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On The Run (7)

On The Run

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (7)

He had long since lost feeling in his legs, as he slowly made his way through the water, keeping under what cover he could. The sun wasn’t even peeping up out of the shadows yet and he felt rather exhausted. TJ felt like the night would never end, that the darkness around him would never get any lighter.

There was no doubt he had been too much thinking, too much worrying about what if, than about how to. It wasn’t something he had to face, not at his age. Life for him had been one party after another, or so it seemed. Yet, as he heard the water move out of his way, he knew he had faced some hard choices, made some tough calls too, ever since his parents had been taken from him, by a cruel twist of Nature. But was it?

Some of what Bobby Rae had said made him wonder, and as the cold had penetrated his entire body, his mind still fought for control. In his heart he had never quite bought the story about the freak Tornado, though he had to admit, the farm house they had lived in, sure looked like a twister had hit it.

Plus it had made the news, and others had been hit too, though his parents were the only fatalities. It gave him a chill, one that was a lot worse than the chill from the cold river water he was wading through. More he thought about it, the more he realized that the mess he was in now, well, it was just typical of his life.

Sure he had some good times, a hell of a lot too, and he always managed to pretty well stay out of trouble. He made a decent living for a kid, and had his own place. So it was in a sort of cave, so it was not what most kids would like, but frankly, he didn’t give a shit for all the modern crap. He liked being responsible for himself, from cooking to just keeping clean.

Not easy in the winter, but he had friends. He never did without a hot meal, had clean clothes, and well, there were people who would let him shower and all that stuff. So he didn’t have a television, or all that other crap. He read a lot, and was able to enjoy things like seeing the sun climb up over the horizon, to see it gradually break the darkness, and not from red rimmed eyes either.

Drugs and booze, well he enjoyed his beer, but while a lot figured his place was nothing but a place for locals to crash, get blitzed, was totally wrong. He might smoke a joint now and then, even drink a bit more than he should, but he didn’t go out driving and smash into a telephone pole. He didn’t go robbing stores to support his habits either, so maybe his parents had done a good job.

Yet here he was, running from the Feds, and for what? For fishing in a private lake? Hiding out in some barn while some big shots talked in whispers? It made no sense, but then again, it wasn’t like a lot of things actually made sense these days.

It wasn’t that he was stupid, he could read, write, do his math, and had been pretty good in school. Least he finished, which was something. Yet he rather enjoyed being free, to roam the woods, to live the way he had wanted. Maybe as he got older he’d want more, and yet he wasn’t so sure that there was more out there.

He knew Jail wasn’t for him, that being confined was like a death sentence to him. He loved being outdoors, at being able to just shuck his clothes and jump in the lake or river for a swim. Course, he also liked other things, when naked, like sex. It all seemed so natural to him, and he was maybe typical in that regard. He liked a good dick, to suck on it, to feel it slide up his ass, or to push his into one.

It was his excuse, his way of hiding out. Maybe having so many different sex partners was his way of avoiding doing more with his life. He had the chance to work a crop, like his parents had. Yet something kept him from trying, from taking that step from being a kid, to being an adult. He loved his life, loved it to the point where maybe he wasn’t letting himself think ahead.

TJ felt his body shudder a bit, as he stopped and listened to the night sounds. The skunk smell had long since dulled his sense of smell, but he could still hear. Every half hour or so he would stop, listen for any strange noises. His instincts had kicked in, and he kept trying to remember all the little things his father had told him, about tracking, about how to stay ahead of the game, to make the noises talk to him.

Odd, to think about all that, when before this whole crap he rarely gave it a thought. Yet he had learned, without even knowing it, and he sighed, missing his parents more than when he had found out about their death. Strange, how he hadn’t really grieved for them, least not like he had thought. He hadn’t broken down, well not much, but still, it was only hitting him now. It was like he could hear them in his head, hear their words that he had heard so often, but seemed to have ignored.

Now the words had meaning, and he listened. His head cocked to one side, as the skunk struggled a bit in the sack on his back. It was a good trick, one he should have remembered, but as he listened, hearing nothing but the sounds that should be there, he knew he’d have to keep his wits about him. He knew that whatever Bobby Rae had said, would only go so far. Old Roy was smart, but so were the Feds. They had a lot more going for them, than some hick Sheriff, still he knew that Old Roy had something they didn’t, which was experience. He knew the area, knew the people too, which the Feds didn’t.

TJ knew he had to keep that in mind, because he couldn’t afford to let himself get desperate. He had to keep his mind focused, as he made his way further along, the water barely making a sound, as he kept his feet shuffling forward, rather than stepping forward. One more way to muffle the sounds of his movement, one more trick to stay one step ahead of those hunting him.

Looking up, he noticed that the sky was beginning to lighten, and it was time for him to start thinking of heading onto land, to grab some sleep, and take cover. He could hear the birds starting wake too, as he scanned the banks, on both sides. He knew that he had to alter which side to choose, so as to further hide his trail. They might get careless, not check both sides, so they could lose his scent if they followed just one side.

Finally, with the sun breaking the horizon, he found a perfect spot. He could hide under the fallen leaves, and the tree line was deeper than on one side. He moved slow, stopping every few steps to listen. The sounds were as they should be, but he kept his body still for several seconds, making certain.

The skunk was being difficult, but he managed to get some food into the sack, and drop the sack just enough so water was able to be drunk. He could smell its poop too, but he wasn’t about to try and correct that. TJ knew enough to not stick his hands inside either, but damn, opening the sack to drop in some crumbs of food in made his eyes water, his chest heave a bit. Gawd it stank, but then, it would also make any hounds lose his scent real quick.

Tying the sack up over his head, the drops of water slowing, he managed to shift himself so that he wouldn’t be in the way, least his head wouldn’t be. If the sack dripped on his upper body, well it would help cover his scent, and that was the plan. Rotting leaves and branches weren’t much of a comfort either, but his sense of smell was pretty well dulled and would be, until he got to the cave.

Snuggling down into the rancid mix of leaves and other stuff, he felt satisfied. Least he was doing something, not just letting things take charge. Maybe he didn’t know why the Feds were after him, but he was doing what he needed to survive. He felt his father would be proud of at least that part of his life, but then too, maybe he would have understood the other part of his life?

Maybe he didn’t get the whole queer thing, but he doubted if his parents would have shoved him out the door. Hell, they had to have an inkling that he was that way. It wasn’t like he had been totally discreet, though he feared being outed more than he would have admitted.

Even now, he didn’t go around flaunting his sexuality, least he hadn’t thought so. Mind you Bobby Rae seemed to have known a damn bit more about his sex life than he would have thought. As the warmth of the sun made its presence known, he felt his eyes growing weary, felt his body unravelling from the tension that had held him since he had left the cabin.

Even the pins and needles of circulation returning to his legs weren’t enough to prevent his exhaustion from taking hold. His body was gradually drifting off, as his mind began to think back, to ignore the pressing issue of what was happening, to relive moments that were happy, were filled with enjoyment rather than worry.

Images of guys flashed past his mind, as he tried to find one special one, one special episode to relive, to let his mind unwind over. There had been a fair number, and yet there had been some very special one’s too. Some who had really made him feel good, had really found the right spots to touch, the right buttons to push.

Jack was one of those. He felt his chest give a bit of a heave, felt his heart skip a beat or two, and a small twinge around his groin brought a smile to his lips, as sleep overtook him, As his mind began to play back that part of his life that had been special.

TJ could feel himself being taken back in time, to when he had met Jack. How he had almost lost it the first time he had set eyes on the guy. It had been down by the rocks, on one of his jaunts to get away from Town. They were nothing special, no monuments to any fallen heroes, or plaques honouring some long forgotten battle, just a bunch of rocks with nice cool spots in between the various outcropping. A great place to go, to think, to jerk off and not worry.

