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Tough Guy (4)

Part (4)

Jesse stared at Connie, as he felt his hand run across his cheek. Connie could feel his body trembling, as he touched the soft skin, as they looking into each other’s eyes. He had never felt this way before, and even though they had blown their wads, he couldn’t help but still feel very aroused, very excited. He knew it wouldn’t be long, before they were once more clawing at each other, touching and just enjoying the wild sensation of being with another person, that way.

Many didn’t understand it, how they could have such feelings, but that was their problem, not his. And it wasn’t like he was some sex maniac either, because truth was, it wasn’t like the magazines, the stories, or the videos made it out to be. You didn’t just find someone, then rip their clothes off, and fuck.

Boyfunks beautiful boy JeffOkay, this was different, or was it? They had gone through something together, shared something that many never shared. They had bonded, without saying a word, without even really knowing each other. Still, it was nothing like how they said, it was real, and the dried cum on his stocky body, on Jesse’s slender frame, was real.

And he knew, from that touch, that they had something special between them, that would only grow. Not just his dick, or Jesse’s, but what they were feeling inside, where it really counted.

Connie pulled himself upright a bit, leaning up against the bare wall of his secret place, and Jesse moved up to lean next to him. They just grinned at each other, though he could see how moved Jesse was, how much his early shooting had effected him. Granted, at that particular moment, when it dawned on  him that Jesse had cum, he had felt disappointed, but it only lasted a millisecond. He knew, inside, that there would be more opportunities, and even the realization of it being out of circumstance, he didn’t mind. It didn’t seem so bad, knowing that right now a few toughs were out looking for him and Jesse, waiting to attack him, to beat him into a pulp. He also knew, that if cornered, he’d not hold back anymore. He had tasted victory, and it was sweet, just as it was in the ring.

‘Connie, uh, how long you figure we going to hide out here?’

Looking at him, he realized he was scared, desperately trying to not show it. Inside, he felt a bit of that fear, but he also knew, he was about to blow this area, to head off to college, where he hoped things would be different.

‘As long as we have to, I guess.’

‘They won’t give up, no matter how long we stay away.’

‘No, they won’t, but hell, we have loads of canned stuff, last about a few weeks or more, if we go easy on it. Plus there is fresh water and even fish in the river, so really, we can hide out here, as long as we want.’

‘Nothing is forever Connie, besides, as much as I don’t want to think about it, eventually we have to go back, don’t we?’

‘Yeah, I have to get back, to grab my stuff then blow this place, forever.’


‘Yeah, but what about you? Did you get in anywhere, away from here?’


‘How come? I mean, you didn’t fail did you?’

‘No, just uh, oh shit, I am not a 4.0 student, not a jock, so no chances at any scholarships, and well, it isn’t cheap, college.’

‘Your parents not able to help?’

‘Oh they could, but I won’t take it, not under their terms. I’d rather dig ditches than give in to their conditions.’

Deep in the pit of his stomach, Connie had a pretty good idea what those conditions might be. In some ways he was lucky, in that while his parents didn’t care for his lifestyle, they were quite willing to pay the price, to have him out of their lives. It sucked, in one way, but was a blessing in another, because it meant he could get away.

Looking over at Jesse, he felt his pain, and let his hand reach out, to take hold of Jesse’s. He felt the coldness, felt the misery, as he held it tightly, then brought it up and kissed the back of it, as he moved his body, shifting to lean into Jesse’s body. He let his arm move around his slender body, pulling it closer to his own.

The feel of Jesse’s head on his shoulder, felt good, as he let his one hand gently caress the back of the blond hair. It felt so soft, so silky that it made him quiver a bit. He could feel the way Jesse’s chest heaved a bit, how his face buried into the muscle of his upper shoulder, how the warm tears felt as they began to trickle down.

Laying there, with Jesse in his arms, made him feel contented. He knew there was some real problems ahead, for them both, but somehow, he just knew he couldn’t leave Jesse to face them alone. It wasn’t right, to just take his ticket and go, leaving the wrath of Tim & his gang, to fall on Jesse. And fall it would, but how could it be avoided? He didn’t quite have an answer, yet, but they had time.

There was no sense in heading back to town, until there was no choice, which gave them a chance, to not just be together, but to maybe figure something out. He wasn’t sure what, but he owed him that much.

Finally, Jesse lifted his head off of Connie’s shoulder, and wiped his eyes. He looked over at him, noticing how red and puffy the eyes were, but also how they seemed to sparkle a bit, as if there was a bit of fire inside.

‘sorry about that.’

‘no problem, you okay?’

‘yeah, just that, I dunno, sometimes it just, you know, gets a bit much.’

‘yeah, I know.’

Jesse leaned back a bit, and stared hard at Connie. His eyes were questioning him, as if not quite believing that a tough guy like him, would feel the same way. He saw how his eyes peered into his, and he didn’t turn away. Truth was, when he was younger, when he wasn’t all muscle, he spent many nights crying into his pillow.

‘I normally don’t bawl my eyes out like that, guess it was just, the after shock of everything, I mean…’

‘you don’t have to explain it to me Jesse, I get it.’

‘for real?’

‘yeah, it sucks, but yeah, for real.’

‘so, when do you have to… shit, I really don’t want to think of that, not now, not when you are so close.’

‘we’ll have to, soon enough, but yeah, for now, let’s just.. i don’t know, ignore all that, besides, I think I need to do some personal exploring.’

‘huh? Exploring? Where? I mean you aren’t…’

Connie leaned and covered Jesse’s mouth with his, and stifled his sudden onset of panic. He felt the tense body, go limb in his arms, as he gathered him up and brought him closer. He kissed deeply, his tongue driving deep inside, duelling with Jesse’s own. His hands began to move down the lanky frame, as he felt Jesse move his leg closer, wrapping it over Connie’s. He also felt the growing stiffness, of not just his own dick, but of Jesse’s, as it pushed into his belly. It felt so good.

He could feel the slender guy awakening, as his hands began to explore Connie’s body, with as much intensity as his were. It felt amazing, at how the soft hand moved across his belly, down between their two bodies, to touch his penis, to make him shudder. It was like the electricity had suddenly returned, with even more of a charge, than at first. Connie couldn’t believe how his whole body seemed to be shaking, quivering with the excitement, and how Jesse’s seem to be doing the same.

How his fingers groped down, to touch the base of his cock, how his own hand had suddenly moved down between them as well. How it moved to grab hold of Jesse’s cock, to wrap the fingers around it, feeling it pulse, feeling it throb to his simple hold. It was amazing, yet hard for his mind to grasp, given all the other pleasures that were once more rushing through.

Connie felt his head being pushed back as Jesse’s own head lunged forward, his mouth now over his throat, his tongue licking at the hollow of his neck, as the hands pinned his shoulders back, then moved up and down his body. Jesse had moved to where he was basically, on top and it felt so fucking good, Connie could almost scream.

His whole body was laid out on the ground, his head twisting back and forth, as Jesse worked on his upper body, with his hands, his tongue and lips. He felt himself moaning, not hearing it, just feeling it, as his body squirmed, shook to the hard then soft, then hard, touch of the hands. How they fingers moved around his chest, reaching and circling his nipples, then suddenly grabbing hold of them, tweaking them a bit, then releasing them. Then suddenly he’d feel the mouth over it, the lips pressing down into his skin, the teeth grating lightly across the very tip of the nipple, then suddenly bite down on it, and pull up, making him groan, and flop around more.

Every part of his body seemed on fire, as his hands kept flaying at the scattered leaves on the dirt ground. Then they’d move back up, to try and corral Jesse’s moving body. His legs were pinning him down, then between them, the knee wedged up tight into his scrotum, his balls pushed and flattened up into his groin. He could feel himself moaning, hear the distant echo of the hard panting sounds, that came from them both.

The hot liquid around his thigh only made him moan more, made him clutch up at the swirling body, knowing it was the pre cum from Jesse’s dripping cock. His own pole, throbbed with desire, as he groaned, with every touch, every press against him.

Then suddenly it stopped.

Connie felt his body tremble, as there was a sudden emptiness. No hands moved along his body, no lips pressed down or teeth nibbling at his flesh. Nothing, and his head couldn’t figure it out, when suddenly he felt the hard grasp of a hand wrapping around the base of his cock. His eyes started to open, to see what was happening, when he felt the lips.

He cried out, as the hot mouth suddenly closed around the head of his cock, the weight of the young man resting on his legs, which straightened out, and shook, as he felt the press of the lips, against the fiery top of his cock head.

The warmth was unbelievable, as he felt the quick flick of the tongue, knowing that his dripping precum was being taken, was being swallowed. His whole body was on fire, as he felt every pore opening, oozing rivers of his sweat, to run all down his muscled body. His stomach quivered, the muscles rolling inside, in an unbelievable pattern of increasing waves, that just made him sweat even more.

Connie didn’t even notice the hard ground, as his fists hit it, repeatedly. His mind was blank, as wave after wave of pure pleasure came rushing through, only making him moan and cry out his enjoyment. He could feel the blond hair swaying across his stomach, making him writhe about more. It felt so light, so stinging almost, as it was dripping sweat, almost like tiny little lashes of a whip end, as they moved across his belly.

The pain of holding back, was too much. His whole groin was about to explode, as he cried out, as the mouth suddenly pulled up off his cock head. He felt his lungs sucking in air, as his body slowly relaxed, as the pressure in his groin eased. Connie couldn’t believe how good he was feeling, and how much he needed this interlude.

Just as he was about to reach up, his fists no longer pounding the dirt with joy, he felt the stinging lashes across his stomach, as Jesse’s hair moved across his still stomach. Then once more his cock was being coated in a warm wetness, that has him clenching his fists, had his legs trying to stretch out of the skin. His toes ached, as they flexed up and down, as the pleasure came roaring back inside.

‘Oh God’ he cried out, as the mouth moved down, until he could feel the nose poking into the side between his crotch and inner thigh. He could feel Jesse’s hot breath, blowing as he tried to breathe through the nose, while taking all of his cock down into his throat. Nothing seemed real, and at times, he felt like he was floating, other times, drowning in his own seed, because he refused to let it free.

His arms became heavy, his eyes were closed so tightly he could feel the eyelashes digging into his cheeks, just under the eyes. His whole body was shaking, as the lips moved up and down, along his throbbing pole. There was no stopping it now, he thought, as his body began to swing, to move up in time with each downward push of Jesse’s head. He had his one hand up, the fingers wrapped tightly around several strands of hair, yanking on them, then pulling on them, as he tried to quicken pace, to force the head to move faster up and down his pole.

Crying out, he couldn’t hear anything beyond the thunder of his heart. It was beating so fast, he didn’t think anyone could ever count it, and that he’d have a blasted stroke, the way it was beating. Yet even as he heard the roar in his ears, he could feel the pain deep in his chest, as his lungs were drained of the last of his air.

Jesse had moved his whole body, in between Connie’s legs. He had pushed the two strong legs aside, as if they were feathers, and had moved his whole body up, to keep the legs apart. His head was bent over, working on Connie’s cock, sucking on it like it was a siphon to some secret stash of a magical elixir.

The pounding grew, and his whole body was nothing but a pile of burning flesh under a raging river of sweat. He could feel the way it flowed all over his body, dripping between his legs, making his body hairs flatten. He was soaked, as the head continued to move up and down, faster with each halting breath he took.

He could feel his hips moving upwards, then come crashing back down to the ground. His cheeks made a hard thump each time they crashed down, but only for a brief moment, before they were once more being lifted upwards, to greet the greedy throat that held his cock.

‘I can’t hold it, oh God, I am cumming’ he yelled, in a strange gurgling sound, as his body heaved, as the waves of pleasure were replaced by a sudden surge of electricity. He felt the hairs on his body suddenly bolt upright, felt the way his legs shot out, becoming steel boards. His arms were suddenly on the ground, laid out like a giant hammer had pinned them to the ground. His head throbbed, ached even, as strange lights flashed behind his closed eyelids.

His lungs were suddenly empty, no air was coming in, as his mind clouded over, grew very light headed. His heart seemed to have changed gears, from overdrive to super hyper drive. It was like an engine running amok, no control, no way to brake its wild charge forward, constantly gaining speed, becoming faster and faster.

