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Tough Guy (5)

Part (5)

‘Dude, you are nuts.’

‘Most likely, but I am not joking Jesse.’

‘Shit, but, I mean we’ve just, well met, how can you…’

‘I don’t know, not like I am a stranger to sex, so before you say it, no it isn’t about that.’

‘then what?’

Connie leaned back, pulling his legs up, under his chin. Resting his head, he felt the cool air, cooling the last remnants of sweat from his body. Still, he could feel the desire inside, for the young man next to him. Truth was, it was partially about the sex, because he’d never really experienced something, so completely exhausting, and yet seeming to expect even more.

Trent Stokes from Bel AmiHell even his own jacking off in his bedroom, never felt this good. It always satisfied him, but it never left him feeling like he wanted more, and right then. Not like this, where he’d already shot his load, twice, and still wanted more. It was that, but it was also, more than that.

Jesse had put his whole future on the line, to just bail him out, and no one, had ever done that for him.  Not his parents, no one, had gone that far out on a limb for him, so how could he not be attracted to the guy? Hell, how could he not want to have him with him, to not just enjoy, but well, to be a friend he could actually trust.

He’d had a few when he was younger, until they found out he was Gay, or worse, when the other’s would pick on him because his parents named him Connie. It had hurt then, and still did, so how could he be like those so called friends?

He turned his head to Jesse, who sat quietly beside him, waiting for him to answer. The way his eyes stared at him, made his heart quiver, but it did more than that. It made his soul cry, deep inside, at the idea of leaving him. He just couldn’t do it, and he prayed, he had the words, to tell Jesse why, even though he really wasn’t all that certain, himself.

‘I don’t know, not for any one reason, or maybe, shit, I am not good at words, I know how to box, to fight my way out of shit, been doing, hell, ever since I can remember.’

‘Yeah, but, I mean, to not get out of here, just ‘cuz some guy you don’t know won’t go with you? I mean…’

‘putting it that way, sounds nuts, but look, your parents, not really much different than mine, they just have a different way of getting rid of their gay kid.’

‘I guess, yeah, so?’

‘you are not making this easy for me, are you?’

‘no, suppose not, just, fuck man, you don’t know how much I want out, but…’

Connie felt a sudden chill go down his spine, as he stared deep into Jesse’s eyes. He could see the despair deep inside, the torment, that had to have been his life, growing up with parents who couldn’t stand the sight of him. He knew the feeling, but not like what he was seeing being reflected in Jesse’s face.

‘taking off with me, that’s not the kind of out, you want, is it?’

‘no, not… fuck, can’t we just, I mean look Connie, whatever those guys do, I can handle it, if not, well, it’s not like anyone would lose any sleep over it.’

It was how he looked away, hanging his head, that clinched it inside. Connie knew exactly what Jesse was thinking, which frightened him, even more than not being with him seemed to have. There was no rational explanation for it, because he had been down that path, himself. No one knew, not even his parents, but he knew how it was.

‘I would’

Jesse looked up as Connie had softly spoken the words. There was a slight trembling sound to his voice, as he had spoken the words, as his hand moved outwards, to rest lightly on Jesse’s shoulder. It was so soft, like he was afraid his touch would break something fragile. There was no mistaking that Jesse needed more, than just a bit of slap and tickle, as his grandfather would say.

‘Thanks, but come on, you don’t really know me, and well…’

‘So you think, shit man, my Gaydar may not have been working, but I know what it’s like. Maybe my parents aren’t like yours, but the bottom line, well, it is the same. Besides, I’ve been exactly where you are now.’

‘I don’t… really? You?’

‘Yeah, me, why is that hard to believe?’

‘Kind of.’


‘Shit man, look at you, solid muscle, knows his way to hit back and make it count, how could a guy like you ever…’

‘want out?’

‘uh huh.’

‘I got this rep, because of what I am, not because I love fighting, fuck man, I hate duking it out, but it is my way, and you know, you weren’t exactly a rookie back there either.’

‘Not like you, but… I mean, you uh…’

‘Yeah, but I figured, why make it easier for the bastards.’

Connie reached out, and Jesse moved in closer, resting his head on Connie’s shoulder. He let his head rest on the upper part, above his chest. With his one hand, Connie stroked the hair, just letting him rest, as he thought back, to that dark moment in his young life, realizing just how close he had come.

Odd, how he had never really thought about, since, but it all made sense now, as to why he was, who he was. He wasn’t exactly a fighter, and it was the truth. He didn’t care for the sound of his fist hitting another, once it was over. Sure, during a fight, the rage, the emotions, made him relish the sounds, but he always felt sick after, and a bit, well, disappointed.

In the Ring, it was different. It wasn’t about being Gay, and so there, he felt like he could use his head, plan his moves, so they would be effective, but not like how he had taken out Tim earlier today. That was just being, well mean. Yet he didn’t feel as sick either, but then he won this time. Maybe that was why he always felt so, well, disappointed.

As he let his hand stroke Jesse’s head, he realized just how much he was willing to risk, to keep feeling as he felt now. He was tired of being disappointed. Thing is, he realized, as he held Jesse close to him, that he was disappointed with himself, more than with how the other’s acted. They did what they did, out of fear, but what was his excuse?

‘you really want me to come with you?’

He turned to look down at Jesse, to see those eyes, pooled with tears, staring up at him. He could see the disbelief, but also the hope, the need to be assured it wasn’t a dream, that he really did want him to come with him.

‘uh huh’

‘but, I mean, what if all this, is just, well because of the, you know, the adrenalin rush, from earlier?’

‘So? Least you will be away from this shit, from the crap everyone loves to throw at ya.’

‘It is scary, and yet, I can’t stand this place, but…’

‘but what?’

‘what if you get tired of me, or find someone new?’

He turned away, letting his head tilt up, and away. The feel of Jesse’s eyes on him was a bit, unsettling, as he tried to think, to wonder if maybe he was being fair to him, or maybe he was right. Maybe this was just the aftermath from the fight, but if it wasn’t? Could he not take the chance that it was real, not some weird rush after escaping?

‘I don’t know, I wish I did, but…’

‘Then maybe it’s best you go without me, I mean, I don’t want to ruin things, not now, when you’ve gotten a chance to get away, to, well you know.’


‘You say that, like you mean it, but Connie, I mean come on, we don’t really know each other, so how can…’

‘I can’t explain it, I know it’s daft, but look, it isn’t about sex, and okay, say we do get tired of each other, say we do find someone else, do best friends stop being friends, because they find another friend? It just, it doesn’t work that way.’

‘But, I don’t know if…’

‘Look, I know you want me say something mushy, like I love you, but I am not going to say it, because well, I don’t know. Shit, I don’t even know what it is. If it’s what my parents have, well then I don’t ever want to be in love, but I know that you and I, we have more in common, than we know, and I guess, I kind of want to find that out.’

‘I know that, I think, but maybe it is just, that I am Gay too, and so I helped you out…’

‘Fuck Jesse, you weren’t the only Gay guy out there, I mean, look, I didn’t know you were, but I do know there were 2 others who are, and they weren’t rushing in to help, so no, it isn’t just because of that, it is… well it is because you did help, and I guess, all this, well, it is different, least it is for me.’

‘Me too.’

‘Then, why fight it? Let’s blow this pop stand, together, and leave those morons to pick on each other.’

Jesse smiled a bit, and he looked like he really was more relaxed, than he had been while talking. It was strange, at how his face looked almost, well like it was glowing. Then too, he sort of felt like his was, as well.

Connie sighed, realizing just how strange this day had turned out for him. From being the whipping boy for the town bully and friends, to being a protector. All in one swoop, but he was not stupid. He knew that if he stayed, if he didn’t get Jesse to go with him, that he’d never make it out of this burg, in one piece. Tim was not the kind to easily forget, and a public whipping certainly would insure he’d do everything possible to get even. Hell, he might even try to come after them, even in here, but that was for later.

Turning to Jesse, he could see that he too, was thinking the same thoughts, or at least they were in sync. He smiled, wiping the side of Jesse’s face, realizing that they were in this, together, for better or worse. He had to laugh as that thought passed through his mind, and he couldn’t help but see a small grin on Jesse’s face too. Maybe they did have a lot more in common, than either of them realized.

‘So, agreed? You’ll come with me?’

He watched as Jesse lifted himself up, and noticed how his body seemed to tense for just a second, then once more relax. Jesse stared at him, and he back at him, as if they were trying to read each other’s thoughts. He felt a strange shiver, not a cold or scary type, but something he had never really experienced before. It felt good, as Jesse reached out with his hand.

Connie could see the hand tremble a little, and then he closed his eyes, as he felt the soft touch against his own chest. How the finger felt so alive, like it was actually able to feel the blood pulsing, the heart beating. He moaned a bit, as the soft caress of the finger moved down, and around his heaving chest, feeling totally lost in how gentle the touch was.

His body leaned back, as Jesse’s finger moved down the center of his stomach, making him shudder a bit, to every touch. How good it felt, to feel this way, and once more the day’s events seemed to be lost, in a cloud of pleasure. He could feel the way his dick jerked, as the finger moved down his stomach, how it curled around his belly button. It was just so exciting, he didn’t know he could feel this way, as Jesse’s hard breath echoed in the cave.

There were no other sounds, audible, as he let the moment take hold. Connie felt his muscles tightening, then sort of just flutter a bit, as the finger moved around and around his belly. He felt the excitement, and the beads of sweat begin to form around his forehead, and between his legs. He felt the way his toes started to curl, to flex a bit, as the finger moved down below the belly button, to run across his abdomen.

The touch of his lips, against his bare chest, made him groan. He was surprised at how intense the feelings were, that were running through his body, from that soft little peck on his chest, just below one nipple. He felt his body squirm, as the waves of pleasure seemed to be growing with each second. They didn’t lessen, as he felt the finger move down, to curl some of his pubic hairs, to touch him in a way that only made him moan more. His eyes fluttered, but they wouldn’t open, as he let Jesse touch him, explore his groin. He was hard once more, and the idea that he was about to go another round, was unbelievable to him.

Sure he’d jacked off a few times in a day, now and then, but this, this was totally different. It was something he couldn’t explain, to himself. All he knew, was that he never wanted this feeling to end, or be taken from him, as he reached up and wrapped his arms around Jesse, pulling him down onto his own body.

He felt the hard poke in his side, from Jesse’s hard cock, and heard him sigh, as he let his hands move up and down the slender back. He felt the ridges of his spine, the softness of his buttocks, as his fingers clenched a mound of flesh, squeezing them, as the body crushed further into his. It was becoming too much, as he felt the hot mouth close over his own, and the tongue begin to press forward, opening his own mouth.

