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Making the Play (9)

Part (9)

Troy felt a slight twinge in his back, but all he could think of, was how good it had felt to be inside of Philippe. Amazing how he could still feel that way, plus how his body seemed to have ignored the pain from the afternoon practice. Mind over matter, the coach always said, when they were facing a tough opponent, but now the reality was, they would have to deal with Tommy.

It was almost as if Philippe could read his mind, as he rolled over a bit, and let his head rest a bit higher up on Troy’s chest. His hair smelled from sweat, with just a hint of his shampoo remaining. Yet he breathed it in deeply, as he felt the warmth of Philippe’s cheeks on his bare chest. He had never felt so relaxed, even with thinking of Tommy.

Philippe’s hand rested on Troy’s stomach, and he could feel the fingers as they moved a bit, not much, but enough for him to feel. Inside, he still couldn’t believe how good it had all felt, to be with him, to taste him, to enter him. Nothing had prepared him for the way he had felt, at how he seemed to become someone different, someone consumed by a strange fire, and yet now, he felt like the world was at his feet. It was like he couldn’t stop wanting more, even though he knew his body was totally drained, completely exhausted.

Not like he was some stud, that he could compare it with, and yet inside, he knew there would never be another moment, as intense, in the way that he had just experienced. His own arm moved up and around Philippe’s body, to rest over his back and shoulders. Troy could feel the warmth of his body, the dried sweat even, and all he could think of, was how warm it had been, to be inside of his body, to be touching him in a way that he still didn’t understand.

It was special, and the pain from the tackle, seemed like it was a distant memory, yet he knew he’d be feeling it all over again, once Philippe left. And that thought, made him grimace more, than those swirling thoughts of what Tommy might do, in retaliation. He just didn’t want the moment to end, knowing it would.

‘You had a thing for him?’

Troy felt the body under his arm tense, as he had spoken, and he knew too, that what he had felt about Tommy, was nothing to how he felt about Philippe now. Then too, he saw Tommy in a different light now, one that made him wonder what he had ever seen in him, before.

‘Yeah, I did.’

‘Why? The guy is a jerk.’

‘Yeah, but even jerks can be hot, and you gotta admit it, Tommy is hot.’

‘Uh, you two, how uh…’

‘I blew him, once, that is all… and no, it wasn’t forced. It just, shit it just happened, and I dunno, guess it freaked him more than I thought.’

Philippe got silent, as he laid there, resting on top of Troy. It felt good to have him nestled into his own body, as he could feel his heart beating, feel his lungs as they expanded and contracted. It just felt right. For the life of him, he didn’t know why, but it was something he never wanted to end, to stop feeling.

‘Was it good?’

‘I dunno, at the time, I thought it was.’


‘Now? Fuck, it was a blow job, doesn’t seem like it was anything more now, if you, if you get what I am saying.’

‘Yeah, I think so. Uh…’

It was true too. Until tonight, he had thought it was something special, that it meant something, yet now, it all felt so ordinary, so uneventful. Oh it had meaning, in some way, but it wasn’t like he had imagined. Not now, anyhow.


‘You think he is, ya know… Gay?’

He really had never thought about that. Oh he had hoped, even maybe dreamed that Tommy could be, but inside, he had never really thought he was. Could be he was trying to not get his hopes up, or get himself into trouble, like that worked real well. Still, why would Tommy have come back to let him blow him, then show up here for more?

‘I suppose, hard to really know, I mean he did freak out at first, though it was, shit, does it matter?’

‘maybe, i don’t know, I just…’

Troy found his hand was running lightly through Philippe’s hair, and that so far, they hadn’t really looked at each other. It was like, well like two lovers discussing the day’s events, of what had happened and not, about their friends latest screw ups. In short, it felt like what a couple would do, but still, behind the softly spoken words, were the hidden meanings.

Maybe he shouldn’t have told Philippe about sucking Tommy off, but then, it wasn’t something he could hide. Then too, it did feel different. Having Philippe’s dick in his mouth, was a damn site more enjoyable, than he had felt when he had taken Tommy’s, so why shouldn’t he let him know that? Why should he hide how he felt, just because that was what guys were supposed to do?

‘It’s his loss man, if he is, well, I don’t see him admitting it, do you?’

‘No, guess not, which means…’

‘yeah, we are in the shit.’

‘I suppose, but not right away, or do you think?’

For the first time, he rather felt that he hated Tommy. It wasn’t that he was fond of him, after his stunt, but now, having to think about him, about what he might do, made him turn his infatuation with him, into strong dislike. Maybe hate was too strong, but then again, everything he had thought about Tommy, had dreamed about him, was just that, a mirage.

What was real was now, that not only was he in shit of being exposed, but that Philippe was at risk too. That somehow made him even angrier, to think that because he had a thing for Tommy, it had put Philippe into danger.

‘He does have a nasty streak, I don’t know Philippe, but I don’t really, not now, tomorrow but let’s not talk about it now.’

‘You still want to see me tomorrow?’

‘Fuck yeah, why? Don’t you?’

‘I do, just, I uh, I don’t know, this is all so new, I mean… not just the sex, but being… well being with a guy, this way, as well…’

‘yeah, feels the same for me, but… it just feels right, least for me.’

‘me too.’

‘then screw Tommy, the team, the fucking world, I mean shit man, this isn’t the dark ages.’

‘feels like it at times, though.’

‘I guess, but… fuck it man, I am tired of being someone else. I want to be like they are, ya know?’

‘Uh huh, I do, and I want it too, just… are you certain?’

‘No, course not, are you?’

‘Fuck no, but then, I don’t want to have to sneak around to be with you, either.’

Uncut DicksTroy lifted himself up a bit, and squirmed up so his back leaned up against the headboard. It hurt a bit to move, but he ignored it, as he realized what they were talking about, and at how dangerous it could be. He didn’t think too many at school, would do anything, but the guys on the team, was a different matter. Some of them had been pretty vocal about gays, and though it was all talk, it was something they should consider.

He wasn’t sure either, if he was ready to give up the team, just to be out, to be open about who he liked, who he preferred to sleep with. No way would some on the team take to that easily, but then he wouldn’t be doing it alone, and that was something, wasn’t it?

Looking down at Philippe, who was now staring up at him, he felt his heart quiver a bit. God how handsome he looked, how desirable he seemed, and was. There was something special between them, which he didn’t quite get, or fully understand, but what they were talking about, was something he had only dreamed of. Never, did he think he’d have the nerve to actually do it, but then, that is what he thought about his fantasy of sucking Tommy off.

‘me neither.’

‘guess we don’t have a choice then, do we?’