The Sun had no problems in finding those spots, but no one could casually go by and see. It was a great place to lay stretched out, and just let the Sun do its magic, to let it warm a person all over. No need of clothes, or to even have them close by. Not many knew of the place, or if they did, well they didn’t go there enough to ruin its solitude.

Downside to the Rocks, as TJ called them, was that you could stumble upon someone, or them on you, without you really knowing it. Least if your mind was elsewhere, as his had been when Jack had come across him. The way he had just suddenly been there, staring down at him between several high rocks.

His first awareness was when the Sun suddenly was blocked, and he opened his eyes to stare up, to see if Clouds were coming in. His one hand was down, holding his cock, as he was totally naked. He had been thinking of someone, though for the life of him he couldn’t remember who anymore. TJ had his legs apart, his hard pole firmly in his hand, and the other hand was rubbing one of his firm nipples, when he opened his eyes to see this dirty blond haired face staring down at him.

The eyes were a sort of pale blue, and he noticed the stubble on his chin, the small tuft under the chin. The way his face was in a wide grin, only added to his charm. He had wind blown hair, that only added to his look, and the sun had him squinting a bit. Still there was no mistaking that grin, the way his white teeth seemed to glitter in the sunlight.

He could see it now, the way Jack simply stared at him, looked him over real good, then simply sat down, with his legs spread invitingly apart. He just stared at TJ, the eyes fluttering a bit, but it was that damn smile, how it got wider as he stared directly at TJ’s hard cock. Amazing how it had been so stiff before, but felt like it had grown even more rigid as Jack stared at it.


TJ could tell that he wasn’t talking about the weather. The way his eyes were so fixed on his erection, how he licked his upper lip as he spoke, told TJ that this was going to be a fun encounter.

Yeah it is

Could get hotter.

TJ merely smiled, as he gave his cock a tug, just enough to make it jerk a little.

Wouldn’t mind if it did.

While he had said it, he stared directly at Jack’s crotch, noticing the bulge that was beginning to take shape. He licked his own lips, as he waited to see if he was right, if this was going to be more than just a solitary jerk off.

He noticed the legs sway a bit, then glancing up saw the stranger taking his shirt off. TJ felt his eyes widening, as they saw how bronzed the man’s skin was, how firm his nipples were too. He couldn’t help but notice that the legs had moved apart a bit more, as the grin on his face only grew even wider. The long hair was gently fluttering in the wind, as the man introduced himself as Jack, and then slid down the rock, to stand next to TJ.

His blue eyes seemed to be glittering as he reached into the pocket of his shorts, and pulled out a strip of Condoms, and let them fall next to TJ. He just grinned back at Jack, and watched as he moved his hands up to his shorts, and effortlessly pushed them down, so that he was standing totally naked. He stepped out from the shorts, showing off his fully erect penis.

Jack reached down, to take hold of it and give it a few quick pulls, that made it seem even bigger as he stepped over TJ, to straddle him. His body was above TJ, and he moved so his cock was right above TJ’s face.

Staring at it, he realized that Jack was uncut, yet his cock head was poking out already, the foreskin tightly pulled back by obvious excitement. He glanced down at the condom strip that Jack had dropped, and he reached out to pick them up. While he was normally a top, there was something about Jack that just made him want to feel him buried inside of him.

He ripped off one of the packages, then ripped the single package open with his teeth. He looked back up, noting the veins under the cock, at how they seemed to just throb as Jack looked down at him. It was one of those looks you just didn’t forget, as TJ pulled the condom out of the package. Jack moved back a step, and seemed to sort of crouch down, so that his cock was within easy reach.

TJ smiled as he lifted his hand up, to take hold of the wavering penis, to touch it. A sort of small thrill rolled up and down his body as he took hold, keeping the hard dick steady. The heat from the cock was amazing, as he slowly unrolled the thin plastic down the stiff pole. He couldn’t help but keep his eyes staring upwards, to watch the face as his hands unrolled the thin condom.

Pushing it down, he felt the wiry pubic hairs against his knuckles, then he let his hold on Jack’s cock go. He took his eyes away from Jack’s face, to look at the crotch, to see the two big balls sway and the thick shaft glisten from the sun on the plastic. He felt the ache in his ass, felt his cheeks clench as stretched his legs out, then brought them upwards towards his head.

Reaching out, he took hold of his legs, so that his whole ass was lifted up from the blanket, so his waiting ass was poised and in clear view of the man above. Jack lowered himself to his knees, his eyes never once leaving TJ’s face, as he got closer. TJ could smell his cologne, and his special aroma too. He also could see how his chest was heaving, how the nipples were firm and jutting out.

Lifting his head he also looked across at the flat belly, saw the muscles rippling as Jack kneeled down between TJ’s upraised legs. His whole body was tingling as he Jack moved in even closer, shuffling his body forward and then leaned over TJ’s prone torso.

He could feel his hot breath across his face, as he saw the eyes looming over him. He could feel the longer strands of his hair brush against his chest, that made him shudder a bit. He also could feel the hard cock brush past his inner thigh, past his scrotum. He felt his body tense, as he stared up into Jack’s face.

It was bizarre, to suddenly be about to be fucked, by someone who just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was strange, that they had barely spoken, yet as he looked into those blue eyes, he felt like he was about to have the ride of a lifetime. There was something there, that just made every nerve in his body tingle, made every muscle quiver, as he waited for that first moment, that first strike.

TJ felt the legs pushing up against his thighs, felt the hand move down his chest, lightly caressing his coiled muscles, as they passed down to his groin. He felt the fingers brush past his hard dick, that was being pressed up against his belly, felt them linger over his throbbing pole, before moving down past it to the full balls that were slung upwards.

He heard himself moan a bit, as he saw the eyes glitter, then close. His own closed as he felt the hard press of Jack’s lips on his, the warm taste of his mouth as his tongue suddenly pressed inwards, pushing his lips apart. He felt Jack taste him, felt the rise in his heart rate, as he also felt Jack’s cock shake a bit, then it was over. The head was still above him, but he could feel the hot thick cock being wedged between his cheeks, feel the muscles in his legs tighten, as they took Jack’s weight.

TJ licked his lower lip, as his eyes fluttered. The sun was blocked by Jack’s towering body, as he felt the press up against his hole. He squirmed a bit, as he felt it press hard, slowly stretching the tight hole muscles, slowly making him open up. His hands gripped his legs hard, his knuckles growing white from the pressure he was exerting.

It took him by surprise. The quick penetration had stunned him, knocked the breathe from him as he heard his cry of pain echo. His body shook as he realized that Jack had penetrated him and deeply. He felt his insides shiver, felt them cry out as the hard pole sliced into his body. He felt it dive deep into his body, felt the muscles scream out, as he heard Jack grunt, then pant.

His heart was racing as he felt his body trying to dig deeper into the sand, to try and pull back from the impaling force of Jack’s cock. It hurt, yet even as the pain was rolling up and down his body, as it was making him shake, he felt the pleasure too. He could feel his body changing, feel the hard fullness inside, that made him moan a bit, then louder.

His chest was heaving, his legs grew taut, as he felt the hard press up against his rectum. He could feel the driving thrust that made his dick shake, made his balls ache. Then he could feel it slowly being pulled back, slowly leaving him. He felt panic, as the thick pole made its way out, but just when he thought it was going to pull out totally, it stopped. TJ could feel it quiver, feel the head shudder a bit, then suddenly he felt the air leave his lungs, as the huge pole was shoved fully back into his body.

His cheeks quivered, as the thrust took him totally by surprise. He felt his nerves twitch, felt them scream even, as the huge pole sliced even deeper into his body. His legs were numb, the blood draining from them to his stomach. Every muscle inside was twisting and turning as Jack pounded his ass. Hard quick in and out thrusts, then suddenly it once more changed.