The taste of his breath filled his mind, as did the aroma of dried cum, of sweat, of something else, that made him groan a bit more. His body twisted, as he reached down with his hand, to take hold of Jesse’s hard cock. The heat was intense, as their bodies seemed to just melt into each other’s.

Everything became a blur. Nothing made sense, or seemed connected, as he found himself flat on his back. His legs were up in the air, his hands grabbing the ankles like he was dangling off a cliff, hanging on for dear life. Yet, he was not afraid, not frightened. In the back of his mind, he knew that Jesse had a condom, how he didn’t know, or care. All he knew was he could feel that hard cock between his cheeks, feel the pulsing muscles of his hole, as the head was wedged up against it. The waiting seemed endless, as he could feel the hot breath on his face, and for a mere instant, his eyes opened.

Staring up, he saw the blond hair dangling over and across the sides of Jesse’s face. Saw the way his eyes were glazed over, locked in an intensity he had never seen before, in anyone. Then he felt the sudden jolt, as his eyes once more closed, a huge smile crossing his face, as his body knew what was happening, long before it registered in his clouded mind. He felt the pain, racing inwards, but his body ignored it, as he found himself pushing upwards, trying to take more, quicker.

Connie could feel his breathing growing short, feel the blood rushing from his arms and legs, as his body felt the hard pole slicing into his body. He felt every inch of it, as it slid inside, stretching his muscles, making him squirm as it impaled itself deep inside. He moaned, his hands no longer able to hold his legs, as they rested over the shaking shoulders of the man above.

He was sure he could feel it throb, feel it pulse as the blood rushed through the wonderful organ, as it moved in and out of his tight valley. There was the way it felt, as it dug deep inside, then suddenly pulled back. How it felt as it was nearly out, before once more plunging inside, to fill him, to stretch his very insides.

Still, it was like time was standing still. Not only could he feel it pulse, feel it slide in and out, but he could feel the hot breath on his face, feel the lungs working overtime, as the motion inside sped up. He sensed it all, at the same time, and yet not. His body was squirming, he knew his voice was begging for more, that the rain of sweat was striking his body in a torrent, and yet he knew it wasn’t time. His own hands were a blur, sending back sensations he had never felt before, or at least recognized. How the muscles around the hips bulged, how the bone felt like it was vibrating, as his fingers clutched at them.

Everything was going so fast, yet captured in slow motion. Each drop of sweat, made a strange sound in his ears, mingled with the roar of his thundering heart, but he could hear them, pick them out. His body was shaking, with each thrust, but he could pick each sound out, each tingling sensation as it raced up to his mind.

He knew his own body was getting close, by how tight he felt in his chest, in his groin. The way his muscles were constricting, tightening with each breath, as the huge pole kept filling his insides with its throbbing power. Connie had never felt this way. It was like being in the middle of a hurricane, facing the strong winds, as Jesse’s cock kept hammering away at him.

With each thrust, each gust, he felt his body fall backwards, struggle to push forward, to meet the next hammering gust, the next thundering thrust. His body met each thrust, rose to greet each new thrust. Then, just like being caught in a hurricane, there was nothing.

A still came over them both, a quiet that was both eerie, and yet tantalizing. He knew it was time, that for the moment, the final push was readied, about to come crashing into him. He gritted his teeth, sucked in a long gulp of air, just as he felt the tip of Jesse’s cock head near his hole, near enough to almost pull out, but he knew, it wasn’t to be. His muscles tightened even more, the lining inside, already stretched, tried to spring back to their original shape, before the final push came.

One single drop of sweat fell on his chest, a strange plop amidst the silence, then suddenly he heard himself cry out in pure ecstasy, as he felt the throbbing pole lurch forwards. He felt it tremble, as it began to pick up speed, and dive deep into his gaping hole. His legs were numb, but he could feel them shake, feel the tremor of excitement being replaced by the wave of pure pleasure, as the huge pole made its way all the way inside.

Crying out, he felt his hands wrap around the shaking body that was on top of him. His legs crushed back into his chest, as Jesse’ thrust all the way in, with every ounce of strength in his lithe body. He felt the crushing blow, like a full on power hit to the chin, though a thousand times more powerful, and a whole lot more enjoyable.

The flashing lights behind his closed eyelids, the way his heart suddenly raced, made him gasp, then cry out his own pure joy. The sound echoed and echoed in the cave, adding to the waves of pleasures racing all through his body, as Jesse now lay on top of him, totally spent.

Connie had no idea how long he lay there, or how long Jesse was on top of him. It was like coming to, after being KO’d in the ring. He had no clear recollection of anything, but the force of the blow that had sent him sprawling. Yet as his mind slowly regained its composure, the memories came flooding back to him, making his body jerk, spasm.

It made Jesse open an eye, and stare at him, and inside those wide eyes, Connie knew that he had made his decision, that they just needed to wait it out, and that soon, they’d never have to worry about the likes of Tim and his ilk. He knew, that he would never have to suffer alone, his own fears, his own doubts, as he felt Jesse kiss him, then nestle his head under Connie’s chin. Nothing had ever felt that way, and somehow, he just knew, that it was only the beginning.

‘you don’t snore do you?’

Jesse looked up at him, and looked puzzled for a second, then he smiled.

‘like a damn fog horn’

‘oh great, now I have to get ear plugs’

‘or you can just find something to stuff in my mouth.’

Connie laughed, as he pulled Jesse closer, enjoying his warmth, and enjoying the idea, that when that bus left, he’d not be sitting alone.



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Part (5)

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Making the Play (8)

Part (8)

It was strangely exciting, the way they both felt, as they lay on the bed, remembering the look on Tommy’s face as he hobbled off. They couldn’t help but feel relieved, and the smiles they gave each other was certainly making Troy feel, well like it was as it should be.

videos on demandHe couldn’t explain it, but it was like a huge weight had suddenly been lifted, and yet he also felt like that he could be entering into something dangerous. It was sort of odd, to feel elated, relieved, and yet anxious. Tommy could out them, once he healed, then what?

Still, looking at Philippe, he couldn’t help but feel like he’d cross that bridge when, and if, it happened. For now he couldn’t help but feel super charged, as if the world was brand new.

‘You know, I have to admit, his dick did have a nice taste.’

‘Bitch, you mean the blood did.’

Philippe laughed, as he reached out, his one hand running lightly across Troy’s thigh. God how good it felt, he thought, as he listened to his soft voice.

‘Well, that sort of was the icing on it, man he did howl, didn’t he?’

‘Oh yeah, you know, it isn’t over, right?’

He had to say it, to make sure that Philippe knew that the one moment of independence was only the beginning. Inside, he knew Tommy wouldn’t forget what happened, once he sobered up. He also knew that Tommy had a reputation for getting even.

‘Screw it, I mean, I am tired of all that shit, I guess, seeing him, just made me snap. I mean fuck Troy, he likes his cock being sucked by a guy, then pulls that shit?’

‘I know, but fuck, you almost bit it right off.’

‘I wanted to.’

Troy could almost feel the anger in Philippe’s voice, realizing just how much he seemed to hate Tommy. It didn’t really make much sense, why would he be so upset by it. Okay, sure the threatening manner, the implied outing, was part of it, but to bite his dick, it was like he was trying to protect him, not himself.

‘Why? I mean he never did anything to you, did he?’

‘Uh no, just, well, the way he acted, how he treated you, the way he called us fag, I dunno, maybe I should have thought about it more, but fuck Troy, he shouldn’t have made out like you were a slut, or something. I mean, it just, I dunno, made me see red.’

‘Your way of saying you like me?’

‘I think I already did that, by uh, you know.’

A quick glance at him, told him that Philippe wasn’t joking, that he was deadly serious. He never had any clue that he had felt so deeply about him, in that way. It wasn’t something he had experienced.

‘Uh huh, so what, guys you don’t like you bite their cocks off?’

‘Bitch, no, I don’t. I am not so, so violent, I really am more of a lover, than a fighter, honest.’

He knew he had to lighten the mood. Philippe was certainly full of surprises, which in a way made him feel good, and in another way, a bit worried. Everything was moving a bit too fast, though he had to admit, it felt good deep down inside.

‘Oh I am so glad, I’d hate to be making love to you and have you cut my dick off, but yeah, I know what you mean, it does wear thin, all this having to be someone we aren’t.’

‘I am glad the coach sent me to check on you.’

‘I am too.’

‘Show me.’

He couldn’t help but giggle a bit, at the way he had said it. Then in looking at him, at the puppy dog look he had plastered across his face, Troy felt strangely excited. The giggling stopped, as he looked deep into those eyes, seeing the desire being reflected back to him.

His hand moved to rest on top of Philippe’s, and he felt the electricity between them. It was like a spark of pure energy, as he could almost feel the guy’s heart pounding, even maybe hear it echo in his ears, as he looked deep into his face.

It was all there, the look he had always dreamed of, the one he thought he would love to see in Tommy, but would never see. Instead there it was, and he couldn’t believe how warm it all felt, around and inside. His hand moved around, and his body curled inwards a bit further, his body seeming to just melt into Philippe’s.

‘Are you sure?’

Philippe gave him a sort of scared smile, but the eyes sparkled as he moved his own body in closer to Troy. The press of his chest against his, the touch of his arm, all made him feel the desire, like it was something you could touch. His whole body ached, in ways he had never really felt before, and the touch of his fingers down the thigh, only made him quiver inside. It was like a fire had been lit inside, that wouldn’t be quenched by anything less than their joining together.

He had always imagined it would be like this, and yet still couldn’t quite believe it, or in his good fortune. Philippe looked up at him, as he let his legs pull back, to let Troy’s hand move down from the thigh down to his crotch. His fingers felt the pubic hairs, and the excitement inside, seemed to just grow, as he thought about the moment, as he ignored all the other thoughts that were racing through his mind.

Troy found himself on top of Philippe, the pain in his body no longer bothering him, except for the occasional twinge. Yet there was pain, the pain of desire, as he kissed Philippe squarely on the mouth, tasting him once again.

Their hands were roaming across each other’s bodies. They moved down each other’s legs, their sides, even in between the press of their torso’s. It was all a bit of blur, as he could feel the rise in his heart’s beat, in the growing ache in his lungs, as he struggled for air. His mouth was moving all across the slender body, that seemed to never stay still. It was like a snake, the way his slender upper body kept moving around beneath him, moving to the various touch of Troy’s hands, of his mouth.

Troy moved downwards, his body shifting further down, as his mouth kissed the throat, then the hollow of Philippe’s neck and down to his chest. He let his tongue slide along the quivering flesh, towards the nipples, licking around it.