‘not really, but then, we could try, if you wanted to?’

‘Do you?’

‘Hiding? No, I think with your taste for blood, we don’t have a choice there.’


‘uh huh, but you know Philippe, maybe it won’t be so bad? I mean other than a few of Tommy’s crowd, I doubt the other’s will do much, other than maybe make some lame comments.’

Philippe stopped staring at Troy’s crotch, and glanced up. He had a strange look as if he had just been struck by something. The way his brow scrunched up, and how his eyes seemed to have some sparkle to them. If it wasn’t for the topic, he’d reach down and pull him up, so he could kiss him, but he held back. Mainly though it was from trying to think of a way, to make coming out, not as painful as he thought it would be.

‘I suppose, but, maybe we can sort of, I mean, do you think Tommy is gonna come after us, right away?’

‘honestly, I don’t know, maybe, but he won’t wait for long, to try something.’

‘unless we come out first.’

‘you mean tell the team before he does?’

‘sort of. I have an idea.’

‘I am all ears.’

‘Bit more than that, I think’ he said, as Troy felt Philippe put his hand down between Troy’s legs. It felt good, to feel his touch, the way his fingers moved over his sac, and around his semi hard dick. Amazing at how he wanted to still play around, even though they were planning the biggest decision of their lives.

He waited, as Philippe seemed lost in thought, while at the same time, his hand moved lightly over Troy’s pubes. He felt the stirring in his guts, the way his body seemed to tense, as Philippe’s hand moved across his hairs. Maybe it was the combination of being touched, and of the looming danger of coming out? Either way, he felt like maybe they would do more than talk, as he let his eyes flicker for a moment, relishing the soft touch.

‘What do you think of Cory?’

‘Our Quarterback?’

‘uh huh.’

He thought about Cory, who really was a popular stud on campus. Then too, he was the quarterback, which naturally made the girls go gaga over him, and in his way, he was rather attractive. Not quite what he was into, as he sported that barely shaved look, that he never quite understood. How the hell could you nestle with someone, and kiss, if their face was always scruffy? Besides, Cory was a bit too beefy for his tastes, not to mention tall.

‘well, he’s not my type…’

‘I should hope not, but no, you know what I mean, think he’s like Tommy, or more open minded?’

He got a strange look, that sort of made him shrink a bit. The idea of Philippe being pissed at him, instantly made him want to cover up his dick, but then too, the notion that someone would care enough about him, was rather thrilling. Still, Cory wasn’t his type, but nice to know that Philippe cared.

‘I dunno, never really, I dunno, why?’

‘Most of the team, even Tommy’s defensive guys, all follow his lead, don’t they? I mean, shit, most of the school does, right?’

‘Yeah, so?’

‘What if he were on our side?’

Quickly thinking back, he tried to figure out where this was all coming from. He didn’t think Cory was gay, and maybe that was what Philippe was trying to imply? Or could it simply be, that he was gay friendly, if there was such a thing? He felt a bit, uncertain as he thought about the guy. After all, they played on the same team, and being a receiver, they had to know how the other thought, to a point.

Cory wasn’t really one of those, gung ho types who made speeches either. He let his arm and play calling do the talking, but for the life of him, he didn’t know if he was pro or against gays. All he knew was that he liked to win, that he hated losing, but never once, had he put the blame on others, when it wasn’t their fault.

If he was in their corner, it would make a difference, and would go a long way to keeping Tommy from going too far overboard. Would it be enough to avoid a riff in the team? Or to keep them from getting the crap beaten out of them at practise? That was something to consider, because they would be most vulnerable then.

‘It wouldn’t hurt, but would he?’

‘We could talk to him, it might.’

‘Yeah or just speed things up too.’

‘I suppose, but Jesus Troy, what have we got to lose?’

‘Not much I guess, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. I mean, shit, the guy is cool, and seems fair, but something about a guy being gay, makes even the nicest straight guy, turn into a screaming redneck.’


‘yeah, still, it’s worth a shot. Thing is, we should do it together, but uh, what or how do we tell him?’

‘I guess we just tell him.’

‘And what do we say about Tommy?’

‘Fuck, I don’t know, maybe the truth?’

‘Oh yeah, that would go over well, NOT.’

‘Troy, if we hold back, or lie, we don’t stand a chance of him backing us.’

He sighed, because inside, he knew that Philippe was right. Still the idea of having to explain why Tommy showed up wanting to be blown, was, embarrassing. Hell, Cory might wind up getting the impression that he was trying to score with all the guys on the team, or some other shit.

Then too, if he didn’t spill it all, and Cory found out anyhow, which was likely, they’d be up the creek. It wasn’t fair, he thought, as he stared up at the ceiling, then everywhere but at Philippe. He couldn’t look at him, just yet, as he tried to figure out, if even talking to Cory was worth it all.

It was a risk, because if they did and he did explain everything, it would leave him, and Philippe, wide open. They’d have really nothing to fall back on, or to cover themselves with. That was the biggest problem, because if it didn’t work out, they’d have no safety net, and being on the team, would be a thing of the past.

‘and if he won’t? You thought about that?’

‘yeah, I have, and yeah, I know, we’d be royally fucked.’

‘Fuck is that an understatement.’

‘But if he does, maybe then we could still play, I mean, you do still want to play on the team, right?’

‘Hell yes, but, even if he does back us, practise could be rough, you think of that?’

‘Uh huh, but then, was it any better for you today, when no one knew?’

‘No, but you think he deliberately tried to hurt me? Cuz, I am not so sure.’

‘Neither am I, but isn’t it a risk we kind of have to take, unless…’

‘Unless what?’

‘I don’t know, I just… fuck Troy, I want to be with you, not just behind some bushes, or where no one else goes. I want to be able to be seen with you, not be afraid of what some might say.’

‘I want that too, but even if things go our way, some still will make a scene.’

‘I know, but… I think it’s worth it.’

He looked down at him then, and saw the small drops of tears at the corners of his eyes, and he felt his own eyes tearing up, because he felt the same way. There was no explanation for it, for how quickly he had fallen for Philippe, or how suddenly he meant so much to him. There didn’t seem to be anything he wouldn’t do for him, and inside, he felt that held true, for Philippe, as well.

There was a risk, he knew that, yet he also knew that you couldn’t always play it safe. You had to sometimes take a risk, to make a big play, and this wasn’t any different. If, and it was a big if, Cory backed them up, or at least stayed out of it, they might have a chance. If, and it was possible, he came out against them, they’d have to think about a transfer out of school, at best.

It sucked, having to think about those things, when really, all he wanted to do was to curl up and hug the guy. He could feel his body warming up too, despite the heavy burden of what lay ahead, but he couldn’t help but admire the way Philippe had stood up to Tommy, and now, was willing to risk it all just to be with him, like any other couple.

