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Clearing the Air (4)

Clearing the Air

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (4)

He felt like he had just been struck by a bus. His whole body was rock solid, as he kneeled there, staring up at Mike. How could he? It was almost too much to grasp, but his hands fell to his side, and he could see the tears rolling down Mike’s face.

Did I do something wrong? I mean…

No, no it is just, this is all, please Jeff, not now, not here, I just can’t.

Can’t? But this was, I mean… okay, I never meant it to, you know, I uh…

As Mike pulled up his shorts, stuffing his hard dick back inside, reaching for his pants, he kept looking away, almost as if he was afraid to look at Jeff. His body was shaking, and as he zipped his pants up, he stepped back a few steps.

It just isn’t, not here, I am not saying I can do it, or not, just, just I need some time Jeff, to think about it. I don’t want to lose our friendship, but this; this is happening all at once, you understand, don’t you?

He really didn’t understand, but he nodded anyways. The disappointment, the sudden pulling back by Mike made his heart quiver a bit, as Mike tightened his belt up. Jeff could still see the bulge and felt like somehow he had been cheated.

Mike was already moving away, and while he said he’d call Jeff later, it felt like he had just lost his best friend. The pain was unlike anything he had experienced before. It was one thing to figure that Mike had thought he was sick, but to let him touch him like that, to come that close, well that seemed cruel, almost heartless.

He couldn’t figure it out, because obviously Mike felt something. If he hadn’t would his dick have gotten that hard, would there have been the precum? Looking out from the clearing, he could see Mike’s distant shape moving through the field. Even from the distance, he felt his desire for him, but now it seemed tainted, as if something he had done, had ruined what they had.

Maybe he shouldn’t have come out to him? He figured he had to, but maybe it was the wrong thing to do. Still, he did get a good look, but now he felt like he had been robbed, cheated of it, because things had gotten out of hand. Sure, he was Gay, he liked dick, and okay, he did want Mike, so maybe he shouldn’t have said anything?

His mouth was always getting him into trouble, but he couldn’t lie to Mike. That just wasn’t their friendship, or maybe it was? Maybe Mike was lying to him now, that maybe he really did think Jeff was some sicko? Maybe all that dropping of the pants, was his way to prove to himself that he was right about Jeff? Could he be that mean?

Slowly he stood up, and looked around at their place. It didn’t seem to be the same anymore. He felt like he was in a strange place, that he didn’t want to stay there, but couldn’t figure out where to go. As he shuffled his feet, while looking around, he saw the tree, and felt a deep sadness.

The countless hours they had spent together, resting under that tree, talking about everything. Well almost everything as he never did try to talk to Mike about how he felt. Maybe if he had tried more, hadn’t been so scared of his reaction, today wouldn’t have turned out the way it had.

So maybe they wouldn’t be best friends, least it wouldn’t be hurting so much right now. Least he’d have had some warning, which might have made him keep his mouth shut this morning, and this afternoon. Christ, what a mess, he thought as he stared back out over the now empty field.

Walking back home, because he really didn’t have anywhere else to go, Jeff kept wondering why Mike had pulled back. Did he freak him out, when he touched his bare leg, his dick? Was it too much for him, or did he actually enjoy it?

Could that be it? Could it be Mike actually found himself enjoying his friends touch, the feelings that were being shared by the touching? Did it freak him out that he could be stiff by some Queer running their finger up and down his cock?

Was Mike maybe a closet Queer himself, and that he didn’t want to come out, least of all to Jeff? Like he had said some pretty shitty things in the morning, then there he was, about to let him suck his dick. Could that be why he pulled back, afraid that if Jeff did actually take his cock into his mouth, he’d give himself away?

It wasn’t like he really had thought Mike was Gay, least not until this particular moment. So he had stood up for some flamer awhile back, but then that had been Mike. He never liked to see guys being picked on, not even the nerds. It was part of who he was, but was it maybe more than that?

Did Mike stick up for them, because deep down he knew that he could be one of those to be picked on, if his secret was known? Christ, he wouldn’t have stopped liking him, and even if Mike had come clean, had told him, he wouldn’t tell anyone?

Shit, it wasn’t like he was going to shout it out that he got to suck Mike’s dick. That was stupid to think, but then if not that, why the fuck did Mike pull away, at the last second? Could it be wanting to get even with him for the things he had said some five years ago? Did Mike see his chance to tease him, to hurt him, when he outed himself in the morning?

Problem was he should have stopped Mike, let it rest for a bit, and not gone along so quickly. Maybe he had seemed too eager, maybe it was just a physical thing. Okay sure it was, he really did want to suck on that dick of his, but it wasn’t like he had asked first. Mike had offered, so he should have gone through with it, unless it was all a joke, a horrible, mean, joke.

Yet that wasn’t Mike. He never held a grudge before now, and he sure as fuck wasn’t the type to be cruel to others. Hell, he was the type who would walk over some insect even, not wanting to crush them. He just wasn’t that kind of guy, least not around him. So why now, why did he pull away?

Jeff had to admit to himself, that this was going to drive him crazy. He couldn’t just leave it, just wait silently until Mike decided to tell him, if he ever did. He needed to know, and as he changed direction, to head towards Mike’s place, he also realized that once more he was risking their friendship.

Fuck, what could he say to him, and what if Mike said he had made a mistake in making the offer? How the fuck would he feel then, or would that matter? He’d have his answer, but no way Mike would drop his pants just like that, if he hadn’t cared, or had some curiosity about it.

Maybe instead of running over there, he should just go him, and let it be? Instead of pushing, be satisfied that he now knew exactly what Mike looked like, hard. After all, wasn’t that part of his whole dream, wish? To see just how big his dick was, what it looked like stiff? He knew, so why push it, why push to see what it would taste like?

Christ, what would he push for once he got that? Would he want to see if he could get Mike to fuck him? After all, he did want to experience that, to experience all of Mike, so maybe Mike knew that? Could it be that Mike didn’t go through with it, because he knew Jeff would want more?

Crap, what he had started by admitting he thought of Mike sexually? It wasn’t like he was unwilling to have let things go, let them not get that far, but now that he had an opening, he was thinking of pushing the limits.

It was all too confusing for him as he once again changed his direction. Going to Mike’s now, was asking for trouble, and he had enough heartache already today. Instead, he thought he should just go home, maybe soak in the tub, and forget about it all. Mike wasn’t going to out him, least he didn’t think so.

He had done what he had wanted to do, by telling Mike about him. He had seen Mike’s dick, touched it too, so in some ways he could consider himself ahead of the game. It almost had become more, that might have satisfied his quest for being satisfied sexually, but then College lay ahead, and maybe he would find someone there.

His trouble was there just wasn’t enough opportunity here, and he was too well known. He was scared of being found out, while off at college, well who cared? It wasn’t like they would be running to tell his teachers or his other friends, because they wouldn’t know them. His parents might know about him, but not like his new college friends would run to tell them, either. So it would be safer, easier to be who he was, without the worry.

Mike knew, and if it became a problem, well again, he’d be at college, away from it. Besides, Mike might not get it, not understand it, and if he was off at college, well maybe he’d come to accept it, to not let it come between them. Sure things might be strained between them until he left for college, but he could cope. Besides he did have a good memory, and he just knew that jerking off would be a lot more fun now.

Certainly wasn’t the ideal situation, he thought, as he made his way back towards his place. It wouldn’t be easy for the last little while, but he could manage. The important thing was he had told Mike, who had freaked, but it hadn’t lasted. Least so far it hadn’t, and if he knew Mike, he’d not let it ruin the remaining time they had together, as friends.

Swimming at their spot might be out now, but then he didn’t mind. He knew what was behind those wet shorts now, so he could handle not seeing that. He had that, and it was Mike who had given it to him. Not like he had done anything secretive to find out, or devious either. He hadn’t lied to him, which had to count for something. Eventually Mike would either understand, or not. By then, well, he’d be in college and it wouldn’t hurt so much.

Jeff was nearly at his front door, before he even realized that there was someone else there. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts, he didn’t even recognize the well known shape until he was almost on top of him. Mike was there, leaning up against the small little alcove on the front porch, waiting for him.

He couldn’t help it, but he was both excited and irritated. Jeff was suddenly once more back on edge, his solution to the whole thing gone, as he stared at his long time friend. It wouldn’t be the same, not being so close. No matter what he tried to tell himself, going off to college might solve his sexual desires, but it wouldn’t be half as good, without being able to share it with Mike.

Didn’t expect to see you so soon.

I know, uh, no one is home.

Won’t be till after dinner time.

Can we talk?

If you want.

I told you so, didn’t I?

Guess, sure you want to? I mean…

Wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.

Jeff stared at Mike’s face, to see if he was telling the truth. The eyes met, but Mike was having trouble looking back, something he had rarely seen with Mike. It wasn’t like him to not face him, square. Unlocking the front door, he nodded for Mike to go in, who just walked in, but then stood off to the side, waiting for Jeff to close & lock the front door.

They just stared at each other for a second, before Mike finally pushed himself upright, and walked along the corridor, towards the stairs. It was apparent to Jeff, he wanted to talk upstairs, in Jeff’s room and not in the living room. In some way, it surprised him, yet in another way it was more normal. That is where they always talked, rarely downstairs.

Following Mike up the stairs to his own room, he couldn’t help but enjoy the view of his ass. How nice they looked, how tightly they were held by his pants. Two perfect shaped orbs, but his mind kept wandering, despite the view.

Walking into his room, he noticed how Mike was checking it out, as if it was the first time he had been there. It was odd, as he stared at the his small desk, at his closet, and at his bed. It was like he was looking for something, that he hadn’t seen before.

Where you keep them?

Keep what?

The skin mags.

You know where they are.

Not those ones, the one’s you get off on, you do have some, don’t you?

Jeff didn’t get why Mike wanted them, but he went to his closet and opened his backpack. He had them hidden inside, under some old gym stuff, and pulled out a few of them. Turning around he handed them to Mike, who sat down on the bed, and started to flip through them.

He looked closely as Mike stared at the naked guys in the magazines, holding up a few to take a long look at the centerfolds. Just as he did with the girl magazines, but as he watched, he couldn’t tell what was going through Mike’s mind. For some reason, Jeff felt nervous, as if there was some test going on that he was a part of, but didn’t know what part.

The only sound in the room was his heavy breathing, and Mike flipping the damn pages. He came across a few that were stuck together, but didn’t say a word, as he pried them apart, to see what the pictures were. His eyes widened a few times, but his face seemed unimpressed as he just flipped the pages.

Finally he seemed to have enough, and tossed the last one aside, with the rest. He leaned back on his hands, and looked at Jeff. He felt like he was under inspection, and felt the sweat around his forehead, making him even more nervous. He just stood there, waiting for Mike to say something, anything.

You think I am Gay, don’t you?

Jeff felt like he was hit by a ten ton brick. It was the last thing that he had thought of Mike. Looking over at Mike, he knew that Mike was serious, that he was in his ‘I need to know’ mood. It was a bit intimidating, as he pulled up his desk chair, and plopped himself down in it, looking over at Mike.

No, I don’t.

Then why? I don’t get it, those guys in the mags, they get you off?

Yeah, sort of.

Sort of?

Look, it isn’t complicated Mike. When you see a girl’s hooters, you get excited, right?

Well yeah, so?

I see a nice dick, I get excited.

Okay so, I don’t…

Why you? I guess ‘cuz I know you, because just like you might get turned on by some nameless broad’s boobs, you think of someone you like, or want. It is the same for me.

Oh, so you uh, you don’t think I am Gay but you want to be with me, uh, that way?

No I don’t think you are, why, do you think you are?

I didn’t, not until you started touching me, it freaked me out Jeff, I never felt that hot, not with any of the girls, least not the same way.

That why you took off?

Yeah, and now I don’t know. I mean those mags, they didn’t do shit for me, but back at the place, well it did. It makes me, wonder.

He wanted to just sit next to Mike, to hold him close, because he could see he was really scared. It never occurred to him that Mike would feel that way about him, that it would make him feel as good, as it made Jeff. It was all rather odd, and he wondered, if maybe Mike could be.

Yet he had also seen how he had been after a night with his latest girl. Specially when he thought they were right for each other. His eyes would sparkle, his face light up, and that bulge in his pants would be super big. So the odds of him being Gay seemed rather slim to him. Maybe he was bi? But then, no he doubted that too, because nothing in the mags made him seem excited.

Inside he thought he knew the answer, but he didn’t want to think about it, to give it voice. It would only complicate an already complicated situation, or maybe not? The idea that they were that close, that maybe it wasn’t a physical attraction, but a more emotional one, that had let Mike feel what he had felt.