The hard thrusts began to slow down, then as they came in, the cock inside jerked and banged against his insides, as Jack twisted his hips, driving his cock into TJ in a strange corkscrew motion. It was heaven, as his body shook, as sweat was beading up and not from the hot sun above.

His hair was damp, hung in strands, just as Jack’s. He could feel the wet strands scratch across his chest, with each downward thrust. He could feel the air escape Jack’s lungs, as he pounded TJ’s willing hole. Every muscle inside felt like they were being stretched wider and wider, with every hard penetrating thrust. They were crying out, making him moan constantly.

The weight against his legs were making the hips ache, were driving his body into the sand, making him moan even more. He could feel the sand grate across his back, across the top of his cheeks, as the hard cock just kept pounding him. Jack would twist his hips more once the cock was fully impaled into TJ’s body.

Each push was a whole new experience, then it just stopped. He felt the hard pole deep inside, felt his chest heave, then the sharp pain came. He cried out, as he felt his nipple being twisted, then opening his eyes, he saw the body above come closer, saw the bared teeth, as he felt them close around one of his nipples. He cried out as they bit and twisted, and then it was over.

Before he could catch his breathe, he felt the pounding again, more like a jack hammer was inside his ass. In and out it went, faster with each downward crush from the body above. His cock was jerking across his scrunched up belly, and pressed deep into the hard muscles with each crushing downward blow. It seemed to only get faster too, as he felt his hold weakening on his legs.

He could feel the balls striking his cheeks, crushing his too. TJ moaned and he thought he could hear a similar sound from above, but the roar of his heart was too loud for him to distinguish the sounds. His chest heaved, as he felt the hard crushing weight grow more intense, felt the cock inside swell with each penetrating push. His head was in a fog, as he felt the wet strands now brushing across his belly grow more violent, almost like tiny lashes.

The pain only added to the intense pleasure he was feeling, as Jack hammered him. The slapping sounds of Jack’s hot flesh against his own sweat stained body was louder than his cries.

It was impossible to believe, but Jack’s thrusts seemed to get even faster. The force knocking the wind from him each time, making him pant as he shook to the wild pounding. Then it just stopped. He felt the thrust drive him hard, to the point where his whole body seemed to skid backwards a bit. He felt the cock inside swell, and then he heard the anguished cry echo.

His cheeks clenched tightly around the thick pole deep inside of him, as he felt Jack’s body shake. He could feel the tremor begin, feel it go from the cock head down the hard shaft, right up into the groin. He could feel it race up into Jack, feel it strike his heart, his lungs, his mind. His own body shook, as he felt the shudder, felt the quaking from above him, against his legs.

Jack’s body had exploded inside of him, he could feel the thin plastic swell, feel it grow hotter, as the cock shook, shuddered, and then tremble. He felt the balls up against his own, felt them push hard against the leathery sac, then suddenly seem to become empty shells. TJ could feel it all, feel it deep in his soul, as the cock shook inside, banging up against his taut lining, against the muscles.

He felt it as the weight above grew heavier, as Jack’s hot breath was now scorching his face. TJ felt his own body shudder, felt the waves of pleasure inside as Jack just lay there, on top of him, his cock still impaled deep inside. It wasn’t softening, not quickly anyhow. It kept his body trembling, as if the beast was soon to awaken again.

TJ could hear himself pant, hear his own labored breathing, as Jack lay on top of him. Then he felt the body sliding off, the cock sliding out, as his legs fell to the sand. He was panting, as was Jack, as they lay there, exhausted by the wild explosion. He couldn’t move his head, and his hand lay at his side, unable to move.

He felt Jack next to him, felt the heat of his body against his own burning skin. TJ had never felt so empty, as his body seemed to want more, to crave more of that hard pounding. He felt the ache deep inside of his body, so much that it hurt his chest. It was as if he was having a heart attack, the way his chest heaved, the way his heart pounded.

TJ managed to twist his head to one side, to stare over at Jack. He could see the face, the way the eyelashes were fluttering, as Jack was staring back at him. The lips were parted, the nostrils flaring as Jack struggled for air. His whole body was shaking, but TJ watched as he managed to lift one arm up, to let it fall across TJ’s own heaving body.

His eyes moved away from the soft face, to see the hand move down his belly, to lay next to his hard cock. He stared as the fingers moved one by one, down to encircle his cock, to take hold of it. He sucked in his air, feeling his body shudder, feeling the ache deep in his groin, as Jack’s fingers wrapped tightly around the base of his hard cock.

TJ was expecting him to stroke it, but suddenly he felt the press of Jack’s body on his, felt his body move and the head was passing over his belly. His eyes widened, as he saw the wet strands of dark hair slash across his chest, one band of hair moving right across one of TJ’s erect nipples. He felt the muscles inside suddenly coil up, felt his nerves tingle as he watched, his jaw hanging open.

The touch of the lips on the head of his cock made him groan loudly, then as they wrapped around the head, he felt his body tremble. His legs shot out, already exhausted, but now they were fully extended, his toes curling up as the lips moved down around his cock head.

He felt his whole body lift up, drive his cock past the lips, to enter Jack’s mouth. TJ felt the teeth scrape the head of his cock, felt the nerves inside scream as the warmth of Jack’s mouth engulfed his cock. His balls were already slung up, but they suddenly dropped.

As they did, he felt it at the very base of his cock. The rolling thunder seemed to just explode in his ears, as his body arched upwards. He heard a cough, a gurgle but it was off in the distance, as the thunder just overwhelmed him.

Every muscle inside suddenly released, as his body bucked and hit the sand hard. It hurt his tailbone but he didn’t care as the waves of pleasure, of total release, filled his mind. His body shook, his toes hurt as they curled even more, threatening to break at the joints. His chest ached, as the explosion grew more intense.

He closed his eyes, feeling the waves wash over him. It was hot, and weighed him down. His chest ached, his heat pounded even more, as the blood was suddenly drained from everywhere. He felt it race to his groin, felt the cock head striking deep in Jack’s mouth, felt the raspy edged tongue being flattened by the bulk of his own blood gorged cock.

Crying out, his hand reached out, to grab hold of Jack’s wet hair. His fingers twisted the strands around and pushed down, as his body was arched all the way up at the hips. His groin was pushing up into Jack’s face, he could feel the head trying to pull back, but his hold wouldn’t let it.

His body shook, as the explosion only grew. His balls ached, hell every part of his body hurt, as his cum was spurting out, deep down into Jack’s mouth. He could hear him swallow, feel its sticky wetness coat the hot flesh of his pole, and then flow down and out from the corner’s of Jack’s mouth. TJ heard himself cry out several times, then felt his whole energy, his entire body strength just disappear.

He felt himself falling backwards, felt his toes uncurl, pained but grateful for the release. It felt like very bone in his body, every muscle, had simply evaporated, as he lay there, panting and unable to move. Cum was drying on his pubic hairs, the sun was baking his body, but he had no strength left to move. He was totally spent, as he felt the weight on his belly.

Glancing down, he could see Jack’s head, see the hair spread across his chest, and feel the weight of each wet strand. His body was exhausted, as they lay there, unable to move, totally spent.

The sound of a far off helicopter made him open his eyes. He felt the hot sun on his face, but the light was dim, off to the west as he lay there, feeling his memory of Jack fading, as he listened to the distant noise. It was late afternoon, as he lay there, waiting for the noise to pass.

TJ listened carefully, his body once more tense, as he wondered if they had found his scent, or if they had suddenly moved the search backwards, realizing he might be doubling back? His heart ached, as he realized, he wanted to see Jack again, and the others too. His resolve grew, as he listened, realizing the noise was going away.

Slowly he let himself relax, knowing he had a few more hours, before it would be safe to move back to the river, to once more begin the journey towards the cave, and to where hopefully he’d get some answers. He sighed, as he smelled the aroma of rotting vegetation, of skunk. He knew it was him, and smiled, wondering what Jack would say, if he could smell him now?


