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Making the Play (10)

Part (10)

The morning had been a nightmare for him. To begin with, every time someone looked at him, he started to wonder if word had already gotten around? Had Tommy blown their cover, their secret, before they could even begin their own plan? Had they been outed, or worse, was Philippe okay? That was the hard part, because he didn’t realize just how much he liked him, until they had been apart for a few minutes.

Philippe had spent the night, and he had to admit, it had been one of those nights, where everything clicked. He never thought he could be such a horn dog, nor how Philippe seemed just as ready, as he was.

erotic-stories-026The sex had been awesome, but then, not like either of them were experienced enough, or had enough experiences to prove them wrong, or right. Truth was, he had never felt so happy, so satisfied, as he did this morning when he woke up to Philippe next to him. Even the pain of his sore body from the hard tackle seemed to be almost gone, but the pain in his ass, clearly reminded him of the night’s fun.

Not like Philippe didn’t have an equally stretched butthole, and the joking when they washed up and used the toilet, was amusing, if not downright sexy. Mind you, it was a bit muted, given that it wasn’t a private washroom, and who needed more drama, after Tommy? Still, he couldn’t help but feel, well horny, and Philippe seemed just as bad, if the blow job he got back in his dorm room had been any indications. Course he had returned the favour, enjoying his fresh clean smell, and that faint scent of muskiness.

It was rather heady stuff, and yet, the moment they parted, for classes, for Philippe to try and get in touch with Cory, the team’s quarterback, the doubts were suddenly front and center. God, how he hated this feeling, as it made him a nervous wreck.

He had tried texting a message to Philippe, but hadn’t gotten any reply, which only seemed to make him more nervous. He kept wondering if maybe Tommy had gotten hold of him, or waylaid him somewhere, and if he had, how the fuck would he find out? It was that, unknowing, that had his stomach twisted into knots, had him sweating constantly, despite the cool day’s temperature.

Troy kept fingering the phone in his pocket, as if it would make it ring sooner, or that by touching it, it would make Philippe reply to his text messages. He had sent three so far, feeling his nerves unwrapping, as he tried to keep his composure. Fact is, last night had been an eye opener. From being infatuated with Tommy, to now despising him, to not knowing about Philippe, to suddenly wanting to spend every second with him, was making him, well, disconnected.

It was all new, because while he liked sex, while he had a few experiences, it was nothing to how he suddenly felt with Philippe. That was new, and surprising, as well as scary. Maybe it was because of Tommy, but he knew that wasn’t true. He had begun to feel that attraction, the instant Philippe had shown up in the locker room, then at his dorm room. God, how could he have missed all those signs, or had he?

This whole being gay thing, was well, new to him. Oh, he knew he was gay for some time, but how to go about living that way, to let his brain get in sync with his desires, was the hard part for him. Now he was getting a crash course, thanks to Tommy, but also thanks to Philippe. He had never known someone as shy, yet as forceful.

It was a contradiction, but true. Philippe had that way about him, that out in public, he seemed shy. He was never the one laughing the loudest at the jokes, or even taking part in the team life, like Tommy or those guys did. He always stood back a bit, keeping to himself, which maybe should have tipped him off, but then, he was like that too, and he didn’t consider himself shy.

There was so much he didn’t know about Philippe, but even now, with all that was going on, he wanted to know more about him. Not just how often he liked to suck or get sucked, but where he came from, how long had he known he was gay, and what did he like to do? Did he enjoy movies, playing video games, or was he a bookworm?

Strange thoughts, when he should be paying attention to what his professor’s were saying, or to the buzz around him. Yet when he did try to turn away from thinking of Philippe, it came down to worrying about what Tommy was going to do, about if they were right to enlist Cory’s help. That was the plan, but neither of them knew him well enough. He was the Golden Boy of the Campus, and sure, both were part of his team, large parts really, but they didn’t know him, didn’t hang with him.

Was it because they hung back, or did Cory suspect them? Neither of them had really thought about it, but he did hang out with Tommy, and some of the others, that Troy was certain, were not gay friendly. Then again, he had thought Tommy was, plus he didn’t think Philippe was Gay, so what the fuck did he know? His perception was way off, when it came to people, but it always had been that way.

Still, what did it matter? If Cory didn’t at least agree to stay out of it, they were fucked. He couldn’t help but go from thing to another, as his concentration sucked, waiting for something to happen. You would think, being a wide receiver, he’d be better at it, but no, not him. He had a case of the worries, and as his finger did a small tap tap on the phone in his pocket, he realized that his whole future at the college, was at stake. Not just his, but Philippe’s as well, because without Cory supporting them, and supporting them fully, the other’s would make their lives hell.

Christ, he could see the practices now, with both of them being carried off on stretchers, if Cory didn’t come out and back them. Him standing off, not approving or disapproving wouldn’t help. The more he thought of it, the more he realized that they needed his full support. Christ, they should have talked this through more, before trying to get ahead of Tommy.

Troy jumped, drawing the attention of the girl sitting next to him, but worse, the eyes of the Professor were now glaring at him. He felt the vibration continue, but he couldn’t do anything, until the eyes were off him. He felt his chest suck inwards, felt the pain growing inside, as he knew it was Philippe.

The vibration stopped, as he continued to stare at anyplace, but at the Professor. He could feel his eyes on him, wondering if maybe he too had heard something? God, he was being such a wusse, as he squirmed a bit, wishing that he could just get up and leave.

Time continued to drag, as the Professor moved from staring at him, while speaking, to moving around, continuing his droning on and on about something Troy didn’t know. He could hear his voice, hear the words, but they made no sense to him, as he sat there, wondering if he dared to look at the caller ID on his phone, or if there was any text message.

Each time he thought it was safe, he would glance around, to see the Professor staring at him, or turning towards him. It felt like he was under some microscope, as he let his fingers relax, the phone remaining closed in his pocket.

Finally the lecture to a subject he couldn’t even remember, was over and he was out the door like a shot. He raced down the hall, rushing out the door, with the phone already in his hand, coming clear of his pocket.

Standing off to the side, Troy flipped the phone cover, to see that it had been Philippe. He quickly hit the call back button, and had the phone at his ear, hoping he’d answer quick. After a couple of rings, he got the ‘subscriber is currently not available’ that made him curse, but as he glared, he noticed that he had a text message.

Fumbling, he managed to bring it up, and breathed a sigh of relief, as it was from Philippe. It was short, telling him to meet him in 90 minutes, out away from campus. He quickly thought about it, trying to remember how to get there, and then he decided he had enough of school. Instead of heading back inside, to go to his next class, he jogged off towards his dorm room, to change, and head out to meet Philippe.

The place was secluded, and a bit of a distance, unless you had wheels, but he could make it easy in half an hour. So what if he was early, it was better than sitting in some lecture room, worrying or imagining all sorts of things. He still would worry, but at least he wouldn’t have to hide it, out there.

Troy saw the place ahead. It had taken him longer than he had anticipated, but he knew that was from the route he took, and the constant over the shoulder checks. Christ, he was acting so paranoid, but maybe he had good reason? After all, he still hadn’t heard anything about Tommy, nor had Philippe given him much info in the text message.

Was Cory going to be there with him? Or worse, was it a trap of some kind? Had they forced Philippe to text him? He couldn’t shake the fear, no matter what. Even thinking about how good the sex had been last night with Philippe, he couldn’t help but wonder what Tommy would do, or if Cory would help them.

Glancing down at his watch, he realized he had a lot less time to wonder. He couldn’t believe how much time had passed, since getting Philippe’s message, and now he picked out a spot, to sit and wait. He made sure that he could see all approaches to the field, and yet not be seen himself. Least, not until those approached were close.

If it was a trap, he’d have time to run, and as he sat on the ground, peering all around, he wondered if he would run, if it was a trap. What if they had Philippe with them, would he abandon him to their anger? Shit, what if he had gone along, to save himself? After all, he really didn’t know the guy, and while the sex had been the best ever, that was last night.

Would he care, if being faced with having the crap beaten out of him, or would he turn on Troy? Fuck, if he was the one given the choice, what would he do? The idea that he would somehow, not turn on Philippe, calmed him down. His imagination was on overdrive, and sure, he didn’t know the guy well, but he knew enough.

After all, the guy did bite Tommy’s dick, till it bled. He did stand up then, but would he be that brave if there was a group of Tommy’s? More than likely, despite how shaken he had been after sending Tommy into squeals of pain.

He heard a rustling noise, and his head swivelled to stare at the thicket of trees, across from where he was concealed. He could see some movement, and watched carefully, his hands balled up into fists, as the trees were thick and dark. He felt a sense of danger, as he realized that it was near time for him to be showing up, and if anyone was going to ambush him, coming from the trees would be ideal.

Troy gritted his teeth, as he saw the shadow figure moving through the trees, stopping to stare around, then move further up, until he could see the outline of the figure. It looked like Philippe, but he couldn’t be sure, as it was a bit hunched over. It could be someone else, but he couldn’t be certain.

