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Tough Guy (4)

Part (4)

Jesse stared at Connie, as he felt his hand run across his cheek. Connie could feel his body trembling, as he touched the soft skin, as they looking into each other’s eyes. He had never felt this way before, and even though they had blown their wads, he couldn’t help but still feel very aroused, very excited. He knew it wouldn’t be long, before they were once more clawing at each other, touching and just enjoying the wild sensation of being with another person, that way.

Many didn’t understand it, how they could have such feelings, but that was their problem, not his. And it wasn’t like he was some sex maniac either, because truth was, it wasn’t like the magazines, the stories, or the videos made it out to be. You didn’t just find someone, then rip their clothes off, and fuck.

Boyfunks beautiful boy JeffOkay, this was different, or was it? They had gone through something together, shared something that many never shared. They had bonded, without saying a word, without even really knowing each other. Still, it was nothing like how they said, it was real, and the dried cum on his stocky body, on Jesse’s slender frame, was real.

And he knew, from that touch, that they had something special between them, that would only grow. Not just his dick, or Jesse’s, but what they were feeling inside, where it really counted.

Connie pulled himself upright a bit, leaning up against the bare wall of his secret place, and Jesse moved up to lean next to him. They just grinned at each other, though he could see how moved Jesse was, how much his early shooting had effected him. Granted, at that particular moment, when it dawned on  him that Jesse had cum, he had felt disappointed, but it only lasted a millisecond. He knew, inside, that there would be more opportunities, and even the realization of it being out of circumstance, he didn’t mind. It didn’t seem so bad, knowing that right now a few toughs were out looking for him and Jesse, waiting to attack him, to beat him into a pulp. He also knew, that if cornered, he’d not hold back anymore. He had tasted victory, and it was sweet, just as it was in the ring.

‘Connie, uh, how long you figure we going to hide out here?’

Looking at him, he realized he was scared, desperately trying to not show it. Inside, he felt a bit of that fear, but he also knew, he was about to blow this area, to head off to college, where he hoped things would be different.

‘As long as we have to, I guess.’

‘They won’t give up, no matter how long we stay away.’

‘No, they won’t, but hell, we have loads of canned stuff, last about a few weeks or more, if we go easy on it. Plus there is fresh water and even fish in the river, so really, we can hide out here, as long as we want.’

‘Nothing is forever Connie, besides, as much as I don’t want to think about it, eventually we have to go back, don’t we?’

‘Yeah, I have to get back, to grab my stuff then blow this place, forever.’


‘Yeah, but what about you? Did you get in anywhere, away from here?’


‘How come? I mean, you didn’t fail did you?’

‘No, just uh, oh shit, I am not a 4.0 student, not a jock, so no chances at any scholarships, and well, it isn’t cheap, college.’

‘Your parents not able to help?’

‘Oh they could, but I won’t take it, not under their terms. I’d rather dig ditches than give in to their conditions.’

Deep in the pit of his stomach, Connie had a pretty good idea what those conditions might be. In some ways he was lucky, in that while his parents didn’t care for his lifestyle, they were quite willing to pay the price, to have him out of their lives. It sucked, in one way, but was a blessing in another, because it meant he could get away.

Looking over at Jesse, he felt his pain, and let his hand reach out, to take hold of Jesse’s. He felt the coldness, felt the misery, as he held it tightly, then brought it up and kissed the back of it, as he moved his body, shifting to lean into Jesse’s body. He let his arm move around his slender body, pulling it closer to his own.

The feel of Jesse’s head on his shoulder, felt good, as he let his one hand gently caress the back of the blond hair. It felt so soft, so silky that it made him quiver a bit. He could feel the way Jesse’s chest heaved a bit, how his face buried into the muscle of his upper shoulder, how the warm tears felt as they began to trickle down.

Laying there, with Jesse in his arms, made him feel contented. He knew there was some real problems ahead, for them both, but somehow, he just knew he couldn’t leave Jesse to face them alone. It wasn’t right, to just take his ticket and go, leaving the wrath of Tim & his gang, to fall on Jesse. And fall it would, but how could it be avoided? He didn’t quite have an answer, yet, but they had time.

There was no sense in heading back to town, until there was no choice, which gave them a chance, to not just be together, but to maybe figure something out. He wasn’t sure what, but he owed him that much.

Finally, Jesse lifted his head off of Connie’s shoulder, and wiped his eyes. He looked over at him, noticing how red and puffy the eyes were, but also how they seemed to sparkle a bit, as if there was a bit of fire inside.

‘sorry about that.’

‘no problem, you okay?’

‘yeah, just that, I dunno, sometimes it just, you know, gets a bit much.’

‘yeah, I know.’

Jesse leaned back a bit, and stared hard at Connie. His eyes were questioning him, as if not quite believing that a tough guy like him, would feel the same way. He saw how his eyes peered into his, and he didn’t turn away. Truth was, when he was younger, when he wasn’t all muscle, he spent many nights crying into his pillow.

‘I normally don’t bawl my eyes out like that, guess it was just, the after shock of everything, I mean…’

‘you don’t have to explain it to me Jesse, I get it.’

‘for real?’

‘yeah, it sucks, but yeah, for real.’

‘so, when do you have to… shit, I really don’t want to think of that, not now, not when you are so close.’

‘we’ll have to, soon enough, but yeah, for now, let’s just.. i don’t know, ignore all that, besides, I think I need to do some personal exploring.’

‘huh? Exploring? Where? I mean you aren’t…’

Connie leaned and covered Jesse’s mouth with his, and stifled his sudden onset of panic. He felt the tense body, go limb in his arms, as he gathered him up and brought him closer. He kissed deeply, his tongue driving deep inside, duelling with Jesse’s own. His hands began to move down the lanky frame, as he felt Jesse move his leg closer, wrapping it over Connie’s. He also felt the growing stiffness, of not just his own dick, but of Jesse’s, as it pushed into his belly. It felt so good.

He could feel the slender guy awakening, as his hands began to explore Connie’s body, with as much intensity as his were. It felt amazing, at how the soft hand moved across his belly, down between their two bodies, to touch his penis, to make him shudder. It was like the electricity had suddenly returned, with even more of a charge, than at first. Connie couldn’t believe how his whole body seemed to be shaking, quivering with the excitement, and how Jesse’s seem to be doing the same.

How his fingers groped down, to touch the base of his cock, how his own hand had suddenly moved down between them as well. How it moved to grab hold of Jesse’s cock, to wrap the fingers around it, feeling it pulse, feeling it throb to his simple hold. It was amazing, yet hard for his mind to grasp, given all the other pleasures that were once more rushing through.

Connie felt his head being pushed back as Jesse’s own head lunged forward, his mouth now over his throat, his tongue licking at the hollow of his neck, as the hands pinned his shoulders back, then moved up and down his body. Jesse had moved to where he was basically, on top and it felt so fucking good, Connie could almost scream.

His whole body was laid out on the ground, his head twisting back and forth, as Jesse worked on his upper body, with his hands, his tongue and lips. He felt himself moaning, not hearing it, just feeling it, as his body squirmed, shook to the hard then soft, then hard, touch of the hands. How they fingers moved around his chest, reaching and circling his nipples, then suddenly grabbing hold of them, tweaking them a bit, then releasing them. Then suddenly he’d feel the mouth over it, the lips pressing down into his skin, the teeth grating lightly across the very tip of the nipple, then suddenly bite down on it, and pull up, making him groan, and flop around more.

Every part of his body seemed on fire, as his hands kept flaying at the scattered leaves on the dirt ground. Then they’d move back up, to try and corral Jesse’s moving body. His legs were pinning him down, then between them, the knee wedged up tight into his scrotum, his balls pushed and flattened up into his groin. He could feel himself moaning, hear the distant echo of the hard panting sounds, that came from them both.

The hot liquid around his thigh only made him moan more, made him clutch up at the swirling body, knowing it was the pre cum from Jesse’s dripping cock. His own pole, throbbed with desire, as he groaned, with every touch, every press against him.

Then suddenly it stopped.

Connie felt his body tremble, as there was a sudden emptiness. No hands moved along his body, no lips pressed down or teeth nibbling at his flesh. Nothing, and his head couldn’t figure it out, when suddenly he felt the hard grasp of a hand wrapping around the base of his cock. His eyes started to open, to see what was happening, when he felt the lips.

He cried out, as the hot mouth suddenly closed around the head of his cock, the weight of the young man resting on his legs, which straightened out, and shook, as he felt the press of the lips, against the fiery top of his cock head.

The warmth was unbelievable, as he felt the quick flick of the tongue, knowing that his dripping precum was being taken, was being swallowed. His whole body was on fire, as he felt every pore opening, oozing rivers of his sweat, to run all down his muscled body. His stomach quivered, the muscles rolling inside, in an unbelievable pattern of increasing waves, that just made him sweat even more.

Connie didn’t even notice the hard ground, as his fists hit it, repeatedly. His mind was blank, as wave after wave of pure pleasure came rushing through, only making him moan and cry out his enjoyment. He could feel the blond hair swaying across his stomach, making him writhe about more. It felt so light, so stinging almost, as it was dripping sweat, almost like tiny little lashes of a whip end, as they moved across his belly.

The pain of holding back, was too much. His whole groin was about to explode, as he cried out, as the mouth suddenly pulled up off his cock head. He felt his lungs sucking in air, as his body slowly relaxed, as the pressure in his groin eased. Connie couldn’t believe how good he was feeling, and how much he needed this interlude.

Just as he was about to reach up, his fists no longer pounding the dirt with joy, he felt the stinging lashes across his stomach, as Jesse’s hair moved across his still stomach. Then once more his cock was being coated in a warm wetness, that has him clenching his fists, had his legs trying to stretch out of the skin. His toes ached, as they flexed up and down, as the pleasure came roaring back inside.

‘Oh God’ he cried out, as the mouth moved down, until he could feel the nose poking into the side between his crotch and inner thigh. He could feel Jesse’s hot breath, blowing as he tried to breathe through the nose, while taking all of his cock down into his throat. Nothing seemed real, and at times, he felt like he was floating, other times, drowning in his own seed, because he refused to let it free.

His arms became heavy, his eyes were closed so tightly he could feel the eyelashes digging into his cheeks, just under the eyes. His whole body was shaking, as the lips moved up and down, along his throbbing pole. There was no stopping it now, he thought, as his body began to swing, to move up in time with each downward push of Jesse’s head. He had his one hand up, the fingers wrapped tightly around several strands of hair, yanking on them, then pulling on them, as he tried to quicken pace, to force the head to move faster up and down his pole.

Crying out, he couldn’t hear anything beyond the thunder of his heart. It was beating so fast, he didn’t think anyone could ever count it, and that he’d have a blasted stroke, the way it was beating. Yet even as he heard the roar in his ears, he could feel the pain deep in his chest, as his lungs were drained of the last of his air.

Jesse had moved his whole body, in between Connie’s legs. He had pushed the two strong legs aside, as if they were feathers, and had moved his whole body up, to keep the legs apart. His head was bent over, working on Connie’s cock, sucking on it like it was a siphon to some secret stash of a magical elixir.

The pounding grew, and his whole body was nothing but a pile of burning flesh under a raging river of sweat. He could feel the way it flowed all over his body, dripping between his legs, making his body hairs flatten. He was soaked, as the head continued to move up and down, faster with each halting breath he took.

He could feel his hips moving upwards, then come crashing back down to the ground. His cheeks made a hard thump each time they crashed down, but only for a brief moment, before they were once more being lifted upwards, to greet the greedy throat that held his cock.

