Wasted (4)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Part (4)

The sky was clouding over and a cold wind started to blow across the field as scrimmage came to an end. Cory picked himself up from the turf and shook off the hit he had just taken but he was happy, the pass had gotten off and if it had been in a game, it would have meant an easy 6 points. He felt pleased so far and no one seemed to want to jinx anything by bringing up other shit. Maybe, just maybe he could get away with it, but he doubted it.

The team was being sent to the locker room and he glanced over at the bleachers. He had heard some of the cheers and one voice seemed to be familiar to him. For a second or two, he was sure that it had to be Mason cheering him on but as hard as he looked, he didn’t see Mason’s blonde mop or his face in the small crowd of on lookers. He did finally recognize Richard’s face and he smiled at that, not as happy if it had been Mason’s face.

His heart ached as he realized that Mason wasn’t there to see him get his chance. He knew that the odds of that happening had to be remote but still, a part of him still wished for it and even prayed for it, but he knew it wouldn’t be. Mason had been clear, he didn’t want to have anything more to do with him, so why was he still feeling like there was a chance? Why did he still refuse to go all the way with Richard?

It wasn’t like Richard was a dud or ugly or deformed or any of that stuff. Actually he was rather sweet and in the few days that they had been seeing each other he had shown up with flowers one time, candy the next time and now here he was at practice. It really was like Richard was boyfriend material, yet all he could think of was how it would feel to be with Mason, to be able to share this with him. He had to admit that Richard was hot looking too, and it was hard for him to refuse him but still, for some insane reason he felt like he would be betraying Mason.

God, was he stupid or just in love? Maybe he really just was a coward at heart, afraid to admit deep inside that it was over between him and Mason but he really did love Mason. Was it so wrong to want someone so bad that you would risk your own happiness? The more time he spent away from Mason the more he wondered if maybe he had gone about everything wrong. He had taken charge; he was used to doing that but was it right of him to make so many decisions about Mason’s life without asking him?

Okay, yeah there wasn’t really a lot of time to make some of those choices, but he could have tried, couldn’t he? Mason was right, he had made all the decisions, the set up in Memphis, then the decision to leave and come here, all of that was made without an even ‘by your leave’ from Mason, so yeah no wonder he was pissed off. He could understand it actually, how it made you feel so inadequate, so unimportant, when everything was decided for you. Maybe that was another reason why he had not yet given in to Rich’s sexual advances, because he still had some idea of getting Mason back.

Cory walked slowly back to the locker room, his mind whirling with a whole bunch of stuff and it wasn’t until he actually entered the locker room that he still had a whole team to convince of his abilities. One short workout won’t mean much, he would have to still prove himself tomorrow and the next and every time after, not because he hadn’t played, but mainly because they all knew of him as a fag. God, couldn’t he just have at least this?

He couldn’t help notice when he walked in how many of his teammates suddenly tensed up. Some of the guys heading to the shower quickened their pace, others coming back seemed to hold their towels even tighter now, and all of them stared at him while trying to look like they weren’t.

It felt strange, to be in a room of over eighty men and feel like you were the only one naked and they were all dressed in tuxedos or something fancy. Like showing up at a party in a costume while everyone else was in evening dress. He could feel the eyes of almost everyone, and the questions they were all dying to ask hung in the air unspoken as he slowly made his way to his locker.

Before he could make it to the locker, one of the free safeties’ stood up and got in his way. He looked at him, square in the eyes seeing the challenge for what it was. Would he cut and run or would he assert himself.

“I don’t like Fags”

“Really? I don’t like Free Safeties, guess we are even”

“Huh? What’s wrong with a free safety?”

“They think they are linebackers”

Cory walked around the stuttering player, his shoulder pushing past the surprised defensive player and he could hear some of the offensive players chuckling quietly. He didn’t have to impress the defense, his career depended on the offensive side of the ball and he had scored a partial point with that sally.

He managed to make it to his locker before the next group was around. This was the crucial test as the group was all offensive players and it was on them that he would have to rely on for protection as well as for keeping him in the game. Why couldn’t people get past this gay stuff, like what difference did it make what he did in the privacy of his bedroom, it didn’t help him throw a perfect strike or stop him from reading a blitz defense, so why should it be of anyone’s concern?

Looking back at how his team had rallied to him and Mason, he wished for a second that he could have all that again, but knowing that it was impossible. There he had been a big cog in the wheel, here he was just a number, he wasn’t the man they pinned their hopes on, he was there to clean up or for relief, but fate had intervened. Now he was all they had and they didn’t know how to deal with the fact that the man they were relying on was gay.