With his head tilting up, his neck also tilting up and his shoulders firmly digging into the ground, Connie felt the explosion rolling through his whole body. His arms pined, and his feet too, as if a thousand pounds of weight were on each. Yet, his torso was up, lifted up off the ground and high up in the air, nearly soaring to the clouds, it was so far up.

The rush made his head swim, made the roar in his ears grow to a thundering crescendo, as his body arched even more, his cock firmly impaled deep down into Jesse’s throat. He could feel the head, feel it rearing back, even as his hips shot upwards.

He felt the lips tighten their hold, in anticipation, as he screamed, as the hot liquid churning in his balls, suddenly came flooding out and into his cock. He felt the skin stretch, as the liquid rushed through, bulging the skin, and then he felt the head shoot forward. The tiny little slit at the top widening, and the stream was burning as it flashed past, threatening to rip the tiny slit wide open.

Every nerve in his body seemed to suddenly explode, and filled him with an unbelievable warm and content feeling. It wasn’t like a sudden release of electricity, but more like a sense of well being, that he had never experienced before. It was like a warm deep wave crashing all over him, washing everything away. Taking the tension, the fears, that rested inside, and throwing them aside, leaving nothing but utter happiness.

Tears were rolling down the corners of his eyes, as his body slowly seemed to come down from the strange high it had achieved. His lungs burned, from no air, his mouth was bone dry, and his heart seemed ready to just explode, but it too, was beginning to slow down, to ease down a notch or two.

His head was like a ball of cotton, fuzzy and warm, as he heard strange sounds begin to replace the roaring thunder they were used to. He could hear the coughing, the gagging sound in the distance, but he also hears a strange indistinguishable sound, almost like singing, but not quite that. Connie felt his body shaking, as if he was in the middle of 9.0 earthquake.

His cock was still trembling, as the last of his milk, came dribbling out, sliding down the underside of it. He could hear the gasping sound, and he realized that the mouth no longer covered his dick, that the head no longer was bent over his crotch. The hairs no longer grazed his belly, and yet he couldn’t open his eyes, not just yet. The shudders continued for some time, until finally he felt them subside, and opened his eyes, to stare upwards.

The dark craggy roof of the cave didn’t register at first, then as he glanced down, he could see Jesse. His chin was coated with his dried cum, and the head that had been hovering over him, was now leaning backwards, looking up at the same roof.

There were streaks all down the still heaving chest, that Connie was sure was dried cum, mingled with sweat. He could see the dots, the tracks too, as his eyes adjusted to the dimness of the cave. Looking at Jesse, he knew he couldn’t leave him behind, not alone, not to face Tim or the others. He knew that what he had found today, wasn’t just a friend, but someone who was more like a part of him.

He also could see the desire, even in the rolled back eyes. It was amazing how he could notice every tiny detail, while still trying to catch is own breath. How the vein running down to one side of the neck was still throbbing, how the left nipple was sort of shaking, vibrating really, while the right seemed as rigid as a two by four.

The way the whole slender body seemed to be at odds with each other. Like how the stomach looked like it was rolling up and down, as the chest heaved and shook.  How the arms, that held him up, were shaking, quivering as he tried to hold on, to keep supporting the weight. How each nostril flared, opening wide then collapsing inwards, the mouth slightly opened as well, adding to the intake of air.

Finally Jesse moved off, though in reality it looked more like he simply rolled off, to lay beside Connie. It was more as if he had simply been unable to support his body upright, and as they lay side by side, Connie knew he wasn’t going to leave him behind, not without one hell of a fight, if it came to that.

He opened his eyes, his mind made up, to see Jesse staring at him, a small smile across his mouth. Connie leaned forward, head tilted to one side, and he gave him a small kiss, tasting the remnants of his cum on the lips. Then he leaned back, his eyes not leaving Jesse’s face. One hand, reached out, and rested lightly on Jesse’s warm arm.

‘how much cash you got?’


‘you got anything saved, I mean in a bank account or anything?’

‘why, you thinking of charging me or something?’

‘bitch, no, not for that, seriously, how much, if any, have you got?’

‘not much, about 700 I suppose, why?’

‘got any credit cards, your own?’

‘VISA, but, what is this about?’

‘That’ll do, hell it’ll have to.’

‘Okay, glad you approve, but what the fuck are you rambling on about.’

Connie stared hard into Jesse’s face. He could see the confusion, as Jesse tried to figure out what he was up to, in asking those questions. Yet, it was so damn obvious, he could kick himself for not thinking of it before now.

‘I am not going to leave you.’

‘Well, glad to hear that, least for now, as I kind of want my turn.’

‘Shit, not that, I am serious man, I don’t want to leave you, not now, not later either.’

‘Yeah well, not practical, is it? I mean you are off to college, so, it isn’t like you are going to hang around, now is it?’

‘Only if you refuse.’

‘Refuse what? Fuck, talk sense dude’

‘It’s your choice, but I want you to come with me.’

He could see the surprise on Jesse’s face. The way the eyes opened wide, and the mouth sort of just hung open, he knew it hadn’t sunk in yet. He waited, as Jesse closed his mouth, and as his eyes focused onto his. He could see a small tremor going through his upper body, see the chest heave a bit, as he tried to digest what Connie was trying to say to him.

‘I don’t, I mean, are you sure, of what you are asking me?’

‘I am sure, should have thought of it sooner, but no way can you stay here, not with Tim and his goons hunting for you. And don’t think it’ll end with just one shit kicking, I know how those mother fuckers are.’

‘Yeah but, I don’t see how.’

‘Look, not like your folks would care, right? I know that sucks, but it is the truth, isn’t it?’


‘so what have you got to lose? Come with me, we can share a place, and be away from this place, from guys like Tim.’

‘do you know what you are suggesting?’

‘I know’

‘And if I refuse?’

Connie lifted himself up onto his arm, his upper body up off the ground. His eyes bore straight into Jesse’s, as his hand reached out, and he took hold of Jesse’s shoulder.

‘Then college will have to wait, until you change your mind.’

He could see the shock in his face, even in his own body, he could feel it as he heard himself say those words. Maybe he was being crazy, stupid perhaps, but he couldn’t leave, knowing that Jesse would have to endure endless beatings. It hadn’t been his fight to begin with, but had stuck his nose in, to help him. How could he leave him behind? Besides, he felt a strange attraction, not just at how good he looked, or even the sex that they had just enjoyed.

It was something else, something far more powerful, than anything he had every felt before, and which he doubted he’d every feel again. Maybe he was crazy, but as he stared at Jesse., he couldn’t help but feel excited, feel so at ease, comfortable, that he knew, any sacrifice, would be worth just being with Jesse.

To be continued…

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Tough Guy

Part (4)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Wasted (4)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (4)

The sky was clouding over and a cold wind started to blow across the field as scrimmage came to an end. Cory picked himself up from the turf and shook off the hit he had just taken but he was happy, the pass had gotten off and if it had been in a game, it would have meant an easy 6 points. He felt pleased so far and no one seemed to want to jinx anything by bringing up other shit. Maybe, just maybe he could get away with it, but he doubted it.

The team was being sent to the locker room and he glanced over at the bleachers. He had heard some of the cheers and one voice seemed to be familiar to him. For a second or two, he was sure that it had to be Mason cheering him on but as hard as he looked, he didn’t see Mason’s blonde mop or his face in the small crowd of on lookers. He did finally recognize Richard’s face and he smiled at that, not as happy if it had been Mason’s face.

His heart ached as he realized that Mason wasn’t there to see him get his chance. He knew that the odds of that happening had to be remote but still, a part of him still wished for it and even prayed for it, but he knew it wouldn’t be. Mason had been clear, he didn’t want to have anything more to do with him, so why was he still feeling like there was a chance? Why did he still refuse to go all the way with Richard?

It wasn’t like Richard was a dud or ugly or deformed or any of that stuff. Actually he was rather sweet and in the few days that they had been seeing each other he had shown up with flowers one time, candy the next time and now here he was at practice. It really was like Richard was boyfriend material, yet all he could think of was how it would feel to be with Mason, to be able to share this with him. He had to admit that Richard was hot looking too, and it was hard for him to refuse him but still, for some insane reason he felt like he would be betraying Mason.

God, was he stupid or just in love? Maybe he really just was a coward at heart, afraid to admit deep inside that it was over between him and Mason but he really did love Mason. Was it so wrong to want someone so bad that you would risk your own happiness? The more time he spent away from Mason the more he wondered if maybe he had gone about everything wrong. He had taken charge; he was used to doing that but was it right of him to make so many decisions about Mason’s life without asking him?

Okay, yeah there wasn’t really a lot of time to make some of those choices, but he could have tried, couldn’t he? Mason was right, he had made all the decisions, the set up in Memphis, then the decision to leave and come here, all of that was made without an even ‘by your leave’ from Mason, so yeah no wonder he was pissed off. He could understand it actually, how it made you feel so inadequate, so unimportant, when everything was decided for you. Maybe that was another reason why he had not yet given in to Rich’s sexual advances, because he still had some idea of getting Mason back.

Cory walked slowly back to the locker room, his mind whirling with a whole bunch of stuff and it wasn’t until he actually entered the locker room that he still had a whole team to convince of his abilities. One short workout won’t mean much, he would have to still prove himself tomorrow and the next and every time after, not because he hadn’t played, but mainly because they all knew of him as a fag. God, couldn’t he just have at least this?

He couldn’t help notice when he walked in how many of his teammates suddenly tensed up. Some of the guys heading to the shower quickened their pace, others coming back seemed to hold their towels even tighter now, and all of them stared at him while trying to look like they weren’t.

It felt strange, to be in a room of over eighty men and feel like you were the only one naked and they were all dressed in tuxedos or something fancy. Like showing up at a party in a costume while everyone else was in evening dress. He could feel the eyes of almost everyone, and the questions they were all dying to ask hung in the air unspoken as he slowly made his way to his locker.

Before he could make it to the locker, one of the free safeties’ stood up and got in his way. He looked at him, square in the eyes seeing the challenge for what it was. Would he cut and run or would he assert himself.

“I don’t like Fags”

“Really? I don’t like Free Safeties, guess we are even”

“Huh? What’s wrong with a free safety?”

“They think they are linebackers”

Cory walked around the stuttering player, his shoulder pushing past the surprised defensive player and he could hear some of the offensive players chuckling quietly. He didn’t have to impress the defense, his career depended on the offensive side of the ball and he had scored a partial point with that sally.

He managed to make it to his locker before the next group was around. This was the crucial test as the group was all offensive players and it was on them that he would have to rely on for protection as well as for keeping him in the game. Why couldn’t people get past this gay stuff, like what difference did it make what he did in the privacy of his bedroom, it didn’t help him throw a perfect strike or stop him from reading a blitz defense, so why should it be of anyone’s concern?

Looking back at how his team had rallied to him and Mason, he wished for a second that he could have all that again, but knowing that it was impossible. There he had been a big cog in the wheel, here he was just a number, he wasn’t the man they pinned their hopes on, he was there to clean up or for relief, but fate had intervened. Now he was all they had and they didn’t know how to deal with the fact that the man they were relying on was gay.

“Coach give you extra time in the film room?”

“Yeah, 6 to 7 tomorrow and Friday”

“Cool, their secondary isn’t that tough but their linebackers are”

“Yeah, he mentioned that”

“What about extra time with us? You interested?”

“Yes, I asked the coach about that, I need to try and get into sync with all the receivers”

“Uh huh, so, what did he say?”

“Said it was up to you guys”

“Well, to be honest man, don’t know about it.”


“Not sure if we want to put up with the comments”

There it was, the second challenge he had to face. While there were those who were uncomfortable with gays, and had their warped sense of what should be done with gays, there was the other side too. There was the ones who wanted to give you a chance, who weren’t too sure or had their minds made up but they were afraid of the fallout. He had to deal with that too, but when would someone have to deal with his problems? His fears?

“Guess that’s up to you, personally, I want to win, do you?”

“Of course”

“Then, guess the comments don’t matter, or do they?”

“It’s not that simple man”

Cory stared at the senior. He had been on the team for a few years; a good pair of hands and this was his last year. He could tell the guy wanted to show his stuff, wanted to go out a winner and he could also feel his resentment at Cory. The guy was right, the job was being made harder because Cory was gay, and he knew that when any new guy was suddenly thrust into the game he could use all the prep work available. Still, they were hanging back, unsure and to be honest, afraid.

“No I guess it isn’t, isn’t fair either but nothing I can do about it”

“I suppose, just that, well, how do we know it is worth the grief?”