‘I can’t hold it, oh God, I am cumming’ he yelled, in a strange gurgling sound, as his body heaved, as the waves of pleasure were replaced by a sudden surge of electricity. He felt the hairs on his body suddenly bolt upright, felt the way his legs shot out, becoming steel boards. His arms were suddenly on the ground, laid out like a giant hammer had pinned them to the ground. His head throbbed, ached even, as strange lights flashed behind his closed eyelids.

His lungs were suddenly empty, no air was coming in, as his mind clouded over, grew very light headed. His heart seemed to have changed gears, from overdrive to super hyper drive. It was like an engine running amok, no control, no way to brake its wild charge forward, constantly gaining speed, becoming faster and faster.

With his head tilting up, his neck also tilting up and his shoulders firmly digging into the ground, Connie felt the explosion rolling through his whole body. His arms pined, and his feet too, as if a thousand pounds of weight were on each. Yet, his torso was up, lifted up off the ground and high up in the air, nearly soaring to the clouds, it was so far up.

The rush made his head swim, made the roar in his ears grow to a thundering crescendo, as his body arched even more, his cock firmly impaled deep down into Jesse’s throat. He could feel the head, feel it rearing back, even as his hips shot upwards.

He felt the lips tighten their hold, in anticipation, as he screamed, as the hot liquid churning in his balls, suddenly came flooding out and into his cock. He felt the skin stretch, as the liquid rushed through, bulging the skin, and then he felt the head shoot forward. The tiny little slit at the top widening, and the stream was burning as it flashed past, threatening to rip the tiny slit wide open.

Every nerve in his body seemed to suddenly explode, and filled him with an unbelievable warm and content feeling. It wasn’t like a sudden release of electricity, but more like a sense of well being, that he had never experienced before. It was like a warm deep wave crashing all over him, washing everything away. Taking the tension, the fears, that rested inside, and throwing them aside, leaving nothing but utter happiness.

Tears were rolling down the corners of his eyes, as his body slowly seemed to come down from the strange high it had achieved. His lungs burned, from no air, his mouth was bone dry, and his heart seemed ready to just explode, but it too, was beginning to slow down, to ease down a notch or two.

His head was like a ball of cotton, fuzzy and warm, as he heard strange sounds begin to replace the roaring thunder they were used to. He could hear the coughing, the gagging sound in the distance, but he also hears a strange indistinguishable sound, almost like singing, but not quite that. Connie felt his body shaking, as if he was in the middle of 9.0 earthquake.

His cock was still trembling, as the last of his milk, came dribbling out, sliding down the underside of it. He could hear the gasping sound, and he realized that the mouth no longer covered his dick, that the head no longer was bent over his crotch. The hairs no longer grazed his belly, and yet he couldn’t open his eyes, not just yet. The shudders continued for some time, until finally he felt them subside, and opened his eyes, to stare upwards.

The dark craggy roof of the cave didn’t register at first, then as he glanced down, he could see Jesse. His chin was coated with his dried cum, and the head that had been hovering over him, was now leaning backwards, looking up at the same roof.

There were streaks all down the still heaving chest, that Connie was sure was dried cum, mingled with sweat. He could see the dots, the tracks too, as his eyes adjusted to the dimness of the cave. Looking at Jesse, he knew he couldn’t leave him behind, not alone, not to face Tim or the others. He knew that what he had found today, wasn’t just a friend, but someone who was more like a part of him.

He also could see the desire, even in the rolled back eyes. It was amazing how he could notice every tiny detail, while still trying to catch is own breath. How the vein running down to one side of the neck was still throbbing, how the left nipple was sort of shaking, vibrating really, while the right seemed as rigid as a two by four.

The way the whole slender body seemed to be at odds with each other. Like how the stomach looked like it was rolling up and down, as the chest heaved and shook.  How the arms, that held him up, were shaking, quivering as he tried to hold on, to keep supporting the weight. How each nostril flared, opening wide then collapsing inwards, the mouth slightly opened as well, adding to the intake of air.

Finally Jesse moved off, though in reality it looked more like he simply rolled off, to lay beside Connie. It was more as if he had simply been unable to support his body upright, and as they lay side by side, Connie knew he wasn’t going to leave him behind, not without one hell of a fight, if it came to that.

He opened his eyes, his mind made up, to see Jesse staring at him, a small smile across his mouth. Connie leaned forward, head tilted to one side, and he gave him a small kiss, tasting the remnants of his cum on the lips. Then he leaned back, his eyes not leaving Jesse’s face. One hand, reached out, and rested lightly on Jesse’s warm arm.

‘how much cash you got?’


‘you got anything saved, I mean in a bank account or anything?’

‘why, you thinking of charging me or something?’

‘bitch, no, not for that, seriously, how much, if any, have you got?’

‘not much, about 700 I suppose, why?’

‘got any credit cards, your own?’

‘VISA, but, what is this about?’

‘That’ll do, hell it’ll have to.’

‘Okay, glad you approve, but what the fuck are you rambling on about.’

Connie stared hard into Jesse’s face. He could see the confusion, as Jesse tried to figure out what he was up to, in asking those questions. Yet, it was so damn obvious, he could kick himself for not thinking of it before now.

‘I am not going to leave you.’

‘Well, glad to hear that, least for now, as I kind of want my turn.’

‘Shit, not that, I am serious man, I don’t want to leave you, not now, not later either.’

‘Yeah well, not practical, is it? I mean you are off to college, so, it isn’t like you are going to hang around, now is it?’

‘Only if you refuse.’

‘Refuse what? Fuck, talk sense dude’

‘It’s your choice, but I want you to come with me.’

He could see the surprise on Jesse’s face. The way the eyes opened wide, and the mouth sort of just hung open, he knew it hadn’t sunk in yet. He waited, as Jesse closed his mouth, and as his eyes focused onto his. He could see a small tremor going through his upper body, see the chest heave a bit, as he tried to digest what Connie was trying to say to him.

‘I don’t, I mean, are you sure, of what you are asking me?’

‘I am sure, should have thought of it sooner, but no way can you stay here, not with Tim and his goons hunting for you. And don’t think it’ll end with just one shit kicking, I know how those mother fuckers are.’

‘Yeah but, I don’t see how.’

‘Look, not like your folks would care, right? I know that sucks, but it is the truth, isn’t it?’


‘so what have you got to lose? Come with me, we can share a place, and be away from this place, from guys like Tim.’

‘do you know what you are suggesting?’

‘I know’

‘And if I refuse?’

Connie lifted himself up onto his arm, his upper body up off the ground. His eyes bore straight into Jesse’s, as his hand reached out, and he took hold of Jesse’s shoulder.

‘Then college will have to wait, until you change your mind.’

He could see the shock in his face, even in his own body, he could feel it as he heard himself say those words. Maybe he was being crazy, stupid perhaps, but he couldn’t leave, knowing that Jesse would have to endure endless beatings. It hadn’t been his fight to begin with, but had stuck his nose in, to help him. How could he leave him behind? Besides, he felt a strange attraction, not just at how good he looked, or even the sex that they had just enjoyed.

It was something else, something far more powerful, than anything he had every felt before, and which he doubted he’d every feel again. Maybe he was crazy, but as he stared at Jesse., he couldn’t help but feel excited, feel so at ease, comfortable, that he knew, any sacrifice, would be worth just being with Jesse.

To be continued…

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Tough Guy

Part (4)

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Tough Guy Pt. 3

Part (3)

He could feel the ache in his groin, at how his body was reacting to the way Jesse was looking. It had been some time, since he had felt this way, but damn, he looked so hot, and then too, the excitement of having gotten away, from dealing with Tim & his crowd. It was like a perfect storm, where everything had aligned just right.

To have Tim call him out, to try and show his dominance. Then to have Jesse watching, as he finally reached his limit, and decided to act on impulse, on a need to try and just once, not do what everyone expected. Then to find a kindred spirit, who did more than just talk the talk, now that was rare.

It had to be some sign, some signal, and looking at Jesse, just made it seem even more so. Why hadn’t he ever noticed before? Was he really so afraid of being further bullied, that he had blocked any signal, any sign, of a friendly soul? Maybe, but as he saw how Jesse grinned, how his body seemed to shimmer in the haze of the sunlight, he couldn’t help but feel his own blood growing hot.

ScottConnie might have a bad rep, be known as a brawler, but truth was, he was very conservative, very deliberate in his thinking. Nothing he did, for the most part, was done in haste. He liked to think things through, carefully, well for the most part. He certainly hadn’t thought about all that lay ahead, when he decided to fight back, for keeps. No thought at all, about how life was going to be much worse, or how he would have to maybe spend the rest of his time, in town, ducking retribution from Tim & his gang.

Yet, right now he didn’t give a fuck, as he stared at Jesse, as he felt his desire for him growing, in more than just a stiff dick. He had to be nuts, to even have brought him here, to his secret place, his most treasured spot on earth. Then too, how could he not? The guy had maybe saved his ass, from a real bruising beating, because as good as he was, 3 or 4 to one was not good odds. No doubt Parker & Ned would have mixed it up with him, and some hangers on might even have joined in. There were always those types, who thought to ingratiate themselves with Tim, to keep him off their own backs, or maybe they simply enjoyed partaking in someone elses misery?

Right now he didn’t care, because all that was dealt with, for the moment. Now, well, there was Jesse, and no way was his licking of lips, the way he held himself, just about a dry mouth, or a need to lean back a bit. Jesse was on the same thought wave as him, waiting for him to make the move, to decide, if their new friendship, was going to be more than just that.

Connie felt his feet moving, his eyes watching as if a witness, rather than the instigator, as he moved forward, grabbing hold of Jesse’s light body into his arms. He couldn’t believe it was him, as he felt his head tilt, felt the warm body being pulled into his own.

The kiss was like sticking his tongue into a live electric socket. Connie felt the waves of electricity passing through his whole body, making his legs tremble, making his heart pound & his chest ache. The warm press of his lips against Jesse’s was like touching molten lava. It was hot, almost like how fire must taste, as he pressed his mouth over the surprised one of Jesse.

For a mere second he hesitated, unsure if his move was being returned, as he had taken Jesse by surprise. Then he felt the arms wrapping around him, the legs pushing inwards. Connie shut his eyes tight, as his tongue parted the slightly opened mouth in front.

He could taste him, feel his heart trembling next to his own pounding one, and it felt so good. Never had he felt this excited, this alive, as he tasted the inside of Jesse’s mouth. His own arms now pulled even more, knowing the lighter Jesse was being lifted up off the ground, while they kissed.

It was pure caveman action, he thought, as his feet pushed forward, his arms holding Jesse tightly inside them. He felt the hot wet tongue duelling with his own, felt himself moaning as he eagerly sucked face with Jesse. God, what a phrase, but it made him shiver a bit, realizing he was actually doing that. The way his tongue was exploring every inch of Jesse’s mouth. How he was pushing the tongue all the way in, even breathing his own air, as they moved past the dangling branches and leaves.

The sound of silence was broken by their panting, by the slurping sound of their mouths, as they kissed and held onto each other. Connie could feel Jesse’s hands now moving down his back, touching the top of his butt, reaching to touch a lot more. His own hands already had moved down, clenching the firm cheeks, pulling Jesse hard into his body.

His own cock was like steel, but he could tell, Jesse’s wasn’t exactly some wet noodle. God how good it felt being pressed into his thigh, as he felt the heat burning through the fabric of his pants. He was so taken with his impulsive behaviour, he didn’t even feel the press on his chest, until he was suddenly sucking air.

Jesse had pushed him back, away and sudden fear entered his whole body. He was still trembling, but now from fear that he had read Jesse wrong, that he didn’t want it to go beyond just friends. His eyes popped open, to stare in fear at Jesse, but then they widened even further. Jesse had his arms up, his hands were tearing at his shirt, as he stared at Connie. There was a strange glint to those eyes, as Connie watched, in awe, as Jesse tore his own shirt off.

