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Unwanted (1)

Part (1)

Josh sat there, huddled up into a small ball, holding his knees tightly. The wind swirled around him, as he shivered, but not from the cool breeze. He felt his chest ache, felt the pain searing his very soul, as he kept seeing Bradley’s face, the way the eyes narrowed, how his nostrils flared, as he shouted it at him.

‘Your Queer? Fucking Hell, you are a damn faggot?’

All he had been able to do was nod, hanging his head down, in utter desolation. Even then, his body had been shuddering, from the tone of Bradley’s once warm voice, now turned icy cold. How his lips were pursed as he screamed it at him, at how his face had gone almost white in disbelief, as he spit the words out at Josh.

It wasn’t what he had expected, but then that is how it seemed to always go. To the very few, that he had told, he had never expected to see the raw hatred take over their faces, their whole bodies. One, back in High School had even struck out at him, giving him some painful reminders, of what it meant to be a hidden minority, among a self righteous majority.

Now, at 22, he had thought he had put those kind of errors behind him, until he felt Bradley’s reaction to the news. It had taken him totally by surprise, as he really had thought that he would be the one who wouldn’t freak out, who wouldn’t lash out at him.

Josh still couldn’t believe it. How Bradley had screamed at him, so upset that with each tortured word that escaped his mouth, spittle flew at him.

‘Jesus Christ, a fucking faggot? Unfucking believable.’

Those were the words that hurt, but it was the look that sealed it for him. How could he not have seen it before, though in his own defence, he had been taken in by the boyish looks, the charm of his supposed new found friend.

They had met in the lobby of their apartment building. He had been moving in, when he first spotted Bradley, almost dropping the box in his hands. To say Bradley was a hunk, would be an understatement. The guy was just shy of six feet, about 150 pounds, and that smile was to die for. How his face looked so finely chiselled, honed really without a single blemish on it.

Then to hear his voice, as he reached out, to help prevent the box from crashing to the floor, was the topper. How soft and full of life it had sounded, how full of fun. It made his heart quiver a bit, and his body tremble some. The ease at which he simply took the box out of Josh’s shaking hands, as if they were the best of friends.

It was so seamless, the way he had grabbed another box, and led the way to his apartment, his heart pounding all the way. Even letting him in, had made him feel light headed. How fresh he had smelled, with that just washed kind of scent, nearly made him pass out, but he had held on.

Even now, he could see him, see the darkish hair and the small curl of locks, around each ear lobe. The way the hair just seemed to swirl all around a perfectly shaped head, that was atop of a perfect body. Bradley was more than just a looker, he was a living breathing specimen of perfect male sexiness.

No matter how he walked, how he moved his arms, it seemed to speak volumes about him, make his own body feel like it was being taught how to be pleasing. Josh had a boner from the instant he had spotted him, and even after an hour of moving stuff in, he still sported a stiff one. No one had ever affected him that way, but Bradley didn’t even seem to notice. If he had, well he never said.

Yet now, that was all gone. In the blink of an eye, Bradley had turned into just another one of them. He couldn’t figure out why, because really, it wasn’t like he had hit on him, or even made a half hearted pass at the guy. Not saying he hadn’t wanted to, but there was a lot more to Bradley, than being a perfect fuck fantasy.

He genuinely seemed nice, and helpful. Even that first day of meeting, he had been warm, open, and inviting. No aloofness with Bradley, who could be a poster boy for the Outgoing Male Society. Hell, before they had even finished bringing up boxes, Josh knew that Bradley was 22, worked at the local supermarket as a bagger & stock boy. Josh learned that how much he earned, that he had no girlfriend at the moment, and that to him, sex was over rated unless it was with someone you cared for. Hence his being single at the moment.

Not once did he think it meant Bradley was coming on to him, or that even he might be gay. That though never once crossed his mind, and over the few months of knowing him, it didn’t even flash across his thoughts. Oh, he spent many night with a towel, thinking of what it would be like to be naked with him, touching his perfect body with his own hands.

Maybe Bradley had sensed that? Could he have seen the desire in his own blue eyes, whenever he would steal a glance at him, or was he just looking for a reason to forgive Bradley his outburst? He did do that a lot, because after all, they all couldn’t be wrong, could they?

The tears were drying up, but he was still huddled into a ball, as he thought about Bradley, about his confession to him. How stupid could he have been. Twenty two years old, and damn it, he still couldn’t tell who was friend, who was foe. Yet, to be fair, it wasn’t like he had given Bradley any hints either, that he might be Gay.

Not like he had any skin mags laying around, or even porno flicks, never mind gay ones. So how the hell was Bradley to even guess that he might be? Like, it would shock anyone, or at least, it seemed to. Hell his own family had booted him out when they found out and if anyone should have known, it would have been them, right?

Thinking about it, it seemed like he was just going from one disappointment to another. Everyone he looked up to, had turned their back on in a New York second, when they found out he was Gay. His best friend since grade school had nearly pummelled into the hospital when he had found out, so why should Bradley have reacted any differently?

But then he was Bradley, he wasn’t some jerk who thought he was God’s gift to women, like his best friend thought. He wasn’t some egomaniac who figured he was the hottest looking guy on the planet, like his friend in High School, who had made Josh’s senior year a living hell, just because he could.

Xtra Big DicksSure there were some nice guys, but they would never just hang with him, least not alone. It was like they were two different people, when around him. Even the couple of others who worked with him, treated him differently, when they were alone on a job. Not once did they take their shirts off, or strip down to their shorts. Long pants, and shirts always on, was the routine, unless there were others around. Even when it was nearly a hundred out, they kept their shirts on.

Of course, even then, they would watch his every movement. Each time he would look up, to just wipe his brow, they’d be watching, as if making sure he kept his eyes anywhere, but on their naked chests, or bare legs. It was why his boss had stopped assigning him to large jobs. Now he was sent out to do jobs, that only required one person.

His Boss told him it was a compliment, that he was trustworthy to not dog it, when on his own, but he knew differently. It was to avoid the others being uncomfortable, around the queer. Strange how they didn’t mind showing off for each other either, just not around him. Like maybe they’d enjoy being stared at by some fag, or something like that.

Maybe that was why he got so attached to Bradley. He seemed different. Okay, he didn’t know that Josh was Gay, until now, but he was not bashful either. Man, the times he would be over on a day off, his shirt off, that gorgeous flat chest heaving ever so slightly with his breathing, was a sight to behold.

Josh loved the horseplay too. How Bradley would grab his shoulder to point out something, when they would go out together, and they had done that often. In some ways, it was like an older brother showing him around. How Bradley always seemed to stop by his place, ask him to join him in some outing, even if just to go grab a snack or pick up some milk from the corner store.

At first he was hesitant, but that lasted like ten seconds, before he was off with his new found friend. Hell, it was almost as if they had known each other forever, and Bradley never seemed to hide anything from him. Like how he believed that sex was special, that wasn’t for just getting off. He even admitted to preferring jacking off, to fucking some girl, simply because he was horny.

It was how he felt too, though not about the girl part, though he never said a word about that. Funny too, how Bradley never once asked him about girls, or even if he was looking. Not once did he try to fix him up, or talk about past exploits. Not your typical guy talk for them, as if Bradley knew, or so he had thought then. Obviously that was wrong, given how he had screamed at him, how contorted his face had become, almost instantly, when Josh had spoken that word.

How the fuck could a three letter word, make so many people go ballistic, see red and turn their friendship into outright disgust? It amazed him, even now, though maybe he shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, Bradley wasn’t the first to turn on him.

Still it hurt, as he sat there, slowly managing to lift his head up, to let the pain begin to subside inside. How it hurt, and it seemed each time, was worse than the time before. Maybe the answer was to simply not tell anyone, no matter what? Heck, he still wasn’t sure why he had told Bradley, because it wasn’t like he had asked, or anything.

Again, as usual, he kept turning it over in his mind, wondering if he had some secret wish to be hurt. Maybe that was it, he enjoyed feeling rejected, or something Freudian like that? Could be part of the sickness, part of being Gay?

Granted his few ventures into the Gay scene hadn’t been much better, though he had managed to figure out some of the meanings. Like who knew that being a bottom meant you didn’t like to fuck another guy? Then too, he was surprised at how many older guys were always hitting on the younger ones, and how they would snicker, while preening themselves, just for that reason.

It didn’t make him feel any better either, when the few guys he thought he’d like to know, turned out to be nothing more than smooth talkers, who only wanted a piece of his ass, or to feel his dick up their holes. That isn’t what he had imagined it would be like. Josh supposed he was just a romantic at heart, and the guys he met, well they said they were, but when it came right down to it, they were only interested in shooting their load, then moving on.

Maybe he wasn’t any good as a queer either? He liked the sex, it felt unreal to have another guy sucking his cock, but it never seemed to be more than just that, different in a pleasing way. He never experienced that explosion of emotion, that feeling of being wanted beyond being a sperm donor.

He sighed, finally letting himself sit upright, leaning back into the trunk of the Arbutus tree. He felt the cold wind, and wiped his face with the sleeve of his shirt. Maybe he shouldn’t have dreamed so much about Bradley? That could have been the problem, that made him think that somehow the guy was different.

All those nights, when he would lay in his bed, thinking of him, of how it would feel to make love to him. It didn’t matter that he didn’t know if he was cut or uncut, or if he had a big cock or a small one. All that mattered was that it was him, of how he would nestle into his arm, smell that scent that always gave him a hard on.

The more Josh thought about it, the more he wondered if that really was his problem, his damn imagination, his dreams of having someone hold him, care for him? Wasn’t like he got that from his own family. Seems like they always knew, though acted like it was a shock when it was spoken out loud. How his father’s face showed such disgust, his mother’s nothing but fear, as if he’d somehow turned into an evil demon.

The words, the way they spoke to him, how they seems so unwilling to realize he was the same kid from before, just that he had a different sexual need. Even the so called teachers seemed to not realize that it wasn’t some sickness, some disease that needed stamping out. They acted like he had a choice, like could switch his desires on or off. None of them understood, or maybe they just didn’t care to want to try?

And now here he was, once more feeling rejected, from some guy who he should have known would throw a bird. Yet it wasn’t that way in his dreams, when he would imagine a life of actually being wanted, instead of the reality of his young life.

In those nights, he was on cloud nine, the way he would imagine himself coming back to his apartment, all sweaty from a day’s digging and planting. How his shirt would stink from his sweat, still even be damp from it, and there he would see Bradley, sitting down by his apartment door. Not Bradley’s, but his, and how his face would look so unhappy, until he turned and would see Josh coming out of the elevator, and turning to come towards him.

Then those eyes would suddenly come to life, sparkling. His face would begin to glow, and he would push his lean body upwards, his back still leaning against the door. He’d be wearing that red t-shirt, that showed off his muscles, that seemed to just wrap around each bulging sinew. He would spot the chest, how the small orbs of his pecs would push out.

His eyes would brighten too, at seeing Bradley waiting, and they would devour that golden skinned face, before moving down, to take in the heaving chest. It always heaved, as if Bradley was suddenly short of breath, or had it taken from him, by the excitement of seeing him, Josh.

Then he would let his eyes move downwards, as he started to move a bit faster, despite the soreness in his legs, from squatting all day over flower beds. They would widen as the took in Bradley’s slender waist, how the belt was flapping, as it was way too big for that slight perfect waist. The buckle would gleam in the hall light, as he would stare, usually licking his lips. Then he’d glance up, to see the tail end of Bradley’s tongue sliding back inside, from having just licked his lower lip. The tip would be curled, from pressing up around the corner of his mouth, than was now open, in a big grinning smile. The white teeth seeming to glisten, despite the yellowish light of the hallway.