He let the tongue lick around and around, and then when he made like he was about to move further down, he quickly moved over the nipple, taking it into his mouth, his teeth grating against the firm flesh. Philippe cried out, caught off guard, as Troy sucked on it, then let it go, to quickly slide further down.

He had the hard cock buried in his mouth, as the last of Philippe’s cries ended, and then felt him suck in his breath, as he felt his cock being swallowed whole. He tasted the pre cum as it fell down his throat, and he felt the muscles tighten a bit, as he swallowed the cock deep inside. His tongue licked at the shaft as it passed by, and he could feel the body squirming even more, as his nose buried into the soft belly of his groin.

Then just as quickly he was off the hard pole, his face buried beneath him, licking at each ball, taking each one into his mouth for a quick tongue bath, then on to suck on the skin of the sac itself. His nose was pressed up in between and Philippe had arched his body upwards, and Troy had moved both hands down and under each of his butt cheeks, cupping them in the hands.

His fingers squeezed into the soft flesh, pushing upwards, as he continued to lick at the scrotum, then beneath them. He could smell his scent, and he breathed it in deeply. Troy felt his cock jerking, as he moved his body between the upraised legs now, and his tongue continued to move down, tasting.

Philippe was moaning as his tongue moved further down, as his hands pushed the buttocks upwards and also spreading the two halves. He let the tongue slide down and up the valley, tasting and licking.

‘Oh God, I can’t stand it, fuck me, please, I can’t stand it anymore Troy’

The words were loud, yet almost in a high pitched tone he could barely recognize, as he moved his head up and leaned upwards, to kiss Philippe. As he did, he let his finger move along the inside of the cheeks, until it found the pucker hole. He could feel it quivering, as he let the tip wedge up against it, and as his tongue slid into Philippe’s mouth, he pushed the finger into him.

The muffled cry echoed in his own mouth, as he drove his finger all the way in, then began to slowly move it around, to push at the silky insides. Philippe was moaning constantly, as he continued to kiss him, and finger him, then he pulled his finger out, and leaned over to fumble at the big jar on his night stand.

Philippe moved himself as well, shifting his position as Troy grabbed a couple of packages, and managed to get one up to his mouth. He gripped it with his teeth and pulled with his one hand, until it opened, and he spit out the torn edge. Looking down, he saw those eyes once more. They were wide open, staring up at him, pleading for him to take him.

As he raised himself upwards, he saw Philippe lift up and take the condom out of his hand. With a smile, he leaned forward, and took hold of Troy’s hard dick. The touch made him shudder as Philippe quickly unrolled the plastic over his cock, then he bent over more, and kissed Troy on the belly, then leaned back, pulling his legs upwards.

Troy could only smile, as he saw the body fall backwards onto the bed, and the legs being pulled upwards. He leaned in, letting the legs pull over his head, then rest lightly onto his shoulders. The touch of his hot flesh, made him lick his lips a bit, and then lean down and inwards.

With one hand, he guided his hard cock, along the insides of Philippe’s buttocks, until he felt it touch the pink hole. He could feel Philippe shake, as the head pressed up against the tight puckered hole. He could feel it quiver, as he lifted his head up and stared up along Philippe’s body, to his face.

He could see the nostrils flaring, as he sucked in air, and the way his eyes now had a glassy look to them. How his face cheeks were sunken in, and the small opening of his mouth, quivering in anticipation. Then he shut his eyes, as he felt his body push forwards, the tiny hole resisting with all its strength, making him push even harder.

The pop seemed like a huge gunshot, and he was suddenly past the tight muscle. The cry was long and loud, but nothing else. No cries to stop, no pleas to stop, as he let his body hang there, letting Philippe’s body get used to the head of his cock, being inside.

He breathed in deeply, then slowly pushed forward a bit more, hearing the grinding of teeth, as his thick pole began to push further in. The muscles inside held firmly but failed to stop his inward thrust. He couldn’t stop now, even if he wanted to, as his body seemed to be acting on its own accord.

Troy felt the sweat dripping from his body, even could hear it splash onto Philippe’s chest. His hair was soaked, as he slowly began to move his hips further down, as the body beneath him tried to pull away, to sink further into the mattress. He had him pinned, by his weight, by the deep penetration of his dick.

Finally he felt his pubic hairs, brushing up against the wet and hot cheeks, knowing that he had all of his dick inside of Philippe. He stayed motionless, as he could hear the panting breath slowly ease. Then, when he felt he had gotten used to the cock inside, he slowly began to pull back, to withdraw it.

The muscles inside tried to hold it back, to keep it buried inside, but his strength was greater, as the cock began to slide out, in time with the writhing motion of the body underneath. He could hear him moaning, hear him almost begging for him to not pull out, to stay buried deep inside.

Then, as the cock head was about to exit, he stopped, then once more, very slowly began to drive his cock back inside. The moans continued, as Philippe started to rise up, to meet his cock as it re-entered his hole. His arms moved up to grab hold of his hips, and he pulled down, urging Troy to pound him, to fill him.

Tossing his head back, he began to pump his hips, to drive his cock in hard, then pull it out, just as hard, before once more driving it in. Each thrust in, he could feel his bed shake, feel it quake, as he drove his cock like it was a jack hammer. He felt the sweat pouring off him, felt his body burning as if it was on fire.

In and out he went, the speed rising, the depth of his penetration seeming to be more, with each hard entry. He felt his body growing numb, as his legs ached, his lungs were nearly empty, as he continued to pump his hips. His mind was in a fog, and he could feel the pounding in his chest, as he rammed his cock in faster.

The hands around his hips dug in deeper, pulling him in a frantic way that only made him go faster. He felt the finger tips grabbing at the very bone inside, which only drove him on faster. The pain was ignored, as he felt his balls bulge, felt the fluid inside pressing hard up against him, as he continued to drive his pole in and out.

He could hear himself crying out, hear his own tortured voice, as he tried to hold back, to not let it happen yet, but he was failing. His hips moved faster, his body continued to crash into Philippe’s own buttocks. The sound of their bodies slapping into each other echoed loudly in the room, barely audible over their own tortured cries.

He felt the blood rushing, felt the thickness in his cock grew. His pole ached, from the vessels inside tightening, and then he felt it coming. He felt the muscles inside, felt the deep rumbling from within, as his body reached the peak, reached the point of no return.

Troy cried out, as his body reared back, as the very tip of his cock head was pushing at the pink hole, trying to escape. He felt it, then like some bird of prey, he felt his whole body gather itself, felt every muscle inside coil up and tighten to a point he never thought possible. In that moment of time, every part of his body was focused on the hard cock, held by the thin muscle of Philippe’s sphincter.

Then, as one single force, every muscle inside let go. It drove his hips forward, driving the blood gorged pole deep down into the velvet like chute. He felt the muscles release, felt his whole body quiver as they drove his body forward. His ramming motion, was being matched, by the upward thrust and as the two met, he heard the loud sound of their union. In that moment, he felt the sudden release inside, felt the rush of his milk as it poured out of his balls, along his cock, and up through the expanded slit in the head of his dick.

Troy felt the force of the explosion, deep inside his own rectum, as his legs became like rocks. The muscles tightened, as the explosion ripped through his body and out his cock. The hot liquid was running out and along his throbbing pole, still held captive by the thin sheath of the condom.

As his body jerked and quivered, he could feel the same sensations rolling through Philippe’s own body. His head was twisting, as he felt the cum still flowing. His body began to feel like a ten ton weight, and he struggled to hold himself up, to keep his balance, as his cock jerked and banged against the insides. He felt his eyes flicker, felt his arms buckle, and suddenly he felt himself resting on top of Philippe. Every part of him, felt like it had glue all over, as his skin seemed to just become part of Philippe’s own.

It took him a few moments, then he managed to roll off. His head stared up at the ceiling, with tiny darting lights exploding all over in front of him. He struggled to gasp for air, as his body continued to shake. The whole bed was still shaking, from not just his quivering, but from Philippe’s.

Laying there, he couldn’t believe how good he felt, and how exhausted. His body felt like it had just gone fifteen rounds with Joe Frasier, and yet he felt like he wanted it to not end. His heart was still racing, and he couldn’t feel anything yet in his legs, or arms, as he lay there, but inside, deep down in his soul, he knew that he had to have more, that he had to experience it again, and again.

To be continued…

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Making the Play

Part (8)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2009 ? All Rights Reserved

Category ¦ Athletes, Jocks

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Making the Play (5)

Part (5)

He shuddered a little, laying there with Philippe’s head on his shoulder. How warm it felt, how enjoyable, to feel his body nestled into his own. The way the legs wove together, and how it felt as his chest heaved while he regained his breath. It was something he hadn’t experienced before, and yet it seemed so natural, so right.

Lying there, enjoying the moment, he realized just how much Tommy had missed out. This was what sex was about, not just the moment when you got off, or when the other tasted you, but as you got ready for more, as you realized you wanted more. He couldn’t help but smile.

‘What are you thinking about?’

‘Huh? Oh, how good you tasted.’


‘Yeah, really.’

‘I never really liked the taste, myself.’

‘Of yours? Or just anyone’s cum?’

‘Fuck, mine, of course, not like I am some tramp.’

Dolph LambertTroy reached down and gave the hair a muss, as he laughed at the smiling face nestled into his arms. How good it felt, to be able to just talk, to relax naked with another guy, and not be on pins & needles.

‘Oh, so that makes me a tramp, ‘cuz I have tasted other guy’s cum?’

‘No, no, I didn’t…’

‘just teasing, but yeah, not everyone’s favourite, I guess.’

‘You liked it?’

It was a question he didn’t know how to answer. Not like he was some expert who had lots of taste experiences with cum, but truth was, he really wasn’t sure how he liked it. The taste before, always made him feel a bit, well nauseous, though not Philippe’s. Rolling his eyes upwards, he wondered how to say it, without sounding sappy, or like some love sick cow.

‘Well, not like I have tasted a lot, but yours, well, yeah, I liked the taste of it. Maybe because it, I don’t know, maybe because it was yours?’

‘You asking for more?’

Troy lowered his eyes, to stare at Philippe. There was a strange look of horror, on Philippe’s face but Troy could feel his cock jerking, feel it growing a bit, as it was wedged up into his side. Maybe he didn’t think he could do it so soon? Though the truth was, he was wanting something a bit more than another taste of Philippe’s jizz.

‘Funny boy, maybe I am asking if you want to taste mine?’

Funny how Philippe’s face got all twisted, as he stared up into Troy’s face. The way the eyes glistened a bit, but also seemed a bit, well, frightened. Yet at the same time, he could feel his cock, jerking a bit as it was wedged into his side. The feel of him, of how his chest seemed to heave a bit more, with the idea of maybe sucking him, of maybe having to taste him.