“Coach give you extra time in the film room?”

“Yeah, 6 to 7 tomorrow and Friday”

“Cool, their secondary isn’t that tough but their linebackers are”

“Yeah, he mentioned that”

“What about extra time with us? You interested?”

“Yes, I asked the coach about that, I need to try and get into sync with all the receivers”

“Uh huh, so, what did he say?”

“Said it was up to you guys”

“Well, to be honest man, don’t know about it.”


“Not sure if we want to put up with the comments”

There it was, the second challenge he had to face. While there were those who were uncomfortable with gays, and had their warped sense of what should be done with gays, there was the other side too. There was the ones who wanted to give you a chance, who weren’t too sure or had their minds made up but they were afraid of the fallout. He had to deal with that too, but when would someone have to deal with his problems? His fears?

“Guess that’s up to you, personally, I want to win, do you?”

“Of course”

“Then, guess the comments don’t matter, or do they?”

“It’s not that simple man”

Cory stared at the senior. He had been on the team for a few years; a good pair of hands and this was his last year. He could tell the guy wanted to show his stuff, wanted to go out a winner and he could also feel his resentment at Cory. The guy was right, the job was being made harder because Cory was gay, and he knew that when any new guy was suddenly thrust into the game he could use all the prep work available. Still, they were hanging back, unsure and to be honest, afraid.

“No I guess it isn’t, isn’t fair either but nothing I can do about it”

“I suppose, just that, well, how do we know it is worth the grief?”

“Catch 22 man, to find out you have to take the step, sitting back isn’t gonna prove nothing, look, I didn’t ask for this but here it is, it is my chance, I know I can do it, but stupid isn’t my middle name either. I know that unless I get a lot of help from all of you, I won’t make it, I want the same as everyone else, I want to win”

The tall lanky receiver stared into Cory’s eyes. He seemed to be searching for the answers there, wanting to find out if Cory was for real, if it was worth taking the chance and spending some extra time on the field. Cory could feel the doubts, the fears of the man and he knew that if he walked away, so would all the others and his chances of keeping the starting job beyond Saturday would be miniscule. His heart was heavy but he stood his ground, finding the strength somehow and he stared back, showing himself calm and collected while inside, his stomach was twisting and turning, gurgling to the point where he could feel his stomach acids bubbling and burning inside of him.

“Morning practice starts at 10 and afternoon practice starts at 2, guess we can be here at 9 and at 1, will that be enough?”

“If that’s what you can do, then it’ll have to be, won’t it?”

“Suppose, okay, 9 tomorrow”

“Uh huh, full gear, okay?”

“Full gear? Yeah, I guess might as well, yeah okay, full gear it is”


“Yeah, well…”

“I get the message”

“Okay, tomorrow then”


The receivers all left and he could see how everyone was staring, wondering what had gone on but all of them still keeping their thoughts to themselves. He was sure that as the evening wore on many of them would meet and there would be lots of cracks and comments made. He just hoped that he could keep those wisecracks from intruding on his concentration plus not become a focal point for the team. If it did, he didn’t stand a chance.

As he undressed, his heart was heavy with the pain of being alone. He wished he could just go back to the apartment and crawl under the covers and stay there. He knew he couldn’t but it would be nice. The idea of going back to the empty apartment only made him more depressed, as he missed Mason even more right now than any other time since he had left.

By the time he finished showering and cleaning up it had grown dark outside. An early fall was descending upon Pullman and he felt it as he walked out of the building towards the player’s parking lot. At least he still had his camero but it didn’t feel all that much of a consolation for not having Mason to ride around with. Funny, he always thought that playing Quarterback for a college team would be fun, and maybe if he had been given the normal chance it would, but now it seemed like it was just another chore to work through.

Things had been much simpler back in Texas, well at least until he hooked up with Mason. Thinking about it, he realized that his life had become nothing but a mass of complications ever since he first went after Mason as a date. Granted, the first reason was purely sexual, after all Mason was hot stuff, the way he walked, the way his hair just flowed around him making his facial features soft and desirable. Yet, he knew that after that first touch, that first kiss that it was more than just wanting to have his body.