Before he could even speak, before he could take more than one deep breathe, he saw the hands move down and fumble with his belt and button. Connie felt like he was struck by lightning, as he stood there, watching the pants suddenly disappear from his view, a pair of tight black jockey shorts showing. Gulping, he couldn’t help but see the thick pole, jutting out and the long slender fingers tearing at the waistband of the shorts.

Connie felt himself step back one step, as Jesse literally rammed his underwear down his legs, standing up just as quickly, to display his nude body. It was truly a breath taking site, even in the dim light of the cave. He couldn’t help but feel his own desire growing, and yet as he took a step forward, to once more try to embrace Jesse, he felt his own body resist.

His hands had been busy, his pants were already undone, his shirt open and just now falling off his shoulders, while he struggled with the button. A quick flick back of his arms, a little shake and he could feel his own shirt falling to the dirt, as he reached back around, tugging at the pants, urging the button to either pop off, or slide through and release his pants.

There just wasn’t time for the niceties. He felt his crotch crush into the naked belly, feeling Jesse’s hard cock drive into the soft flesh of his thigh, just below the leg of his own shorts. The cock head slid a bit, and he felt the precum along the thin hairs of his thigh. It made him groan, and tremble. Never had such a feeling made him react that way, as his arms reached around, grabbing hold of Jesse.

He kissed him hard, feeling the same desire being returned. Then he felt the power of the smaller man, as he pulled his head back, then nestled it under Connie’s chin.

The way his tongue flicked out, at how it curled up under his chin, licking at the hard line all the way up the side of his face, made his cock strain at the fabric of his shorts. The way Jesse began to grind his own hips, to push his crotch further into Connie’s own, made him moan & even whimper a little.

Connie could hear his moans, his groans, and it didn’t sound like him. It was like some uncaged animal roaring out its freedom. He felt the way his chest ached, how it hurt to draw even a short breath. His hands were moving up and down the back, feeling the ridges of Jesse’s spine, as he clung onto him, as he pulled him further into his own body.

How warm it was, how everything seemed to be a blur to him. The touch of the tongue along his ear lobe, the way the tip curled and gave a small kiss to the inside ridge, then suddenly feeling the mouth closing around his exposed nipple, the tongue now licking at his firm little nipple. How the teeth grated across the tip, driving him insane, making him toss his head backwards, as he roared out his pleasure.

At the back of the small cave, he had spread out several leaves from outside. He used it to make a softer ground, for when he laid out his sleeping back, and now he found himself laying on those leaves, next to the writhing body of another. No one had ever penetrated his secret lair, until now.

His leg was wrapped up over Jesse’s, his naked body crushing into Jesse’s own nude frame. He could feel the skin touching his, almost sticking to it, making strange noises as their bodies continued to twist & turn, into bizarre contortions.  Connie had almost shot his load, when Jesse’s hand had touched his hard cock. It had taken a huge effort, to stop the cum from pouring out, but he didn’t know for how much longer, he could hold back.

The way the fingers had run down his hot pole, to poke at his balls, to then run across the leathery sac, then seek further, by moving down and under them. How cool it felt, to be touched that way, while his own hand was moving to pull apart Jesse’s firm buttocks. How his own fingers were clenching at the hot flesh, pulling them apart, trying to slide in between.

Connie didn’t know how he could out, as he moaned, as his hand moved down, to reach for the hard pole between Jesse’s legs. His fingers found the base, and he circled the hard shaft, tracing around it, as he listened to the rapid breathing next to his neck. Jesse’s head was pushed hard into it, and he could feel the tongue licking at the hollow of his neck.

His finger moved down and up along the underside of the pole. Connie felt the sudden shudder, felt it rush into his own body from his fingertips, then he felt the sudden splash of hot cream, against his burning skin, above his own throbbing cock.

It took him a second, to realize that Jesse was cumming, that the hot liquid burning into his groin was his cum. His heart seemed to suddenly kick into an even higher gear. He heard his own voice crying out, felt the way his hips suddenly pulled back, hanging in limbo for a mere second, before racing forward.

The ragged cry had barely died, when it was joined by one of his own. His hips shot forward, and the already dim cave, grew even darker. Flashing multi colored lights appeared before his eyes, and he couldn’t even feel his legs. He knew his toes had curled up and even the pain of cramping arms, didn’t faze him, as he felt his hips crush into Jesse’s body.

Connie swore he could hear the liquid being forced out of his pubic hairs, by their crushing into Jesse’s sweat drenched groin. It was soon flooded by his own seed, as his body couldn’t hold back, and his mind couldn’t stop it.

He felt the energy leaving his body, with every single drop of his cum. His arms grew weaker, his head heavy to hold up, and his legs had long since lost any feeling. Connie felt the sudden emptiness inside, as his body continued to twitch, to spasm.

One second, he felt like he was about to erupt in fire, and now, he felt like he had endured two long distance marathons. Worse, it was like going 30 rounds, with a super heavyweight. He felt that drained, and in just a mere instant. Rolling onto his back, Connie stared up at the cave’s ceiling, realizing just how drained he was.

Next to him, he could hear the panting breath, the deep gasps for air, that seemed to be endless. Jesse was completely spent, or so it sure sounded, as Connie lay there, trying his best to catch his breath, without falling asleep from pure exhaustion. His legs twitched now and then, as their gasping lungs slowly filled up.

Once more the sounds of nature could be heard, above their own frantic breathing, their own wild beating hearts. It had been like being in the middle of a huge thunderstorm, the one spot where all the noises ended up. Rolling his head to one side, he found himself staring into Jesse’s face. His eyes flickered a bit, as he saw the small furrow of white, among the dusty face, by the corner of the eye.

‘you okay?’ he asked, with fear suddenly clutching at him. He was confused, unsure why Jesse had tears rolling down his face.

‘I am sorry, Christ, I am so sorry Connie… I uh…’

Connie could feel the panic inside, that somehow he had hurt Jesse, or done something the wrong way. He couldn’t think what it could be, as he tried to calm himself, to try and find out what he had done.

‘What? Why are you, I mean, did I do something that, fuck… I didn’t…

‘No, you were, shit I didn’t mean to cum so fast, I did try to hold it back, honest.’

Connie stared at Jesse, realizing that he wasn’t any more experienced than he was. Maybe even less, but then, he had never shot so quick, in his own few futile attempts at sex. He had lasted then, but not this time around. The way Jesse had touched him, how good it had felt to feel those hard stinging splashes of his cum, that had tipped him over the edge, had made him suddenly he have his own early release.

‘you planning on getting dressed an leaving?’

He saw how Jesse managed to raise his head a bit, to look hard into his face, as he had spoken. There was no mistaking that look, that innocence inside, that had attracted him long before today.

‘huh? No, not unless you uh want me to.’

‘so then you are staying?’

‘yeah, I don’t…’

‘shit dude, then why do you figuring this is all over? I mean, you do, do more, right? I know I sure as hell do, & I can’t wait to catch my breath and show you, but if you aren’t interested…’

He saw how Jesse’s face suddenly changed, from a look of consternation, to one of surprise. He also saw the fear was gone, that behind that frightened face, was a good laugh waiting to pop out.

‘I bet you can, shit, it is just, I never felt like this, so, I don’t know, almost like being possessed or something.’

Connie stared at Jesse, at how he hung his eyes down, as if he was afraid to look at him. Strange how he felt so, well, down. Okay, so he had cum faster than he had expected, so too had he, but he didn’t exactly feel cut up by it. Not like they were suddenly leaving, or never going to see each other again.

‘what you got another person hiding inside of you?’

‘no, don’t be daft.’

‘Damn, I was suddenly imagining this turning into a threesome.’


Connie reached across, letting the back of his hand run down the side of Jesse’s face. The touch of his skin against the back of his hand, made him tremble a bit, as he realized, just how fragile his new friend was. It was like he had been, a few years back, when he realized just what it had meant, to be gay, to be the target.

‘no, just a guy who is damned pleased, to have found a good friend.’

To be continued…

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Tough Guy

Part (3)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2009 ? All Rights Reserved

Category ¦ Athletes, Jocks

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Making the Play (5)

Part (5)

He shuddered a little, laying there with Philippe’s head on his shoulder. How warm it felt, how enjoyable, to feel his body nestled into his own. The way the legs wove together, and how it felt as his chest heaved while he regained his breath. It was something he hadn’t experienced before, and yet it seemed so natural, so right.

Lying there, enjoying the moment, he realized just how much Tommy had missed out. This was what sex was about, not just the moment when you got off, or when the other tasted you, but as you got ready for more, as you realized you wanted more. He couldn’t help but smile.

‘What are you thinking about?’

‘Huh? Oh, how good you tasted.’


‘Yeah, really.’

‘I never really liked the taste, myself.’

‘Of yours? Or just anyone’s cum?’

‘Fuck, mine, of course, not like I am some tramp.’

Dolph LambertTroy reached down and gave the hair a muss, as he laughed at the smiling face nestled into his arms. How good it felt, to be able to just talk, to relax naked with another guy, and not be on pins & needles.

‘Oh, so that makes me a tramp, ‘cuz I have tasted other guy’s cum?’

‘No, no, I didn’t…’

‘just teasing, but yeah, not everyone’s favourite, I guess.’

‘You liked it?’

It was a question he didn’t know how to answer. Not like he was some expert who had lots of taste experiences with cum, but truth was, he really wasn’t sure how he liked it. The taste before, always made him feel a bit, well nauseous, though not Philippe’s. Rolling his eyes upwards, he wondered how to say it, without sounding sappy, or like some love sick cow.

‘Well, not like I have tasted a lot, but yours, well, yeah, I liked the taste of it. Maybe because it, I don’t know, maybe because it was yours?’

‘You asking for more?’

Troy lowered his eyes, to stare at Philippe. There was a strange look of horror, on Philippe’s face but Troy could feel his cock jerking, feel it growing a bit, as it was wedged up into his side. Maybe he didn’t think he could do it so soon? Though the truth was, he was wanting something a bit more than another taste of Philippe’s jizz.

‘Funny boy, maybe I am asking if you want to taste mine?’

Funny how Philippe’s face got all twisted, as he stared up into Troy’s face. The way the eyes glistened a bit, but also seemed a bit, well, frightened. Yet at the same time, he could feel his cock, jerking a bit as it was wedged into his side. The feel of him, of how his chest seemed to heave a bit more, with the idea of maybe sucking him, of maybe having to taste him.

‘If uh…’

‘It’s okay, I am not asking, but you are welcome anytime.’

‘I uh, shit, I sound like a real jerk. I kind of do, and don’t, at the same time. It is just, I don’t know, what if I don’t do it right?’

‘You start over? Shit, I don’t even know if there is a wrong or right way, all I know is that I loved how you tasted.’

Philippe lifted his upper body up, and stared at Troy for several seconds. The silence felt weird, as he saw how Philippe stared at him, at how his eyes seemed to be searching his face for something, for some sign. He felt the ache in his groin too, as he held his breathe, not sure what was going on.

The face moved away, and stared down at Troy’s body, that lay stretched out on the bed. A hand moved up and rested lightly on his chest, just below the nipple. It felt shaky, trembling a little, as he waited. Then the hand moved down, the fingers brushing across his skin, that made him tremble a bit, with a sense of excitement.

His leg shook a bit, as he pushed it aside, further up against Philippe’s body. The hand moved down, the finger tips brushing over his pubic hairs, making his stomach muscles tighten. Troy felt sweat starting to bead up on his forehead again, as he watched the way Philippe’s hand moved down his body.

Troy could see how his face had drawn in, the muscles of his cheeks tightening. A thin white line appeared near the corner of his mouth, and he could see the brow furrow, as his team mate stared down at the hard cock, that stuck up from his crotch. The tip of his tongue darted out, licking at the lips, and Troy heard a small little gasp, as the head moved down, to rest on Troy’s stomach.