“Catch 22 man, to find out you have to take the step, sitting back isn’t gonna prove nothing, look, I didn’t ask for this but here it is, it is my chance, I know I can do it, but stupid isn’t my middle name either. I know that unless I get a lot of help from all of you, I won’t make it, I want the same as everyone else, I want to win”

The tall lanky receiver stared into Cory’s eyes. He seemed to be searching for the answers there, wanting to find out if Cory was for real, if it was worth taking the chance and spending some extra time on the field. Cory could feel the doubts, the fears of the man and he knew that if he walked away, so would all the others and his chances of keeping the starting job beyond Saturday would be miniscule. His heart was heavy but he stood his ground, finding the strength somehow and he stared back, showing himself calm and collected while inside, his stomach was twisting and turning, gurgling to the point where he could feel his stomach acids bubbling and burning inside of him.

“Morning practice starts at 10 and afternoon practice starts at 2, guess we can be here at 9 and at 1, will that be enough?”

“If that’s what you can do, then it’ll have to be, won’t it?”

“Suppose, okay, 9 tomorrow”

“Uh huh, full gear, okay?”

“Full gear? Yeah, I guess might as well, yeah okay, full gear it is”


“Yeah, well…”

“I get the message”

“Okay, tomorrow then”


The receivers all left and he could see how everyone was staring, wondering what had gone on but all of them still keeping their thoughts to themselves. He was sure that as the evening wore on many of them would meet and there would be lots of cracks and comments made. He just hoped that he could keep those wisecracks from intruding on his concentration plus not become a focal point for the team. If it did, he didn’t stand a chance.

As he undressed, his heart was heavy with the pain of being alone. He wished he could just go back to the apartment and crawl under the covers and stay there. He knew he couldn’t but it would be nice. The idea of going back to the empty apartment only made him more depressed, as he missed Mason even more right now than any other time since he had left.

By the time he finished showering and cleaning up it had grown dark outside. An early fall was descending upon Pullman and he felt it as he walked out of the building towards the player’s parking lot. At least he still had his camero but it didn’t feel all that much of a consolation for not having Mason to ride around with. Funny, he always thought that playing Quarterback for a college team would be fun, and maybe if he had been given the normal chance it would, but now it seemed like it was just another chore to work through.

Things had been much simpler back in Texas, well at least until he hooked up with Mason. Thinking about it, he realized that his life had become nothing but a mass of complications ever since he first went after Mason as a date. Granted, the first reason was purely sexual, after all Mason was hot stuff, the way he walked, the way his hair just flowed around him making his facial features soft and desirable. Yet, he knew that after that first touch, that first kiss that it was more than just wanting to have his body.

He could still smell him, even now after all this time and the memory of that aroma would always make him hard, and this was no exception. For the first time since he had been thrown into the starting position he could feel his body stirring. The vision of a naked Mason was more than enough to get his juices flowing and he could feel his cock getting hard. Tossing his equipment bag over his shoulder, he reached down with his other to settle his personal package and he barely noticed the tall figure leaning against his car.

For a second, he saw a glint of blond and before his eyes could focus, his heart began to race faster, the pulse quickening as his heart thought it was Mason. It would be the perfect end to his day, to have Mason standing there, waiting for him and he started to quicken his gait as he thought of holding Mason in his arms once again.

As he got closer, his eyes were able to focus better in the dwindling daylight and his heart skipped a beat. A sense of disappointment grew in his heart as his eyes told him that he wasn’t rushing towards the love of his heart, but that it was someone else. For a second he felt panic, wondering if this was another encounter where he would have to prove himself but as the tall figure took better shape, he sighed, realizing whom it was, and knowing whom it wasn’t.

Watching all the players head towards the locker room, he stood up and made his way towards the player’s parking lot. In a second he spotted the sleek dark Camero and made his way towards it. He wanted to leave a note or something, and as he got closer he wondered if maybe he would just wait. After all, it would be a perfect time to be with Cory, he would be all pumped up about being put into the starting position, and hopefully that would hold for game time too.

Right now though, it would be nice to share in his happiness and maybe this would be the needed incentive to get Cory to unwind and let their friendship go where it belonged, which in his mind was the bedroom. He could feel his crotch now, the way it ached and the way his butt seemed to clench and unclench wishing for a nice hard cock to be wedged between the cheeks.

He could sort of understand Cory’s reluctance to take their friendship to a higher plane, after all Mason was a hot stud and most likely a hard act to replace, but he had found that for the most part, the lookers weren’t all that good in the sack and all he needed was his chance, to prove that he was worthy of Cory’s attention.

Maybe it was selfish of him, but every time he thought of Cory he got a wicked boner and even though he managed to get his dick off while in Cory’s arms or just laying next to him, he wanted and needed much more than that. He wanted to caress the fat thick cock that Cory had between his legs, and he wanted to feel it push inside of his ass and not just rest next to his buttocks. The nightly conversation wasn’t much, they would discuss the day briefly, mostly he did the talking and then they would watch some television but Cory’s choices weren’t exactly his.

If he really thought about it, there wasn’t all that much they had in common other than maybe they both liked to drink beer. That certainly wasn’t much to build a relationship on but then again, he had built relationships on less too. Sure they hadn’t lasted long but God the sex had been great for a few weeks. Maybe one day he would find that Mr. Right, the one who had the big balls, the huge cock that could satisfy him forever, and from what he had seen of Cory, well, he was sure hopeful that he was the one. It would be nice going to the bar on weekends, to be on Cory’s arm and now, if he started the game, man what a rush that would be.

Standing against Cory’s muscle car, he felt a pang in his heart and he wondered if maybe he was putting too much emphasis on the sex thing. He liked Cory, was sure that Cory was a decent guy who had a lot of deep sides to his make up, but maybe he was edging so much towards the sex stuff because inside, he knew that Cory would never really be his. He could pretend to be the tramp, the one who always wanted a good fuck, but deep down inside he knew he wanted more than that.

Sex was a big part of being gay, least in his mind it was but he was smart enough to know that you had to have more than just a hard dick to stay with someone. Hell, look at Cory himself, the way he still was agonizing over Mason when he should be out partying or looking for someone new. He did that, he never allowed himself to spend any time grieving for a lost relationship, but he had to admit that if he and Cory didn’t work out, he would maybe make an exception. Cory was the perfect boyfriend, he didn’t really demand much and he was positive that he was a good fuck, which was important. There was nothing worse than having to teach someone how to fuck or suck you off; it kind of ruined the moment.

He took a quick glance in the mirror, seeing his jet black hair falling perfectly across his shoulders, the dark hair had a slight curl at the ends and he liked the way it set off his face. His eyes sparkled back at him as he licked his lips, seeing the thin pale red lines grow a bit pinker with the saliva. His chin was firm and as he stood up, he knew that no one would take him for a queer, which was also good. No one wanted to have a ‘flamer’ for a date or companion.

Richard leaned against the passenger door, waiting for Cory to emerge from the locker room and hopefully, be all smiles so they could go back to Cory’s place and finally make out. He could feel once more his cock rising to the idea and he smiled. Just out of the corner of his eye he saw the tall figure coming towards him. He could tell instantly that finally his wait was over as Cory came towards him.

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On The Run (8)

On The Run

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (8)

Jack had been fun, hell his whole life had been mostly fun, but here he was, sleeping in a bunch of dead vegetation, a skunk hanging over his head, putrid liquid mix of skunk piss and poop falling across his body, while he thought about the guys he had, the guys he wished he had had. Strange, how his mind seem pre-occupied with sex, when he should be worrying about staying alive, of staying out of jail.

Life hadn’t been all fun for him, there had been rough times, such as when the Twister had hit, when he had found out about his parents. Still, he had managed to get over it. Sure he had lost the farm, but the place he had now, well it wasn’t much, but it was his.

He had enough smarts, to keep out of trouble, to earn a sort of living. Least it was enough to keep clothes on his back, food in his belly. Not many his age could say that, and he still managed to satisfy his natural urges, so life really wasn’t bad.

Twisting a bit in the rotting leaves, he felt his mind wandering, felt a strange prickliness in his nerves, as he tried to figure it all out, to try and put it together. Why were the Feds after him, but just as important why was Old Roy taking the risk to protect him? Okay, not protect him, but at least help him. There is no doubt, without his help, he’d be a goner. So why?

It troubled him, as he tried to push the thoughts away, to send the fear packing. His father told him, fear needed to be faced, but not allowed to take charge. He didn’t quite get it back then, but he was starting to figure it out now. He was scared, and he rarely let himself admit to being scared. There was the time when he found out about his parents, a few times earlier in his young life, but nothing like now.

For the life of him, he couldn’t figure out why. Why were the Feds after him, as he had only been fishing, then had hid out in an old barn. It wasn’t like he had seen anything, just some old geezers nattering. He hadn’t heard a word they said, just a sort of buzz as they talked. Okay, he knew it was serious stuff, by the way the buzzing sound rose and fell.

You could see the guys were not in a happy mood, but was that reason enough to go after him? Hell, he didn’t even know what they were saying he had done, nor did Bobby Rae seem to know. Still, he hadn’t killed anyone, hadn’t seen anything, just some old crocks talking. He didn’t even recognize them, so what was the fuss about?

It gnawed at him, at his mind and at his whole body. He felt the fear, always lurking wanting to wake him up, to make him run, to just run. He had given in to that at first, but ever since the cabin, he had held it in check. Yet each time he slept, he could feel it coming back, trying to get past his defences, to have him sit up, to push the cover off and just light out for somewhere. Anywhere but where he was going.

The arguments he had with himself, about how stupid it was to be going back, to going closer to the source of his whole problem, was making him shiver. Even the hot sun striking the leaves, filling the air with its warmth, didn’t seem to stop the shakes that would come to him, while he slept. The fear wouldn’t go away, but kept hammering at him, telling him to get up, to run. Yet in the back of his mind, and deep in his heart, he knew it was wrong. He just didn’t know how long he could keep himself going, without listening to the doubts, to the fear.

His Father had told him, even Bobby Rae had told him, but there were moments, like now, when he was close to ignoring them. He wanted to leave, to just go someplace, strip his clothes off, clean up and be free. He didn’t want to spend his time in the recess of some dingy cave, never warm, never dry. Besides winter was coming, and those caves were no place to be.

TJ wasn’t what you would call religious either. Yet as he made his way to the caves, as he lay there trying to sleep, he found himself thinking about God, about his parents. Anything to keep the fear at bay, to hold it off for just a few more minutes. His body needed the sleep. The cold river water was tough enough to manage, never mind having to wade through it tired and exhausted. He needed the sleep, but the fear kept him semi conscious.

Mind you his Dad had told him to respect fear, that to never assume anything. Yet he was covered in dead leaves, and God knows what else, because of what Old Roy and Bobby Rae told him to do. He had accepted it, but what if they were just setting him up? TJ knew he wouldn’t stand a chance if his fear was right, but he didn’t have to make it easy for them either.

His fingers flinched a bit, touching the hilt of the knife Bobby Rae had given him, and he felt his mind relax, just a bit. Least if he was cornered, he’d be able to sort of fight it out, though the ending wouldn’t be ideal. Still, it was better than nothing, or was it? Did death really end or was it, as the Preacher said, a stepping stone to a new life elsewhere?

Was there Gays in God’s Heavens? Was his folks there, waiting for him, or was it just all a bunch of hokum, used by some to fool people into doing their bidding? He hadn’t bought into religion must, though his parents seemed to have believed. His Mother specially, and in his own way, so did his Father.

Oh he didn’t go for that Church Going religion, like his Mother did, but he was a believer in a higher power, and in there being a better place after death too. TJ hoped his Father had been right, that he was now in that better place, looking down on him, feeling for him. He could feel the pain in his heart, feel the little twitch, as his mind thought about his parents, as he missed them, even while sleeping.

The fear couldn’t stop that, couldn’t make him forget. Oh maybe there were times when it could, but he retreated to those earlier memories, the times when he would sit on his father’s lap as a youngster, listening to his tales of Blackie the rabbit. How his little heart would quicken, as his father spoke to him, about the renegade rabbit, that always got into trouble, yet never seemed to give up.