‘If uh…’

‘It’s okay, I am not asking, but you are welcome anytime.’

‘I uh, shit, I sound like a real jerk. I kind of do, and don’t, at the same time. It is just, I don’t know, what if I don’t do it right?’

‘You start over? Shit, I don’t even know if there is a wrong or right way, all I know is that I loved how you tasted.’

Philippe lifted his upper body up, and stared at Troy for several seconds. The silence felt weird, as he saw how Philippe stared at him, at how his eyes seemed to be searching his face for something, for some sign. He felt the ache in his groin too, as he held his breathe, not sure what was going on.

The face moved away, and stared down at Troy’s body, that lay stretched out on the bed. A hand moved up and rested lightly on his chest, just below the nipple. It felt shaky, trembling a little, as he waited. Then the hand moved down, the fingers brushing across his skin, that made him tremble a bit, with a sense of excitement.

His leg shook a bit, as he pushed it aside, further up against Philippe’s body. The hand moved down, the finger tips brushing over his pubic hairs, making his stomach muscles tighten. Troy felt sweat starting to bead up on his forehead again, as he watched the way Philippe’s hand moved down his body.

Troy could see how his face had drawn in, the muscles of his cheeks tightening. A thin white line appeared near the corner of his mouth, and he could see the brow furrow, as his team mate stared down at the hard cock, that stuck up from his crotch. The tip of his tongue darted out, licking at the lips, and Troy heard a small little gasp, as the head moved down, to rest on Troy’s stomach.

He reached out, to let his own hand caress the back of the head, just enjoying the pleasure of his body resting against his. The feel of his hot skin, at the beat of his chest against his, made him lean back, waiting. Troy sighed as he felt Philippe’s hand reaching out, feeling the tips of his fingers touch the base of his stiff cock.

It was like an electric shock, as he felt the touch, as the fingers moved around the base, pressing lightly against the hairs around the base of cock shaft. How weird, to notice the way each touch made him quiver, made him catch his breath. Troy could feel his chest beginning to hurt, as Philippe’s hand moved around, and the fingers slowly took hold of his dick.

The way each touch seemed to generate a jolt inside as he felt his eyes closing, as he felt every muscle grow tense inside. It was odd, and yet thrilling, that made him want to lift his head up, to stare down his body, but instead he found himself leaning harder into the bed, waiting, wondering how it would feel.

The way the bed suddenly moved, at how the press of Philippe’s body changed, made him close his eyes tighter. His mind was struggling with the emotions that seemed to be welling up inside, as he waited, nervous and yet excited. Would he take it, or would he try and stop? Was he maybe too big, or not big enough for him, and what about his precum? Would it make Philippe back off, because he could feel it oozing, feel it along the top of his cock head.

Troy felt the hot breath blow across the head, which made him shudder. He moaned a bit as he felt Philippe’s breath getting warmer, which meant his head was getting closer. He wanted to look, but instead clutched at the bed sheets, as he waited, his body stiff and tense. So many things were running through his mind, yet all he could concentrate on was how much he really did want it, how much he wanted to feel his cock between those soft pink lips.

His hands stopped pulling at the bed sheets, and moved up to rest on Philippe’s shoulders, then moved to take hold of his hair. He felt the strands through his fingers, as he wrapped them between. His mind could see it happening, yet all he could think about was feeling those lips. The sound, the press against the palms of his hands, were ignored, as he felt that wetness, that warmth envelop the head of his cock. Troy felt his body quiver, felt the tremors rushing up his body, as he slid his cock into the open mouth, past the lips, scraping against the teeth.

He could hear a sort of garbled cry, or maybe it was a moan? Troy didn’t care, as his hips pushed up a bit, lifting his butt off the bed a fraction of an inch or so. The feel of the flesh covering his cock, of the wet warmth the coated his head was too much for him, as his hands seemed to be pushing down.

There was some resistance, but he tried to ignore it, to just enjoy the feeling that was filling his thoughts. He ignored the gargled cries and eventually the resistance ended, and suddenly he could feel the motion as more of his cock was taken into the warm wetness. He felt his balls ache, as one hand moved to the bed, the other lay across the trembling shoulder.

Troy moaned, as the lips tightened even more, as the head moved without any need of his guidance. He could feel the tongue licking at the thick vein underneath, as more of his shaft was taken inside the warn cavern of Philippe’s mouth. The way his hand gripped at his cock, the tight hold that held his erect cock made him moan even more.

The teeth no longer scraped against the side of his cock, as it made its way in and out. He could only feel the lips sliding up and down, as more of his cock was taken. His body stiffened even more, as he felt the strands of hair lashing at his belly, as he felt the nose pressing into the soft skin of his inner thigh.

Philippe’s body moved down a bit, and he felt the hot breath against his pubic hairs, felt the nose, the way the air would blow each time it came closer until it was buried into his flesh. Troy was moaning loudly now, one hand pounding the bed, as he realized how close he was to cumming. His eyes popped open, his mouth was ajar, as he felt the heat inside, felt the way his balls were stretching as the fluid inside bubbled, as it boiled from within.

Down in his ass, he could feel the muscles tighten, feel them constrict, as his body tried to hold back, as in his mind he saw the head bob up and down over his erection. How good it felt, and yet he didn’t want it to end, not yet. He struggled to hold back, tried to keep his balls from releasing their pleasure.

It wasn’t easy, as Philippe had moved one hand up and was pushing into the stomach, the other no longer holding his cock, but digging down and under his full balls. He felt the fingers digging into the flesh of his buttocks, felt the balls slapping against the palm of the hand, as the mouth moved up and down on his cock. He had never felt like this, never felt this excited, this aroused.

Every part of his body felt like it was on fire. Even the tips of his hair felt like they were being singed, as the mouth moved faster and faster over his cock. Troy could feel the head banging into the hard roof of Philippe’s mouth, feel it as it was forced down into the throat. He cried out, knowing he couldn’t hold back, desperate to try to.

‘Oh Christ’ he called out, feeling the press inside, feeling the mounting pressure up against the very base of his cock. The lips were clenched tightly around him, he could feel the tongue’s raspy edges licking at the bulging vein on the bottom of his cock, feel the sensation of the blood rushing through the constricted membranes of his veins. His hands were pounding the bed, as his body struggled to hold back, as he squirmed across the bed itself. He wanted so much to cum, to let it fill Philippe’s mouth, but not yet, not this moment.

The sounds of rushing water filled his ears. It was like being in a far off cave, listening to a distant echo rushing inside. His body was shaking, and he was yelling, telling Philippe he was cumming, that he couldn’t hold back, but the lips still held tight.

He couldn’t stop. It was too much for him, and with one last loud cry that he was cumming, his body shot upwards. His hands reached up to grab hold of Philippe’s head, as his cock impaled itself deep into the mouth. He could feel the throat muscles contract, feel them taking hold of his cock, as the head jerked back, as the tiny slit began to widen.

As his cock head shot forward, he felt the muscles in his groin contract, felt them release the precious milk from his balls. His eyes were clenched tight, tears of pleasure being squeezed out around the corners, as his body could hold back no more. He felt, rather than heard, the gagging sound, the rush of liquid being poured out. Then he felt it, as his cum was washed back across his burning pole, and down into his groin.

Just as his body began to sink back down, he felt the spasm inside, felt the waves of pleasure rushing up his body, to overwhelm his thoughts. His body shook, as his limbs went numb. There was no feeling left in his arms, or his legs, as his entire body seemed to suddenly release itself. Every muscle that had been coiled, and tightened, was suddenly released.

Every part of his body sagged hard into the bed, as he felt his precious milk being drained out. The sensation of warm wetness around his cock was no more, but he could feel the hot spurts leave his cock, hear each one striking, before falling against his own burning skin. Troy could hear his moans, but also the gasping sounds coming from above his own waist.

The spasms racked his body for what seemed like ages, and he could feel the panting breath blowing across his stomach, as finally he managed to open his eyes. He saw the stars or what looked like stars flashing before him, until his blinked a few times to clear them from his vision. As he adjusted to the room’s light, he glanced down, to see Philippe’s head. It was tilted up and back a bit, and he noticed how the cheeks kept blowing in and out, as if he had just surfaced from holding his breath.

There was splashes across the cheeks, the bridge of his nose, and even under one eye, that Troy knew had to be his cum. He could see the chest still heaving, and noticed more splashes of his milk, around the chin, and upper chest. His own body was still shaking, still feeling the effects of his orgasm, but he couldn’t help but notice how Philippe’s body was shaking, how it was trembling.

‘You okay?’ he managed to croak out, and watched as Philippe leaned back, then slump down a bit. His shoulders sagged, as his face turned to stare down at Troy.

‘I think so, I am sorry…’

‘sorry? For what?, I never, I uh…’

‘I just couldn’t take it all, I tried, I really did, but…’

‘That’s okay, I didn’t, I mean, it’s okay, I wasn’t expecting you to take it, honest, it’s okay.’

‘I wanted to, but there was so much, I just…’

‘Philippe, it’s okay man, I should have given you more notice, I mean, I did try to hold it back…’

‘No, no I heard you, but… shit man, I wanted to try, to see if, well, to see if it did taste different.’

‘Yeah? And, was it, I mean…’

‘I don’t know, it was all so fast, so quick, and yet, I mean, fuck, I didn’t get that much, to taste that is, but fuck, you sure got me covered everywhere else.’

‘Sorry, I can see that.’

‘Feels kind of weird, in a nice way.’

‘They say it is good for the skin.’

A small smile crossed his face, as he stared down at Troy. The glint in his eye was something to see, and he felt a strange tremble inside, because suddenly it did matter to him, if Philippe did like his seed, or not. He didn’t know why, but it was like being judged for something important, without knowing exactly what.

‘Do you, I mean, do you always shoot that much?’

‘No, but you haven’t said yet, did it, I mean, was it okay? Or…’

The silence seemed to grow, and yet the way he looked was anything but positive. He didn’t know what he would say, or how he would feel if Philippe didn’t like it, but he waited, feeling a bit uneasy. It was obvious that Philippe wasn’t sure, or maybe he just didn’t know how to break it to him? Maybe he should try to put him at ease, but how?

Before he could say anything more, Philippe laid backwards a bit, leaning on his elbows. His eyes seemed to be off elsewhere, and Troy felt certain he was going to tell him he didn’t like his spunk. His chest was still heaving, but he was already beginning to feel like he was being rejected.

‘I honestly, I am not sure. It was so much, and yet, I mean, it was salty, then sweet, and well, truth?’

‘Yeah, truth.’

‘Truth is, I want to try tasting it again.’

‘For real?’


‘Sure you just aren’t some cum nut, and just want to drain me dry?’