He reached out, to let his own hand caress the back of the head, just enjoying the pleasure of his body resting against his. The feel of his hot skin, at the beat of his chest against his, made him lean back, waiting. Troy sighed as he felt Philippe’s hand reaching out, feeling the tips of his fingers touch the base of his stiff cock.

It was like an electric shock, as he felt the touch, as the fingers moved around the base, pressing lightly against the hairs around the base of cock shaft. How weird, to notice the way each touch made him quiver, made him catch his breath. Troy could feel his chest beginning to hurt, as Philippe’s hand moved around, and the fingers slowly took hold of his dick.

The way each touch seemed to generate a jolt inside as he felt his eyes closing, as he felt every muscle grow tense inside. It was odd, and yet thrilling, that made him want to lift his head up, to stare down his body, but instead he found himself leaning harder into the bed, waiting, wondering how it would feel.

The way the bed suddenly moved, at how the press of Philippe’s body changed, made him close his eyes tighter. His mind was struggling with the emotions that seemed to be welling up inside, as he waited, nervous and yet excited. Would he take it, or would he try and stop? Was he maybe too big, or not big enough for him, and what about his precum? Would it make Philippe back off, because he could feel it oozing, feel it along the top of his cock head.

Troy felt the hot breath blow across the head, which made him shudder. He moaned a bit as he felt Philippe’s breath getting warmer, which meant his head was getting closer. He wanted to look, but instead clutched at the bed sheets, as he waited, his body stiff and tense. So many things were running through his mind, yet all he could concentrate on was how much he really did want it, how much he wanted to feel his cock between those soft pink lips.

His hands stopped pulling at the bed sheets, and moved up to rest on Philippe’s shoulders, then moved to take hold of his hair. He felt the strands through his fingers, as he wrapped them between. His mind could see it happening, yet all he could think about was feeling those lips. The sound, the press against the palms of his hands, were ignored, as he felt that wetness, that warmth envelop the head of his cock. Troy felt his body quiver, felt the tremors rushing up his body, as he slid his cock into the open mouth, past the lips, scraping against the teeth.

He could hear a sort of garbled cry, or maybe it was a moan? Troy didn’t care, as his hips pushed up a bit, lifting his butt off the bed a fraction of an inch or so. The feel of the flesh covering his cock, of the wet warmth the coated his head was too much for him, as his hands seemed to be pushing down.

There was some resistance, but he tried to ignore it, to just enjoy the feeling that was filling his thoughts. He ignored the gargled cries and eventually the resistance ended, and suddenly he could feel the motion as more of his cock was taken into the warm wetness. He felt his balls ache, as one hand moved to the bed, the other lay across the trembling shoulder.

Troy moaned, as the lips tightened even more, as the head moved without any need of his guidance. He could feel the tongue licking at the thick vein underneath, as more of his shaft was taken inside the warn cavern of Philippe’s mouth. The way his hand gripped at his cock, the tight hold that held his erect cock made him moan even more.

The teeth no longer scraped against the side of his cock, as it made its way in and out. He could only feel the lips sliding up and down, as more of his cock was taken. His body stiffened even more, as he felt the strands of hair lashing at his belly, as he felt the nose pressing into the soft skin of his inner thigh.

Philippe’s body moved down a bit, and he felt the hot breath against his pubic hairs, felt the nose, the way the air would blow each time it came closer until it was buried into his flesh. Troy was moaning loudly now, one hand pounding the bed, as he realized how close he was to cumming. His eyes popped open, his mouth was ajar, as he felt the heat inside, felt the way his balls were stretching as the fluid inside bubbled, as it boiled from within.

Down in his ass, he could feel the muscles tighten, feel them constrict, as his body tried to hold back, as in his mind he saw the head bob up and down over his erection. How good it felt, and yet he didn’t want it to end, not yet. He struggled to hold back, tried to keep his balls from releasing their pleasure.

It wasn’t easy, as Philippe had moved one hand up and was pushing into the stomach, the other no longer holding his cock, but digging down and under his full balls. He felt the fingers digging into the flesh of his buttocks, felt the balls slapping against the palm of the hand, as the mouth moved up and down on his cock. He had never felt like this, never felt this excited, this aroused.

Every part of his body felt like it was on fire. Even the tips of his hair felt like they were being singed, as the mouth moved faster and faster over his cock. Troy could feel the head banging into the hard roof of Philippe’s mouth, feel it as it was forced down into the throat. He cried out, knowing he couldn’t hold back, desperate to try to.

‘Oh Christ’ he called out, feeling the press inside, feeling the mounting pressure up against the very base of his cock. The lips were clenched tightly around him, he could feel the tongue’s raspy edges licking at the bulging vein on the bottom of his cock, feel the sensation of the blood rushing through the constricted membranes of his veins. His hands were pounding the bed, as his body struggled to hold back, as he squirmed across the bed itself. He wanted so much to cum, to let it fill Philippe’s mouth, but not yet, not this moment.

The sounds of rushing water filled his ears. It was like being in a far off cave, listening to a distant echo rushing inside. His body was shaking, and he was yelling, telling Philippe he was cumming, that he couldn’t hold back, but the lips still held tight.

He couldn’t stop. It was too much for him, and with one last loud cry that he was cumming, his body shot upwards. His hands reached up to grab hold of Philippe’s head, as his cock impaled itself deep into the mouth. He could feel the throat muscles contract, feel them taking hold of his cock, as the head jerked back, as the tiny slit began to widen.

As his cock head shot forward, he felt the muscles in his groin contract, felt them release the precious milk from his balls. His eyes were clenched tight, tears of pleasure being squeezed out around the corners, as his body could hold back no more. He felt, rather than heard, the gagging sound, the rush of liquid being poured out. Then he felt it, as his cum was washed back across his burning pole, and down into his groin.

Just as his body began to sink back down, he felt the spasm inside, felt the waves of pleasure rushing up his body, to overwhelm his thoughts. His body shook, as his limbs went numb. There was no feeling left in his arms, or his legs, as his entire body seemed to suddenly release itself. Every muscle that had been coiled, and tightened, was suddenly released.

Every part of his body sagged hard into the bed, as he felt his precious milk being drained out. The sensation of warm wetness around his cock was no more, but he could feel the hot spurts leave his cock, hear each one striking, before falling against his own burning skin. Troy could hear his moans, but also the gasping sounds coming from above his own waist.

The spasms racked his body for what seemed like ages, and he could feel the panting breath blowing across his stomach, as finally he managed to open his eyes. He saw the stars or what looked like stars flashing before him, until his blinked a few times to clear them from his vision. As he adjusted to the room’s light, he glanced down, to see Philippe’s head. It was tilted up and back a bit, and he noticed how the cheeks kept blowing in and out, as if he had just surfaced from holding his breath.

There was splashes across the cheeks, the bridge of his nose, and even under one eye, that Troy knew had to be his cum. He could see the chest still heaving, and noticed more splashes of his milk, around the chin, and upper chest. His own body was still shaking, still feeling the effects of his orgasm, but he couldn’t help but notice how Philippe’s body was shaking, how it was trembling.

‘You okay?’ he managed to croak out, and watched as Philippe leaned back, then slump down a bit. His shoulders sagged, as his face turned to stare down at Troy.

‘I think so, I am sorry…’

‘sorry? For what?, I never, I uh…’

‘I just couldn’t take it all, I tried, I really did, but…’

‘That’s okay, I didn’t, I mean, it’s okay, I wasn’t expecting you to take it, honest, it’s okay.’

‘I wanted to, but there was so much, I just…’

‘Philippe, it’s okay man, I should have given you more notice, I mean, I did try to hold it back…’

‘No, no I heard you, but… shit man, I wanted to try, to see if, well, to see if it did taste different.’

‘Yeah? And, was it, I mean…’

‘I don’t know, it was all so fast, so quick, and yet, I mean, fuck, I didn’t get that much, to taste that is, but fuck, you sure got me covered everywhere else.’

‘Sorry, I can see that.’

‘Feels kind of weird, in a nice way.’

‘They say it is good for the skin.’

A small smile crossed his face, as he stared down at Troy. The glint in his eye was something to see, and he felt a strange tremble inside, because suddenly it did matter to him, if Philippe did like his seed, or not. He didn’t know why, but it was like being judged for something important, without knowing exactly what.

‘Do you, I mean, do you always shoot that much?’

‘No, but you haven’t said yet, did it, I mean, was it okay? Or…’

The silence seemed to grow, and yet the way he looked was anything but positive. He didn’t know what he would say, or how he would feel if Philippe didn’t like it, but he waited, feeling a bit uneasy. It was obvious that Philippe wasn’t sure, or maybe he just didn’t know how to break it to him? Maybe he should try to put him at ease, but how?

Before he could say anything more, Philippe laid backwards a bit, leaning on his elbows. His eyes seemed to be off elsewhere, and Troy felt certain he was going to tell him he didn’t like his spunk. His chest was still heaving, but he was already beginning to feel like he was being rejected.

‘I honestly, I am not sure. It was so much, and yet, I mean, it was salty, then sweet, and well, truth?’

‘Yeah, truth.’

‘Truth is, I want to try tasting it again.’

‘For real?’


‘Sure you just aren’t some cum nut, and just want to drain me dry?’

‘Funny, but I don’t know, maybe I am and don’t know it? Or maybe you just stalling because you can’t cum more than once a night?’

‘Oh I can cum more than once, not at this moment, but I can, soon enough.’

‘Good, ‘cuz I really do think I could get into tasting a lot more, just as long as you don’t try to drown me again.’

He felt relieved, as he stared at Philippe, realizing that he wasn’t just saying those things. He really did want to try again, and Troy couldn’t help but wonder, what it would be like, to try a bit more than just swapping some cum.

‘Well give me a few minutes, and I’ll do my best to not drown you.’

‘Okay, uh, have you ever, I mean… have you ever gone all the way?’

Troy wasn’t sure where this was leading, though he had to admit, it was on his mind too. He wondered, if Philippe was a top or bottom, but from his look, he was fairly certain either way would be a first for him.

‘You mean fucking?’



‘You do it, or take it?’

‘Took it, it was, sore, from what I remember, hurt like hell at first really. Why?’

‘Just curious, I mean I’ve seen the videos, looks like it’d hurt a lot, even the guy doing it always seems to scrunch up their face, like its hurting their dick or something.’

Strange, he never really understood how one came to just, doing it. In the videos he had seen, well they just seemed to naturally go to doing it, though he realized that there had to be more to it, than just flipping over and ramming the cock in.

From what he could remember, from his only time, it had hurt like hell, but he couldn’t remember how he had wound up with his legs spread open, his legs up and over his head, and a guy breathing on his face, as he stuffed his hole. Man the pain had hurt, and he knew it would be a lot worse doing it sober. That time, he was blitzed, which helped, or maybe not.

Now he kind of wished he had kept his wits about him, so he’d know how to maybe, find out for himself. He also wasn’t sure how to tell Philippe, that he was as much a rookie as him. It sure sucked, not being able to ask others, but then again, maybe it really was just natural? Maybe he should just reach over, and pull the guy to him, and roll over?

‘Could be, I uh, I should say something like you get used to it, or something, just that, oh fuck, I just don’t know.’

‘Really? Me neither.’

‘Fine pair we are, but all this, I mean, damn it makes me want to, well, to do it.’

Philippe looked at him, with a growing smile on his face. It was as if he had been hoping Troy would say that, or at least give him an opening to suggest it.