It hadn’t been easy back then, just that his memories weren’t jaded by all the politics of the time. He didn’t know about the pressures of being an adult, just that his parents had food on the table, clean clothes for him, and lots of love. What did he know about mortgages, about grants or even working? All he knew was he liked to sit on the river bank with his Pole, and enjoy the warmth of the sun, with his Father next to him.

Even his earlier experiences with sex weren’t complicated. The first time he jerked off, was still amusing to him. How he had been so surprised when he had found his little dick stiff, and how it had felt when he had touched it. There were times when he wished, it would still be like that. Full of surprises, like how it had made his heart quicken, how it had made him actually break out into a sweat, as his small hand had stroked his little dick. But that was then, when he didn’t know, and as he let the sleep work, he realized that sometimes, not knowing wasn’t so bad.

Least when things happened, it was fun. Okay the time he had stuck his hand in a hive, now that hadn’t been fun and the stings had hurt like hell for a long time after. For months afterwards, each time he saw a Bee he had gone running home, afraid of more of those stings. Yet he had gotten over it, and learned from it too. Just like that first time whacking off.

How surprised he had been when he felt the sticky stuff come from his dick. How it had made him giggle actually, and how he had been so proud of himself. He could laugh now too, as he had to taste that stuff, and it hadn’t been what he had expected. In fact, his mind remembered how he had thought it was icky, and he had spit it out, right away. Sure wasn’t that way these days, as his body continued to relax. Today that sticky stuff was like Nectar to him, no matter how salty or sticky it was.

His mind continued to think of those times, holding his fear at bay. How he had run to tell his friend Jimmy about it, how this strange stuff had come spurting from his little stick. Like he had a clue back then? Still it had been interesting to see Jimmy’s face, as he had told him. How frightened Jimmy had been, how he hadn’t believe TJ, until he too tried it.

Thinking back, maybe that had been his first ever gay experience, unplanned, and certainly unknown, but it must have been. He could still feel the tingle inside, as he had then, watching his best friend play with himself, and how he had looked. In all fairness, it wasn’t like watching a guy today, as he stroked himself. Yet, it still was exciting, except back then he hadn’t a clue as to why it had excited him.

His dream was peaceful, or at least it was beginning that way. His body sagged a bit deeper into the earth, as his muscles relaxed, as his mind felt more at ease. Yet even as he sighed, as his mind told him everything was fine, that danger was far, far away he felt the tingle, felt the slight prickling of his hairs, as if his body sensed something else. His mind continued to play the earlier memories, to soothe his tired body, but the apprehension lingered, lurked nearby.

Suddenly he felt the warmth of the sun being blocked out. A dark cloth was over his head, the air was difficult to breath, as he felt his eyes pop open. There was nothing but blackness, and a strange buzzing sound. He tried to lift himself up, but as he moved his head up, he felt his body being held down, felt his whole body being restrained by some unknown binding.

TJ struggled, felt his chest heave as he struggled for air, as he twisted his head but was unable to shake the covering off his head. Nor was his body able to move beyond a certain point. He felt the restraints cut into his flesh, realizing that he was no longer covered by leaves, or anything. Not even clothing. He felt a chill creep up his whole body, as the realization that he was naked, was being tied down, hit him.

How could it have happened? TJ felt the fear inside, felt the quickening of his heart, as he lay back, exhausted. His arms ached, as did his legs, and he could wiggle his toes, but his feet just wouldn’t move much. Sweat was dripping from his forehead, down the sides of his face, making it very hot and uncomfortable. Yet not a sound, not even the wind rustling the trees could be heard. He wanted to shout, to cry out, but instead bit his lip.

The idea that somehow he had been set upon, had been tied down without waking made him angry. How stupid could he be, to have let himself get trapped this way, but by who? Who had done this to him?

His mind was reeling, as he felt some hot liquid touch his body, near his groin. He moaned, as he felt the burning sensation across his pubic region, afraid to call out. He had no idea if anyone was even there, though the burning liquid would indicate someone was. He struggled to move out of the way of it, but couldn’t. The restraints were too hard, to restrictive. He felt them cut into his flesh, felt their roughness too, which made him realize that they were rope.

The slap across his face made his head roll viciously to one side. He felt the hard surface strike the other side, and his heart quickened again. It wasn’t like the dirt, like the ground, but more like some flat surface, like a table or slab of something. His cheek hurt, and the side of his head ached from the hard whack across it, as he bit his lip, tasting blood.

Not only had he been tied up, but somehow moved too. Where in this wildnerness could there be a shack he hadn’t known about? How could someone sneak up and not only tie him up, but haul him off to some place? It wasn’t possible, his mind kept telling him, reaching for him, yet being denied. The fear was too great, as it mocked him, calling him a ‘great woodsmen like Daniel Boone’ and making fun of his predicament. His body shook, as he felt something reach down, and grab his genitals. It didn’t feel good, and yet as he felt the searing pain of his balls being squeezed, he could see the laughing face of a child. His eyes tried to peer into the darkness. Yet as he tried, he realized the laughing face was his own, from when he had been seeing that sticky stuff come shooting out of his dick, that first time way back when he hadn’t a clue what it was. It was his face laughing, not some stranger, as the pain lanced up his whole body now.

He twisted against the rope holding him down, felt another stinging blow land across his other cheek, driving his face over to the other side. TJ felt the cold of the table strike his cheek, felt his head shake, as it bounced a bit off the hard surface. The pain in his groin suddenly stopped, and there was suddenly no blindfold over his face.

Instead he was staring up at a soft gentle face, a face he knew. It was staring down at him, a tuft of bright blond hair dangling in front of one eye. The lips were thin, but sort of red in color and were coming closer to him. He stared as the face grew closer, as he felt the soft brush of those lips against his own mouth.

Somehow he felt his lips part, tasted the tongue as it darted past and into his mouth. He could feel it lick inside his mouth, at the roof of his mouth. TJ could feel his chest heaving, feel the ache deep in his groin, but not from being squeezed, but from an urgent desire. He felt the kiss stop and once more his eyes opened, to stare up into the soft gentle face above him. His eyes blinked, and as they did the face above changed from a sweet handsome face, to one of a leering wrinkled face. It was the face of the Preacher.

He shuddered, as he saw the angry eyes, saw the dried spittle around the Preacher’s mouth. His eyes were dark, evil looking as he stared down at TJ. He felt his heart go cold, felt a chill, as the face moved out of his view. He began to lift himself up, not sure if he was being held back or not. Yet as his head moved up, he didn’t feel anything holding him back, and now he was sitting up, looking around a sort of misty darkness. There was a sense of warmth in the air, but no real light. Nothing to hinder his vision, yet it seemed so misty, so clouded.

His hand moved out from his body, feeling the richness of topsoil. The fingers dug into the soft warm dirt, as he lifted his body up, to see dirt falling off his chest, falling from his head too. He felt the pressure on his legs, and glanced down to see they were covered in the same rich dark dirt. TJ felt his body ache, felt a tremble inside, as he shook the dirt off.

He was naked, but not cold in the growing darkness. There was a strange scent in the air too, that he breathed in. He realized it was lavender, a scent his Mother liked, and his home had always been filled with that smell. Now he could smell it, feel its familiar aroma as he sat up, trying to figure out where he was. Strange too, how he could smell that, yet not the Skunk.

Glancing upwards, there was no sign of the sack, or of the tree he remembered crawling up under earlier in the morning. Nothing was as it had been. There was no dead leaves, no fallen branches anywhere. As his eyes grew accustomed to the semi darkness, he noticed other mounds around him. Strange lines of grass covered mounds, with strange shadows all lined up behind each mound.

A cold shiver ran through his body, as he turned every way possible. No matter which way he looked, there were rows of mounds, with the dark shadows at the head of each mound. He couldn’t make them out, just the shadows of their shapes. Some were tall, some wider than the one’s next to them. Some had different shapes to their darkness, yet they were all in a perfect row. His heart was thumping as he stared around, and looked down at the fresh soft dirt around him. It was good dirt, the kind you could grow lots of stuff in, not something you found near the top of the ground, either.

His eyes blinked, as he stared at the silent rows, felt the presence of others, yet he couldn’t hear or see anyone. The shiver inside made him reach up, to rub his eyes, to maybe erase the last remnants of sleep from them, but as he did, he felt a strange reluctance from within. His arms didn’t feel heavy, light actually and yet they seemed unwilling to move. It wasn’t like they were held down, just that there was nothing there.

Glancing down he couldn’t see much, but as he looked back up, he had this strange notion that there were people all around him. He tried to stare through the odd swirling darkness, but he couldn’t see a thing. Just the rows and rows of mounds. Yet as he peered forward, off in the far distance he noticed a light.

It wasn’t bright, but yet it pierced the swirling darkness, in a sort of soft soothing way. He stared at it, noticing shadows moving towards it. Well not really seeing them, but sort of feeling them, as they seemed to head towards the distant light. It was a strange feeling, that didn’t scare him, or make him feel any better. It was just a curiosity, that made him want to get up, to move that way too.

Yet he couldn’t. It was like he was still tied up, though there seemed to be nothing holding him back. He could only stare at the light, the sort of glitter of little stars off in the distant that were gold in color. He could see that much, but nothing else. He shook his head, trying to figure out what he was seeing, trying to figure out where he was.

The motion of his head made him moan as he felt a strange ache inside. His eyes closed, then as they reopened, he found himself staring into the face of an animal. He felt himself shuffling backwards, as the animal head glared at him. It had small beady yellow eyes, that made him cringe in fear.

His one hand was reaching out to his side, trying to find something solid, a branch or something, that he could use as a club, when the head in front moved. It wasn’t an animal at all, but the head of one, sort of like a mask, as he saw a pair of pale blue eyes now staring at him. The face looked familiar, but he couldn’t place it.

Looking at the face, he saw the thin nose, the soft lips, and the sunken cheeks of the man under the animal head. His heart quicken a bit, but his fear seemed to dissipate a bit. His hand stopped searching for a weapon, as he watched the man move his hand towards him, but he didn’t feel threatened by it.

TJ noticed that along the shoulders was some fur, sort of like a cape. It covered the back of his arm too, and over his hand, but beneath it was a soft golden color. He watched the hand reach out, to touch the side of his face. He could hear a soft purring sound, like a sound a cat would make, when pleased.

Nothing was making sense, as he felt the hand touch the side of his own face. It was warm to the touch, soft and gentle as the fingers lightly moved down his face, then under his chin. The fingers lifted his face up, then caressed his chin and moved across to run up his cheek, and along his ear. TJ felt his body shudder, as the head now stared at him, the hand moving down his neck, and along TJ’s bare chest. He could feel the warmth, the lightness of the touch, as the fingers moved across his body. They touched a nipple, which made his body shudder. Then they moved down the centre of his chest.

His head lowered and his eyes followed the fur covered hand, as it caressed his stomach, then down his belly towards his groin. He could see the tip of his cock, sticking upwards, feeling his excitement, as the hand moved down across his groin.

Staring down, he saw the fingers brush his pubic hairs, then circle the base of his hard cock. He sighed, feeling the tenderness in the touch, as the tips brushed up against his throbbing pole. Tj felt his excitement growing, as the watched the strange hand move across his groin, to run down the inside of his thigh. He felt the muscles shiver, felt the nerves tingle, as the hand moved down and he top of the animal head began to block his vision. The fur was blowing in a gentle breeze, as he leaned back, letting the caressing hand soothe his body, soothe his mind.

The sound of a twig breaking made him start. TJ was suddenly awake, and the man dressed like an animal was no where to be seen. The smell of skunk made him want to retch, but he held back as he listened to the forest sounds. He could hear the river running, the water moving along against the shore. The sun was high in the air, judging by the light that was blinding him, as he struggled to regain consciousness.

His body ached, but he tried not to move, not to let his body make a single sound. The stench from the skunk made him look up, to see the familiar sack above him. He had been dreaming, the guy with the animal cloak was just a dream, the being tied up was just a part of that dream, as was the strange light among the rows of earth mounds. Yet the sound of a breaking twig, that wasn’t a dream, that was real. There was something out there, moving silently as he held his breath, wondering if somehow someone had stumbled upon his trail?

TJ felt the panic inside, but he didn’t jump up. He held his breathe, remembering the lessons from his Father. He controlled his breathing, controlled the motion of his body, as he lay there. He didn’t even reach for the hilt of the knife at his side, though it was within easy reach of his hand. His fingers could feel the hilt, but he didn’t flex them, keeping silent as he just listened.

