, of his fingers, of his mouth. Blake felt the love, felt it hold him as his body was finally made into a man. He had cried out, a soft low groan, that barely echoed in the room, as he felt the pulse of his heart race. His lungs grew short of breath, as he felt the fullness inside of his body, as he slowly felt the beat next to his own heart. He felt the tears at the corners of his eyes, as his body grew fuller, as slowly the muscles inside gave way to the warmth, to the slowly moving energy that was Trent’s love for him.

He felt it all, as if he was floating on a cloud. In and out he felt it push, felt it touch him. It was like his whole insides were slowly wrapping around it, holding it for a second, before letting it in further, touching it in such a way, that it throbbed with pleasure. His whole body felt like it was on fire, felt like he was melting.

Time seemed endless, as he felt the love hold him, caress him. Nothing seemed to matter, there was no pain, just a warmth that made him glow, as he felt the shortness of breath, felt the racing pulse, felt the hard beat of a heart, mingle with another wild beating heart. He felt it all, felt every touch, every nerve, as the fullness only grow inside of him, only helped him feel the warmth around his whole body. The bed was soaked, dripping from his sweat, from Trent’s, but he didn’t notice it, as he felt the cry before he heard it.

It wasn’t loud, wasn’t primal, or even harsh sounding. It was slow and yet deafening at the same time. His whole body had shook, quivered, and he felt it, felt it fill and stretch the thin plastic, then he felt it moving, felt it going back out of his body. He cried, his body heaving, as he felt the hard pole, felt a sense of panic, that quickly was erased. That one instant, that one moment of stark terror had come back, but it had been beaten back. He cried, as he felt the love, felt the passion that had taken its place.

His body ached, his legs were taut and stretch tightly. His toes had curled up and arched, but even as he catalogued it all, he knew that his nightmares wouldn’t come back, not tonight, not tomorrow either. He sighed, as his body took all of Trent’s weight onto itself. He felt his own body, exhausted, but satisfied, for the moment, as he felt the warmth deep inside. He felt it all, felt it growing, even as the fullness grew less. His body was radiating the heat, the passion, that had filled him just seconds earlier, as he sighed, smelling that aroma, that scent that was his and Trent’s.


Anointing of the Man Child (6)

Anointing of the Man Child

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (6)

Everything seemed so hushed, so quiet that it gave him a bit of the shakes. He knew that he was in a hospital, that there were people all around him, and Blake could even distinguish some of the words too. Like when someone had asked who was in there, meaning his cubicle, he had heard clearly the female voice mention the queer boy. Even here, he wasn’t free of the anger, the disdain, but he didn’t seem to think much about it. All he could think of was how Trent had looked. How they all looked, and that seemed to be enough.

The way they all seemed to act, when they had examined him, had prodded his bruised and battered body, was making him feel like he had never made it to the Frat House. The coldness, the blank stares as the two men in uniform stood while the Doctor examined him, and the female nurse took blood, all the time he was stretched out naked on the hard bed. Even his dorm room bed was softer, but he put up with it, too tired to protest.

All he could think of was how angry the voices sounded, how they laughed as they took their turns pissing on him, making him swallow it, making him be a part of their sickness. Every time he thought about it, he shivered, and it seemed like the images of that time would never leave. He felt terrified about what would next time bring, and he knew, deep inside, that there would be one.

He had no idea why, but he just knew it would happen again. Blake feared it, as he lay there, alone. His only contact was with the hospital staff, who after their initial exams, seemed to avoid him. There was the tall figure next to the closed curtain, who had to be a cop. You could tell by how he stood there, and how his shadow looked. It was eerie to see, because he could almost feel the man’s disgust at being there.

Not everyone was that way, least he didn’t think so. The one nurse who had come in after, who had covered his naked body with a sheet, when no one else had. How she had wiped his face, and given him some water to sip. She didn’t say much, but he had felt better, when she was there.

The pain in his body wasn’t so bad, but he was certain that was due to the drugs they had given him, but they just didn’t seem to totally dull the pain. Every time he moved, he could feel the pain in his chest, in his legs. His body ached, but it wasn’t like how it had been as he had made his way to the Frat House.

The curtain parted and there was the doctor. He was dressed in green and as he looked over at him, he could see his disdain, see his feelings as if he had shouted them out. The way his eyes would barely look at him, but concentrate on the clipboard in his hand. How he stood so erect, and distant. It was like he really didn’t want to get any closer, and the gloves.

Blake couldn’t help but notice how he had come in with them on, as did the other hospital staff. Only the one nurse that had covered him, hadn’t come in wearing them. It was like they were all afraid of touching him, of even being in the same room without their rubber protection. It made him feel so dirty, and he didn’t know why.

He could make out what was being said, barely, and he knew that he was lucky to have survived, but the way the man spoke to him, listing all that had been done to him, then telling him how lucky he was, even hinting that in some way he should be thankful they hadn’t done more. Worse, was how he made it sound like maybe he had simply exaggerated it a bit, that in some way he may have actually been a willing participant. The officer seemed to have a scowl, as he too looked at Blake with that sort of disbelief in his face, that implied they weren’t convinced he hadn’t done anything to provoke the attack. Hell the Doctor looked like he didn’t even believe it was an attack, as if he would go out and want people to kick him, to do all that to him.

While the drugs they had given him were dulling the pain, he still could feel their hatred, their anger at him. He didn’t understand, he hadn’t done anything, why did they hate him? What had he done to make them feel so afraid of him? It wasn’t like he had asked those guys to grab him, to beat him, to abuse him, yet they seemed to think he had. It made no sense, they didn’t know him, know what he was like or how he thought.

His mind kept going over it, wondering what he had done wrong. What had he said or done to anyone, that made them want to hurt him like they had? He didn’t even know who they were, which everyone seemed to not believe. If he knew, he would have told them, but the Policeman who questioned him, seemed to not believe it. He had kept asking who had he propositioned, who had he flirted with, as if he was some slut or something.

The man had made it sound like somehow he had been responsible. That maybe he had come on to someone he shouldn’t have, or pushed it when he had been told the person wasn’t queer. No one seemed to believe him, that he didn’t think anyone knew he was gay, other than at the Frat House. The Policeman even suggested if maybe it was one of them, who had maybe been rejected by him. Like any of them would do that, but laying there, he began to wonder, to question.

It wasn’t right, he knew that, still the doubts were all inside of him, still pressing on him while the Doctor said he could leave, but not to have sex till the scars inside healed. Like he hadn’t had that kind of sex yet, but the man seemed to think he was going to rush out to get butt fucked. It didn’t make sense, at how uncaring they seemed.

The way he had handed him the prescription for pain killers, how he held it at the tip, afraid that even the touch of his gloved hand to his bare fingers would give him some incurable disease. How his face looked as he told him that he could get dressed, as if wishing he could just shoo him out now.

It wasn’t easy either, as he wondered where he could go, if going back to the Dorm was even possible, given how his body felt, let alone whether it was safe to do so. The Policeman just stood there, like a rock really, and then as the Doctor had left, he had stepped outside too, as if unwilling to even breath the same air.

His whole body throbbed as he moved his feet to dangle over the bed, as he stared at the chair, with his dirty clothes. He could smell them, feeling the panic inside as he tried to think, tried to make sense out of it all. He had been attacked, and now was being told to go, to shuffle off with some pain pills. That was it, though the Cop had said something about going to the station the next day.

As he looked at his dirty clothes, the curtain moved and he glanced over to see Trent. His heart skipped a beat as his eyes searched Trent’s face, for the same signs of disgust he was becoming used to. Instead he saw concern, but more than that he saw he was holding some clothes.

Not sure they’ll fit, but it was the best I could get in such short notice. You okay?

I think so

Yeah, well they say you can leave.