To be continued…

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Making the Play

Part (5)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2009 ? All Rights Reserved

Category ¦ Athletes, Jocks

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French Kiss video from Bel Ami


Plain Brown Wrapper (3)

Plain Brown Wrapper

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (3)

Barney felt his skin getting clammy as he led Chris towards his bedroom. It wasn’t like he was a virgin, but this was his private domain, the one place no one, but himself, had ever been. Even his housekeeper that came in was barred from the bedroom. It was the one room of his house, that he never shared, never let anyone enter.

Maybe it was paranoia, or just being anal about his privacy, but he rarely brought anyone to his home, let alone to his bedroom. He could feel his nerves tingling, but not because it would be a first time letting someone else into the room, but because he actually was excited about it.

Approaching his closed door, he was also nervous, feeling like he needed Chris to approve, to pass judgement on the room, because in some sense, it was important to him. He couldn’t rationalize it, or make sense of it, it simply was important to him.

He couldn’t even remember if he had made his bed this morning, as if it should matter, but it did. Maybe he was just too finicky, or maybe it was that he really cared as to what Chris thought. Without realizing it, they were there, and as he reached out, to turn the door knob, he turned to Chris, reminding him that he lived alone, and that he wasn’t a good housekeeper.

Chris had laughed, which seemed to just make his head a bit dizzy. Everything about Chris was making him tingle, making him skittish too. His approval mattered, but it was strange, almost like he was on a first day back when he was a pockmarked teenager going on his first date. He shouldn’t feel this way, he wasn’t a virgin but it felt like it, as he rubbed the palm of his hands on his pants, opened the door and stepped to one side, to let Chris enter his private domain.

He watched as the slender youth entered the room, and took only a few steps inside. Barney saw how his head moved slowly around the wide expanse of the master bedroom, obviously taking everything in. The tension just seemed to grow, as he waited for some comment, some sign, that everything was okay.

Nice’ was all he said, as he moved more into the room, but it was how he said it, that made Barney feel like he was floating on a cloud. It was the tone, how Chris’ body seemed to relax, as he moved more into the room, still looking around at the pictures on the wall to the mess on the dresser.

Barney watched as Chris moved around the room, till he was by the side of the bed, looking into the open bathroom door. He watched as he took a step closer, looking inside then turning with a small smile on his face, he moved towards the bed. Stopping at the end table, he put the box of Condoms down, then turned to look at Barney.

There was something about how he looked, that made Barney relax, move closer into the room. He felt himself smiling, as he moved further inside. The sun was shining in from the large windows opposite the bathroom, which gave a sort of golden glow around Chris, as he stood by the bed. There was that sort of haze, that sunlight created as the dust in the room swirled around, adding to the illusion.

He couldn’t help but feel rather excited, as he saw how handsome Chris looked, standing at the side of his bed. The way his hair fell across his shoulders, glittered a bit in the sunlight. How his face seemed to be glowing, from how wide of a grin he had. The long arms, the legs just spread apart enough for sure footing, all added to the young man’s aura. Chris was an attractive young man on his own rights, but right now, Barney couldn’t think of any guy he had ever seen, that was more handsome, or desirable.

As he made his way towards Chris, he noticed a sudden movement, and he stopped. Chris was kicking off his runners, and Barney realized the curtains were still open. Turning he looked at them, wondering if he should go close them, or if that would seem too anxious. After all, the window overlooked his back yard, and he had a ten foot high full boarded fence, for privacy.

Can anyone look in?

Barney turned to look at Chris, shaking his head as he mumbled that not unless they had a ladder. Chris chuckled a bit, then said if Barney didn’t mind, he’d rather have things as they were. He was impressed, that Chris had known what he had been thinking.

I don’t think old lady Grayson has a ladder anyways.

That your neighbour? How old is she?

Yep, and ancient, looking at her, you’d swear she was on the Ark with Noah.

Chris laughed as he smiled at Barney, then began to unbutton his shirt. His fingers seemed to fumble a bit, as Barney watched him begin to undress, as if it was perfectly natural. Yet as he looked on, he could see tiny beads of sweat on his forehead, see a few strands of hair becoming matted as the sweat beaded up.

In one way, it seemed like any other time when he had indulged his need for male flesh, the way things were so calm, so collected as Chris slowly undid his shirt buttons. Just like any other guy he had picked up, but as he watched, he realized it was totally different. Sure those other guys were a bit nervous, but not like Chris.

They were more worried that they wouldn’t get paid, while with Chris, he could tell it was for other reasons. The look in his eyes, how his fingers fumbled with the simple task of undoing a button, told Barney that he was nervous, scared even, that Barney wouldn’t find him attractive, or something.

Stepping closer, he saw how rigid Chris was holding himself, how he kept glancing at him, as if he expected Barney to suddenly change his mind, and have him stop. He couldn’t help but feel the attraction growing, as he moved around the end of the bed, to stand in front of Chris.

He let his eyes move up and down Chris’ body, smiling as he took it all in. There was no mistaking the bulge in Chris’ pants, nor how his arms were shaking, from nervousness or excitement. The way even his legs seemed to be vibrating, as he took a step closer.

Let me help, or we’ll be here all day.

That wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Barney laughed, as he reached out, to unbutton the last few buttons. He was amazed at how his hands didn’t shake, or tremble as he undid the buttons, opening Chris’ shirt. The way it fell away, to expose the smooth golden flesh to his eyes, made him quiver a bit.

His nostrils flared, as he smelled Chris, his scent mingled with sweat & cologne, that gave him a strange warm feeling deep down inside. Barney couldn’t help but feel his body react, as he stared at Chris’ open chest. How there were really not many hairs there, and what was there was so fine in color, that they didn’t look like hair at all.

Before he could step back, or think, he felt the hands on his hips, and he looked up to see Chris staring at him. The eyes sparkled as he took a step closer, which his own body matched. It was like he their bodies were being drawn together, and before he could realize it, he felt Chris’ hot breath across his face.

His own eyes were blurred, and he found his head tilting to one side, opposite to the way Chris’ head was also leaning. It was all instinct, or just some natural reaction, but he could feel his heart start to rumble a bit, felt his chest suddenly become tight.

The brush of moist lips against his, made Barney quiver. His whole body shook, as he felt the lips begin to press harder, felt his own lips pressing back and opening a bit.

It was all Chris needed, as his tongue was suddenly pushing through the tiny opening. It felt like a battering ram, as the rough edged tongue forced its way through the small gap between his lips. His whole mouth suddenly seemed like it was on fire, as the tongue forced his jaw to widen, to let it enter.

While his body was tingling, it was strange how he could feel the tingle of his toes more than any other body part. Not even his dick seemed to overpower that feeling come up from his toes, as he found himself holding tightly to Chris’ trembling body. He could feel the hard press of his groin into his own, feel how the lump in the jeans was actually stiffening, even more than it already was.

So many strange sensations were rushing inside, that he felt like his body was about to explode. Barney had been aroused before, but nothing like how he was feeling at this moment, and just from a simple embrace & kiss. He could hear himself moan.

Chris’ hands were clutching at his butt cheeks, the fingers digging in, as his own hands were pulling the slender body closer to his, trying to make them one. He could feel the shortness of breath, feel the pain around his lungs as they struggled for air. It was amazing as he let his eyes flick open, to see the pressed face against his own, the long hair wrapped around them both.

Barney could feel Chris’ hands moving around and across his whole body. It was like a pair of demons tearing at his body, and yet he was totally enjoying the sensation. The way they were tearing, ripping at him, prodding him. It all made him shudder, made him quiver in desire, as his own hands seemed to be taking their cue from Chris, not from his own thoughts or impulses.

Breaking apart, after what seemed like hours, he found himself gasping for air, his chest heaving, but he also found that they were both stretched out on the bed. He had no recollection of them moving onto the bed, and judging by the way Chris was breathing, he doubted if he did either. The pounding inside his chest, made him glance down, to notice that a lot more than just getting on the bed had gone unnoticed.

His belt was undone, his pants were open, showing his underwear. Looking over he noticed that Chris had his own pants spread open, that the bulge was sticking between the opening, which made his eyes widen. God, how big it looked, how hard it seemed, and yet he had no memory of undoing the pants, of maybe even touching that bulge.

Looking up, he saw a strange gleam in Chris’ eyes as he realized that the ache in his chest wasn’t easing. The blood was rushing, as his heart continued to pound wildly inside. He saw the glazed look, as Chris now leaned forward, once more tilting his head, but instead of moving towards his lips, Chris’ head moved down, and the hair brushed past Barney’s open mouth.

Looking down, he saw one hand rise up and rest on top of Chris’ head, as his body leaned backwards onto the bed. His legs still dangled over the edge, but he also realized his shirt was wide open, pushed aside to expose his entire upper body to Chris. Barney could feel the sweat trickling down as well, feel how his dark chest hairs were matted from the small little rivers of sweat that had rolled down.

The sharp little jolt made him glance down, as he saw the head poised over one of his exposed firm nipples. The pain was from Chris’ teeth that had taken hold of the jutting flesh, and bit down on it, pulling upwards at the same time. Barney cried out a bit, as he felt a hand reaching down his belly, pushing under the waist band of his shorts.

He let his head fall back, as now the tongue licked at the still tingling nipple. Barney could feel the tongue’s raspy edge swirl around the nipple, licking at the rough base, then up and over. He moaned a bit, as his hands pushed up against Chris, pushing his shirt up and off the younger man’s shoulders. He could feel the hand reaching under his underwear, rubbing the soft flesh of his groin, pushing the fingers into it.

Barney had never felt so aroused, as Chris continued to lick and suck on his nipple, nibble at it even, which only made Barney moan a bit louder. Then he felt the tongue snake across to his other side, to the other untouched nipple. His body suddenly arched up, as he felt the fingers touching the base of his hard cock. He didn’t know if he could back, as the fingers prodded at the thick base of his pole, as his belly was sucked in, as the press of Chris’ palm made his shudder.

He had many hand jobs before, but this was totally different. The touch felt like small electric jolts, as the fingers moved around, slowly encasing the base of his cock. His mind also could feel the tongue licking at his nipple, then at the centre of his chest. Even the hairs on his chest seemed to be sending some sort of signal to his brain, letting him know how good it felt to be touched that way.

It felt like he was being assaulted by huge waves of pleasure. The way his body was shaking, or felt like it was, only made his mind groan with delight. His own hands seemed to be moving, but he really couldn’t feel anything but the way his own body was acting, how it was responding to the touch of Chris’ tongue, hands, and fingers.

Barney felt a cramp in one leg, felt the vibrating pulse of his main artery in the other leg, as it shook, from the way his whole body felt like it was on fire. He moaned and knew one of his hands had hit the mattress, was still hitting it, as he responded to Chris’ touch. How the hand moved around his dick, how the tongue was now licking at his belly, while the other hand caressed his tingling nipples.

His legs wanted to open wider, to give Chris more to touch, to fondle, but they were being held back. He struggled, unable to open his legs wider, and yet he couldn’t stop Chris, couldn’t let it end so he could find out why his legs wouldn’t spread open more. His mind knew why, but he couldn’t quite bring the answer forward, as too many other thoughts were whirling around inside. He moaned, as his hands continued to caress, pull, touch, Chris’s backside. He could feel the hot flesh under his touch, unsure how he could feel the bare skin, not caring how, just that he was.

The press of Chris’ lips against his lower belly, made him cry out, made his body arch a bit upwards, his head pressing harder down into the mattress. Just as he felt like he couldn’t hold back, that his body was about to let him down, the sound of heavy panting echoed in his ear, then he tasted salt on his lips, then the press of Chris’ lips back up against his own mouth. He tasted the tongue again, as it suddenly darted inside, then withdrew, his own tongue following it.

Barney could taste the inside of Chris’ mouth, then the feeling of something burning his fingers, as he realized he had hold of something. The press of Chris’ body on his arms told him he was grapping at the hard dick, at Chris’ own hard dick. He felt the sudden shiver inside as the realization of it dawned on his mind. For a brief instant, he could feel the blood rushing through the veins of Chris’ erect penis, then his mind was once more overwhelmed by the sensation of Chris on top of him.