‘Funny, but I don’t know, maybe I am and don’t know it? Or maybe you just stalling because you can’t cum more than once a night?’

‘Oh I can cum more than once, not at this moment, but I can, soon enough.’

‘Good, ‘cuz I really do think I could get into tasting a lot more, just as long as you don’t try to drown me again.’

He felt relieved, as he stared at Philippe, realizing that he wasn’t just saying those things. He really did want to try again, and Troy couldn’t help but wonder, what it would be like, to try a bit more than just swapping some cum.

‘Well give me a few minutes, and I’ll do my best to not drown you.’

‘Okay, uh, have you ever, I mean… have you ever gone all the way?’

Troy wasn’t sure where this was leading, though he had to admit, it was on his mind too. He wondered, if Philippe was a top or bottom, but from his look, he was fairly certain either way would be a first for him.

‘You mean fucking?’



‘You do it, or take it?’

‘Took it, it was, sore, from what I remember, hurt like hell at first really. Why?’

‘Just curious, I mean I’ve seen the videos, looks like it’d hurt a lot, even the guy doing it always seems to scrunch up their face, like its hurting their dick or something.’

Strange, he never really understood how one came to just, doing it. In the videos he had seen, well they just seemed to naturally go to doing it, though he realized that there had to be more to it, than just flipping over and ramming the cock in.

From what he could remember, from his only time, it had hurt like hell, but he couldn’t remember how he had wound up with his legs spread open, his legs up and over his head, and a guy breathing on his face, as he stuffed his hole. Man the pain had hurt, and he knew it would be a lot worse doing it sober. That time, he was blitzed, which helped, or maybe not.

Now he kind of wished he had kept his wits about him, so he’d know how to maybe, find out for himself. He also wasn’t sure how to tell Philippe, that he was as much a rookie as him. It sure sucked, not being able to ask others, but then again, maybe it really was just natural? Maybe he should just reach over, and pull the guy to him, and roll over?

‘Could be, I uh, I should say something like you get used to it, or something, just that, oh fuck, I just don’t know.’

‘Really? Me neither.’

‘Fine pair we are, but all this, I mean, damn it makes me want to, well, to do it.’

Philippe looked at him, with a growing smile on his face. It was as if he had been hoping Troy would say that, or at least give him an opening to suggest it.

To be continued…

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Making the Play

Part (5)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2009 ? All Rights Reserved

Category ¦ Athletes, Jocks

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Making the Play (4)

Part (4)

The silence felt like a heavy brick was sitting on his chest, as he waited for some word, some sign, that Philippe had heard, had been wanting the same thing. Strange thoughts began to race through his mind, as he waited for the young man to reply, to give some indication he had heard, had wanted what he wanted. The pain in his chest grew, as he held his breath, waiting, feeling like he was about to burst.

‘I uh, I…’

‘What? I mean if you don’t, if I am not your uh, type…’

‘NO, no it isn’t that… I uh..’

‘I don’t bite, maybe I just uh read what you wanted wrong, I am sorry Philippe.’

He pulled himself up a bit, to look at the young man. Troy could see how his body was all tensed up, at how the muscles were constricted, showing his ribs as they pulled the skin taut. His hands were shaking a bit, but it was his face, at how it was looking everywhere, but at him. Maybe he had read him wrong, or maybe he had rushed in, when he should have just let things happen, or not. There was a strange knot in his belly, as he pulled his knees up to his chin, resting his head on them, trying to figure out what to say.

‘No, ah shit, it isn’t that, I just, I mean fuck Troy, I never, I have never…’

‘Never? I thought, I mean…’

‘I’ve messed around, nothing uh, shit, this sucks man, I want to. Honest, I do, it is just…’

‘Just what? You never… uh, never went all the way?’

‘yeah, pretty lame huh? I mean fuck, my age, in college, big football jock, and never…’

‘Not even with a girl?’

‘ No, not really, not like the others anyhow, came close, but uh, shit, this is fucked man. I am such a wusse.’

Jesse and Robbie from Blake MasonTroy felt odd, at sitting in his room, naked, with Philippe sitting on the side, almost naked, confessing to each other their inexperience. It was comforting on the one hand, embarrassing on the other, and yet in some way, made him feel more attracted to the guy. It was like they had more than just football in common, more than just being the same. It was like they both were approaching something, together, that neither was fully comfortable with.

‘Nah, don’t make it seem like the world ended, not like I am a pro, hell, only been, well, once for me.’

‘Going all the way? Really?’

‘Yeah, for real.’

He didn’t know why he had said that, nor could he explain why it became important for him to share the past with him. There was no mistaking how miserable the guy felt, how scared he looked and he wondered, if maybe he too looked like that? Was he just as scared, was that why things had gone the way they had with Tommy? He had wanted Tommy, just as he wanted Philippe, yet it seemed different.

‘Was it, I mean, did you like it? I uh, I have read a lot of stuff on how it hurts at first, and I don’t know, maybe that scares me. I just, fuck Troy, I sound like a real baby.’

‘No, it’s okay man, I mean, yeah it does hurt, least it did for me, what I can remember of it.’

‘Huh? I don’t… how could you not remember your first time?’

‘I was blitzed, okay? I just, I don’t know, but after, fuck man, after, I knew I had done it, and well, it isn’t like how they say in the books or magazines.’

The silence returned to the room, as they both looked everywhere, but at each other. Troy could feel his heart sagging, as he remembered that first time, or the bit of it. How he had been downing drinks, not even caring if they were the same, just as long as they were filled with alcohol. How he had felt the next few days, wondering what he had done, worrying about what might be next.

Hell, he didn’t even know if the guy had used a condom or not, which scared the shit out of him. Even today, he wasn’t 100% sure if he had taken precautions or not, but the guy had said they had. Least when he had ran into him a few weeks later. Until then, he had been shitting bricks, wondering and worrying about how to get tested.

Not like back at home it was easy to just walk into Old Doc’s office, and ask to be tested for that stuff. Man, it would be all over town, or worse, his parents would be find out. So, no, his first wasn’t what he would call a real memory maker. The panic after, the fear after, that was what he thought of, when he thought of his first time being fucked. Not like how those magazines talked about some glow, some feel of pure ecstasy. Least it wasn’t for him.

His body shuddered a bit, as he realized that Philippe had reached out, to rest his hand on his foot. Glancing up, he could see his eyes staring at him, like liquid pools from the tears glistening in them. He felt a strange affection, almost overpowering, that made him quiver a bit, as he managed a sort of half smile.

‘I am sorry.’

‘You didn’t do anything Philippe, nothing to be sorry about.’

‘I didn’t want to make you sad.’

‘Sad? No, I am not sad, sorry I guess, sorry that I hadn’t waited for the right moment, for when I didn’t need to be blitzed to be able to do it, sorry maybe that I didn’t find someone, well, like you, to experience it with. Not sad, just wishful thinking I guess.’

‘Kind of sucks being us, doesn’t it?’

‘Can be I suppose, maybe we just, I don’t know, maybe we just need to let things happen, or not, instead of thinking it to death.’

‘Guess so.’

Troy reached out with one hand, to let it run down the shoulder and arm of Philippe, who turned his head upwards, to look at him. It was the first time they just looked at each other, no longer worried if the other would find out what was on their minds. He felt a sort of thrill, a sort of rush inside, that made him smile, as his hand wrapped around the arm, pulling on it lightly towards him.

Philippe was suddenly falling forward, as Troy moved over a bit, to let the young man have some room, next to him. He felt the warmth of his body next to his, felt them both shudder a little, as Philippe curled into Troy’s side. Their heads were close together, and he could feel the breath on his, as they looked at each other, feeling their closeness.

To say it was a reflex, or automatic would be wrong. It was a conscious thought, as he felt his eyes flutter, felt the lids closing and his head moving forward, towards Philippe. His last vision, was of the same thing happening to Philippe, of the eyelids fluttering, of them closing.

He felt his lips brush up against Philippe’s mouth, felt the softness of them, as they touched his own mouth. His chest heaved, as he felt Philippe’s lips part, felt his own open, to let his tongue flick out. His body was suddenly tense, his own muscles coiled, as it moved into Philippe’s.

The kiss was tentative at first, hesitant as they held each other, feeling the arms flexing a bit more, holding on a bit tighter, as they tasted each other, as their thoughts began to race. He felt his body tremble, as the tongue moved along the lips, as his nostrils flared a bit, to Philippe’s breath on his cheeks. His fingers seemed to dig in a bit, just as his did to him.

A creaking sound broke the silence between them, which made them both pull back a bit. The bed had shook from their movement, as they looked into each other’s eyes. He felt the thump of his heart, as he saw the affection in Philippe’s eyes, felt it from the pounding of his chest that rested against his own, and yet the noise had somehow made them pull back, had made them look at each other, as if to find out if this was right, if this was what they both wanted.

‘we might break the bed.’

‘that would be different.’

‘could make the guys below curious.’

‘nope, it’s a couple of girls.’


‘who gives a shit? If anything, it’ll make ‘em jealous, one of them has a thing for me.’


‘Yep, ever since she found out I am the team.’

‘I get that too, if they only knew, huh?’

Troy smiled, as he let his hand move between his and Philippe’s body. The fingers running down the stomach, feeling the rippling muscles, feeling the thrill of just touching him, and not having him pull away, not worry that he’d run off and tell the whole world that Troy was a fagget.

He could feel his body hardening, feel the ache growing in his crotch, not just from his own hard dick, but from the hard lump that was pushing up into his soft belly. It felt good, to feel him next to him, to smell his body, to touch it. The idea of the girls below hearing them, hearing the bed squeak, made his pulse race a bit. If they only knew, he thought, grinning as he move his face in closer.

Philippe didn’t pull back, didn’t close his eyes either, as their noses touched, as they looked at each other in a way they never had a chance to. He could see he was still a bit scared, but then, he probably looked the same. He could see the ridges of his skin, the one zit that was healing under one eye, the way the other eye had a few lashes bigger than the others. He saw it all, and saw none of it.

Troy felt like he had finally found someone, and the thought of Tommy, the idea of having Tommy was just a dream to him, this was real, this was what he really craved. His hands moved down, past the belly, to touch the soft cloth of Philippe’s underwear. He could feel the fabric was stretched out, as his hand moved down and across the cloth. There was no mistaking that lump, for what it was, or what it wanted.

‘Don’t think we need those, do we?’

‘No, don’t think we do.’

‘Besides, wouldn’t want them to get stained, now do we?’

Philippe laughed, as he reached down with his hands, joining Troy’s. Together they managed to push the shorts down, and get them off from his legs. He watched the foot swing out, tossing the curled shorts off, and for a moment he wondered where they had flown too, but then turned his attention to what was next to him. He felt his body shake, as Philippe’s hard dick pushed up and into his belly, his own dick doing the same to Philippe.