Josh would feel his tiredness dissipate a little, as he would be coming closer to Bradley. His body would be tense, the ache from work replaced by the one of desire, that was growing throughout his whole body. How his groin would throb too, as he got closer, as his eyes moved back down, to take in all of Bradley’s slender frame.

They would move down, to see the skin tight pants and the bulge at the groin. There would be no mistaking that bulge, no mistaking that it contained something special, that he, and he only, would be allowed to enjoy, as soon as he could get inside his apartment door.

In his dreams, it was always that way, always a frantic rush at first, and even now, he could feel his cock stirring, as the dream was being played in his mind. How his eyes would bulge, as he got closer, because he could see Bradley groin growing. The way the pants would tighten even more, the tell tale bulge moving the pants outwards, as if to greet him.

Then he would be up close, and Bradley would step aside, breathing in Josh’s scent as he moved just enough to let him put the key into the lock. How he could smell Bradley too, that fresh washed aroma, that always drove him crazy. How it would make his legs weak at the knees. He could feel his hands fumbling with his keys, as his arm would brush past that flat washboard stomach, the heat coming from the skin beneath the shirt, making him hurry to open the door.

God, how good it felt, to hear him suck in his breath, and give a small whimpering sound, as he smelled Josh’s body smell. How his nostrils would be flaring, trying to take all of his scent in, at once. Josh could see how his legs quivered, in the tight pants, the bulge threatening to burst out, to rip through the tough jean fabric.

Somehow the door would be pushed open, and he’d step inside, feeling Bradley right behind him, the door always suddenly slamming shut. The lock would be turned, with a loud clanking sound, making it secure, preventing anyone from suddenly intruding.

He would turn, his keys dangling in his hand, when he would feel Bradley’s hands grab his shoulders, pulling his own trembling body close to Bradley’s. How his eyes would flutter, seeing that tuft of hair over one eye shake, then he’d hear his keys hitting the carpet of his hallway.

Josh would feel all the air in his lungs being sucked out, rushing like in a typhoon, as he would feel the hot press of Bradley’s thin lips against his own. He’d feel his mouth opening, to take the offered tongue, that was twisting and eager to enter him. He’d feel the hands reaching around, taking his buttocks in their palms, clenching at the shivering flesh, grabbing them hard with a sense of desperation.

He’d feel his body trembling, feel the tremors reaching for his heart, as their lips would grind into each other, their tongues duelling each other inside of his mouth one second, then inside of Bradley’s. Josh would feel the hands tearing at him, reaching for his belt, for his pants button and then he’s see lights behind his eyelids. His body would be shaking, as he felt the air caress his naked thighs, then his groin. Somehow Bradley would always have his pants down, and without knowing, he’d have done the same to him. He would feel the press of a hard thick cock into the soft belly of his groin, never seeing it but just feeling it press into his soft trembling flesh.

Laying there, against the tree, he could feel his heart kicking up a fuss. The blood was starting to rush, as his mind kept going back to his dreams, kept trying to make them more real, than reality. He knew it wasn’t going to help him, now that he had spoken up, had told his secret to Bradley. That dream would never be the same now, as he sniffled, the mood suddenly coming to an end.

He felt the pain again, wondering why he had spoken up, why he had told Bradley he was gay. It wasn’t like he had any notion that by speaking up, that he would suddenly have his dream become reality. He wasn’t that stupid. Then again, maybe he was, because he did just, well blurt it out. Just, that the idea of being held tightly by Bradley, of having him touch him seemed so, possible.

Josh felt the confusion, yet also the desire inside of him. He wanted someone, and maybe that was why he had done what he did. He wanted Bradley, even knowing it wasn’t going to happen. He wanted to feel his hand moving up and down Bradley firm chest. To feel the chest hairs move beneath his fingers, to tweak his nipples that he imagined would be firm.

The whole idea of touching him, of moving his hand slowly across his chest, of twisting a nipple, maybe even licking it or nibbling on it, while his hand would lightly run down the chest towards Bradley’s belly. To feel the muscles rolling under his hand, to feel the warmth of his flesh, as the hand would slide down, to maybe play with the wiry pubic hairs. The way his own breath would get short, become labored, as he anticipated that moment when his fingers would touch the rock hard root of Bradley’s cock. God, how he ached for that chance, and how much it seemed to be driving him.

Leaning there, he could almost see it, even though he had no idea what Bradley looked like, naked. What he wouldn’t give to have that moment. Just to stare at his naked body, at his groin unhindered by any clothing. To be able to just gawk at him, to think of what it would be like, was all he really wanted, that was now lost to him forever.

Josh knew he was being stupid, even as his own hand moved down over his bulging crotch. Still, the idea of him and Bradley, was overpowering. He knew it was stupid, but he couldn’t get him out of his mind, not that easy. Maybe in time, but for now, he still felt his desire for him. If only he hadn’t said anything, if he’d have just kept it to himself, things might not be as they were now.

He sighed, feeling dejected, realizing how stupid he was. Yet the image of Bradley, in a t-shirt, in tight jeans sitting next to him on the sofa, watching television, still flashed before him. He could smell him too, that aroma that always gave him a super boner. God, how sick was he? Even now, to be thinking of him, to be rubbing his own aroused dick, despite the reaction he had just gone through.

Even the idea of trying to talk to him, lurked in the back of his mind, which was stupid. There was no mistaking that look, that hatred, when he had told him he was Gay. Yet despite that, he was already thinking of trying to patch it up, to maybe still be friends. That was sick, he thought, as his hand moved over his hard crotch. Christ, how the thought of Bradley made him so hard, so horny.

The sound of someone coughing startled him. Josh quickly pulled his hand up and leaned forward, towards the sound. His eyes grew wide, as standing there, in front of him was the guy of his dreams. He couldn’t believe it, as he stared, open mouthed at Bradley. No way had he not noticed what Josh had been doing, yet there was no anger, no hatred in his eyes, or in his face.

‘Figured this is where you’d come.’

‘to be continued’


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Part (1)

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Making the Play (9)

Part (9)

Troy felt a slight twinge in his back, but all he could think of, was how good it had felt to be inside of Philippe. Amazing how he could still feel that way, plus how his body seemed to have ignored the pain from the afternoon practice. Mind over matter, the coach always said, when they were facing a tough opponent, but now the reality was, they would have to deal with Tommy.

It was almost as if Philippe could read his mind, as he rolled over a bit, and let his head rest a bit higher up on Troy’s chest. His hair smelled from sweat, with just a hint of his shampoo remaining. Yet he breathed it in deeply, as he felt the warmth of Philippe’s cheeks on his bare chest. He had never felt so relaxed, even with thinking of Tommy.

Philippe’s hand rested on Troy’s stomach, and he could feel the fingers as they moved a bit, not much, but enough for him to feel. Inside, he still couldn’t believe how good it had all felt, to be with him, to taste him, to enter him. Nothing had prepared him for the way he had felt, at how he seemed to become someone different, someone consumed by a strange fire, and yet now, he felt like the world was at his feet. It was like he couldn’t stop wanting more, even though he knew his body was totally drained, completely exhausted.

Not like he was some stud, that he could compare it with, and yet inside, he knew there would never be another moment, as intense, in the way that he had just experienced. His own arm moved up and around Philippe’s body, to rest over his back and shoulders. Troy could feel the warmth of his body, the dried sweat even, and all he could think of, was how warm it had been, to be inside of his body, to be touching him in a way that he still didn’t understand.

It was special, and the pain from the tackle, seemed like it was a distant memory, yet he knew he’d be feeling it all over again, once Philippe left. And that thought, made him grimace more, than those swirling thoughts of what Tommy might do, in retaliation. He just didn’t want the moment to end, knowing it would.

‘You had a thing for him?’

Troy felt the body under his arm tense, as he had spoken, and he knew too, that what he had felt about Tommy, was nothing to how he felt about Philippe now. Then too, he saw Tommy in a different light now, one that made him wonder what he had ever seen in him, before.

‘Yeah, I did.’

‘Why? The guy is a jerk.’

‘Yeah, but even jerks can be hot, and you gotta admit it, Tommy is hot.’

‘Uh, you two, how uh…’

‘I blew him, once, that is all… and no, it wasn’t forced. It just, shit it just happened, and I dunno, guess it freaked him more than I thought.’

Philippe got silent, as he laid there, resting on top of Troy. It felt good to have him nestled into his own body, as he could feel his heart beating, feel his lungs as they expanded and contracted. It just felt right. For the life of him, he didn’t know why, but it was something he never wanted to end, to stop feeling.

‘Was it good?’

‘I dunno, at the time, I thought it was.’


‘Now? Fuck, it was a blow job, doesn’t seem like it was anything more now, if you, if you get what I am saying.’

‘Yeah, I think so. Uh…’

It was true too. Until tonight, he had thought it was something special, that it meant something, yet now, it all felt so ordinary, so uneventful. Oh it had meaning, in some way, but it wasn’t like he had imagined. Not now, anyhow.


‘You think he is, ya know… Gay?’

He really had never thought about that. Oh he had hoped, even maybe dreamed that Tommy could be, but inside, he had never really thought he was. Could be he was trying to not get his hopes up, or get himself into trouble, like that worked real well. Still, why would Tommy have come back to let him blow him, then show up here for more?

‘I suppose, hard to really know, I mean he did freak out at first, though it was, shit, does it matter?’

‘maybe, i don’t know, I just…’

Troy found his hand was running lightly through Philippe’s hair, and that so far, they hadn’t really looked at each other. It was like, well like two lovers discussing the day’s events, of what had happened and not, about their friends latest screw ups. In short, it felt like what a couple would do, but still, behind the softly spoken words, were the hidden meanings.

Maybe he shouldn’t have told Philippe about sucking Tommy off, but then, it wasn’t something he could hide. Then too, it did feel different. Having Philippe’s dick in his mouth, was a damn site more enjoyable, than he had felt when he had taken Tommy’s, so why shouldn’t he let him know that? Why should he hide how he felt, just because that was what guys were supposed to do?

‘It’s his loss man, if he is, well, I don’t see him admitting it, do you?’

‘No, guess not, which means…’

‘yeah, we are in the shit.’

‘I suppose, but not right away, or do you think?’

For the first time, he rather felt that he hated Tommy. It wasn’t that he was fond of him, after his stunt, but now, having to think about him, about what he might do, made him turn his infatuation with him, into strong dislike. Maybe hate was too strong, but then again, everything he had thought about Tommy, had dreamed about him, was just that, a mirage.

What was real was now, that not only was he in shit of being exposed, but that Philippe was at risk too. That somehow made him even angrier, to think that because he had a thing for Tommy, it had put Philippe into danger.

‘He does have a nasty streak, I don’t know Philippe, but I don’t really, not now, tomorrow but let’s not talk about it now.’

‘You still want to see me tomorrow?’

‘Fuck yeah, why? Don’t you?’

‘I do, just, I uh, I don’t know, this is all so new, I mean… not just the sex, but being… well being with a guy, this way, as well…’

‘yeah, feels the same for me, but… it just feels right, least for me.’

‘me too.’

‘then screw Tommy, the team, the fucking world, I mean shit man, this isn’t the dark ages.’