There was a rustling sound to his right, as his head turned slightly. He could see some of the brush moving, some branches of a low brush move, as he bit his lower lip. His fingers ached, but he held them still, as the branches moved a bit more, a bit more violently, as whoever it was, whatever it was, was coming closer.

His heart pounded, as he waited. In his mind, he could feel the fear, telling him to jump up, to grab the knife and be ready to defend himself, then to run for it. It was a persistent mantra inside his mind, as he struggled with the urgings, while in his heart, he knew he had to sit still, to keep perfectly silent. He didn’t know what was out there, running wasn’t going to help him, least not yet.

The pins and needles in his legs, in his arms, were making it harder for him to sit still. He had too, and the cold sweat he was feeling didn’t help matters, but he held firm, watching the branches of the bush, listening. His ears didn’t pick up any other sounds, just those coming from his right, from the bushes. Staring at them, he saw the branches closest to him move, knowing that he would soon know what was there, what was stalking him. His fingers ached, but he held from reaching for the knife, leaving it for the last possible second.

The branches moved, and a dark pointed head came out. It had a dark nose, and was nibbling at the leaves on the branches, as he relaxed. Nothing but a deer, which didn’t seem to notice him, as it fed on the leaves. It’s ears perking up every few seconds, as it too listened for strange noises.

TJ felt suddenly foolish, yet relived as well. His fingers relaxed, and the ache in his body eased a bit. He had won one more battle with fear, as he saw the Deer’s nose twitch, as it picked up the skunk scent. The head lifted up, staring straight at him, but it didn’t rush off. The dark nose wrinkled a bit, as if it recognized the scent, and like everyone else, wasn’t impressed.

Finally it lowered its face, and once more nibbled at the lush leaves, before slowly moving on, paying him no further attention. It had been satisfied that the only scent was one to be expected. Seeing that, made him relax even more, as he watched the Deer move along. His body was easier, as once more TJ closed his eyes.

Maybe this time, he’d get some sleep without the strange nightmares, the strange visions. His mind let him rest, as his body unwound, as sleep once more took hold.

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Clearing the Air (4)

Clearing the Air

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (4)

He felt like he had just been struck by a bus. His whole body was rock solid, as he kneeled there, staring up at Mike. How could he? It was almost too much to grasp, but his hands fell to his side, and he could see the tears rolling down Mike’s face.

Did I do something wrong? I mean…

No, no it is just, this is all, please Jeff, not now, not here, I just can’t.

Can’t? But this was, I mean… okay, I never meant it to, you know, I uh…

As Mike pulled up his shorts, stuffing his hard dick back inside, reaching for his pants, he kept looking away, almost as if he was afraid to look at Jeff. His body was shaking, and as he zipped his pants up, he stepped back a few steps.

It just isn’t, not here, I am not saying I can do it, or not, just, just I need some time Jeff, to think about it. I don’t want to lose our friendship, but this; this is happening all at once, you understand, don’t you?

He really didn’t understand, but he nodded anyways. The disappointment, the sudden pulling back by Mike made his heart quiver a bit, as Mike tightened his belt up. Jeff could still see the bulge and felt like somehow he had been cheated.

Mike was already moving away, and while he said he’d call Jeff later, it felt like he had just lost his best friend. The pain was unlike anything he had experienced before. It was one thing to figure that Mike had thought he was sick, but to let him touch him like that, to come that close, well that seemed cruel, almost heartless.

He couldn’t figure it out, because obviously Mike felt something. If he hadn’t would his dick have gotten that hard, would there have been the precum? Looking out from the clearing, he could see Mike’s distant shape moving through the field. Even from the distance, he felt his desire for him, but now it seemed tainted, as if something he had done, had ruined what they had.

Maybe he shouldn’t have come out to him? He figured he had to, but maybe it was the wrong thing to do. Still, he did get a good look, but now he felt like he had been robbed, cheated of it, because things had gotten out of hand. Sure, he was Gay, he liked dick, and okay, he did want Mike, so maybe he shouldn’t have said anything?

His mouth was always getting him into trouble, but he couldn’t lie to Mike. That just wasn’t their friendship, or maybe it was? Maybe Mike was lying to him now, that maybe he really did think Jeff was some sicko? Maybe all that dropping of the pants, was his way to prove to himself that he was right about Jeff? Could he be that mean?

Slowly he stood up, and looked around at their place. It didn’t seem to be the same anymore. He felt like he was in a strange place, that he didn’t want to stay there, but couldn’t figure out where to go. As he shuffled his feet, while looking around, he saw the tree, and felt a deep sadness.

The countless hours they had spent together, resting under that tree, talking about everything. Well almost everything as he never did try to talk to Mike about how he felt. Maybe if he had tried more, hadn’t been so scared of his reaction, today wouldn’t have turned out the way it had.

So maybe they wouldn’t be best friends, least it wouldn’t be hurting so much right now. Least he’d have had some warning, which might have made him keep his mouth shut this morning, and this afternoon. Christ, what a mess, he thought as he stared back out over the now empty field.

Walking back home, because he really didn’t have anywhere else to go, Jeff kept wondering why Mike had pulled back. Did he freak him out, when he touched his bare leg, his dick? Was it too much for him, or did he actually enjoy it?

Could that be it? Could it be Mike actually found himself enjoying his friends touch, the feelings that were being shared by the touching? Did it freak him out that he could be stiff by some Queer running their finger up and down his cock?

Was Mike maybe a closet Queer himself, and that he didn’t want to come out, least of all to Jeff? Like he had said some pretty shitty things in the morning, then there he was, about to let him suck his dick. Could that be why he pulled back, afraid that if Jeff did actually take his cock into his mouth, he’d give himself away?

It wasn’t like he really had thought Mike was Gay, least not until this particular moment. So he had stood up for some flamer awhile back, but then that had been Mike. He never liked to see guys being picked on, not even the nerds. It was part of who he was, but was it maybe more than that?

Did Mike stick up for them, because deep down he knew that he could be one of those to be picked on, if his secret was known? Christ, he wouldn’t have stopped liking him, and even if Mike had come clean, had told him, he wouldn’t tell anyone?

Shit, it wasn’t like he was going to shout it out that he got to suck Mike’s dick. That was stupid to think, but then if not that, why the fuck did Mike pull away, at the last second? Could it be wanting to get even with him for the things he had said some five years ago? Did Mike see his chance to tease him, to hurt him, when he outed himself in the morning?

Problem was he should have stopped Mike, let it rest for a bit, and not gone along so quickly. Maybe he had seemed too eager, maybe it was just a physical thing. Okay sure it was, he really did want to suck on that dick of his, but it wasn’t like he had asked first. Mike had offered, so he should have gone through with it, unless it was all a joke, a horrible, mean, joke.

Yet that wasn’t Mike. He never held a grudge before now, and he sure as fuck wasn’t the type to be cruel to others. Hell, he was the type who would walk over some insect even, not wanting to crush them. He just wasn’t that kind of guy, least not around him. So why now, why did he pull away?

Jeff had to admit to himself, that this was going to drive him crazy. He couldn’t just leave it, just wait silently until Mike decided to tell him, if he ever did. He needed to know, and as he changed direction, to head towards Mike’s place, he also realized that once more he was risking their friendship.

Fuck, what could he say to him, and what if Mike said he had made a mistake in making the offer? How the fuck would he feel then, or would that matter? He’d have his answer, but no way Mike would drop his pants just like that, if he hadn’t cared, or had some curiosity about it.

Maybe instead of running over there, he should just go him, and let it be? Instead of pushing, be satisfied that he now knew exactly what Mike looked like, hard. After all, wasn’t that part of his whole dream, wish? To see just how big his dick was, what it looked like stiff? He knew, so why push it, why push to see what it would taste like?

Christ, what would he push for once he got that? Would he want to see if he could get Mike to fuck him? After all, he did want to experience that, to experience all of Mike, so maybe Mike knew that? Could it be that Mike didn’t go through with it, because he knew Jeff would want more?

Crap, what he had started by admitting he thought of Mike sexually? It wasn’t like he was unwilling to have let things go, let them not get that far, but now that he had an opening, he was thinking of pushing the limits.

It was all too confusing for him as he once again changed his direction. Going to Mike’s now, was asking for trouble, and he had enough heartache already today. Instead, he thought he should just go home, maybe soak in the tub, and forget about it all. Mike wasn’t going to out him, least he didn’t think so.

He had done what he had wanted to do, by telling Mike about him. He had seen Mike’s dick, touched it too, so in some ways he could consider himself ahead of the game. It almost had become more, that might have satisfied his quest for being satisfied sexually, but then College lay ahead, and maybe he would find someone there.

His trouble was there just wasn’t enough opportunity here, and he was too well known. He was scared of being found out, while off at college, well who cared? It wasn’t like they would be running to tell his teachers or his other friends, because they wouldn’t know them. His parents might know about him, but not like his new college friends would run to tell them, either. So it would be safer, easier to be who he was, without the worry.

Mike knew, and if it became a problem, well again, he’d be at college, away from it. Besides, Mike might not get it, not understand it, and if he was off at college, well maybe he’d come to accept it, to not let it come between them. Sure things might be strained between them until he left for college, but he could cope. Besides he did have a good memory, and he just knew that jerking off would be a lot more fun now.

Certainly wasn’t the ideal situation, he thought, as he made his way back towards his place. It wouldn’t be easy for the last little while, but he could manage. The important thing was he had told Mike, who had freaked, but it hadn’t lasted. Least so far it hadn’t, and if he knew Mike, he’d not let it ruin the remaining time they had together, as friends.

Swimming at their spot might be out now, but then he didn’t mind. He knew what was behind those wet shorts now, so he could handle not seeing that. He had that, and it was Mike who had given it to him. Not like he had done anything secretive to find out, or devious either. He hadn’t lied to him, which had to count for something. Eventually Mike would either understand, or not. By then, well, he’d be in college and it wouldn’t hurt so much.

Jeff was nearly at his front door, before he even realized that there was someone else there. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts, he didn’t even recognize the well known shape until he was almost on top of him. Mike was there, leaning up against the small little alcove on the front porch, waiting for him.

He couldn’t help it, but he was both excited and irritated. Jeff was suddenly once more back on edge, his solution to the whole thing gone, as he stared at his long time friend. It wouldn’t be the same, not being so close. No matter what he tried to tell himself, going off to college might solve his sexual desires, but it wouldn’t be half as good, without being able to share it with Mike.

Didn’t expect to see you so soon.

I know, uh, no one is home.

Won’t be till after dinner time.

Can we talk?

If you want.

I told you so, didn’t I?

Guess, sure you want to? I mean…

Wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.

Jeff stared at Mike’s face, to see if he was telling the truth. The eyes met, but Mike was having trouble looking back, something he had rarely seen with Mike. It wasn’t like him to not face him, square. Unlocking the front door, he nodded for Mike to go in, who just walked in, but then stood off to the side, waiting for Jeff to close & lock the front door.

They just stared at each other for a second, before Mike finally pushed himself upright, and walked along the corridor, towards the stairs. It was apparent to Jeff, he wanted to talk upstairs, in Jeff’s room and not in the living room. In some way, it surprised him, yet in another way it was more normal. That is where they always talked, rarely downstairs.

Following Mike up the stairs to his own room, he couldn’t help but enjoy the view of his ass. How nice they looked, how tightly they were held by his pants. Two perfect shaped orbs, but his mind kept wandering, despite the view.

Walking into his room, he noticed how Mike was checking it out, as if it was the first time he had been there. It was odd, as he stared at the his small desk, at his closet, and at his bed. It was like he was looking for something, that he hadn’t seen before.

Where you keep them?

Keep what?

The skin mags.

You know where they are.

Not those ones, the one’s you get off on, you do have some, don’t you?

Jeff didn’t get why Mike wanted them, but he went to his closet and opened his backpack. He had them hidden inside, under some old gym stuff, and pulled out a few of them. Turning around he handed them to Mike, who sat down on the bed, and started to flip through them.

He looked closely as Mike stared at the naked guys in the magazines, holding up a few to take a long look at the centerfolds. Just as he did with the girl magazines, but as he watched, he couldn’t tell what was going through Mike’s mind. For some reason, Jeff felt nervous, as if there was some test going on that he was a part of, but didn’t know what part.

