Wasted (5)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Part (5)

Kale from HM Boys“Hey Mr. Qb, how’s it going?”

“Rich, this is a surprise”

“Yeah, well I thought I’d come by to see practice, man that was one hell of a hit he took, how’s he doing?”

“Cool, yeah it was, uh, I don’t really know, they won’t really know much until the swelling goes down but he’s out for a few weeks at least, that’s for sure”

“So… does that mean what I think it means?”

“Uh huh, I get to start on Saturday”


“Hehe, yeah it is kind of exciting, hasn’t really set in yet”

“Well, hey, we have to celebrate…”

“No way man, I have a ton of stuff to learn by game time, I am going to have an early night”

Richard could feel his moment slipping away from him and the hard cock in his pants started to slowly shrink and grow limp. He had to make this work; the ache in his groin was almost too much for him to bear.

“Okay, but later we will have to make it up”

“Sure man, but if this works out, it most likely won’t be until after the season is over”

“Sure, I understand, but hey, how about this, I mean if you don’t mind, why don’t we just head back to your place, I’ll cook you up some dinner while you soak the grime off in the tub, and then, well if you want, I can give you a really nice rub down? What do you say Cory? Up for something like that?”

Cory really wasn’t into company at this moment, unless maybe if Mason had shown up but even now, well maybe yes, maybe no, but he just felt so drained by it all. The reality of his responsibility was settling in and he bore the weight hard. He felt so alone, so empty that he even doubted if he could do it. Sure he had made some pretty good throws in practice, but that was due to the adrenalin rush he had experienced then, and he doubted if that would sustain him through the next few days, never mind the game itself.

Looking at Richard, he could see the hope in his eyes and he really just didn’t want to disappoint anyone else right now. He knew in his heart what Rich wanted, which was to get into his pants and well, to be honest it was an attractive idea, after all it had been some time since he had felt a man inside of him or been inside of one himself. He could use the release and it was nice of Rich to show up on such a dismal day to watch him practice.

Maybe he could put aside his own selfish thoughts for a few hours tonight, and just let loose, it wasn’t like Mason was really ever going to come back home to him. He could feel the emptiness in his heart as he felt his thoughts jab into him. The ache inside of him wasn’t for the feel of a cock or the warm breath of another man, but was for the loss of his love. It felt so empty inside, so devoid of emotion and he had to admit, Rich felt good next to him.

The idea of someone cooking him dinner while he lounged in a hot steaming bath was enticing plus Rich did have nice hands. He could give a very good back rub and so what if it lead to something more? After all the guy had needs to and it was kind of selfish of him to expect Rich to stick around with only a rather half assed jerk off session afterwards.

“Sure, why not Rich, sounds good to me”

“Really? You sure?”

“Yeah, why not, I could get into a nice back rub, and such, sure it isn’t too much trouble for you?”

“Trouble? Fuck no Cory, I would really love it”

“Okay, well let’s go, I could sure use a good hot bath about now”

Rich almost jumped into the Camero as his heart was so pumped with the result of his desperate gamble. It had paid off and he would see if maybe it wouldn’t stretch into something a lot more involved than a back rub. He could see the small twinkle in Cory’s eyes and he was sure that tonight would be the beginning of a long and happy relationship with not just a hot jock but maybe even a rising college star, God, life couldn’t get any better than this.

The drive to Cory’s apartment seemed like it was taking forever. Rich had wanted to reach over with his foot and stomp on the accelerator but he managed to barely contain himself. His heart was pounding and each time he would steal a glance at Cory, his heart would skip a beat and race faster for a second or two, until he was forced to look elsewhere. He could feel tiny beads of sweat on the palms of his hand as they barely spoke with each other, both lost in their own fantasy worlds.

Cory could feel Rich’s desire burning a hole in the side of him. Every time he tried to start a conversation up, Rich would have to be brought into the present, his mind clearly elsewhere. In a way, Cory thought it was flattering, that someone as experienced and good looking as Rich would be so giddy about the prospect of doing him. Maybe it was that he was a jock, he knew that was a turn on for some, but maybe Rich really did care for him?

Deep inside his heart he felt alone, even with Rich next to him and the prospect of maybe having sex with him, he still felt like he was alone. He should be crowing now, talking a mile a minute about how it felt to kneel inside a college huddle, with the 1st string unit, how scary it was to think that in three days he would be taking the field for the first time, to lead his team hopefully to victory.

All of those things he should be doing, but in looking at Richard’s face he just knew that it wouldn’t get the kind of attention he craved and needed. If Mason had been here, well that would be different because when he did talk with Mason, he could see the way his words affected him. He could feel his words reaching down into Mason’s soul and while maybe Mason wasn’t all that keen on football or sports, he was interested when it had concerned Cory. He missed that the most, even though they rarely had in over the two years of being together.