‘feels like it at times, though.’

‘I guess, but… fuck it man, I am tired of being someone else. I want to be like they are, ya know?’

‘Uh huh, I do, and I want it too, just… are you certain?’

‘No, course not, are you?’

‘Fuck no, but then, I don’t want to have to sneak around to be with you, either.’

Uncut DicksTroy lifted himself up a bit, and squirmed up so his back leaned up against the headboard. It hurt a bit to move, but he ignored it, as he realized what they were talking about, and at how dangerous it could be. He didn’t think too many at school, would do anything, but the guys on the team, was a different matter. Some of them had been pretty vocal about gays, and though it was all talk, it was something they should consider.

He wasn’t sure either, if he was ready to give up the team, just to be out, to be open about who he liked, who he preferred to sleep with. No way would some on the team take to that easily, but then he wouldn’t be doing it alone, and that was something, wasn’t it?

Looking down at Philippe, who was now staring up at him, he felt his heart quiver a bit. God how handsome he looked, how desirable he seemed, and was. There was something special between them, which he didn’t quite get, or fully understand, but what they were talking about, was something he had only dreamed of. Never, did he think he’d have the nerve to actually do it, but then, that is what he thought about his fantasy of sucking Tommy off.

‘me neither.’

‘guess we don’t have a choice then, do we?’

‘not really, but then, we could try, if you wanted to?’

‘Do you?’

‘Hiding? No, I think with your taste for blood, we don’t have a choice there.’


‘uh huh, but you know Philippe, maybe it won’t be so bad? I mean other than a few of Tommy’s crowd, I doubt the other’s will do much, other than maybe make some lame comments.’

Philippe stopped staring at Troy’s crotch, and glanced up. He had a strange look as if he had just been struck by something. The way his brow scrunched up, and how his eyes seemed to have some sparkle to them. If it wasn’t for the topic, he’d reach down and pull him up, so he could kiss him, but he held back. Mainly though it was from trying to think of a way, to make coming out, not as painful as he thought it would be.

‘I suppose, but, maybe we can sort of, I mean, do you think Tommy is gonna come after us, right away?’

‘honestly, I don’t know, maybe, but he won’t wait for long, to try something.’

‘unless we come out first.’

‘you mean tell the team before he does?’

‘sort of. I have an idea.’

‘I am all ears.’

‘Bit more than that, I think’ he said, as Troy felt Philippe put his hand down between Troy’s legs. It felt good, to feel his touch, the way his fingers moved over his sac, and around his semi hard dick. Amazing at how he wanted to still play around, even though they were planning the biggest decision of their lives.

He waited, as Philippe seemed lost in thought, while at the same time, his hand moved lightly over Troy’s pubes. He felt the stirring in his guts, the way his body seemed to tense, as Philippe’s hand moved across his hairs. Maybe it was the combination of being touched, and of the looming danger of coming out? Either way, he felt like maybe they would do more than talk, as he let his eyes flicker for a moment, relishing the soft touch.

‘What do you think of Cory?’

‘Our Quarterback?’

‘uh huh.’

He thought about Cory, who really was a popular stud on campus. Then too, he was the quarterback, which naturally made the girls go gaga over him, and in his way, he was rather attractive. Not quite what he was into, as he sported that barely shaved look, that he never quite understood. How the hell could you nestle with someone, and kiss, if their face was always scruffy? Besides, Cory was a bit too beefy for his tastes, not to mention tall.

‘well, he’s not my type…’

‘I should hope not, but no, you know what I mean, think he’s like Tommy, or more open minded?’

He got a strange look, that sort of made him shrink a bit. The idea of Philippe being pissed at him, instantly made him want to cover up his dick, but then too, the notion that someone would care enough about him, was rather thrilling. Still, Cory wasn’t his type, but nice to know that Philippe cared.

‘I dunno, never really, I dunno, why?’

‘Most of the team, even Tommy’s defensive guys, all follow his lead, don’t they? I mean, shit, most of the school does, right?’

‘Yeah, so?’

‘What if he were on our side?’

Quickly thinking back, he tried to figure out where this was all coming from. He didn’t think Cory was gay, and maybe that was what Philippe was trying to imply? Or could it simply be, that he was gay friendly, if there was such a thing? He felt a bit, uncertain as he thought about the guy. After all, they played on the same team, and being a receiver, they had to know how the other thought, to a point.

Cory wasn’t really one of those, gung ho types who made speeches either. He let his arm and play calling do the talking, but for the life of him, he didn’t know if he was pro or against gays. All he knew was that he liked to win, that he hated losing, but never once, had he put the blame on others, when it wasn’t their fault.

If he was in their corner, it would make a difference, and would go a long way to keeping Tommy from going too far overboard. Would it be enough to avoid a riff in the team? Or to keep them from getting the crap beaten out of them at practise? That was something to consider, because they would be most vulnerable then.

‘It wouldn’t hurt, but would he?’

‘We could talk to him, it might.’

‘Yeah or just speed things up too.’

‘I suppose, but Jesus Troy, what have we got to lose?’

‘Not much I guess, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. I mean, shit, the guy is cool, and seems fair, but something about a guy being gay, makes even the nicest straight guy, turn into a screaming redneck.’


‘yeah, still, it’s worth a shot. Thing is, we should do it together, but uh, what or how do we tell him?’

‘I guess we just tell him.’

‘And what do we say about Tommy?’

‘Fuck, I don’t know, maybe the truth?’

‘Oh yeah, that would go over well, NOT.’

‘Troy, if we hold back, or lie, we don’t stand a chance of him backing us.’

He sighed, because inside, he knew that Philippe was right. Still the idea of having to explain why Tommy showed up wanting to be blown, was, embarrassing. Hell, Cory might wind up getting the impression that he was trying to score with all the guys on the team, or some other shit.

Then too, if he didn’t spill it all, and Cory found out anyhow, which was likely, they’d be up the creek. It wasn’t fair, he thought, as he stared up at the ceiling, then everywhere but at Philippe. He couldn’t look at him, just yet, as he tried to figure out, if even talking to Cory was worth it all.

It was a risk, because if they did and he did explain everything, it would leave him, and Philippe, wide open. They’d have really nothing to fall back on, or to cover themselves with. That was the biggest problem, because if it didn’t work out, they’d have no safety net, and being on the team, would be a thing of the past.

‘and if he won’t? You thought about that?’

‘yeah, I have, and yeah, I know, we’d be royally fucked.’

‘Fuck is that an understatement.’

‘But if he does, maybe then we could still play, I mean, you do still want to play on the team, right?’

‘Hell yes, but, even if he does back us, practise could be rough, you think of that?’

‘Uh huh, but then, was it any better for you today, when no one knew?’

‘No, but you think he deliberately tried to hurt me? Cuz, I am not so sure.’

‘Neither am I, but isn’t it a risk we kind of have to take, unless…’

‘Unless what?’

‘I don’t know, I just… fuck Troy, I want to be with you, not just behind some bushes, or where no one else goes. I want to be able to be seen with you, not be afraid of what some might say.’

‘I want that too, but even if things go our way, some still will make a scene.’

‘I know, but… I think it’s worth it.’

He looked down at him then, and saw the small drops of tears at the corners of his eyes, and he felt his own eyes tearing up, because he felt the same way. There was no explanation for it, for how quickly he had fallen for Philippe, or how suddenly he meant so much to him. There didn’t seem to be anything he wouldn’t do for him, and inside, he felt that held true, for Philippe, as well.

There was a risk, he knew that, yet he also knew that you couldn’t always play it safe. You had to sometimes take a risk, to make a big play, and this wasn’t any different. If, and it was a big if, Cory backed them up, or at least stayed out of it, they might have a chance. If, and it was possible, he came out against them, they’d have to think about a transfer out of school, at best.

It sucked, having to think about those things, when really, all he wanted to do was to curl up and hug the guy. He could feel his body warming up too, despite the heavy burden of what lay ahead, but he couldn’t help but admire the way Philippe had stood up to Tommy, and now, was willing to risk it all just to be with him, like any other couple.

‘Okay, we’ll talk to Cory, but tomorrow, right now, no more talking.’

Philippe gave him a big grin, as he let his head rest on Troy’s chest, his head staring up at him. Those eyes were wide as saucers, as he just grinned, and as his hand began to fondle Troy’s balls. It was almost as if he was reading his mind, as the hand moved up and around to cup each full ball, then lightly tickle the underside of his stiffening cock.

‘Not even a small whimper or moan?

He laughed, feeling once more at ease, as he reached down, to let his own hand run down the back. He felt the excitement inside building, as he felt the soft press of Philippe’s lips on his chest, teasing him, as he closed his eyes, letting the pleasure fill his thoughts.

To be continued…


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Making the Play

Part (9)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2009 ? All Rights Reserved

Category ¦ Athletes, Jocks

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Making the Play

Part (1)

Troy Allen from Bel AmiTroy tossed another rock across the water, watching it skip along, until finally it just sank. He felt like he was that rock, just skimming along when suddenly, he just was dropping to the bottom. Strange, to sit here in this beautiful setting, and feeling like his whole world had ended, without really knowing how, or why.

If he was honest, with himself, he knew the reason why he was feeling so alone, so dejected. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out either. He was nineteen, an athlete on a small community college team, had decent looks, and was Gay. Problem was, he forgot that he was in a small school in a small town, that word got around, yet he really hadn’t thought it would get out, least not that fast.

Maybe he had secretly wanted it to? That could explain his stupidity in trusting Tommy, or maybe he was just tired of keeping who he was, a secret? After all, he couldn’t keep on pretending he was straight, faking his taste for women when all he really wanted was a cock.

Leaning back on his arms, he stared out at the lake, at the deep blue water that glistened in the setting sun. It was a bit cool, but he didn’t notice it, as he lay there, wondering why he had opened up to Tommy. Could it have been his eyes, or maybe it was the guy’s long gentle curving blond hair that set his face off, like it was in a flowing picture frame?

Maybe he was just lusting after the guy’s solid frame, and that obvious big dick? Now that made sense, but he had seen guys like Tommy a few times before, and never wanted them, as much as he had wanted Tommy. Yet, he had felt something, more than just a desire to jump his muscular body, and swallow that huge cock in one gulp. There was a look, a way that he kept seeing Tommy staring at him, that made him think that he had found a kindred soul. Least he had convinced himself of that, which was perhaps his fatal mistake.

It wasn’t like he was a virgin but he wouldn’t call himself a pro, or even experienced. He had a few flings back in the day, and his journey to College had made him imagine a whole new world, where sex would be easier to have, to enjoy. His first day at orientation had quenched that thought, and here he was, starting his second year and so far, he had two half hearted experiences.

Looking down at his hands, he realized they had more to do with him getting off, than some other guy did. Two miserly attempts, that weren’t quite right. Oh they had been okay, but hell he could barely remember what the guys looked like, let alone recall how it felt to take them in his mouth, or take the one up his ass. It just wasn’t memorable enough, which is maybe why he had built up that fantasy about Tommy?

While Tommy was a hunk, he was more of what you would call the typical twink. He wasn’t fat, lean really and you could see his stomach ripple at times. He had some muscle, was well defined actually and he thought his curly reddish blond hair was attractive, even if it did give him a bit of a girlish look. Still, it wasn’t hanging on his shoulder like Tommy’s.