‘Okay, we’ll talk to Cory, but tomorrow, right now, no more talking.’

Philippe gave him a big grin, as he let his head rest on Troy’s chest, his head staring up at him. Those eyes were wide as saucers, as he just grinned, and as his hand began to fondle Troy’s balls. It was almost as if he was reading his mind, as the hand moved up and around to cup each full ball, then lightly tickle the underside of his stiffening cock.

‘Not even a small whimper or moan?

He laughed, feeling once more at ease, as he reached down, to let his own hand run down the back. He felt the excitement inside building, as he felt the soft press of Philippe’s lips on his chest, teasing him, as he closed his eyes, letting the pleasure fill his thoughts.

To be continued…


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Making the Play

Part (9)

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Along the Garden Path

Along the Garden Path

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

CortJesse stood up, arching his back as he stretched, trying to work the kinks out of his lower back. His hands rested on the small of his back, as he leaned backwards, head tilted back. The soreness began to ease a bit, as he twisted his upper body around a bit, they eyes squinting at the bright sun that beamed down. He took a few deep breathes, as his body felt like it was a hundred, instead of the twenty eight years it was.

Slowly, as the pain eased, he let himself stand erect, staring down at his handiwork. The flower bed was nearly filled with the tiny shoots of flower stems, some nearly ready to bloom, other’s just beginning to bud. The weather had been perfect for planting the bedding plants, and he admired his handiwork. Hopefully his client would agree, as he looked up, and over at the stone house in the distance.

It was one of those two story stone houses, built long before modern siding techniques were in vogue. Massive stones in a distinctive pattern, dotted the lower level, with huge bay windows that overlooked the rather large front yard area.

The second level used smaller stones, but each one was obviously hand placed, with a pattern in mind. Jesse couldn’t help but admire the craftsmanship of the stone work, how each piece was fitted into the wall. They really knew how to build them back then, and he couldn’t help but wish more houses were like this one.

Three large trees dominated the front area. In between two was the walkway to the front of the house, then the drive to the garage was also guarded by another tree. Shade of the front was enormous, from the large branches that poked out from the trees, and in one, he could see the remnants of an old tree house or fort. Must have been when the occupants had small children, though it was hard to imagine the couple inside, having kids.

She was a rather domineering type, very posh in her appearance, and her speech. Nothing was common about her approach, and she prided herself in using the proper names for the plants she wanted Jesse to use. In looks, you would never imagine her being attractive to any man, with the long thin face, the small beady eyes, but she had snagged someone.

Her manner wasn’t mean, just snooty, but in a sort of, accepting way. At first he found her a pain, but she knew her plants, and she knew what she wanted. He learned to not argue, but simply do it her way, and so far, it had worked out. The addition of the bedding plants was not in character, but then nothing about the Willows seemed normal.

As he looked at the massive house, he could see the lace curtain in the main room flutter, and he just knew, that it was Mr. Willows. It had creeped him out at first, until he realized that Mr. Willows was like any old geezer, married to someone like Mrs. Willows.

While she looked, an acted like an old battle axe, he on the other hand seemed a lot younger. At a guess he’d figure the guy was at least sixty, but he had to be older, given that he was retired. Must be nice, he thought, to be able to just sit around all day, and enjoy the money, he obviously had.

The house was not a mansion, but it was well situated, and the land it sat on, well it was a darn site bigger than what some apartment buildings sat on. Not only was the front yard rather large, but the backyard was like being on a farm. Tons of space, dotted with trees all over, but well spaced.

In some ways it was a bit scary. Everything around the house looked so structured, so ordered. The way the trees were pruned, to how deep he dug holes for plants, were all carefully spelled out by her, with him, just watching. That too had been unnerving, and a couple of times, he had noticed how she would suddenly turn and stare at her husband, until he lowered his head, then mumbled something and left. It was as if, well, as if he was a trained puppy, being admonished for some trivial transgression.

Jesse stretched again, pushing his hands out from his upper body, pushing his hips just a bit forwards, while tilting his head back slightly. He yawned as he noticed the lace curtains flutter a bit more, knowing that Mr. Willows was watching. It was like that every Monday & Thursday, when he would show up to do the landscaping work.

In his mind, he didn’t think he was what you would call handsome. Sure, he had a fit body, from working outside all his life, from bending and lifting, so sure he had a good toned body, but that alone didn’t make, what he would call handsome. His face was usually covered with a day or two of growth, simply because he hated shaving. His hair was a bit straggly, though short.

Jesse hated his hair getting tangled in trees, or shrubbery, so keeping it short helped him. Plus, nothing worse than sweaty strands of hair falling across his warm face, which was often enough when the weather was nice. Working outside had its advantages, but it had also weathered his face a bit. There were lines around the forehead, and a few around his mouth, plus the small bags under his eyes, all made him think he was just ordinary, nothing to get excited about.

Mind you, his package was a different matter. He was uncut to begin with, and had been blessed with an above average sized dick, which the guys enjoyed. Least those he let unwrap his package, but lately, he had been a bit more selective. Not like there had been a ton chasing him before or now, but he just seemed to have a body language that said, ‘back off’, a bit more lately.

If he was honest with himself, he really had never been much of a sex demon. Not even as a teenager, with raging hormones. Least for him he never thought they ever got into the ‘raging’ category. He got horny, enjoyed jacking off in his bedroom, but the whole sex with another person, just never really made him any hornier, or excited.

As he once more surveyed his work, he couldn’t help but wonder what Mr. Willows’ story was. The man obviously took care of his body, and yet was so docile around her, that it seemed almost sterile. Mind you, the idea of anyone mounting that old prune, was well, not for the weak of heart. Still, it wasn’t like she was bad, she did allow the kitchen door to be open for him, during his days working, and he was welcome to help himself.

That had surprised him, the way she had made it seem so normal, which really it wasn’t. Sure, some of his clients did offer him coffee or a cold drink, but she had given him the run of the kitchen, including the ‘larder’ as she called it. At first he didn’t get it, the meaning, which Mr. Willows had picked up on, explaining it to him, which did earn poor Mr. Willows a stern glare. Thinking of it, it was always that way, whenever Mr. Willows ventured a few unasked for words, or opinions.

The longer he worked for people, the less he understood them. Here was her husband, obviously not allowed a single original thought, while he, the hired help, seemed to have more privileges. Somehow he didn’t think Mr. Willows got free run of anywhere, in the house, or out. He felt a bit sad for him, but that was the extent of it, though lately he had noticed how much more often, the lace curtains were fluttering.