The figure stopped moving, and was near a few bushes, that were on the outside edge of the trees. He still couldn’t be certain it was Philippe, and he wanted to call out, but the fear inside, made him hold back. He sat there, tense, with a cold sweat dripping from his forehead. His chest ached, as did every muscle in his body seemed to be coiled, as if he was about to run.

Watching the figure, he tried to find some telltale sign, that it was Philippe, but he couldn’t be sure. Then he heard the noise of someone coming from the opposite direction, the one he had come from. Turning slowly, trying to not give his position away, he stared up, along the path, that led from the road to the field.

Troy felt a knot in his stomach, as he realized that it was two people, not one, coming down towards the field. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see the figure by the trees, getting smaller, as if they were trying to bury themselves in the ground. He kept watching the two figures approaching, noticing their height differences. One was a fair bit taller, and the shorter one was considerably stockier in build, than the other.

At a guess, he figured one was much older, that being the short stockier dude, the other looked more like an athlete. He seemed to just glide along the dirt, keeping his strides in step with the shorter guy, yet it all seemed so effortless. He couldn’t help but admire how every movement, seemed compact, tight in effort, in ease.

They weren’t trying to be quiet either. At first he had thought it was a set up, but as they came closer, he could hear their voices, in conversation. If it was a trap, they certainly weren’t trying to be discreet about it. He felt a bit easier, and leaned back a bit, as he did, he noticed a slight movement on the other side, where he had first spotted someone.

He had been almost certain it was Philippe, though right now he wasn’t certain. Turning he couldn’t help but notice that whoever it was, was looking at his spot. He immediately grew tense, wondering if perhaps that wasn’t the trap, the one who would jump him, when he made his presence known? That the two making noise was a diversion?

Or maybe he had watched too many thrillers on television? He shook his head, realizing just how stupid he was being, and found himself standing upright, letting anyone watching, know he was there. As he took to his feet, the beat of his heart quickened, as he realized how exposed he felt. If it was a trap, he was alone, unless that hiding figure was Philippe.

His movement made the approaching duo pause, and begin to move more cautiously forward. He couldn’t quite make them out, when he noticed that the hidden figure on the other side had moved, and he had lost sight of him. The alarm was ringing, in his mind, as he stood there, waiting to be attacked. It was stupid, but it was how he was feeling, as he felt the pain of his fingers digging into the palms of his hands. They were now balled up into fists, as he turned to stare at the approaching duo.

Troy felt his body stiffen, as he recognized the short squat man, as the football coach, and the younger man next to him, was Cory. He should have recognized his gait. Cory was one of those who made everything he did, seem effortless, as if he was floating on air. The way he could move in the pocket was something the entire team knew about, how he could sidestep a would be tackler, that no one thought he had even seen.

He breathed a sigh of relief, as the two came closer. Cory raised a hand, in acknowledgement of his presence, as if it was just a casual meeting. Troy felt his muscles relax a bit, and his hands unclenched from their combative position, as he saw the figure coming from the trees. It was Philippe, which he was glad to see, as he waited for him to cut across the open field.

The Coach spotted him, and gave a small nudge to Cory, bringing Philippe to his attention. Cory stopped, and waited, his face looking as it always did, but Troy could see how he watched Philippe move, with his eyes. Was he maybe checking him out, or was it simply the Quarterback in him, checking how his running back moved in the open field?

Looking himself, Troy couldn’t help but feel a bit of pride too. After all, there was nothing like seeing someone running towards you, that looked like Philippe did. The way his face was a bit drawn, from the exertion, at how his legs moved so quickly, and how the ground in front seemed to just, disappear, as he got closer and closer. How his chest seemed to be held inwards, how his arms moved so casually back and forth.

In his own right, Philippe was quite a specimen of male perfection. He was a true running back, and you could see how he moved as effortlessly in a running gait, as Cory had moved in his casual walking motion. There was nothing being wasted, as he literally seemed to just glide across the field, which made him tingle a bit. He had rarely seen him in such full flight before, as it wasn’t often that he had broken a play for a long gain.

Turning, he could see the Coach admiring his approach too, and he wondered, had they all missed what was now obvious? He also wondered, just what had Philippe told Cory, that suddenly the Coach was with him? Did he already spill the news that the running back and wide receiver were gay, or what?

As Philippe came up to their small circle, he wasn’t even puffing from the his quick dash across the open field. The Coach seemed impressed, as Philippe moved to stand next to Troy.

‘You need to do more of that in a game, son.’

Philippe had a look of surprise on his face, as he just nodded at the Coach, and managed to slip his hand into Troy’s. The feel of Philippe’s hand in his, felt good, and made him think that he had already told Cory about the two of them.

The Coach moved his gaze away from Philippe, though he noticed how he had grabbed hold of Troy’s hand.

‘How’s your back Troy? Feeling better?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Good, that was one hell of a hit you took, and I was surprised at how you held onto the ball, good work, but you know, that may be the least of your worries, don’t you?’

‘I suppose.’

‘Count on it, not much I can do, not sure even if Cory can do much either… you two certainly know how to make things interesting thought.’

He could feel Philippe’s hand tighten on his, as he spoke.

‘How’s that?’

Cory suddenly burst out laughing, and even the Coach seemed to be smiling, as he and Philippe, just stared at them both.

‘You ever had someone call you in the middle of the night, asking you how to stop a dick from bleeding, because some guy nearly bit it off?’

‘WHAT? I…’

‘Come on, you don’t think he was going to go home, and tell his parents? Tommy may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but he isn’t that stupid. He called Cory, who called me, and all I can say is, it was one for the books. My poor wife, when I told her where I was going so late at night and why, was, well, priceless.’

‘He told you? I mean… I didn’t… it was still bleeding?’

Troy glanced over at Philippe. The tone of his voice sounded like he was not just surprised, but was rather proud that his little act of vengeance had been so well executed. It also, seemed like maybe their fears were unfounded, but then, knowing Tommy, he couldn’t quite believe that.

‘Yes and it required a trip to the hospital, plus a tetanus shot.’

‘Huh? A tetanus shot? I don’t…’

‘Well it wasn’t like he could tell the Doctor what happened, so Cory came up with the excuse that he slammed his locker door on his dick, and it had two sharp edges. So, a tetanus shot to go with a few stitches.’


‘Yeah, oh by the way Cory, just how the hell did you come up with that one? Personal Experience?’

For the first time in knowing Cory, he saw his face drop and his eyes look anywhere, but at the Coach. Troy couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and yet, inside, he felt like maybe they really did have a chance.

To be continued…


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Making the Play

Part (10)

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Anointing of the Man Child (2)

Anointing of the Man Child

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

Blake turned his face away, as he stared at the Senior, who was still looking a bit in shock, from the result of Brian’s effort. Zero rang out from the Senior behind Brian, and the Senior in charge, made note of it in a rather subdued voice. He also reminded everyone, points went to those who could shoot their jizz the farthest. It was rather strange to think about, but as he waited for the signal to begin, he felt like maybe, just maybe, he had a chance at doing okay. It would be nice, to be the envy for something.

He felt nervous, as he quickly looked over at the others. He noticed how Trent had his eyes wide open, how his lips were shut tight. In all honesty, the guy looked hot that way and it made him shake a bit. All these new feelings, these thoughts, were strange to him.

Sure, he had gotten aroused by seeing other guys. He had even dreamed of a few, like his High School friends. There had been Jesse, the basketball player. The way he would go to the games, not because he liked the game, but to see Jesse running around the court, in those shorts. It would make Blake think of all sorts of things, specially when he would get back home.

Funny, he never talked to Jesse at school, only in his fantasies. How he would somehow bump into him in the hallway, and a conversation would ensue, that would lead to sex. How he imagined Jesse had a big dick, how he would be duly impressed, as he would get on his knees to worship it.

And now here he was, among 20 other guys, about to jack off, when he couldn’t even muster a ‘hello’ when passing Jesse in the hallways. Strange how things could suddenly change, as he stared past Trent, to the other three. They all seemed to be bored, sort of. He thought it was simply an act, a way for them to try and bluff past it all, or did everyone but him have experiences with jerking off in front of other guys?

He had seen a few photographs of guys doing that, in his magazines, so maybe it was common. Yet he rather doubted it, as he saw how Trent was so intent on looking everywhere, but down at his own dick. The way the others seemed to be looking everywhere, but at their dicks. Blake looked down, to see his fully aroused dick, to see the skin tight and to feel the ache in his balls.

Odd, he hadn’t been thinking of any one guy, yet here he was, totally hard. It was almost like his dick had a will of its own, that it worked on its own thoughts, independent of what he wanted. He felt a small smile, as he realized that he really could stand a chance here. The scores had been rather low, and those who he had expected to really amaze, had fizzled. Well, Brian hadn’t fizzled, but it was obvious, he wasn’t a shooter, but a gusher.

Funny, he was a damn rookie, hell a rookie was ahead of the game, compared to him. Yet he actually had the strange notion that he could win, that maybe he had a chance, but then maybe it was simply wishful thinking. After all, no one really figured on him lasting. According the chart in the entrance way to the house, they listed the odds on the new members, of who were favourites, who were long shots. He had been saddened to find his name, listed at 200 to 1 of being likely to make it.