While played at the Wide Receiver spot, Tommy was a cornerback, and a good one too. Some even said he might make the pro’s one day, if he honed his skills. Gawd, how he would like to have been the one helping to hone Tommy’s skills, and not at Cornerback either, but at fucking. That was obviously no longer a realistic dream, given how angry Tommy had gotten, from that one little error on his part.

It really wasn’t fair either, because damn it, the guy was a hunk. That and the simple fact that he enjoyed flaunting his natural attributes should be made into his fault. Like, the way he always paraded around the locker room, rarely with a towel over his midriff, and generally sporting a rather good sized boner as well.

Thinking about it, what did Tommy think would happen? Why wouldn’t anyone think he was always occupied with sex? I mean shit, the guy was always first to get naked, last to get dressed. What else would any normal guy think, but that he was showing off and why wouldn’t it get noticed? Yet Tommy had made out like he didn’t even think some guy would get a stiffy over him.

All those nights, when he would dream about Tommy, about being in his arms, feeling his stomach muscles ripple as his hand would caress those perfect rippling muscles. How they would shake to his touch, to his lips lightly kissing them, making them shudder even more. He felt it, every night he would fall asleep, thinking of Tommy, so why shouldn’t he make a play for the guy?

It wasn’t like they were strangers, and in fact, had been friends. Granted that all changed from him being stupid, and from thinking Tommy had wanted it, but fuck, he was a normal guy, with a normal sex drive. All Tommy had to do, was shut the fuck up about wanting to shoot his load, to let it go, instead of constantly harping on it. In some ways, it really wasn’t Troy’s fault, because he would never have summoned up the courage to offer to relieve Tommy, if he hadn’t kept yapping about he didn’t care how, but he wanted his dick sucked.

He should have kept his mouth shut, instead of blurting out that he’d give it a try, if Tommy wanted. Like that was a smart move, and while he had gotten a sort of strange look, he hadn’t made much of it. After all Tommy had said he wouldn’t mind, and even joked that Troy was a better friend than he expected. So what was he to have thought?

In some ways, he felt certain Tommy was encouraging him, and as they were alone, why the fuck shouldn’t he have felt that way? Not like there were any of the usual girls around to show their appreciation for the team players, and besides, Tommy had made out like any hole was good, without saying it had to be a girls.

Now here he was, alone and wondering where he could transfer to, because like a sap he had offered. One thing to maybe agree to jack him off, but to suck him dry? No, despite his claims that he was just curious, that it was a thought and not something he had ever done before, it was a stupid move on his part. Worse was how Tommy seemed to egg him on, to keep on asking if he was sure, as if he really wanted him to try.

All that talk about being curious, about experimenting, was just a come on, to get him to commit, to out himself. Man he felt like such a fool, but what was worse, was he really did want to do it, to taste his hard dick, to feel it throb between his lips. More than that, he wanted to taste him, to swallow his cum, and savour its flavour as it slid down his throat.

While he did manage to get a small taste, of what Tommy’s dick tasted like, at how it felt between his lips, it was just that, a small taste. How could he have been so stupid, as to let himself actually get down on his knees, and rest his hands on Tommy’s thighs, and then stare at the hard uncut cock, licking his lips, showing Tommy how much he really did want it. That was his mistake, not being coy or reticent. He should have milked it, and who knows, maybe then he wouldn’t be out here now, thinking of how to get a transfer and get it fast.

He heard the crunch of a branch and turned his head to see the figure coming from the roadway. Troy recognized him, as he balled his fingers up into a fist, unmoving but ready. His eyes stared at the tall figure, as he made his way down towards him, and he could see he was carrying a six pack with him. It didn’t make sense, as he watched Tommy approaching.

‘Thought I’d find you here.’

‘Yeah well, here I am.’

‘I can see that.’

‘What do you want?’

‘To talk.’

‘Why? Think you said it all back there, what else is there to say?’

‘Look Troy, get your head out of your ass man, you surprised me is all, what did you expect me to do or say?’

‘I dunno, just not that.’

‘Yeah, well, feeling your mouth on my dick, I mean Christ man, I had no idea you were uh, were that way. If I’d have known…’

‘You’d have what? Not pushed your dick at me so much? Fuck Tommy, I may like dick, but I don’t like a fucking tease.’

‘Yeah, okay simmer down, I am sorry, okay?’

‘No, no it isn’t okay, I mean fuck man, you were the one itching to get blown, you were the one who said you didn’t care, and you were showing it off, what was I supposed to think?’

‘I am not Gay Troy. Sorry if me having a hardon and wanting to get off made you think otherwise, but Christ man, we’ve always joked around about it, hell everyday in the locker room someone is joking about wanting to get blown.’

‘Yeah but we weren’t in the locker room, there was just you and me, not any of the other guys, so give me a break, it was like you were trying to get me to out myself, happy now?’

‘Fuck, you don’t get it, do you Troy?’

‘Get what, that you like to fuck with my mind?’

‘No, that, well, I am curious, okay, there I admit it. I was curious, you were right, satisfied now?’

‘Huh? I mean, I don’t… why the fuck did you go all ballistic on me then? If you…’

‘I don’t know, guess it was seeing you on your knees, seeing the way your eyes were looking at me, fuck it just, I don’t know, it scared me.’

Tommy opened up a bottle of beer, and took a deep swig of it, then wiped his lips with the back of his hand. He stared at Troy, then handed the bottle to him, while grabbing another from his six pack.

‘Scared, you? I don’t, fuck Tommy, you have me so fucking confused, you mean, you really were wanting me to, but how, I mean…’

‘Shit Troy, from the first day most of knew you were probably Queer, just no one wanted to say anything to you, in case, well, in case you weren’t, or just weren’t willing to trust us.’

‘Everyone? I mean, from the first… fuck, you are just fucking with me, aren’t you? I mean…’

A cold chill ran down his spine, as he tried to make sense of what Tommy was telling him. If everyone already knew, and nothing had happened to him, why the whole scene earlier? What the fuck was Tommy’s game? Was he trying to cause trouble? It didn’t make sense, as he took the opened bottle, and drank down the remaining beer.

‘No Troy, the Coach even had a talk with us, that first time, warning us he’d not tolerate any, you know, hazing stuff.’

‘I never, I always, shit, but… why didn’t anyone say anything?’

‘We were going to, but then when you talked about girls, like you knew girls, well, we kinda thought maybe we had guessed wrong.’

‘I still, I mean why now? I don’t get… was this some sick way so you could find out if I was or not?’

‘No, not the way you mean it, just that, well fuck, it’s always been in the back of my mind, and it’s been awhile since I’ve had any, so I thought, shit, do I have to spell it out for you?’



‘Hey, you are the one who says he’s not gay, so why come on to me? I don’t get it.’

‘I am curious, like you said, I’ve heard things, and well, fuck, you figure it out, not like you are stupid.’

‘Am or were curious?’


‘Then, why did you stop me? Fuck I don’t get this.’

‘I don’t know, I thought, I might, oh fuck man, I don’t know, I wanted you to, then I didn’t, cuz well, maybe what they say is true, and maybe, maybe I might like it.’

‘Being sucked off by a guy?’


Looking up, he could see the terror in Tommy’s eyes. He was telling the truth, or at least he looked like he was. Maybe it was what he wanted to see, but he lifted up his hand, and looked at the six pack. Tommy shoved his hand forward, offering him the six pack. As he reached up to grab a bottle, his fingers touched the back of Tommy’s fingers.

Troy felt a sudden shock, a strange jolt, and looking up he could see that Tommy had felt it too. Yet his eyes just looked down at him, his mouth firmly shut. He didn’t know what to make of it all, as he took a bottle out, and flipped the lid open. It was all so confusing, as he took a long pull on the beer, wiping his mouth, just as Tommy had done earlier. It made him shiver again, realizing he was stalling for time, unsure what to say or do.

Then too, the idea that he might still have a chance at realizing his dream, was beginning to come front & center in his thinking. He tried to push the thoughts away, afraid of what might happen if he let them in. He needed to think about this, but with Tommy standing there, so close, it was unnerving. How do you push away your dreams, when they are standing right there, maybe even offering themselves to you?

Looking up, he noticed how his hands clenched the six pack, how his whole body seemed to be stiff, ill at ease. Then too, there was that tell tale bulge, that said that maybe what he was saying, was for real. He couldn’t make up his mind, as his eyes moved up, to see the Pecs sticking out from the shirt he wore, from how his neck was rigid, the vein running up the one side throbbing. His whole face looked like a mask, as if set in stone, and he wondered if it would break, if he just reached up and touched the side of it.

‘I guess I can see that, but now what? You here to make it all right, or you looking for another chance to get your rocks off?’

Tommy stared down at him, a small flicker of the eyes told Troy he had hit a mark. He leaned back on his arms, taking another drink, wondering what he would do, if Tommy said he did want to try again. The idea of actually doing him, after all that had happened, was still rather exciting.

‘I already said I was sorry.’

‘Yeah, you did, so, that mean you do or you don’t want your dick sucked off?’

‘I do.’

Troy felt a lump in his throat as Tommy said the words, so softly. It was as if he was already feeling ashamed for wanting it, for being here, and a quick glance upwards, confirmed it. He could see terror in his eyes, yet also a glimmer of desire, of lust even. His eyes moved back down, to see that the bulge had grown, and he remembered how big his cock had looked, how thick.

He didn’t want to miss out a second time, and surprised himself and Tommy by how he quickly laid the bottle down, and was in place, kneeling before Tommy’s crotch. He heard the intake of his breath, as he reached up and undid the belt and popped open the button of the jeans. Troy could feel the body shaking, feel the tremors racing up and down Tommy’s body, to the touch of his hands.

Glancing upwards, he saw the terror was gone, replaced by an obvious look of desire. The eyes were wide, staring down at him, the facial muscles constricted, and a bit of drool at the corner’s of his mouth, as he watched Troy. The way his body was so stiff, how his legs were just slightly parted, made his own dick throb a bit, as his fingers fumbled with the zipper for a second, then managed to yank it all the way down.

Breathing in, he could smell the scent of the surrounding trees, and lake, but the man scent that wafted across his nostrils was more powerful, more intoxicating than he recalled. It made his heart tremble, his own legs ache, as he continued to breath in the heavenly man scent from Tommy’s wrapped groin.

He pushed his face into the soft flesh beneath the underwear, while his hands yanked the pants down from either side. He heard a small gasp, a sort of moan as the pants slid down, exposing the firm flesh of Tommy’s thighs.

Troy could feel the man’s warmth, against his face, emanating from the underwear. He could feel the hard pole jerk as his lips moved over it, held tightly by the fabric. As his mouth moved along the long tube, he came to the end, and felt the wetness that was soaking into the fabric, knowing that Tommy was leaking precious precum.

His mind was clouded, as he let his hands move up the firm thighs, to wrap around the underwear, and to pull downwards. The sound of the hard cock popping free echoed, but he ignored it, as he stared at the long pole that was now free. A tiny drop of white at the head, was all his eyes could focus on. His tongue snaked out quickly, gobbling at the precious fluid, that now swirled in his mouth.

He felt the press of hands on his shoulders, as he licked at the underside of the exposed head, tasting the sweat, the dried ooze from before, and as he pushed his face beneath, he could smell him. The rich aroma of his manhood permeated his pores, as he shuddered, as his tongue licked at the tightening skin around the pole.