Maybe the old guy was one of those closet queens, that had married out of necessity, and who knows, maybe she knew it too? Stranger things had been done, in an effort to hide one’s sexual preferences, though these days, he didn’t understand why they still kept hiding.

He had a few friends like that, but while they didn’t like to broadcast their sexuality, get them into a totally gay environment, and man did they let loose. Must be all that pent up frustration, that made them so, well, obviously gay when among other gays.

Trisha was one of those, but the worse had been Sam. Talk about being a real flamer. The guy talked in such a shrill voice, yet if you were to meet him on the street, you’d swear he was some bass singer in opera. He had such a deep rich voice, outside of gay bars and parties.

Maybe Sam was an exception to the rule. The guy certainly was a sex-a-holic when out with other gay men, in a gay surrounding, yet put him in a straight situation, like at a sports bar, or restaurant, and you’d swear the guy was straight. Not just the change in voice, but his mannerisms as well.

He could talk about football, baseball, like an expert, and girls, you would think he had either had lots of female dates, or had memorized some medical dictionary. He could talk about tits and vagina’s like any straight guy, but then he would drool when talking about uncut dicks.

One reason Jesse had never take Sam up on his offer to ‘get it on’ was his split personality. He just didn’t know, if he was or wasn’t, or what the end result would be. Though from what he had heard, Sam knew how to please a guy. Still it wasn’t his thing, and honestly, not much was.

Maybe he was indeed ‘older than his years’ as one of his friends had told him, in a drunken fight they had, years ago. He still saw the guy, but their friendship had suffered a bit. He just never wanted wild sex, just once. That really was his problem, because he wanted it often, when he could get it. His problem was, not many could satisfy him that way, though his own imagination could.

Thinking about it all, he felt the hunger pains in his belly, as he also felt the need for a quick wank. It was like some strange ritual for him, but whenever he craved food, he also craved a bit of a pull. Call it weird, but he did enjoy having a full stomach, and laying back and giving his dick a bit of a pull. Not always to orgasm, which he liked to save till before bed, but he liked to stroke himself, to get himself close, and then stop.

In his mind, he rather thought it helped him be more awake, more passionate about whatever he was doing, whether pruning a tree, or organizing some bedding plants. Maybe other’s wouldn’t understand it, but then, he really didn’t care what ‘others’ thought. He was his own man, and as he made his way long the cobblestone pathway to the kitchen door, he hoped that Mrs. Willows had gotten more of that sliced meat.

He also wondered if he’d ever understand people like the Willows. They were the type who obviously had money, yet didn’t laud it over people. She was precise in her desires, and he could see her directing poor Mr. Willow into position for sex too, which made him grin.

The idea of those two engaging in sex had to be like watching some bizarre Broadway play. Her coolly giving him directions, how to move, what to touch, when to penetrate her, was how he saw them acting. Still in some ways, he was rather like that too, in that he wasn’t afraid to tell his partners what he liked. Difference was, he didn’t give them instructions, not like he imagined she did for poor Mr. Willows.

Entering the big kitchen, he called out, announcing his presence into the house. He thought he heard a door close, but other than that, nothing. Typical of them, as he had yet to ever get a reply, still it was all part of the normal routine.

As he rummaged through the big double door refrigerator, he wondered how two rather thin people could have such a well stocked larder. The inside was always well stocked, with packaged meats, to fresh foods that always seemed to change. It was convenient for him, because the selection was a damn site better than his own refrigerator.

His eyes lit up as he saw a nice tasty treat, and as he began to gather the goodies up, he also started thinking of where he’d go to enjoy his snack. The back area had many secluded spots, where he could munch on his lunch, and give himself a few good strokes.

There was the little spot behind the small group of bushes, just before the little stream, or maybe where the two Oak Trees stood. They really were one tree, that had somehow split into two a bit up from the one massive trunk. The thick trunk could hide two of him, and the heavy foliage was ideal for preventing anyone from seeing him, from the back of the house.

It also gave him good warning, of anyone approaching. One critical criteria in selecting a spot. He grinned as he pulled back from the refrigerator, his hands laden with taste treats. Using his knee, he pushed the door closed, and as he turned, his whole body stiffened.

The image of the man, standing there, staring, shocked him, and his hands shook, as a few packages rocked and slipped to the floor in a loud slapping sound. His mouth was open, because it was Mr. Willow, but he was dressed in nothing but a rather expensive looking housecoat.

That looks tasty.

Jesse saw how his eyes were not staring at the collection of goodies in his hands, but was aimed right at his crotch. He felt his face turning a bit red, feeling flustered as he stammered out a short mumbled affirmative.

I wouldn’t mind a taste, it does look good.

It wasn’t just what he said, or that he was staring directly at Jesse’s crotch, that made him begin to sweat, but how he said it. How he licked his lower lip as he said how good it looked. There was no mistaking his real intent, which made Jesse nervous.

Uh, yeah, I can, I can make you one, if you would like.

Oh, I would indeed enjoy a taste. I so rarely get to sample such delightful things. Margaret really does keep me from enjoying such simple pleasures.

Jesse really didn’t know what to reply. He was feeling the sexual innuendo, feeling the older man’s eyes still fixed to his crotch, as he bent over, picking up the dropped packages. As he turned, to place them on the counter, he couldn’t help but hear the man sucking in his breath, as he stared at Jesse’s butt.

It was flattering, but also he sensed dangerous. He didn’t know why, precisely, but he thought he was about to get in over his head, as he laid out the food, and began to make enough for two. He could feel the eyes following his every movement, mostly how his hips and buttocks moved, as he quickly put together two sandwiches.

Jesse knew it was risky, but the old guy interested him. There was no doubt he had nothing on under his rope, and it also was obvious that he was excited. He had no idea how old he really was, but somehow his own body seemed interested. Least the stiffening of his own dick seemed to be saying as much.

He nearly sliced his finger, as he cut the sandwiches in half, his mind distracted by the idea of the old guy and him. At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel a bit worried. The idea of him and old man Willows, was one thing. The possibility of being caught by Mrs. Willows, was something he really didn’t want to even imagine, let alone incur.

You know, Margaret has gone to her garden club meeting, she won’t be back for hours.

He had said it so softly, and it was almost as if he had been reading Jesse’s mind. He had been thinking of where she was, at what would happen if she had caught him and Mr. Willow.

Finishing the sandwiches off, he turned around, noticing that Mr. Willows had moved in closer. He could smell a hint of cologne, that reminded him of his father. It was Old Spice, which made him relax, just a bit. It was familiar, but as he handed the plate to Mr. Willows, he was once more suddenly on edge.