Parking the car in his spot, he climbed out feeling a bit dejected, a little less than pleased, but as he kept telling himself, at least he wasn’t alone totally and at least he had some chance at maybe having a tiny celebration for his success. That had to be some comfort, and who knew, maybe sex with Rich would open up a whole new part of him that he could fall for, that could make him forget Mason and how much he loved him.

Entering the apartment, Cory stood still for a second or two, until Rich asked him what was wrong. He answered nothing but it was like he could feel the walls closing in on him and it had made him shiver a little. There had been a strange presence, as if to ward him off and he couldn’t understand it, as it grew inside of him while he turned on the lights and tossed his car keys onto the counter.

Maybe it was just a natural reaction from the afternoon’s stress that was getting to him as he went by every light, flicking them on so as to make the room blaze with the artificial light and hopefully drive away the dark fear that was suddenly filling his heart and soul. He couldn’t understand it as he listened to Rich talk about the bath, asking him which soap he liked and all the other stuff that he really no longer cared about.

“You okay?”

“Huh? Oh yeah Rich, sorry, guess I am more tired than I thought”

“Well, I have the hot water running, why don’t you go and get those clothes off and by then the bath should be all steamy and ready for you”

“Sounds good, you sure you don’t mind fixing dinner while I soak?”

“No, not at all, if you want, I’ll come and wash your back”

“That’s okay, I think I’ll just lay there and let the dirt soak off this time around”

“Well, whatever, holler if you change your mind, I don’t mind doing it for you Cory, you know… it is kind of exciting isn’t it? You getting the start on Saturday”

“You think?”

“Well, yeah I do, I mean I don’t know all that many athletes, well not your kind that is, but it has to be exciting for you”

“Yeah it is, guess it just hasn’t really sunk in yet, well… I better get a move on, I really am bushed, didn’t realize how much until now”

Cory headed towards the bedroom while Richard headed off to the kitchen area. He didn’t bother closing the door all the way as he quickly stripped off his street clothes and stood in front of the dresser mirror. He stared at himself wondering why it was that Mason wasn’t here but Rich was. Could it be fate telling him that he had guessed wrong a few years back? Could it be that maybe Rich was destined to replace Mason in his heart?

As he thought about it, the coldness from earlier grew colder and his heart shivered as the fear seemed to blanket it and tried to strangle his heart. He felt the cold run up and down his spine as he shook his head and went into the bathroom. The hot misty steam rushing towards him as he opened the door and he felt the heat as it surrounded him, and yet the cold in his bones still held him in its grip.

The hot water made his flesh groan and turn a bright red as he slowly lowered his bruised and aching body into its comforting hold. He could feel the coldness in his bones slowly begin to evaporate, as the steam swirled around him, cloaking him and he could look out, to barely see even his toes sticking up from the end of the bathtub.

Cory knew he had to shake this feeling and he started to think of how it would feel to hear his name echo through Martin Stadium on Saturday as the starting quarterback. It was what he had strived for back in middle school and then high school. He had succeeded too and he thought about his old high school coach, the one who had helped him in getting George out of Mason’s life and he smiled, knowing that at least he would be happy for Cory.

Laying there, he knew that he would have to call him, to let him know that he would be starting, because he would at least be able to have someone be really pleased for him, not faking it so they could get into his pants, or have the ability to say they were friends with the new starting Qb at WSU. Funny, he had thought Rich was sweet that first night, but now he was starting to see him differently and maybe that wasn’t fair of him. After all, Rich did come to the practice, he did offer to take him out to celebrate, so maybe he was just being too critical of the guy, or maybe he was just too damned hung up on Mason.

The water had cooled some, so Cory let some out of the tub and then turned the hot water tap back on full blast. He felt that same chill again and for some odd reason he couldn’t seem to keep warm. Damn, all he needed now was to get sick before his one chance. Fuck, couldn’t life give him at least one break? He wasn’t that bad of a person, and okay, yeah he had tried to run Mason’s life, but it wasn’t because he wanted to control him, it was because Mason needed someone to break him out of that situation, and damn it, he loved him, what else was he supposed to do?

“You going to turn into a prune if you stay in there much longer”

“Huh? Oh Rich, sorry, I guess I was just enjoying the hot water”

“Uh huh, well dinner is about ready, uh, you want to eat first or would you like that special massage I promised you?”

“Oh, uh, well, I am not really all that hungry, I guess, unless you are?”

“Me? No, I am not starved, uh, so tell you what, why don’t you come lie out on the bed, I put the bath sheets down already, and I’ll towel you dry and then give you a really super massage, in honor of the university’s newest star, hey?”