Then too, he did wonder at how he even got selected to get an invitation to join. Maybe it had been a mix up? They had meant it to go to someone else named Blake Mason? He had rather suspected that, right up until he had showed up for the orientation meeting. Still, who had put his name forward, who had arranged for him to make even that list, of the 20?

From what he had heard, this was a rather exclusive club. You weren’t just randomly picked out, and given a chance, or maybe in his case, it had been just that? Maybe for the sake of some twisted logic, they had elected to let one of the real non desirables have a go? It could be that, still here he was now, thinking he could do it.

As he watched his fellow new members, as the memory of that first test continued to play over and over in his mind, he couldn’t help but feel elated, pleased with himself. He had to admit too, he had surprised even himself on that first test.

To have stripped, to have had someone touch his dick for a measure, then to jerk off in front of everyone else. That just wasn’t something he had ever thought possible. To think, two weeks ago he had never once had any kind of sexual experiences with another person, and now here he was, no longer a virgin, in any sense of the word. It had all started by jacking off.

The leader of that first test had stood in front of them. They were the last five to compete, and so far, the title was up for grabs, or so he said. In the back of Blake’s mind, he rather thought that he knew exactly who would be cut, who wouldn’t, on this first night of endurance.

At first he had expected the usual type of stuff, associated with initiations. The wearing of outlandish costumes, of wigs and stuff, then having to parade around campus dressed that way. Yet, this was not what he had envisioned for a beginning test. As he listened to the rules being explained again, he couldn’t help but feel an urge to just tell the guy to shut up and let them get on with it.

How odd, he thought as he looked back down at his cock, at how it seemed to waver a bit, as if it too was anxious. Then too, he hadn’t had his usual time alone lately. One of the major disadvantages of college life, was the total lack of privacy. And Blake needed his privacy, or so he believed, though looking around, he wondered why he had make such an issue about it.

Blake felt the small tremor inside, as he realized that so many of his preconceived notions were biting the dust, all in one swell swoop. Like he never believed he could be naked with a stiffy, in front of others, yet here he was, kneeling and totally naked, with a hard on, and over 20 guys were all watching.

Then too his whole concept of being less equipped than others, but to his amazement he was a bit above average, in that department. His idea that he couldn’t get hard in front of others was long dispelled. As the signal was given to begin, he also realized that he did care, that he did want to show them all. He wanted to make that ‘200 to 1’ rating given him a huge mistake. Somehow, he wanted to show them all, as he reached up and spat on his fingers, while the others were already stroking their dicks.

He let himself wander off, closing his eyes, as he began to do what he could do best, dream. Blake felt the liquid around his cock head, as he gently spread it over the head of his cock, then down his shaft. He could feel it tremble to his touch as he felt his hand come down to his groin, where he let his fingers slowly wrap around the base of his cock.

He sighed, felt his body lean back a bit, his upper body leaning forward, as he got comfortable, just like he would do in his own bedroom back home. The floor was a lot harder, but he ignored it as he began to think of Brian, the guy with the huge dick. It was a knack of his, to think of what might be, rather than what had been. After all, you didn’t remain a damn virgin till you were eighteen by having experiences.

With the eyes shut tight, he began to slowly move his hand up and down his dick, his tongue licking at the lower lip, then he let himself go. He started to see Brian’s huge cock in front of his face, to see the veins that wrapped around the amazingly long pole. Once more he licked his lips, as his hand began the steady motion of up and down, stroking the hot pole.

He wondered what that white spot was on the cock before his eyes, knowing it was some pre cum. Licking at it, he felt its raunchy taste penetrate his senses, make his body ache a bit more, as he would reach out with his hand, to lightly run his finger down the stiff pole. Blake could feel it tremble to his touch, feel it shiver, as he slowly would move his hand down and then around Brian’s big cock.

In the back of his mind, he felt a strange pressure on his head, but it only added to his dream. It was Brian’s hands reaching for him, wanting him to stop teasing him, to do more than just let the fingers trace the various patterns of the veins. He could feel his desire too, see it in the shorter guy’s eyes. In his mind, he heard himself sighing, heard his own voice moan softly as he opened his mouth.

His lips were apart, as he leaned forward, as his tongue shot out, to taste that second drop of precum that was now oozing from Brian’s dick. He let the tongue lick it, swallow the cum, but not pull back. Instead, he let his tongue circle the head, then move across the head, to the ridge of the cap, to let the tongue lick slowly just underneath that ridge.

He could feel the pressure increase on his head, knowing it wasn’t Brian, but thinking it was. He ignored everything else, the heavy breathing from beside him, from above him, as he concentrated on the dream, on the fantasy that Brian was begging him to take it, was forcing it to him, as he held back. Blake felt his body shudder, as he finally opened his mouth wide enough, and that suddenly he could taste the salt coated flesh as it pushed past his teeth, to bang up against his throat.

It was hard, making his jaw stretch, making him nearly retch, as the huge dick was stuffed into his mouth. He heard himself cry out, a sort of muffled cry, as his hands reached out to grasp at Brian’s thighs. He could feel the skin give to his pressure, feel the bone being touched by his finger tips, as he tried to hold the hips away, to regulate the pushing.

His hand was moving faster along is cock, as he thought about how Brian would be moaning, how pale his face would be getting, as he took that monster dick, as his throat muscles finally listened, and relaxed enough for him to let the huge pole slide even deeper into his throat. Blake could hear himself choking, hear himself panting, as he strove to control every muscle in his throat.

As he felt the excitement rising, he could feel the hard banging of the cock against his throat, feel it pressing past his larynx, as he let his tongue try to lick at it. He could feel the beat of Brian’s heart from the pulse of the thick veins that coated the huge pole in his mouth.

It was hard to breath, as the huge cock filled his windpipe. With his chest heaving, he could feel his hand stroking his cock. The heat was intense, and the ache in his groin was replaced by a strange ache between his buttocks. The sounds were muted, as if in a distance, as he could see Brian’s cock being pulled out and forced back in, in a rising pace. He could see the eyes flicker, see the glaze come over them, as they fluttered, then closed.

Strange, but he knew it would be seconds, and he felt his muscles tighten around the cock in his mouth, felt his hand tighten around his own cock, in a choking grip that hurt, which he ignored. All he could think of was that image of that hard pole being pounded into his face. The press of Brian’s hands on his head, the way he smelled too.

Blake breathed in deeply, smelling that scent, that aroma that was new to him. It was cum, but for the first time, it wasn’t his cum that he smelled. He breathed it in deeply, feeling the cock jerk, feeling it actually thicken even more, as he let his head move in time with each thrust of Brian’s hips. He felt it as his whole body was nearing the tipping point, that magical point when he couldn’t control himself.

It was the one perk he had missed, and now here he was, having that special moment in front of over 20 strangers. Sure, they had introduced themselves, but that was as far as it went. Right now though, all he could think of was that moment when Brian fell backwards, when his short upper torso was stretched back over his haunches, as his big dick quivered, just before it let go.

He felt his own body shaking, felt the ache in his balls suddenly explode. Blake clenched his eyes tighter, squeezing them even more, as he tried to hold back the roaring waves of his juice. He could feel the cock tremble, feel it shaking in his hand, that now flew up and down the pole in a maddening frenzy. He could feel the ache inside grow, feel it make every muscle in his body suddenly go taut. It all registered, yet didn’t. All he could see was that huge cock head, see the coming gusher of cream.

Biting his lower lip, Blake tasted blood, as he saw the replay of Brian’s moment of glory again, though in slow motion. He saw the slit widen, saw the coming stream of grey white liquid moving up from within the tube of the penis. His eyes narrowed even more, as if gifted with x-ray vision. Every little detail was there, as he felt the burning pain in his lungs, then felt the excitement of seeing that moving white cream start to spill out.

With absolute clarity, he could see the tiny nerves popping all around the cock head, as they were coated by the sticky white substance, as Brian’s cum made its way to freedom. He watched the skin tighten, watched it change to various shades of purple and red. He could feel its heat too, see the cum begin to fill the air between Brian’s closed fingers.

As he watched, he felt his own body shake, felt his own body begin to pour its precious liquid out. His hand ached, the muscles in his shoulder were in agony, as his body surrendered to the vision of Brian jacking off. How the tiny white lines formed around his mouth, how the veins on his forehead pulsed, then lightened in color, as the blood drained to the huge cock. He could see it all again, as his whole body exploded.

There was a gasp from just above him, another from nearby, as he felt his cum pass through his fingers, and make their way forward. He felt the way his body didn’t lean backwards, but shot forwards. Every nerve in his body was screaming, as he felt dizzy. He knew that he had cum, that his daydream of Brian was coming to an end. He hated that part of it, but end it had to, but maybe he would find other things to contemplate, next time.

Still, he couldn’t believe that he had just done what he had. His body was still shaking, as his eyes opened then closed quickly. The light was glaring, but finally he managed to adjust to it. Blake felt himself leaning back, felt the goo between his fingers, as he slowly returned from his fantasy.

Looking off to the right, he could see Brian was staring at him, that his mouth was ajar a bit, and as he felt his heart pounding, Blake noticed that everyone was looking at him. He felt a self conscious, as he tried to collect himself. Everything still was a blur, as he felt the pain in his lungs.