The only sound in the room was his heavy breathing, and Mike flipping the damn pages. He came across a few that were stuck together, but didn’t say a word, as he pried them apart, to see what the pictures were. His eyes widened a few times, but his face seemed unimpressed as he just flipped the pages.

Finally he seemed to have enough, and tossed the last one aside, with the rest. He leaned back on his hands, and looked at Jeff. He felt like he was under inspection, and felt the sweat around his forehead, making him even more nervous. He just stood there, waiting for Mike to say something, anything.

You think I am Gay, don’t you?

Jeff felt like he was hit by a ten ton brick. It was the last thing that he had thought of Mike. Looking over at Mike, he knew that Mike was serious, that he was in his ‘I need to know’ mood. It was a bit intimidating, as he pulled up his desk chair, and plopped himself down in it, looking over at Mike.

No, I don’t.

Then why? I don’t get it, those guys in the mags, they get you off?

Yeah, sort of.

Sort of?

Look, it isn’t complicated Mike. When you see a girl’s hooters, you get excited, right?

Well yeah, so?

I see a nice dick, I get excited.

Okay so, I don’t…

Why you? I guess ‘cuz I know you, because just like you might get turned on by some nameless broad’s boobs, you think of someone you like, or want. It is the same for me.

Oh, so you uh, you don’t think I am Gay but you want to be with me, uh, that way?

No I don’t think you are, why, do you think you are?

I didn’t, not until you started touching me, it freaked me out Jeff, I never felt that hot, not with any of the girls, least not the same way.

That why you took off?

Yeah, and now I don’t know. I mean those mags, they didn’t do shit for me, but back at the place, well it did. It makes me, wonder.

He wanted to just sit next to Mike, to hold him close, because he could see he was really scared. It never occurred to him that Mike would feel that way about him, that it would make him feel as good, as it made Jeff. It was all rather odd, and he wondered, if maybe Mike could be.

Yet he had also seen how he had been after a night with his latest girl. Specially when he thought they were right for each other. His eyes would sparkle, his face light up, and that bulge in his pants would be super big. So the odds of him being Gay seemed rather slim to him. Maybe he was bi? But then, no he doubted that too, because nothing in the mags made him seem excited.

Inside he thought he knew the answer, but he didn’t want to think about it, to give it voice. It would only complicate an already complicated situation, or maybe not? The idea that they were that close, that maybe it wasn’t a physical attraction, but a more emotional one, that had let Mike feel what he had felt.

It was kind of flattering too, which he tried to contain. Last thing he needed was to think that Mike could be attracted to him. He had stripped, out of his friendship, not out of wanting Jeff to touch him, to suck him off.

Don’t Mike, it isn’t that you are gay, just that we are that close, that me and you, well, it’s about us, not about us both being guys. If you know what I mean.

Sort of like what Jenkins in Science was talking about last semester?

Yeah, like that.

So you wanting me, is just, well, normal?

I don’t know if it is normal, it is, well, ‘cuz we have been through a lot of shit together. Maybe that is all it is.

Mike looked everywhere but at Jeff, then he pulled himself further up on the bed. His back was up by the headboard, and his legs stretched out, towards Jeff. His face seemed to change shape, as different thoughts passed through his mind. He had seen it before, knowing that Mike was thinking, that he was wrestling with a problem, that he wanted to solve.

Each time in the past, it had been about breaking up with some girl, or asking one out. Each time he had seen it, he had thought how it made Mike look attractive, desirable. Those were the times when it had been really hard for him to not say something, to not just drop his own pants and whack off to how Mike was looking.

Now it was even worse, because he had a suspicion Mike was about to dump him, to tell him that he couldn’t handle the whole gay stuff. Yet maybe not, as he had admitted that it had made him feel good. Maybe he had been telling him the truth, earlier, when he said he just couldn’t do it there, that maybe he was thinking of trying to let Jeff do it again?

we have, haven’t we?


so, uh, what if I freak again?

then you freak, but just ‘cuz it feels good, doesn’t make you queer.

I guess, man this is weird shit man.

Tell me about it.

Mike finally looked right at Jeff. His face was still looking uncertain, but the eyes seemed to be convinced. It was weird, to look into his eyes, to see them twinkle a bit, as if they had just pulled a caper on their folks. He smiled at Mike, cocking his head to one side, just like he always did, when they had reached a decision on something, when he had deferred to Mike’s choice.

As he blinked, he saw Mike move a bit, and then watched in awe, as Mike reached around and pulled his shirt up and over his head. For a second, while his face was covered, Jeff could see his bare chest. The golden flesh muted by the room’s light, but there was no mistaking the well formed pecs. How his muscles rippled at his stomach, and more than that, how firm his nipples looked.

The shirt came off, and got tossed at him. He laughed, as he caught it, to put it over on his desk, realizing that Mike was trying to make it seem more normal, more natural, like when he would stay over. How he would just toss his clothes off, stopping with his shorts still around his waist.

Somehow, Jeff was fairly certain they’d be coming off too, as he grinned back at Mike, his smile frozen, when Mike asked if he was just going to sit there, or get ready. For a second he didn’t know what Mike meant, but as he watched his friend undo his buckle, and open the pants, he just found himself standing up, kicking his runners off to the side.

His own shirt was up and off in a flash, as he felt a runner kick him in the leg. Mike had tossed his off, flicking them towards him, and he had to move quickly to avoid the second flying runner.

Then Mike was pushing his pants down, his knees up as he leaned forward to pull them off. His eyes were fixed on Jeff’s body, and he quickly reached down and undid his pants, shoving them down to his ankles. Grasping the chair, he stepped out of them. Standing upright, he saw how Mike was staring directly at him, at his own basket.

He felt like he wanted to put his hands over his crotch, but he resisted. Jeff knew he was aroused, knew that his own shorts were fully tented by his dick, and that Mike could see it all, very clearly. His heart was kicking up in speed, as he tried not to look, but he couldn’t hold out any longer.

Jeff turned his head, to stare at Mike, who was leaning on his knees, his underwear still on. The eyes were staring straight at Jeff’s groin. The eyes were wide open, taking it all in, as Jeff stood there.

Mike leaned back, once he noticed Jeff looking at him. As he did, Jeff couldn’t help but see the huge pole, sticking up from the shorts. It really was like a tent pole, as he licked his lips. It was better than out at their place, as he watched Mike reach down, to slowly push the shorts off his hips. It was as if he was teasing him, as he glanced up, and sure enough he could see the smirk on Mike’s face.

The son of a bitch was enjoying tormenting him, as he let the shorts move slowly down his hips, his stiff dick being pushed down, almost as if it was being aimed at Jeff. What a sadistic bastard he thought, as he found himself grinning, watching with baited breath, for the sudden plop of the hard dick, as it came free from the underwear.

The bed shook a bit, as Mike’s dick sprung free, and his body settled back down into the mattress. Jeff saw it jerk, saw it waver and then steady itself, in a very erect position, from the middle of Mike’s crotch. His own dick was aching as he watched how quickly Mike pulled the shorts down, then pulled one leg up and out of the leg hole. The other leg held the empty shorts, as Mike flicked his leg outward, shooting the errant underwear across the room.

Jeff couldn’t help but follow it as it flew past towards his bedroom door. Then he turned his attention back to Mike, as he pushed his own shorts down. He too was fully erect, and he saw the glimmer in Mike’s eyes as he saw it. It was like he really was aroused by it, that somehow it did excite him, which only made him ache more, as he stood there, fully naked before his best friend.

uh, no kissing right?

huh? oh, yeah, sure whatever you want.

Serious man, I don’t think I could handle that mushy stuff, I mean, fuck, you always get that stiff when you see another dick?

No, least not until now.


Jeff looked up from staring at Mike’s dick, and saw how he was really amazed by his comment. In some ways, he thought his friend’s chest has swelled up a bit, out of pride, and yet he couldn’t help but notice that he was nervous. His hand was twitching, the fingers tapping the top of the mattress, and his legs weren’t exactly spread fully apart either, as if trying to hide his crotch.

You sure you want to do this Mike? I mean if it’s too much…

Mike just looked at him for a split second, and then down at Jeff’s own aroused dick.

No, I am not sure.’

We don’t have to Mike.

Fuck it Jeff, we been friends a long time, and I don’t know, it feels weird, yet in a good way, so yeah, maybe I guess I do, uh, you do, don’t you?

Jeff couldn’t help but smile, as he slowly moved forward, to climb up onto the bed. He let his hand move up, to rest on Mike’s knee, feeling him jerk back a little, then relax. It was suddenly like there was nothing else around. No clock ticking over by his desk, no wind moving the drapes by his desk. Nothing else seemed to exist, as he stared down at Mike’s groin, at the hard dick that was sticking up, jerking a little with each breath that Mike took.

He took a deep breath, as he leaned back a little, gazing at the offered prize, from his friend. He could feel him, feel his presence inside, then he felt his hand move up and rest on top of his own. He felt the sweat on the palm of Mike’s hand, as it lay on his own, feeling his own nervousness, as he finally looked upwards.

It was all he needed, the way Mike looked at him, as his own body shook, as he gently pulled on the knee, to push it out of the way. His own body moved around, as Mike’s leg pushed past under him, brushing past his balls. Jeff felt his body quiver, as the toes brushed past his sac, making him tremble deep inside.

His eyes closed, as he leaned forward, smelling Mike’s man scent, smelling his aroma. His mouth opened, as he felt Mike’s hand reach over to rest on Jeff’s head, as it lowered over the hot throbbing cock. He could feel it, as he let his mouth open, as his lips pursed, and then he felt the tip of it, just under his chin.

Jeff’s entire body shook, as if an earthquake had just rumbled full force right under him. His legs shook, his arms were quivering, as he felt the sticky precum make the cock slide up, as his tongue licked out, to gather it inside, brushing past the hot cock head.

The eye lids opened, to stare at the oval shaped head, that was almost at his lips. He could see the hairs of Mike’s groin standing up, see the veins around the whole shaft pulsing, as the blood rushed through them all. Then the eye lids closed, as he tasted the salty pre cum and felt its warmth across his lips.

He felt them tingle, as they parted, as he drew back his lips over his teeth, as Mike’s head began to enter Jeff’s mouth. He could feel the hand tighten around some of his hair, twisting the strands around the fingers, and pulling, then pushing, on them. His whole body became stiff, as he lowered his mouth over the cock, tasting the hot flesh, tasting the saltiness of the flesh. It surprised him a bit, as he felt the legs quiver, as his hands reached out to hold onto both knees, pushing them aside a little, as his head lowered even more, to gobble up more of the hard pole.

Jeff heard a small gasp, a bit of a rumbling groan as his lips slid down the side of the cock head, to rest just underneath the cap of the head. He could feel the blood pulsing now, feel the electricity passing between them both, and for a moment, he was certain he could feel Mike’s heart beat, next to his own.

As his mouth moved down, the hand on top moved away, and he felt the bed shake, as the fist was slammed down onto the mattress. He didn’t stop, as he let his tongue begin to lick up, the tip just barely able to move inside the mouth, as Mike’s cock filled every inch of Jeff’s mouth.

His throat was sore, but trying to stretch, as he continued to let his head move downwards, gradually taking more of the cock shaft into his mouth, gradually letting his tongue lick at the pulsing underside of the shaft. He could feel Mike shaking, feel the knees beside him quivering. His fingers gripped both knees tightly, until the fingers were touching the bony knee caps themselves.

He moaned a bit, as he tasted the pre cum sliding down his throat, as his nostrils were breathing in that scent, that was all Mike. Christ it smelled so good, so rich and full, as he continued to lick at the shaft, as it filled his mouth and throat with its size. His teeth grated over a bit of the top, but it didn’t seem to be noticed by Mike. Instead Jeff felt the bed vibrate a bit more, as he finally managed to have it all inside his mouth.

Jeff felt his nostrils flare, felt the tip of his nose pressing into the warm soft belly of Mike’s groin. The tiny pubic hairs were itching at his upper lip, and a few had managed to work their way inside his nostrils. He didn’t care, as he felt his chest heave, felt his body shudder. This is more than he had ever hoped for, as he tasted the hard flesh inside. It was everything he had ever hoped for, more even, as he slowly let his head move back, to let the long thick pole slide out from between his lips.

Twice more he managed to slowly move down, then up, to where Mike’s cock was almost out of his mouth, before beginning to slide it back inside. His tongue licked at the head, at just under the band of skin that formed the ridge of the head, when Mike’s hand suddenly was once more over his head, grabbing at his hair.