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Story – Rescued at Sea

Rescued at Sea

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (-)

Trent kept turning the key, then moving over to the cowling, looking down at the greasy motor, looking for something, though he hadn’t a clue as to exactly what. He was no gear head, and each time he just felt more frustrated, as he would stand up and look around. It was frustrating, the one time he went out, and had the place to himself, there was no one about.

Standing there, wearing his lifejacket, and a pair of broad shorts, he felt suddenly chilled. There were lights starting to go on at the various houses on the far bank, and he realized it was getting dark. Still, someone would come by, he hoped. Looking over to the silent motor, he felt like kicking it, except he had no shoes on, and he really didn’t need to break a toe or two, right now.

It was nearly the end of summer, and this was the first time he had the family summer cabin to himself, fat lot of good that was doing him. He had it all planned, to get one or two of his friends to come up, spend the week with him, and hopefully use up the Condoms he had bought, but suddenly everyone was busy, or off elsewhere. He had been forced to come up alone, but he figured one of the locals help pass the time, and once again he had been wrong.

It was like a ghost town, with everyone gone, or more or less gone. Jimmy, one of his prospects for some fun, wasn’t even up this weekend, and good old reliable Jeff had flaked too. Even the local gas jockey seemed to be pre-occupied, barely giving him a second look when he had filled up the boat. Now here he was, his last night alone, and for his efforts, he had managed to whack off a few times, watch some porn videos alone, and do nothing else. No horseplay with the guy from the grocery store, no looking for a quiet spot to do some serious fucking and sucking, just a bored day stretched out on a blanket, soaking up the waning rays of the summer sun during the day, and knocking back a few cold drinks at night, alone.

He sat back down, staring at the open cowling, at the shiny chrome around the stern, wondering what he was going to do. Like an idiot, he hadn’t brought a jacket, nor did he have any other clothes aboard. Oh sure, he had his little brown bag, the one with Condoms, some lube, and even a nice red dildo, but like that wasn’t going to get the friggin boat started, sure as hell wasn’t going to keep him warm, or stop the rumbling in his stomach.

Even the blankets were back at the dock, along with his clothes, as he stared out at the growing darkness. It was getting chilly too, and the water was starting to lap up against the sides, rocking the boat a bit. Normally he enjoyed that motion, but right now he felt like wanting to puke.

His first year at College was just a few weeks away, and he doubted if he’d be back until summer. It wasn’t like his friends were any different, except maybe Sam, who was already out in the world, working in some construction outfit. College wasn’t for Sam, but then he was already starting to beef up, no longer the puny runt he had been in High School. Might be fun to do him, once he filled out more from actually working, but that wasn’t gonna help him right now, as he stared off at the far bank.

Yelling might work, if anyone was out, but so far he couldn’t even spot the glow of a burning cigarette, or even see a darker shadow, that would signify someone being out. It was as if everyone was inside, packing or eating, and when he heard the voice, he almost fell off the seat. It had come out of the blue, and turning around he couldn’t see anyone, until he let his eyes narrow a bit, and there was this mop of shaggy blond hair peering at him, almost up to the side rail.

You stuck’ the voice asked, and Trent couldn’t help but notice the very white teeth, set off by the darker skin of the face. Definitely sunburned, and the hair looked like it hadn’t seen a comb or brush for months. Still, the eyes seemed to be sparkling a bit, and it was a lean looking face. Almost babyish in appearance, as he finally answered back that the engine wouldn’t kick over.

Help me aboard, I’ll take a look if you want’ the voice said, as his canoe bumped alongside the sleek side of the stalled motor boat. Trent moved over, to stick out his hand, noticing how tiny his saviour looked. He couldn’t be more than 100 pounds soaking wet, and if he was 5ft 6in he’d be wearing high heels. Yet his body was not emaciated looking. He had some meat on him, and you could tell it was well suntanned.

As he climbed aboard, Trent couldn’t help but feel relieved. At least he wouldn’t be stuck out all night, shivering. Plus, his rescuer seemed nice, but no more than maybe fifteen or sixteen. He put aside his fanciful thoughts, as he judged the young man’s age, as he padded over to the open engine cover.

Despite his first impressions, he couldn’t help but check out the butt, as he leaned over the silent engine, and reached to pull at something or other. He whistled a bit, as he pulled on this and that, then stood up, with obvious satisfaction.

Give it a try now

Trent shrugged and reached over to the ignition. Turning the key he heard the whine, then the stutter, then suddenly the motor was running again, rumbling its normal sound, and he felt totally relieved.

Thanks, man I thought I’d be here all night

Yeah it was quiet out here today, noticed you earlier, but thought you were just getting some ray’s.

Sort of was the plan.

Bitch being stuck, when no one is around, I mean you hope for a day without all the noise, the traffic, then get it and wind up stuck.

Yeah, I was thinking just that, when the damn engine wouldn’t start.

Kind of thought so, thought I’d hop on out, besides, needed to work off dinner.

You came out special to check if I needed help?

Well you sort of looked like you were having problems, besides I needed to work off dinner. Bit of rowing always helps.

Don’t look like you have to worry about that too much.

Oh I pack it on, unless I work it off later, and I don’t want to go off to College looking like a beach ball, the coach wouldn’t approve.

His eyes seemed to widen at the news that this was no squeaker. One thing was certain though, he sure as hell didn’t look like he was old enough to shave, let alone attend college.

College? Coach?

Yeah, I got a scholarship to State, for the wrestling team, and well, the coach is fanatical about weight.

I’d never have guessed, uh?

Jason, Jason Walters

Well thanks Jason, I am Trent, uh, can I offer you a drink or a tow back?

Drink would be nice, you are over in the arm there, aren’t you?

Trent wasn’t sure, but he rather liked the way Jason sounded. He certainly looked good, and being good enough to be on a College wrestling team explained why he didn’t look like a sack of bones wrapped up in skin.

Huh? Yeah, how’d you know?

Recognize the boat, and seen you around.

Ah, I see, well hitch your canoe up and we’ll head back to the dock, assuming this beast doesn’t die on the way.

Shouldn’t, just some gummed up line, but you should get it cleaned out by a mechanic before you take it out again.

I will, okay ready?

Jason nodded as he finished tying off his canoe. Trent couldn’t help but take his lithe body into his vision, finding it rather exciting. Turning back, to guide the boat and turn it towards the arm where the cabin was, he didn’t notice Jason looking at him, or that his little bag of essentials was right next to him either.

The boat ran like new, as he slowly angled the bow towards the dock, to let it glide in as he cut the engine. As he did, he turned to leap out and tie it off, when he noticed that Jason had a strange look on his face. He didn’t think much of it, as he got onto the wharf, and tied the boat off.

Ready for that drink?

Sure, uh, nice place you got here.

Yeah, nice when you can get it to yourself, doesn’t happen often.

I know the feeling, I got four sisters, and they always seem to be around.

I only have one, and a younger brother, still, its enough.

Yeah, uh, maybe we can just have that drink here? Kind of nice to just kick back and enjoy the stars, the quiet. I don’t get that at my place, those sisters of mine can’t be silent for two seconds.

Haha, yeah girls, go figure, if they aren’t talking, they aren’t happy.

For sure

What can I get you? We got cold beer, even some white wine, and all the other stuff.

Got some milk?

It made him shiver. He couldn’t explain it, but as he stared down at Jason, he was certain the guy wasn’t talking about cow juice. The way his head was tilted, how he was sitting on the dock, and looking at him, suddenly seemed more than just casual. As did his request for milk, and that smile, even in the growing darkness, he couldn’t help but see it.

Uh yeah, sure that’s all you want?

For now, it would be great.