Blake stared at Trent, who seemed to be shuffling from one foot to another. As of yet, he had barely looked at him, his head was hanging down, but for a brief instant, Blake could only think of how much he had wanted to be with him tonight, that it was somehow changed.

Uh huh, just…

Look, not sure what you want to do, but uh, well the guys at the House, they have a room made up for you, and if you want, I can hang around too. We have a car outside, and we can get some of your stuff from your dorm on the way, if you want, I mean, unless you…

No, no, that would be, I didn’t do anything Trent, honest, I tried to get away, they, there were too many of them…

He didn’t know why, but he felt like he had to say it, to convince Trent that it wasn’t his fault. He knew inside it wasn’t, but no one else seemed to believe him. It hurt, more than the pain from his bruised ribs, or from inside his buttocks. He needed Trent to believe him, at least have one person believe him.

Hey, no one is blaming you, come on man, you are the one who got shit kicked, why? They saying you set this all up?

I don’t know, I just, they, I don’t know, they gave me something for the pain, it’s hard to think, it is just… they really going to let me stay at the house?

Of course, if you want. I mean, you don’t want to go back to your dorm do you?

NO, no, I don’t know, no, I uh, Trent why?

Huh? Why what?

Why did they do this to me? What did I do?

Trent looked at him, and Blake could feel his eyes on him. The way he looked at him, but it was different than before. He couldn’t put his finger on it, be he felt it, felt the difference. It was as if maybe Trent did believe he had asked for it, that maybe he wasn’t so sure that he had been blameless. Before, he had seen how Trent stared at him, how he had checked him out, but now, now his eyes never seemed to go that far down. Blake felt himself shiver, as he looked over at Trent, feeling worse than when he had been kicked.

I don’t know Blake, I really don’t, but look, let’s get you to the Frat House, and well, we can try to figure it out later, here, put these on, and I’ll uh, I’ll wait outside. Holler when you are dressed, and I’ll help you out to the car.

Blake watched as Trent moved a step closer, and put the bundled up clothes next to him. He saw him glance up, saw the tears in his eyes, yet he felt a chill, as he reached out, to touch Trent’s hand. He felt him flinch, as Trent looked upwards at him.

You do believe me, don’t you?

He felt like the world was standing still, as he saw Trent take a deep breath, as his whole body seemed to gather itself up, as if bracing for being hit by a huge wave or something. Blake could see how his body tensed up, how the muscles seemed to tighten.

Course I do

Then why, why are you acting like, like I had made this happen, I thought, I mean after last night… I am sorry, the drugs, but I uh, oh shit Trent, I really did try…

No, no it isn’t your fault.

He didn’t know how or why, but he had to know. He felt so frightened, yet he couldn’t let it go, couldn’t stop from pushing Trent. What they had done, did it not mean anything to Trent? Had last night just been a sex thing, or had it meant something to Trent, as it had to him? Blake had to know, even if his words were slurred, even if it hurt to speak from the ache in his jaw. He had to know.

Then why? Why are you afraid to look at me? Please, I don’t need, I mean, this is hard enough, Trent, please, what did I do wrong?

You didn’t do nothing wrong, it isn’t your fault, it’s mine.

Yours? I don’t… I can’t, I mean shit, Trent I am so confused, how is, I mean…

Deep inside, he felt his body shudder. He could see the tears now, see them rolling down Trent’s face, as he spoke, as his whole body began to quake a bit. It was almost as if he was going to fall down, the way he couldn’t look at Blake, yet as he spoke, Blake realized that last night hadn’t been just about sex.

It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have taken you to the bushes, course I believe you, but how can, don’t you see Blake? I should have been more careful…

The pain was there, inside of him, yet as he listened to the haltingly spoken words, felt the agony in them, he couldn’t help but feel sad for Trent. In a way, it was as if Trent had been the one kicked, pissed on, not him, as he let his hand rest on Trent’s.

Help me get dressed, please?

Trent lifted his head up, and Blake could see the gratitude in the face, the way he lifted up an arm and wiped away the tears that were rolling down his face. He also felt a strange warmth growing between them.

You sure?


Leaving the Hospital and going back to the Frat House was filled with silence. There were three others with Trent, two he hadn’t seen before. They looked more like linebackers than anything, but their presence made things difficult. He didn’t know what to say, even after they made him sign a slew of papers before he could leave. Even the Police left before him, again telling him to call the station in the morning.

In some way, they all seemed in a hurry to get him to leave, then did what they could, to make it as difficult as possible. He was exhausted, as they pushed paper after paper towards him, not even letting him do it sitting. He could feel the anger too, from the guys with Trent. Specially the one who had been in charge last night. He was there, and for the first time, Blake noticed how his face would puff up when he was angry, how his eyes seemed to be glazed over with anger, as the Nurse kept handing him papers to sign.

Still, the ride back to the Frat House seemed even more ominous. The way they all talked in hushed voices, when they spoke. In some way, it was like they were afraid to speak normally as if it would upset him or something. It felt creepy, as he sat next to the Senior, whose name he couldn’t remember. Everything was still a bit hazy, as the drugs kept the pain at bay, but also made his mind go off on weird trips.

The way he would find himself staring out the side window, at the reflection of the three in back, Trent being one of them. He had saw how he kept watching him, his eyes constantly glued on him, as if he was afraid he would bolt out of the car. He felt uneasy, unsure what everyone was thinking, the way they would quickly glance away when eye contact was made. It was like they were ashamed of him.

Everything said seemed to have double meanings to him. He knew he was being paranoid, or least he hoped he was. The way one had said that they should have kept him in hospital overnight, made him think they really didn’t want him at the Frat House, or to be here with him. He still wasn’t sure why it took so many either.

Maybe Trent had needed others to be along, so he wouldn’t have to talk to him? That went through his mind several times, and then maybe the Senior was there, because he wanted to make sure Blake didn’t talk about the rituals at the Frat House?

When one of the big guys opened a window, he imagined it was because the guy couldn’t stand the smell of him in the car. He even tried to sniff himself, to see how badly he smelled, but moving was hard, and painful. His ribs were taped up, which made his breathing difficult, let alone move around.

Arriving at the Frat House was a relief, until the car moved up the driveway, and then sat there. Everyone seemed to be looking out, and then the driver honked the horn in three quick bursts. Lights sprung up almost immediately and he felt like he was in the centre ring of the circus.

A few more guys came out of the House, looking rather large too and for some reason he felt himself shrinking back into the seat. He didn’t know why, but it felt like they were coming for him, that maybe it was all a trap. How did he know they were Gay? He only had Trent’s word for it, and panic was starting to take hold, as he heard the back doors of the car open up. He flinched as the driver looked over at him.

It’s okay, we are just making sure no one is around, it’s cool Blake, you aren’t the first one to get blindsided on Campus.

I uh, I uh…

It’s okay Blake, you can trust them.

He managed to turn his head to see Trent looking at him, one hand lightly on Blake’s shoulder. The panic subsided as he nodded, feeling the pain in his chest at the same time. He winced, but managed a weak grin, as Trent got out and came over to his side of the car. Looking up at him, he saw him look around, then open the door, to help him out.

Blake found himself out of breath by the time he had made his way to the stairs. He glanced up at the long winding staircase of the old house, where the rooms were, and grimaced. He knew it was going to be a long haul, but he gripped the banister. A hand, looking like a huge ham, appeared on top of his. He felt its warmth as he turned to stare over at a huge giant of a guy.

Max and I, we’ll give you a lift up. No stairs for a bit.

He felt his body suddenly being hefted up like he was just a sack of feathers, and found himself suddenly being cradled. There were two of them, with a third coming up behind as they moved effortlessly up the stairs, with him.

Once at the top they didn’t even stop, but walked down the hall towards the end. They set him down on the big bed that felt so soft, he almost leaned back to let it comfort all of his body. Glancing up he thanked the two, who just muttered ‘no problem’ then left. He sat there, staring at the ornate room. Finally his eyes moved towards the door, where Trent stood.