It is so nice out, why don’t we take these out, to the old Oak Tree by the stream. Makes a nice spot for a bit of a picnic, don’t you think?

The way the man was looking at him, taking the plate but staring directly at Jesse’s crotch, left no doubt in his mind, that he was being propositioned. Strange, he had always thought the old guy was Queer, but now he knew for certain. He was hesitant, as he thought it over.

He liked the job, and if Mrs. Willow ever found out, he’d be toast. Still, the idea of having a helping hand or so, wasn’t exactly displeasing. Okay, so they guy was old, he didn’t look it. His body was lean, his face was rather kind looking, and well, he did feel rather sorry for the guy. After all, he was married to her.

Okay, why not? I could use a break.

Really? Oh that would be so nice. I do so enjoy a change from routine, don’t you?

Yeah, I guess, but I really don’t have a lot of time.

Oh I am sure it won’t take long, you’ll have plenty of time to finish the bedding plants, besides I’d say you are almost done now.

There was no slipping past this guy. He might be old, but his mind was obviously very sharp, and he was certainly horny. As he grabbed his plate, and headed to the door, he couldn’t help but notice how loose the robe was bound, nor how aroused the older man was. He could see the head, poking out a little, as the man quickly took his plate and began to follow Jesse. How his eyes were staring at the firm buttocks, at how they seemed to sparkle with excitement.

In a sense, it felt flattering, pushing down his anxiety about the whole thing. He still wasn’t all that certain about what would happen, or if anything but having a little lunch, would happen, but it was feeling rather nice. The idea of an older man touching him, or him touching the older guy didn’t repulse him, as so many of his friends would feel. For his own part, Jesse really didn’t care much about age, just as long as the sex was good. Not like he had a ton of experience with guys Mr. Willows’ age, but close enough.

They had given him some surprising moments too, as they seemed more intent on enjoying every second of being with another man, especially one much younger than themselves. Still, he wasn’t so sure about Mr. Willows, as well, he may look in good shape, you never really knew.

The walk down the back area, towards the Oaks was more or less silent, though he could feel the excitement growing. Then too, he could feel Mr. Willows’ eyes focused intently on him. It did feel good, he had to admit, as they reached the tree, and sat down to stare out the stream.

Mr. Willows took his eyes off Jesse to gaze out, then turned his head to look right at Jesse. His gaze was directed at the full package, and his plate was off to one side, as he just stared. The odd flick of his tongue betrayed his calm appearance, that made Jesse smile a bit, as he took a bite from the sandwich.

Turning to his older companion, he smiled, asking if he wasn’t hungry. The reply made him choke a bit, as he realized Mr. Willows was not exactly the bashful man he had thought.

Collecting his thoughts, he managed to swallow what was in his mouth, and put the sandwich down. There was no need to guess, as he smiled at Mr. Willows.

You don’t waste time do you Mr. Willows?

I am 72 years old, young man, I don’t have time to play parlour games. Never had the opportunity when in the Service, or when I went into Private Life, and since retiring, well, being my age, one simply can’t afford to, whether one has the desire to, or not.

I guess, so uh, you certainly do know what you want.

Oh I do, and frankly, I have hope for much more, but for now, well, I know how you younger people are, so for now, that will do just nicely, if you are so inclined to oblige and old man, and your employer.

The last words were said softly, but they had that hint of menace that was unmistakable. He felt a bit angry at that, yet the man had such a nice smile on his face, as he had said it, that Jesse couldn’t help but just want to ignore the implied threat. Mr. Willows hadn’t needed to threaten him, as he was quite willing to do as he had asked. Mind you, he had expected a bit more, still, the implied threat did rather excite him too.

Maybe it added to the whole thing, but he couldn’t help but feel attracted to the older man, who sat next to him in an expensive housecoat, totally nude underneath. Jesse could see his dick too, as it tented the one side of the robe, and it did rather turn him on. Strange that, as he smiled at the man, and began to stare at the man’s crotch.

His one hand, moved down to slowly rub at his own crotch, while his eyes looked directly at Mr. Willows groin. Jesse could feel the man’s eyes on him, hear him suck in some air, as he moved his hand around his crotch, pushing at his rather thick bulge. Funny how hard he was, already, how he felt a dull ache between his buttocks, as he moved the hand up. The fingers playing with the waist, then popping the button of his jeans. Jesse heard him suck in his breath, holding it, while his fingers tugged the zipper, slowly pushing it down.

He moved his legs apart, slightly, as he let the pants open to expose his underwear. Jesse was wearing his boxer shorts, the light blue pair, that seemed to widen Mr. Willows’ eyes while Jesse pushed the pants open a bit further.

Jesse closed his eyes, as his hand massaged the thick lump under his shorts. His chest ached a bit, as he let his fingers prod and push at his stiff dick, while his legs spread apart wider. The pants holding them from going too wide, as his hand moved under the shorts, to take hold of his throbbing pole. He heard the older man sucking in his breath, heard his panting breath as he continued to stroke his hard cock.

The fingers pulled at the foreskin, bringing his head out from underneath. He could feel it tighten, as his hand stroked the shaft, wiping the pre cum around the hot head. His own eyes felt the hot sun burning his face, the sound of the tree branches swaying filled his ears, as the hand moved slowly up and down.

He pulled the thick shaft out, hearing the quick intake, the short gasp of surprise, as he felt the waistband slide under his dick. Jesse pulled the cock upwards, until he felt his balls come free from beneath the shorts. Another quick gasp as he slowly stroked his cock. The oozing pre cum wiped over the thick head, as he leaned further back against the tree, just enjoying the warmth that surrounded him.

His body stiffen, as the strokes became a little faster, as his fist tightened its hold around the blood gorged shaft. The ache in his balls grew, as he let his mind free to enjoy the sensation of warmth and motion, that flowed upwards, from his dick. He was slowly going into that zone, as his body trembled a bit, when he heard the piercing cry. It was hers, as she called for Henry, which had to be Mr. Willows’ first name.

Opening his eyes, he saw the look of terror on the man next to him, and then as his body came down from its natural high, he could hear the voice calling again, more insistent, more shrill as panic seized him.

Mr. Willows had a finger to his lips, and a sharp angry look to his face, as he stood up. He indicated that Jesse was to stay as he stepped out from behind the tree trunk, tightening his rope around his thin frame. Slowly he made his way up from the little stream, answering the shrill voice as he ambled along. Jesse noticed how old he looked, as he made his way to the house, and he waited.

Hearing the door close, the sound of voices were gone though he could hear the frantic beat of his heart. Jesse slowly tucked his semi erect penis, back into the shorts, zipping up his pants. He waited several minutes before he peered out from behind the trunk of the tree, making sure the coast was clear.