As both of their hands moved down, as their eyes looked at each other, he couldn’t help but think of how different this was, from everything he had read, had watched. There was no instant grabbing of dicks, no instant pulse racing or thunder in the ears. Sure there was some anxiety, some racing of the pulse, but it wasn’t like some flood gate had been opened, and they were magically locked into a wild passionate embrace.

And yet, it felt more thrilling, as if, all that was happening had more meaning, was more real. He felt his chest heave a bit, felt the warm sticky touch of Philippe’s skin next to his, as well as how awkward it was to reach down, to touch him, wondering if he felt the same? Yet just thinking of it, seemed to make his heart beat a bit harder, a bit faster. He wanted to taste him, to feel all of him, not just their dicks pressing into each other’s bodies.

Before the idea could pass, he found his lips pressing up against Philippe’s, felt his body pushing out, wrapping harder into the younger man’s form. He felt his one leg move up and over Philippe’s upper legs, feeling them hold him in place, as his mouth found his, as their tongues duelled with each other, as his heart did begin to thunder.

It wasn’t like they had said, it was better, as he worked his tongue past the Philippe’s, entering his mouth. He felt his whole body shake, as strange waves of pleasure & excitement seemed to be racing inside of him. He felt the tremors, felt the waves crest deep inside, felt them wrack his whole body. The bed was creaking, moaning even, as their bodies kept shifting, desperate to merge, to become one.

He could hear himself pant, as now Philippe’s tongue was buried into his mouth, as the running back’s hands were moved over his trembling body. He felt the fingers pushing at his skin, felt them touch him in a way that only made him groan, only made him want more. No gentle touch, as his skin was soaked with sweat, that made it hard to glide across, yet it felt better, felt more real, as his chest began to ache.

The feeling in his legs were a bit numb, bit cramped, and yet that too, felt strangely exciting. It all was unlike any past experience, it was more natural, more intense in a way that he wasn’t sure he could hold out for long. The pleasure was so amazing, to hot inside, that he felt the burning deep in his lungs, as he tried to breathe.

His eyes were in a strange darkness, where it was pitch black one second, then filled with amazing colors of lights, in all shapes, as his hands moved down the stomach, as he felt the muscles roll out from his touch. Inside, he felt like a bunch of knots had been formed, twisting his guts inside and out, tightening them as the muscles in his buttocks squeezed, and the dull ache began to grow more intense. His toes curled, aching, as the two of them rolled around on the small bed, adding to its creaking, to its threatened collapse.

In some odd way, he felt like he was above it all, looking down while at the same time he felt like he was being covered in waves of water. His body was shaking, yet he could see Philippe’s cock throb, see the veins thickening as the blood rushed through them, enlarging the already fully erect cock. Then too he could feel the wetness of water covering his body, of hot liquid streaking across his own belly. He felt himself shake, felt his arms tighten as they reached around to grab at Philippe’s trembling buttocks. His fingers were pulling at the fleshy orbs, then trying to bury themselves between the hot skin.

The stabbing pain made his eyes pop open, then close again, as his fingers pulled at the young man in their grasp, as the hard body was wedged even harder into his own trembling frame. His legs became like steel, yet the pain inside was quickly changing, was becoming filling, steamy even. It was as if something was there, was poking at him, as he pressed his mouth harder against Philippe’s lips, as his tongue moved quicker, as he ground his hips.

Back and forth they moved, making the bed protest loudly, ignoring its complaints, as each new movement brought new pleasure, new excitement to their thoughts. Troy felt his body heave, felt his body now move on top, felt the soft flesh beneath him, as his legs tightened around not one, but both of Philippe’s legs. He could feel their strength, as his own legs wrapped around them.

His head lifted up, as his eyes popped open, to now stare down at the young man. His team mate was peering up, a strange glint in his eyes, as they bore into Troy’s. His heart stuttered a bit, as he felt the sweat dripping from his forehead, saw it splatter across Philippe’s face. Looking, he could see the drops hit, see the breaking apart of each drop, as it joined a steady river of liquid flowing down the sides of the face.

And yet it was the eyes that held him breathless. The pain in his chest grew more intense, as he held his breath, captivated by the glint, by the sparks that seemed to almost reach upwards, to almost engulf him in their fire. His whole body shook, as he realized that the glint, was a reflection of his own eyes. That it was a mingling of desire, from them both, that now held them together.

The jerk near his groin, the twisting ache in his ass, made him shudder, as he stood there, head raised, body poised. This was nothing like the past, not even close to the way he had felt when he first touched the tip of Tommy’s cock, or tasted it for the first time. This was like being in the eye of a category five hurricane.

The emotions that whirled around him, were just there, while here, in the center, he could think, could gather himself, before re-entering the powerful forces that made up the wall of their personal hurricane. He felt a bit frightened, scared, of what lay ahead, yet he couldn’t deny his need for it. He wanted to feel it all, to experience it, as it was meant to be.

His body slid downwards, as his head came back down. He kissed the parted lips lightly, feeling the hot breath on his forehead, feeling the hands reach around to grab at him, to hold him down. Troy pushed his body further down, till his legs hung off the edge of his bed. He let his eyes close, as his lips pressed against the wet face cheeks, then brush past and kiss at the chin.

Tilting his head, he let his lips brush the hot skin under the chin, then press harder against the throat. Troy felt the Adam’s apple bopping up and down, as he kissed the hollow of the throat. The fingers dug into his body, as his tongue licked at the flesh, tasting the salty river of sweat that was passing across. He could feel the chest heave upwards, as his own hands moved down the firm sides, towards the waist.

His room was filled with their panting breaths, with their desire for each other. Troy felt his body shake, as he began to lick at the chest, to twirl his tongue from side to side, until he found the firm nipples jutting up. Philippe was moaning, as Troy’s tongue licked at the firm upraised nipple, at the hard flesh around it, then he felt the firm flesh in his mouth, felt his mouth pulling at it, his teeth clamped onto it. The cries of pleasure only made him pull a bit harder, made his teeth grip the firm skin tighter.

His tongue licked out, the raspy edge flicking out to taste the very tip of the nipple, held by his teeth. The body underneath his bucked, and cried out. The hands moved off his body, and slammed hard into the bed, on either side. It bounced from the force of those fists striking, but he held on, his tongue continuing to lick out at the tip of the nipple.

Troy felt the hips lift up, making his body move, and making him lose his grip on the firm nipple. He let it go, and pressed his face down, his hands reaching down towards the hips, to take hold, to force them back down. His lips pressed hard into the chest, the tongue licking at the hard skin around the nipple, and at the base of the nipple. Then it moved off, and slid to the other side, repeating the same action to the other nipple.

Again he felt the hips buck, push upwards. He felt his own stomach pushing down, felt his hands struggling to hold onto the waist, as he licked at the tip of the other nipple, as he felt the fire growing deep inside of his own body.

Troy felt the press of Philippe’s cock against his stomach, felt the hot liquid of his precum dribbling out, being smeared across his belly as the cock was pressed up and out of the way. His own cock had to be dripping too, as he felt the way his groin felt. It was like he was on fire, as if his entire crotch was in the middle of a blast furnace.

The shrill cry was ear splitting, but he couldn’t stop. His whole body was trembling as he heard Philippe’s cries, heard the words breaking through the fog of his mind.

‘I can’t hold it, oh God Troy, I can’t… I am cumming, oh shit, it hurts, it is soo good, I can’t hold it, I can’t…’

His body had a mind of its own, as he felt himself sliding downwards, felt his legs leaning down towards the floor, as his head moved quickly down the trembling body. Even as the words were being said, his body was pushing itself down. Troy felt his nostrils flare, as the strong musky odour of Philippe’s groin filled them.

The scent was overpowering, and too much for him to take in. He felt his hands tighten around the waist, as his head now lifted up and was poised above the hard shaft that stuck up from just below Philippe’s belly. He hadn’t seen it so exposed before, as his eyes widen to take it all in, even as the young man kept crying out, kept struggling to hold back.

It looked so huge at first, then seemed to become even larger. He felt himself licking his lips, felt his jaw widening, as he realized it was becoming bigger because he was coming closer to it. The heat from it felt like it was about to burn his chin, as one hand reached out, to take a firm grip of it. As he did, he could hear the moans, hear Philippe cry out ‘yes, oh god yes’.

Troy saw the glimmer of white, then as his eyes began to close, he saw that drop of white sink back into the tiny hole, just as his lips circled the head. With his eyes closed, the swirling emotions, feelings, all closed in on him. Just like entering a hurricane wall, the force collapsed in on him, pressing his whole body down.

As he felt the burning flesh of the trembling pole touch his lips, as his free hand grasped at the hips, he felt the body buck upwards, felt the hard cock suddenly lurch forward further into his mouth. It banged up into the roof of his mouth, and before he could adjust the angle of his head, every part of his mouth was awash in a hot sticky liquid.

He felt his throat tighten, felt himself gagging, as the hot stream of liquid seemed to keep on pouring into his mouth. It had a salty taste to it, that only added to his desire to retch, to throw up. It moved in behind his teeth, and moved towards the back of his throat, as the hard round head of Philippe’s cock suddenly jerked backwards, as if to pull out.

His throat relaxed for a second, allowing the thick gooey liquid to fall down the opened throat. Choking and coughing, he let it tumble down his throat. So many thoughts were going through his mind, so many feelings were tugging at his heart, that he missed the cockhead once more pushing forward, once more unleashing a torrent of hot liquid into his already full mouth.

The feel of something holding his head down, made its way into his thoughts, even as more of the liquid filled his throat, as the muscles continued to tighten, to try and hold back the flood of salty goo. His body shook, and deep down in his groin, he felt his own shaking, his own impending explosion.

Pain from his jaw broke the thought, as his body quivered, as the hold on his head grew more intense, and as finally his throat relaxed enough to let more of the hot milk flow downwards. From the corners of his mouth, he felt more of the liquid dribbling out. His body was shaking, as he realized he couldn’t hold on much longer. He was choking, gasping for air, as he felt himself wrench his head away, as he felt the thick pole inside his mouth suddenly disappear.

As his head pulled back, he felt the stinging splatter against his face, his nose and chin. He felt the shudder inside, as his eyes were still firmly shut. His body was in turmoil, as he coughed, struggling to still swallow what little of Philippe’s cum was left. His chest was heaving, as he gasped for air, as he continued to cough.

Slowly other sounds penetrated his mind. His eyes opened, to stare down at Philippe’s shaking body. He could see the cock, coated by dried cum, the head still fiery purple, the shaft still pulsing to the rushing blood that held it erect. The sac below was lifeless looking, the two tiny egg shapes clearly visible.