“Haha, yeah right, newest goat you mean, but sounds good, okay I’ll just be a minute”

“Goat? Nah, you’ll do fine, I am sure you are a good Quarterback”

Cory waited while Rich left and he could feel that chill again, but this time it seemed to be eating away at him, like it was trying to ward him off and the more he thought about it, the less he felt like going through with having sex with Rich. The guy was hot, there were no doubts there, but there was something wrong, something that was giving him the willy’s and he didn’t know what it was. He hadn’t felt this way for a long time, hell the last time he felt this way was when Mason had finally told him about George.

Standing up, he could feel the mist swirl around him and he cursed himself for letting his imagination run away again. Rich was a good catch, he was tall, had a nice build and while his dick wasn’t super sized, who cared, it was good enough to look at and it did feel nice when it would rub up against his body, so fuck it, he needed to stop thinking so much and start having some fun. After all, he was the starting Qb for Saturday’s game and that was what he was here for, to play football.

The sound of the doorbell echoed in his ears and he laughed. God he felt kind of giddy and he looked over at the man sitting in the big armchair, his head tilted forward and his tongue hanging out one side as he just sat there. To think, he was the Terrible Terry everyone snickered at when really he wasn’t all that bad.

So far all he had done was pat his bottom when he walked past or knelt down to snort up a line of coke. Other than that, the guy had honored his word and not made a move on him. It felt safe which surprised him, as the room they were in was not exactly your average den. He looked over to the one wall, to see long silver links of chain hanging from iron pegs, shackles on one end, the other fixed to the pegs. The other wall held a wide assortment of whips and then there was the glass-covered case.

Mason had stared at it in amazement, and every now and then he would get his ass up off the couch and stagger over to stare once more at the huge assortment of adult toys that were displayed under the glass case. It really was something actually, the guy had so many interesting toys, little clamps that he said were for a boy’s nipple, bigger one’s for men and then there were the dildos. Man some of them looked so damn huge he doubted if anyone’s ass was big enough to take the, but Terry said lots could. He thought he was bragging but what the hell, who cared?

“Man that doorbell sounds wild, maybe we should answer it?”

“Oh yeah Mason, go ahead… I don’t think I want to stand up right now, besides, I can stare at that nice firm butt of yours easier this way”


“Oh yeah, definitely, anyhow, it’ll be Chad, he’s bringing us some more candy”

“Oh well in that case I better get over there, hate for him to think we weren’t home, I do love his candy”

“I can see, maybe he’ll stay and join us, if you ask him nice and if I promise to give him a nice bonus, would you like that? To have Chad stay and join us?”

“Yeah it would be cool”

“Well then, go, go answer before he leaves”

Mason found it hard to get up off the couch, but the idea of partying with Chad again was enough to finally get him moving. He stumbled a bit as he went towards the front door, making sure to wiggle his butt a few times to keep his host happy. Amazing how such a little thing as a slight hitch in his step would make the guy happy so that he would keep on supplying the party goods. He had to admit, the coke was definitely 1st rate and at the door was more, plus a hot guy too. Shit, this was definitely better than staying at the bar or going back to the apartment.

“Hey its Chad the party caterer, how’s it hanging there Chad”

Mason was feeling very ripped. He had been sipping at some Jack Daniels all the time and he could feel his head swimming but the sight of Chad at the door was enough to make him feel very happy. He reached out as he spoke, his hand groping at Chad’s crotch, checking to see just indeed how it was hanging.

“Fuck Mason, are you ever ripped”

“Oh yeah, come on, get that nice firm little ass in here, we got some partying to get under way”

“Underway, shit man looks like its been going on for some time”

“Yeah, just the warm up, hey TT says he’ll give you a nice big bonus, but you gotta stay and party hard, so what do you say? Hmm? I’ll throw in a nice fuck if you want, or how about you fuck me? There, now that’s a deal you should like, right Chad old bud?”

“Christ, get a grip will you, since when did you become Terry’s agent? Man, you sit down while I go talk to Terry, where is he? In the room?”

“The room? The room you say… I don’t know, it’s his playpen he said, I think that was the words, so come on; you bring more of that excellent snow? I don’t know where you get it from man, but fuck it is good”

“Whoa, down Mason, okay? Shit, take a breather until I talk with Terry, this isn’t cheap shit either… fuck you are wasted”

“Yep, and if you aren’t careful, I’ll be more wasted soon, so hurry it up, do the business shit and then come and get me, I think I need to get a great big dick up my ass, you going to be my salvation, how’s that for fancy talk?”

“Good, okay man, let’s go see Terry”

HMBoys is about Home Boys, the kind you just might find next door, skateboarding down the street, or standing by the bus stop. They feature barely legal teens from all over, and you have to admit it, if you are a Twink fan, these guys know how to pick ’em.


If you like that look, wait to see Kale’s custom gallery.


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