Slowly he heard his own panting breath, along with Chris’ and he opened his eyes. Above him was that perfect face, the eyes still glazed over, if not more so. The long curly hair drooping downwards, ends moving lightly over his own heaving chest. He could feel Chris’ hot breath on his face, felt his own chest heaving, as they looked at each other.

Panic suddenly gripped his heart, as the image began to slide away, until he felt the hands gripping something around his thighs. Looking down he knew why he couldn’t spread his legs any further, as his pants hung down, just halfway down his thighs. His eyes opened even wider, as he saw the blond head slowly moving down his body, licking and kissing at his exposed upper body, as his hard cock was pressing up into Chris’ own exposed chest.

He felt it all, and watched as the head slowly moved down, as the hands took hold of his pants, and pushed them down. Barney felt his legs close a bit, felt his lower body lift up, as Chris pulled the pants downwards, freeing more of Barney’s lower body from their constraint. He could hear the heavy panting breathe, as the head lifted up to look upwards, along his prone body. Barney felt himself tremble, as he stared into Chris’ eyes, seeing the desire flashing at him. His own eyes returning the desire, the need.

Chris pulled Barney’s pants and underwear off in a quick easy motion. Then he was suddenly standing up at the side, as one hand tossed Barney’s pants off to one side. Barney felt himself lift his upper body up, to watch, to stare at the young man. He saw his ribs moving, as his chest heaved, and he saw the way his own pants were pushed down a ways, his underwear still hiding the hard dick he had been holding.

Barney licked his lips, as he saw the little grin, then noticed how Chris had moved his hands to his hips, to lift up the waistband of his boxer shorts. He watched with bulging eyes, as the young man pushed down, and leaned over a bit, to shove his underwear and pants off his body. Standing back upright, Barney saw the hard dick winking at him. He saw the thick pole jerk a bit, then steady, staring right at him. He couldn’t help but let out a small moan, licking his lower lip at the same time.

Glancing upwards, he saw that look in Chris’ eyes become even more intense, more alive. It was as if a whole slew of fireworks were exploding in the pupils, as they began to come closer to him, making him move his body a bit further up onto the bed. His legs still dangled over the side, but only the ankles and feet were hanging over, as Chris now stood right up in between them.

The touch of Chris’ body next to his feet made his own cock quiver, which brought a smile to Chris’ face. Then he felt the hands reaching down, taking hold of his legs, and pushing them apart even more. He felt the legs being pushed up and backwards, spreading them open, exposing his buttocks.

His head hurt from leaning up, and he let it fall back, as he felt the hands pushing his legs further apart, then felt the warmth of the young man’s body as it rested between his legs. The bed creaked a little, as Chris adjusted his body between Barney’s upraised legs, then the hands moved down, from the just above the ankles, to around the top of his thighs.

Looking down his body, he saw the golden flesh between his legs. The sunlight was shining across Chris’ naked upper body, and he could see the tiny white hairs down the v of his chest. He could see the deep purple of the skin around each nipple, and as he looked up, he could see the blond hair gleaming, the sunlight reflecting off the sweat soaked strands.

He saw Chris lick his pale lips, then look down at the hard cock that jutted up from Barney’s crotch. He saw the eyes flicker, saw them quickly glance upwards, then back down. Barney could feel the blood rushing from his extremities, as Chris’ hands reached around his thighs, the fingers digging into his flesh, along the inside of both thighs.

A brief moment of calm seemed to enter his mind, his body, as he felt the fingers tighten their hold on his flesh. Then he felt the swish of air, as Chris’ head moved suddenly. He felt his body tense up, then was stunned as he felt the press of Chris’ tongue between his thigh and groin. He moaned loudly, as the tongue licked downwards, his hard dick brushing past Chris’ face.

His body shook, as the tongue licked at the thigh, then moved down under his dangling balls. Barney felt the hands digging into his flesh, pushing his body upwards. Chris’ shoulder now pushed as well, as they lifted him upwards, forcing his legs even higher.

Crying out, he felt the tongue licking at his moist flesh, at the spot just below his balls. He felt the sac being pushed by Chris’ face, that made him tremble even more, as his hands balled up into fists, as they struck the mattress with force. He felt the waves of new pleasures coursing up and through every nerve in his body. His mind reeled, as they came crashing into it, as his heart began to race even faster.

Sweat was now pouring from every opening in his body, as Chris’ tongue seemed to be moving down, rather than up. His cock wavered and swayed to and fro, as Chris’ nose was wedged up between the join between his thigh and groin. He could feel the hot breath with each exhale, as it blew across his sweat soaked flesh. He cried out, as the tongue seemed to swirl around, teasing the soft skin below his sac.

The muscles in his legs quivered, shaking as the tongue suddenly pushed further downwards. The fingers now reached across, the weight of his legs being borne by Chris’ shoulders, to grasp at his fleshy butt cheeks. Barney felt them reach between each cheek, making his body shudder.

The fingers were quickly stretching his soft flesh, exposing his inner valley to Chris. He felt the tingling, felt the desire only growing inside, as the finger tips reached down, to then dig sideways into his soft flesh. He felt his hole ache, felt it tremble too, as the fingers spread apart the cheek, the room’s air blowing across the moist pink flesh of his inner valley.

The room began to spin, for him as he couldn’t understand what was happening. He thought maybe Chris wasn’t going to wait, that he was about to be penetrated by that huge dick, but it wasn’t feeling like that. His whole body was a quivering mess of jumbled thoughts, of unknown sensations, as he felt the air swirling around his opened hole.

Part of him wanted to yell out, to remind Chris to use a condom, but his mind couldn’t make his mouth form the words. His lips were swollen, one under the other, as his teeth were biting the soft flesh, as more and more new sensations flowed into his whole body. His legs trembled, the muscles inside shaking.

Barney felt the tips of fingers touching the outer edge of his hole, then he felt them dig in, then pull away from him. His hole ached as the tiny muscle resisted, then gave in slowly as it was stretched wide open. Then he felt the hot breath over it, which made his head spin. His heart began to pound, as he felt a rough flick against the dead centre of his hole. He felt its wetness, then his body just seemed to explode.

He heard his voice crying out, heard himself pleading even, for more, but what it was he wanted, he still couldn’t fathom. The new sensations were familiar in some ways, different in others. He could feel the tongue now, know it was Chris’ tongue, but it was licking at his insides, at the silky skin of his rectum. No one had ever done that, no one either male or female, had ever done what Chris was now doing.

It felt amazing as the waves of pleasure rushed up into his body. His balls were shaking, as was his dick, as he felt the tongue’s tip lick at his inside, then pull out and slowly travel all around his quivering hole. He could feel it, as Chris tasted him in the one virgin spot of his body. He cried out, understanding why his voice was pleading for more.

Nothing felt as good as this, never before had he experienced such an exhilarating explosion of pleasure inside his body. The tongue was licking one second, then the tip darting past the moisten hole. Then it was out, licking again, moving up and down the soft skin between his spread apart cheeks. He could feel the nose pressing against his balls, feel the hot breath as it blew downwards.

As the fingers pulled, he felt the tongue suddenly move down and give a quick swirl around his hole, then he felt it burrow inside of him. He moaned loudly, his fists banging the bed, as the Chris’ tongue dove deep into his trembling body. He felt it fill his hole, fill the tunnel inside, pushing the silky lining wider. He felt it lick up and around, all inside of his body. The pleasure was immense, and so intense that he could feel himself losing it.

Never had he felt like this, so out of control, so aroused. The pain in his groin was only growing, the beat of his heart was like a jet engine refusing to be held back. The blood was rushing from everywhere, towards his groin, as Chris’ tongue licked and swirled around inside.

The tip would poke one way, then another, as he felt the press of Chris’ face into his buttocks. The fingers were pulling back, harder as they tried to open him even more, to let more of Chris’ tongue push inside. Barney could feel the muscles on the back of his thighs tighten, quiver as they grew taut.

His eyes flickered open, but all he could see was exploding lights across the entire room. Long flashes of red, of blue, streaked across as he felt the tongue digging into his body, felt his body pushing down onto it, wanting to feel more of it penetrate his insides. His hands held onto the bed cover, gripping it as the waves of pleasure seemed to roll through him, in endless wave after wave.

Barney knew he couldn’t hold out, it was beyond his ability to control, as he felt his balls push up then fall back down, as the hot cream inside was about to be released. He cried out ‘I am cumming, God I am gonna cum’ that seemed like a cannon shot into the room. His whole body began to spasm, his buttocks pushed down hard, then was starting to arch upwards, when he felt the face move from his body.

A hand reached around, as his legs were suddenly free to fall to either side of the body still between them. He felt the tight hold over his cock, as his body arched up to where only his shoulder blades were pressing down into the mattress. As he cried out, he felt the head of his cock suddenly become wrapped in a strange warmth and wetness. He couldn’t make it out, as his body suddenly shook uncontrollably.

His voice was groaning loudly, the room echoed and echoed to his groans, as his body was suddenly totally out of his control. His toes curled, and even the hair on his head seemed to ache, as he felt the rolling explosion from his groin. Every nerve was suddenly sending signals to his mind, which was reeling. The ache in his belly grew, the eyes began to flutter and grow dim, as he felt the blood rushing from everywhere.

He heard himself scream, heard his strangled cry of release, as his cock reared back then was shooting forward, as if to pull free form his body. He felt the sticky cream racing through the hot tube of his dick, felt it suddenly fly outwards, but he didn’t hear it. Instead he heard a gagging sound, a strange gurgle as his body continued to shudder, quiver uncontrollably.

Barney felt himself falling, then just as his buttocks touched the mattress, the second wave was on him. His hips had sunk back, now arched upwards in a sudden rush. As he cried ‘oh God’ for the umpteenth time in a few seconds, he felt the sticky cum sliding down his throbbing cock, wondering at how it could be possible.

His mind continued to try and process all the tingles and jolts, that made his whole body shake. His toes were hurting, from being curled up, and his hands hurt from pounding the bed, as his body released more of his precious milk. He felt the emptiness in his balls, felt the veins around his cock tighten around his quivering pole.

He heard the coughing sound, felt his body shake, as his eyes managed to peer through the fading flashes of lights. The brightness of the room made his eyes narrow, made his eyelids close and open rapidly, as he tried to peer through it all. As he felt the last spasm ease, his eyes fastened onto the shimmering shape of Chris, who was now looming over him. Barney saw he had moved, that he was leaning over his crotch, and he saw a strange whiteness around his lips, and his chin. He stared at him, seeing at how his chest was heaving, as much as Barney’s own chest.

As their eyes locked, he saw the look of satisfaction in Chris’ eyes, realizing that the drying white stuff on Chris’ face, was his own cum. He could see some on the forehead, some by a cheek next to a still flaring nostril, realizing that he had begun to cum before Chris could get his mouth over Barney’s dick.

Barney watched, as Chris moved off and around Barney’s legs, to lay next to his side. His body was still shaking, as was Barney’s, as he rested one hand on the trembling belly. His face looked up and over at Barney, the eyes seeming to ask him if everything was okay. As much as he wanted to speak, he didn’t have the strength, as he smiled back instead, his own hand now resting on top of Chris’ hand.

Chris seemed to understand, as he let his head fall down, to rest on top of Barney’s breast. The hair was just under his nostrils, and he could smell a faint aroma of shampoo, as well as the pungent odor of sweat mingled with his cum. He sighed, as he let his arm wrap around the young man’s body, bringing him in closer.