Maybe spending nearly a week alone had him frazzled, but he was certain that Jason was flirting with him. Then again, maybe it was just that he felt like he had been rescued, that had him feeling that way, imagining what really wasn’t there? Could be that, as he left him at the dock, his feet dangling over the side, while he went up to the cabin for the drinks.

Could be simply that being a Jock, Jason was into a no alcohol thing, or something as innocent as that. Still, the way he had looked at him, how his face had sort of gotten a bit of grin to it, like he knew something, or thought he did. Strange thing was, he didn’t really recall seeing him around, though Jason obviously had seen him.

It was perplexing as he grabbed two glasses, along with a pitcher of cold milk and headed back to the dock. Most likely he had seen him, but didn’t let it register, given how he looked too young for him. After all, last thing he needed was to get involved with jail bait. Mind you, finding out he was the same age, eighteen, was giving him a rather naughty sense of pleasure.

There was no doubt that he was good looking. His build, his whole package was inviting, though the height could be a distraction. After all Trent was a tad under six foot himself, and he definitely outweighed Jason. Then too, he had heard all about short skinny guys, how their dicks were usually where all their height went, and that would be an interesting concept to check out, if the subject arose.

Walking through the bushes, he saw Jason stretched out on the dock, and right next to him was Trent’s little emergency bag. He stood frozen, as he saw that Jason had obviously been looking. Standing there, he wondered if he should just act like nothing was amiss, or should he be ready for a fight?

As he was trying to decide, Jason turned and spotted him in the bushes. He just stared, his eyes looking like tiny stars, the way they flickered at him. In his hand Trent could see he had his dildo, and was glancing at it, and then back at Trent.

Slowly he walked down, and handed Jason a glass, then filled it. They held eye contact all the time, as he filled his own and took a quick swallow, wondering if he should say anything or not. However, just as he decided to ignore the dildo, Jason made the first move.

Holding the dildo in his hand, and placing the glass of milk down, he looked up at Trent, as he asked him if the dildo was for his own use, or if he was hoping to catch a mermaid man. It was a lame attempt at humor, but it broke the ice, as he laughed, saying he would settle for that, at this point.

I can hold my breath under water for nearly two minutes, does that count?

He just stood there, unsure what to say. There was no mistaking the look, the way Jason’s eyes suddenly seemed glued to a spot in line with Trent’s crotch. It was like there was some sort of electrical charge sparking around and between them, as he stood there, unsure how to proceed.

Trent stood there, as Jason stood up, and stepped out of his own shorts, tossing his hair back. It showed off his body, that seemed to just glisten in the growing darkness. It was odd, as he then laid back down, resting on his hands, while his body was aimed at Trent. His legs were spread apart, and there was not mistaking, that he had a hard on.

I figure rescuing you out there, well, worth something, uh in compensation for my time, don’t you agree?

Uh I see.

That all you gonna do? Stare at it?

He had to laugh a bit at that, as he sat down at looked over at Jason. There was tiny hairs on his legs, all them seemed to be sticking up, but it was that patch of hair that surrounded that looming tower of a cock. They were right, or at least in Jason’s case they were right about compensation for his lack of height was made up by the size of his dick. God it looked so huge, and it was standing there, barely moving in the night air.

The balls looked like a pair of grapefruits, the way they lay on the wooden planks of the dock. Looking at Jason, his dildo looked more like a bloody toothpick, as he wondered just how big it was. He glanced up at Jason, who was just staring at him, with a look of pride.

Good thing you weren’t sinking.

Oh? Why’s that?

Cost you more than a glass of milk and a blow job.

Maybe I’d not mind paying the extra.

You can always go out and pull the plug after, then we’ll see how willing you are.

Hate to lose the boat, but it might be worth it.

It would, but well, it’s safe and sound and dry as a bone.

The grin was infectious, and he couldn’t help but chuckle at the words too, as they both stared at the boat. For a brief second, he actually thought about jumping into the boat and pulling the plug, but hell it was a fifteen thousand dollar boat, his father would skin him alive. Besides, he wasn’t so sure he’d be able to take that dick easily, not without a few good sized drinks first.

He reached out, and let his hand rest on Jason’s leg. The touch made the leg twitch a bit, then it sort of just moved closer to Trent, and the talking was over as they just stared at each other. His heart was racing, and he had to admit, it was the strangest pick up he had ever encountered, and the strangest seduction he had experienced.

Crawling forward, he let his chest push up against Jason’s hard cock, as he moved to sort of lean above the smaller young man. The feel of that giant dick across his chest, then his belly made him tremble, and the idea of it being between his ass was a bit frightening. Jason was right, it might be too much of price, but he couldn’t help but want to try.

Staring down at Jason, he could see the twinkle in his eyes, the grin on his face, as he let his hand roam lightly over the chest, feeling the muscles coil under his touch. He could also feel the heart pounding inside, feel the chest rise and fall to his heavy breathing, as it let his touch move all over. The firm nipples were a surprise, but so were the rolling muscles under the stomach. They felt like coiled steel springs, as his hand kept moving over and around them, while his eyes stared down into Jason’s.

His own chest was heaving, as he sucked in the night’s air, feeling the hard cock move with the motion of his chest. Trent could feel the racing beat of his pulse, as he leaned down more, to close the gap between him and Jason. He saw the lips part, and closed his eyes as his mouth made contact with Jason’s.

The kiss was unlike any had ever felt. It was rich with flavour, a sort of taste that made his nerves tingle, his senses awaken. His body was suddenly on edge, as he felt his tongue darting forward, duelling with Jason’s. It was sort of sweet to the taste, yet felt so different than any other tongue. It felt good, making him even more excited, as his body lowered down further onto Jason’s prone body. The hard cock was nestled tightly into his chest, pushing into him with its thickness, and its stiffness.

The night was cool, but the combined body heat was making Trent sweat, as beads of perspiration were forming all over as he lay on top of Jason, kissing. He tasted him, then moved down to kiss and lick at his neck, at the hollow, and then raking his tongue down, the centre of the chest, all the way to the belly. He felt the body shake, as his tongue traveled slowly downwards, as his body slid further down.

He felt the hard cock throbbing as his chest moved down its length, feeling the vein pulse to his touch. It was unreal, making him sweat even more, as he breathed in the musky scent of the young man’s groin odor. It made the nostrils flare, the nostril hairs flutter. His own body shuddered, as he let one hand reach down, to grab hold of the giant balls, to squeeze them and probe them.

Jason was moaning, his body slippery underneath Trent’s. It felt amazing, as the slender body snaked around under him, moving and shaking. He felt so alive, as his hand cupped the balls, as his mouth came closer to the wriggling pole that was sticking up into his throat, as he licked at the belly.

Then he moved down, his hand encircling the huge cock, his fingers wrapping around the base, pushing down the pubic hairs, as he moved down, and let his face stare directly at the monster cock. His eyes bulged as he saw the winking eye of the monster, the white glow as it showed it pleasure to his touch. It was moving between his fingers, alive.

Licking his lips, he bent down, to kiss that one eyed monster, tasting it. His whole body quivered at the touch, and he felt Jason murmur his own excitement. It was unnerving, as he opened his eyes, to see that huge cock head so close, so inviting. The sound of the wind, the water lapping up against the dock, the swaying of the whole dock, made him groan, as he closed the eyes, lowering his head, opening his mouth.

The taste of the skin, the smell, made him moan, made his own cock twitch and ache. Jason moaned again, as he widened his mouth as far as possible, his jaw stretched as wide as the jaw hinge would let him go. He felt the huge head pass his lips, felt his tongue being flattened, as it tried to taste the hot flesh of the head.

His throat muscles groaned, his whole body shook, as he lowered his head more onto the cock. It trembled, shook as his teeth grated over the skin, lightly. Jason cried out, and Trent felt the two hands reaching up, grabbing hold of his own hair, twisting it, as he continued to feed Jason’s cock to his mouth.