It’s reserved for visiting alumni, in case you are wondering. The other rooms are two singles and there is a common bathroom, This one has its own, just through that door.

Thanks, It’s huge.

Yeah, look, uh, I can run the water for a bath, if you want? It’s got the full works.

I’d like that, not sure I can make it in, but I uh, I need to, you know…

There is a shower if you’d prefer?

I think I can manage that.

You can have a bath, I’ll help you if you want, I don’t mind, uh, I mean…

I’d like that, uh, will they let you? I mean, can you stay for a bit? I don’t think I want to be, to be alone.

As long as you want, uh, they uh, they are really good about all this, I mean, shit that doesn’t sound right.

I think I know what you mean, uh, this isn’t the first time, is it? Happening to uh, guys like me?

No, though they don’t, you know, they don’t talk about it, but uh, I uh, I’ll run that water and bring you a towel out. Okay?

Yeah sure, thanks.

Blake watched Trent as he walked into the bathroom. It was almost as if he couldn’t wait to get out of the room, yet at the same time he was staying, helping him. He didn’t know what to make of it all, just that somehow Trent was thinking it was all his fault, but that was stupid. If anyone was to blame, it was him. After all, no one just grabbed a stranger, and did what they did to him, without him having done something. Everyone at the Hospital thought that, they had to know, after all, they were the one’s who dealt with it. Even the Cops that showed up, seemed to think he had done something to provoke it, so they would know.

Thing was, he just didn’t know what he had done. He kept thinking of it, wondering who he had pissed off like that? It had to be someone in the dorm, but who? There were a couple who might fit the build of the guys, but he didn’t know them, hadn’t spoken to them, or even really seen them much. So it was a mystery, one that was tearing at him, inside.

It was scary too, because while it was all nice and safe here, what about tomorrow? Wasn’t like he was going to be allowed to stay here, plus he had classes to go to. How was he going to do that? Maybe he’d get a few days off, but he’d have to ask someone. Trent might know, but he didn’t want to ask him. Maybe he should think of just going home?

Then too, how would he explain that one to his parents? He couldn’t tell them what happened, and he suddenly grew paler, as he wondered if the Cops had already told them? What about the hospital? Were some of those papers he signed, giving them permission to call his family? Shit, that would get his mother in tears, and sure wouldn’t make it easy. And if he did decide to quit, what would his father say? He was one of those who believed a man had to take his lumps.

As his mind was conjuring up all the difficulties ahead, he had missed seeing Trent coming back. He flinched as Trent was suddenly there, in front of him. His whole body shook, as he stared up at him. A huge towel in one hand. He tried to smile, but his mind was still thinking about his parents, about how to tell them he wanted to come home.

Uh, sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.

It’s okay, guess I am jumpy.

I know, uh, want some help in uh, getting that stuff off?

Could you? My arms are… what about the bandages? Can I, I mean…

Yeah they said you could get them wet. Come on, I’ll uh, I’ll give you a hand, then you can lean on me. Not like I can carry you like Max and Gordie did.

He felt his chest ache a bit, as Trent moved in closer. He could smell his cologne, remembering how he had smelled it just the other night. It made him relax a bit, as he felt his borrowed clothes being taken off. Blake watched, in a sort of detached manner, as Trent carefully removed the shirt, then the pants. It was sort of sexy, actually, but he didn’t feel his dick rising to the moment, and he wondered, would it turn Trent off?

Did he even still want him? How much of what had been done did he know? Blake found himself trying to think, to remember if he had said anything about the details, or if Trent had heard him telling the Police? Did he tell them? He just couldn’t remember, things were still pretty foggy, and yet he could still feel the pain, the kicks.

You okay? I didn’t hurt you did I?

Blake suddenly realized that he must have flinched or something. There was a look of worry on Trent’s face, and he was leaning over, pulling the pant leg off, but had stopped when he had spoken.

No, no, sorry, guess I was just… no you didn’t hurt me.

You sure? I mean…

I am sure Trent.

He found himself leaning heavily on Trent, as they made their way to the bathroom. He found he was enjoying it, in a strange way. Maybe it was wrong, but he liked the way Trent smelled, the way he felt holding him. Still, he had this notion that it was wrong, that he shouldn’t be thinking of last night, or of his touch. It felt wrong, but another part of him seemed to crave it, to want it.

Getting into the tub was awkward, but finally Trent managed to get his legs over the side, and into the hot water. It felt so good, that he sighed. The way the hot water seemed to wrap itself around him, finding every sore spot, just making it all feel better. Maybe it was the drugs and the hot water, or maybe it was Trent being there, he wasn’t sure which, but that it all felt good.

Slowly he let the hot water work its magic. He let Trent shampoo his hair, and the smell of it made him relax even more. Or was it Trent’s touch? He was still feeling confused about that, about how much he wanted him, yet how it didn’t seem to get him showing it. In a sense, it was as if that part of him was still in shock, was still trying to forget what had happened.

In a sort of convoluted logic, he kept thinking that if he hadn’t been such a whore the night before, letting go of himself in front of everyone, in going to the bushes with Trent, that what happened earlier wouldn’t have. It was stupid, or was it? Obviously someone had seen him, or gotten wind of his secret, or tonight wouldn’t have occurred. Yet as much as he tried, he couldn’t think of anyone he had flirted with, or given the wrong idea too.

That simply wasn’t him, so it had to be someone who had seen him, who seen him go into the bushes with Trent? Did he talk in his sleep, had he blurted it out at night, and his dorm roommate hear him? Could it be Trent’s roommate? He didn’t know, which only made him think it had to be someone who saw them, who came upon them going into the woods. It was his fault, for giving in to his need to be with another guy.

It had all seemed so right then, but now, now he felt like maybe he had pushed it too far. Maybe it was a sign, a signal that was trying to warn him off, to make him change? Just as the Preacher had tried to do, so many years ago? Strange, here he was naked in a tub of water, and he couldn’t get it up, even with a hot guy next to him. It was like his mind was trying to ignore his thoughts, ignore how he felt about Trent.

Yet all night, he hadn’t been able to think of anything else, to think of what it would be like, to have Trent buried deep inside of him, to feel the pain or pleasure that being in Trent might give him. Now all he could think of, was how he had let his evil hurt himself. It had to be that, just as the Preacher had said, as so many said.

Blake sighed, as he let Trent help him stand up, as he looked down to see how limp he was. He felt like it had been the cause of it all, that his dick had gotten him into trouble. It didn’t make sense, but he couldn’t think of any other reason, other than that. He sighed, feeling the pain still, as if the bath hadn’t even been taken.

He might smell better, no longer from stale piss, or dirt or vomit. Yet inside, he felt like he could still smell it, still feel it over his body. Even looking at Trent didn’t seem to dispel the feeling, as he was dried off, and helped back to the bedroom. His legs felt heavier, his heart even heavier. The drugs might dull the physical pain, but they weren’t doing anything for his mind. He couldn’t stop thinking of it, even as he felt the cool sheets over his body. All he could think of was that somehow his sexual firsts had led to being punished.

I’ll be in that chair, so uh, just holler if you need anything during the night, okay?

Blake managed to smile at Trent, but he could clearly see his worry, and his guilt. What he had to feel guilty about he still didn’t understand, besides he knew it hadn’t been Trent’s fault.


He saw how Trent made himself appear comfortable in the chair. He had a blanket over him, and he put his feet up on a stool. Turning his head away, he closed his eyes, hoping that sleep would overtake him, that it would end the constant pulsing of his mind. Blake felt the tiredness, felt the dull ache as he settled into the soft mattress, wondering what it would have been like if he hadn’t been given his signal, his sign? Would he have gone all the way with Trent?