It was kind of flattering too, which he tried to contain. Last thing he needed was to think that Mike could be attracted to him. He had stripped, out of his friendship, not out of wanting Jeff to touch him, to suck him off.

Don’t Mike, it isn’t that you are gay, just that we are that close, that me and you, well, it’s about us, not about us both being guys. If you know what I mean.

Sort of like what Jenkins in Science was talking about last semester?

Yeah, like that.

So you wanting me, is just, well, normal?

I don’t know if it is normal, it is, well, ‘cuz we have been through a lot of shit together. Maybe that is all it is.

Mike looked everywhere but at Jeff, then he pulled himself further up on the bed. His back was up by the headboard, and his legs stretched out, towards Jeff. His face seemed to change shape, as different thoughts passed through his mind. He had seen it before, knowing that Mike was thinking, that he was wrestling with a problem, that he wanted to solve.

Each time in the past, it had been about breaking up with some girl, or asking one out. Each time he had seen it, he had thought how it made Mike look attractive, desirable. Those were the times when it had been really hard for him to not say something, to not just drop his own pants and whack off to how Mike was looking.

Now it was even worse, because he had a suspicion Mike was about to dump him, to tell him that he couldn’t handle the whole gay stuff. Yet maybe not, as he had admitted that it had made him feel good. Maybe he had been telling him the truth, earlier, when he said he just couldn’t do it there, that maybe he was thinking of trying to let Jeff do it again?

we have, haven’t we?


so, uh, what if I freak again?

then you freak, but just ‘cuz it feels good, doesn’t make you queer.

I guess, man this is weird shit man.

Tell me about it.

Mike finally looked right at Jeff. His face was still looking uncertain, but the eyes seemed to be convinced. It was weird, to look into his eyes, to see them twinkle a bit, as if they had just pulled a caper on their folks. He smiled at Mike, cocking his head to one side, just like he always did, when they had reached a decision on something, when he had deferred to Mike’s choice.

As he blinked, he saw Mike move a bit, and then watched in awe, as Mike reached around and pulled his shirt up and over his head. For a second, while his face was covered, Jeff could see his bare chest. The golden flesh muted by the room’s light, but there was no mistaking the well formed pecs. How his muscles rippled at his stomach, and more than that, how firm his nipples looked.

The shirt came off, and got tossed at him. He laughed, as he caught it, to put it over on his desk, realizing that Mike was trying to make it seem more normal, more natural, like when he would stay over. How he would just toss his clothes off, stopping with his shorts still around his waist.

Somehow, Jeff was fairly certain they’d be coming off too, as he grinned back at Mike, his smile frozen, when Mike asked if he was just going to sit there, or get ready. For a second he didn’t know what Mike meant, but as he watched his friend undo his buckle, and open the pants, he just found himself standing up, kicking his runners off to the side.

His own shirt was up and off in a flash, as he felt a runner kick him in the leg. Mike had tossed his off, flicking them towards him, and he had to move quickly to avoid the second flying runner.

Then Mike was pushing his pants down, his knees up as he leaned forward to pull them off. His eyes were fixed on Jeff’s body, and he quickly reached down and undid his pants, shoving them down to his ankles. Grasping the chair, he stepped out of them. Standing upright, he saw how Mike was staring directly at him, at his own basket.

He felt like he wanted to put his hands over his crotch, but he resisted. Jeff knew he was aroused, knew that his own shorts were fully tented by his dick, and that Mike could see it all, very clearly. His heart was kicking up in speed, as he tried not to look, but he couldn’t hold out any longer.

Jeff turned his head, to stare at Mike, who was leaning on his knees, his underwear still on. The eyes were staring straight at Jeff’s groin. The eyes were wide open, taking it all in, as Jeff stood there.

Mike leaned back, once he noticed Jeff looking at him. As he did, Jeff couldn’t help but see the huge pole, sticking up from the shorts. It really was like a tent pole, as he licked his lips. It was better than out at their place, as he watched Mike reach down, to slowly push the shorts off his hips. It was as if he was teasing him, as he glanced up, and sure enough he could see the smirk on Mike’s face.

The son of a bitch was enjoying tormenting him, as he let the shorts move slowly down his hips, his stiff dick being pushed down, almost as if it was being aimed at Jeff. What a sadistic bastard he thought, as he found himself grinning, watching with baited breath, for the sudden plop of the hard dick, as it came free from the underwear.

The bed shook a bit, as Mike’s dick sprung free, and his body settled back down into the mattress. Jeff saw it jerk, saw it waver and then steady itself, in a very erect position, from the middle of Mike’s crotch. His own dick was aching as he watched how quickly Mike pulled the shorts down, then pulled one leg up and out of the leg hole. The other leg held the empty shorts, as Mike flicked his leg outward, shooting the errant underwear across the room.

Jeff couldn’t help but follow it as it flew past towards his bedroom door. Then he turned his attention back to Mike, as he pushed his own shorts down. He too was fully erect, and he saw the glimmer in Mike’s eyes as he saw it. It was like he really was aroused by it, that somehow it did excite him, which only made him ache more, as he stood there, fully naked before his best friend.

uh, no kissing right?

huh? oh, yeah, sure whatever you want.

Serious man, I don’t think I could handle that mushy stuff, I mean, fuck, you always get that stiff when you see another dick?

No, least not until now.


Jeff looked up from staring at Mike’s dick, and saw how he was really amazed by his comment. In some ways, he thought his friend’s chest has swelled up a bit, out of pride, and yet he couldn’t help but notice that he was nervous. His hand was twitching, the fingers tapping the top of the mattress, and his legs weren’t exactly spread fully apart either, as if trying to hide his crotch.

You sure you want to do this Mike? I mean if it’s too much…

Mike just looked at him for a split second, and then down at Jeff’s own aroused dick.

No, I am not sure.’

We don’t have to Mike.

Fuck it Jeff, we been friends a long time, and I don’t know, it feels weird, yet in a good way, so yeah, maybe I guess I do, uh, you do, don’t you?

Jeff couldn’t help but smile, as he slowly moved forward, to climb up onto the bed. He let his hand move up, to rest on Mike’s knee, feeling him jerk back a little, then relax. It was suddenly like there was nothing else around. No clock ticking over by his desk, no wind moving the drapes by his desk. Nothing else seemed to exist, as he stared down at Mike’s groin, at the hard dick that was sticking up, jerking a little with each breath that Mike took.

He took a deep breath, as he leaned back a little, gazing at the offered prize, from his friend. He could feel him, feel his presence inside, then he felt his hand move up and rest on top of his own. He felt the sweat on the palm of Mike’s hand, as it lay on his own, feeling his own nervousness, as he finally looked upwards.

It was all he needed, the way Mike looked at him, as his own body shook, as he gently pulled on the knee, to push it out of the way. His own body moved around, as Mike’s leg pushed past under him, brushing past his balls. Jeff felt his body quiver, as the toes brushed past his sac, making him tremble deep inside.

His eyes closed, as he leaned forward, smelling Mike’s man scent, smelling his aroma. His mouth opened, as he felt Mike’s hand reach over to rest on Jeff’s head, as it lowered over the hot throbbing cock. He could feel it, as he let his mouth open, as his lips pursed, and then he felt the tip of it, just under his chin.

Jeff’s entire body shook, as if an earthquake had just rumbled full force right under him. His legs shook, his arms were quivering, as he felt the sticky precum make the cock slide up, as his tongue licked out, to gather it inside, brushing past the hot cock head.

The eye lids opened, to stare at the oval shaped head, that was almost at his lips. He could see the hairs of Mike’s groin standing up, see the veins around the whole shaft pulsing, as the blood rushed through them all. Then the eye lids closed, as he tasted the salty pre cum and felt its warmth across his lips.

He felt them tingle, as they parted, as he drew back his lips over his teeth, as Mike’s head began to enter Jeff’s mouth. He could feel the hand tighten around some of his hair, twisting the strands around the fingers, and pulling, then pushing, on them. His whole body became stiff, as he lowered his mouth over the cock, tasting the hot flesh, tasting the saltiness of the flesh. It surprised him a bit, as he felt the legs quiver, as his hands reached out to hold onto both knees, pushing them aside a little, as his head lowered even more, to gobble up more of the hard pole.

Jeff heard a small gasp, a bit of a rumbling groan as his lips slid down the side of the cock head, to rest just underneath the cap of the head. He could feel the blood pulsing now, feel the electricity passing between them both, and for a moment, he was certain he could feel Mike’s heart beat, next to his own.

As his mouth moved down, the hand on top moved away, and he felt the bed shake, as the fist was slammed down onto the mattress. He didn’t stop, as he let his tongue begin to lick up, the tip just barely able to move inside the mouth, as Mike’s cock filled every inch of Jeff’s mouth.

His throat was sore, but trying to stretch, as he continued to let his head move downwards, gradually taking more of the cock shaft into his mouth, gradually letting his tongue lick at the pulsing underside of the shaft. He could feel Mike shaking, feel the knees beside him quivering. His fingers gripped both knees tightly, until the fingers were touching the bony knee caps themselves.

He moaned a bit, as he tasted the pre cum sliding down his throat, as his nostrils were breathing in that scent, that was all Mike. Christ it smelled so good, so rich and full, as he continued to lick at the shaft, as it filled his mouth and throat with its size. His teeth grated over a bit of the top, but it didn’t seem to be noticed by Mike. Instead Jeff felt the bed vibrate a bit more, as he finally managed to have it all inside his mouth.

Jeff felt his nostrils flare, felt the tip of his nose pressing into the warm soft belly of Mike’s groin. The tiny pubic hairs were itching at his upper lip, and a few had managed to work their way inside his nostrils. He didn’t care, as he felt his chest heave, felt his body shudder. This is more than he had ever hoped for, as he tasted the hard flesh inside. It was everything he had ever hoped for, more even, as he slowly let his head move back, to let the long thick pole slide out from between his lips.

Twice more he managed to slowly move down, then up, to where Mike’s cock was almost out of his mouth, before beginning to slide it back inside. His tongue licked at the head, at just under the band of skin that formed the ridge of the head, when Mike’s hand suddenly was once more over his head, grabbing at his hair.

Jeff felt him grab hold, taking a huge handful of his hair in his fist, but instead of wrapping them around his fingers, he just held them, the back of his fist pushing down on Jeff’s head. His body was arching up, at the same time. Jeff struggled to resist, to set the pace, but Mike was much stronger than him, and he felt himself giving in.

He felt the pubic hairs prickling his cheek, under his nose, then felt the hard press of the belly into his face. The hand held him tightly, as the body arched up, then pulled back, then arched back upwards. It drove itself into his held head, the cock pushing past and down into his throat in several quick thrusts.

Jeff felt himself gagging a bit, but Mike didn’t let go, didn’t stop, as his whole body arched up again and again. Each thrust up trying to bury his cock deeper into Jeff’s open throat. He ignored the muffled gags, and Jeff could hear Mike’s panting breath now. His own heart was pounding loudly, but he heard the harsh gasps for air, as his head was held tightly, as Mike’s hard body kept pumping into his face.

He struggled to pull back, but Mike’s other hand now joined the first, holding his head steady, as Mike’s lower body pummelled into Jeff’s mouth. He felt the flesh strike him hard, felt his chin dig deep into the groin. Felt the tough leather of Mike’s scrotum, as his chin hit the balls, that swung and slapped against Mike’s thighs. He wanted to stop, to have Mike slow down, but he couldn’t.

It wasn’t like anything he had ever experienced, as Mike crushed his body upwards into his mouth. The hands clenched tightly, grabbing at his sweat soaked hair, and then he heard the animal like cry, that was coming from just above him. He knew what it meant, out of instinct, but as he tried to ready himself, the first stream was filling his mouth.

Jeff had tasted cum before, had sucked on a guy’s dick till it shot its load, but it was nothing like this. He felt his eyes water, felt his body tremble, as the hot sticky liquid began to fill the very bottom of his throat, as it’s sticky fluid seemed to flow in two directions at once. Some making its way down the quivering throat, the rest going upwards, coating the thick pole lodged between his throat muscles. Then it seemed to just flood his mouth, as the cock jerked again, adding more of the hot jizz.

He could feel it all, feel how Mike’s body was suddenly shaking, how his hands were now wrapped around and underneath, pulling Mike’s buttock upwards, pulling all of Mike’s dick deep into his throat.

Jeff felt himself swallowing, felt the sticky taste coating the sides of his throat, as the cry echoed in his bedroom. The hands holding his head, relaxed, then fell to the side, making the bed bounce, as they hit it. He felt his whole body shaking, felt the taste of Mike’s cream making his head swoon a bit, as he felt a bit faint.