Jeff felt him grab hold, taking a huge handful of his hair in his fist, but instead of wrapping them around his fingers, he just held them, the back of his fist pushing down on Jeff’s head. His body was arching up, at the same time. Jeff struggled to resist, to set the pace, but Mike was much stronger than him, and he felt himself giving in.

He felt the pubic hairs prickling his cheek, under his nose, then felt the hard press of the belly into his face. The hand held him tightly, as the body arched up, then pulled back, then arched back upwards. It drove itself into his held head, the cock pushing past and down into his throat in several quick thrusts.

Jeff felt himself gagging a bit, but Mike didn’t let go, didn’t stop, as his whole body arched up again and again. Each thrust up trying to bury his cock deeper into Jeff’s open throat. He ignored the muffled gags, and Jeff could hear Mike’s panting breath now. His own heart was pounding loudly, but he heard the harsh gasps for air, as his head was held tightly, as Mike’s hard body kept pumping into his face.

He struggled to pull back, but Mike’s other hand now joined the first, holding his head steady, as Mike’s lower body pummelled into Jeff’s mouth. He felt the flesh strike him hard, felt his chin dig deep into the groin. Felt the tough leather of Mike’s scrotum, as his chin hit the balls, that swung and slapped against Mike’s thighs. He wanted to stop, to have Mike slow down, but he couldn’t.

It wasn’t like anything he had ever experienced, as Mike crushed his body upwards into his mouth. The hands clenched tightly, grabbing at his sweat soaked hair, and then he heard the animal like cry, that was coming from just above him. He knew what it meant, out of instinct, but as he tried to ready himself, the first stream was filling his mouth.

Jeff had tasted cum before, had sucked on a guy’s dick till it shot its load, but it was nothing like this. He felt his eyes water, felt his body tremble, as the hot sticky liquid began to fill the very bottom of his throat, as it’s sticky fluid seemed to flow in two directions at once. Some making its way down the quivering throat, the rest going upwards, coating the thick pole lodged between his throat muscles. Then it seemed to just flood his mouth, as the cock jerked again, adding more of the hot jizz.

He could feel it all, feel how Mike’s body was suddenly shaking, how his hands were now wrapped around and underneath, pulling Mike’s buttock upwards, pulling all of Mike’s dick deep into his throat.

Jeff felt himself swallowing, felt the sticky taste coating the sides of his throat, as the cry echoed in his bedroom. The hands holding his head, relaxed, then fell to the side, making the bed bounce, as they hit it. He felt his whole body shaking, felt the taste of Mike’s cream making his head swoon a bit, as he felt a bit faint.

Slowly he felt himself pulling his head back, the cock slowly sliding out from between his lips, until finally it was free. He leaned back, on his arms, and his eyes had trouble adjusting to the light of the room, as he felt his chest still pounding, felt his lungs still screaming for air.

As he managed to adjust to the light of the room, as the pain around his jaw became duller, he stared up and over at Mike. He felt his legs on either side of him, and as he looked, he noticed a sort of sheen across of all Mike’s naked body. He could see the sweat that had matted his friend’s hair, but it was the eyes that held his attention.

How alive they were, how much they shone, even in the daylight of the room. It was like staring into a bright searchlight, as they peered at him, making him ache.


Mike, I…

Jesus, I never, fuck Jeff, all guys like you suck like that?

Jeff could feel his own chest swell up, as he stared at his friend. He just looked at him, then felt how his foot was rubbing his. Looking down at it, then up at Mike, he noticed that his dick wasn’t all that soft, and as he stared up into his face, he saw him get that look, that one, that preceded a coming decision.

BoyFunk’s Oliver seems to fit this particular scene quite nicely.


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See Oliver’s Videos at BOYFUNK HERE

There is just something about Oliver, that grabbed my attention. It was almost like I was drawn to him, as I thought about how to write this particular episode of the story. Seeing the stills, well, what can I say, it helped a lot in figuring out how this portion would go.


Clearing the Air (1)

Clearing the Air

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

Yeah I am gay.

I knew it, I knew you were a fag

Look Mike, it isn’t what you think, it…

Like hell it isn’t, how could you? I mean all this time, and you liked dick? You are sick man, you need help.

Come off it Mike, you don’t mean that shit.

Fucking right I do, all these years, how long dude? How long you been drooling over my dick? Gawd, it makes me sick, to think… fuck Jeff, just, just fucking go, okay? I don’t want to, just fuck off.

It was never that way Mike, Christ, I thought you at least would…

What? Thought I’d be okay with my best friend being queer? Man you are sick, just leave, go, just leave, I don’t want to hear anymore, just leave.

He knew that look, knew it from times before and let his head look away. Inside he felt the pain, and he could taste the bile in his throat as he turned away from the angry look of his friend. Jeff knew it was pointless to continue, to try and explain it, as Mike simply wasn’t going to listen, least not now.

Maybe after it had sunk in, maybe when he cooled off, he’d come around, but taking one last look at his friend of over 12 years, he didn’t see much hope of that happening, anytime soon. His heart stuttered a bit, as he shuffled out of the door, heading down the stairs towards the front door. He looked up, to see Mike staring down at him, and he thought about making one more stab at it, but didn’t.

The hate that came from Mike’s eyes was too overpowering. He could see how his chest heaved from his anger, how his lips were tightly pursed together, adding to the sense of anger that was directed at him. He sighed, and turned away from his friend, knowing that he really was alone.

It hurt, to think that what started back in grade school was over, in such a flash. Here he was eighteen, about to head off to college, and he was leaving a lot more behind than just childhood memories. He was leaving behind friendships, that had been built over a long time.

As he walked down the sidewalk, he heard the front door of Mike’s house slam shut. Turning he saw the dark brown of the door, knowing that he had been wrong. That for all those years, he had believed that he and Mike shared something special, beyond just school friends. It wasn’t like he thought Mike was gay either, and other than a brief fantasy of him, he never looked at him that way.

Mike obviously wouldn’t buy that, and no way could he tell him either. Sure, Mike was hot, had a great body and build, but he just never let himself really think of him, in quite that way. Okay, maybe he had a few summers back, but that was when he was realizing that he liked guys, over girls. It wasn’t like he had acted on those thoughts, and okay, so he had sneaked a few peeks in, and yeah, it had gotten him horny, but he had never let Mike know.

So what the fuck was the harm? He felt his chest heave a bit, as he walked down the sidewalk, not sure where he was heading, just as long as it was far away from one more disappointment in a growing list of failures. Life fucking sucked, he thought, as he let the sun beat down on his shoulders, as his feet just kept him trucking on, going anywhere, but back.

What hurt the most was that Mike had never seemed homophobic either. Like that time when they were juniors at High School, and some kids were picking on a new transfer student. They were all pushing the guy around, who everyone assumed was Gay. They were calling him fag, queer, sissy boy, and it was Mike who stopped them.

It didn’t make sense, because he had risked his whole reputation, stepping in to protect the guy, who they didn’t even know. Hell, he had backed Mike up too, like a friend should, so why the fuck was Mike being such a dickhead now? Why could he stand up for some stranger, but not accept his best friend being one?

He knew he was acting like a baby. Jeff wiped his eyes, hating the tears that just seemed to keep on rolling down his face. He hated feeling this way, and why should he be so upset? Okay, so Mike took it bad, he was better off without him, if he was such a bigot that he couldn’t accept his best friend being gay. Like it wasn’t like he had asked him to have sex with him. So what the fuck, was his problem?

Alright, so some of their old school friends might make some smart ass comment, but it wasn’t like they’d be seeing them much. They were all off to College or elsewhere, and frankly, who gave a shit what they thought anyhow? Not like Mark or Jason or the others would pick a fight with either of them, least of all Mike. After all he was not some geek from the Computer Club, but was an accomplished High School athlete.

Shit, Mike had taken All District, for boxing, had been runner up to State Champion, so what was his problem? So what if he hanged out with a gay guy? Wasn’t like Jeff was a slouch either, sports wise. He had done pretty good in Baseball, and had won his heats in Track. Okay, so he didn’t make State, but that wasn’t because of him. He had done his bit on the relay team, so what the fuck was Mike’s problem?

None of that would be changed, if they all knew he was Gay, they couldn’t take away any medals, and so what if some might think that Mike and him were bum buddies? They thought that when Mike had stood up for that new buy, Henry. It had been a rough few weeks, but they had survived it, and no one knew that he was gay.

So if Mike could stand up for a stranger, why couldn’t he stand up for his friend of twelve years? It was pissing him off, but it hurt more. To think that he’d risk it all for some stranger, but not for him? Like where did Mike get off on that, yet he had let him. He hadn’t stayed, hadn’t fought for their friendship either. Maybe it wasn’t that Mike was anti gay, maybe just surprised?

He looked up, to notice that he had walked a fair distance. There really wasn’t much point in going home now, his parents wouldn’t be there, nor his sister or younger brother. They were all off for the weekend, and in some ways, he was rather glad of that. This wasn’t the time to have to put up with his Sister’s knowing smirks, his younger brother’s nagging either.

Sure as hell wasn’t the time to deal with his parents either. They had enough of their plate, though he was fairly certain they had a clue, an inkling. The way his Mom had shushed his Dad, when he had been suggesting that at college he’d find a nice girl. She had to know, and by how quickly his Dad had picked up on her signals, well, he had to know too.

Then again, maybe they didn’t? Jeff didn’t want to have to deal with that, as well as Mike. So he was glad they were gone for the weekend, but now, he felt even more alone, more isolated. Glancing around, he decided he’d head a bit further, to the one place that held nothing but good memories.

It was their spot, where they always went when things were a bit hot in town. It was the spot where he had ran to, when he had heard about his grandmother, and it was where Mike had found him, to calm him down.

It was the place where he and Mike had their first joint, their first beer even. It was the place where he had sat up all night, keeping Mike safe, after he had tried some mushrooms, and had a really bad time of it too. It was the place best friends went, when things needed to be thought about, to be talked over.

As the wind picked up a bit, he saw the grove of trees, and the fences alongside the road. He was nearing ‘their’ place, where they had first talked about sex, about dating. It was the place where barely into their teens, they had discovered the joys of jacking off.

Maybe it was that memory that had gotten Mike all steamed up? But shit, it wasn’t like he knew shit about being gay or straight back then. He didn’t even know about sperm, or any of that stuff. It was just two kids entering puberty, and it wasn’t like he stared at Mike’s little dick then either. Wasn’t like he thought much about it, other than how cool it was, how it had made him feel to feel that shudder, then that warm stuff ooze through his fingers.

Like he knew what an orgasm was back then? Yet it was out here, under that big old tree, where they had both found out about the mysteries of the body. As he climbed over the broken down fence, he sighed, realizing that all the good times he had shared here, were just that. Memories only, because there would be no Mike to help make new ones.

If anyone doubted he was queer, they’d know it for sure if they stumbled onto him now. Christ, he was like some unstoppable faucet, dripping buckets of tears at the drop of a hat. Wiping them away, for the umpteenth time, he felt his chest heave a bit, as he slowly made his way through the tall uncut grass of the field, towards the trees, towards their spot.

He couldn’t remember who had found it, but it had been theirs ever since he could remember. The big tree was never crowded by the new growth, and it looked out across the field, hidden by the grass and other trees, but from it’s huge trunk, you could look out and see everything.

It was a perfect spot, because no one could sneak up on you, not that they had any reason to hide. They were kids, and it was just a place to sit, to talk, to unwind. This was where they talked about their dreams, about the teachers, homework, family. Nothing dirty, nothing perverted, and they would simply lean back against the huge tree trunk, and look out, talking when the mood suited them.

That was what he would miss, that friendship. It wasn’t like he would stare over at Mike, at his stretched out body, at those long legs spread just slightly apart, as were his own. It wasn’t like he would try to snatch a glance at his crotch, least not that he could recall. Still, it was obvious that Mike thought he must have, must be thinking that all Jeff ever did, was try to get into his pants.

There had been times, when he wished he could share some of those things with Mike. Like how he had felt, when he had been with his first guy. To say it had been different was an understatement. It had scared him too, but he never talked about it, never mentioned it. Come to think of it, they really didn’t talk all that much about any sexual experiences. Not even Mike, which he had to admit, was odd.