Blake felt himself drifting up, with thoughts of what it might have been like, if he hadn’t screwed up so badly. Maybe that was it, maybe he had somehow signalled others, so as to not meet Trent later? Did he maybe try to get out of his planned tryst by flirting with someone? It could be, though he couldn’t think of how, or when, or even with whom. It was just a mystery to him, as the sleep came.

As part of his mind tried to figure it all out, to find out who he had maybe pissed off, the other part of his mind was dredging it all back up. He could feel the hands reaching for him, feel them dragging him back into the darkness of the woods. He felt his heart pounding, felt himself screaming for help, until the blow came. He could hear the hate in the voice telling him to shut up. It all was there, as if it was still happening. The boots to the side, the stream of piss splashing against his lips, down his throat.

Blake could feel himself gagging, as they took turns. He could taste it, feel the ache in his stomach too. It was like it was happening, as he tried to stop it, as he struggles to scream out NO, but his words were drowned out by the hot stream of pee. It was his fault, but how? How did he let them know he was Gay, and why didn’t he fight harder? Maybe he could have gotten away if he had only tried harder.

The words of hate were changing, he could hear them, calling to him. He cried out, feeling the pain, feeling the terror that had taken hold of him then. How his whole body had shook, as the one brought out the pole. He could hear himself begging, pleasing for him to not use it, but even as he cried out, he felt the hands on his shoulders, holding him down, keeping him from fleeing.

The voice wasn’t the same. His mind suddenly wrenched him back to the moment, to the present. It wasn’t any of their voices, nor were it their hands holding him down, as realization slowly came to him. He wasn’t in the bushes now, but safe in a big comfortable bed. He could hear the voice clearer, knowing it wasn’t from them.

It’s okay Blake, come on wake up, it’s okay, it isn’t your fault, you are safe now, come on, wake up.

There was a small light on, next to his face, as he let his eyes adjust to it. His body was shaking, and he felt like he was bathed in cold water. He felt the chill, as he realized that it was Trent holding his shoulders. He felt suddenly exhausted, as his body sunk into the bed. It all came back to him, in a flood of emotion.

it is, I know it, why else, why else would they have grabbed me, and done all those things to me? It is, it really is my fault.


How do you know? You weren’t there.

I didn’t have to be there, to know what you are feeling, to know how scared you were, and are.

You couldn’t know, no one could who hasn’t been.. I am sorry, you mean well, but it’s my fault, I should never have… never have given in to my own selfish needs. It is my fault.

I do know how it feels, it doesn’t change.

What’s that supposed to mean? You were… I mean, were you? but when, here?

No, no, not here, but uh, I know.

How? How do you know?

Because, uh, well, I do.

That isn’t good enough Trent, sorry, but, uh, this is, this isn’t going to just go away, I so uh, I just…

You just want me to go, because you don’t think you can ever have sex again, right?

How? How do you know that?

Blake felt the strain in the room. The small light flickered a second or two, as if to heighten the tension he was feeling. The way Trent’s face looked so drawn, so haggard. It was hard to look at, yet he couldn’t pull his eyes away from him.

It happened to me a long time ago, so I know, oh God, do I know.

Trent let go of Blake’s shoulders, and stood up, staring down at him. Then he moved back towards the chair he had been sitting in, and reached out to turn the small light off. Blake could see his darker shadow in the room, and he waited, feeling like there was a lot more to come.

Better told in the dark, don’t you think?

The voice was riddled with pain, as he watched Trent move, and then come back towards the bed. He could feel him looking down at him, then slowly sit down on the side of the bed. Blake felt the mattress sag, as he also felt Trent’s body next to his. Then a hand came out, and his body flinched, as the back of Trent’s hand moved across his cheek.

He heard the deep sigh, felt the bed shake a bit too, as the hand moved along his face several times. Blake didn’t move, as he waited for Trent to explain. His chest hurt, as he tried to comprehend what had been said. If Trent had been attacked as well, he might know how to fight the feelings he was. He had gotten over it, or seemed to have, after all last night he had certainly seemed to have no problem, not like Blake was feeling now.


Anointing of the Man Child (5)

Anointing of the Man Child

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (5)

Blake felt like crap, and yet not. He had barely managed to get any sleep, after getting back from his tryst with Trent. All he could think of was tonight, and what promises it held for him, or pitfalls. His mood switched from excited to dread at the drop of a pin, as he tossed and turned all night long.

The Dorm felt stuffy, and even his room mate sensed that something was up, the way he stared at him. Though they had barely spoken, it was obvious that he was watching him. In some ways it made him more nervous, in case he slipped, giving his secret away. Problem was, he couldn’t help but think about last night, about later either, and it was rather hard to keep his hard dick hidden.

He had erections before, but nothing like he was experiencing since leaving Trent. The slightest thought, and bang it would get rock hard. Other times it would just as quickly go soft, as he wondered if he would be able to take a dick in his ass, or put one in another guy’s? He could feel the nervousness, the dread of screwing it up so bad that Trent would never want to see him again. Then too, if he was that bad, it might make his chances at getting in to the Fraternity go out the door.

Damn, he had forgotten about that too, about how he hadn’t a clue it was a Gay Frat House, and how the fuck did they tweak to him being one? That began to bother him too, as he tried to keep his anxiety to himself, and also get to classes. Today was not going to be easy, he thought as he made his way to the main lecture hall, and every time he passed another guy, he made sure his books hid his crotch. Last thing he needed today, but still, he couldn’t help but think about it.

There was the Frat meeting, and that would mean some more hazing, but it would also mean seeing Trent again. He still couldn’t believe his luck, or how good last night had been. Starting with winning the test of shooting his load the furthest, then having his first taste of cum. Man he wished he hadn’t brushed his teeth last night, he wanted to keep that taste as long as possible. Still, routine and years of it made him brush, before he could even think about forgoing it for one night.

Course maybe he’d get to taste more tonight, with Trent? That would be possible, but what about protection? Should he bring his own, or would Trent? If he was to bring it, did it mean he was to do Trent, or what? Damn, he wished he knew the answers, because he really didn’t want to fuck up tonight. If last night was any indication, tonight could really be amazing.

The morning was passing in a blur, and he knew that he was acting strange. More quiet than normal, that even got the Professor at one class asking if he was okay. Still, all he could think of was that he had been selected to join a gay Fraternity, where he had met Trent. Maybe if he didn’t get in, Trent wouldn’t want to see him anymore? Even if tonight turned out great, it could ruin their friendship?

All the thoughts of ‘what if’ were killing him, as the day seemed to just drag on. His mind had no trouble filling the time with questions, with doubts, with excitement. Passing the local clinic on Campus, he thought about going inside, to grab some Condoms, but as he looked at the door, he saw a couple come out, laughing and he just turned and walked away. What would he say or do if one of his dorm mates saw him inside? What if they too had guessed he was Queer, like the Fraternity obviously had? He just couldn’t handle that, least not now.

The Campus was big, and it was easy to tell that it was also hazing week. There were lots of guys walking around shirtless, or in strange outfits. One he saw was parading around in nothing but diapers, which made him gawk a bit. It was easy to see his crotch, how he seemed excited too, specially when around the girls that were following him, giggling.

Others were in dresses even, but it wasn’t limited to the Guys. The Sororities were also having their fun with initiates too. He wondered what kind of outlandish costumes that the Gay House would make them wear, if any? Surely they would as it seemed common practice, but then nothing was the same, or so it felt. The whole measuring, the jerking off, didn’t seem like it would be part of the other Frats, so maybe dressing up wasn’t?

As the afternoon wore on, he began to feel more nervous about what tricks, what tests, they would come up with. It mattered, because he felt certain that the only way he could keep on seeing Trent, would be if he made the Fraternity with him. If he failed, he’d probably never see him after, because who would want to hang with a loser. Worse, not just a loser, but a damn virgin too boot. That would be a double whammy, or so he believed, as he managed to finish his day’s classes.