Slowly he felt himself pulling his head back, the cock slowly sliding out from between his lips, until finally it was free. He leaned back, on his arms, and his eyes had trouble adjusting to the light of the room, as he felt his chest still pounding, felt his lungs still screaming for air.

As he managed to adjust to the light of the room, as the pain around his jaw became duller, he stared up and over at Mike. He felt his legs on either side of him, and as he looked, he noticed a sort of sheen across of all Mike’s naked body. He could see the sweat that had matted his friend’s hair, but it was the eyes that held his attention.

How alive they were, how much they shone, even in the daylight of the room. It was like staring into a bright searchlight, as they peered at him, making him ache.


Mike, I…

Jesus, I never, fuck Jeff, all guys like you suck like that?

Jeff could feel his own chest swell up, as he stared at his friend. He just looked at him, then felt how his foot was rubbing his. Looking down at it, then up at Mike, he noticed that his dick wasn’t all that soft, and as he stared up into his face, he saw him get that look, that one, that preceded a coming decision.

BoyFunk’s Oliver seems to fit this particular scene quite nicely.


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See Oliver’s Videos at BOYFUNK HERE

There is just something about Oliver, that grabbed my attention. It was almost like I was drawn to him, as I thought about how to write this particular episode of the story. Seeing the stills, well, what can I say, it helped a lot in figuring out how this portion would go.


Anointing of the Man Child (6)

Anointing of the Man Child

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (6)

Everything seemed so hushed, so quiet that it gave him a bit of the shakes. He knew that he was in a hospital, that there were people all around him, and Blake could even distinguish some of the words too. Like when someone had asked who was in there, meaning his cubicle, he had heard clearly the female voice mention the queer boy. Even here, he wasn’t free of the anger, the disdain, but he didn’t seem to think much about it. All he could think of was how Trent had looked. How they all looked, and that seemed to be enough.

The way they all seemed to act, when they had examined him, had prodded his bruised and battered body, was making him feel like he had never made it to the Frat House. The coldness, the blank stares as the two men in uniform stood while the Doctor examined him, and the female nurse took blood, all the time he was stretched out naked on the hard bed. Even his dorm room bed was softer, but he put up with it, too tired to protest.

All he could think of was how angry the voices sounded, how they laughed as they took their turns pissing on him, making him swallow it, making him be a part of their sickness. Every time he thought about it, he shivered, and it seemed like the images of that time would never leave. He felt terrified about what would next time bring, and he knew, deep inside, that there would be one.

He had no idea why, but he just knew it would happen again. Blake feared it, as he lay there, alone. His only contact was with the hospital staff, who after their initial exams, seemed to avoid him. There was the tall figure next to the closed curtain, who had to be a cop. You could tell by how he stood there, and how his shadow looked. It was eerie to see, because he could almost feel the man’s disgust at being there.

Not everyone was that way, least he didn’t think so. The one nurse who had come in after, who had covered his naked body with a sheet, when no one else had. How she had wiped his face, and given him some water to sip. She didn’t say much, but he had felt better, when she was there.

The pain in his body wasn’t so bad, but he was certain that was due to the drugs they had given him, but they just didn’t seem to totally dull the pain. Every time he moved, he could feel the pain in his chest, in his legs. His body ached, but it wasn’t like how it had been as he had made his way to the Frat House.

The curtain parted and there was the doctor. He was dressed in green and as he looked over at him, he could see his disdain, see his feelings as if he had shouted them out. The way his eyes would barely look at him, but concentrate on the clipboard in his hand. How he stood so erect, and distant. It was like he really didn’t want to get any closer, and the gloves.

Blake couldn’t help but notice how he had come in with them on, as did the other hospital staff. Only the one nurse that had covered him, hadn’t come in wearing them. It was like they were all afraid of touching him, of even being in the same room without their rubber protection. It made him feel so dirty, and he didn’t know why.

He could make out what was being said, barely, and he knew that he was lucky to have survived, but the way the man spoke to him, listing all that had been done to him, then telling him how lucky he was, even hinting that in some way he should be thankful they hadn’t done more. Worse, was how he made it sound like maybe he had simply exaggerated it a bit, that in some way he may have actually been a willing participant. The officer seemed to have a scowl, as he too looked at Blake with that sort of disbelief in his face, that implied they weren’t convinced he hadn’t done anything to provoke the attack. Hell the Doctor looked like he didn’t even believe it was an attack, as if he would go out and want people to kick him, to do all that to him.

While the drugs they had given him were dulling the pain, he still could feel their hatred, their anger at him. He didn’t understand, he hadn’t done anything, why did they hate him? What had he done to make them feel so afraid of him? It wasn’t like he had asked those guys to grab him, to beat him, to abuse him, yet they seemed to think he had. It made no sense, they didn’t know him, know what he was like or how he thought.

His mind kept going over it, wondering what he had done wrong. What had he said or done to anyone, that made them want to hurt him like they had? He didn’t even know who they were, which everyone seemed to not believe. If he knew, he would have told them, but the Policeman who questioned him, seemed to not believe it. He had kept asking who had he propositioned, who had he flirted with, as if he was some slut or something.

The man had made it sound like somehow he had been responsible. That maybe he had come on to someone he shouldn’t have, or pushed it when he had been told the person wasn’t queer. No one seemed to believe him, that he didn’t think anyone knew he was gay, other than at the Frat House. The Policeman even suggested if maybe it was one of them, who had maybe been rejected by him. Like any of them would do that, but laying there, he began to wonder, to question.

It wasn’t right, he knew that, still the doubts were all inside of him, still pressing on him while the Doctor said he could leave, but not to have sex till the scars inside healed. Like he hadn’t had that kind of sex yet, but the man seemed to think he was going to rush out to get butt fucked. It didn’t make sense, at how uncaring they seemed.

The way he had handed him the prescription for pain killers, how he held it at the tip, afraid that even the touch of his gloved hand to his bare fingers would give him some incurable disease. How his face looked as he told him that he could get dressed, as if wishing he could just shoo him out now.

It wasn’t easy either, as he wondered where he could go, if going back to the Dorm was even possible, given how his body felt, let alone whether it was safe to do so. The Policeman just stood there, like a rock really, and then as the Doctor had left, he had stepped outside too, as if unwilling to even breath the same air.

His whole body throbbed as he moved his feet to dangle over the bed, as he stared at the chair, with his dirty clothes. He could smell them, feeling the panic inside as he tried to think, tried to make sense out of it all. He had been attacked, and now was being told to go, to shuffle off with some pain pills. That was it, though the Cop had said something about going to the station the next day.

As he looked at his dirty clothes, the curtain moved and he glanced over to see Trent. His heart skipped a beat as his eyes searched Trent’s face, for the same signs of disgust he was becoming used to. Instead he saw concern, but more than that he saw he was holding some clothes.

Not sure they’ll fit, but it was the best I could get in such short notice. You okay?

I think so

Yeah, well they say you can leave.

Blake stared at Trent, who seemed to be shuffling from one foot to another. As of yet, he had barely looked at him, his head was hanging down, but for a brief instant, Blake could only think of how much he had wanted to be with him tonight, that it was somehow changed.

Uh huh, just…

Look, not sure what you want to do, but uh, well the guys at the House, they have a room made up for you, and if you want, I can hang around too. We have a car outside, and we can get some of your stuff from your dorm on the way, if you want, I mean, unless you…

No, no, that would be, I didn’t do anything Trent, honest, I tried to get away, they, there were too many of them…

He didn’t know why, but he felt like he had to say it, to convince Trent that it wasn’t his fault. He knew inside it wasn’t, but no one else seemed to believe him. It hurt, more than the pain from his bruised ribs, or from inside his buttocks. He needed Trent to believe him, at least have one person believe him.

Hey, no one is blaming you, come on man, you are the one who got shit kicked, why? They saying you set this all up?

I don’t know, I just, they, I don’t know, they gave me something for the pain, it’s hard to think, it is just… they really going to let me stay at the house?

Of course, if you want. I mean, you don’t want to go back to your dorm do you?

NO, no, I don’t know, no, I uh, Trent why?

Huh? Why what?

Why did they do this to me? What did I do?

Trent looked at him, and Blake could feel his eyes on him. The way he looked at him, but it was different than before. He couldn’t put his finger on it, be he felt it, felt the difference. It was as if maybe Trent did believe he had asked for it, that maybe he wasn’t so sure that he had been blameless. Before, he had seen how Trent stared at him, how he had checked him out, but now, now his eyes never seemed to go that far down. Blake felt himself shiver, as he looked over at Trent, feeling worse than when he had been kicked.

I don’t know Blake, I really don’t, but look, let’s get you to the Frat House, and well, we can try to figure it out later, here, put these on, and I’ll uh, I’ll wait outside. Holler when you are dressed, and I’ll help you out to the car.

Blake watched as Trent moved a step closer, and put the bundled up clothes next to him. He saw him glance up, saw the tears in his eyes, yet he felt a chill, as he reached out, to touch Trent’s hand. He felt him flinch, as Trent looked upwards at him.

You do believe me, don’t you?

He felt like the world was standing still, as he saw Trent take a deep breath, as his whole body seemed to gather itself up, as if bracing for being hit by a huge wave or something. Blake could see how his body tensed up, how the muscles seemed to tighten.

Course I do

Then why, why are you acting like, like I had made this happen, I thought, I mean after last night… I am sorry, the drugs, but I uh, oh shit Trent, I really did try…

No, no it isn’t your fault.

He didn’t know how or why, but he had to know. He felt so frightened, yet he couldn’t let it go, couldn’t stop from pushing Trent. What they had done, did it not mean anything to Trent? Had last night just been a sex thing, or had it meant something to Trent, as it had to him? Blake had to know, even if his words were slurred, even if it hurt to speak from the ache in his jaw. He had to know.

Then why? Why are you afraid to look at me? Please, I don’t need, I mean, this is hard enough, Trent, please, what did I do wrong?

You didn’t do nothing wrong, it isn’t your fault, it’s mine.

Yours? I don’t… I can’t, I mean shit, Trent I am so confused, how is, I mean…

Deep inside, he felt his body shudder. He could see the tears now, see them rolling down Trent’s face, as he spoke, as his whole body began to quake a bit. It was almost as if he was going to fall down, the way he couldn’t look at Blake, yet as he spoke, Blake realized that last night hadn’t been just about sex.

It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have taken you to the bushes, course I believe you, but how can, don’t you see Blake? I should have been more careful…

The pain was there, inside of him, yet as he listened to the haltingly spoken words, felt the agony in them, he couldn’t help but feel sad for Trent. In a way, it was as if Trent had been the one kicked, pissed on, not him, as he let his hand rest on Trent’s.

Help me get dressed, please?

Trent lifted his head up, and Blake could see the gratitude in the face, the way he lifted up an arm and wiped away the tears that were rolling down his face. He also felt a strange warmth growing between them.

You sure?


Leaving the Hospital and going back to the Frat House was filled with silence. There were three others with Trent, two he hadn’t seen before. They looked more like linebackers than anything, but their presence made things difficult. He didn’t know what to say, even after they made him sign a slew of papers before he could leave. Even the Police left before him, again telling him to call the station in the morning.

In some way, they all seemed in a hurry to get him to leave, then did what they could, to make it as difficult as possible. He was exhausted, as they pushed paper after paper towards him, not even letting him do it sitting. He could feel the anger too, from the guys with Trent. Specially the one who had been in charge last night. He was there, and for the first time, Blake noticed how his face would puff up when he was angry, how his eyes seemed to be glazed over with anger, as the Nurse kept handing him papers to sign.

Still, the ride back to the Frat House seemed even more ominous. The way they all talked in hushed voices, when they spoke. In some way, it was like they were afraid to speak normally as if it would upset him or something. It felt creepy, as he sat next to the Senior, whose name he couldn’t remember. Everything was still a bit hazy, as the drugs kept the pain at bay, but also made his mind go off on weird trips.

The way he would find himself staring out the side window, at the reflection of the three in back, Trent being one of them. He had saw how he kept watching him, his eyes constantly glued on him, as if he was afraid he would bolt out of the car. He felt uneasy, unsure what everyone was thinking, the way they would quickly glance away when eye contact was made. It was like they were ashamed of him.

Everything said seemed to have double meanings to him. He knew he was being paranoid, or least he hoped he was. The way one had said that they should have kept him in hospital overnight, made him think they really didn’t want him at the Frat House, or to be here with him. He still wasn’t sure why it took so many either.