As the beat of his heart slowed, as the thundering in his ears began to subside, he could sense the strange stillness in the room, as his eyes began to grow more accustomed to the light. His breathing was still a bit labored, as he slowly sat back upright, and he looked around.

Something was different, as everyone seemed to be staring at him. He felt very self conscious, felt his dick shrink even quicker, as he also placed a hand over it, to try and hide. He couldn’t quite figure it out.


Blake glanced up to see the head of the group talking to him, and all he could do was sort of mumble a thank you, though he had no idea what the guy had been talking about. Yet somehow he felt different, as he looked around, and saw a strange glint in the eyes that were looking at him. It was as if they were in awe of him, and he couldn’t quite figure it out, as he slowly relaxed his sore muscles.

As the members all gathered around each other, to compare notes, Trent leaned over and whispered to him. His voice showed his amazement.

Man, you always shoot that far?

Huh? I don’t uh, how far did it go? I uh…

You kidding? Didn’t you hear?


Shit, your spunk hit the far wall man, like major footage.


Shit yeah, unreal dude, that was some display, and it sure as hell wasn’t some thin little gob either.

He couldn’t help but feel pleased with himself, and before he could carry on the conversation, the members all broke up and came forward. They were all looking at him, as they announced the winners. Trent had gotten fourth place in the distance event, and he had taken first. It was a surprise, as he noticed how the others all seemed to look at him,

They were told to get dressed, and as they were standing up, they were also told that the first cuts were decided. He felt suddenly tense. One name was quickly read off, and then they were free to head off. It was a relief, as he realized that he had made the first cut. As he pulled his pants up, a few of the others passed by, stopping to shake his hand, which was unusual.

Brian even came by, telling him he wished he could shoot like him. He was at a loss for words, as he shook the guy’s hand, feeling a bit guilty. He wondered if he would still be thanking him if he knew that Blake had been thinking of him and his giant dick when he had cum? Hell, he wondered if he would have made it this far, if they had known about him?

The slap on the back startled him, as he turned around to see Trent there, grinning at him. He didn’t know why, but he was attracted to the shaggy haired guy. The guy was certainly good looking, and seemed rather at ease with everything. He hadn’t seemed as nervous as the others were, when they were all told to strip.

Wanna grab a cup of coffee at the student lounge?

Uh, I don’t know, I guess.

Cool, I gotta find out how you do it man, that was one hell of a shocker.


Way you shot your load dude, you serious? You black out or something when you cum?

I guess, I just, ya know, get lost into what I was thinking of.

Wish I could zone out that way, at times.

Blake felt nervous, as they left the fraternity house, and made their way down the dimly lit walkway, towards the main square of the Campus. Getting closer, the lighting grew brighter, which almost made it seem like daylight. He didn’t understand why it was so brilliantly lit, until Trent mentioned how there had been a few attacks on some of the girls, and the College had beefed up the lighting.

As they made their way along the Quad, he couldn’t help but notice that only the path going towards the Frat House were still barely lit, while all the other paths were like miniature beacons.

All the way to the big flat building, he couldn’t help but notice how Trent kept looking around, his eyes always darting around. It was as if he didn’t want anyone to see him with Blake, or something like that. He didn’t quite understand it, unsure why Trent seemed so nervous, so cautious.

For the most part they exchanged small talk. It was a bit stilted, which made him feel a bit nervous himself. The constant checking, looking over the shoulder had him feeling uncomfortable. He couldn’t put his finger on it, wasn’t even sure he wanted to know what was making Trent act that way.

Maybe he didn’t want any of the others to see them together? Maybe Trent knew his secret, or had guessed at it, and didn’t want to get tagged with being one himself? It was perhaps Blake’s greatest fear, of being outed. Still, he didn’t think he had really given anyone a hint, let alone make it obvious. Still the way Trent kept searching everywhere, was making him worry.

As they approached the entrance to the well lit Student Union building, he could feel Trent’s nervousness increase. It was like he was dreading walking into the place, with him. He couldn’t quite understand it, after all it wasn’t like he had suggested they come here. Getting close, Trent stopped, staring around at everyone that was milling around on the Quad.

Something wrong?

His voice seemed to startle Trent, who jumped a bit, then he got this sort of lazy grin over his face, as he stared down at his feet, then glanced upwards at Blake. The way he looked made Blake quiver a bit, as he found himself being attracted to the shaggy haired guy.

How can you be so cool? Doesn’t it bother you?

Huh? What? I mean, I don’t uh…

Trent stared at him, his mouth open a bit. Yet all Blake could think about was how those lips looked so inviting, and wondered what it would be like, to actually press his own on them. Strange, he had thoughts of guys before, but never as powerful as what he was feeling right now.

You don’t feel it?

Feel what?

Afraid, I mean I know they say its safe, but then you didn’t see any bright lights along the path to the House, did you? Only along the other paths, to the other Houses.

So? I mean, maybe they ran out of money, or they haven’t gotten to it yet, I don’t uh…

He trembled a bit, as Trent stared at him. His eyes were wide open and he shook his head. It seemed like he was missing something, and that somehow he should know what Trent was talking about. Still, he didn’t quite understand, why he was so nervous, why he expected him to be, as well.

Shit, you really don’t know, do you?

Know what?

Christ, I thought… I mean, uh, fuck, uh maybe we should just, you really don’t know?

It all felt odd. The way Trent was talking, in such amazement. What was he missing? He couldn’t figure it out, but he felt suddenly on edge, as the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Something was wrong, but he didn’t get it. He hadn’t a clue.

What? What am I supposed to know?

The Frat

What about it?

Shit, uh, I thought you knew man, unless you uh, shit, you had to know, they wouldn’t invite you otherwise, you have to, fuck…

Blake trembled a little. His leg quivered, and inside he felt a strange dread. It had been odd, to be invited, when he didn’t even know anything about the Fraternity. Just that he had been so swept up as being asked, he never really thought much about the Fraternity itself. For a moment he wondered if somehow they knew about his secret, and it was all a way to out him.

Please, I don’t have a clue what you are talking about, I mean, if I screwed up or something, wish you would tell me.

You screwed up? Uh, you really don’t get it. Man, I thought… The Frat House, dude its only for uh, for guys like us.

Huh? Like us? I don’t…

Shit, you really don’t get it, man it is for us fags, queers, fudge packers, whatever term you want, no breeders allowed.

No, no way man.

Fuck, like I’d make that up? I thought you… I mean you are, aren’t you?

He stood there, like a statue, as he tried to make sense out of what Trent had said. How could it be true? Worse, should he answer him, and how? Should he pretend he wasn’t, or at least try? It was obvious, someone had known, or guessed. Was Trent out to trap him, to get him to admit to being gay, then scream it out, to out him?


Anointing of the Man Child (1)

Anointing of the Man Child

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

Blake stood there with the others in a perfect line. He felt the excitement growing inside, knowing he had made the list. At long last the trial was over, the verdict in, and he had made it. The journey had been a tough one, and at times he had thought he’d never make it to this point, to be among a select few, waiting for that special moment, when they would take the Oath, would finally become accepted members of the elite group.

It hadn’t been an easy journey, as a lot had been packed into the short two weeks of Initiation, but he had done exactly as his father had told him to do. He had taken it one step at a time, one trial at a time. Instead of worrying about the whole process, he forced himself to do his best at what was before him.

Thinking back, the pride in reaching this point was immense. Heck, he had been totally surprised at even being considered for membership, which had come out of the blue. Sitting at his stool at the Chemistry Lab table, the note had surprised him, and had made him almost knock over a beaker. Then going to the orientation meeting that night, to listen to what would be expected, during the trial phase, the initiation, had given him no encouragement either.

It had all sounded so intimidating, so not him, that he felt that he’d never get beyond that night, let alone the two weeks of tests, of various rights of passage. Fact was, Blake was a loner, always had been, which was never more evident than when he first set foot at the State College Campus. There too, had been an orientation meeting, where he had felt so alone, so not like the others. He had sat there, listening to the Dean talk about the life on campus, on how it wasn’t about the drinking, how they had rules, had standards. It made him shrink into his seat as he saw how the others basically looked bored by the speech, and how they all seemed to be apart from him.

Granted, his looks weren’t grotesque, though he wasn’t so sure of that. He was average height, weight, and while his parents told him he was a good looking man, he never quite believed it. Maybe it was that he had learned early in life that he was different, that his tastes were not normal. Least that is how it was put to him, by the Preacher.

That had been a huge mistake, that drove home the point that he needed to hide, to be careful who he told or who he shared his feelings with. Even his best friend hadn’t a clue about him, though he might have suspected. He felt a bit depressed thinking of Ron, wishing that the friendship had made it beyond Middle School. It might have made High School more bearable, less intimidating.

His parents had tried to help, but they couldn’t. While close with his folks, even them he didn’t trust with his secret. Though he rather suspected his mother knew, he wasn’t about to make the same mistake with them, as he had with the Preacher. That still gnawed at him, because he had so trusted the man. It was maybe foolish, but he had admired the guy, the way he seemed so assured of how things were, so talking to him about the different feelings he was having had seemed so natural, so easy.

