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Cost of Living

making the most of your moneyI don’t know, but the rising price of gas is certainly making a difference in my household.

Seriously, we are going out less, cutting down on our car trips, and watching what we spend money on, and all because the price of Gas is constantly going up.

Right now it is over $5 a gallon up here in Canada.

Thankfully we have memberships to sites like Blake Mason and BoyFunk.

I mean bad enough to have to cut down on our grocery shopping, on our cuddle time by the Ocean, but damn it, who wants to cut down on seeing hot sexy guys jacking off, or getting their tight little holes stuffed by some enormous cock?

Think About It.

For less than $30 a month, you get access to Blake Mason, or BoyFunk.

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Both sites offer you hundreds of Exclusive Videos and Photo Sets to help you enjoy your own masturbation. Hell, it even give my wife, David, a few naughty thoughts, that makes sex even more fun.

Saves on Gas as we don’t need to run to the local Video Store so much.


Bi-Sexual Amateurs

for the best of Brisitsh amateur males, the choice is Blake Mason

Blake Mason has just released a new video, featuring two very popular amateur males.

21 year old Kai and 19 year old Robbie have teamed up for an exclusive 23 minute video performance, that will have you lubing up, stroking, and definitely breathing hard.

These two bi-sexual amateurs are both versatile, as either tops or bottoms. When you watch the video, you know that they are into each other.

Why miss out on all the action at Blake Mason?

With easy sign up options, reasonable prices, there is no reason to not splurge on yourself a bit. After all, who needs to go out when you can stay at home and watch top quality gay porn, courtesy of Blake Mason and his over 280 amateur Brits?


Amateur Brits from Blake Mason


Bradley and Jon from Blake Mason

Amateur Brits from Blake Mason

Personally I think that Blake Mason has found a real winner in 19 year old Bradley.

I love his look, and man, can this stud ever get it on. I just love his blue eyes, and that hair is rather enticing too, but how he takes it, how he kisses, is what gets me. Now Jon isn’t too bad himself, even if he is 24.

See for yourself at Blake Mason

You can watch the 23 minute exclusive video when you join Blake Mason. For myself, it is well worth the initial $28 (USD) for the first month.


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Blond Amateur Will

Uncut European Males from Blake Mason

Over 280 Exclusive Videos at Blake Mason, where you get high resolution photographs, as well as crystal clear Videos of nothing but amateur young males from all over the United Kingdom.

For $28, you can be a part of this experience, where cumming is encouraged, as often as you want, without restrictions, like DRM. No need to enter your membership details each time you want to watch a video in the Members Area.

Meet blond 18 year old Will, just one of the many amateurs, performing right now at Blake Mason.

If you enjoyed looking at Will and his 9 inches of uncut wonder, wait till you see his solo video, or the one he did with Dean. Talk about hardcore wild sex, this is it.

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Meet Nathan B

Amateur uncut male model Nathan B from Blake MasonThis 25 year old hottie is one of the many amateur males showcased by Blake Mason.

He is not only good looking, fit and well toned, but for those who are into uncut dicks, this stud sports a nice 8 inches of uncut meat.

In addition to his own solo video, 19 minutes of enjoyable whacking off, he is also featured in three other videos, with other talented & exciting amateur males.

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Amateur Male models from the UK

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