His head was off in the clouds, as he made his way down the walkway, towards the Frat House. He didn’t hear or see anything, as he tried to figure out what was in store for him, in the way of tests. He also couldn’t help but think about Trent, and if he had managed to find a place for tonight. That was mostly on his mind, as he felt the excitement, the desire.

To be able to touch another man, and to experience him, was making him walk a bit faster than normal. His eyes were staring straight ahead, though he really couldn’t see much. He was too wrapped up into recalling how Trent had looked, at how his skin had glowed in the starlight under the branches. The way his hands had felt, how his dick had tasted. Despite brushing his teeth, he thought he could still taste him, still feel that sticky goo as it flowed past his mouth.

He could remember exactly how the cock head had shook, how the whole cock had throbbed while moving past his lips. It made him want more, and he wasn’t bothering to hide his obvious desire, as he walked down the path, at least until he felt the hands grab at his shoulders.

A hand was slapped across his mouth, as he felt himself being dragged backwards, as tree branches grabbed at him, as the man holding him pulled. There were more than one, as other hands were holding his arms and pulling as his feet dragged at the dirt. He felt the panic taking hold, as he struggled, though he was being tightly held.

A harsh voice told him to stop or it would be worse for him, but he kept struggling a few seconds more. The hands around his arms grew tighter, making him wince, as he tried to shake free, but quickly realized he couldn’t. His heart was pounding, as he felt his body being dragged, felt the fear racing up and down his body.

Sweat was dripping from his forehead, as he was suddenly tossed onto the ground, in a clearing. He looked up, to see several dark clothed guys all around. There were at least four, and he was certain that there were one or two more further out, watching the ways into this clearing.

One of the dark clothed guys moved quickly forward, while another moved behind him. He tried to swivel his head, but was held back as another kneeled down, holding his legs firmly onto the ground. A roll of tape was produced, then ran across his mouth, making it impossible for him to scream. He could smell his fear, as his eyes bulged outwards, looking at the strangers that had grabbed him.

They were all in dark clothes, shirts and pants. Even the runners on their feet were black, and as he looked up at them all, terrified, he also realized they were all wearing hoods. Their mouths were free, and slits for the eyes and nose, but there was no way he would ever be able to describe them.

A couple were taller than the rest, yet all of them were extremely well built. You could see the bulging muscles in their arms, legs. None of them had a belly either, as he struggled with the fear inside. He couldn’t talk, as he stared at the four who stood around him, in a sort of circle. They just stared down at him, barely breathing.

Faggot’ the one in front yelled at him. He looked up, as he saw the foot rear back, then strike him square in the stomach. He felt the vomit in his throat, as he rolled to his side, as another kick hit him hard in the small of his back.

The others were calling him ‘Faggot, Queer, Freak,’ as they joined in kicking him. He felt like he was going to pass out, or throw up despite the tape over his mouth. He felt his stomach heaving, as he tried to crawl away from the hard kicks that found every tender spot in his body.

Then he felt his hands being grabbed and stretched out above his head. Blake was turned onto his back, as the other two held his legs. The fourth man moved over, spitting at him, then reached down and grabbed at Blake’s pants.

He yanked them down, and pulled them off his shaking body. He had also managed to pull his shorts off, and Blake lay there, naked from the waist down. The two holding his legs suddenly released one leg, each. Then they pulled the one leg they held far apart, as he stared up the one towering over him.

Blake wanted to scream, unsure what was going to happen. There had been one fleeting second when he thought it was part of the initiation, until the kicking had started. Then he knew it wasn’t. His thoughts grew cold, as he wondered what would happen to him, or how much they would hurt him. The pain was all over, every part of his body felt like it was in pure agony as the man above him suddenly unzipped his pants.

Staring up at him, Blake watched him nod at the guy holding his arms above his head. He felt two feet firmly planted against his shoulders, as the guy pulled his arms all the way back, until he felt like they would be yanked out of their socket. The two holding his legs had one foot up against his hips, and also had him stretched out as far as possible.

Looking up, he saw the one above him reach into his pants, and pull out his cock. He stared up at it, seeing that it was soft, and the hand holding it aimed it right at him. He saw it suddenly jerk a bit, then he felt the hot liquid hitting his face. Blake also heard the loud laughter from the one holding his hands, as the other’s pee struck Blake’s face.

The liquid stung his eyes as the man aimed his piss towards them. He tried to shut them, clenching them tightly as the hot liquid burned under his eyelids. He struggled, but to no avail, as the piss trickled down his face, even along his mouth. A stream hit his mouth, making the tape uncomfortable. He could feel some of it seeping through the corners, as the man yelled at him, calling him names, telling him they didn’t like faggots.

The sound of the zipper made him open his eyes, and he saw the man above buttoning his pants. He was finished, and then he just stood there, looking down at him. His body looked so menacing, as he towered over him, then he reached down, to rip the tape off of his mouth.

Scream, or make any noise Faggot, and I’ll gut you in a second, got it?

Blake nodded, but the man kicked him and asked him again.

Do you understand?


The man stared at him, then moved and took hold of his leg, nodding for the one holding it to take his place. The other did as directed, and he too stood over Blake, just as the first did.

Undoing his pants, he too pulled out his cock, as Blake stared up at him. He felt like he was in some nightmare, some horror flick as the voice from below told him to open his mouth, to keep it open if he knew what was good for him.

The fear made him open his mouth, as he saw the glint in the eyes of the hooded figure above him. As he did, he saw the stream come to him, hitting him on the cheek, then move towards his mouth. Blake felt the salty liquid fill his mouth, flow out of the corners as it filled his mouth.

Swallow it Faggot’ the voice commanded, though he already had. He had no choice, if he didn’t want to suffocate. His body shuddered, his stomach twisted inside, as the hot salty piss filled it.

See, all faggots like piss, bet they eat shit too

He didn’t know how long he was there, as each one took a turn pissing into his mouth. He threw up a few times, the vomit covering his front, mixed with the piss from the four guys. It was like an endless nightmare, as he tried to figure out who these guys were, what else they had in store for him. He just wanted to escape, to run, but they held him tightly. The pressure never easing for even a millisecond.

After the last had finished, he thought maybe it was all over. That they would let him go, but he was wrong, as once more the original man was back towering over him. He had cruel looking eyes, yet as he stared up at him, he could see he was somehow excited, as if seeing him drenched in their piss had turned him on, or something like that.

Blake saw the mouth twist up into a strange curl, grin, as the man leaned over to the side, and picked up something that was buried under the fallen leaves. His eyes bulged as he saw the thick handle of what looked like a broom. He turned his head to look up, saw the glint in the man’s eyes, and his whole body trembled.

Don’t, Please, Don’t’ he cried out, which only made them all laugh. With a head signal, Blake watched as one of the guys holding a leg moved up and once more taped his mouth. He tried to struggle, to break free, that only earned him a few kicks to his side. He stopped his struggle, as he watched how the one held the long pole, at how he would look at it, then down at Blake. There was no mistaking what he was going to do, which terrified him.

The pain was unbelievable, as he heard the laughter, heard the chuckles. It was like suddenly he was in another world, as it was all so distant, to far off. More like listening to a movie playing in another room, with the sound turned real low. There were muffled cries, he was sure of that, but nothing that broke the cloud that seemed to hover over his eyes.

The pain in his insides made him open his eyes. He stared upwards, feeling cold, feeling racked by spasms of rolling pain, but as he moved his head, there was nothing but a sort of darkness. No one was around him, as he struggled to lift himself up on his hands. It suddenly came back to him, as he quickly glanced all around, but he was alone in the clearing. Off to one side he saw a thick tubular shaped object, felt the sickening pain in his guts, as he felt the night chill.