The idea of hamburger for lunch, was long forgotten, as he lay there, enjoying the warmth from Chris’ naked body leaning up against his own. He felt satisfied, and hungry, but not for food, but for Chris. His body gave one last twitch, as the idea of him & Chris, seemed to take hold, deep down inside of him.

Okay a single pic too. After all what’s a good story without a nice picture of cum?



Remembering (2)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

He could see them now, see Rob’s long blond hair and deep blue eyes sparkling, as he came around the truck front end, to grab a couple of back packs out of the truck bed. He tossed one to Trent, who almost missed it, still not sure what was happening. There were no bedrolls, no sleeping bags attached, but there was one huge cooler.

It took both of them to lug it out, to sling it between them, as Rob led the way towards the trees and the river. Trent didn’t mind following, as it had given him a chance to admire the tight fit of Rob’s jeans around his butt. He really did admire those firm cheeks.

Even when he would sleep over, he would enjoy running his hand over them, to feel their firm flesh, but he had never gone further. It just would have led to too many questions, which he’d have to answer. Cuddling, rubbing his crotch up into the back of Rob was one thing, doing more was, well, just never going to happen.

He had resigned himself to that, though deep down he knew he wouldn’t like it. Trent just couldn’t do more, or bring himself to do more or ask for more. It was enough that Rob would let him rub himself, even cum, which was more than he could expect.

Back then, you just didn’t blurt that kind of stuff out. You didn’t make it obvious, though Rob had to know. Still, he had it better than others. He wasn’t a target, wasn’t forced to live in pure torment like some of the others in school were. He couldn’t imagine himself surviving that crap, which is why he never said a thing. Oh it had turned his stomach to see, to watch but unlike Rob, he never took a stand. He never risked his position in the social pecking order, like Rob had.

No one thought either of them were, which suited him fine. He didn’t believe Rob was either, though at times he had dreamed about it, wishing in his sleep that he was. It wasn’t just that he had a great body, or a winning disposition. There was something about being near Rob, about talking with him, that made him feel special, made him feel safe.

Looking down now, all he could see was those firm cheeks leading the way through the forest. The small giggles as a branch would suddenly come flying back at Trent. One more reason why he enjoyed his time with Rob, he was always having fun. He could be serious, but it didn’t matter, the occasion, or the situation they would be in, Rob always found a way to make it fun, to find something to laugh at.

The hand squeezed his, as he thought about that short trek into the woods, to where they came out to a clearing. At first it didn’t seem much different, until he noticed the shadow of their tent. It was just like the one they used, and then it hit him. It was their tent, already set up and off to the side was a cleared path, stones built up and split logs already laid within the circle.

A bucket of water stood to the one side, and further off were several more already cut logs, ready for grabbing and tossing onto an open fire. He felt surprised, his mouth hung open as he stammered at the set up campsite, now knowing why he hadn’t been able to reach Rob all day. He had been here, getting his surprise ready.

No wood searching, no having to rush and put up the tent before the darkness overwhelmed them. It was all done and as they set the cooler down, Rob had turned to him and punched him in the arm.


Yeah, it’s great, so what’s in the cooler, booze?

Booze? Nah, can’t have you getting drunk, least not yet. Just some food, soda, and stuff.

Stuff? Like what?

You’ll find out, later. First let’s get the fire going, then how about a quick splash in the river, before it gets too dark?

He hadn’t caught it then, but he got it now. Looking down at Rob, he saw a hint of that grin, that little impish grin he had, when he had suggested the quick dip.

The fire had started quickly, and was already crackling & roaring as they headed down the path to the river’s bank. He once more following Rob, who seemed to enjoy leading, as if he liked to be watched from the backside. Trent had no objection to being behind either, and as they got to the river bank, he felt the cool breeze coming off the water.

Rob was already stripping, and taunting him to get a move on, before winter set in. He glowed in the soft twilight that filled the area, his skin looking paler than it really was. He saw how his arms moved, how they were already pushing his tight pants down, bending over to take them off, making his cheeks stick upwards, aimed at Trent, adding to Trent’s aroused state.

He couldn’t help himself, but he was long past feeling embarrassed about having a hard on around Rob. He too began to undress, thinking that the cold river water would erase his current state. As he pushed his pants down, his boner tenting his jockey shorts, Rob turned around to stare directly at it.

There was a strange glint in his eyes as he looked at Trent’s crotch, then he laughed, as he pushed his own shorts down, turning around to face Trent. His pubic hair a sort of shadow surrounding a huge stiff pole, the most beautiful dick he had ever seen. Whether in some video he had found, or some of the skin mags he had managed to get a hold of, Rob’s hard cock looked much better, bigger too.

He swallowed hard then, as Rob just laughed, and made his way to the water, with Trent finally moving up from the rear. His hard cock bouncing as he ran down the little slope towards the water’s edge. It was freezing cold, or so he had thought, but somehow it didn’t seem to erase his problem. Just seeing that cock, fully hard, was more powerful than the cold river water.

Then too, there was Rob and his closeness, to keep his mind focused on it as well. How he splashed, laughed at Trent. How they moved out a bit, swam around and trying to tag the other. He was certain that a few of those swings that hit his crotch weren’t by accident, but he just enjoyed the touch, afraid to say anything, in case it ruined the moment.

It was two kids, having fun, splashing and just being kids, despite their new age, that made them adults. It wasn’t like reaching the magic age suddenly made them serious, yet it felt different. Splashing, pushing and the odd touch, was different, was somehow more intoxicating.

All the pressure of reaching eighteen was gone, while they horsed around. It was as if the world had gone away, and there was just the two of them, free of everything. The restraints of society, the weight of wondering what the future held in store for them, the gloom of trying to figure out what it was they wanted for the rest of their lives, was all gone in those minutes of just splashing around. Of laughing, at chasing each other in the cool river water, made it all seem so carefree, so relaxing.

Even the notion of being Gay & all it meant, was gone from his thoughts. He could only think of Rob, of how much fun he was, of how good of a friend he was. The idea that they may go their own ways was not even lurking, as they just had now. It was an amazing feeling, that he only now understood. It was a gift, one he could hold onto for his entire life, unlike some other present that wore out, or got misplaced. This birthday gift, was something he would never lose.

He felt his heart thumb and through his narrowed eyes, he saw the figure on the bed. Trent could feel his pain, but right now, he felt nothing but his pleasure, as he too was thinking of that time they exchanged a gift, that really meant something. Strange, how it had taken him decades to fully appreciate, to fully comprehend it.

Sure he had remembered that time, many times throughout the years, but never as powerfully as he felt it now. It was like yesterday that it had all happened, and he felt the thrill deep inside. His whole body was recalling it, as he held Rob’s hand.

How Rob had lead him back to the river bank, and climbed up to stare down at Trent. He could see the moon over his shoulder, the pale moonlight glimmering off his well build body. How the drops of water shone in the pale light, making it seem like he was glowing. But it was how he stood, how he showed Trent that he too was all man. How there was no mistaking the hard pole, that stuck straight out from his body, right at Trent.

It made it all seem normal, as he too stood up, and despite the cool water, was still aroused. Or maybe it was that he just kept getting aroused? From the odd touch, the odd poke, and now the sight in front of him. It all made his body respond, made him ignore everything else.

The worries, the doubts & fears, just seemed unimportant at that time. Somehow, Rob had made him feel safe, comfortable in who he was. He couldn’t explain it then, or anytime since, not even now, but it was as if he could just be himself, not feel afraid or worried of it being misunderstood. His erection was part of him, something natural to have, at that moment.

Sex was never a comfortable topic for Trent, back then or really anytime afterwards. The only time he had ever felt safe, felt at ease, was with Rob, and it all came back to that birthday, that time when Rob showed him just how natural it was.

Out of the water, they raced back to their campsite, to find the fire in full roar. They stood next to it, letting the crackling flames dance and warm their toned bodies. It felt good, to just stand there, naked, and let the smoky warmth dry their skin.

It was just a few seconds, maybe a minute or two, but it felt good, and he couldn’t help but glance over at Rob, to check him out. His dick had softened a bit, but he was mesmerized by the sight of it. The way it was just there, for him to look. He knew Rob noticed, but he didn’t flinch, didn’t move away, or try to cover it up. He just stood there, letting him see all he wanted to see.

Then he moved to his backpack, and pulled out a towel, that he put down on the long log that was near the fire. He quickly moved to grab two more large logs, dumping them on the fire. The sparks flew high in the air, the flames twirled around the new fuel, then began to eagerly eat at it, while Rob dug back into the backpack, pulling out a huge terry cloth towel.

He sat down on the log, with one end of the towel around his shoulders. Rob opened one arm up, holding the other end of the towel, and it was somehow like an invitation that Trent couldn’t refuse. It seemed so natural, that he didn’t even hesitate to walk over, sit next to Rob, and let him place the open end of the towel around his own shoulders.

Rob didn’t let his hand move away either. It rested firmly over Trent’s shoulder, holding him close to his own body. They touched, at various parts, and stared out at the now roaring fire, in front. They didn’t say a word, but just rested into each other’s side. He could remember that feeling now, how good it had felt to have another leaning into him, to lean back & not be rejected, not be worried it would be misunderstood.

Time didn’t seem to matter, and they had just sat there, moving once or twice to add a few more logs onto the fire, but they just sat there. No words spoken, just two friends enjoying the touch of the other next to them. Even the cooler night breeze didn’t seem to phase them. Trent recalled how his hand rested on Rob’s thigh, then moved down so his whole arm rested on the thigh, his hand at the knee. Rob had his arm still around him, but it rested down at Trent’s waist, the hand just up around where his stomach met his thigh.

It felt so good, to feel those strong fingers laid on his leg, his whole body feeling like it was almost floating, only Rob’s touch holding him down, stopping him from floating up into the air, towards the heavens. It was an odd feeling, that he had never felt before, or since. It was a moment of utter bliss. Trent never could remember a time when he had been happier, and the evening had only just begun.

Looking down at Rob, he knew he owed him a lot, for just that one night, that one moment in his entire life, when he truly felt at ease, felt like he could be himself. He smiled down, seeing the answering smile in the pain wracked eyes. Even now, Rob could make him feel like he was okay, that he didn’t have anything to prove.

Sitting together, on that log, he had felt so at ease, that he surprised himself and had turned his face to look at Rob, and out of instinct, he kissed the warm shoulder that his head rested on. As his lips touched the warm flesh, he realized what he had done, but instead of leaping up and running, he waited.

It was as if Rob had been waiting for it, as all he did was snuggle his own body closer into Trent’s, and there was a sort of small little whimper that he heard over the roar of the fire. It all felt so natural, that he just let his head push in a bit more, his arm moved from on top of Rob’s leg, to circle his friends waist, to rest just as Rob’s hand rested around him.

Trent could feel the contentment, the simple feeling of being accepted, even now. He chuckled a bit, to himself, as he remembered how Rob had looked at him, how his eyes seemed to just peer right inside of him. It had felt rather hot, a turn on that somehow seemed right. How he would then glance down to Trent’s dick, and how the eyes would widen a bit. Thinking of it now, he also remembered how Rob would lick his lips, so slowly that he couldn’t help but notice every crevice in them. How his eyes would see the cracks on the rough surface of the tongue itself, as the tip would run across the upper lip first, then the lower one. How it would curl around the corners, as if he had a piece of food stuck in it.

It all came back to him now, as his eyes softened, as he stared down at his friend. How could he have missed all that love? Yet he had found it, before it was too late. He felt a hitch in his heart, as his chest heaved a bit at the lost moments but the beat of the other heart next to his, made him push away the regrets. Instead his mind took him back to that night, to that eighteenth birthday celebration.

While his folks had made a fuss over it, his mom making him a special dinner with all of his favourites, it was the night by the river that had made it memorable. It was where he finally lost the awkwardness of youth, thanks to Rob.