Tommy’s uncut penis trembled, as his tongue moved underneath, licking at the veins wrapped around the huge pole. He felt the balls brush up against his chin, felt the hands digging into the flesh of his shoulders, as he worked along the underside. His own body was quivering, as his nostrils kept sucking in that aroma, that fragrance unique to men. The mingle of sweat, of cum, of desire, all filled his nose with its deep richness.

He sighed, as his tongue licked at the shaft, at the very root of the huge pole, making Tommy moan, making him tremble. His legs moved apart on their own, restricted from being wide open by the gathered clothes at the ankles. He could hear him moan, in a sort of hypnotic chant, that only made him take hold of the man’s thighs. His own fingers now digging deeply into the soft flesh, pushing aside the coiled muscles.

‘Oh Christ, suck it, take it, please’ echoed across the lake, as Troy moved his mouth over the top of the hard cock. The foreskin had pulled back tightly, the head was poking out, shimmering from its coating of Troy’s licking. He moved back a bit, felt the cramp in one leg, ignored it, as he pulled his head back, to stare at the glistening cock head.

His eyes fluttered as he moved forward, his lips parted slightly, as he felt the hot flesh touch. His body shook, as he opened his lips further, to engulf the burning head of Tommy’s penis. He felt the man shake, felt his body convulse in a spasm of pleasure, as his lips tightened around the skin, as the head of the cock passed between to enter his mouth.

His head began to slowly push forward, as he shut his eyes, the last vision being of Tommy’s pubic hairs growing closer. He sighed, as he felt them brush at his nose, as he breathed in deeply, before his nostrils were firmly planted into the side of Tommy’s groin. The cock was buried deep into his throat, filling his mouth with its throbbing pole, making him nearly gag from its size. Yet he managed to take it all, in one huge gulp, feeling proud of himself, feeling like he was born for this moment.

His throat ached, but relaxed as he began to slowly slide back on the burning pole, as his hands began to relax their tight grip on Tommy’s thighs. He moaned as he pulled back only a small amount, then rushed forward, his lips tightening as he did. He could hear the groan, the gasp as his mouth sucked on the hard pole, feeling the legs vibrate as he moved his head back and forth over the cock.

Tommy’s hand moved off of Troy’s shoulders, and grabbed at his hair, twisting the tight curls even tighter. He felt the press of the hands, felt the shuddering of the man’s hips, as they began to move in sync with his head. The hard press on the back of his head, the hard thrusts of the hips, nearly made him gag, but he held on, as Tommy began to cry and moan in a sort of animal type sound.

The motion was fast, faster than he had ever experienced, as he felt the ache in his own body rise. He could feel the dull ache in his ass, feel the pain as his own cock stiffened to break free from his pants. He felt it all, but also the way the cock inside his mouth was growing thicker by the second.

Tommy’s balls were slapping his chin, as they rose up to press up against the hard pole. He could hear his panting breath, as the motion of hips grew more wild, more determined, as he slammed his whole cock into Troy’s mouth. The hands behind his head moved with the hips, as they shot back, the hands pulled him back, as they pushed forward, the hands rammed his head forward to meet the force of the hips, to help drive the huge cock deep into his throat.

He felt it bang, felt it bounce off the roof of his mouth, then his cheeks, before finding his throat to slide down, then it was suddenly wrenched up and out, then back it would come, faster, and harder. Troy was groaning now, matching Tommy’s wild cries with his own. It was close, he knew that, but not that close, so he thought.

Just as he wondered if he would swallow his load or pull back before, the hands gripping his hair yanked on them, almost pulling them from the roots. The loud cry filled the quiet lakeside, as he felt the cock rear back, felt it being pulled out from his mouth. Troy struggled to hold it inside, his lips tightening as hard as they could. He felt his jaw closing, desperate to hold the dick inside, but he failed.

As the head passed from his lips, he felt the stinging stream of cum strike his mouth. The hot goo was pouring out in a huge stream, that splattered across his lips & chin. He opened wide, to take what he could of the hot milk, as it poured out in a wild spray of stinging shots. He felt a gob pass into a nostril, another strike the tip of his nose and splatter upwards across the bridge of the nose.

The sounds of Tommy’s shrieks echoed, as more hot cum splattered across his upper lip, and off to one side of his face. He felt the hot liquid splash across the corner of his mouth, where his tongue snaked out to try and gobble at the dripping fluid. He could taste some of it, from the first stream that made it past his lips, and he felt his body shaking, as it was splattered by the streaming cum.

Troy could feel his skin tighten, as the cum began to dry. He smelled its aroma, which made his own cock jerk, made his own balls throb from the need to unload. Every muscle in his body was screaming at him, as the hands holding his head let go, as the body before him stumbled backwards a bit, as the last of the cum dribbled out.

His eyes opened, to see the moist head sliding back into the fold of foreskin, half of it still exposed. The skin hung a bit around the head, looser than a few seconds ago. The head still glistened, as he stared at the softer cock, at the dangling balls that looked empty and much smaller. He felt the pain in his throat from the wild pounding it had taken. His hair tingled too, from being pulled so hard, as he leaned back on his legs.

The numbness was easing, and he felt the cramping muscles loosen, adding to his aches. His toes were uncurled now, no longer pushing into the bottom of his shoes, as he struggled to breath a bit. The cold crisp air hurt, as he breathed in deeply, his heart gradually slowing its rampant beat.

Tommy just stood there, a bit back from Troy, his underwear and pants curled around his ankles. His legs were coated with dried sweat, as they trembled still but it was his eyes that made Troy quiver. They shone so brightly, still held in the glow of the orgasm that had pulsed through Tommy’s body. Then his head moved a bit, the trance broken, as he looked down at Troy.

Instead of pulling his pants up, he just sort of let himself all down, and sit on the cold ground. His eyes were still sparkling, his chest heaving still, as he just stared. Then he gave a huge shudder, as he moved his legs further out, and leaned back on his arms, just as Troy had been, when Tommy had shown up.

They just looked at each other, as their bodies slowly came back to normal. His breathing was easier, the pain in his chest eased, as he looked over at Tommy, enjoying how he kept looking at him, kept glancing down at Troy’s crotch. He didn’t want to move, or say anything that might spoil this moment. Part of him wanted to ask, to find out how he felt, if he had enjoyed the sensation, as much as he had. Yet he didn’t want to break the mood, to maybe ruin it, so he waited, just as Tommy did.

The darkness was starting to surround them both, and still Tommy hadn’t made a move to pull his pants up. He lay there, exposed, which was fine with Troy. He liked what he was seeing, and as the time grew, he could tell that Tommy was still feeling a bit aroused, still maybe, basking in the glow of his orgasm.


‘Yeah, I do that too.’

He hadn’t meant to be so flippant, as he saw the eyes narrow, but despite the way Tommy had said it, he couldn’t help himself and make a smart ass remark. He had expected a comeback, but instead he saw how the eyes opened a bit, how the semi hard penis in his lap jerked a little.

His own eyes moved back up and Tommy averted his gaze, for a moment, as if he had been caught at something. It was almost as if maybe, he had taken Troy’s remark, as a possible offer. His heart made a sort of hesitant jerking thumb, as a bit of adrenalin pumped into his body, with the idea of what it would be like, to fill Tommy’s ass, or better yet, have him fill his.

‘I ain’t that curious.’

‘To take it, or do it?’

Troy didn’t know why he said it, but he had. Now he stared intently at Tommy, wondering if he had gone too far, if all that they had just shared, would be ruined by his brash remark. Yet even as he felt nervous, he couldn’t help but notice that Tommy didn’t reach for his pants, or even attempt to cover himself up. In fact, he noticed how his cock was a bit stiffer, the foreskin a bit more drawn back, as if the body was showing its own interest, in the insane proposition.

To be continued…

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Making the Play

Part (1)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2009 ? All Rights Reserved

Category ¦ Athletes, Jocks

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Clearing the Air (3)

Clearing the Air

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Part (3)

He had to turn away, as he felt a lump in his throat. How the fuck can he answer that one, without sending Mike through the roof? If he admits that yeah, he does whack off, thinking of Mike, he’ll be pissed even more than before. If he lies, well Mike knew him too well, for him to get away with it. Least at this moment he would know.

Still, he had kept his being Gay from him for awhile, but still, telling him that yeah, he liked to think of him, liked to imagine what it would be like to have him naked, touching him, him touching Mike, well, that would go over like a lead balloon.

How the fuck was he supposed to tell his best friend, that he used to go home, and close his eyes and think of him, while jerking his dick? How did he tell him that he used to wonder what it would be like to suck on his dick, or to feel it between his ass cheeks, just before it penetrated his hole? Not like Mike would understand, but then again, maybe he would?

Turning back, he saw how his eyes had softened, how his whole facial expression wasn’t all twisted up in anger, or disgust, as it had been this morning. Instead he was looking, like, well, like he wanted to know, that in some strange way it mattered, but not in a bad way. He was feeling totally confused, because while he thought about how to answer him, he also felt excited by him. To smell him so close, to feel his warmth, as they sat there, stretched out under their tree.

It was like how he imagined it would be, how many times he would sit back on his bed, and think of the two of them out here, by the tree, how they would suddenly touch arms or legs, and then embrace each other. How it would feel to have Mike’s lips pressed up against his, how his tongue would feel and taste, as it dove into his mouth.

He would think of how they would hold each other, how they would be undressing the other, lost in the moment of pure passion, ignoring the risks of being caught. How it would feel to have Mike’s strong hand grip his hard dick, how it would feel for him to hold his. To just feel it throb between his fingers.

God, how many times he had imagined it all, and now he had to come clean, or did he? Looking at Mike, he wanted to, but he held back, uncertain what Mike would do.

Well? Did you?

Does it really matter?

Yeah, it does.

He took a deep breath, as he stared over at Mike. There wasn’t any anger in his face, but that could quickly change. Mike was noted for being quick tempered, still there was something there, which made him feel a bit more relaxed. It wasn’t love, but something like it, which he couldn’t explain, or figure out.

Truth? Yeah, I have, like I said, you are well, you’re the type of guy I am attracted to.

Mike just stared at him, and then turned away. Jeff could see he was thinking, see how his jaw moved as he thought about he had just been told. He wasn’t stupid, he had to have known, the second Jeff had told him he was Gay, but it was finally sinking in. Yet, his face didn’t get all twisted, or change color. It was odd, watching him think about it, and he couldn’t help but take a quick glance down at his crotch, to notice it wasn’t exactly flat.

It was strange, to think that somehow, in some secret way, that maybe it turned Mike on? Now he had never seen him totally hard, never seen him really naked, but he had imagined how it would look, but that was as far as it ever went. In some twisted way, it was all rather exciting, as he tried to focus, to keep his mind alert. You just never knew, and that last thing he wanted was another angry confrontation with Mike.

Course he had to admit, it was partially how little he had seen, that made him horny too. The lack of anything clear, to dream about, to imagine, made it seem all the more exciting, least at times. Sure, sometimes he wished he could know more, like just how big did Mike’s dick get, or how big were his balls. He had seen his ass, well in underwear, but he had a good idea of how they would look. Just not his dick or his crotch. Did he have lots of pubic hairs; were they a different color than the rest of his hair?

It was the things dreams were made of, and if he was honest, he had many of those kinds of dreams. He just didn’t know how to explain them, without getting a fist in the face. Least not then, but as he waited for Mike to come to a decision, he didn’t feel like today would be like that. The whole forbidden fruit stuff, had certainly made his dreams of Mike fulfilling, but if he ever did have a chance at the real thing, would it be a let down? Would having Mike be as he had dreamed it would be, or would it maybe be more than that, or less?