Sitting up, he felt the pain from the kicks, and he ran his hand down his body, feeling the bruises that had arisen. His legs shook, as he found his clothes next to his body. He reached out, grimacing in pain, crying out from it. Then he bit his lower lip, as he managed to pull the pants over his legs, and up. His whole body was in pure torment, as he tried to stand up, but found he was still too weak.

Crawling forward, he knew he had to get out from the woods, get to the path where it had all began. His body protested, as he reached out with one hand, suddenly touching the pole shaped object, knowing exactly what it was. He cringed, as his body shook, but he managed to take hold of it, and drag it with him, as he slowly crawled towards the path, on his hands and knees.

Time didn’t seem to exist, as he moved slowly forward, the smells of stale piss haunting his every movement. He could smell other scents, but was afraid to think of what it was, as he managed to see the lighter area of the pathway itself. There were no lights, but it was bathed in the twilight of the early stars. His mind refused to think of anything, but of reaching that path, of making it out from the woods.

Finally he felt his body accept the torment of motion. His legs ached, his arms were numb, as he finally broke free of the woods, to lay panting on the soft green grass. Blake lay there, panting, letting his body relax, as he struggled to regain some strength. He didn’t know where to go, but as he looked up and down, he realized he was too far to make it to the main Campus grounds. The Frat House was just ahead, and there would be someone there, he hoped.

It took him several attempts, before he could make it to his feet. The pain was unbelievable, specially in his rectum, as he stumbled forward. He felt like he was drunk, as he weaved his way along the path, towards the Frat House. His eyes held the image of the house, and in it he knew he would find Trent. It was what was driving him, to find Trent, to fall into his arms.

Somehow he just knew that he would help him, that he would take the pain away, as he stumbled forward, until he suddenly found himself at the door itself. He had no idea how he had made it, or even how late it was. All he could think of, was that he had made it, that he would find Trent inside.

He was exhausted, as he leaned against the double doors. His arms ached, his legs were shaking, as he tried to reach the buzzer, to signal anyone inside, but he felt himself sliding down, felt his body collapsing. The pain, it was too much, as he felt the tears rolling down his face. He couldn’t reach the buzzer, as his fingers clawed at the wooden frame, as his body slowly fell to the ground. His eyes closed, as he struggled to remain awake, to summon whatever strength he could, to summon help.

The darkness was winning, as he struggled to fight it. ‘No, NO!’ he heard himself cry out, but it was useless, as the darkness seemed to envelope him. His body shook, but then he heard a sound, something that made him cringe. They were back for him, he was sure of that, as he tried to fight, as he felt the hands holding him down. The voices were all around him, but then he heard the one voice calling his name, the one sound penetrated his mind, and he stopped thrashing about. The hands holding him down, relaxed their grip, as he stopped fighting them.

He just lay there, a thin smile around his mouth as he felt his body relax, as the nightmare of them coming back was suddenly gone. Blake felt the pain all over, but somehow it didn’t matter, he was safe now. The nightmare was over, for the moment, as he opened his eyes, to see lights and worried faces all around him. His lips were bruised, thickened a bit as he moved his head to stare at where he thought he had heard the voice.

Blake saw him, the look on his face, the concern. The pain was forgotten, as he looked over at Trent.

I am sorry, for being late

It’s okay, least you made it

Yeah, I did, didn’t I?

Another voice made him turn his head, as he stared over at a face he recognized. It was the one who had been in charge last night. He smiled at him, wondering why they all looked so sad, so upset? Then he remembered the night, and shook. The pain was there again, but a bit dulled, as he realized he had made it, he was at the Frat House, safe for the moment.

An ambulance is on its way, hold on Blake.

His eyes cleared and he could see the face perfectly now. There was no mistaking the concern being shown, as he struggled to try and sit up, but the pain was too much. Every bone in his body hurt, as he tried to move, failing. He lay there, panting, but before he could say anything, he felt his hand being lifted up, and he turned his face towards his side.

Trent had taken his hand, and was holding it up to the side of his face. He saw him kiss the back of it, and all he could do was smile at him. Yet even as he did, the pain inside seemed to lessen.

The room suddenly became more noisy as he lay there, feeling totally exhausted. The pain was a bit dulled, as he saw people moving about, then a face loomed up over him. He shrank back, suddenly frightened, but the voice was soothing, calming, as it reached out and looked at his eyes. He felt at ease as he heard Trent talking to him, telling to relax, to let the Paramedics do their job. He smiled, as he felt the hand touching his shoulder, knowing it was Trent’s.


Story – It Is About Time

It Is About Time

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (-)

Justin stared at the people milling around the huge rotunda, smiling as he saw so many people, all of them looking happy, pleased with themselves. It was like being at a party, without the booze, without the drugs, to give a false sense of happiness. These were people who were really happy, and why not?

Looking over at his partner, Eric, he could recall the first time they had met. It had been so long ago, that it was hard to imagine all that they had endured. There had been times when they had been apart, when there were other’s who they thought were important, but here they were, with all the rest, feeling normal, feeling accepted for the first time in their lives.

It was like a huge weight had been lifted, even though it didn’t alter much, it was a beginning. Staring out at the milling throng, Justin saw some friends he knew, amazed that they were even here, but then maybe he shouldn’t be surprised. Living a secret life was just that, and even among friends, one was a bit hesitant of being totally open, totally frank.

There were things he hadn’t told others, just Eric, who was standing by a couple of Queens they knew. They were all decked out in their finest attire, and you could tell that it was special. Melissa had his water proof make up on, and for good reason. He was dripping buckets of tears, and it wasn’t even his turn yet. Funny, how things could change.

Mel, who was Melissa in the clubs, had swore he’d never take part in any pagan ceremony, or be one of those Stepford Fags, as he called those who fought for today. Yet here he was, bouquet in hand, veil trailing, ready to do exactly what he swore he’d never do.

Justin smiled, as he watched Eric moving among the crowd. It was as if Eric had been born just for this moment, the way his ass swayed in those tight white pants of his. What a hunk he was, and that was saying something given he was nearly 40 now. He should talk, as he was a good ten years Eric’s senior. Still, they had been happy together, and it hadn’t taken any tragedy or anything else to bring them together.

They had met at one of the local gay bars, eons ago. Had hit it off too, and even shared a good old fashioned fuck that first night, and for both of them, they had figured that would be the end of it. Funny, he never had really thought much about that first meeting, yet inside he had been impressed by the 21 year old Eric, how he had moved around even then. He was a communicator, and in all the time he had known him, he could only recall about four or five times when Eric had been fall down drunk.

He was like most 21 year olds, a drink in hand, but he nursed them, rarely guzzling them down and when an evening out was at an end, he was one of the more sober ones in the place. No bar ever got rich off of Eric, nor did any drug dealer either. One more reason why he had fallen for the dark haired twink.

The way he kept his body in shape, but not from mindless hours at a gym, but from work. Real work, as he was a gopher on a construction site, and in the nearly twenty years of knowing Eric, there hadn’t been much time when Eric wasn’t holding down a job. He liked that attitude, and it showed too.

Oh sure he could party, but it was always natural. The guy simply didn’t need some stimulus to be happy, to have fun. Come to think of it, he had learned quite a lot from knowing Eric, which was just one more reason why he was here today with him. They fit each other perfectly, and while things had been rocky at the start, had been more about the sex than anything else, they had grown together.

It had been strange, now that he thought about it, how Eric had pursued him that night, at the bar. Not that he objected to the attention, but he had been trying to chase this other twink in the bar. Will or something had been the guy’s name, and talk about a looker. He was the typical twink, frosted hair, slender build, and a glazed look in the eyes.

Mind you, he was hot. Justin stared out at the milling crowd, wondering whatever happened to Will, then shook his head as he realized it didn’t matter. He had Eric, and just thinking of how he had chased him, made him forget all about Will and the other twinks that were on the prowl that night. He had to admit, Eric wasn’t his typical ideal of a sex partner, despite his good looks.