Gradually he managed to work his way back around, to the front, and once more concentrated on the bedding plants. The panic in his heart slowly went away, as the afternoon wore on. He didn’t know what else to do, but felt relieve at narrowly escaping detection from Mrs. Willows. Still, the feeling he had, of Mr Willows enjoyment watching him stroking kept coming lingering. He knew that when he got home, he’d have one hot session. Too bad that Mr. Willows wouldn’t be there to see it, as he began to pack up his tools.

As he did, he noticed the lace curtains flutter from the main bay window. Somehow, he knew that it was Mr. Willows, and couldn’t help himself. He stretched his arms outwards, pushing his hips forward a bit more than normal, feeling rather horny. The curtains moved a bit more, as he finished his stretch, and somehow, he just knew there would be a second try. He also began to wonder, what Mr. Willows had meant, when he said he wanted more.

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Story – Best Friends

Best Friends

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (-)

Kirk stepped back, and wiped his forehead with the greasy rag, as he stared down at the engine. His eyes carefully examined it all, until he leaned around the open hood and signalled for Brent to turn it over. He bit his lower lip as he heard the starter engage, then the rumble, then finally the purr as the motor turned over and ran smoothly in a soft idle. His face broke out into a smile, as he reached up and slammed the hood down, feeling rather pleased with himself, as Brent gunned the motor a couple of times, then shut it off.

Climbing out of the driver’s side, Kirk couldn’t help but notice how excited his friend was, and he knew too, it was due to his luck, his knack with motors. He had known Brent for ages it seemed, from when they were little rug rats actually, playing in each other’s sandboxes, and as they grew up, they never seemed to be apart, until lately.

Many used to think of them as brothers, not just from their similar looks, but at how they were always together. It was almost as if they were brothers, even when they were in High School, they were inseparable. When Brent dated a cheerleader, he dated her best friend, when he tried out for the football team, so did Brent.

Nothing kept them apart, until graduation. Then it just seemed to change, as he went to go work for his father in his construction company, and Brent just seemed to drift away. He didn’t even try to follow, but they kept in touch, and now here they were, together again. The call had been a surprise, and it had given him a rather naughty feeling inside, hearing his friend’s voice again. He always had those thoughts about Brent, and at times wondered if Brent didn’t have them about him too.

Looking at the wide grin on his face, he felt rather aroused too. It hadn’t been all that long since they had seen each other, but it seemed like ages to him. He missed their time jogging together, or hitting the bars together, though he did prefer a different type of bar, than what he thought Brent would be comfortable at.

The thought that maybe Brent had found out about him had crossed his mind. He had to admit, it would make him withdraw, but right now all he could think of was how good it was to see him again. He hadn’t really changed much. Brent was still a stud, had that wild look that would drive the girls, and him, crazy. The way he would toss his hair, and stare, was a trademark of his. It had gotten him quite a few dates, that never ended with just a kiss. Least the way he told it.

Still in some ways, Brent was more of the shy type too. Together, whether it was in the locker room or down by the lake, he rarely would undress in front of him. Now he, well he wasn’t bashful, he would strip in a second, and maybe that was the tip off? He usually had a semi hard dick, and maybe Brent had tweaked to the fact that it was because of him?

It wasn’t like he put any moves on him either, though he wished he had. There had been times, when he could have said something, but had been too tongue tied, too nervous. Yet even all the times they had been together, he still didn’t have a good clear image of what his best friend looked like naked.

Foreskin pulled back just for youOh he had seen him without a shirt or pants on, and could tell he wasn’t exactly sporting a tiny dick either. He knew he had fair sized balls, and his ass was definitely one he wouldn’t mind spreading apart and exploring, but as to the exact image, well that was something he could only guess at. He had seen the odd glimpse of the bare ass, but never his dick. Hell he didn’t know if he was even cut or not, and while he had the suspicion that he was uncut, it was only in his dreams that he let his mind explore that scenario.

He jumped a little, as the door slammed shut, and looked up to see his friend. God, how he would like to tell him, to let him know how much he liked him, wanted him too. Thinking of Brent that way, was making him uncomfortable, as it was giving him a rather tell tale bulge in his pants. As he looked over at his friend, he could see his blue eyes dart down, checking him out, then quickly glance away, to stare out at the surrounding trees.

You are a lifesaver man.

Lucky is all

Yeah you always had luck with stuff mechanical, I been working on this piece of shit for a month now. You take a couple of hours, and it purrs like a kitten.

Wasn’t that hard, you’d have gotten there soon enough.

I owe you bud.

Nah, it’s cool.

No, serious man, I owe you, I really need to have it running, only wheels I got, and stuck out here, in the boonies, you gotta have wheels.

‘I would guess so, but it’s okay, anything for a friend.’

Come on man, you drove all the way out here, there has to be something I can do for you, I am serious man, I owe you big time. Besides, you know me, you know how I am, about this kind of stuff.

Looking at his friend, he knew exactly what he meant. Brent was anal about keeping the account squared with people. He would go out of his way, to make sure he never owed anyone, not money, not favors even. It was the one thing, other than his yen for him, that always caused friction between them. If Brent figured he owed him, he’d make damn sure to keep harping on it, until the debt was paid off.

No big deal, besides it was good to see you again.

Come on Kirk, there has to be something you want, that I can give you, or do for you.

Maybe it was his imagination, but when he had said it, he had stared right at Kirk’s crotch, and then at his own, before looking up into Kirk’s face. The way his eyes looked, how he suddenly tossed his hair, just as he used to do when on the prowl, made his heart quake a bit. God, if he only had the nerve to say it, to speak the words.

No man, it’s okay.

Bull, we been friends a long time, ever since kindergarten, so don’t give me there isn’t anything, I know you Kirk, so spill it.

He knew what he wanted to say, but he couldn’t. Instead he watched as his friend walked slowly over to the aged picnic table, and sat down on the top. He reached into the old cooler, one that had been to many little camp outs, little jaunts to the lake. Staring at his friend, he couldn’t help but admire his looks. He still had it, even at the old age of 19, and the way the sweat made his bare chest glisten, was a total turn on for him too.

So he was a pervert, or at least a day dreamer. Brent always liked being shirtless, today being no different, and the conversation certainly had Kirk’s imagination running wild. Then too, those firm nipples, the small tuft of blond hair down his chest, all made him ache inside, but he couldn’t say it, as much as he wanted to.

Well, you can give me a beer.