Remember when we were out here, few days before your last birthday?

Yeah, what about it?

When I told you I didn’t have much cash that we wouldn’t be able to go bar hopping, just maybe share some beer, you were going to say something but didn’t.


What were you going to say?’

Jeff felt his heart stop, because he remembered that day perfectly. He had almost spilled it then, but hadn’t. How could he tell him that what he wanted was to suck his best friend off? To undress him, and just enjoy looking at his naked body? Like that would have gone over real good, like it would now.

Come on Mike, that was ages ago, I don’t know, nothing, I mean, you got me that card, we had some drinks, that was enough.

Seriously Jeff, that isn’t what you wanted, was it?

Sure it was.

You are lying, just as you did then, you uh; you were going to tell me then, weren’t you? About you being Gay.

Sort of, I guess.

Sort of? So, what were you going to ask? I really need to know, was it, was it something, uh, well you know, about how you feel about me?

Huh? What, I mean, I uh…

Why can’t you trust me Jeff?

I trust you. What the fuck, I mean I just told you I was gay. Not like I have told anyone else, or taken out some ad in the paper.

Then tell me, what did you want? Tell me the truth.


Because we are supposed to be friends, no secrets, remember? We made that pact, when we first met, so did you mean it?


Then tell me, what you really wanted to say, I have to know.

So you can tell me to fuck off? Why should I make it easy for you?

Mike turned away, and then he stood up, turning to stare down at Jeff. His eyes were sparkling, with anger. His whole face seem twisted, but Jeff also noticed that there were tears near the corners. It was all strange, as he looked up, as Mike stared back at him.

I can handle a lot of shit, maybe not at first, but I think I can work things out. Maybe I did go off this morning, because you just sort of laid it all on me, but I can handle you being Gay, I can handle you thinking of me that way. What I can’t handle is you not trusting me, or thinking I will suddenly hate you for being you. Fuck Jeff, I thought we were better friends than that, guess I was wrong.

Jeff watched as Mike turned to leave, and he felt that lump in his throat, as he hollered out for him to wait. He never realized just how much Mike did care for him, as a friend, or him for Mike. Christ, what a mess, as he saw how Mike’s shoulders were so rigid, how his whole body seemed to be stiff, as he stood there, his back to Jeff.

He felt the pain in his chest, as he realized just how much he liked Mike, how much he valued his friendship. It wasn’t just that he was good looking, or his type. He liked Mike for who he was, for the guy who would stand up for others, like he had that time for Henry. It wasn’t that he had a nice build, but that he was someone you could count on.

It made him feel ashamed, because it wasn’t that he was Gay, that had gotten Mike pissed, it was that he hadn’t trusted Mike with the truth. A tear trickled down his face as he stared at Mike’s stiff back, knowing that Mike’s anger was Jeff’s fault.

I wanted to, shit Mike, I wanted to tell you, to tell you how I wanted suck you off, to see you naked, to see and touch your naked body, okay? There, I said it, and I know I shouldn’t have thought that way, but it isn’t, it isn’t just because you are my type.

No? What then?

It is because, well it is you. I guess, I just wanted to be closer, to share with you, how I really felt, even though I know that isn’t the kind of sex you are into. I didn’t know how to say it, still don’t.

Mike turned around to look down at Jeff. There was no mistaking that he was angry, but it didn’t seem like it was because of what he had wanted to ask him. His jaw was moving, the teeth grinding, as he stared down at him, until Jeff lowered his head, no longer able to look at his friend.

Why if it wasn’t about the sex?

Why? I guess to be as close as two people can be, I don’t know, to connect in all ways, or something like that. I am not sure if I can explain it Mike, it is a feeling, a sort of need that is beyond just sex.

Jeff glanced upwards, seeing Mike’s face, feeling his presence in a way he had never really felt before. It was odd, to lay there, stretched out, while Mike seemed to tower over him. He watched his eyes, as they stared down at him, as they seemed to move up and then down his stretched out body. He couldn’t help but feel, rather excited, yet nervous at the same time.

If it wasn’t about the sex, why couldn’t you tell me that? Why didn’t you trust me to tell me the truth?

He felt the panic, as he realized just how much he had hurt Mike. It hadn’t been his intention, not then, sure as hell not now, but how can he explain it? How can he make him understand, it wasn’t about trust, but about fear?

It isn’t about trust, shit Mike, if I had told you, what would you have done?

Freaked I guess.

Yeah, exactly, just like this morning, so can you blame me for not saying anything?

Guess not, but it didn’t stop you this morning.

I know, just that, well, since then I couldn’t get it out of my mind, it’s bugged me ever since, and well, I guess, I finally got the nerve up.

And I freaked.


I just, I mean I don’t get it Jeff, I thought I knew you, but that just came out of left field, I guess I should have expected it, or something. I just, well it took me by total surprise.

I am sorry.

Yeah, me too, so uh, now what?

Jeff just stared upwards. He could see the body relax, see Mike look less angry, less on edge. He also couldn’t help but notice, that bulge hadn’t gotten any smaller either. That was weird, as he glanced back up, at Mike’s eyes. He really did want to ask him, to dare it all, but he wasn’t sure or comfortable enough. Yet as he looked at his friend, he couldn’t help but feel that if it was to ever happen, this was when it would.

He wanted to yell it out, to tell him yes, he wanted to see, to know if his imagination had been right, or what. He wanted to reach out, to touch him, to feel his warm flesh under his fingers, not just in passing, but to let them linger, to let them move and absorb it all. To feel the blood flowing beneath his skin, to feel the muscles as they shifted and moved beneath his touch.

And yet his mouth felt like it had glue between the lips. He wanted to scream it out, but felt like his voice had suddenly been taken away from him. He could feel his chest heaving, feel his lungs ache, as he tried to work up the nerve, to speak up, but he couldn’t. His eyes were desperate to see, but he found them glancing everywhere but where he wanted them to look.

Jeff could feel the sweat beading up all over, across his forehead, under his arms, between his crotch. He felt sticky, as his pores seemed to be like a dam that had burst, the way the sweat just poured out from them.

The sound of the pop was like a gun going off. His head swivelled immediately towards the source of the sound. His eyes opened wide, as his heart skipped several beats. He could feel his pulse racing, as he saw the source of the noise, saw the look on Mike’s face. It wasn’t a happy look, but it wasn’t an angry one or a disgusted one.

Jeff stared at the open jeans, at the way the zipper was still mostly up, at how he could see the white band of Mike’s underwear, at how he could see that he was wearing a blue colored paid of shorts. His eyes were bulging, as they just looked, realizing that Mike was going to give him what he had wanted, that his dream was going to happen.

Yet even as he realized it, he felt like something wasn’t right. His eyes tore themselves away, as they looked up, to see how Mike had his lips so tightly closed, at how his eyes were misty looking.


It will make us closer, right?

I think, Mike, we are close, you don’t have to do this.

Yes, I do.

Why? Look, this isn’t what I, I mean yes I want to touch you, to feel you, but that is me.

I want to Jeff, I need to have your friendship, to know you will always have my back, it is what, well it is what got me through all that shit with my Mom, if this gives me that, well, I can deal with it.

You don’t have to Mike. I’ll always have your back, with or without touching you or…

No, no you need to know you can trust me, just as I need to know, so if this, if this helps us both, then we need to do it, just that, well, I am not sure what to do, you have to help me, tell me what you uh, what you need.

He could see how determined Mike was, and he could feel the excitement inside too. It was like, he wanted to stop him, yet at the same time hurry him up. It was strange, but as he stared at Mike, saw how his arm trembled as he reached down to push the zipper further down, he knew he couldn’t stop him.

It was unreal, to be laying there, watching Mike unzip his pants, and push them apart, then down his legs. His eyes couldn’t stop staring at him. How his legs were so stiff, how the tiny hairs were standing up on end, as the pants were shoved down to his ankles. He saw the socks digging into the flesh, as his eyes slowly moved back upwards, to stare at the bulging package.

Mike had his blue jockey shorts on, and there was no mistaking how thick that basket looked. His eyes were smarting, as he stared intently at the bulge, seeing the tubed shape of his friend’s cock. It was a sight he hadn’t seen, as he was fairly certain that the cock was nearly fully erect.

There had been moments when he had seen Mike like this, in just his shorts, but nothing as detailed as this. Nor for as long, as he licked his lips, to just stare at him. He could see the rough darker skin of his sac, pushing out of the thin edge of the leg openings of the blue shorts.

Jeff felt himself growing harder, as he leaned forwards. His hands were firmly planted on either side, as he leaned upwards, just staring. It was more than he had thought possible, but it wasn’t like anything in his dreams. He could see the tube shaped shaft jerk, as Mike stood there, his eyes watching Jeff.

Their eyes met, and he saw the hesitation, saw the uncertainty mirrored in them, as he tried to reassure him, tried to let him know that it was okay. He saw how his lower lip trembled, as he glanced down at his nearly nude lower body, as his hands rested at his sides, trembling.

The muscles in the legs were quivering too, as Jeff looked at him, as he felt the tightening in his own groin. He could feel the dull ache inside, the way his buttocks was clenching and unclenching. It wasn’t like anything he had experienced before, not even with the few guys he had been with. This was a thousand times more intense, more thrilling.

His body shook, as he watched Mike’s hands move up, to grab hold of the waistband. He could see the fingers tremble, as they took hold. Jeff’s eyes moved quickly up, then back down to the sight unfolding before him. He couldn’t help himself, but he could feel his own excitement, feel his own hand move up and push his throbbing cock to one side.

God, how he wanted to reach into his own pants, to take hold of his own throbbing pole, while watching Mike. He felt like he was on the edge of a cliff, staring down at the huge opening, unable to see the bottom from such a great height. At the same time, he felt a deep sense of awe, at just how much Mike cared for him, how much he cared for Mike.

They had been through a lot in their friendship, but it never really hit home, as it did now, at how much he relied on Mike, or Mike on him. What had been just casual talks, about just being together at important times, seemed to suddenly mean much more now. It was like the idea of sex wasn’t about getting off, as he felt his cock jerk inside his pants, but was about sharing something much more.

He watched the shorts flutter, watched as the waist band began to slide downwards. His mouth was bone dry, as he just watched them pushed down. The sudden plop, the sudden springing of freedom for Mike’s cock made him jerk backwards, as he stared at him.

Jeff remembered that one time when he had seen Mike taking a piss. How different it looked then, to now. How thicker it was, how much longer it was too. Then it had been totally soft, now it looked like it was a giant spear, aimed right at him.

How huge it looked, and how hot it seemed. For a moment, he thought he could see steam coming from it, knowing it was his imagination. He saw the head, thick and fiery, as it stared at him. There was no winking eye, as he had always read about. It didn’t really surprise him, but then the thickness, the hardness, did.

Jeff breathed in deeply, smelling that scent that always drove him wild. He knew it was no different than the scent of the other guys, yet it felt totally different. It made him feel totally different, which he couldn’t explain, nor did he want to. Without even realizing it, he found himself on his knees, closer to where Mike was standing.

He felt the warmth, felt the fear too. His eyes stared at the nearly fully erect penis, and then his eyes moved upwards. The pubic hairs were darker, yet they too seemed to be staring back at him, just as Mike’s cock was. Upwards his eyes moved, to see the rolling muscles of his friend’s belly, to see them rolling beneath the golden skin of his belly.