The talk hadn’t gone well from the outset, and after it ended, it was the last time he had ever set foot in that Church, or any other Church. His parents had questioned him on it, but he had kept his mouth shut. He had refused to discuss it. While his Father didn’t push, his mother had, for several months, until even she gave up on trying to find out what had happened. How could he tell her or his father?

He learned the lesson well, and while he had liked sports, had enjoyed playing with the other kids, gradually he stopped. Every time someone would look at him, he’d wonder if the person was on to him, or something. Even the horseplay with Ron changed. So much that Ron stopped hanging out with him, not just at home, but in the schoolyard. He became a loner, shuffling to school each morning alone, walking home alone.

Lunch was as solitary as he could make it. A seat in the corner, away from everyone. Even the teachers had noticed, but never once did they ask him, or his parents. They just let it be, as if they knew without asking. After all, they were almost as smart as the Preacher, so they too must know. Stupid to think that, but he did.

Just like how every Sunday when his parents would go to Church, he would spend the entire morning worrying. He would dredge up some strange stuff, think of how he would answer them when they would come home suddenly knowing his secret. He really hated Sunday mornings, and it was apparent too.

Now here he was, about to become part of a group, to once more have friends, or people to talk with, to hang with. In some ways he was still nervous about it, but he had made it, had broken past the fear. Thinking about it, he couldn’t quite decide what it was that had finally made him try, or give it his all.

That first night, it had all seemed like another failure was about to befall him. The way the senior members talked, how serious they all looked. Even those around him seemed scared, which maybe had made him stay. Maybe it was sensing the fear in others, that was like his own, had given him the ability to stay, to not run.

Maybe it didn’t matter why, but he was so used to analyzing every minute detail, he couldn’t quite break the habit, even now. He had made it, had found out that what had happened so many years ago was unimportant today, that he shouldn’t be so worried about how, but he was. He still couldn’t believe that when it had come out, no one had changed.

The first test, had almost been the last for him. It really wasn’t a hard test, everyone was lined up with a tape measure in front of them. Each candidate was to strip naked. They were each given exactly one minute to get a full erection, which is when one of the Seniors would walk down the line, taking the measurements.

Another would record the details, points would be awarded to those who lead in both length and in width. He had immediately broken out in a cold sweat. The idea of so many seeing him naked, seeing him with an erection, was, scary. Here he was, on the outside a normal eighteen year old, and this would be the first time anyone but he, had touched his genitals. The others would surely be rolling on the floor if they knew, but he couldn’t leave now, or they would know.

Stupid maybe, but it was that fear of being found out, that made him stay. He did, like the others, and stripped, and waited, his head staring straight ahead. He could feel the sweat dripping from his forehead, as he heard the one call out the measurements. As the voice got closer, he couldn’t help but turn slightly, to stare at the proceedings.

There were 20 in the class, and he could see all those hard dicks. He had figured he would be tossed out, as until that moment, he knew he was as soft as a wet noodle. Yet the moment he stole a look, he felt the blood rushing, felt the ache inside, that always told him he was having an erection.

As the two Seniors came closer, he watched as the one would reach out, pulling the erect penis out at a 90 degree angle from the body. He watched as the end of the tape measure was placed on the top, near the groin, then stretched out to the tip. The number was then called off for length. Next the guy wrapped the measure around the penis, right up against the pubic hairs, then about midway, then up under the head. Each measurement shouted out, which only made Blake squirm a bit.

He had no idea how big he was, or wasn’t. Yet as his eyes wandered along the line, he noticed that most of the guys were still hard, that even after being measured, they hadn’t gotten soft. Then too, he felt his mind comparing what it was seeing, to what it knew his own dick to be like.

Funny, in Middle School and all through High School, when he had the opportunity to look, to check the other’s out, he never had. He had been too afraid to look, for fear of what was happening right now, which was to get an instant hard on. Sure, he had the odd porn magazine that gave him some idea of others, but he figured most were altered, that guys didn’t have dicks that big, or in that particular shape.

Staring down the line, he realized that maybe those photographs weren’t all faked. There were a few who seemed to actually be a bit bigger than some in the pictures. It was all rather exciting, and his cold sweat, his fear, had changed. He was actually feeling more than just aroused, as he felt the flush of warmth, as a few noticed him looking.

He should look away, he thought as his eyes met the guy next to him. If his memory was right, the guy’s name was Trent or something like that, and Blake thought he was rather hot looking. To have him notice him checking him out, made him quiver a bit, but unlike other times, he didn’t look away. He was rather glad he didn’t, because instead of a scowl, Trent’s face lit up and he smiled at Blake.

He also managed to look down at Blake too, to check him out, which gave him an even stranger feeling. He knew he was blushing, that his cheeks would have a red tint to them, but he didn’t care. Least for the moment, he didn’t, but as the two came closer, as their words grew louder, he felt ashamed. The old memories wouldn’t leave him, as he looked down one more time at Trent.

Instead of feeling guilty, he felt even more aroused. He noticed how Trent’s penis seemed to be even thicker, how the skin was very taut. He could even see the blue of the veins better, than earlier. It was almost as if by looking at him, Trent had gotten harder. That was a strange notion, and he was so absorbed by it, that he failed to notice that his turn for being measured had come.

His first realization came as he felt a warm hand touching his own hard pole. His eyes suddenly opened wider and he was staring at a strange face. He could feel the hand grasping his dick, and the tape measure being pushed up into his groin a bit. The voice called out seven and three quarters, which surprised him. He hadn’t thought he was even close to that size. Still, while it wasn’t the largest number he had heard, it also wasn’t the lowest. In fact, he was fairly certain that it was up there with some of the larger numbers.

It was over before he could do more than blink. The next part of the little ‘get acquainted’ test, as the Seniors called it, was for everyone to get down onto their knees, to note that their erect penises would be lined up with the long yardsticks set down in front of them.

Once everyone was in position, carefully checked by the Seniors, they found out what they would be required to do next. As he listened, he felt his heart quicken, felt his body tighten. Once again, he would be entering new territory, as he listened, his jaw hanging open a bit. This was something he had never done before, least in public.

The task was simple. They would each stroke their dicks, until they ejaculated. They were to try and aim their ejaculation to fall along the line of the yardstick, to in fact, ejaculate out from their bodies. The farthest drop would be recorded. To insure that each person had their ejaculation properly measured, there would be a Senior standing behind them, who would then proceed forward once the deed had been done.

There were 20 of them taking part, so the Senior in charge told them that they would do it, in groups of five at a time. He directed his subordinates to take position, and he couldn’t help but watch. To see how close they crowded the candidates, then he watched as the order was given to commence.

For the first time he was able to watch other men jerking off. He couldn’t keep his eyes off the first group of five, and he noticed how the others were also watching. It was rather odd to listen to how some were huffing, as their hands moved up and down their hard dicks. He could see one who tilted his head backwards, his hips jutting out.

In a way, Blake thought that the guy was doing it, so he could stare up at the Senior behind him. It was like he needed the inspiration, and he could feel his own attraction to the guy. He also noticed how his neighbour, Trent, kept looking at the group of five, then would glance over at him.

As he tried to take it all in, he was a bit surprised at the sounds they were making. He also was a bit surprised at how they looked, at how their whole bodies seemed to tighten up, to look so hard. The furthest away had a nice build to him, but as he got closer to shooting his load, Blake noticed how much his muscles were suddenly bulging. In fact, the guy suddenly took on the shape of a body builder, as the muscles bulged.

Then the cries began. It surprised him at how loud some of them were, as their bodies exploded. As their cum was finally released. He also noticed how the resulting shouts of numbers were so small. Heck, the one at the far end, who had made the most noise, got a zero. Seemed his load merely dribbled out and fell to the floor right under the head, and as he had cum, he had leaned backwards.

He was still huffing, his chest heaving, as the Senior behind him had leaned over and called out the zero. Blake also noticed how he had leaned over, how his crotch was right over the guy’s head. It was something that reminded him of a photo spread in one of his magazines, how the guy would stuff his naked crotch over the other guy’s face, how the balls were sort of mashed downwards, crushing into the other’s face.

The next five were started, and he couldn’t help but feel the excitement building inside of him. In fact, he was finding it hard to not reach out and grab hold of his own dick. It was like when he would get a particular magazine, and while flipping through, would begin to get the urge to touch himself. Problem was, this was real, not glossy photographs, but real guys. It gave him a bit of start, to realize that he was a part of it.

As the second group worked up speed, as the hands flew a bit faster, the heavy breathing became louder, he realized that he was actually having his first real sexual experience. Oh sure he had jerked off, but this was a first for him. He was among other guys, naked guys. That had happened before, but then it was always after Gym.

While there had been lots of talk in the locker room, he had made his time in the room as little as possible. His fear had kept him from the conversations, from the talk, and had also kept him from learning too. Maybe if he had stayed, he wouldn’t be here now, watching his first circle jerk.