Maybe Trent had needed others to be along, so he wouldn’t have to talk to him? That went through his mind several times, and then maybe the Senior was there, because he wanted to make sure Blake didn’t talk about the rituals at the Frat House?

When one of the big guys opened a window, he imagined it was because the guy couldn’t stand the smell of him in the car. He even tried to sniff himself, to see how badly he smelled, but moving was hard, and painful. His ribs were taped up, which made his breathing difficult, let alone move around.

Arriving at the Frat House was a relief, until the car moved up the driveway, and then sat there. Everyone seemed to be looking out, and then the driver honked the horn in three quick bursts. Lights sprung up almost immediately and he felt like he was in the centre ring of the circus.

A few more guys came out of the House, looking rather large too and for some reason he felt himself shrinking back into the seat. He didn’t know why, but it felt like they were coming for him, that maybe it was all a trap. How did he know they were Gay? He only had Trent’s word for it, and panic was starting to take hold, as he heard the back doors of the car open up. He flinched as the driver looked over at him.

It’s okay, we are just making sure no one is around, it’s cool Blake, you aren’t the first one to get blindsided on Campus.

I uh, I uh…

It’s okay Blake, you can trust them.

He managed to turn his head to see Trent looking at him, one hand lightly on Blake’s shoulder. The panic subsided as he nodded, feeling the pain in his chest at the same time. He winced, but managed a weak grin, as Trent got out and came over to his side of the car. Looking up at him, he saw him look around, then open the door, to help him out.

Blake found himself out of breath by the time he had made his way to the stairs. He glanced up at the long winding staircase of the old house, where the rooms were, and grimaced. He knew it was going to be a long haul, but he gripped the banister. A hand, looking like a huge ham, appeared on top of his. He felt its warmth as he turned to stare over at a huge giant of a guy.

Max and I, we’ll give you a lift up. No stairs for a bit.

He felt his body suddenly being hefted up like he was just a sack of feathers, and found himself suddenly being cradled. There were two of them, with a third coming up behind as they moved effortlessly up the stairs, with him.

Once at the top they didn’t even stop, but walked down the hall towards the end. They set him down on the big bed that felt so soft, he almost leaned back to let it comfort all of his body. Glancing up he thanked the two, who just muttered ‘no problem’ then left. He sat there, staring at the ornate room. Finally his eyes moved towards the door, where Trent stood.

It’s reserved for visiting alumni, in case you are wondering. The other rooms are two singles and there is a common bathroom, This one has its own, just through that door.

Thanks, It’s huge.

Yeah, look, uh, I can run the water for a bath, if you want? It’s got the full works.

I’d like that, not sure I can make it in, but I uh, I need to, you know…

There is a shower if you’d prefer?

I think I can manage that.

You can have a bath, I’ll help you if you want, I don’t mind, uh, I mean…

I’d like that, uh, will they let you? I mean, can you stay for a bit? I don’t think I want to be, to be alone.

As long as you want, uh, they uh, they are really good about all this, I mean, shit that doesn’t sound right.

I think I know what you mean, uh, this isn’t the first time, is it? Happening to uh, guys like me?

No, though they don’t, you know, they don’t talk about it, but uh, I uh, I’ll run that water and bring you a towel out. Okay?

Yeah sure, thanks.

Blake watched Trent as he walked into the bathroom. It was almost as if he couldn’t wait to get out of the room, yet at the same time he was staying, helping him. He didn’t know what to make of it all, just that somehow Trent was thinking it was all his fault, but that was stupid. If anyone was to blame, it was him. After all, no one just grabbed a stranger, and did what they did to him, without him having done something. Everyone at the Hospital thought that, they had to know, after all, they were the one’s who dealt with it. Even the Cops that showed up, seemed to think he had done something to provoke it, so they would know.

Thing was, he just didn’t know what he had done. He kept thinking of it, wondering who he had pissed off like that? It had to be someone in the dorm, but who? There were a couple who might fit the build of the guys, but he didn’t know them, hadn’t spoken to them, or even really seen them much. So it was a mystery, one that was tearing at him, inside.

It was scary too, because while it was all nice and safe here, what about tomorrow? Wasn’t like he was going to be allowed to stay here, plus he had classes to go to. How was he going to do that? Maybe he’d get a few days off, but he’d have to ask someone. Trent might know, but he didn’t want to ask him. Maybe he should think of just going home?

Then too, how would he explain that one to his parents? He couldn’t tell them what happened, and he suddenly grew paler, as he wondered if the Cops had already told them? What about the hospital? Were some of those papers he signed, giving them permission to call his family? Shit, that would get his mother in tears, and sure wouldn’t make it easy. And if he did decide to quit, what would his father say? He was one of those who believed a man had to take his lumps.

As his mind was conjuring up all the difficulties ahead, he had missed seeing Trent coming back. He flinched as Trent was suddenly there, in front of him. His whole body shook, as he stared up at him. A huge towel in one hand. He tried to smile, but his mind was still thinking about his parents, about how to tell them he wanted to come home.

Uh, sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.

It’s okay, guess I am jumpy.

I know, uh, want some help in uh, getting that stuff off?

Could you? My arms are… what about the bandages? Can I, I mean…

Yeah they said you could get them wet. Come on, I’ll uh, I’ll give you a hand, then you can lean on me. Not like I can carry you like Max and Gordie did.

He felt his chest ache a bit, as Trent moved in closer. He could smell his cologne, remembering how he had smelled it just the other night. It made him relax a bit, as he felt his borrowed clothes being taken off. Blake watched, in a sort of detached manner, as Trent carefully removed the shirt, then the pants. It was sort of sexy, actually, but he didn’t feel his dick rising to the moment, and he wondered, would it turn Trent off?

Did he even still want him? How much of what had been done did he know? Blake found himself trying to think, to remember if he had said anything about the details, or if Trent had heard him telling the Police? Did he tell them? He just couldn’t remember, things were still pretty foggy, and yet he could still feel the pain, the kicks.

You okay? I didn’t hurt you did I?

Blake suddenly realized that he must have flinched or something. There was a look of worry on Trent’s face, and he was leaning over, pulling the pant leg off, but had stopped when he had spoken.

No, no, sorry, guess I was just… no you didn’t hurt me.

You sure? I mean…

I am sure Trent.

He found himself leaning heavily on Trent, as they made their way to the bathroom. He found he was enjoying it, in a strange way. Maybe it was wrong, but he liked the way Trent smelled, the way he felt holding him. Still, he had this notion that it was wrong, that he shouldn’t be thinking of last night, or of his touch. It felt wrong, but another part of him seemed to crave it, to want it.

Getting into the tub was awkward, but finally Trent managed to get his legs over the side, and into the hot water. It felt so good, that he sighed. The way the hot water seemed to wrap itself around him, finding every sore spot, just making it all feel better. Maybe it was the drugs and the hot water, or maybe it was Trent being there, he wasn’t sure which, but that it all felt good.

Slowly he let the hot water work its magic. He let Trent shampoo his hair, and the smell of it made him relax even more. Or was it Trent’s touch? He was still feeling confused about that, about how much he wanted him, yet how it didn’t seem to get him showing it. In a sense, it was as if that part of him was still in shock, was still trying to forget what had happened.

In a sort of convoluted logic, he kept thinking that if he hadn’t been such a whore the night before, letting go of himself in front of everyone, in going to the bushes with Trent, that what happened earlier wouldn’t have. It was stupid, or was it? Obviously someone had seen him, or gotten wind of his secret, or tonight wouldn’t have occurred. Yet as much as he tried, he couldn’t think of anyone he had flirted with, or given the wrong idea too.

That simply wasn’t him, so it had to be someone who had seen him, who seen him go into the bushes with Trent? Did he talk in his sleep, had he blurted it out at night, and his dorm roommate hear him? Could it be Trent’s roommate? He didn’t know, which only made him think it had to be someone who saw them, who came upon them going into the woods. It was his fault, for giving in to his need to be with another guy.

It had all seemed so right then, but now, now he felt like maybe he had pushed it too far. Maybe it was a sign, a signal that was trying to warn him off, to make him change? Just as the Preacher had tried to do, so many years ago? Strange, here he was naked in a tub of water, and he couldn’t get it up, even with a hot guy next to him. It was like his mind was trying to ignore his thoughts, ignore how he felt about Trent.

Yet all night, he hadn’t been able to think of anything else, to think of what it would be like, to have Trent buried deep inside of him, to feel the pain or pleasure that being in Trent might give him. Now all he could think of, was how he had let his evil hurt himself. It had to be that, just as the Preacher had said, as so many said.

Blake sighed, as he let Trent help him stand up, as he looked down to see how limp he was. He felt like it had been the cause of it all, that his dick had gotten him into trouble. It didn’t make sense, but he couldn’t think of any other reason, other than that. He sighed, feeling the pain still, as if the bath hadn’t even been taken.

He might smell better, no longer from stale piss, or dirt or vomit. Yet inside, he felt like he could still smell it, still feel it over his body. Even looking at Trent didn’t seem to dispel the feeling, as he was dried off, and helped back to the bedroom. His legs felt heavier, his heart even heavier. The drugs might dull the physical pain, but they weren’t doing anything for his mind. He couldn’t stop thinking of it, even as he felt the cool sheets over his body. All he could think of was that somehow his sexual firsts had led to being punished.

I’ll be in that chair, so uh, just holler if you need anything during the night, okay?

Blake managed to smile at Trent, but he could clearly see his worry, and his guilt. What he had to feel guilty about he still didn’t understand, besides he knew it hadn’t been Trent’s fault.


He saw how Trent made himself appear comfortable in the chair. He had a blanket over him, and he put his feet up on a stool. Turning his head away, he closed his eyes, hoping that sleep would overtake him, that it would end the constant pulsing of his mind. Blake felt the tiredness, felt the dull ache as he settled into the soft mattress, wondering what it would have been like if he hadn’t been given his signal, his sign? Would he have gone all the way with Trent?

Blake felt himself drifting up, with thoughts of what it might have been like, if he hadn’t screwed up so badly. Maybe that was it, maybe he had somehow signalled others, so as to not meet Trent later? Did he maybe try to get out of his planned tryst by flirting with someone? It could be, though he couldn’t think of how, or when, or even with whom. It was just a mystery to him, as the sleep came.

As part of his mind tried to figure it all out, to find out who he had maybe pissed off, the other part of his mind was dredging it all back up. He could feel the hands reaching for him, feel them dragging him back into the darkness of the woods. He felt his heart pounding, felt himself screaming for help, until the blow came. He could hear the hate in the voice telling him to shut up. It all was there, as if it was still happening. The boots to the side, the stream of piss splashing against his lips, down his throat.

Blake could feel himself gagging, as they took turns. He could taste it, feel the ache in his stomach too. It was like it was happening, as he tried to stop it, as he struggles to scream out NO, but his words were drowned out by the hot stream of pee. It was his fault, but how? How did he let them know he was Gay, and why didn’t he fight harder? Maybe he could have gotten away if he had only tried harder.

The words of hate were changing, he could hear them, calling to him. He cried out, feeling the pain, feeling the terror that had taken hold of him then. How his whole body had shook, as the one brought out the pole. He could hear himself begging, pleasing for him to not use it, but even as he cried out, he felt the hands on his shoulders, holding him down, keeping him from fleeing.

The voice wasn’t the same. His mind suddenly wrenched him back to the moment, to the present. It wasn’t any of their voices, nor were it their hands holding him down, as realization slowly came to him. He wasn’t in the bushes now, but safe in a big comfortable bed. He could hear the voice clearer, knowing it wasn’t from them.

It’s okay Blake, come on wake up, it’s okay, it isn’t your fault, you are safe now, come on, wake up.

There was a small light on, next to his face, as he let his eyes adjust to it. His body was shaking, and he felt like he was bathed in cold water. He felt the chill, as he realized that it was Trent holding his shoulders. He felt suddenly exhausted, as his body sunk into the bed. It all came back to him, in a flood of emotion.

it is, I know it, why else, why else would they have grabbed me, and done all those things to me? It is, it really is my fault.


How do you know? You weren’t there.

I didn’t have to be there, to know what you are feeling, to know how scared you were, and are.

You couldn’t know, no one could who hasn’t been.. I am sorry, you mean well, but it’s my fault, I should never have… never have given in to my own selfish needs. It is my fault.

I do know how it feels, it doesn’t change.

What’s that supposed to mean? You were… I mean, were you? but when, here?

No, no, not here, but uh, I know.

How? How do you know?

Because, uh, well, I do.