There was no way he would get it all in, no way he could take it all, but he tried to get as much as he could. He felt his throat muscles resisting, felt the gag reflex inside, as he tried to stuff more in, but he couldn’t. He cried a bit, tears at the corners of his eyes, as he was forced to pull back, despite the press of Jason’s hands on his head. Again he sucked in air, then tried to swallow more, until again he was forced to pull back.

In and out he went, taking just a bit more each time, enjoying the salty taste of the hot flesh, revelling in its jerking motion as it passed into his throat, gagging him. His body ached for it, his mind blank, as he concentrated on the huge pole that kept stretching his throat. Faster he went, while his other hand stroked what he couldn’t swallow. His fingers wrapped tightly around the huge pole, moving up and down in a steady motion, as the sounds of his effort echoed in the night.

Surfers and Skaters onlyHis ears heard the water, heard the beat of his heart, the constant moans of Jason, as his body tried to accommodate the huge missile. He sucked on it, trying to wedge more of it inside, holding the huge shaft tightly, failing to take it all. Yet he could feel the blood rushing, feel the excitement in the other, as he kept trying, kept sucking on it.

Jason’s breathing was becoming more ragged, more short and desperate. He could feel his body shaking more and more, feel the cock vibrating as it went in and out of his throat, thrusting in with the added push from Jason’s hips. His jaw was throbbing, the pain dulled by being so constant. His wrist hurt, as he held tightly to the thick shaft, stroking it in time with the motion of his head.

Trent felt the body trembling, felt the cock actually thicken, as the blood was rushing quickly along the whole shaft, then he heard the moan, the shudder, as the cock jerked inside his mouth. The body stopped shaking, the sounds were gone, as the cock reared back, then flung itself forward.

His own body suddenly tensed, then he felt the stream of hot liquid pouring out into his throat. Trent gagged, as his hand tightened even more around the shaft, as his lips seemed to melt into the hard burning flesh of the cock, as the milk filled his throat & mouth. It was pouring in, as he tried to swallow it all, failing as he felt the cum oozing out of the corners of his mouth.

Shaking, he kept struggling to hold the cock inside, to drink the heavenly flow of milk that just seemed to keep on boiling out. It had a salty sweet taste to it, as it flowed down his throat, flowed out from between his lips. The cock itself was shaking, yet the body beneath him was silent, as he drained the huge pole of the hot milk.

The cock was empty, his own body was in rapture, as he lifted his head up off the softening pole. His chest ached, as he felt his heart pounding, and then glanced over at Jason. The eyes were closed, the face a bit pallid, as if he was asleep, but as he stared, he saw the eyelids flutter, then the body shook, as if being awakened from a sleep.

He stared as the eyes bugged open, wide eyed as if in a daze, as if lost. The legs bucked and he felt them bang into his, as Jason saw him, and stared, with recognition finally coming to his facial features. The grin over his face, told Trent he had enjoyed the moment, as he saw him lick his lips, then sit up.

As he did, Trent realized, Jason had actually passed out, or at least fainted for a few seconds. It gave him a slight chill, as he saw the color returning to Jason’s face, the glow in them making his smile even more appealing. His chest was shaking, not yet fully recovered, but as his eyes moved down the smaller man’s body, he couldn’t help but notice, that the monster dick, wasn’t all that soft.

He felt the ache in his backside, as he turned to look back up at Jason. The eyes were staring deeply at him, then at his cock, then back at him. It was like he was thinking the same thoughts as Trent was. He couldn’t be, but that look on his face, that glance, seemed to say otherwise. His hand moved up from the deck of the dock, and ran across Trent’s chest.

His body shook, as if a stick of burning embers was being run across his chest. His whole chest heaved, as the hand moved down towards his crotch, then stopped. The fingers played with the waist of his shorts, then fell back to rest on his own stomach. The eyes were glittering, as Trent smiled down at him, and rolled off to the side. He lay next to Jason, his hand moving lightly over the still trembling body. He had all night, as he just enjoyed the warmth of the smaller body nestled into his. Suddenly the week didn’t seem like a total wasted effort, as his hand continued to move up and down the warm body.

For those who like a nice cock


Fiction – Round the Corner

Round the Corner

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

Jack stared at the tepid liquid, knowing that once more things had changed. Maybe Dustin was right, maybe he should just forget about his expectations, just enjoy the moment and fuck like there was no tomorrow. Maybe then he’d not be sitting here in a bar, alone, drowning his sorrows, wasting his hard earned money.

He was a good catch, least he thought so. Yet it seemed that no one else he was attracted to agreed. That rather hurt, yet in all honesty, he knew they were wrong. It wasn’t being arrogant either, it was just that he had standards. Maybe those he associated with had other standards, but how could you just go from one guy to another?

He liked the idea of just being comfortable enough to not have to act horny. When he was, he hoped his partner would be too, but so what if he wasn’t? Not like sex was all that two people could share. Least he didn’t think so, and it wasn’t like he was some old fart either. Maybe his prime was indeed past, but he could still party and workout with the best of them.

So what if he was 30, he still had the body he had when eighteen. His hair might be a bit shorter, but he didn’t spend his days at the beach, he worked for a living. It wasn’t like he was some desk jockey either. He was out on the site, moving stuff, lifting things, and lots of other physical labour that kept him in shape. He could swing a hammer as well as anyone, could saw a board by hand faster than some could get one lined up with the power saw.

So how come he was here once again?

His nose might be a bit crooked, from being broken a few times in some stupid fight, his eyes had a dark look to them, and when he stared at someone, they knew it. He didn’t have any blemishes, or even left over marks from when he was a kid, and his mouth was as inviting as it had ever been. His lips weren’t full, or thin, but he knew how to kiss, at least so he had been told.

Okay so Dustin had bitched about his sex drive, but then Dustin was just 20, and he hadn’t worked a day in his life. Okay, that was a bit harsh, the guy had worked, but never at anything steady. Yet he expected Jack to hire him full time on his crew, but not do the work the others did? It didn’t work that way, even if he had a 9 inch dick, even if he could swallow Jack’s 8 inch pole without gagging. It didn’t make him qualified to work the crew full time.

Besides, business was just that. He had an obligation to give his boss a full day’s work, and he couldn’t do that if he didn’t get a full day’s work from his crew. Yet Dustin hadn’t seen it that way, had bitched and moaned so much that Jack really hated to go home to him.

Maybe that was his fault too. Like why did he even let him stay at his place? Shrugging his shoulders, as he swirled the last drops in his glass, he realized that it just sort of happened. He had picked him up at the other gay bar in town, or had he? It was more like Dustin had picked him up, and well one thing had led to another, and before he realized it, they were living together.

Actually, it was more like Dustin was living off him, and yeah the sex was good. Man to feel that dick of his spread is hole apart, as it pushed inwards, was something. He could still get aroused thinking of that, of how Dustin was always horny too. The way he would be constantly adjusting his crotch, no matter where they were.

Christ, the way the guy seemed to be so hard, and always wanting to do it. He didn’t give a damn if it was in the public bathroom of the local movie house, or at the gas station. When Dustin wanted to fuck, he wanted to fuck. And Dustin always wanted to fuck.

Hell he liked being fucked almost as much, but not every single hour of every day. He liked to have some fun first, not to just drop his pants, bend over and spread his cheeks, so Dustin could drive his dick in. He liked to be appreciated, and was that so wrong?

Naturally Dustin thought so, but then too, so had Bill, Tommy, Cal, just to name a few. God, he felt like a tramp, as he thought about his latest flings. Here it was, almost summer and he had what, four different relationships that all went south? Maybe he should stop looking for the younger type, and find someone closer to his own age, but damn, he liked the build, the look that the new generation exhibited. He was a sucker for long hair, for hard bodies.