Oh he knew the terms, after all he was an avid reader. It wasn’t a lack of knowing all the technical stuff, it was from having any real first hand experience. He had toyed with the idea of finding a hustler, but then he had no idea where to look for one. It was the one thing his magazines couldn’t give him.

He had tried online too, but every time he found an ad, he backed off. While he had never been with anyone else, not a girl, not a guy, he wasn’t totally stupid either. There were risks, and he just didn’t have the nerve to take that kind of risks. Then too, there were supposed to be places where guys could find willing sex partners, but where? Okay, so public washrooms was one, but how the hell was he supposed to know which one?

There were signals, and he had realized that as much as he wanted to get laid, the risks of it being a cop or something was too scary. Hell, look at that Senator that had gotten into all that grief, from supposedly making the wrong signal in the wrong place. Like he really needed some cop phoning his parents, explaining he was being charged with some sex crime. That would be a worse feeling, than the one he had from his talk with the Preacher.

Yet here he was, among 20 naked guys, with a hard on, about to jerk off. Like this wasn’t him, but while his mind was telling him to get up, to grab his clothes and run, the sight of all those hard dicks was too enticing, to arousing, for him to listen.

He had been lost in his thoughts, and the loud cries coming from close by, startled him. He turned his face, to notice that the third group was about finished, that soon it would be his turn, along with the other four who were last in line with him. Blake took a closer look at them, wondering what they were thinking, wondering if anyone in the room was a freak like him?

The red head furthest from him was busy watching the guy next to him stroke his dick. You could see his forehead was stretched, as he watched. It was easy to see that he was intent on watching it, as his nostrils flared a bit, his jaw was obviously being held tightly closed, as the guy stared at the hand stroking. The guy he was watching, had the biggest dick of them all, if he had heard right.

Blake’s own eyes wandered towards the guy and noticed how even as his hand flew up and down the shaft, you could sure see a lot of his dick. Man it looked like a giant pipe, so thick, so straight looking. Yet the guy himself was one of the shortest guys in the group. The Senior behind him, was bending over him, and his crotch was way above the other’s head. Yet he too was intent on watching that monster dick being worked.

You could see how his hair hung over his face, and he didn’t move a finger to move it out of the way, lest he miss seeing something. In fact, as he took a quick glance around the room, he couldn’t help but notice how so many of the others were watched the guy. His name was Brian, or so he thought, and everyone had been impressed by the size of his dick. Now they were all watching, expecting a giant flood of cum, least Blake was.

He could see how Brian’s face grew whiter, how the already white skin grew even more pale, as his chest heaved in time with the violent pumping of that massive dick. You could see the veins in the forehead, but more than that, you could see the sweat dripping off his face, and coating his entire body.

It was like a strange glow, as his whole body glistened from the sweat. Every muscle in his body seemed extended, as he worked that huge pole, as his body rocked back and forth. The way his upper body shook, as his face grew taut, made Blake tremble a bit, made him want to reach down and take hold of his cock. It also made him want to be kneeling in front of him, or laying underneath, to catch what was about to stream out. Least he was certain it would shoot out in a stream. So did everyone else, judging by their intent look.

In his mind, Blake was certain that not only had Brian one the points for the having the biggest, and thickest, but would soon win the most points for shooting his load the furthest. The hard panting sound was becoming louder, and he could see Brian’s upper body shaking, rocking even more, when he saw the jaw fall open, saw the way his eyes rolled back into his head, as he fell backwards, his cock gripped tightly in the one hand.

The gurgling sound echoed in the room, and he heard the gasps, as the milky white cream was suddenly there. He blinked, realizing that Brian had fallen backwards, his whole upper body falling back onto his haunches, pushing the Senior behind him, backwards. The agonized cry was chilling, as he saw the glob of cream fall from the tip of the mottled colored cock head. Brian had his fist wrapped around it, squeezing it, as it flowed out.

In some ways it was like watching the pictures of lava oozing out of a volcano. It didn’t jet out, like he had thought, but simply flowed out of the expanded slit, and fell downwards in a long stream. It didn’t come out with any force, but it was still oozing long after the cry had changed to a harsh panting sound.

While it was in some ways disappointing, in other ways it was more exciting than if it had been a huge jet stream. The way it just kept oozing held everyone’s attention, including the other’s in Brian’s group, who had long since cum. The scent of cum was filling the room, but only know was Blake noticing it. As his eyes stared intently at the dripping penis in Brian’s hand.

He felt his own body tremble, as he continued to watch. Brian was shaking, you could see his whole body shake, as his cum continued to ooze for several seconds, or longer. Least it felt longer, as they all watched, in amazement. Such a big cock, and while the load was huge, it hadn’t travelled very far. The Senior above seemed stunned and he kept looked down, at the almost prone body beneath him, at the huge cock that was staring up at him. Cum was dripping down the still throbbing pole, Brian’s hands were off to the side, twitching a little, as his small chest rose and fell quickly.

The room was silent. There was no doubt that Brian’s display of prowess, had taken everyone by surprise. Some appeared disappointed, others looked on in awe at the slowly softening penis, that even when soft, was bigger than many who were hard.

The silence in the room was finally broken by a single cough, as Brian managed to sit up. He looked so pale, but you could tell color was returning to his face. You could also tell that he had been close to passing out, as the blood had rushed to his monster dick. Blake couldn’t imagine what it would be like, to experience such a big dick, but he had an insane urge to want to know. His eyes were still fastened on Brian’s penis, when he realized that his group was to have its turn.

Blake turned his face away, as he stared at the Senior, who was still looking a bit in shock, from the result of Brian’s effort. Zero rang out from the Senior behind Brian, and the Senior in charge, made note of it in a rather subdued voice. He also reminded everyone, points went to those who could shoot their jizz the farthest. It was rather strange to think about, but as he waited for the signal to begin, he felt like maybe, just maybe, he had a chance at doing okay. It would be nice, to be the envy for something.


Marching to a Different Beat


to a Different Beat

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (-)

The sky was just beginning to lighten, as the bus rattled along the highway. They had been on the road all night long, as Jeremy stared out the window. It was the first time he had managed to snag a window seat. Maybe it was a sign that the others had finally given up on making him the target of their jokes, of their nastiness.

They would be at the ferry terminal in another couple of hours, then off to the Island on the 7am run. According to the band director, they’d check into the hotel and have the whole day off. Tomorrow and Sunday would be practice days, then the parade on Monday. It would be their 5th parade in as many weeks, and he was a bit weary of it all.

At eighteen, a senior, this was supposed to be the culmination of his high school years. Next year he’d be off to college, if accepted, and would be starting all over. He hoped the stories were true, though, that at least in college it was easier to be queer. High School certainly hadn’t been fun for those who were, and he could testify to that.

Not that anyone knew, until they were on the road. Somehow he had managed to keep it secret, until that fateful night on their first day out. He could still hear the jeers, feel the sudden anger and hatred around him. It wasn’t fair, and maybe he should have denied it, or tried to bluff his way through it, but he hadn’t. Now he had spent nearly five weeks in pure purgatory, thanks to one simple mistake.

Leaning back in the seat, he turned to face the window, to just stare out at the passing scenery. He still couldn’t believe how those who he had known for years, could turn on him so suddenly. People like Roger, Mark, and Cory, all of whom he had known since grade school. They had joined Band together back then, when the drums they played were bigger than they were.

Yet one simple goof, and now they were the leaders of his torment, always jeering, always with the sissy boy, the fag jokes. It wasn’t any open attack, except when on the bus, or in the hotel rooms. He had looked forward to exploring the different cities with his friends, but instead he was left to wander the streets, the shops, alone. No one was willing to have him along, not even the girls.

In some respects they were meaner than him. The way some had come to him, showing off their lipsticks or make up purchases, loudly asking if like the color, given it wasn’t pink. That always got the guys snickering, and how some would seek his advice, in front of the others, about what under garments to wear. They wanted to know if it would get the guy’s hot, seeing as how he was an expert on what got guys turned on.

That had been the hardest part, and it wasn’t like the chaperons were any help. For the most part they snickered, or ignored it. To them it was harmless teasing, but it didn’t feel like that to him. Even the band leader turned a blind eye to the crap. Like at the first stop, when they had hidden his drum, or painted the words ‘faggot’ on the drum skin.

They even ignored it when they had replaced his harness with one made with frills, and colored a bright pink, and hid any of the others so he had to use it. Not one word of admonishment from the adults of the group, just the shake of a head, telling him he’d have to use it. That had to be one of the worst parades of his life. To go marching with the others, standing out from the entire group, in front of all those strangers. It even was picked up by the local television station, calling him some sort of activist, guessing at what he was trying to protest.

In some ways, he knew he had been stupid. The weekend before they were to leave, he had gone camping with Neil, and had taken some of his boy magazines with him. It was something he could share with Neil, a guy he had met at summer camp the previous year. They had found that they had more in common than being in the band of their respective schools.

He liked Neil, who was in the wind section of his high school band, a bit thin but man, he had been something that summer. They had kept up their friendship, and when Neil had a chance to come to Jeremy’s city, well they made plans to meet. Going camping before Neil left to go back had been his father’s idea, and well, it was a perfect way to end Neil’s visit.