That isn’t good enough Trent, sorry, but, uh, this is, this isn’t going to just go away, I so uh, I just…

You just want me to go, because you don’t think you can ever have sex again, right?

How? How do you know that?

Blake felt the strain in the room. The small light flickered a second or two, as if to heighten the tension he was feeling. The way Trent’s face looked so drawn, so haggard. It was hard to look at, yet he couldn’t pull his eyes away from him.

It happened to me a long time ago, so I know, oh God, do I know.

Trent let go of Blake’s shoulders, and stood up, staring down at him. Then he moved back towards the chair he had been sitting in, and reached out to turn the small light off. Blake could see his darker shadow in the room, and he waited, feeling like there was a lot more to come.

Better told in the dark, don’t you think?

The voice was riddled with pain, as he watched Trent move, and then come back towards the bed. He could feel him looking down at him, then slowly sit down on the side of the bed. Blake felt the mattress sag, as he also felt Trent’s body next to his. Then a hand came out, and his body flinched, as the back of Trent’s hand moved across his cheek.

He heard the deep sigh, felt the bed shake a bit too, as the hand moved along his face several times. Blake didn’t move, as he waited for Trent to explain. His chest hurt, as he tried to comprehend what had been said. If Trent had been attacked as well, he might know how to fight the feelings he was. He had gotten over it, or seemed to have, after all last night he had certainly seemed to have no problem, not like Blake was feeling now.


Anointing of the Man Child (5)

Anointing of the Man Child

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (5)

Blake felt like crap, and yet not. He had barely managed to get any sleep, after getting back from his tryst with Trent. All he could think of was tonight, and what promises it held for him, or pitfalls. His mood switched from excited to dread at the drop of a pin, as he tossed and turned all night long.

The Dorm felt stuffy, and even his room mate sensed that something was up, the way he stared at him. Though they had barely spoken, it was obvious that he was watching him. In some ways it made him more nervous, in case he slipped, giving his secret away. Problem was, he couldn’t help but think about last night, about later either, and it was rather hard to keep his hard dick hidden.

He had erections before, but nothing like he was experiencing since leaving Trent. The slightest thought, and bang it would get rock hard. Other times it would just as quickly go soft, as he wondered if he would be able to take a dick in his ass, or put one in another guy’s? He could feel the nervousness, the dread of screwing it up so bad that Trent would never want to see him again. Then too, if he was that bad, it might make his chances at getting in to the Fraternity go out the door.

Damn, he had forgotten about that too, about how he hadn’t a clue it was a Gay Frat House, and how the fuck did they tweak to him being one? That began to bother him too, as he tried to keep his anxiety to himself, and also get to classes. Today was not going to be easy, he thought as he made his way to the main lecture hall, and every time he passed another guy, he made sure his books hid his crotch. Last thing he needed today, but still, he couldn’t help but think about it.

There was the Frat meeting, and that would mean some more hazing, but it would also mean seeing Trent again. He still couldn’t believe his luck, or how good last night had been. Starting with winning the test of shooting his load the furthest, then having his first taste of cum. Man he wished he hadn’t brushed his teeth last night, he wanted to keep that taste as long as possible. Still, routine and years of it made him brush, before he could even think about forgoing it for one night.

Course maybe he’d get to taste more tonight, with Trent? That would be possible, but what about protection? Should he bring his own, or would Trent? If he was to bring it, did it mean he was to do Trent, or what? Damn, he wished he knew the answers, because he really didn’t want to fuck up tonight. If last night was any indication, tonight could really be amazing.

The morning was passing in a blur, and he knew that he was acting strange. More quiet than normal, that even got the Professor at one class asking if he was okay. Still, all he could think of was that he had been selected to join a gay Fraternity, where he had met Trent. Maybe if he didn’t get in, Trent wouldn’t want to see him anymore? Even if tonight turned out great, it could ruin their friendship?

All the thoughts of ‘what if’ were killing him, as the day seemed to just drag on. His mind had no trouble filling the time with questions, with doubts, with excitement. Passing the local clinic on Campus, he thought about going inside, to grab some Condoms, but as he looked at the door, he saw a couple come out, laughing and he just turned and walked away. What would he say or do if one of his dorm mates saw him inside? What if they too had guessed he was Queer, like the Fraternity obviously had? He just couldn’t handle that, least not now.

The Campus was big, and it was easy to tell that it was also hazing week. There were lots of guys walking around shirtless, or in strange outfits. One he saw was parading around in nothing but diapers, which made him gawk a bit. It was easy to see his crotch, how he seemed excited too, specially when around the girls that were following him, giggling.

Others were in dresses even, but it wasn’t limited to the Guys. The Sororities were also having their fun with initiates too. He wondered what kind of outlandish costumes that the Gay House would make them wear, if any? Surely they would as it seemed common practice, but then nothing was the same, or so it felt. The whole measuring, the jerking off, didn’t seem like it would be part of the other Frats, so maybe dressing up wasn’t?

As the afternoon wore on, he began to feel more nervous about what tricks, what tests, they would come up with. It mattered, because he felt certain that the only way he could keep on seeing Trent, would be if he made the Fraternity with him. If he failed, he’d probably never see him after, because who would want to hang with a loser. Worse, not just a loser, but a damn virgin too boot. That would be a double whammy, or so he believed, as he managed to finish his day’s classes.

His head was off in the clouds, as he made his way down the walkway, towards the Frat House. He didn’t hear or see anything, as he tried to figure out what was in store for him, in the way of tests. He also couldn’t help but think about Trent, and if he had managed to find a place for tonight. That was mostly on his mind, as he felt the excitement, the desire.

To be able to touch another man, and to experience him, was making him walk a bit faster than normal. His eyes were staring straight ahead, though he really couldn’t see much. He was too wrapped up into recalling how Trent had looked, at how his skin had glowed in the starlight under the branches. The way his hands had felt, how his dick had tasted. Despite brushing his teeth, he thought he could still taste him, still feel that sticky goo as it flowed past his mouth.

He could remember exactly how the cock head had shook, how the whole cock had throbbed while moving past his lips. It made him want more, and he wasn’t bothering to hide his obvious desire, as he walked down the path, at least until he felt the hands grab at his shoulders.

A hand was slapped across his mouth, as he felt himself being dragged backwards, as tree branches grabbed at him, as the man holding him pulled. There were more than one, as other hands were holding his arms and pulling as his feet dragged at the dirt. He felt the panic taking hold, as he struggled, though he was being tightly held.

A harsh voice told him to stop or it would be worse for him, but he kept struggling a few seconds more. The hands around his arms grew tighter, making him wince, as he tried to shake free, but quickly realized he couldn’t. His heart was pounding, as he felt his body being dragged, felt the fear racing up and down his body.

Sweat was dripping from his forehead, as he was suddenly tossed onto the ground, in a clearing. He looked up, to see several dark clothed guys all around. There were at least four, and he was certain that there were one or two more further out, watching the ways into this clearing.

One of the dark clothed guys moved quickly forward, while another moved behind him. He tried to swivel his head, but was held back as another kneeled down, holding his legs firmly onto the ground. A roll of tape was produced, then ran across his mouth, making it impossible for him to scream. He could smell his fear, as his eyes bulged outwards, looking at the strangers that had grabbed him.

They were all in dark clothes, shirts and pants. Even the runners on their feet were black, and as he looked up at them all, terrified, he also realized they were all wearing hoods. Their mouths were free, and slits for the eyes and nose, but there was no way he would ever be able to describe them.

A couple were taller than the rest, yet all of them were extremely well built. You could see the bulging muscles in their arms, legs. None of them had a belly either, as he struggled with the fear inside. He couldn’t talk, as he stared at the four who stood around him, in a sort of circle. They just stared down at him, barely breathing.

Faggot’ the one in front yelled at him. He looked up, as he saw the foot rear back, then strike him square in the stomach. He felt the vomit in his throat, as he rolled to his side, as another kick hit him hard in the small of his back.

The others were calling him ‘Faggot, Queer, Freak,’ as they joined in kicking him. He felt like he was going to pass out, or throw up despite the tape over his mouth. He felt his stomach heaving, as he tried to crawl away from the hard kicks that found every tender spot in his body.

Then he felt his hands being grabbed and stretched out above his head. Blake was turned onto his back, as the other two held his legs. The fourth man moved over, spitting at him, then reached down and grabbed at Blake’s pants.

He yanked them down, and pulled them off his shaking body. He had also managed to pull his shorts off, and Blake lay there, naked from the waist down. The two holding his legs suddenly released one leg, each. Then they pulled the one leg they held far apart, as he stared up the one towering over him.

Blake wanted to scream, unsure what was going to happen. There had been one fleeting second when he thought it was part of the initiation, until the kicking had started. Then he knew it wasn’t. His thoughts grew cold, as he wondered what would happen to him, or how much they would hurt him. The pain was all over, every part of his body felt like it was in pure agony as the man above him suddenly unzipped his pants.

Staring up at him, Blake watched him nod at the guy holding his arms above his head. He felt two feet firmly planted against his shoulders, as the guy pulled his arms all the way back, until he felt like they would be yanked out of their socket. The two holding his legs had one foot up against his hips, and also had him stretched out as far as possible.

Looking up, he saw the one above him reach into his pants, and pull out his cock. He stared up at it, seeing that it was soft, and the hand holding it aimed it right at him. He saw it suddenly jerk a bit, then he felt the hot liquid hitting his face. Blake also heard the loud laughter from the one holding his hands, as the other’s pee struck Blake’s face.

The liquid stung his eyes as the man aimed his piss towards them. He tried to shut them, clenching them tightly as the hot liquid burned under his eyelids. He struggled, but to no avail, as the piss trickled down his face, even along his mouth. A stream hit his mouth, making the tape uncomfortable. He could feel some of it seeping through the corners, as the man yelled at him, calling him names, telling him they didn’t like faggots.

The sound of the zipper made him open his eyes, and he saw the man above buttoning his pants. He was finished, and then he just stood there, looking down at him. His body looked so menacing, as he towered over him, then he reached down, to rip the tape off of his mouth.

Scream, or make any noise Faggot, and I’ll gut you in a second, got it?

Blake nodded, but the man kicked him and asked him again.

Do you understand?


The man stared at him, then moved and took hold of his leg, nodding for the one holding it to take his place. The other did as directed, and he too stood over Blake, just as the first did.

Undoing his pants, he too pulled out his cock, as Blake stared up at him. He felt like he was in some nightmare, some horror flick as the voice from below told him to open his mouth, to keep it open if he knew what was good for him.

The fear made him open his mouth, as he saw the glint in the eyes of the hooded figure above him. As he did, he saw the stream come to him, hitting him on the cheek, then move towards his mouth. Blake felt the salty liquid fill his mouth, flow out of the corners as it filled his mouth.

Swallow it Faggot’ the voice commanded, though he already had. He had no choice, if he didn’t want to suffocate. His body shuddered, his stomach twisted inside, as the hot salty piss filled it.

See, all faggots like piss, bet they eat shit too

He didn’t know how long he was there, as each one took a turn pissing into his mouth. He threw up a few times, the vomit covering his front, mixed with the piss from the four guys. It was like an endless nightmare, as he tried to figure out who these guys were, what else they had in store for him. He just wanted to escape, to run, but they held him tightly. The pressure never easing for even a millisecond.

After the last had finished, he thought maybe it was all over. That they would let him go, but he was wrong, as once more the original man was back towering over him. He had cruel looking eyes, yet as he stared up at him, he could see he was somehow excited, as if seeing him drenched in their piss had turned him on, or something like that.

Blake saw the mouth twist up into a strange curl, grin, as the man leaned over to the side, and picked up something that was buried under the fallen leaves. His eyes bulged as he saw the thick handle of what looked like a broom. He turned his head to look up, saw the glint in the man’s eyes, and his whole body trembled.

Don’t, Please, Don’t’ he cried out, which only made them all laugh. With a head signal, Blake watched as one of the guys holding a leg moved up and once more taped his mouth. He tried to struggle, to break free, that only earned him a few kicks to his side. He stopped his struggle, as he watched how the one held the long pole, at how he would look at it, then down at Blake. There was no mistaking what he was going to do, which terrified him.

The pain was unbelievable, as he heard the laughter, heard the chuckles. It was like suddenly he was in another world, as it was all so distant, to far off. More like listening to a movie playing in another room, with the sound turned real low. There were muffled cries, he was sure of that, but nothing that broke the cloud that seemed to hover over his eyes.