How his hair hung over one eye, the long eyelashes that seemed to add to the mystery of the guy, were nice to look at, but it never really had gotten him excited, until he applied the charm. That was Eric’s forte really, how he could suddenly make himself look like some sex god, with the thin lips that would curl, the nose wrinkle up, the eyes suddenly sparkle, that by themselves were nice, but together were dynamite.

The way he could move his body, so that your eyes would naturally follow his every movement, how he knew when to flash a smile, or give a deep thoughtful look. It was all Eric, and he had used all of those tricks, and more, that night. It had worked too, and right now he was glad of that.

Will, well he had found his way to Bill’s table, and while Eric never said anything, Justin was fairly certain he had a hand in that. Bill was a nice guy, but even then an old lecherous Queen, who loved his twinks. Not that he did much with them, other than the odd grope, the occasional blowjob, but he partied well, and was generous to those who paid him mind. Thinking about it, he was a perfect match for Will, who really just wanted to party, without paying the full price.

He’d have to ask Eric one day, just how he managed it, but right now he couldn’t help but admire his partner. They had been together now for about fourteen years. Living together for maybe twelve and a bit, but he couldn’t imagine his life without him, and more importantly he knew Eric felt the same way.

Justin was the cautious one, the one who kept refusing to rush things, which is why they lived apart for so long, but then it was also a part of being Gay, of living a secret. He had grown up in the era of shame. It wasn’t like it was today, with groups in schools, with legal defence funds, or even with politicians looking for your support. Back then, it was about hiding out, of keeping closemouthed and putting up a front, a sham, so no one would tumble to your secret.

To think, 30 odd years ago, no one even dared dream of having a day like today, but here they all were. About to make history in a very real sense, and he had Eric to help him make his own little mark in the history books. Strange, as he never had considered all this, even five years ago he was more like Mel, than anything. He wasn’t into needing some form of validation, of government approval, yet advancing age maybe had changed his mind, though in all honesty it had been his love for Eric.

How could he not see him protected, for when the inevitable happened? Death was not what one thought about when they were in their twenties, or thirties even, but as time marches on, it does somehow become a question. He shook his head, trying to clear the dark thoughts out, because today was about being happy, about being legal.

And he just knew that Eric would be in top form later on, which always meant that come the morning, Justin would be walking bow legged. The smile that crossed his face made a few smile back at him, but he wondered if they knew what had him smiling. Yes, today’s activity was part of it, but the truth was, he couldn’t help but think of that first night, when Eric had seduced him.

Normally he was the seducer, and he was also the top. Not that night, and that too was a surprise. He liked to be on top, to be the one doing it, not taking it, but that night, he just couldn’t get enough of Eric, and his uncut dick. Man, the kid knew how to work his ass, and still did too. It was like he just didn’t age, and when they were together, Justin didn’t feel like he had grown one day older from that first night.

Going home to his single studio apartment had been an adventure. Taxis were all busy then, and frankly many weren’t too interested in taking any fare to the Castro section of town. They had walked a fair distance, before finally hailing a cab that dropped them off close enough, that he could concentrate on Eric, and not who was watching. Again, part of the times, which had changed, though not all that much. Yes, it was safer, statistically, but then a lot still went unreported, so who really could say if things had improved. One still walked with at least one eye out watching those around. You just never knew, and as they had walked along the street, in the Castro, it had been easier to think of the young man at his side.

Their hands had touched every now and then, along the walk to the apartment. Each touch giving him goose bumps inside, each little brush of that warm hand across his thigh, had made Justin feel his heart beat. Sweat had beaded up on is forehead too, from being so nervous. It wasn’t like they had talked much about sex, but somehow he knew that they weren’t going back to his place for coffee and a nightcap.

Ever since he could remember, he liked to lead. Maybe it was just being naturally unsure of people, or something, but when it came to sex, he was the one who liked to take the stage, to make the moves. With Eric, it seemed like he was always following, even now. The smile grew as he remembered that first night, how Eric had stood in the doorway, commented on how tidy the place was, then simply walked over the bed in the one corner of the studio flat and sat on it.

He had bounced on it, making his dark hair flip and the way his eyes had glittered, it was like a kid about to start his first pillow fight. The whole face was lit up as he bounced on the bed, as he looked not at Justin, but right at Justin’s crotch. How arousing it had been, as he stared and bounced about. How hot it had made him feel, and horny too, but then that had been Eric’s plan.

The way he let his tongue lick his lower lip, as he stared, then at how suddenly his shirt had come flying off. And flying off was literal, as it hit him square in the chest, making him flinch. He had reacted slowly, which only got Eric laughing, which was a sound he enjoyed. Even now, he would get a stiff dick, every time Eric let out a peal of his unrestrained laughter.

Before he could even mutter out a single word, Eric was leaning back on the bed, his legs apart and his hands undoing the belt and buttons of his jeans. He had stood there, like a statue, until the head popped up, grinning, and smacking the lips. Eric had made some comment, one of his many smart ass one’s that only made Justin laugh, as well as move.

He had tossed the shirt to one side, and quickly removed his own, tossing it to lay on top of Eric’s, moving all the time towards the bed. Like Eric, he seemed to feel the urgency. Getting to the edge of the bed, he already had his pants undone, the zipper down. Standing there he simply dropped the pants, to let Eric stare up at his towering body, at his tented underwear.

His plan had been to get Eric to sit up, to reach out and rub his crotch, then push the underwear down and hopefully take his hard dick into his mouth, to sort of warm him up. Least that had been his plan, but it hadn’t been Eric’s. Instead of leaning up, he had moved his leg so it was in between Justin’s.

Lifting it up, Justin could see the pushed down pants. Reaching out, he pulled them off each leg, so he could toss them behind him. Still Eric put his legs up, so that Justin could remove his socks as well. He couldn’t help but do as requested, his hands moving on their own, while his eyes drank in the beauty of Eric’s young smooth body. How his cock was tenting his shorts, how the balls just seemed to fall out from the leg holes, tiny little tufts of hair showing around the leathery sac that was visible. How the body seemed so smooth, rippling as it lay there, waiting for him.

Thoughts of having Eric suck him were replaced by his urge to reach down, and rip the underwear off, to quickly give that hard pole a good yank, then flip the young 21 year old over, so he could stuff his own throbbing pole between those cheeks. Eric had other ideas, as he let his foot rub up the inner leg, to prod at Justin’s sac, to run across the throbbing dick in his shorts.

Even now, he could still fell how his body had trembled as Eric’s toes had brushed up the inside of his leg. How they had pushed at his testicles, at his dick. The way the foot had moved over his crotch, at the place between his groin and thighs. He had trembled then, just like he was right now, from the memory of it.

How Eric’s big toe had moved under his scrotum, to run up the crack of his ass, pushing his shorts into the valley. How he had kept looking up at him, his eyes gleaming and his lips pursed together. The way the tongue would come out every now and then, to slowly drag across the lower lip, while his toes moved up and down Justin’s valley, trying to spread his cheeks.

The way he had moved his leg, so that suddenly Justin could feel the bare foot crawling up inside of his shorts. How the tip of the toe touched his throbbing cock, and how the eyes looking up at him just glowed at that moment. He could see Eric’s nostrils flare, as the toe moved lightly over the shaft, that made Justin quiver.

He had tilted his head back, enjoying the press of the toes across his cock, when Eric removed his foot, and was suddenly sitting up on the bed. He reached up with one hand, that Justin took, and suddenly felt himself being yanked down and to one side. He hit the bed, bounced on it, but before he could bounce a second time, Eric was all over him.

His hands were wrapped around, and moving all over his body. They were reaching, grabbing, and touching him in a way that reminded him of a feeding frenzy by sharks on the Discovery Channel. The fingers dug into his flesh, pulled at his nipples, then softly rubbed his thigh, roughly grabbed his cock and shorts and stroked it. His mind was overwhelmed by all the different feelings that were coming to him.