Up his eyes moved, to see the rippling muscles of his chest, to see how Mike was panting, just as he was. He could see the firm nipples on either breast, the deep dark maroon red of the skin just around them. How hot they looked, how sensual they seemed, as his eyes moved further up.

Mike’s Adam’s apple was bopping up and down, as his eyes saw the way the skin was taut, bit whiter than the rest of him, as he continued to glance upwards. Tiny little hairs dotted his chin, the peach fuzz that dotted their young faces, his as well. He could see the pores; see the tiny beads of sweat too, as he finally looked up into Mike’s eyes.


‘It’s okay Jeff, I want you to.’

Mike took a step closer, a small shuffle, as Jeff leaned backwards a bit, then watched as his hand seemed to reach out towards Mike’s leg. He dropped his eyes, to watch how his hand had come alive, on its own. The way his long tapered fingers seemed to just stretch out, without any direction from his mind.

It was almost like they had a mind of their own, as they shook, as they got closer. He could feel Mike’s warmth now, as his fingers shook, and then touched the leg, just above Mike’s knee.

God, how it made his whole body suddenly quiver. It was like a huge shot of electricity had just been shot into his body. The way his eyes fluttered, the way his heart stuttered, then roared. His chest heaved, ached too, as the jolt went up and down his whole body several times.

He felt his cock jerk in his pants, as the fingers had pulled back, but were once more reaching for Mike. He didn’t dare look up, as he let the tips touch again, as once more the jolt came, but this time he held on.

Jeff could feel his legs shaking, even as they rested on the ground. He felt the electricity inside, as his fingers moved up the leg, lightly touching the light hairs, which wavered under his soft caress. He felt the ache in his heart, as his fingers moved upward, across the thigh muscles that quivered to his touch.

It was like opening a door onto a beautiful sunny day. He could see things much clearer, more vibrant, than through the glass window. Yet at the same time, he felt more too, as his hand moved lightly over Mike’s thigh. It was almost as if they were connected, beyond just a friendship. He felt overwhelmed by the emotions insides, as he managed to lift his head up.

He was looking into Mike’s eyes, again. He couldn’t help but feel rather amazed, at how he could see so much, feel so much, in such a short time. He could feel a closer attraction to Mike, even though they hadn’t done anything. He had just touched his bare skin, but this was different than anything else.

It wasn’t a casual contact, or a quick feel. They had slept in the same bed, and he had leaned against him many times, but nothing felt like it did now. He couldn’t explain it, but his heart was throbbing, his head ached, as he thought about Mike, about how he had always been there for him. He felt Mike’s feelings too, trusting him, caring for him, in a way that was different than he had ever realized.

Like a switch being turned on, he felt it all; in parts of his body he had never connected with before. It wasn’t like how he had felt when undressing in front of another guy, or watching another undress. This was totally different, much more intense.

Yet as his fingers moved across, he felt the hesitation too. Jeff could feel the way the muscles contracted, feel how they shook, as his fingers moved lightly across the hot flesh. He felt the sweat too, as his fingers moved on their own, as his eyes watched them trace across the flesh, moving towards that dark patch of wiry hairs.

His fingers moved across, and he could feel the skin beneath shake, feel them quiver. His heart was pounding in his chest, which he was certain would burst. Jeff could hear each beat of his heart, despite its rapid pounding. He could even hear Mike’s heart too, hear the catch in his throat, as his finger moved across the groin, the hairs swaying to the passing of his fingers.

He felt it all, as the tip brushed past the base of the hard cock, felt how hot it was; hot much it seemed to be throbbing. It was like listening to an idle race car, feeling the motor ticking over, feel how it was waiting to be set free. His mouth hurt, as Jeff realized he was biting his lips, as he let his finger move towards the hard cock.

The tip of one finger rested by the base, and he sighed, as he stared at the thick pole. He could see every vein, memorizing the details, as he let the one tip lightly move over it, barely touching the burning flesh. He felt the fire, felt the way it moved as he followed one thick vein all across the pole, till his finger was up by the cock head itself. He could see it winking now, see that his touch had a real effect on his friend.

His eyes looked up, but Mike’s were glazed over, as he stood there, holding his breath while Jeff touched him. It was eerie, to see his lips so tightly together, to see his eyes narrowed, his nostrils flaring, as Jeff’s finger moved along his throbbing pole.

There were no other sounds. The wind was muted, the rustle of it passing through the trees off in a far off distance, yet he could hear each sigh, each sucking in of air, from them both. He could hear the beat of their hearts, as his finger moved around the ridge of the head, then slowly across the head itself.

Jeff could feel the cock shake, feel it tremble, as his finger moved along the rough skin, moistened by the sweat, but its natural oils. He felt its power, felt it quake as the finger moved closer to the centre, to the small drop of oozing pre cum that was staring at him.

How it looked, so thick, so full. The way it seemed to tease him too, as it pushed forward, then retreated back into the tiny hole it had come from. He could see the ridges of the skin, the tiny dots that made up the skin of the head, as he let the finger moved across. The touch of his own skin, with the liquid made him quiver. He felt his whole body shaking, as his eyes quickly stared up, to see the last of a tremor pass across Mike’s face.

It was all real, as he let his mind absorb it all, to store it for later. He couldn’t believe it was happening, despite the way his body felt. Nothing seemed real, as he took the drop of precum off with his finger tip, and then moved it towards his mouth. His body was aching, as he could smell the man scent, that aroma of a man fully aroused, permeate his whole body.

The tongue licked out as he tasted the offering from Mike’s cock. He could taste it, the saltiness of it, as he let the precum roll around inside his mouth, then be swallowed. He felt his body shiver, as it slid down his throat, as his eyes rolled back in his head, then open wide to look up into Mike’s eyes.

He could see how unsteady he was, as he just looked up at him, seeing his reaction to it all. Jeff didn’t need to ask, as he could feel Mike, feel his heart, his thoughts, as his hands reached out, to grab hold of Mike’s thighs, on either side. The moment he touched the legs, the second his fingers dug into the flesh to take hold, he heard the soft whimper, the soft moan.

He felt his own body shaking, quivering as he let his finger run under the hard cock shaft. Jeff could feel Mike’s blood pulsing through the veins. Jeff could feel his excitement, his nervousness, as he let the finger move under, to caress the full balls. It felt unlike anything else he had ever touched, more alive, more real, than he had ever imagined. It was more arousing, than when he had touched other guys, when he felt Mike’s hands on his shoulders.

Jeff could feel the fingers taking hold, and then with a sense of surprise, he felt Mike pushing him back, pushing him away. He struggled for a moment, and then looked up. He saw the twisted look, the changing look on his friend’s face.

I can’t Jeff, not here, not this way, I can’t… stop, you have to stop.

Ryan Hunter from BoyFunk

BoyFunk has a lot of sexy young men, in fact they have what they call themost beautiful boys around. Ryan Hunter is one of those that kind of caught my attention, specially in thinking about the little scene that Jeff & Mike have, out in the woods.


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Clearing the Air (2)

Clearing the Air

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

Jeff felt his resentment, his anger, as he glared up at Mike. How dare he, come here and act like he was the wronged party? He was the one who had shouted, who had thrown a fucking hissy fit, not him. He had tried to talk to him, to explain it, but it was Mike who hadn’t listened, who hadn’t wanted to understand.

If that’s what you want, I didn’t come all this way to fight with you.

Yeah? Right, what, you figured you’d come here to make sure I knew how sick you think I am?

No, I uh, look Jeff, I said some shit I shouldn’t, and when you left, well, can’t we talk?

Nothing to talk about, you think I am some nut case, or worse, I think you made it clear how you felt.

Oh, and like you never said shit you regretted later?

Well, yeah, but not…

Not what? Like when you thought my Mom was having an affair? You called her a slut, remember that?

Fuck, I was thirteen, what did I know?

Yeah well, I didn’t hit you, didn’t call you out, did I?

No, but this isn’t about someone else, it is about me, us, it’s not the same, besides you aren’t thirteen anymore

I know how old I am, not to sure about you, though.

What’s that supposed to mean? Another crack about…

It means, get over it, and stop acting like you are thirteen, and move your fucking ass over, so I can sit down.

Jeff felt his mouth open, his jaw drop as he stared up at Mike. He could still see those accusing eyes, from earlier, but there was something else there. It was like, he wasn’t about to him it, or anything like that. Just that, well he was also determined, that he wasn’t about to leave.

He rather wished he would, but as he thought it, he felt foolish. It was Mike, after all. They had been through a lot of shit together, like when his mother did seem to be having an affair. Course it had been nothing like that, but still, he had said some pretty shitty things back then. Mike had been hurt too, but he was right, he never did lash out at him, or end their friendship over it.

He shuffled over, and watched as Mike slid down to sit next to him. He could smell his scent, that cologne that he always wore, mingled with a bit of sweat, but it still, was, well Mike. It was him, just as sitting here now was, how they were, well used to be.

In an odd way, he felt rather elated too. To think that Mike had known where to find him, had known he would be here, meant something. It meant a lot actually, as he stared down at his dusty runners, afraid to turn his head, afraid to see those eyes glaring at him, as they had back at Mike’s place. He couldn’t handle that, not just yet.

Yet, what was weird, was how he wanted to turn, to look at Mike. At the same time, he also found himself wondering, what did Mike’s crotch look like, if it was full, or not. It was like he had thought earlier, that he had missed out on so many good images, that he was trying to compensate for missing out. One more reason to stay focused on his feet, to not look.

As much as he had the urge to look, he kept his eyes averted, as he tried to figure out what it was, that Mike wanted. Did he come to apologize, or did he come to lash out some more at him?

Why did you, why did you come here?

To find you

Yeah, but why?

How long we been friends Jeff? Eleven or Twelve years?


That’s why, 12 years is a long time to be friends, to just, well, end it like this.

Didn’t sound like it earlier.

Yeah well, you rather dumped some heavy shit on me, out of the blue. How would you have reacted?

I don’t know, I wouldn’t have called you sick, or that other crap.

He could feel the tears welling up in the corners of his eyes, as he spoke. He could hear Mike’s breathing too, how he was trying to keep himself cool, to not get overly excited. It was odd, how he could know how Mike could be, how he could hear his chest rise and fall, & know what Mike was trying to do.

In so many ways, they were more like brothers, than just best friends. Mike knew how he was, how he did get into moods, and how he’d come here. Strange, but he never realized how often he would have one of his moods, and take off, yet Mike always showed up. And it was pretty soon after he had gotten here, too. Like he had known that something was wrong, had known where to go, to find him.

He had gotten used to that too, which maybe is why he wound up here. He had been hoping that once more, Mike would just show up, and here he was. Just as he had subconsciously hoped for.

Maybe not, but come on Jeff, what did you expect me to do? Throw my arms around you?

No, but you, I mean, what you said, it hurt, still does.

Okay, fair enough, I said some shitty things, but can you see it from my side? I mean you walk in to my bedroom, I am still half naked, and you tell me you are Gay? Like come on dude, you could have waited till I was dressed.

I guess, I just, I mean I am so used to just walking in, and I, I didn’t notice, I mean, uh, that.

Like I am supposed to believe that?


Why? I mean why the fuck should I?

Because, shit man, because I say so, because well, like I was too scared about what I wanted to say, I never was thinking of, well looking.

Yeah, I guess, sort of figured that out, afterwards.

I never, I mean I never did think of you that way.