The pain in his insides made him open his eyes. He stared upwards, feeling cold, feeling racked by spasms of rolling pain, but as he moved his head, there was nothing but a sort of darkness. No one was around him, as he struggled to lift himself up on his hands. It suddenly came back to him, as he quickly glanced all around, but he was alone in the clearing. Off to one side he saw a thick tubular shaped object, felt the sickening pain in his guts, as he felt the night chill.

Sitting up, he felt the pain from the kicks, and he ran his hand down his body, feeling the bruises that had arisen. His legs shook, as he found his clothes next to his body. He reached out, grimacing in pain, crying out from it. Then he bit his lower lip, as he managed to pull the pants over his legs, and up. His whole body was in pure torment, as he tried to stand up, but found he was still too weak.

Crawling forward, he knew he had to get out from the woods, get to the path where it had all began. His body protested, as he reached out with one hand, suddenly touching the pole shaped object, knowing exactly what it was. He cringed, as his body shook, but he managed to take hold of it, and drag it with him, as he slowly crawled towards the path, on his hands and knees.

Time didn’t seem to exist, as he moved slowly forward, the smells of stale piss haunting his every movement. He could smell other scents, but was afraid to think of what it was, as he managed to see the lighter area of the pathway itself. There were no lights, but it was bathed in the twilight of the early stars. His mind refused to think of anything, but of reaching that path, of making it out from the woods.

Finally he felt his body accept the torment of motion. His legs ached, his arms were numb, as he finally broke free of the woods, to lay panting on the soft green grass. Blake lay there, panting, letting his body relax, as he struggled to regain some strength. He didn’t know where to go, but as he looked up and down, he realized he was too far to make it to the main Campus grounds. The Frat House was just ahead, and there would be someone there, he hoped.

It took him several attempts, before he could make it to his feet. The pain was unbelievable, specially in his rectum, as he stumbled forward. He felt like he was drunk, as he weaved his way along the path, towards the Frat House. His eyes held the image of the house, and in it he knew he would find Trent. It was what was driving him, to find Trent, to fall into his arms.

Somehow he just knew that he would help him, that he would take the pain away, as he stumbled forward, until he suddenly found himself at the door itself. He had no idea how he had made it, or even how late it was. All he could think of, was that he had made it, that he would find Trent inside.

He was exhausted, as he leaned against the double doors. His arms ached, his legs were shaking, as he tried to reach the buzzer, to signal anyone inside, but he felt himself sliding down, felt his body collapsing. The pain, it was too much, as he felt the tears rolling down his face. He couldn’t reach the buzzer, as his fingers clawed at the wooden frame, as his body slowly fell to the ground. His eyes closed, as he struggled to remain awake, to summon whatever strength he could, to summon help.

The darkness was winning, as he struggled to fight it. ‘No, NO!’ he heard himself cry out, but it was useless, as the darkness seemed to envelope him. His body shook, but then he heard a sound, something that made him cringe. They were back for him, he was sure of that, as he tried to fight, as he felt the hands holding him down. The voices were all around him, but then he heard the one voice calling his name, the one sound penetrated his mind, and he stopped thrashing about. The hands holding him down, relaxed their grip, as he stopped fighting them.

He just lay there, a thin smile around his mouth as he felt his body relax, as the nightmare of them coming back was suddenly gone. Blake felt the pain all over, but somehow it didn’t matter, he was safe now. The nightmare was over, for the moment, as he opened his eyes, to see lights and worried faces all around him. His lips were bruised, thickened a bit as he moved his head to stare at where he thought he had heard the voice.

Blake saw him, the look on his face, the concern. The pain was forgotten, as he looked over at Trent.

I am sorry, for being late

It’s okay, least you made it

Yeah, I did, didn’t I?

Another voice made him turn his head, as he stared over at a face he recognized. It was the one who had been in charge last night. He smiled at him, wondering why they all looked so sad, so upset? Then he remembered the night, and shook. The pain was there again, but a bit dulled, as he realized he had made it, he was at the Frat House, safe for the moment.

An ambulance is on its way, hold on Blake.

His eyes cleared and he could see the face perfectly now. There was no mistaking the concern being shown, as he struggled to try and sit up, but the pain was too much. Every bone in his body hurt, as he tried to move, failing. He lay there, panting, but before he could say anything, he felt his hand being lifted up, and he turned his face towards his side.

Trent had taken his hand, and was holding it up to the side of his face. He saw him kiss the back of it, and all he could do was smile at him. Yet even as he did, the pain inside seemed to lessen.

The room suddenly became more noisy as he lay there, feeling totally exhausted. The pain was a bit dulled, as he saw people moving about, then a face loomed up over him. He shrank back, suddenly frightened, but the voice was soothing, calming, as it reached out and looked at his eyes. He felt at ease as he heard Trent talking to him, telling to relax, to let the Paramedics do their job. He smiled, as he felt the hand touching his shoulder, knowing it was Trent’s.


On The Run (6)

On The Run

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (6)

It had been hours since Bobby Rae had left him alone in the cabin. The fire had died down quickly, and he huddled by the dwindling embers, wrapped in a blanket. He knew he needed to keep himself warm, for the trek to the Mountains. Least he had a destination, but more importantly, he had outside help.

Since this whole nightmare began, he felt like he stood a chance. He still wasn’t sure why so many were after him, and he sure hoped Old Roy would find out. Least then he’d know. It was the not knowing, that was perhaps the worst. It made you unsure who to trust, or how far to trust those who you did.

He should be used to that though, but then again maybe not. After all most around where he lived knew about him, knew he was Gay. While some bitched about it, some called him out, least he knew where they stood. The others, well they didn’t seem to care either way, but his friends, the one’s he relied on, they had always stood up for him.

Mind you he had been wrong about the Sherrif, and Bobby Rae too. He still could feel the dull ache in his ass, from that pounding. Gawd, how he had wanted to scream out, to have him stop. Good thing he didn’t, but still, the way he had pounded him, no way he wasn’t into it. He had to be, and not the way he said.

Still, he could think of that some other time. Now he needed to get ready, to begin doing things the right way, so as to keep out of the clutches of the Feds. Man, the one thing he hated more than the Preacher or some of the so called elite of the town, was the Feds. Politics hadn’t been his thing, though he knew his folks had been a bit political. They were always at the town meetings, always handing out flyers or writing letters.

His Father was a simple man, who did his work but he took an interest in the place. He wasn’t the kind who tended to the crop, then sat around. Both he and his mother had always been out, visiting and talking. Maybe it was that which Bobby Rae had meant, or maybe it was something else.

He wished he had asked more questions, but it was enough that he was getting help. Least, he thought that it was. Still, Sheriff Roy was a crafty old man. Maybe it was a set up? Maybe he just wanted to torment him some, before hauling him off to the Feds? It was possible, but then again, it didn’t really suit the guy. He might be a stickler for some things, but he was known for being honest. His Father had always told him that, yet he still felt a bit hesitant.

It was a natural instinct, for hunters, to stalk their prey, to wear them out before making the final attack. He learned that but never really thought about it. Yet he thought about it now, as he waited for the darkness to fully come, to give him the chance to make his way to the river, then upstream to the Mountains, and hopefully sanctuary.

Yet if he was being stalked, if it was a trap, he would be too tired, to exhausted to put up a fight, even if he did have ways to make his capture costly. The knife that Bobby Rae gave him, for example. It was designed for hunting men, not animals. It was a close quarter’s weapon, one he knew how to use.

A lot of things were going thru his mind, as he waited. If only his Father had told him more, hell if only he was still alive to help him, to guide him. Maybe he could make it, but as he grew a bit depressed, he tried to snap out of it. One thing he couldn’t afford was self pity, Bobby Rae was right on that too. He needed to have his wits about him, not the kind that got him laid either, but the one’s that let him survive.

Being gay, he knew of how to survey a situation, how to get a feeling for people, so as to avoid risking a confrontation. In some ways, being different, had given hi a sixth sense, and while he was not 100% convinced of Bobby Rae, he felt like he had been telling him the truth. That it wasn’t a set up, that people were helping.

Like that time with Trent. He always had liked him, but never really got close to him, not like he did with Rick and Ron. He wished he had tried though, but then all the signs said NO. The guy had shaggy hair, that gave him a really hot look. The way it hid his eyes, made him look a bit mysterious.

He was on the football team too, so he wasn’t one of those super skinny dudes. Trent could move too, as in running. The way he would pump those legs at times, as he jogged around the countryside. It was a thrill to just watch that, and to imagine what he would be like in the sack. One of TJ’s favourite pastimes, to daydream about some of the guys he had grown up with.

Thing about Trent, was he was all guy. He liked to have his bit of fluff with him most of the time, which told TJ that he was a possible. When guys were always showing off, it usually meant they were possible lays. It was their way of proving they were guys, not sissy boys. Still, it could also be because they were horny, and he had enjoyed watching a few of the guys making out.

It was one reason he paid such good attention to the bush lessons his Father gave him. It stood him in good stead, for sneaking up and watching some of the shenanigans that went on in the bush. Some of them were so easy to follow, and watch. Like Elijah who was always up by the old mill. The guy loved to bring his girl up there, make her climb the steep hill and then clear some leaves, before settling down to some old fashioned humping.

He was cute, but not his type. TJ smiled, as he thought about Trent, about Elijah, and some of the others. He wondered if they were out hunting him too? If Elijah was with the Feds, well he didn’t think he had anything to worry about. The guy was all left feet in the bush, and the noise he made, man it would scare off a deaf deer, never mind what it would do to a one that could hear.

Trent on the other hand, would be a challenge. He came from a long line of backwoods folks. Had even grown up near the tree line, just where the main farming lands ended. And he ran daily through them, and he was good. TJ had tried following him, even trying to see if he could head him off, but the guy could move. Not just in speed, but in being quiet too.

That worried him a bit, but he felt his chest relax, as he realized, he had bested him. He had managed to get ahead of him, to find out why he ran in the woods so often. It gave him a bit of a warm feeling too, because while he had never chased Trent, he knew exactly what he was like, naked.

To say he was a stud would be an understatement. The guy was hung, definitely bit bigger than average. He had a real nice penis, which always got TJ a bit excited. Plus, Trent was one of those moaners, who when he stroked himself, would moan and twist around. Man it had been fun watching him, and better, Trent never knew.

So, he could survive, but he’d have to start thinking, not let himself get lazy, or forget what was at stake. Just like when he had made up his mind to stalk Trent, to find out why he kept running through the bushes. It was just like that, when he became all serious, and planned his every move, so as to avoid being caught.

Last thing he wanted was for Trent to catch him. If he had, it would have gotten ugly, and he really didn’t want to have to think about marring that face of his. The way his nose was just perfect, and the lips, so full, so desirable. Last thing he wanted was to have to land a few hard bare punches on them. He’d much rather be kissing them.

Just like then, he’d have to start thinking about his plan, about how he would move, where, and all of that. Just like he had scouted the trail that Trent took, to figure out where would be a good spot to lay in wait, to follow from. Now he’d have to figure out the river, where to find good spots that would give him cover during the day.

As if to emphasize it, he heard the distant sounds of something in the air, and he knew it was a helicopter. The way it’s noise was so different from a plane, as it sliced through the air. He tensed up, as it grew a bit louder, until he heard it pass away. He sighed, as he realized he had past one more test. He hadn’t rushed out, to run, but had kept still, kept his wits about him.

It had taken him nearly two weeks, before he had found a spot that was near the path Trent always took. He had scouted the whole route, noting the paths, the roughness of the trail, until he came upon the one spot, that showed signs of use. It was a small clearing, just to one side of the pathway. There was dead grass there, as if it had died from being flattened too many times. It puzzled him, but as he had surveyed the area, he noted how isolated it was.

If you wanted to do something, like rest or take a piss, it was a great spot. No one could sneak up on you without you hearing them come. It was hidden so that if you were perfectly still, a person could come past on the path and not even notice you. TJ had thought it odd that it looked so well used, then he began to do his math.

He figured out how long it took Trent to enter the woods, then leave. Keeping notes of the times, he realized that on certain days, Trent always took longer to make his way through the woods. That wasn’t normal, and given his already suspicion that Trent was up to something in the woods, well it made him even more curious.

Like he had been taught, he took care to scout out the terrain. He knew the river, knew the path to the mountains, like it was the back of his hand. There were good spots for him to lay over and rest, some a bit of a stretch from a previous lair, others a bit close, but he had ten days or so Bobby Rae had said. There would be no sense in rushing, and as he sat there, he made a mental note of the spots that would be good for resting.

Counting it up, he knew he’d need about eight days at most, to make it to where he had to go. That would give him some cover, plus it would also not tax his strength too much. While he felt he could trust Bobby Rae, he wasn’t going to arrive at the cave, and be unable to defend himself.