The chest was rising up and down, like a piston. He watched, as he saw how the nipples moved, how the hair on the chest was matted by sweat, which made his own body shake a bit more. He had to look just like that, he thought, as the pain in his chest began to ease a tiny bit.

He noticed the eyes, still closed, but at how white the eyelids looked. Troy couldn’t help but notice the odd shaped eyelashes, or the way the hairs on his brow seemed to be sticking up. He noticed how the lips were tightly closed, hidden within the mouth. How perfect he looked, as the eyes fluttered and opened, to gaze up at him.

They looked filled with fear, as they peered up into his own face. He could see it all over his face, at how the lines of his face suddenly tensed up, how the forehead furrowed, as he looked up into Troy’s face.

‘I am sorry… I couldn’t hold it back… I…’

Troy just smiled, moving his body back up the still trembling body. He felt the heat of Philippe’s flesh, felt his own as it seemed to stick to Philippe’s. Yet it didn’t stop him, from quickly being face to face with him. He could hear the disappointment in the words, as he stared down at him for a second, then he let his head move down, to softly kiss the mouth, to stop Philippe’s apology, that wasn’t needed. As his lips pressed, he could feel the change in Philippe, in how his hands now moved up to wrap around him, to pull him back down to him.

Troy’s lips parted as he felt Philippe’s tongue dart inside. His body quivered, as once more he felt like he was momentarily, in the eye of the hurricane, just gathering his strength, before once more venturing into the storm.

To be continued…

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Making the Play

Part (4)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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The Motel (2)

The Motel

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

Young Hot Latino GainIt was as if they could read his mind, as Big Brother grinned, telling Garrett could have first crack at Kaylan’s puckered hole. In some ways, it was like he wasn’t even in the room, the way the two brothers talked about him. In some ways it was even more alluring, making him hornier than he could ever recall. The idea of these two brothers, talking about him, that way, was making him lick his lips, and play with his spent dick. It didn’t go unnoticed either, as big brother moved closer, and gave Kaylan a hard kiss on the lips, while guiding him down and up the couch, so that he now lay fully stretched out. His head was resting on the arm of the couch, a small throw pillow under his neck.

Looking down his body, he saw Garrett by the other end of the couch, stroking his cock, making it grow even thicker, as he stared at Kaylan’s naked body. Man that dick looked huge, he thought, wondering about how it would feel entering his tight hole. Garrett looked up at him, smiled and continued to stroke his dick, as if he knew exactly what Kaylan was thinking.

Big Brother turned to smile at his little brother, and then looking down at Kaylan he asked him if he wanted it with or without. For a minute or two, Kaylan wasn’t sure what he was asking, then he figured it out. In a cracked voice, filled with anticipation, he said ‘with’.  The older one leaned over him, and Kaylan could smell his scent, that mixture of sweat & testosterone. He breathed in deeply, as the man grabbed something from the end table, then twisted and tossed them down towards Garrett.

‘Got ‘em’ the younger voice cried out, as big brother blocked Kaylan’s view with his own body. He was not sitting up on Kaylan’s body, his warm body resting firmly over his stomach. His one leg was crammed in next to his side, the other seemed to be bracing the body on the other. Yet all he cared about was seeing how that massive cock was staring at him, almost like it was winking, knowing exactly where it was about to go.

Licking his lips he ignored the extra weight on his stomach, enjoying the wet warmth of the flesh pressing down. His own dick was hard again, and every now and then, he felt it brush up against the hot cheeks of big brother, who just looked down, smiling. His eyes were taking in every part of Kaylan’s features, and his one hand was holding his cock, right around the thick base.

The man’s body moved down a bit, as his upper body leaned forward, bringing his head down to hover above Kaylan’s. The eyes were sparkling as the lids fluttered a bit, and then it all went blank, as they kissed. Softly at first, then growing in passion, as the man’s hands began to once more explore his body, to touch him in a way that made him shiver with excitement. It took his breath away, as he felt the man’s tongue inside his mouth, felt it tickling the back of his throat even, as they kissed.

Vaguely in the back of his conscious mind, he could feel one of his legs being lifted up and placed over the back of the couch, the other being pushed up and off so it rested precariously on the edge of the sofa. Hands were there, running up and over his exposed buttocks, pulling at them one second, then just running across them the next. It had a surreal feeling to it, as big brother continued to kiss him hard, his own body responding with equal pressure. His lips were hurting a bit, when it suddenly ended.

For a minute or two, he kept his eyes closed, still enjoying the rolling waves of pleasure inside from the tongue fucking his mouth had just gotten. Opening his eyes, at last, he saw the older brother leaning up, placing his two hands on either side of Kaylan’s head. The palms were planted a little apart on either side, a few strands of his damp hair caught underneath, but he didn’t care, as he just stared up at the looming figure.

The weight on his lower body changed, as big brother moved up, bringing his own lower body up more, so that he could smell his scent. He breathed it in deeply, enjoying its musky aroma, as he saw the body lift up and move inwards towards his face. Kaylan’s eyes fluttered, then closed, as he felt the tip of the cock rub up against his closed mouth.

Parting his lips quickly, he tasted the salty pre cum, and felt his whole body shake as he swallowed it with gusto. It was unlike any pre cum he had ever tasted before, and the pleasure inside seemed to be only becoming more intense, as the thick pole slowly slid between his lips. He had no control over it, as the head was quickly covered by his mouth, and a gentle in and out motion already began.

At the same time, he felt the press of fingers near his hole, felt his cheeks being pulled apart, then the sound of someone spitting made his heart quicken its beat a bit. The feeling of wetness near his puckered hole made his legs stiffen, made the muscles tighten even more. Then he felt the press of a finger around the base of his hard cock, feeling it move slowly down towards the spread apart valley of his cheeks.

The cock in his mouth began to push in deeper, as he squirmed a bit, to the touch of Garrett’s finger along his crack. He moaned a bit, sort of a muffled one, as the cock in his mouth felt a lot thicker than he had first imagined. It began to dive in deeper, making him gag a bit, which stopped its inward motion, but only for a moment. As his mouth and throat adjusted to the thick piece of meat being stuffed into it, it began to once more slide further inside.

His lips were wrapped up under his teeth, and his jaw began to ache, as it was being spread open wider than he thought possible. Christ, the guy was thick, he thought, as the pole slid inside, as the head poked hard against the back of his throat, then found the small opening, to slide down into the waiting passage. His chest heaved, his lungs ached for air, as the cock inside his mouth was making it hard for him to swallow in any air.

As he struggled to take the whole cock, he felt the finger moving around his hole now. Its slow downward journey  was reaching its final destination, and his body shuddered, as the tip of the finger circled the tight pink muscle band around his butthole. He felt it tighten, knowing it was about to be tested. The tip moved around and around, then down a bit, then back up to pull at the fringes of his hole.

Kaylan was moaning, muffled but noticeable, as he felt the cock in his mouth start to pull out, then come back inside, a bit faster than he anticipated. His head was hurting, his eyes clenched tightly shut, as the hard pole moved in and out, gradually increasing speed. His chest heaved, and as it did, he felt the sudden pain lancing inside his body. Garrett penetrated his hole in one quick hard motion.

The tapered finger was suddenly buried deep inside of him, the pain of its penetration quickly replaced by his inside muscles grabbing hold of the sliding digit, surrounding it with his own warmth. He felt the tip wiggle, felt it dig inside of him, touching him all around. His body fell downwards, his chest tightened, as he felt the finger exploring his insides, then the pain came again, as another finger was expertly inserted, to join the probing of the first finger.

The cock in his mouth began to thicken and push in harder, deeper into his throat. He felt his muscles tightening, then releasing their hold, as they failed to stop the hard thrust of the pole. He gagged, felt himself wanting to throw up, but his mind quickly moved to squelch that thought, to push aside that idea, and to try and enjoy all the strange sensations that were coming from every part of his body.

Thirty years old, and this was his first threesome. Never had he been serviced like this, as his body seemed to become just one mass of shuddering nerves and rolling muscles. Every part of his body was tingling, even the strands of his hair. He could feel his cock swaying, feel it leaking precious pre cum as the fingers inside poked at him, as the cock in his mouth made him gasp for air.

It felt so amazing, he could barely breath, his jaw was aching from being wrapped around big brother’s huge cock, and his hole was being expertly stretched, loosened, that he forgot about time, about everything, as he just reveled in the feelings that kept growing inside. His body was pouring sweat out, as he felt the cock inside his mouth shiver a bit, felt it actually throb as it slid past his lips in an increasing speed. The head was banging hard against the back of his mouth, before finding the opening to his throat, and he could hear the panting breath becoming more laboured, from above him.

The warm glow in his gut was suddenly replaced, as the two fingers were gone. His insides felt empty, when he felt the press of something hard against the side of his inner thigh. He felt the warm air, as the flick of a tongue dug at the puckered hole. He moaned, loudly, despite the cock wedged in the back of his throat. It only spurred big brother on, as his cock was now flying in and out of Kaylan’s mouth. Kaylan’s hands reached up and outwards, to grasp at big brother’s thighs. His fingers dug into the hot flesh, until they touched bone, as he felt the muscles tightening underneath. He could hear the older brother’s panting breath, and in a brief moment, he let his eyes open, to stare up at the handsome face of the older brother.

He saw the head tilted back, the mouth parted, and sweat dripping off his forehead, drops dripping down onto his own body, from even the tip of the hooked nose. The nostrils were flaring, as the upper body seemed to be vibrating, shimmering in his view. He knew it was from his own sweat, that was dripping over his open eyes, which he tried to keep open. The way the tiny little rivers were flowing down the cheeks of the man’s face, how his lips were curled, his nose flaring, made Kaylan quiver.

The cry barely registered in his mind, as the thunder of his own heart was too much for him. He felt it instead, felt the way the cock in his mouth trembled, even thicken more, which he couldn’t believe, as the blood flowed through it, stretching the outer skin. He felt it burning the inside of his mouth, as the head suddenly swelled, then reared back, which was when he distantly heard the loud cry from way above his head.

The gushing feel of thick goo made him gag, made him nearly retch, as it took him by complete surprise. The sudden torrent of hot cum was filling his throat and mouth before he even realized the head had shot forward. His throat tightened up, restricting the flow of milk down into his belly, making it back up and push up against the back of his lips. He felt some of it trickling out from his lips, as his mind quickly tried to make his throat open more, as he swallowed several times, in quick succession.