Brent reached inside the cooler and tossed Kirk a cold can of beer. As he did Kirk couldn’t help but notice how he was staring at him, as if he knew, and was just waiting for him to say something. No way could he know, but at this moment, the way his eyes stared at him, he was damn sure he did.

We been friends for a long time, haven’t we Kirk?

Huh? Yeah, you know we have.

So, what’s the big deal then?

Big deal? What you blabbering about Brent.

Why don’t you just come out and tell me what you want, you know I am gonna keep on pestering you until you do, so why waste time?

He was playing for time, as he popped open the beer, and took a long swig of it. His eyes noticed how Brent had his legs apart, at how his basket filled the jeans just as he remembered. Yeah, he knew him, wished he knew him better too, but not in the way Brent was thinking, or was he?

Looking up at his face, he could see how his eyes were soft looking, waiting patiently for him to reply. How his bare suntanned arms rested on the table top, as he leaned back on them. It was typical Brent, to be so at ease, and yet Kirk knew he wasn’t. He knew his friend, knew the signs, as well as Kirk did.

I wanna suck you off.

Even as he said it, he felt like the world had stopped turning on its axis. His eyes were lowered, but cast upwards over the top of the beer can. He waited, nervous, sweat beading up on his forehead, and not from the sun either. He couldn’t believe he had said it like that, and as he waited, wondering if he could make it to his car before Brent got a hold of him.

The silence was killing him, as was the strange look that Brent was giving him. It wasn’t like he had moved a muscle since he blurted it out, not even batted an eyelash. Everything seemed so quiet, so still, that he felt like turning and just running to his car, to escape the moment. Yet, as much as he wanted to run, he couldn’t.

He felt like he was glued to the ground, as he stood there, waiting for what he knew would be nothing less than a few harsh words. It was as if he was waiting for sentence to be passed on him, for committing some crime, as the silence grew even more intolerable. Looking up at Brent, his fist tightening around the beer can, he tried to not show his fear.

That what you really want?

The voice was soft, no hint of anger or even disappointment in it. Just sort of matter of fact, as if it was no big deal. Kirk merely nodded as he stood there, unsure what would happen next.

I have to do anything? Other than uh, cum?

No, nothing.

Brent turned slightly, as he reached for another can of beer out of the cooler. He kept his face towards Kirk, as he fumbled in the cooler for the can, then as he brought it out, he hesitated for a second, before he popped the lid open. He took a long drink of it, then wiped his lips with the back of his hand.

Okay, I am ready.

Uh, you sure? I mean…

I am sure.

It was like walking through quicksand, as he slowly moved over towards the picnic table and Brent. The way his legs sort of drew him closer, the tight full basket beckoning him closer. He could feel his sweat dripping down, and he wiped his forehead, while looking at his friend. There wasn’t any expression really on his face, sort of a blank stare really, yet it wasn’t menacing.

For one brief second, he thought it might be a trap, to get him closer so Brent could grab him, and wail on him, but he knew Brent, that wasn’t his style. Yet as he drew closer, he could feel his heart skipping a few beats, but he wasn’t sure if it was from fear, or excitement.

At last he was in arm’s reach, and he could see a small little quiver in the legs, as he stared at his friend’s crotch. How inviting it looked, how long he had waited to see what was behind that bulging basket. Now he would find out, as he looked up into Brent’s face. He saw the eyes, a bit of a sparkle, a bit of excitement maybe? He wasn’t sure, as he stood next to the table, between the spread open legs.

He sighed, as he looked up at Brent. He could feel his own body being excited, feel the press of his hard dick against the constraints of his shorts and pants. Looking down, he licked his lips as he let one hand move outwards, to undo the button. Kirk could feel the trembling of his fingers and glancing up, he saw the eyes, the way they seemed to smile, as if to reassure him.


Brent just nodded as he pushed his body a bit closer, opening his legs a tad wider. He too licked his lips, and Kirk could feel his eyes boring into his, watching him closely as the fingers moved and touched the waistband of Brent’s pants. They quivered, as he felt the warm skin of Brent’s belly against the knuckles.

It took him a few seconds, but he finally managed to undo the button, then unzip the pants. He was breathing hard, as he stared at the faded blue shorts, and the little bulge it showed. He licked his lips again, feeling how dry they suddenly were, as he took hold of the pants, and the shorts, then looked upwards. The eyes were still staring right at him, not moving away or anything.

He swallowed some saliva, as he glanced back down, and began to pull the pants and shorts. Brent lifted his hips up off the table, to let the clothing slide out from under him, and in no time Kirk had them down to the knees. Stepping back a bit, he then bent down, and pulled them down and over the tattered dirty runners, and then held them, sort of like a trophy.

Kirk placed them on the other side of his friend, who was now naked. His eyes moved to Brent’s groin, to stare at the soft lump of flesh that dangled between the legs. His heart was racing as he realized his friend was not circumcised. He could see the foreskin drooping over the tip, hiding the cock head. It nestled on top of two rather large testes, like it was sleeping.

Stepping in closer, between the spread apart legs, he felt the warmth of the sun on his back, and at the stare from Brent. His hand moved in a jerking motion, towards the sleeping cock, that suddenly moved a bit. He saw it sort of wiggle, as his hand reached out to touch it.

He felt a strange shock run through his whole body as the finger tips touched the side of the cock. The sensation made his whole body quiver, every nerve already on edge, become even more edgy, more tingly. The muscles in his throat were constricting, and in his stomach he felt a sort of tightening, along with a gurgling sound.

Kirk glanced up, then back down. His finger tip moved lightly over the loose skin, feeling its warmth, feeling it move slightly to his touch. In a sense, he though the could feel it growing, feel it coming to life as he let his finger moved along the top of it, to touch the bristles of Brent’s pubic hairs, then to move back down the side.

He felt the body stiffening, felt the blood starting to flow into the pole, as his fingers moved down and under the cock, to lift it up off the sac. The sac felt strangely hard, with a few hairs on it, but the underside of the cock felt silky smooth to his fingers.

The tips of the fingers moved over the drooping foreskin, feeling the hard head beneath it. His heart was racing now, as he felt the ache in his chest, in his whole body. His legs were stiff, every muscle in his body was rock hard, as he let his thumb and forefinger circle the top of the cock and wrap around it. Kirk felt the shiver running up from the tip, but he didn’t look upwards.

Instead he began to slide his two fingers down the pole, sliding the loose foreskin back, exposing the head for the first time to his eyes. Licking his lips, he watched it poke out, as his hand pushed into Brent’s soft groin. He let the rest of his hand now circle the cock shaft, and he slid it back upwards, until the foreskin covered the cock head again.