Just like he had taken a whole day to come up with a way to explain why he was in the woods, if Trent caught him. He had found a perfect spot that would let him view the clearing, and the path. It was ideal for him, where he could stretch out, and watch. Yet if Trent did spot him, he needed a plan.

In scouting the area out, he had noticed that a few spots had some good mushrooms growing around. It gave him his alibi. He’d make sure he had some nearby, so that he could explain his presence. He also made sure his spot was well flattened down too, to further give his alibi some credence, as to being a spot he used often, to rest after doing some mushroom picking.

He had it all worked out, and when finally ready to put his plan into action, he knew it would work. All the details had been attended to, now he would find out exactly what it was that football hero Trent did in the woods. From his scouting, he knew that Trent always took longer to go through the woods on Monday. There were other days, but Monday was a regular one. He always took longer, so as the next Monday approached, he got himself ready.

That first Monday had been quite an eye opener for him. He had figured that Trent would stop and do something like smoke a joint or something. It had been a hell of a surprise when he had watched him come along the path, barely audible. That had surprised him a bit, but then when he had come up to where the clearing was, his actions had made him tense up.

TJ had expected him to check to see if anyone was nearby, but the way Trent had moved, showed how nervous he was, how cautious too. The way he would walk up and down the path, peering into the woods, sniffing even. Man it was a bit uncanny, and TJ had felt himself sweating, wondering if Trent would spot him. There was one brief moment when he thought he would, but it passed.

Watching, he saw Trent carefully make his way to the little clearing, and to TJ’s surprise, he watched him get onto his knees, and suddenly pull his shorts down. His eyes bulged as he saw the hard dick, and how Trent stared down at it. The way his eyes seemed to suddenly sparkle, as he checked his own boner out.

The sudden show had made his own dick stiffen, but he kept himself still, wondering what the fuck was going on. Was Trent waiting for someone else? Maybe his latest squeeze would show up, but as he cocked his head to listen, there was no other sounds indicating anyone was coming.

He couldn’t believe it, as he watched Trent lick his fingers, then slowly run them along his hard dick. It was almost as if the guy was going to jerk off, which he was. At that time, he wasn’t sure, believing Trent was doing drugs not jacking himself off. After all, Trent could have any girl in town, anytime, so why would he find a secluded spot, to jack off? Didn’t make sense, but he was rather enjoying the show.

How Trent moved his fingers along the top of his taut dick, how it shook to his touch, how the muscles in his thighs quivered. TJ could see it all, from where he lay. It was uncomfortable, thanks to his own stiff dick, but he didn’t move a muscle.

His eyes were glued to Trent. To how his fingers moved up and down the top of the shaft, then circled underneath, to cup the balls. He got a good look at them, then. It was like looking at perfection, as he stared at the two round eggs in Trent’s open palm. How the hand held them, then slowly closed around them, to squeeze them.

Trent’s head tilted backwards a bit, and TJ was pretty certain he was licking his lips, as his other hand now moved to take hold of his cock. How it grasped the shaft, wrapping all of the fingers around the blood gorged pole, gave him a bit of a quiver. He felt his legs vibrate a bit, as he watched Trent move his one hand along the shaft, the other squeezing the balls.

It was then that he heard him, the soft moan that didn’t stop, but only got a bit louder as the hand moved faster along the shaft. The sound mixed with the birds chirping, the wind rustling through the trees, was amazing. He could still hear it now, as he looked out the window, seeing the darkness growing thicker.

TJ licked his lips, as he remembered how Trent’s voice had sounded, as he had stroked himself. The way it would sort of just sing out, like a chant that rose and dropped at points. His voice had a huskiness to it. Yet he couldn’t help but notice how the whole body also moved, shook as the hand began to stroke faster.

His eyes had bulged open as Trent’s had become nothing but a blur. The way it moved up and down that pole, how his whole body seemed to rock, and the moaning became louder almost made him want to grab hold of his own dick, and stroke it. He didn’t, because he knew Trent would hear him, but he almost risked it, that day.

It was that discipline he needed to hold onto now, as he thought about how it had felt to watch Trent jerk off, to watch him and see how his body moved, gauging when he would shoot. That helped keep his own hands still, as he watched the mouth, the lips tighten, then the facial muscles tighten too, and TJ knew it would be anytime soon.

He moved his eyes downwards, to watch the blurred hand working the dick, waiting for that final moment. The moaning became louder, and he licked his own lips, as he waited for that sign, for that spurt to happen. TJ recalled how his own body had tightened up, how every muscle in his body was taut. How he held his eyes open, afraid to even blink, for wanting to not miss that moment.

Thinking about it now, he realized how close he had come to missing it. Yet he had caught it, just as he had hoped. The sun had shone through, a ray catching that milky white liquid stream as it spurted through Trent’s clenched fist. He had seen it as it flew out, and as he heard the moan change its tempo.

He could hear his shallow breathing as well, as he watched that stream splatter far away. It was an amazing stream of cum, one he wished was hitting the back of his throat, instead of being wasted on the ground. How Trent’s whole body had shook, how his bones were sticking out, the muscles wrapped so tightly around them. TJ could see it all, as Trent shot his load.

The second and third pop was no less impressive. TJ couldn’t believe how much spunk the guy could shoot, nor how good of a view he had of it all. If only he could reach down, to grab his own dick, he knew he would cum too. Still, there was time enough for that once Trent left, plus now that he knew what went on, he also knew where he would be come next Monday.

As he watched Trent slowly relax, and lean forward, he saw how he reached down, and wiped a drop of his spent cum off his cock head. Looking on, he saw him put the finger with the cum up to his face, where he looked at it, then licked it clean. He could see Trent’s face, see the pleasure he was getting from it. If only that was his dick, he thought, as Trent stood up, his cock still semi hard.

Trent looked around a bit, then pulled his shorts back up, and it was suddenly like he hadn’t even missed a beat. He was off on the trail, moving down the pathway. As he heard the feet hit the ground, he couldn’t help but notice how light they sounded, how quickly their sound dissipated as well.

TJ had lain there for nearly ten minutes, before moving. His legs had cramped up, but all he could think of was Trent and his dick, at how he had stared at it, before jerking himself off. His own hand had his pants undone, and his own cock was sticking up in the air. He didn’t listen, or look around, but he quickly wrapped his hand around it, and felt the warmth, felt the blood pulsing through it.

His chest hurt, as he felt his body buck, then as his hand moved down the hard pole, his legs twitched, his toes tried to curl up, as he moved up the shaft. He had been right, it wouldn’t have taken him much effort, as he felt his balls release their precious fluid. He felt it rushing through his body, felt his whole body tremble.

He had never shot so much, or so hard, before. The image of Trent, of how his cum had spurted through his clenched fist, only made him ache even more. The way the muscles in his stomach had contracted, at how he could see them tighten under the golden flesh, made his own body grow hard.

The waves of pleasure were already travelling up and down his spine, before he realized he was cumming. His fingers were covered in his sticky cum, as he felt himself arch up, then fall back to the hard ground. His chest ached, as he felt his body drain totally of all fluids. The pain in his legs were intense, as the muscles finally released. His heart was thundering, as he felt the cum between his fingers start to dry in the warm air.

TJ looked up, saw how dark it had suddenly become. With a start, he realized it was time to leave the cabin, to begin his journey to the Cave. He quickly stood up, and pushed his pants down and off. Grabbing the Vaseline, he worked it up his legs, and as he coated his dick, the image of Trent flashed once more before him.

His hand stopped, quivering a bit, as he though about jerking off. The grease of the Vaseline would make it quick, but he also knew he couldn’t afford to do it. It simply wasn’t practical to jerk off now, but it would be a thought to hold onto, for when he made his first rest stop, before daylight. He could indulge himself then, if he wasn’t too tired.

He pulled his underwear and pants up, and sat down to put on the socks and boots. His face was set in a frown, as he listened for any strange noises, any indication that anyone was near by. He had managed to sneak up on Trent, and was damned if he’d let anyone do it to him.

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Fiction – Yard Sale

Yard Sale

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

Garth stretched his arms over his head, and yawned as he surveyed the few remaining people picking through his collection of goodies, things that at one time had meant something to him. Now they were simply a way to get some needed extra cash, to clear out the junk before the final push, the move out. He felt a bit dejected thinking of it all, but then, hell it was life.

Besides, ever since Ken had left, it really hadn’t been the same, not even close to it. Selling the house, moving clear across the country would be a real break, a real new beginning. So why take all the old memories with him? It didn’t make sense, plus the way things were, every extra dollar would come in handy on the long drive away from here.

First he had lost his job, which had been a shock. After almost 20 years working his way up the ladder at the plant, it was all gone in a blink of an eye. Shortly after, Ken left. No real explanation, just like the factory owners, just a ‘sorry but time to move on’ bullshit excuse. Yes, it made him angry, and he knew people could see the scowl on his face, the one over at his collection of CD’s seemed to notice it the most, though he doubted if he would understand. He was just way too young, and judging by his long hair, his thin frame, the guy couldn’t be more than 20 at best, more likely 18.

Boyz PartyChrist, to be 18 again or 19 or even 20, would be great. Not a care in the world, a sense of invincibility that he had back then, all gone now, in the blink of an eye. Working hard, moving up to where he was running an entire shift of guys, all gone because of cheap crap from abroad. And the Politicians, with their sympathetic words, but empty promises, only made it all worse. The whole town had seemed to just sag when the factory closed, and the owners, well they were off at their fancy digs at Martha’s Vineyard, consoling themselves with domestic cavier instead of Russian. Like that really helped him and the hundreds of others suddenly unemployed.

Ken hadn’t even tried to be supportive. He had shrugged, asked him what did he expect, then proceeded to bag and leave him there, alone, facing unemployment and worse, by himself. Well fuck him, fuck the company, and fuck the politicians too. He wasn’t going to just cave, like others. He didn’t go to the bar every night, to drown his sorrows, instead he got his resume together, got his house listed quickly before the others even thought about it, and made his plans.

He wasn’t a quitter, but he would be damned if he’d just sit back and watch the bank take his house, watch the Politicians promise him the moon and deliver cheap domestic cheese instead. He sent out hundreds of resumes, all across the country. Sure, at his age, 45, it wouldn’t be easy, but he had learned stuff, had some experience that should count for something, and lo and behold, over in Washington State a company agreed.

The salary wasn’t as good as he had, but at least he’d not be starting all over as a stock boy, or gopher. He would have some responsibilities and the company was small enough, that it might not move towards outsourcing. Plus, the owner was local, not some suit who showed up once a month to go over the figures. He lived near the plant, and was there everyday, so maybe it would last.

Then too, it was close to Seattle, which meant at least some night life that was more gay friendly than around this place. He really was feeling bitter, but as he watched the thinning crowd picking over his belongings, he felt relieved too. It was time, even at his age, to get real, to stop daydreaming. He knew from the start that Ken was just there for the ride, and yeah they had some good times, but it had always cost him, not Ken.

Looking at the kid again, he wondered what his story was. He had tattered jeans, bit threadbare and Garth figured if the kid had ten bucks on him, it would be his life savings. The hair was long, straggly looking and dirty. His face was a bit ashen, but that could be from simply being unwashed. He really should just go over and shoo him away, as there was no doubt he was just killing time.

Still, he liked his look, and while some of his so called friends would call him a cradle robber, he did have a yen for the more younger type. One reason why Ken had gotten in behind his defences. The guy still looked like he was in his early twenties, even though he was 33. Now this kid, well he had that look, that hungry look that always gave Garth a bit of a lump.

Mind you, he didn’t really have the patience for it anymore, for the chase, the hunt. Sex was good, when he got it, but since Ken had left, there had only been two brief little ventures in the sex department. Not that he couldn’t get it up, but he was damned if he’d play the games, nor was he willing to offer the other inducement of cash. Hell, be rather stupid to pay for a night of sex with some hustler, when he was selling everything he owned to just survive.

Pickings were slim at the best of times in this burg, but he had always managed. A little extra expenditure on drinks, maybe dinner, and he got what he wanted. Even now, at 45 he wasn’t a dog. Working the line with the others, despite his elevated status as foremen, helped keep his look from showing his advancing years. He was nearly 6 foot, and could still fit into a 30 inch waist pair of pants. His legs were full, and his arms didn’t sag under the arms either. His stomach was flat, and sure he could pinch maybe an inch, but that was it.

His face showed the years a bit more than his body. The lines across his forehead were etched and only growing more pronounced, and the bags under the eyes seemed to only be getting darker with time. His nose had a bit of a curve at top and just before the tip, from being broken more than once. It wasn’t easy working a production line, and sometimes a good right cross helped solve a few personality conflicts. His face showed it more than he liked, but he thought it added character to him.