He could still smell him, even now after all this time and the memory of that aroma would always make him hard, and this was no exception. For the first time since he had been thrown into the starting position he could feel his body stirring. The vision of a naked Mason was more than enough to get his juices flowing and he could feel his cock getting hard. Tossing his equipment bag over his shoulder, he reached down with his other to settle his personal package and he barely noticed the tall figure leaning against his car.

For a second, he saw a glint of blond and before his eyes could focus, his heart began to race faster, the pulse quickening as his heart thought it was Mason. It would be the perfect end to his day, to have Mason standing there, waiting for him and he started to quicken his gait as he thought of holding Mason in his arms once again.

As he got closer, his eyes were able to focus better in the dwindling daylight and his heart skipped a beat. A sense of disappointment grew in his heart as his eyes told him that he wasn’t rushing towards the love of his heart, but that it was someone else. For a second he felt panic, wondering if this was another encounter where he would have to prove himself but as the tall figure took better shape, he sighed, realizing whom it was, and knowing whom it wasn’t.

Watching all the players head towards the locker room, he stood up and made his way towards the player’s parking lot. In a second he spotted the sleek dark Camero and made his way towards it. He wanted to leave a note or something, and as he got closer he wondered if maybe he would just wait. After all, it would be a perfect time to be with Cory, he would be all pumped up about being put into the starting position, and hopefully that would hold for game time too.

Right now though, it would be nice to share in his happiness and maybe this would be the needed incentive to get Cory to unwind and let their friendship go where it belonged, which in his mind was the bedroom. He could feel his crotch now, the way it ached and the way his butt seemed to clench and unclench wishing for a nice hard cock to be wedged between the cheeks.

He could sort of understand Cory’s reluctance to take their friendship to a higher plane, after all Mason was a hot stud and most likely a hard act to replace, but he had found that for the most part, the lookers weren’t all that good in the sack and all he needed was his chance, to prove that he was worthy of Cory’s attention.

Maybe it was selfish of him, but every time he thought of Cory he got a wicked boner and even though he managed to get his dick off while in Cory’s arms or just laying next to him, he wanted and needed much more than that. He wanted to caress the fat thick cock that Cory had between his legs, and he wanted to feel it push inside of his ass and not just rest next to his buttocks. The nightly conversation wasn’t much, they would discuss the day briefly, mostly he did the talking and then they would watch some television but Cory’s choices weren’t exactly his.

If he really thought about it, there wasn’t all that much they had in common other than maybe they both liked to drink beer. That certainly wasn’t much to build a relationship on but then again, he had built relationships on less too. Sure they hadn’t lasted long but God the sex had been great for a few weeks. Maybe one day he would find that Mr. Right, the one who had the big balls, the huge cock that could satisfy him forever, and from what he had seen of Cory, well, he was sure hopeful that he was the one. It would be nice going to the bar on weekends, to be on Cory’s arm and now, if he started the game, man what a rush that would be.

Standing against Cory’s muscle car, he felt a pang in his heart and he wondered if maybe he was putting too much emphasis on the sex thing. He liked Cory, was sure that Cory was a decent guy who had a lot of deep sides to his make up, but maybe he was edging so much towards the sex stuff because inside, he knew that Cory would never really be his. He could pretend to be the tramp, the one who always wanted a good fuck, but deep down inside he knew he wanted more than that.

Sex was a big part of being gay, least in his mind it was but he was smart enough to know that you had to have more than just a hard dick to stay with someone. Hell, look at Cory himself, the way he still was agonizing over Mason when he should be out partying or looking for someone new. He did that, he never allowed himself to spend any time grieving for a lost relationship, but he had to admit that if he and Cory didn’t work out, he would maybe make an exception. Cory was the perfect boyfriend, he didn’t really demand much and he was positive that he was a good fuck, which was important. There was nothing worse than having to teach someone how to fuck or suck you off; it kind of ruined the moment.

He took a quick glance in the mirror, seeing his jet black hair falling perfectly across his shoulders, the dark hair had a slight curl at the ends and he liked the way it set off his face. His eyes sparkled back at him as he licked his lips, seeing the thin pale red lines grow a bit pinker with the saliva. His chin was firm and as he stood up, he knew that no one would take him for a queer, which was also good. No one wanted to have a ‘flamer’ for a date or companion.

Richard leaned against the passenger door, waiting for Cory to emerge from the locker room and hopefully, be all smiles so they could go back to Cory’s place and finally make out. He could feel once more his cock rising to the idea and he smiled. Just out of the corner of his eye he saw the tall figure coming towards him. He could tell instantly that finally his wait was over as Cory came towards him.

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