He couldn’t keep on staring at his feet, and he moved his head, to turn and look over at Mike. His eyes seemed to not be listening to his mind, as they stared first at Mike’s exposed crotch, and then quickly moved up to look at his face.

Jeff felt his heart quicken, as he found himself staring into those dark eyes, that tanned face. He could see the lips were being tightly held, the eyes a bit narrowed, as his face lifted up to look back.

Uh huh.

It’s true.

Shit man, you just checked me out.

I uh, I mean, oh fuck it Mike, that’s different, least, it wasn’t by choice.

Oh what, your eyes are being controlled by some Alien force, give me a break.

No, it is just, I mean, I don’t know what the fuck I mean, so I checked you out first, it wasn’t like it was for long.

and that makes it okay?

Look, you came here looking for me, it’s a Gay thing, I guess.

What, you don’t know?

No, okay? I don’t fucking know, I mean Christ, you think I been sucking cocks for my whole life? I suck at it, just like I such at dicking a chick, okay? Happy now?

Jeff turned away, the tears were rolling down his face, as he realized just how fucked up he was. Maybe he wasn’t Gay, though he doubted it. He did check out Mike, even now, he was thinking of how good the guy looked, in the faded jeans, the long lanky legs. Sure wasn’t the thoughts of some frustrated straight guy, that was certain.

He sighed, as he stared out, looking over at the trees to his right, the field in front, but he kept his face from going left, to stare at Mike again. He knew, if he did, that his eyes would glance, would look down, out of instinct, out of some natural impulse.

you have done it with guys?


and it was bad?

sort of

then what, I mean what makes you think you are queer? If you aren’t good at it, maybe it’s because you aren’t supposed to be.

maybe, fuck Mike, I don’t know, it is just…

just what?

you don’t want to know.

yeah, yeah I do Jeff

Jeff turned around, and his eyes went straight to Mike’s face, where he didn’t see any anger, any hatred, as he had earlier in the day. For a fleeting moment, he thought that Mike really did care, that it wasn’t just an act. But the moment past, as he felt his own doubts, his own fears, once more taking hold of his thoughts.

Fine, I get a fucking boner, thinking about guys, looking at naked pictures of guys sucking each other off, okay? I get hard as fucking hell, but not when it comes to looking at boobs, or their cunt, okay? Satisfied now?

This time, it was Mike who averted the eyes first. He turned away, to stare out at the field, to say nothing, as he thought about it all. Jeff could feel his mind working, could feel how he was thinking about what he had said. Jeff didn’t turn away, for long.

Looking now, he could see how handsome Mike really was, as he thought about why Jeff thought he was Gay. He could see the thin nose, how it suited his long angular face. The way his jaw hung, how his eyelashes were fine, not bushy like some guys. He studied every detail, as he saw how Mike’s forehead wrinkled up, as he thought.

you serious?

uh huh.

So, you never got a boner, even when in the same room with a naked chick? How did you, I mean you have uh…

Yeah, I’ve fucked a few, and I got hard, by thinking of other things.

Other things? Like what?… shit, never mind I think I get it.

The silence just fell between them, and he turned away again, not sure what was going through Mike’s mind. Normally he could tell, but he wasn’t going to stare, to try and figure it out. Last thing he wanted was for Mike to think he was being checked out again. Yet, the idea did fascinate him, as he could feel his own dick stirring a bit, as he thought about it.

Mike wasn’t stupid, and Jeff was certain that he’d ask him. He didn’t know what he would say, or if he would answer him. It was bad enough, that Mike wasn’t comfortable with him being Gay, so he sure as fuck wouldn’t be happy knowing that those ‘other things’ were sometimes about him.

In all honesty, it was mostly that one summer, and okay, few other times, when he was really desperate to get it hard, to not let his date figure it out. Besides, girls could handle it better, if they figured he had been cheating, than if he was Gay. Strange how that worked, but then sex wasn’t what he had ever expected. Even now, at eighteen, it just wasn’t what he had thought.

Wasn’t like he had any real experiences to use, or uncluttered views to rely on, but he had enough close encounters, to sort of know. Like, he knew that Mike was cut, that he was rather thick all the way from his groin to the tip, but as to how thick, well that was just a guess.

No way he’d ask, though he wished he knew. It would have helped him out a few times, and it would certainly have made some of his more private moments, a bit more memorable. Yet, as much as he wanted to know, as desperate as he was to not tell him, he knew, deep inside, that it would all come out.

He could feel it happening, feel Mike’s anger being turned on him, once more. Jeff knew it would be worse, than earlier. Hell, he could feel his muscles tighten, feel his body almost flinch, because inside, he knew Mike would lash out at him, that he’d strike out at him. Wasn’t like they hadn’t had any real fights, just not physical one’s.

Sure they had pushed each other, out of anger, but nothing in their past, had been quite like this moment was shaping up to be. He could still feel how hard Mike’s hands were, as they had pushed him on the chest, during one of their few tiffs. He could still see how his face had grown taut, how his eyes seemed like they were spitting fire, much like how they were earlier this morning.

Jeff felt trapped, as if the worse day of his life, was only going to get even more worse. He hated this feeling, but he couldn’t help it. Deep down, he knew he had to tell Mike, to try and explain it to him. He could feel him next to him, smell him, which was driving him nuts too. The way his emotions kept flying all over the place.

One second he was afraid of coming to blows, then in another flash of a millisecond, he was thinking of how good it would feel to touch him, to feel his body on his, even if it was in the midst of a fight. Then there was the wild thought, that maybe they could work through it, that maybe in his way, Mike didn’t mind being the object of Jeff’s desires.

Problem for him, was how did he say what he felt, without making it worse?

so uh, how many guys? I mean you have done it with guys, haven’t you?

yeah, but, not many.

how come?

it’s not easy, finding guys, I mean, well, you may uh think they are, but uh, you can’t be certain.

I guess, never thought about it, least not that uh, I was ever, shit, see, this is what pisses me off, I don’t know what to fucking say.

say whatever you want, you didn’t have much trouble getting the words out this morning.

Mike just glared at him, and he right back at him. No way was he going to make it easy for the guy, even if he did seem like he was trying to make up for it. He could still hear those words, still feel their sting as they hit him. His own face was flushed, as he stared at Mike, who finally lowered his eyes, and stared down at his feet, then glance up at Jeff, then back to his feet.

guess not

why are you here Mike? Taking pity on the fag?

Okay, guess I deserved that, it is just, fuck man, I never had a clue. Besides, it isn’t easy to think, to uh, well, to think of all we talked about, that it was, well just an act, on your part.

an act? No, no it wasn’t that, maybe I wasn’t interested in hearing about your dates, or talking about those I went on, but it wasn’t an act.

why didn’t you just, tell me? Why now?

I am leaving to College, I don’t know, I mean, I really don’t know why, just that, well, I had to, before I left.

What, you figure I’d walk in on you and some stud up at college?

Maybe, you did say you’d come up and visit.

yeah, guess, still, I don’t get it Jeff, what is it that turns you on about a guy? I mean, isn’t it, well, just seems like it’d be…

dirty, awkward, what?

different, don’t, look, you and me, we go way back, can’t we, can’t we just talk about this?

yeah, I suppose, but… shit Mike, you make it so friggin hard at times.


He saw the expression on Mike’s face, and he couldn’t help but begin to laugh. It was funny, as he saw how flustered his friend was, not sure if he was talking about getting a hard on, or about making conversation difficult. It was funny, though he did feel a bit tight around the crotch, and as he chuckled, he also noticed how Mike’s eyes kept going down to his crotch, then back up, looking rather confused.

It only made him laugh a bit louder, and for a second he thought he had gone too far, as Mike’s face grew redder, his brow furled in that angry look, but then he too some the comedy in all, and chuckled as well, leaning back against the tree. At the same time, his legs spread out a bit further, and Jeff couldn’t help but look.

He stopped laughing, because he was certain that Mike’s crotch was showing a bulge, almost as if somehow he was excited, or at least getting that way. Looking up, he stared into his friends face, wondering, feeling rather confused. No way could a straight guy like Mike get turned on by some queer talking about a stiffy, could he?

Looking back up at Mike, he saw his cheeks were flushed, and his eyes were everywhere, but looking back. It didn’t make sense, because he did know Mike was straight, still, the signs, could his gaydar be that far off? Hell, he didn’t even know when they really were gay, like that guy Mathew who had to come straight out and ask if he wanted a blow job.

That had been freaky really, and he wasn’t sure if it had been a put on, least not until they had their pants down at the ankles. So could he have missed the signs with Mike? Could he have been that wrong?

uh, without you going ballistic, can uh, I mean, fuck, can I uh…

am I like you? Shit no.

Jeff saw how Mike’s face quickly grew firm, but he didn’t lash out, though the way he had said no was pretty convincing. Still, why the boner? Christ, why was he even here, trying to talk about it, but not?

Then, I mean…

Why did I come here, instead of just leaving things the way they were this morning?


I guess because we have been friends, because, well, I don’t know, this stuff, this being Gay, you really sure? I mean it isn’t just because of, well,

Turning away slightly, Jeff stared out at the field, wondering what to say. Was it because he was attracted to guys, or was it like Mike thought, because he hadn’t done very good in the girlfriend department? Then too, he hadn’t exactly done so hot with guys either, but he still felt excited thinking about them, not girls. It wasn’t something he could put into words, yet as he looked at Mike, he felt rather warm, and maybe that was the answer?

Yeah I am sure, I don’t know if I can explain it, but it is like, when you see a girl, that looks a certain way, you feel hot? Right?


well, I get that way around certain guys, and well, look, remember what’s her name, Janice or Janet?

Janet, and yeah, not like I can forget that.

Exactly, I mean the sex, you didn’t exactly do great, least the way you told me, but that didn’t stop you from getting horny when you saw other girls, that fit your uh, tastes, right?

True, but that’s different.

Why? Just because I uh, because I haven’t done it right, or was like how you were with Janet, doesn’t stop me from being horny when around certain guys, girls just never really did it for me, not like guys do.

He didn’t know if Mike would understand it, because he really didn’t, least not so he could explain. Still, the more he thought about it, the more it made sense to him. It wasn’t like he woke up one morning, wanting dick. It had always been there, but he just never knew it. Not sure he did now, other than it felt right.

It did excite him, to think of guys, to think of taking their clothes off, of seeing their dick spring out from under their shorts. That kind of thrill, never seemed to happen when thinking of girls, so it wasn’t his lack of success with them.

so, uh, am I your type?


am I your type, or you like the kind like, what was his name, Henry?

No, Henry isn’t my type, and I guess, yeah you are the type.

You uh, you think of me that way?


yeah, truth.

I have, do, oh shit Mike, I did, but I try not to, I mean, well, I can’t help it, you are the kind of guy I’d like to be with, in uh, in that way.

what do you mean “did”?

okay, do maybe is the right word, just that, fuck, I try not to, I mean yeah you have the looks I like, all that stuff, but we are friends, I wouldn’t trade that for anything, not even sex.

It was nearly impossible, but he couldn’t turn away. He had to face him, to let him know that he meant it, that it wasn’t about sex, that he like Mike for him, and that he could control himself. He really didn’t want to lose his friendship, if he could avoid it.

Yet at the same time, he couldn’t deny how looking at him made his body react. He couldn’t help but realize that he had always wanted Mike both, as a friend, and as someone to have sex with. He couldn’t deny those feelings, control them, maybe, but damn it was hard.

so what, you get off thinking of me, naked or something?

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