Some of the younger crowd at the local gay bar said so, though in all honesty they were hoping for a paying customer, and when he made it clear he wasn’t about to be one, they just drifted off. The way the kid at the CD’s looked, he knew he would be one of them, too. He had that look, that glance that said he was available, for the right price.

Funny how he could spot the working boys, while the others he knew had trouble figuring out if the guy was queer, never mind on the hustle. Still, as much as the kid looked interesting, looked like he could be fun for a quick romp, he wasn’t about to waste his cash. Not now, not after all the shit that had gone on. He shook his head, and let himself sit back up, thinking maybe it was time to call the sale off.

He had been out there since 8am, and it was nearly 4 now. What was going to sell had long since been taken away. The remnants just weren’t going to make him any cash, and would wind up either in the trash or the free pile. Still some of the stuff, might make it into the back of his car, but room was limited.

Garth stood up, and began to pick up the boxes or put the loose items back into boxes. He was stacking them near the garage door when the kid by the CD’s came over, looking more at his dirty sneakers than at Garth. He seemed nice enough, but he did have a bit of the ‘road odor’ to him, that made Garth cringe a bit.

Finally he stood up and stared at the kid, who finally glanced up, shuffling his feet as he haltingly asked if Garth would like some help putting stuff away, in exchange maybe for a sandwich. The way he said it, the way his voice sounded, touched Garth, and while he was about to say no, he noticed the scar down the kid’s face.

Asking how he got it, he felt suddenly sick as the kid told him. It was like a story from hell, and was said in such a dry tone, devoid of any emotion that Garth couldn’t help but wonder if it was even true, but then looking into the boy’s face, he realized it was all true, with perhaps a lot left out. When he asked why, he felt strangely connected to the kid, as he said ‘because he was gay’. The face looked up as he told him, the eyes seemed to be suddenly filled with a bit of life, and the tone of his answer had a bit more strength too.

It impressed him, as he sort of stepped back a little, glancing at the young man. It was odd, but he felt strangely impressed, and instead of saying no, he just nodded to the stuff up at the far end of the yard. The kid dropped his pack next to the house wall, and began to move up to the street. Garth noticed how nicely he filled the seat of his jeans, but he still felt the tremble inside, from what he had said.

He leaned up against the wall, watching as the kid began to put stuff back into boxes. It was quick, deft, but done with care, with pride even. The stuff was really just junk, but the kid seemed to treat it like it was gold. He even wiped a few things with the back of his sleeve, before stacking them inside the boxes. Rather impressive as the young man wasn’t slow either, he moved with the minimum of effort, wasting no time in doing the job, but in doing it well. That struck a chord with Garth, who just enjoyed the show.

It had been a while since he had seen anyone take pride in their work, in how they did even the smallest task. As the boxes were filled, the kid brought them down to Garth, who stacked them inside the open garage door. It was done in no time. As the last box was placed on top of another, he noticed how the kid just stood aside, waiting patiently, looking pleased, but still with that hang dog expression.

Come on, let’s get inside’ he said, as he closed the door and headed towards the front door. The kid trailed behind him, and once inside, he looked around at the bare rooms, the empty spaces. Off in one corner was still a small little sofa, a card table in the dining room, and boxes piled up in one corner was all that was left to show that someone lived in the place.

Pointing towards the kitchen sink, he told him he could wash up there. ‘What’s your name?


Appreciate the help Cory, now what would you like, I have some roast beef left, bit of ham too I think.

Anything you can spare will be fine, uh, thanks.

Been awhile?

Huh? Oh, uh yeah, guess so

That uh, that story you told me, that for real Cory?

He didn’t know why he asked, but he had to. The way the shoulders suddenly tensed up, the back going rigid as he washed his hands under the faucet, told their own story.

Yes’ was all he said, and he didn’t look around, but continued to just wring his hands under the hot water. It was like he was trying to ignore him, to not show any emotion.

Didn’t your Mother do anything?

Sort of, I uh, it really is no big deal, least uh, not now.

Didn’t you go to the Police? I mean that had to need stitches.

No stitches, it didn’t bleed for long, and I did put some stuff on it, but no stitches.

And the Police? Did you go to them?

Cory turned from the sink, to look at Garth. There were tears dripping from his face, as he looked at him, trembling a bit too. His face was stretched in a strange agonized sort of way, that tugged at Garth’s heart a bit, and gave him a feeling of pity, of sorrow. To think a father could lash out like that, just because his son was different, was gay, made him angry too.


Why not?

He was the Police’ he said, and turned away. His shoulders seemed to heave for a minute or two, then he bent over the sink and began to wash his face. Garth stood there, stunned and yet also feeling a bit frightened as well. To think of what it must have been like, to be treated that way and have no one to go to, no one to help, to step in. He felt sorry for Cory, but he felt his mind telling him to back off, to not get involved. Besides, he was leaving, soon too. There was no sense in getting involved or even trying.

Turning away he began to pull the food out of the refrigerator, to make the boy his sandwich, and to avoid any further discussion. It felt wrong, and he could feel the struggle going on inside of him, as he piled the sandwich with the roast beef. It wouldn’t make it go away, but maybe it would stop his blasted heart from aching, or lecturing him. He hated feeling this way, and besides, as his mind told him, he was leaving, didn’t know the kid, know the circumstances, plus, there just wasn’t room for such involvement.

Garth grabbed a large glass from the cupboard and with the plate he took it over to the card table. He then brought the half full jug of Milk over, filling up the glass and leaving the jug next to it. He looked over, to see Cory staring at the plate, his eyes wide as he noticed how high it was piled up with meat. The way he licked his lips told Garth it had been more than a day or two since he had last eaten.

It gnawed at him, as he pulled the chair back and then stepped back, watching the young man sit down, and take hold of the food. He turned and glancing up at Garth, he thanked him. There was even a hint of a smile around his mouth, that gave him a rather attractive look. For some reason, he felt rather pleased as he left Cory to enjoy his food.

He rummaged in the refrigerator, and found a can of peaches, and there was still a bit of dream whip left in the container. He quickly grabbed a bowl, putting the can of fruit into it, then topped it with the remaining dream whip. No idea why he did it either, other than feeling sorry. Inside, his mind was urging him to not prolong it, while deep inside, he felt bad for not wanting to do more. But as his mind kept telling him, there really wasn’t anything more he could do.

Cory finished about half the sandwich, then stared at the other half. It was odd, and then he turned to look over at Garth.

Do you mind if I save this half for later?

He felt his heart break, felt it trying to change his mind, though he knew he wouldn’t. Instead he told him to go ahead and eat it all, that he’d give him another to take with him.

The pleasure that showed on his face was gut wrenching. It was as if no one had been nice to him, not when he had been at home, or since. It pissed him off too, because how hard was it, to be nice? Yet even as he thought about it, he could hear his heart bitching, saying yeah how hard, but you planning to let him go. He hated having a conscience, but he had been burned enough lately. He just couldn’t go through more.

Garth let it drag out, and he could see that Cory was reluctant to leave, but really, he just couldn’t let him stay. Instead he felt inside his pants, feeling the crumpled bills from his garage sale. He had done okay and while Cory was in the bathroom, cleaning up and all, he counted the cash he had earned. It was what he had expected as he took a pair of twenties and a ten, stuffing the rest back into his pants.

Cory came out, looking a lot cleaner, and younger too. The dirt had shown a rather sun tanned face, free of blemishes. The eyes still had a bit of life in them, now that he was cleaner and fed. In other circumstances, Garth knew he would be attracted to him.

Thanks, for the food and all.

No problem, uh, how old are you?


I see, well thanks, it was nice to get all that cleaned up fast. You did a good job.

Sure, uh, I uh, uh, thanks, the food was good, and well, thanks.

It was awkward, and he wished for a moment that Cory wouldn’t leave, that he could find something else for him to do, or hell, just to stay. He felt like he was throwing him back to the wolves, but he had his own life to worry about. The moving van would be here first thing, then he’d pack his car, and be gone. He sighed, wishing things would be different.

Look, you don’t do drugs or anything do you?

Cory was about to open the front door, and stiffened, then turned to look at Garth. He had that dogged look, a bit of deviance in his face as he shook his head.


Garth reached out with his hand, saw Cory shrink back from him. He stopped in his tracks, then slowly opened his hand with the crumpled bills.

Good, it isn’t much, but maybe it’ll help for a few days.

I can’t, I can’t take that.

Course you can.

The way his eyes looked down at the money, then at Garth’s face was hard to take. He could see the wheels turning, knowing exactly what the younger man was thinking.

I only packed a few boxes, you already paid me, I can’t take your money.

He held his hand out, towards Garth. There was a glimmer in his eyes, telling him he really did want to take the money, but that he was afraid of what it might mean, of him. Garth felt saddened by it, and determined too. It was the least he could do, besides it felt right.

You can use it, no strings, go on, a sandwich and use of the bathroom isn’t much pay, go on, its okay.

Cory looked up at him, then wiped his eyes with the back of his arm. Tears were welling up as he reached out, his hand shaking as he did. The fingers were trembling, but as they touched Garth’s hand, he felt a strange jolt of electricity. Cory looked up at him, and he could see the gratitude in his eyes. The young man took the money, then suddenly he leaned over and wrapped his arms around Garth.

It felt strange, as the young man clung to him, and he could feel his tears on his shoulders. He felt his own hands reach around, to grasp the young man. There was no mistaking the feel of his bones, pressing into his body. He felt himself shake a bit, as he held the young man for a few seconds, then Cory pulled away, mumbling an apology.

Before he could say a word, the young man was out the door and moving quickly down the sidewalk. Garth felt like he should rush out, call him back, but once more his mind won the day. He watched, feeling a small tear well up at the corner of his eyes, then as Cory disappeared down the street, he closed his front door softly.

Looking around, he felt more alone than ever. It was different, strange and eerie really. It felt worse than when Ken had just upped, and left. He had felt more relieved then, than now. Now he was feeling edgy, upset really but it had been his choice. He could have stopped him from leaving, but he hadn’t. Besides, he kept trying to tell himself, there wasn’t time to help, that it wouldn’t work out, that he was 45 and what would an old fart like him be able to offer an eighteen year old?

It was stupid, crazy and out of character yet he couldn’t help himself. All he could do was think of Cory, of that scar, those eyes, the voice. Washing his plate, his bowl, made him shake a bit, feel like somehow he had not done enough. Yet, what else could he do? He was leaving town in the morning, the state really.

Okay, maybe he could have given him some more cash, or even maybe suggested other ways for Cory to earn some money. Thinking that he felt worse. Last thing he needed was to feel guilty for taking advantage of the kid’s circumstances, to get off. Maybe that was why he didn’t stop him? He knew it would go to that, and as attractive as Cory looked, he just didn’t want that kind of guilt to take with him.

Even the television held little interest for him, as the night marched on. He felt restless, uneasy, wondering if Cory had found a safe place to sleep, or if he was off looking for drugs. To be his age, not on drugs, was rather hard to buy, but then somehow, he knew inside, Cory had been telling him the truth. That led him to think about what kind of man his father was, what kind of mother she had to be. His parents had been strict, his father would haul out the leather strap on occasion, but when he told them he was gay, they were shocked, stunned for a day even, but they never lashed out at him. Not once did they yell at him, call him names, or raise a hand to him for it, and that was back in the days when being gay was no where as socially tolerated as it was today.

He never really appreciated that, until now. Thinking of Cory, of how he must have felt to be yelled at, to be threatened and hurt like that. Bad enough strangers would do that shit, but his own parents? He must have been terrified, and add to that his father being a Police Officer? It had to be pure hell, and here he was, a supposed good man, doing nothing to help, shoving him out the door to face it all again.

As he reached for the remote, to once more flip through the channels, he heard his doorbell ring. Glancing at his watch, he wondered who would come calling at this time. His friends had all said their goodbyes a few days back, and the neighbours, well they had their own headaches to deal with.

Opening the door, he was surprised to see Cory standing there. He opened the door, wondering what it was that had brought him back.

You forget something?

He handed Garth the three crumpled bills, thrusting them into Garth’s hand, mumbling he couldn’t accept them then turned and he was already have way down the sidewalk, before he got over the shock. He called out to the boy, who stopped, and looked at him.

I have coffee, if you want?

It sounded so lame, yet he saw a brief smile cross the boy’s face, as he turned around. He looked at Garth, then his shoulders sagged a little, as he began to walk back towards the house.

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