Sticks and Bones were not his thing. He didn’t want to feel every rib bone when he ran his hand over their chest, nor did he really want to feel their butt bone as he buried his face between their cheeks. Course he wanted a nice sized dick to go with those hard bodies, and he wanted to feel a bit of strength behind it, specially when they would bend him over.

Dustin had met all those, if not exceeded them. The guy wasn’t a wimp, and he knew how to work his hips. Geez did he know how. Course it helped that he had a monster dick, and being a bit of a size queen, Jack had appreciated the thickness as well as the length of Dustin’s dick.

The simple truth for him, was he liked the sex, but he wanted more than a few hard thrusts, and then the sudden pull out, the loud cries, and then the hot jizz splattering over his backside.

He wanted to feel like he was needed, other than for giving shelter and food. He really wanted to be appreciated for being himself. Not for what doors he could open, what endless outings he could afford to go to. Dustin was one of those who hated just sitting on the chesterfield, watching a good movie. Well, unless it was a porn flick.

Trouble with that, was he never did get to see the whole video. Plus, see one and you seen them all, least in his mind. Dustin didn’t agree, and it had become a source of discourse between them. The guy liked it, and one of his remarks was that he needed something to get him in the mood, if he was to perform. Like what, he wasn’t capable of providing that kind of arousal?

What was worse was that Dustin never seemed to support him. There was like zero affection, no emotional connection which Jack desired. The kissing was tepid at best, just like his drink was. It was usually a quick peck on the lips, a quick grope, then a hefty push to get him to roll over or lift his legs up in the air.

No time was ever spent on pleasing him, just the rush to touch him, to feel his cock wake up, before Dustin had him holding his legs up over his head. Now he didn’t mind that, didn’t mind how he would tear the corner of the condom package off, then spit it out. It was rather exciting, at first.

To watch him, as he unrolled it over his hard cock was also a turn on, at first. To watch through his own upraised legs, to feel his excitement building as the plastic was carefully slid down the hard thick pole, knowing it would soon be digging deep into him, was certainly arousing.

Still he wanted more than that. When he tried to tell Dustin that, all he ever got was a nod, a grunt of yeah, next time, but next time never seemed to come for him. It was the same, the unrolling, the application of lubricant over the covered cock, then if he was lucky, a quick thrust or two of Dustin’s fingers into his hole.

No warm up, just a finger poking at his hole, finding it, then pushing in, until he grunted. Maybe if he wasn’t in a hurry, he’d work it a bit, even add a second finger and twist them a bit. It always felt good, just that Dustin never did it for very long. Just enough to loosen the muscle inside, to spread him a bit.

Then he would lean forward, guide his dick between his butt cheeks, until it would wedge up against his more or less ready hole. There was no pleasantries, no teasing, no real preparation either. The dick would be wedged up against his hole, then Dustin would move his own body up, adjust his position, and he would lean further over Jack.

The eyes would look down at him, flutter for a second, before the tongue would flick out, lick at his lips, and then he would feel it. Jack would shudder a bit, as the thick cock head would start to move, to force his tiny hole to widen. He’d bit his lip which seemed to give Dustin some pleasure. A small little smile would curl around his mouth, and then his eyes would close, the head would toss back, his long hair flying.

It was then he’d cry out, as Dustin would press hard. The thick dick would push his hole apart, as it was driven in deeper. Dustin didn’t let him get used to it either, as once the head was past his sphincter, he would just keep on pushing, until his crotch was pressing up against Jack’s buttocks.

It was like having a piston shoved up your ass. In and out he would go, rarely changing speeds, rarely moving it around. Just a straight in and out motion that was never slow, never rapid, just steady and painful. Dustin liked to just push and pull, to now and then slap his cheeks, as his motion would rise for a bit, then back to its normal in and out.

Jack never felt anything but being full. It was like being on a long car trip. Just endless highway ahead, with the odd curve, the occasional hill or dip. Nothing but open road, and yet the sounds Dustin made, seemed to make it like for him, at least, it wasn’t plain vanilla sex. For Dustin it seemed like he was having the time of his life, and while his cock was thick, long, it never took him long either.

He would ride Jack, several thrusts and after about two minutes, maybe three, his thrusts would become suddenly quick and short. His breath would begin to sound ragged, and if he looked up, he’d see Dustin with his mouth open, his eyes shut tight, and his hair matted from sweat. His Adam’s apple would be bopping up and down, and he could feel the cock inside thicken, feel it slide a bit faster, then he would hear that animal like growl, and suddenly he would feel totally empty.

Dustin would still have his head tilted back, but he’d have a hand ripping the condom off his pole, and then he’d lean forward, his hand gripping his cock. His breath would be wafting over him, and he could hear his cries, see his arm moving in a blur, as it stroked the hard dick, until once more he would tilt his head back, his cries loud, as his whole body stiffened.

In that instant, he too would feel a strange excitement, and glancing down, he would see the blur of Dustin’s hand over his pole, then it would stop, the head of the cock just visible over his clenched fist. The stream would come then, the hot cum would splatter over his belly, or if Dustin’s aim was off, it would splatter over his inner thigh.

He’d feel his body quiver a bit, his own cock would jerk a little, as the cum would hit his skin. As he would watch, he’d see the hand squeeze the cock, as the second stream would pour out. Normally it wasn’t as hard, nor did it splatter as far. Dustin would jerk his cock, shake it actually, and a bit more of his cum would dribble out from the opening in the head.

Then it would be over, and Dustin would be leaning back, on his arms now. His face would look strangely calm, no wrinkles, no frown lines. The eyes would flutter a bit, and he always wiped the back of his mouth with his arm, and then his forehead.

His chest would heave, and he would watch the way the nipples would shake, move, as he struggled to breath normally. There weren’t much in the way of chest hairs, but there were plenty of muscles, that would be rolling, as Dustin slowly would calm himself down. Normally he’d reach out, to run his hand over the flat stomach, feeling the muscles rolling underneath his sweat soaked skin.

And that would be it.

Dustin would head to the shower, and while he did, Jack would jerk himself off. It was not what he had in mind, yet he never pressed the issue. Nor did he venture into the bathroom, to join Dustin in the shower. The guy had made his desire to shower alone clear, from the beginning. And if he thought about it, he couldn’t recall a single time that Dustin had ever taken Jack’s cock, either in his mouth, or up his ass. It was always the same, just a quick kiss, grope, then his dick was inside his ass. Never more, so why was he feeling so upset about Dustin moving out, leaving him?

Buy ya a drink big boy?

Jack almost choked, as he turned around to see who had tapped his shoulder, and made the age old pick up line? Mind you it had worked for him, but as he turned around, he was surprised to see an old friend.

Takes more than a drink fella, I ain’t a cheap pick up

No, you never were cheap Jack, so, want another?

Yeah, why not.

His friend signalled the bartender for another, and sat down next to Jack. He had to admit, he wasn’t looking all that bad, and he still had that wicked little grin on his mouth, and those evil little sparkles in the eyes. Jack had to admit, he always had fun when he and Terry went out. Though he hadn’t seen him for awhile, it was good to see him again.

So, another one bit the dust did they?

Yeah, how the fuck did you know?

Simple, you always go out cruising at the other place, when you want to lose yourself in the booze, you come here. And as I saw your latest at the other bar, I knew you would be here.

Shit, you sound like Sherlock Holmes, hell, am I that predictable?

At times Jack, at times.

So why you come looking for me?

Terry sipped at his drink, looking over at him from the top of the glass. The eyes were smirking at him, and the mouth looked as mischievous as ever, as he just looked, taking his time.

Figured it was time we went out, had one of our little dinner parties, and well, besides I have a message for you.

Yeah? I miss those little dinner parties, and stuff the message, if it is from who I think.

Oh get real, that little drip doesn’t know what a message is, now an IM he might know.

Shit, you are nasty.