The sex had been great, even better than at camp, as both had a bit more experience now, so he had taken some skin magazines with him. It had been fun to talk about which one’s were hot, which weren’t. To simply share an appreciation that other’s wouldn’t understand. And like an idiot, he had forgotten to empty his duffel bag before packing for the band trip.

Stopping at the campsite, that first night, he had forgotten about the magazines, Hell he’d forgotten about it before packing, so when he dumped his bag out, and the magazines came flying out, he had been as surprised as everyone else. Unfortunately they had moved faster, and it was around the whole campsite in seconds, or so it seemed.

He should have denied they were his, should have figured out some snappy lie, or better yet, taken a page from the Politicians and blamed them, saying that one of them must have put them there, to get at him. That is what he should have done, instead he had just stammered, just stood there pale as a ghost. And ever since he had been the butt of their so called sense of humor.

Staring out the window, he felt rather sad. He didn’t understand how guys like Mark or Ron could switch from being a friend, to being the enemy. It really didn’t make much sense, except maybe that they were trying to cover their own asses. The way some of the other’s had looked at them, wondering. He wondered if he would have acted that way too, if the situation had been reversed?

Looking out, he saw the darkness evaporating, saw the shapes becoming more defined as the bus rolled along. He was tired, but it wasn’t a good tired. Not like it had been on that last morning with Neil, at the camping spot they had found. No campgrounds for them, as they had trekked into the woods, off the beaten path, so that no one could intrude. It had been a week of nothing but sex, and he smiled as his body settled deep into the bus seat.

So what if they wanted to harass him? They couldn’t take away what he had, and soon he’d be away from them. Soon he’d be off making new friends, and like Neil had said, colleges had a more ‘gay friendly’ lifestyle. Sure, he would still need to be careful, but incidents like skin mags falling wouldn’t do more than raise an eyebrow.

They hadn’t done much exploring, other than the odd journey down to the river. There they had found a nice spot, shaded and not quite so open so that they could be seen. It had been fun, to lay on the ground, staring out at the sun shining down on the water. How it had glittered, but not as much as Neil’s eyes had, when he would get horny, which seemed to be all the time.

For a skinny kid, Neil did have a rather attractive body, when naked. The ribs didn’t really stick out that much, and his stomach was flat. It was fun to run his hand over it, because he could feel each muscle under the skin. Not like there was a lot of fat to cover it. His hips were a bit bony, but then Neil was what one would call your typical eighteen year old high school nerd or geek.

He liked computer sciences, and was nuts about astrology too. The way his face would light up when he was talking about some ram this or quad processors, or when he talked about the worlds beyond. Neil was one of those who liked to dream, but he was all guy too. He loved sex, talking about penises, cut or not, seemed to make his face glow as much as talking about the stars did.

While he didn’t think of himself as having a great body, he knew it was more muscular, more filled out than Neil’s was, but the sex had been so good, it really didn’t matter all that much. He might have outweighed Neil by 30 or so pounds, and he had a lot more hair on his legs than Neil, but when it came to comparing dicks, well Neil won that one hands down.

Who would have thought some skinny runt like Neil would have a dick the size of a torpedo? Back at summer camp it hadn’t been that big, least he hadn’t thought it had, but in a year, it was like some growth hormone had kicked in, or something. He even asked Neil if he had been using some of those ‘penis pills’ that inundated his email.

Neil had laughed, and said no, but the way he had laughed, grinned, had only made Jeremy stare at Neil more. They had been out at the river, laying there watching the sun come up. It was their first night, and already he had shot two loads and Neil had only shot once.

It wasn’t cold either, and they were stretched out on a pair of blankets, stark naked, just enjoying the warm air, the stars, and each other. He wished it didn’t have to be hidden, even then, but stupid he wasn’t. Least until the magazines had come out of his duffle bag. Now that was stupid, but thinking back to that first night, it seemed like no one should object to him or Neil.

Looking out, the whole night seemed to be just like that first night, at how Neil had lay next to him, his body just touching him in certain spots, and how good it had felt. The press of someone’s legs against his, of feeling his presence. It had given him some good feelings, and when they had turned their heads to look at each other, to talk or say something, it had felt so comfortable, that he wished he could do that with others.

He and Neil were typical eighteen year olds, least he thought so. Yet maybe they weren’t, because in all the locker room talk he had heard, no one ever talked about how it felt to lay next to the person they were boinking. No one talked about how it felt, just about how much cum they had shot, or how long they had been banging.

Maybe instead of hounding him, they could take a lesson in what real sex was like, from him and Neil. Man, he still could remember how good it had felt, when Neil had let his hand rest on Jeremy’s chest. How his heart had begun to beat a bit faster, as Neil caressed his chest, how the fingers would play the few chest hairs he had. How they felt, tingled as his fingers twisted them a bit, then flattened them out.

How his nipples seemed to stiffen as the tips of Neil’s fingers would gently circle them, then rub over the tip. How it made him tremble, how he would bite his teeth, as the hand moved slowly over his body. It was hard to put into words, but damn it had felt good, something he could still feel, if he thought about it real hard.

How his whole body shuddered, when Neil leaned over and lightly pressed his lips against the side of his chest, just beside a nipple. Man, he almost creamed right then and there, as the soft press of those moist lips touched his skin. It had been a perfect night, and the dawn was on track for being even more spectacular.

Strange, but thinking about that camping trip, he couldn’t remember when he hadn’t been hard, nor if Neil had ever been soft. It was like they were always stiff, always wanting to get it on, yet the sex wasn’t just about a quick suck or fuck. Okay, the first afternoon it had been, but only then.

It was more about how they seemed to just enjoy each other, to take their time, to savour it all. Maybe they weren’t typical, but damn the sex had been amazing. They had gone through a few boxes of Condoms on that trip. Thinking about it now, he realized too that it was more about the way they did things, than the mechanics of it. After all a fuck was a fuck, but it was how they led up to it, how they enjoyed the touch of each other, the closeness, that made it worth remembering.

Like that first morning, how Neil spent so much time just leaning on his side, while he explored all of Jeremy’s body. How good it had felt, the way his hand seemed to be all over him, touching, pressing. It was sort of like Neil was trying to memorize every part of him, where every dimple was, every ridge of skin was. How his finger would moved down the centre of his chest, towards his belly.

How it traced around his belly button, making him giggle a little, and how they laughed as suddenly they were tickling each other, hands flying to various body spots, to tickle, to touch. Their peals of laughter only seemed to make them want each other more. Strange that, but one second they were frolicking around, laughing and then the next, they were locked in a passionate kiss.

Neil tasted so good, but the sound of him laughing, the way he would squirm, to reach around and tickle him, or to just hold him, was an unbelievable experience. Everything felt so natural, so unrehearsed. It was as if they could read each other’s minds, know what the other wanted.

Why was that so wrong? So many seemed to think it was, but as he thought about it, he couldn’t understand it. He was happy when he could feel Neil’s arms around him, holding him. How good it had felt to feel his hot breath on his cheeks, while his hand was touching him. Nothing that felt that good, could be wrong.

His eyes closed as his head settled further into the seat, thinking of Neil, of that first morning. How Neil had moved around, how they had kissed, then how Neil was suddenly on top of him, his body pressing down. He could feel the press of his big dick, wedged up into the soft part of his groin, his own dick wedged upwards, against Neil’s belly.

Jeremy could feel the heart beating, feel the chest heaving as Neil kissed him hard. How his tongue had pushed past his teeth, had licked him deep inside, then pulled out, while his tongue returned the favour. It felt so good, to feel the Neil’s fingers digging into his upper arms, as he moved his hips from side to side, rubbing his hard cock against his crotch.

The way his body moved, to push at his own dick, to make it rub between them, then how he had sat up, his knees on either side of Jeremy. How he had looked down at him, his eyes looking so alive, so filled with fire. It had made his body shake a bit, made his heart skip a beat. Even now he could feel how good it had felt, to be looked at that way.

Nothing dirty about that, nothing unseemly. It just felt so natural, so good. How the eyes seemed to pierce his deep inside, touching him within. The way he had moaned softly, as Neil had looked at him, at how it felt to have his bony knees pushing against the outside of his thighs. Looking up, he knew what Neil wanted, knew it without having to ask.

He had smiled back, and had reached for his pants, to pull out a condom. Jeremy had felt the eyes following his movement, could feel the excitement building in the body on top of his, as he picked up the condom and turned to stare at Neil.

Handing it to him, he saw the eyes widen, saw the desire too. Hell, he could feel it. Until now, he had always been the top, the one to penetrate. Even back at summer camp, he had been the one to do it. Looking up at Neil, he felt the ache inside, knowing that this time, he wanted it as much as Neil had all those other times.

It wasn’t like he had never bottomed before, but for some reason, he really wanted it this time. He had this strange ache in his ass, that made him squirm, as he watched Neil tear the condom package, and take out the thin plastic. How it seemed to sort of shine, in his hand, as he grabbed the tip and looked down at Jeremy. It was so different than any of the other times. Something about it had made him lick his lips, made his eyes widen, as Neil stared down at him, as he adjusted himself to sit between Jeremy’s legs.