The thick goo was almost too much for him, but even as he struggled with it, he felt the hard twisting presence of Garrett’s tongue, now buried inside his hole. The sudden penetration, by little brother’s tongue, while big brother was cumming, was unbelievable. His whole body shot upwards, bucked, as he felt the juice in his mouth slide down his throat, as the second load came flowing into his flooded mouth.

Big Brother had his groin pressed hard up into Kaylan’s face, and he could barely breath. The man’s aroma was intense, and then suddenly it was gone, as was the cock in his mouth. He gasped for air, cum dribbling out from his mouth. He heard himself moan, heard the beat of his heart stutter, as his eyes flickered open, to see the cock moving away from him, still dripping precious cum

He watched, as he swallowed more the milk in his mouth. The body was changing in an odd way and he glanced up to see that big brother was turning himself around, that he was leaning towards Kaylan’s lower body, while shifting his body upwards. His hands came around, to pull at the offered butt cheeks, to spread them open.

His eyes opened wider, as he saw the pink hole being exposed to him, and he stopped himself from swallowing the last of big brother’s cum. He held it in his mouth, as the white orbs came closer to his face, as he breathed in the man’s scent. His vision was blocked as the cheeks came up and he leaned forward, lifting his head to greet the spread open buttocks.

His hands reached up and his fingers dug into the hot flesh, helping to spread them apart as they came towards his face. Leaning in, he pushed his face between them, to let his lips touch the very inside, over the offered hole.

Kaylan let the few remaining drops of cum dribble out then, which made big brother moan. His tongue flicked out, to dig at the tight hole, to spread it apart with its curled up tip. He tasted the older brother, letting his own saliva, along with remnant’s of the man’s cum lubricate the pink hole.

Licking at the hole eagerly, he ignored the pain in his neck, in his shoulders, until he could bear it no more. Collapsing backwards, his eyes saw the hunched figure locked in an embrace with Garrett. His body shook, as he saw them kiss, saw the way their mouths were locked together above his own shaking body. It was unreal as he just stared at them both.

The two broke apart, and Kaylan watched as big brother reached out to grab hold of his legs, just under the knees. He pulled at Kaylan’s legs, then slid his body down, forcing his butt firmly into Kaylan’s face. As his cheeks pressed up against his nose, Kaylan felt his cheeks being slapped, then twisting his head, he saw Garrett suddenly stand up and feed his big brother his cock.

His eyes bugged out, as he saw the thin swimmer’s body gyrate, as he fucked his older brother’s face for a few quick hard thrusts. His legs ached, as he saw the way big brother’s head rocked from each hard thrust. Garrett had a glazed look on his face, as he reached down and while pulling his cock out from big brother’s mouth, he lifted up the hand, to let his teeth rip at the small package.

Kaylan watched, as Garrett ripped open the condom, then pull his cock out of big brother’s mouth one last time. He noticed how it was dripping from the saliva, as the thin plastic condom was quickly unrolled down the throbbing shaft, until its end was snugly resting up against the younger brother’s pubic hairs.

He knew what was coming, as he let his head fall back, and stare at the glistening orbs of big brother’s shaking cheeks. Kaylan moved his hands to run them, to let his fingers run across them, until they reached between the two half moons. He felt the warmth coming from between the cheeks, felt the wetness as his fingers dug into the soft flesh, to pull them apart.

As his fingers dug in, he felt his legs pulled back, felt the sudden hard press of Garrett’s cock up against his own body, right below his full & aching balls. His eyes closed tightly, as his tongue licked up and out. He felt the tongue licking at the soft moist valley of skin, felt the body shudder to his touch. His own body quivered, as the hard pole slid down from below his balls, to wedge itself over his puckered hole. He felt the muscles tighten, to deny Garrett entry, as his own tongue shook, recoiled a bit, waiting for the pain to enter him.

His thoughts were all over the place, as his mind struggled to make sense of all of the different sensations that were running through his body. He felt his arms growing numb, felt the ache in his groin from being unable to reach and touch his own cock.

The pain took him by surprise. He yelled out loudly, as Garrett suddenly pushed hard into him. Kaylan couldn’t believe the pain, the intensity of it, as the big thick cock that had been wedged at his hole, was so quickly buried deep inside of him. His insides felt like they had been split apart, as the huge pole drove itself deep into him.

The waves of pain were raging inside of him, going everywhere. Up to his toes, that were held up over his body, to his fingers and even to the very hair on the back of his arms. Everywhere his mind searched, it found the pain there, making his eyes tear up. The thickness of the cock, the depth of its penetration, had made him expel the last of air in his lungs. Kaylan was gasping for air, made harder by the press of big brother’s ass into his face.

Gasping for air, he felt the cheeks pressed up against his face quiver. His eyes were rolling back in their sockets, as his brain struggled to remain alert, despite the deprivation of oxygen. His hands fell to his side, as he tried to breath, as the pain inside only continued to grow and grow. The hard thrust had pounded the air out from him.

Just when he thought he was about to pass out, to shout out for Garrett to take it out, he felt it stop driving in, then begin a slow backwards motion. His lungs drew in some air, his own actually that had been trapped by the ass before him. He felt the pain in his chest, but the harsh pain of penetration was dulled now, as his body adjusted, as his mind managed some hold over his racing thoughts.

Kaylan felt his body shake, felt it tremble, as the cock inside pulled itself nearly out. His hold shuddered, unsure of whether to let it pass out, or to hold it inside. Before it could decide, the cock was once more travelling fast into him. He cried out again & again, as the hard cock pressed inside, once more. The hard slap of the groin into his upraised buttocks only added to the moment. His mind seemed to be overwhelmed, again.

His hand, that was now dangling over the edge of the sofa, was twitching uncontrollably. It was convulsing, like in an uncontrollable spasm, as the hard cock began to pound him harder and harder. Each thrust coming before he could relax, before even realizing it had pulled out, even a fraction. Kaylan felt his stomach muscles contracting, as the waves of pain were being replaced by a new sensation. It wasn’t pleasure, nor was it pain, but more of a fullness, that gave him a warm feeling inside. It was more like he was burning from the inside, outwards. Sweat was pouring from every pore of his body, making each deep thrust noisier and more intense.

The weight of big brother suddenly was gone, as his eyes flipped open. He could see that his legs were still being held up and apart. He could feel the press of a cock on his forehead, as he glanced up to see that big brother was leaning over him, though now standing behind him.

Looking down he saw Garrett, saw his face twisted as his body kept up a steady thrusting motion into his body. He saw the sweat dripping off his forehead, falling down onto his own crotch. Kaylan saw how the eyes were glazed over and empty looking. The younger man’s face was coated in a fine sheen, glistening in the rooms light. The shadows of the flames from the fire adding to the unreal scene before him, as he groaned his own pleasure.

Spittle was dripping from the corner’s of Garrett’s lips, as his thrusting motion grew faster and faster. The pain of his thrusts felt good, as each thrust drove that huge cock deeper into his body. His own body, hips, were in sync with the hard thrusts. Each push in was met by his own body pushing up.

The eyes rolled back in Garrett’s sockets, then the hard cock was suddenly free of the grip of Kaylan’s insides. He saw it suddenly looming up from between his legs, as the thin plastic was quickly grabbed and yanked off. He saw the cock head all mottled in purple, saw how it looked like a small bomb about to explode, which is was.

Garrett was suddenly yelling, and a huge stream of his cum was streaming its way towards Kaylan’s face. He could see the thick stream leave the cock head, see its gray globs lurching towards him.

Kaylan leaned forward, his mouth wide open, hoping to capture Garrett’s flying sperm. He felt the stab of pain, as some splattered against his chin, then more hit him on the tip of the nose, before he felt the hot milk splash in the back of his throat. He leaned forward even more, ignoring the pain in his neck, as he also opened his mouth even more, threatening to break his jaw, as he tried to capture more of the younger brother’s cum.

He managed to trap a few more splashes, before he felt his head pulling back. His body was quivering, as the remaining shots of cum splattered along his heaving chest. Kaylan felt them strike, felt them burn, even as Garrett fell forward, onto Kaylan’s trembling body. He felt the younger man shaking, felt the tremors from his body mingle with his own, as they lay there, both of them gasping for air.

Kaylan had no idea how long they had lain there, before finally having enough strength to move. His body was sore, ached in spots buried deep inside, yet for the first time in his thirty years, he felt totally alive. All the pressure of his life, seemed to have just evaporated, as he slowly let himself sit upright in the sofa.

His body had cooled, but he could feel the dried cum all over as he let his body unwind, as he began to finally look around at the room. Garrett had moved to lean over on the sofa, resting his body against the far corner. He had a satisfied look on his face, but his eyes were not looking at Kaylan, but at the grinning figure in the big armchair, to Kaylan’s other side.

Turning to look, Kaylan couldn’t help but feel like the night was far from over. His own body tingled still, though he was deeply satisfied. Yet he could feel the small jerk of his dick, knowing it was thinking the same as his mind. As his eyes found the older man, he noticed how his eyes did a quick glance over of Kaylan’s naked body.

‘You look like you could use another hot drink.’

‘Among other things, but yeah another would hit the spot just right.’

His eyes moved up and he turned to stare at Garrett, his face still locked in a huge smile. His eyes twinkled a bit as he spoke to his younger brother.

‘Told you Garrett, it takes a real man to satisfy a guy, like our guest here. So be a good little brother, and get us men some drinks, then I’ll show you how to properly satisfy a man.’

‘Fuck you Jason, I was just getting warmed up, I am not done yet.’

‘That limp pecker of yours, says you are.’

‘I can get it up, when its time, so you get the fucking drinks.’

He couldn’t help but laugh, at the banter of the two brothers. Plus he had learned the name of the older one, and as he laughed out loud, the two of them stopped their banter, to stare at him.

‘Don’t getting into a fight over me fellas, there is enough for you both.’

‘Oh? Think you can handle more of us both, do you?’

‘Yep, you are what Garrett, eighteen or nineteen?’


‘And you uh, Jason is it?’

‘Twenty four, why?’

‘Well see, there you are Garrett, nineteen and limp as a wet noodle, and you, twenty three year old big brother, are just as soft. Yet if you two rookies will notice, the old fart, me, is still rock hard. Now I don’t know, but maybe you both should get the drinks, so you can both recover. Looks like you both could use the time, I can wait.’

The two brothers looked at each other, then both stared at his hard dick, and they laughed. Garrett even giggling a bit, as he looked at Kaylan’s erection.

‘He’s got us there Jason.’


Holiday special from Hot Young Latinos, Gain. 

An eighteen year old who just loves to show off his uncut cock, when he isn’t stuffing his nice tight hole with his favorite red dildo. Course he’d prefer another nice thick cock to replace the dildo, but until then, he makes do with what is at hand.

Gain from Hot Young Latinos

Gain from Hot Young Latinos

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