Jeff had tried the straight game, for show. Yet, he couldn’t really remember, now, that first time being with a girl. Thinking about it now, as he pushed past the bushes, to enter the grove of trees, he realized that even Mike seemed less forthcoming about his exploits. Hell, he could remember when Mike had said he and Cathy had gone all the way. How his eyes had seemed so dull then, not excited at all. How he had said it was just ‘okay’, not what the guys in the locker room made it out to be.

Sure, they had talked about the various girls they had dated, nothing really specific. They had commented on the breast, on the pussies, but nothing too graphic, nothing you could really call ‘exciting’ or ‘arousing’.

He moved inside, and saw the tree. How big it looked, how sturdy too. It was like nothing could faze it, not wind, fire, rain, not loss of friends either. It was there, would be for a long time to come, but somehow he felt sad, like a big part of his life had been ripped away from him. Okay, he couldn’t blame Mike, after all he had never even tried to discuss it with him, or hint at it.

Yet, how do you hint that you like guys over girls to someone like Mike? I mean he was always popular, the guys and girls all liked him, as did the teachers. He wasn’t your typical jock. He studied, got decent grades, and still went out a lot with different girls. So how do you hint that you are into guys?

Besides, what could you say? ‘Oh look at so & so, man what a basket on him’. That sure as fuck wouldn’t be subtle, and he hadn’t a clue how to be subtle. What could he had said, to make Mike wonder, to prepare him for a day like today? He could have brought up stuff about Gays, like the whole marriage crap that was going on, but then, he had, and it hadn’t gotten him anywhere.

Maybe if he’d discussed it more? Though Mike seemed uninterested, yet said he never figured out why it was such a big deal with some. He personally hadn’t given a shit if two guys married, or girls. And that was it, nothing else, though he never pursued it, either. So maybe he should have? Maybe he should have tried to engage Mike in more talks about it, or other stuff, like letting Gays serve in the military.

Jeff let his hand run over the rough bark of the tree, as he thought about it, knowing that there was no easy answer to it. He couldn’t just bring it up, and it wasn’t like guys his age really talked about that shit. Hell, he wasn’t even sure how he felt about it, and he was Gay. How the fuck was some straight guy going to care?

Sitting down, and leaning back against their tree, he stared out at the field across from him. How tall the grass looked, how it moved in the small breeze, making it seem like it was a chorus of hands waving. He felt so alone, wishing that Mike had understood, hadn’t flown off like he had.

He had said some harsh stuff, and maybe he was right? Maybe he was sick, to feel the way he did. After all, a lot of people said it was abnormal, that it was freakish. Maybe they were right, though if they were, why wasn’t there any way to change it? Jeff sat there, feeling like he didn’t know which way to turn, to go.

Deciding to tell Mike, was not a spur of the moment thing either. He had thought about it for some time, until this morning, when he finally made up his mind. Okay, he was heading off next month to College, and Mike wasn’t joining him there, so he figured, now was the time. Obviously that was wrong, but why should it have been?

He had trusted Mike with a lot of stuff, in their friendship. How he had puked when going down on that cheer leader when he was sixteen, or how he had been really hard pressed to get it up, when he had been dating Suzie. Now, those might not be hints, but they were personal, private. He had shared that stuff with Mike, who had shared some of his own experiences. So how did it all go so wrong?

Maybe he should have thought more about it, before springing it on him, but fuck, he had lost enough sleep worrying about it. Sure, he could have kept quiet, and truthfully, he wasn’t too sure why he had this urge to tell him. He couldn’t explain it, but for months he had felt like he needed to tell him, to let him know. Why, well, that was still a puzzler for him, as he stared out at the field.

How could he have been so wrong about him? Why didn’t Mike get it, that it was still him, still the same guy who had held him close that night, when he had a bad trip on mushrooms? That didn’t make him trying to seduce him, or get him over to the gay side.

The guy had been so scared, had been crying too. He had to do something, to calm him, and holding him close, well it had seemed the right thing to do. It had worked too, because as long as he was being held, Mike didn’t freak out, didn’t go off on some crying jag either. Surely that had to count for something? Just a bit of understanding?

Instead he gets told he is sick? That he needs treatment? Fuck, that wasn’t right, or fair even. Maybe he did need help, if what everyone though was true, but there were just as many who didn’t see it that way, who saw being gay as being natural, as being normal.

Wasn’t like he had decided to give being a gay a shot, because his straight sex life sucked. Wasn’t that he was so inept at straight sex, that he opted to try it out with guys. If anything, the few times he had managed to find another guy, he didn’t think he had quite passed muster. Sure as hell not when that one guy had tried to fuck him up the ass.

God, that had hurt so much, that he had stopped him from going any further. Come to think of it, he had bolted from the bushes, pulling his pants up, feeling scared shitless as he raced away from the little clearing the guy had taken him too. Wasn’t like he was a dog either, had a rather cute smile, nice dimples really, and he had seemed nice.

Course he was a bit older than Jeff was, and he knew what he wanted too. He had the spot all picked out, had the Condoms too. Still, he had ran, and never had taken a dick up his ass, yet. He wanted to, but it wasn’t like guys like him wore signs or anything.

Lot different with girls, you could walk up, ask them out on a date, and not get punched in the face. Try that with a guy, and you could wind up not only decked, but in a hospital room. Why couldn’t Mike see it that way? Like who could he talk to about it, if not his best friend? Wasn’t that what best buds did, talk about stuff they couldn’t with others, including girlfriends?

Like he could see it now, talking with Jane or Mary, telling them that yeah, it was okay to fuck them, but what he really wanted was to have a dick up his own ass, to have someone suck his dick that didn’t get lipstick on it. That would have gone over really good, and while maybe Jane might have understood, the others sure as fuck wouldn’t. So who was he left with, but Mike? There was no one else, and he was scared.

That was the truth of it all. He was frightened of going off to college, of not finding anyone, or maybe of finding someone. What if he got drunk at one of those infamous college keg parties, and blurted it out that he was gay? Would he ruin his whole college years because of drunk indiscretion?

Could be worse too, instead of just blurting it out, he could make a pass on some guy, and that would be one for the books. Hell, he had been blitzed when he had met Ryan, who had been his first. He had lucked out too, because Ryan was in worse shape than him. And to this day, he rather doubted if Ryan even remembered the blow job that Jeff had given him.

He had nightmares about that one, for weeks after. Mike had asked, but back then, well no way could he have told him about it. Bad enough to have told him today, about being Gay, just imagine what he would have done a few years ago? Then too, he should have known better. Booze and him never got along. He was what you called, the kind who had a real low tolerance for alcohol.

Like they would joke about the girls, who one sip and were gone, well he was the male equivalent. Give him a couple of beers, and he was falling down blitzed. Mike on the other hand, well he seemed like he could handle it pretty good. Yet he never seemed to go out and party that hard, despite being what you would call a typical teenager.

Drugs weren’t their thing either, which he had to admit was a good thing. It was the sports thing, that kept them both from hitting most of the crap out there. Mike had experimented a bit more than he ever had, but he wasn’t a druggie. Oh they smoked the odd joint, between them, and usually it was here.

Wasn’t like they went out back of the school, like so many did. They had a few puffs, and Mike was funny when he was stoned. He had this permanent grin that would show up. His teeth would glisten because he never could close his lips over them, when stoned. Plus, he would giggle, for no reason. He’d look over, with that stupid perma-grin and start giggling. He’d laugh so hard, tears would roll down his face, and it would get him laughing too.

All that was gone now, simply because he had to tell him about being Gay. Man, why couldn’t he have just kept quiet? Not like telling him would help him deal with College life, or in being able to tell who, on campus, were gay or not. He still couldn’t tell, and didn’t think he’d ever get the hang of that, of knowing who was, or wasn’t.

Jeff pulled his legs up, and rested his head on top, as he tried to figure it all out. To try and come to terms with being alone, that being gay was more like having some disease, that made him an outcast. He knew, deep inside, that he was just feeling sorry for himself, but damn it, he hated being gay.

It cost him Mike, and while Mike was hot, it was his friendship that he had lost. It was that which he wanted, which he’d gladly trade all the blow jobs, all the ass fucking, for, if he could. Not like he had got lots, though if you believed a quarter of what the magazines said, every teenager that was gay, had tons of gay sex before even coming close to heading off to college.

Well, maybe they did, but he sure as fuck didn’t. He wished he had, wished he could figure it all out, but maybe Mike was right, maybe he was sick. If being gay was normal, like some said, how come no one was willing to stand up and say so? Henry sure as hell didn’t, and he not only looked gay, but talked like one too. That high voice, the way he would gesture with his hands, how he walked, all said he was gay, but he wouldn’t admit it.

Didn’t stop others from picking on him, from making his life miserable, but would it have helped if he had admitted to being Gay? He doubted it, and he wished he knew the answer, wished he could have talked about it with Mike, but he hadn’t. Hadn’t gone after Henry either, which he knew was gay.

Leaning against the tree, he wondered why he had never pursued Henry? Okay, he was a bit on the thin side, and wasn’t what Jeff would call all that good looking. Still he had some good qualities. He wasn’t ugly, didn’t have a bad case of acne or anything, but he was too girlish for him. Still, if he had made a play, would he have responded? Even thinking of him now, he didn’t feel any physical reaction.

Somehow he had this whole sex thing wrong. Maybe he couldn’t find another gay guy easily, because he really wasn’t gay? Could he be just, well, frustrated at not scoring with the girls, as most guys did? Like Mike? Could he simply be imagining all this preferring dick over pussy stuff, simply because he wasn’t good in bed with girls? That maybe he was too scared, so that is why he had trouble getting an erection when with them?

After all, eventually he did get it hard enough, he did manage to get his rocks off, so was it simply that he was a frustrated rookie at sex? Sure, he got stiff pretty hard when he looked at the gay magazines, at other guys and their dicks, or spread apart butt cheeks, but was it some quirk, due to his fear of being with girls?

If he was honest with himself, the few gay experiences hadn’t been exactly much different. He had problems getting stiff, hell, he had problems getting naked in front of them. So, maybe he wasn’t gay? Could it be that simple, in which case, maybe Mike could help? Maybe if he explained it, like that, to Mike, he would understand, would realize that Jeff really wasn’t gay?

Mind you, he didn’t believe it, so how could Mike? That was one thing, Mike could usually tell when Jeff was talking out of his ass, and this would be no different. He got stiff from seeing dick, from seeing guys having sex with guys, and the girl magazines, did nothing for him.

Staring at the glossy photo’s of girls with boobs, of their legs spread open, did nothing for him. It didn’t stir his dick a single bit. Now give him a nice ass spread apart, tiny tufts of hair around that pink hole, well his dick was like a steel girder. Just like it was right now, from just thinking of a guy’s asshole. So no way could he bullshit his way out of this one, least of all with Mike.

The guy knew him too well, and he him, or so he had thought. It still didn’t make sense, at why Mike had gotten so pissed off? What did he think, that he would ask him to let him suck him off? Or something? I mean yeah, Mike was hot, but he was straight, so why would he ask him that kind of shit?

It wasn’t like they were exactly shy around each other, but still, thinking about it now, it wasn’t like they were naked in front of each other. Sure a few times, like on sleep overs, or when they would go down to the river in the summer. Still, they generally wore their shorts, neither of them really going whole hog. Yeah, he had seen the outline of Mike’s cock in his wet shorts, had seen his shorts tented when he would get out and run to the bathroom on sleep overs, but like that was normal. He always woke up with a boner, so how did him being Gay, change all that?

Maybe he should have paid more attention. Taken more note of those moments, when Mike had a hard on, or he could see it. Maybe then he wouldn’t feel like somehow, he had missed out on whatever it was Mike was accusing him of?

The cough made him snap his head upwards, his thoughts of what should have or could have gone as he stared up at the figure now standing in front of him. He saw the sun behind him, shining and blurring the image, until his eyes adjusted to the brightness.


Yeah, me.

How did you, what are you doing here?

Where else would you go when you are in one of your moods?

Yeah, well I am not leaving, I got here first, if you don’t like it, well you can piss off somewhere else.

Don’t go throwing a hissy fit, it makes you seem like some wusse.

Fuck Off

It is funny, at times, how one model, in a totally different set can make you think about him, in a totally different way. Take Jeff Cruise from BoyFunk, who sort of inspired this entire story, with his pouting look, from his solo set, Jeff’s Happy Trail.


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