Everything felt suddenly quiet, still even. His heart seemed to be holding itself in check, as he glanced down his body, to see that large dick, to see the tiny white at the slit, as Neil reached down to grab hold of it. How big it looked, yet how much he wanted it. It didn’t make sense, as he watched Neil unroll the condom slowly down the cock shaft. Least to him it seemed slow, and almost, sensual. To think, that was soon going to be inside of him, made him tremble a bit, made him a bit anxious too.

He had dicks before, but nothing like Neil’s. Still he wanted it, could feel the desire in his body, as he spread his legs a bit, as his own cock was solid, like a rock, sticking up. They didn’t say a word to each other, as Neil finished unrolling the condom, then looked up at Jeremy.

It was as if he was asking if Jeremy was certain, and his reply had been a soft whimper, as if, he couldn’t wait. His body was trembling, as he lifted up his legs, pushing them apart, and reaching to hold them up high in the air, lifting his rear upwards, to give Neil a good view.

The sudden touch of Neil’s fingers around his balls, the way they moved down from the top, between his cheeks, made him shiver. His thighs quivered, the muscles tightening, as he clenched his legs. The pain of being in that position ignored, as his eyes became a bit glazed over. His chest hurt too, as he held his breath, as he licked his lips for the umpteenth time.

The touch was soft as the fingers moved down and circled his hole, then disappeared. He heard Neil slurping, as if he was sucking on something, then he felt the fingers back at his hole, felt their moist tips, knowing that the sound had been Neil sucking on his own fingers.

The tip of the finger circled his hole, then it rested briefly over his hole, before he felt the soft press, the gradual increase of pressure, as Neil let his finger push inwards. He felt the muscles around his hole, felt them tighten, then suddenly he felt the finger sliding into him. He moaned, and shook a bit, as Neil continued to slowly push his finger in, until Jeremy could feel the press of Neil’s hands between his cheeks.

He sighed, as the finger began to pump him, to go in and out, then twist around. His body continued to squirm, as Neil added a second finger to the first, stretching his insides a bit more. It felt snug, felt full, as he moaned a bit, as the fingers moved in and out. They didn’t go fast, but in a steady in and out motion, that made him quiver a bit more.

His chest began to heave, as the fingers worked deep into his body, then out, then in. They moved from side to side, making him moan his pleasure as he felt the steady motion. Then it was suddenly over, as he felt Neil pressing up against his legs. He felt the hot breath across his face, and opened his eyes to see his face looming over his chest.

The way his short hair looked so damp, as if he had been in the river. How the eyes had a strange glint he had never seen before, that made him catch his own breath. How adorable he looked, really. The way his jaw was held so tight, the thin lines around it more pronounced. His nostrils were flaring as Jeremy felt Neil’s cock sliding between his upraised buttocks.

It felt so hot, like a hot poker. He groaned as the huge cock was suddenly being pressed up into his hole. Jeremy could feel the muscles protesting, feel his nerves tingling, as Neil glanced down at Jeremy. How his eyes took on a totally different look, almost feverish. The way his cheeks were pulled inwards, as his small bony chest heaved with the effort.

Then he felt the pain, the sharp jabbing jolt that seemed to suddenly race up and down his spine. God how it hurt, yet didn’t. It was all through his body, making his legs quiver, making his arms tighten their grip on his legs. How his own body suddenly became tense, wired with nervous energy.

The pain in his rectum made him groan loudly, made him bite his lower lip as Neil’s dick pressed inwards, the head stretching him so much, he was certain his tiny little pink hole would be ripped apart, that it would need stitches or something to be put back together. He cried out, as tears welled up at the corners of his eyes, as the hard cock continued to press inwards.

He heard Neil grunt, heard his breath come rushing past, as a giant wave of pain came rushing into his body. He cried out louder, his body coiled tightly, as the cock head made its way past his tiny hole. He could feel it, feel the sudden tightening of it around the shaft, as Neil pressed inwards, driving his cock into Jeremy.

Slowly he felt his whole insides being filled, as the cock seemed endless. His body shook, his legs quivered, but he didn’t want it to stop. The pain was harsh, more than he had ever experienced, yet as he squirmed, he couldn’t help but feel the pleasure too. The way his body shuddered as sweat dropped from Neil’s looming body onto Jeremy. It all made him feel it even more, as his eyes closed, as he let the moment take hold of him.

He had no idea how long it was, nor did he care. Each hard thrust into his body made him jump, made his body try to burrow into the soft ground beneath him. His legs ached, his arms were numb, as Neil seemed to be pounding him faster and faster. Each crushing blow, driving that thick long pole deeper and deeper.

Jeremy swore he could feel the pulsing vein under the shaft, as it dug deep into him. He could feel the head banging up against his insides, feel it reaching for his throat even, as he tossed his head from side to side, enjoying the pain that was now pure joy. How good it felt, as the hard pole continued to drive in and out of his body.

How good it all felt, as he heard his own cries mingle with Neil’s. There was a strange thundering echo in his ears, which he knew had to be the wild beat of his heart, but there were other sounds too. The sounds of the river lapping onto the shore, the sound of the warm wind blowing through the trees above. There were the sounds of Neil’s labored breathing, of his own.

They all joined together in one single chorus of noise, that echoed in his ears, that penetrated his mind, as the hard dick kept thrusting into his body. His whole body was shaking, and then he felt his cock being grabbed, felt the hand circle it and began to pump it, to stroke it.

Opening his eyes, he saw the wild look in Neil’s face. How he was staring at Jeremy’s cock, as he rocked in and out, as his whole body shook. His hand moved as fast as his hips did, in time with the deep thrusts of his cock. Jeremy couldn’t believe the image, of how the hand was nothing but a blur, as his legs kept bucking. How the pleasure he was feeling inside, kept on growing, with each hard thrust.

His chest ached, his mind was in a fog, as his eyes opened wider, as the hand stroked his dick, as the cock inside pressed up into his body. Jeremy felt it coming, could feel how his balls were so full that he though they would burst. How hard they hurt as he heard the slapping sounds of Neil’s bony groin slamming into him.

It was totally unreal, as their hot flesh met each other. How it felt like he was melting, as if his skin was becoming a pool of molten liquid. The way his whole body shook, as if in the middle of a giant earthquake. How the skin shook, from the wild force of Neil’s crashing blows into him.

He cried out, as the pain in his groin matched that in his rectum. His balls seemed like giant balloons, as they were crushed by Neil’s inwards thrusts. Then suddenly he felt it, crying out as he did. The rush of release was fantastic. It was like nothing he had ever felt before, as the hot cream left his balls, his cock shaft suddenly becoming even thicker. The blood was suddenly rushing from everywhere, to his dick. His eyes fluttered, the sudden sharp explosion of lights across them made him suddenly arch his whole body up, just as Neil crashed down into it.

The hand around his cock grew even tighter, as the head reared back, then shot forward. Jeremy felt the hot splash across his chin, then across his neck and down on his upper chest. He felt his mouth open, felt himself screaming, but heard nothing but a roaring crashing sound of thunder. His body shook, as if every single muscle had suddenly uncoiled, has sprung.

Just as he thought it was all over, he heard a distant cry, a distant scream. The fullness inside was suddenly gone, and as he felt his chest heave, he felt more splashes of hot liquid across his belly. He felt the muscles inside rumble, felt the nerves scream as the hot liquid burned his flesh. His whole body was once more convulsing, as the streams of hot cream splashed across his rolling stomach.

As the shaking slowly subsided, he managed to open his eyes, to see a blurred shape above him, slowly fall forward. He felt the weight on his whole body, felt the cooling liquid become squished between the falling body, and his own, felt the sudden beat of another drum near his heart. His eyes flickered, as the stars shone above the damp head that was resting on his own heaving chest.

Looking out at the growing light, Jeremy wished he was back at the river, that Neil hadn’t gone back home. Maybe he could phone him, or something. He would know what to say, how to make him forget these last five weeks, as he remembered how good it had felt, to have his naked body on top of his. How good it had felt, as his softened cock finally was eased out from his own body.

Turning away from the window, he glanced around at the darkened bus. Everyone was in various positions of rest. Some had their mouths open, a few were even snoring as he looked at his classmates. They simply didn’t get it, and he doubted if any ever would. Neil had gotten it, and so what if they teased him. He would always have that, which most of them never would.

He sighed, as his eyes met those of his ex friend, Roger. Jeremy could see how he wasn’t asleep, how he was staring at him. Unlike the other times, he didn’t lower his eyes, nor did he turn away, he stared back at Roger, daring him to make a comment.

Strange, but somehow thinking of Neil, remembering how it had felt, he didn’t fear Roger or the others anymore. He felt different, as if he had something they just never would. Let Roger stare, let the others stare or make their comments. He was who he was, and if they didn’t like it, tough shit. Neil had liked it, and he was certain others would too. The Roger’s of the world suddenly, no longer mattered to him, or scared him.

Jeremy watched as Roger turned his eyes away, almost as if he had read Jeremy’s mind, and Jeremy turned back to look out the window. It felt good, as he watched the sun beginning to rise up on the horizon. He no longer felt ashamed or afraid.

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