How he had just stood up, putting out his hand for Trent’s own hand. How he smiled, how he looked, totally naked, standing straight to his full 5foot 11inches, shoulders squared. It made him look like some ancient Greek God, the matted dried blond hair curling around his shoulders, his neck. The curls bunched up in spots, the eyes a brilliant blue, the face in a warm inviting smile, all added to his feelings.

He had no idea what was to happen, but he let himself be led back towards the tent, where another surprise greeted him. The sleeping bags were all laid out, one fully opened filling most of the tent. The other rested to one side, to be a cover when required. There would be no separation between them tonight, as he stared down at the arrangement.

To one side was a small overturned box, their camping lantern set on top. It was set to low, and the flame flickered a bit, greeting them as the wind blew softly around the inside, from the opened flap at the front. He sighed, as he stared at it all, at how romantic it all looked.

Walking past Rob, he looked around, letting his hand drop Rob’s clasp, and after taking it all in, he turned towards Rob, to thank him, but Rob had moved in closer. He was a bit surprised by his closeness, further stunned by how Rob simply put a finger up to his lips, indicating for him not to say a word.

Then he moved another step closer, and Trent could smell him, a mix of smoke and river, that made his insides rumble a bit. He blinked, as Rob reached out, to wrap both arms around him, to draw his naked body into his own. He felt the press of Rob’s hard cock against his thigh, felt it slide to one side, as his own hard dick pushed between his friends legs, next to a warm thigh and very hot groin.

He could feel that shudder, even now. How it had felt, how the strange rolling waves of pleasure had made their way up and down his whole body. How he had shook, as Rob pulled him in close, how he then felt the warm press of his friend’s lips against his neck, just under an ear. How good it felt, as the hands moved up and down his backside, touching him in a way that only made the shaking increase.

How his hands moved down to his naked buttocks, to grasp at his own cheeks, how his own hands seemed to awaken, to also begin a strange movement across Rob’s naked backside. How his cock jerked, how hard it suddenly felt, how much it ached too, as they held each other, standing together. He felt Rob’s perfect cheeks, the touch making him tingle, as they ran down the firm orbs. It was unbelievable, even now he felt the tingle deep inside, as he recalled that moment.

Trent could see it all now, see how Rob pulled back, his hands holding him by the shoulder as his blue eyes stared deeply into his own green eyes. How the one hand moved upwards, pushing a lock of Trent’s hair away from his face, how the lips looked. It all came back to him, making him tingle, all over again.

He could see his eyes flutter, the lids slowly closing, as the head tilted to one side, and moved inwards. Trent could feel how his heart had begun to race, how his blood begin to pump wildly through his whole body, making it quiver, as his own head tilted, as his own eyes began to close, despite his desire to capture every moment.

How his body shook, how it simply seemed to explode as he felt the soft touch of those lips on his. It was agonizing, wonderfully agonizing, as he found his lips parting, eager to let in the pressing tongue. The way it moved inside, how it pushed past the small opening of his lips, forcing its way past his teeth, to lick eagerly at the insides, at his own tongue. It had made him tremble then, and now too.

How could he have missed it, but he had. Now he knew it, and he felt it all over again, only this time it was even more powerful. How deep the tongue moved, how his body felt the power of the kiss, the emotion of it all. It was his first real kiss, from another guy, and it was like nothing he had ever experienced.

The press of Rob’s body against his grew too, as he felt his body taking charge, as his mind simply revelled in the wonderful feelings that kept filling his whole being. Nothing else seemed to matter, as he felt the deep hard kiss, as he felt the press of Rob against his own body. How they slowly sank to their knees was nothing but a blur, as they kissed each other. His hands were roaming all across the now hot flesh of his friend, as was his hands. He could feel the fingers probing him, reaching him in places no one had ever touched before.

He had no idea how long they kneeled, kissing each other, exploring each other, before he realized that they were on their sides, stretched out on the open sleeping bag. He could feel its padding, but more than that, he could feel the warm body pressing into his own.

Trent realized, not once had he objected, not once had he drawn back. It was perfect, as it was supposed to be. It was as he had always imagined it would be, as he lay there, feeling his hands touching part of another male, without fear, without feeling like the world would suddenly come to an end. He didn’t feel any shame, as a strange hand moved across his belly, as another’s hand brushed past his pubic hairs.

How he had moaned too, as that hand reached down between their hot bodies, to take hold of his stiff dick. How he felt the rolling tremors rush through his body, as the fingers wrapped around the base of his cock, gripping it firmly. It was unbelievable then, more so now as he could feel it, feel the passion come from the finger tips that touched his throbbing pole.

It felt like tiny electric shocks, the way the tips seemed to just spark. Like a charges of electricity was passing from Rob’s hand to his cock. It made him ache in a whole new way, one that was almost too much for his body to take. He felt himself quiver, felt his body arch upwards even, as the hand held his cock tightly.

Trent recalled how his chest hurt, how he struggled to breath, as Rob’s hand began to slowly move up his pole, to pull on his taut flesh, to roll over the full veins that were sticking out, throbbing with the rush of his blood. How his own limbs felt numb, as the blood rushed to his groin, at how his eyes were watering from the racing emotions deep inside of him.

His own hands were trembling, but he felt them reaching between their bodies, felt them touch the tip of something hard, that was hot and sticky. His hand trembled even more, his mind began to see strange flashes of lights, as he held his eyelids tightly shut. The pain was excruciating, but oh so wonderful, as he realized that Rob was oozing pre cum, just as he was.

The realization only confirmed the pleasure he was feeling, the passion too. How good it all felt, as his hand moved down his friend’s dick, to wrap his own fingers around the throbbing pole. It was his first dick, first touch of one that wasn’t his. It was strange, as he felt the blood pulsing through the thin veins, knowing that Rob was feeling the same sensations. To know another was feeling, what he was feeling, only made him moan more.

The hold he had was broken, as the body next to him moved, as the lower part disappeared from his grasp, and the tight hold on his own cock seemed to suddenly lessen. A brief moment of despair crept in, but was quickly vanquished as he felt the hard press of lips on his chest, the hot breath of another over one nipple, then another.

There was the sudden pain as teeth nipped at one nipple, biting it lightly and pulling back, then as it made its way up his nervous system, he felt the soft press of warm lips on around the nipple, a press that made him groan. Trent felt the brush of the nose against his chest, then the raspy edge of the tongue as it licked at the centre of his chest, moving down his heaving chest. He tried to suck in as much air as possible, smelling the scent of smoky wood, the crispness of river water.

As the tongue moved downwards, he felt the ache growing, felt the way his body was rumbling, how his balls were swelling, adding to the ache, to the growing threat of explosion. How much could his sac grow, before it burst, he wondered, as the tongue was joined by two hands, that moved along his body, touching him, caressing his rolling muscles.

He heard himself cry out, felt himself biting his lower lip as his hands rested on the sweating back of his friend. He could feel the strands of his hair, feel his fingers grabbing at them, twisting them around as the new sensations moved up and down his entire body. How his legs were stuck straight out, stiff and unyielding, making him cramp up, which he ignored.

Everything was coming too fast, as his breath panted, as his heart raced, all the time the tongue moving closer to his groin, to his throbbing cock. He couldn’t believe what was happening, he couldn’t even fathom at how it had happened, only that another man was kissing and licking his body. Only that another guy suddenly was kissing his belly, that a tongue was suddenly licking at his pubic hairs.

He remembered how he had cried out, how his hand had grabbed hold of Rob’s head, how it was pushing it down, even further. How much he wanted to feel that tongue, those lips, around his cock. And when he did, how it made his body suddenly shook in uncontrollable waves of spasms. How every nerve in his body suddenly seemed overwhelmed by the moment, how his body had arched upwards the instant he felt the touch of Rob’s lips around the head of his cock.

He didn’t realize it then, but he remembered it now, at how his hand had pushed, how his body had arched upwards, driving his hard cock past the lips, deep into Rob’s mouth. How there was a sort of gagging sound, how hot it felt all around his pole, as it pushed up into the waiting throat. How the lips wrapped so tightly around the hot flesh, how they slid down, letting his cock in, then out.

How good it felt to feel his nose pressing deep into his groin, how his body seemed to ache, to throb in time with the motion of the mouth over his cock. There was his voice too, loud and shrill as it cried out, shouting his enjoyment of it all.

His voice would have sent any animals nearby scurrying away from its loud cry, yet even as it filled his ears, he could still hear the crackling fire in the far off distance. He could still smell the smoke, smell Rob too, as his body throbbed, as it pushed further up with each new thrust. One hand held the head hard against his body, as he arched upwards, his other hand pounding the earth next to him, as he felt the power of his body growing, as he felt the swirling emotions inside bind together to become one uncontrollable wave of pure passion.

Trent could feel it now, just as he had that night. How his body soared, how the pain grew and grew until there was no other choice. His whole body had become a sea of sweat, of desire. His balls had swollen to more than twice their size, or so it had felt like. He felt it all, felt the press of his sac, as it couldn’t expand any further. His cock was rock hard, never before as hard as it was at that moment.

He felt it all, felt the roaring pain inside, felt it suddenly explode. The force knocking the little air in his lungs out, as the force of it, made him feel like he was in the middle of some blender turned on high, as if he had been in a force 5 tornado.

It sucked the life from him, as his body jerked hard, as it arched upwards, driving his thick throbbing cock deep into the willing throat. There was nothing but a swishing sound, echoing in his ears, as his body exploded, as he felt the power of his ejaculation.

The sound of his cum, how it roared out from his cock echoed in his ears, or was it Rob swallowing as fast as he could, as he felt the thick sticky goo coating his cock, running down the throbbing pole to drip down around his pubic hairs. He felt it all, felt the way his body suddenly seemed drained of all energy, of all power, as his cum continued to pour out.

The throb in his ears, the cries in his throat, all combined to make him shiver, make his body tremble in ways he didn’t think possible. It was unbelievable, even now, at how deep the tremors reached. It was like a secret cavern had opened up inside of him, to unleash this horrendous downpour of the very essence of his life. He felt it all, in tiny compartments of his brain, as he felt all of it.

Every drop that came rushing out, made an impact somewhere deep in the recesses of his mind. He could feel them leave his body, feel the warm mouth and throat that eagerly drank each single drop, desperate to let none escape.

Leaning back in the plain metal chair, Rob’s hand still grasped in his, he felt how drained he was now, just as he had been then. His eyes flickered, as they took in the soft light of the room, but as he looked at his friend, there was a strange sheen on his face. A sort of glow that made him realize that Rob had felt it too, that somehow, through all the pain killers in his body, he had felt that moment again, just as he had.

It hurt, inside, to realize how long it had taken him to come to this point, at what it had taken, to wake him up. Glancing down, he felt the love. For the first time in his life, he was able to acknowledge it, for what it was. No hiding behind other words, no need to cloak it behind some mask of shame or guilt. It had been love, still was love, as he tightened his own grip on the hand in his.

The hand returned his strengthened grip as he felt his chest ache. The shortness of breath was still there, the way he had felt the second the last of his cum had dribbled out from his cock. How totally exhausted he had felt, how his whole body had immediately sunk back into the warm earth. How Rob had fallen on top of him, equally exhausted, equally drained of all strength.

What he remembered most of that instant, was at how totally exhausted they were, but how satisfied he was. How full he felt, how warm and complete he felt. He rarely felt such pleasure, such fullness, satisfaction, as he had right then. Leaning forward, he let his one hand run across the damp forehead of his friend, smiling down at him, still holding his hand.

He saw the understanding in the eyes, saw the sparkle again, only this time, a bit more vibrant, a bit more lively than before. Despite the drugs being pumped into his veins, he was telling Trent that he too felt it, that he too remembered that time, that instant, but that he also remembered it all.

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