Then he pulled back, exposing it once more to his eyes. He saw how full it looked, how hot it seemed to be. The slit at the tip was sort of quivering, and there was a small little dab of liquid, as he began to stroke the pole. He heard a bit of a gurgle come from above, but he ignored it, as he let his hand move up and down, making the skin grow tighter around the pole, leaving the head more exposed.

Bending over, he leaned inwards, feeling the belly muscles tighten, as Brent sucked in his breath. He could hear it, just as he could feel his eyes boring into the top of his head. His mouth was close, and he could feel his hot breath on his fingers, that held the now trembling penis in its grip. It jerked a bit, against his hand. The color of the head was becoming deeper, more purple, as blood was rushing along the whole pole, thickening it, making it come alive to his touch.

His hand moved a bit faster, then tightened around the cock base, holding the pole up and out from the legs. It had grown, no longer shrivelled, no longer soft. It was nearly fully hard, and he was surprised at how thick it looked, though not quite as long as he had thought. Still, it looked perfect to his eyes, as he felt the tremble inside, growing.

The tip of his tongue flicked out, to quickly lick at the exposed cock head. He felt the jarring shock racing suddenly through his body, as the salty sweet taste of Brent’s pre cum filled his mouth. He could also feel the same tremor rolling inside of his friend, as his tongue now licked at the whole head. He tasted it all, as he rolled the tip of his tongue around the head, tasting it all.

As his heart seemed to roar in his ears as his lungs began to struggle for air, he felt his lips touch the head, then wrap around it, tightening, as he moved his body in even closer, to where the table’s bench was digging into his lower legs.

Kirk put his free hand on his friends thigh, feeling it shudder, then he moved it over, to fondle his dangling balls, his other hand holding the cock steady, while his mouth slowly moved down the fully erect cock. He breathed in deeply, smelling his friend’s scent, until he could smell nothing else but that aroma. His body was shaking, as his nose pressed up into Brent’s thigh, just between the leg and groin.

His hair was brushing up against the belly, and his head was beginning to move back and forth over the hard pole, when he felt the hand on his head. He could feel the fingers clutching at his hair, wrapping several strands around the each finger. As he moved inwards, he heard the moan, felt the body shaking, as his lips tightened even more over the hot shaft.

He began to pull back, but the hand was urging him to go back, and suddenly he felt his own body simply give in. He let the hand clutching his head guide him, and it pushed him in hard, then pulled back, then pushed again. Each time it pushed him in, Kirk felt the hips lifting up and pushing forward, so that the whole cock was impaled into his throat quicker, and deeper. Kirk could hear the constant moans now, as he let the hand provide the motion.

His own hands were caressing the legs, and pulling the fatty thigh flesh apart, so he could get his face in closer. He felt the motion turn into a steady rhythm that made him groan. Each time he was pushed inwards, the cock would jerk against the very back of his throat, almost making him gag. His jaw was open as wide as possible, still it hurt, as if it was being pried open by something larger than it could handle. Yet in and out it went, unheeding his pain. His chest was aching, as he struggled to breath, while the hot pole was thrust in and out of his willing mouth

The motion became faster, and he found he had both of his hands clutching at Brent’s thighs. The fingers were dug deep into the soft flesh, until they were scraping the bone. His jaw ached, as the cock seemed to be flying in, like it was powered by a hydraulic piston.

He could barely make out the loud cries that were coming from Brent, as his own voice thundered in his ears. The wild beat of his hear, the rise and fall of his chest, and the muffled groans from his throat, helped to drown them out, or keep them off. Yet as he heard them, as the hand clutched at his hair tighter, he knew it was seconds away. He could feel the balls swell, then in that instant of time, as they suddenly deflated, he felt the jerk in his mouth. The hard thrust of the cock itself, as it seemed to just bounce inside his throat, then rear back.

In that instant, it was suddenly rearing forward, the head fully extended, the skin taut, and the stream was like being hit by a fire hose. The hot sticky salty liquid was filling his mouth, as the loud cries of release echoed in his ears. The sounds were a mix of his and Brent’s, as the hand rammed his head into the groin, then was suddenly released, as the hips drove inwards.

The cum filled his throat, his mouth, and even seeped out of the corners of his lips, as he struggled to not gag. Swallowing quickly, several times, he managed to take most of the first load, before the second was already streaming into his mouth. It flowed out from the corners of his mouth, down his chin as he tried to swallow faster, to not let too much escape.

He was panting, as he leaned back on his haunches. His jaw still ached, as he felt his chest heave, as his eyes finally opened up to the glare of the sun, and to his friend. Kirk saw the chest was bathed in sweat, and that he was leaning as far back as he could on his arms, his head tilted backwards, looking up at the sky. His legs gave a bit of a jerk, as he looked back down at them.

Kirk could see some of the already drying cum over the inner thigh, the pubic hairs matted from sweat and coated with some of the cum. He sighed, wishing he had taken it all, knowing there had been just too much. Still, he at least knew that Brent was uncut, as he slowly regained his energy.

Standing up, he saw Brent sit back up. There wasn’t much expression on his face, as he reached over to pick up the clothes. He leaned forward, as he slowly worked the jeans over his runners, leaving his shorts on the table. He jumped off the table, to zip up and button his pants, as if he had just taken a pee or something.

I gotta go’ was all he could say, feeling rather dejected. He wasn’t sure why, but that maybe somehow Brent would have said something, instead of just acting like it was nothing. It was odd, but it wasn’t as he had imagined, as he trudged back to his car, glancing over his shoulder now and then.

Brent was leaning on the hood of the car, watching him, but looking like nothing had just happened. It was as if those minutes when he was feeling totally connected to Brent, that it was all just a dream. In some ways he knew he was expecting too much, and yet he didn’t think Brent was unhappy at his performance. Still, not even a word, was a bit disheartening.

Opening his car door, he turned to wave, and climb in, when Brent called out to him.

Hey, I will be working on the truck in the barn this weekend, want to come by and help me get it started?

Kirk froze, half way in to the car, as he turned to stare at Brent. There was a small smile on his face, and the way he stood there, his legs slightly apart, made him look extremely sexy.

That piece of shit hasn’t run since you got it

I know, but hell, you always enjoyed a challenge.

That’s a damn site more than a challenge

I’d really appreciate the help Kirk.

The smile on his face was even larger as he said it, as if he was meaning something totally different. For a second he wanted to make some smart ass remark, about it being worth lot more than a blow job, but he thought better of it, in case he was wrong.

What time?

Come over at 9, I’ll have breakfast ready.

As he said it, Brent spread his legs further apart, and put one hand inside his pants. All Kirk could do was grin, and yell he’d be over at half past eight, to help him get breakfast ready. Brent just laughed and waved.

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