Somehow he found himself on his back, with his shorts being literally ripped off his shaking body. His cock was sticking straight up before he even realized that his underwear was sailing across his studio room. He felt the press of Eric’s lips on his stomach, felt the way his muscles coiled, felt how his body was trembling in excitement.

It wasn’t like any other feeling he had experienced. Justin had a few hot guys in his time, but nothing compared to how Eric simply was devouring him. The way the face was suddenly pressed down between his groin and thigh. How a hand was pumping his dick, while the face moved down and between his cheeks. Justin could feel the rough edge of Eric’s tongue as it licked at his balls, then at the tender spot just below, when suddenly he had cried out.

Eric didn’t stop, as he let his tongue lick all the way up, so that it was between Justin’s cheeks. His legs had spread apart, to let the eager tongue poke up along the soft valley of skin, until it was licking at his tight pink hole. He had cried out, as the tip of the tongue had licked all around, then suddenly curled up and flicked inside. The surprise was almost as great as the wave of pleasure that raced up from inside his rectum.

Then it was gone, and once more he felt his body shake, in anticipation, when he felt the hands reaching down, spreading his butt cheeks apart, to let the tongue taste more of him. How it moved up and down his valley, while the hands pulled at the trembling cheeks. How he felt the fingers digging hard into his flesh, how he was moaning, twisting his head back and forth, as Eric licked him.

The whole episode may have last a minute or an hour. Time meant nothing, as he felt the pleasure just rolling up and down, growing with each flick of the tongue, each swipe of it along his valley, the occasional tease of his hole. The odd quick jab as it stroked his insides, and all the time he could feel the finger tips, as they stretched his cheeks apart.

Justin had never been rimmed before, least not back then. So much had been missing, and suddenly he realized that he was going to learn it all, that night, from the 21 year old. How it had made him tremble, how he had suddenly surrendered to Eric still surprised him, even to this very day. The way he simply couldn’t speak, as the pleasure inside only grew more intense.

The way the tongue licked at his hole, then around and down to suck his balls. How it moved back up to lick at the hole, to dive inside, to taste him where no man had ever dared taste him. How his whole insides seemed to be one giant massive bowl of jelly, shaking, trembling, enthralled by it all. How his hands were hitting the side of the bed, unnoticed by his mind.

The way he felt his legs being lifted up in the air, after his hoarse begging cries for Eric to take him. It was still like that, the way Eric could make him beg for it. The ache in his groin reminded him of that time, even now. How it had felt as his legs dangled upwards, how his hands had reached up to grab hold of his ankles, and how he had spread his legs wider.

The press of Eric’s shoulders against his thighs, had made him shiver, made his hands tighten around the ankles even more. Yet Eric didn’t stop his wild caresses, not with his tongue, nor with his hands, that now began to prod, to grope at him.

One second a hand had Justin’s dick in its grasp, stroking it hard while the face was buried down between his open cheeks. The tongue licking at him, then suddenly he would feel his balls being sucked into the mouth, a finger stroking, caressing his valley. Then it would poke at his hole, while the mouth was busy licking at the underside of his cock.

All he could do was moan, squirm a bit, as the hands, the mouth, all kept moving around him. The press of the finger near his hole didn’t even register, until he felt the pain of penetration break through the swirling mist of pleasure he was feeling. It was sharp, yet not like he had imagined it to be, or felt it to be a few times earlier, It hurt, but it was soon adding its own waves of pleasure to the growing expanse inside.

Sweat had become like a raging river over his body, as he felt the finger twist and turn inside of him, making him squirm, making him moan even louder. The way his hands tightened around the feet, pushing them apart, all flashed before him now. He could feel the press inside, the fullness as Eric had driven two fingers into him, had turned them, twisted them, until he was begging him for more, crying out for Eric to take him, but he didn’t.

He just kept the fingers inside, and suddenly Justin felt his cock covered in a moist warmth, like being in a steam room. His eyes flickered but all he could see was a mop of dark hair over his groin, as he cried out, feeling his body push upwards, but being held back by that mop of hair. His body ached, as he felt the raspy edge of something along his cock, and he realized that Eric had deep throated him, while fingering him.

Justin had felt his body shake, felt it tremble as the mouth moved up and down his whole shaft. The way his cock head was suddenly in a void, then banging up against the constricting muscles of Eric’s throat. He cried out, his knuckles turning white as they held his legs up over Eric’s head.

His mind was filled with strange exciting new feelings, so much he never heard the condom package being opened, never realized that the fingers had been pulled out even. All he could think of was how good it all felt, how warm he was feeling, how much he wanted all of Eric. Just like when the first finger had made its way inside, the first indication he had of being taken, was the sharp jolt that penetrated his thoughts.

Crying out, the sharp jabbing pain of penetration made his body arch upwards. He felt the air leave his lungs, felt himself gasping for air, as Eric’s throbbing cock pushed into his rectum. The searing pain of his muscles being forced aside made him pant, made him ache for air, as his hands could no longer stay up, holding his ankles. His body sagged a bit, impaling itself even more on the hard dick inside.

Drops of liquid were splashing down on his heaving chest, as he opened his eyes, to see Eric’s face over his body. He could feel the press of his shoulders against the wet skin of his upraised legs. He could feel the steady motion of Eric’s penetrating thrusts into him, as he stared up at the sweat soaked face. Tiny strands of hair hung down, darkened by the sweat that now dripped off them onto his own heaving chest.

He cried out, reached up with his hands to touch the hot body above him. Justin had never felt so full, so consumed as he had that moment. The way his body shook, how he felt each thrust as it drove into his aching body. The way the pleasure kept growing, how intense it became, with each deep thrust of Eric’s hips forward. How his body shook, how the bed creaked, as the motion grew even harder, faster.

Justin could feel the pole inside, feel it reach deep into him, then pull back. How each of his muscles inside protested, screamed really, as the huge pole pushed past them. The slapping sound of Eric’s balls hitting his cheeks were but a distant echo. All he could think of, was how good it all felt, how much he wanted more of it.

Even the sound of his own voice, crying out for more, was like a distant sound. The roar of his heart filled his ears, as Eric pounded his ass. How good it all felt then, and still today. The way his whole body tingled, how his whole body would quiver, while being jack hammered. He hadn’t known it then, least not consciously, but inside, deep down inside, he knew it would never end.

And that feeling, that little voice inside, had been right, as he looked up to see Eric at his side. That grin was there, that sparkle was still there, as Eric told him it was time, that their turn had come.

Justin stood up, a bit shaky, as he thought about what lay ahead. Tears were at the corner of his eyes, as he felt Eric’s hand reach up, brush them away and then stare deep into them. He could feel his love, as he looked past him, towards the ornate doors that led to where he would finally become legal, where he would finally realize that at least in his home state, he was not some freak, not some vile creature merely tolerated.

In a few minutes, none other than the Mayor himself, would give him what he had always wanted. A chance at being normal, at being part of the world around him. Now he could rest easy, because if something happened to him, well at least Eric wouldn’t have to worry, wouldn’t have to fight for what was his due.

Stepping forward, seeing all the others waiting their turn, he felt Eric’s hand in his, and he looked down at it. The way the fingers clasped his, the way it wasn’t hidden from view anymore, as together they walked into the large chamber, to see the cameras, to see the others standing on either side, all watching with tears in their eyes.

Justin sighed as he walked up to the dais with Eric, hand in hand, where everyone could see. His knees quivered a bit, as he realized, he would soon be Mister and Mister, that he had nothing to hide. He felt the ring in his pocket, that would soon be on Eric’s finger, a similar one in Eric’s pocket, about to be on his finger.

Even that first night’s feelings paled to the way he now felt, as he listened to the words, as he felt his chest swell in pride. Nothing could stand in their way now.

They Were Married

All Rights Reserved Copyright 2013