Me? Come on, I have heard you say a lot worse about some of those old tricks of yours, and there have been a few. Like what you said about poor Tommy Boy, then there was good old Myrna, now that one still gives me a chuckle.

Fuck, Myrna, I haven’t thought about him for ages.

Duh, I mean after all, you are a size Queen hun, and Myrna, well he sure as hell doesn’t fit your special needs.’

Only thing that boy could easily satisfy was if your ass was no bigger than a thimble, man what a small dick he had.

Shit don’t start, so how about it, want to go grab some food, gossip, tear the other patrons apart?

Fuck why not? I am in the mood to be catty, got anyplace in mind?

Well the pizza joint down the street seems as good a place as any, lots of couples in there, I bet we can find a few to talk about

Just a few? Fuck you getting old Terry?

No, just you been out of circulation, you need time to get back into the swing of real life, besides, I told you, I had a message for you.

Yeah, so you said, another 20 year old tart you found down at the beach, looking for an easy mark, or maybe one of those grocery stock boys you keep hiring down at the market?

No way, those are private stock bucky, besides, I don’t have any that could satisfy your urge for size.



Who is the message from?


Jack became very stiff, his whole body got rigid, as he heard the name, and at how Terry looked at him. He felt flushed, even a bit angry at Terry for even mentioning the guy’s name to him, let alone be willing to pass a message on from him.

Carson had been one of his more long lasting flings, a few years back. The guy was one of the few guys he had dated, that was closer to his age. Maybe a few years younger, which would make Carson in his late twenties now. The guy had a build too, a very well defined muscular look, and the guy was hung like a horse.

Worse, he knew how to use that monster dick. If anything, Carson was an ideal partner for him. He liked to enjoy playing around first, he loved to fondle, to kiss, and he wasn’t selfish. As much as he liked to fuck, he liked to suck cock as much as Jack liked taking big cocks up his ass. Damn he hadn’t thought of Carson ever since he just up and left.

Slowly he let himself relax, the memory still painful. He really had like Carson, and everything seemed to be great between them, and then one day, he was just gone. A note on the refrigerator, saying goodbye, and that was it. Now he had found Terry, and sent him a message. Fuck, over two years, and now he sends a message?

You seen him?



And what? He still looks the same, bit older, but the same Jack.

It was like a knife to his heart. God how he had fallen for the guy, and to have him just leave had hurt worse than anything else. Hell, Dustin leaving or Tommy or any of those that followed were nothing, compared to Carson. He was, at the time, the one Jack thought he could enjoy spending eternity with. It was romantic crap that guys like Dustin wouldn’t understand, but Carson would have. Hell he did understand it, crave it as much as Jack did.

The way he would come home, to find Carson waiting for him. How his face would light up, plus how he would always greet him, hug him and squeeze his buttocks. It was always a treat, even when he had a rough day, Carson would still greet him that same way.

It was like they had been made just for each other. While Jack was no top, he sure as hell was a good bottom, for the right person. Carson on the other hand, he didn’t like being a bottom, though he had been mostly one in his other relationships. Still, he was an ideal top, who knew how to use that dick. Though it was more than just that, as he knew how to get Jack wanting it, wanting him.

Not like they screwed every night either, which was something Jack appreciated. After all, while Carson did his best to ease that dick into him, it still would hurt for a few days afterwards. Like the guy was really, really hung. Not just in length, but in thickness too.

He wasn’t a tall guy, nor did he have long hair, and he had lots of freckles around the nose area, but he was attractive. His face always seemed to have a smile, his eyes always seemed to be laughing at some secret joke. His lips were thin, but damn the guy could kiss. The tongue was an equal to his dick, long and thick.

Shit, he loved the way Carson would kiss him, drive that tongue deep into his throat, flick at the sides, then suddenly be licking him around the ear lobe, or inside. How he would hold him, tight and then loose, as his hands would love to roam over Jack’s body. Well, he made it seem like he loved to.

He knew Terry was waiting, but he couldn’t help but think about Carson. How it had felt, each and every night they had been together. Not just the fucking, which in itself was like a lifetime of great memories, but at the other stuff. How he would nestle into his arms, while they would sit and watch some tear jerker movie, or anything really. He just liked to touch, to be close.

Without fail, he would get an erection too, just from having Carson in his arms, or his head on his shoulder. Carson always knew too, and rarely did a night go buy without some good old fashioned cock sucking. How it was always just an innocent touch, a little love pat, that would lead to an hour or two of pure sex, always amazed him.

He never went to work without a glow inside. Carson had that effect on him, on making the time they spent together always memorable. Unlike Dustin, it was never just about his needs. Carson made damn sure to please him, to give him exactly what he needed.

How he could just get him rock hard, by a whisper in his ear, a soft peck on the cheek, a little caress of his hand. It never failed to get his body shaking, to get the blood flowing inside. And Carson didn’t need to pound his ass to get himself off either, and there was nothing he enjoyed more, than pleasing Carson too.

To touch him, to feel his heart beat next to his, always got him excited. The way his body would seem to react to the slightest touch, the merest provocation. Hell there were lots of times when he would shoot his load, while still fully dressed. Carson as well, though not as many times as he had done it. It never stopped them either. He might get off from the hard groping, or the soft gentle caresses, but he never got soft after one of those little accidents.

In fact, it always made him hornier. He loved how at times, Carson would simply undress him, and clean him up. Man, that was some memories too, as he felt his groin stirring. Remembering the way Carson would undo his pants, how his hands would feel so gentle as they pushed the pants apart, and down a bit. How he would be smiling and then kiss him full on the lips, his tongue licking the lips, but not forcing them apart.

The hand would be rubbing him, his cock still hard. Then he would feel it reach down into his shorts, and ran lightly over his hard dick. He’d feel the mouth move off his, and he’d always open his eyes, to watch Carson take the fingers out of his pants, then lick them. Each single finger would be sucked deeply, then the head would tilt to one side, and move back towards his. The kiss would always be hard, and long. He would nearly pass out from lack of air, and then as he would gasp when they would split apart, Carson would suddenly be down, on top of him.

He would feel the lips tighten around his cock, even as his lungs drew in its first gasps of air, He would suck in his chest, as he felt the tongue lick at his cock, all the way down the underside of his hard pole. It never failed, to reach down, to flick at his balls, at the very root of his cock.

His eyes would be shut tights, his hands would be on top of Carson’s head holding it down over his throbbing cock. God how good it always felt, to feel his hair brushing against his sucked in stomach. The way his head would press into him, while his mouth would move up and down his cock, his hands groping his groin.

Then he’d just lift his head up, and take the cock out, and begin to lick at his pubic hairs. That massive tongue would be licking at him, making him moan and groan like he had never cum for years. His whole body would always shake, tremble really as he would feel the passion mounting again.

He could remember it like it was this morning, and he shook his head, as he put his glass down on the bar. Turning sideways, he stared at his old friend. Jack had known him since High School, and yet all he could think about right now, was Carson.

You gonna cream your pants here, or you want to go find an empty stall in the john?

You are such a bitch Terry.

Naturally, who else but a bitch could put up with a constantly moping drama queen like you?

Jack stood up, and pocketed the small change he had still on the bar. Looking at his old friend, he just smiled, feeling a bit unsteady, but not from what he had just drunk. He wiped his eyes, and stared at Terry. Part of him was dying to know what the message was, another part wanted him to ignore it, to not even listen. Still, it was like losing Dustin was no longer a worry, or a reason to feel dejected.

The food any good at this Pizza joint?

Like, does it matter? They got some cute hunks waiting tables.

Oh geez, here we go.

Terry just grinned as they headed out of the bar, to go over to the Pizza Place. The night no longer seemed so empty, as they rounded the corner, to cross the street. As they did, he lifted his face up to stare across, seeing the figure leaning against the wall, just near the door. His heart skipped a beat or two, as he recognized the figure, even after all this time.

Heaven for Size Queens

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