Wasted (3)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Part (3)

He stood at the sidelines, watching the 1st unit as it struggled with the drills. His helmet was in one hand; a clipboard in the other as he ran over some of the plays in his head but his mind just couldn’t focus really. Mason had only been gone a few days and still he couldn’t get him out of his head, and now life was getting more complicated again with the appearance of Rich.

Waking up with a splitting headache and a strange person lying next to you was a novel experience for Cory, that seemed to be Mason’s routine, not his. He shivered a little in the brisk air knowing that he was being bitter which wasn’t going to get him anywhere. It also wasn’t fair, because in all the time he had been with Mason, Mason never once left him alone or didn’t come home to him. He still didn’t believe that Mason had been faithful all that time, but then he was either stoned or drunk a good deal of the time and you couldn’t hold him responsible, or could you?

There were times when he wanted to just strangle Mason, wishing he had never fallen for him but then there were other times when he wished he could just spend eternity with the guy. It wasn’t the sex, or was it? Well maybe at the beginning it was, he had never had such a wild romp as when he was first going out with Mason, but if he was honest, the last time was even more wild than the first time, so how could that be if all they had was sex? It was too confusing and he had to concentrate, he was listed as 2nd string for this weekend’s game, but unless disaster struck, he would pace the sidelines, hand signalling in plays instead of calling them in the huddle.

Cory stood there, watching the QB taking the snap and he wondered just where did he go wrong? Why wasn’t he the one calling the shots? It had all been set long ago but then he had to play the big hero and save Mason. Now his entire college career could be summed in the words ‘Bench Warmer’ and it rankled inside of him. He had to admit, Mason was right, he couldn’t juggle both responsibilities at once. He couldn’t be Mason’s protector and a college quarterback all at the same time. Both of those were full time jobs it seemed and Mason had been right when he said that Cory had the skills for one, not for the other.

If he was honest, Mason really was right about a lot of things and maybe his leaving wasn’t out of a desire to just party. Could he really be doing it because he did, in his own twisted way, care for him? He shook his head as he watched the left defensive end come rushing in on the QB and his thoughts of Mason suddenly vanished. He yelled out a warning but it was too late and the 1st string QB was blindsided hard. The ball went flying out of his hands but it was the hard bone crunching sound that made everyone turn their heads.

Players were milling around the field, no one really doing much of anything as they waited for the coaches to reappear from the locker room. It hadn’t looked good and the only other player that was isolated from everyone was the left tackle, the one who had missed his assignment and now they most likely were without a starting QB and Boise State were coming to town. Their entire season was on the line, and a 2-1 start was promising, specially after coming off that major upset of California last week. Gessler[1] had been fantastic in the last quarter and now he was in the locker room, his entire future maybe at jeopardy.

As they waited for news, he watched how some of the players walked up to the lonely tackle Reed, a senior. He watched as players patted his shoulders but you could see his anguish as he waited for word. It had been his missed assignment and now the starting QB was out. A few of the players glanced his way but none came over. He was the black sheep, most of the team seemed to know of his history in Memphis but none had said anything, yet. He could feel the knot inside of his stomach and he wondered if he would ever be able to enter a locker room without the glances, the stares from team mates or worse, the way many would clutch at their towels harder, afraid they might drop.

That had to be one of the hardest things about being out, the way his so called team mates would look at him after practice or a game when many would be passing to and from the showers or in various states of undress. He had been used to his high school team, where it didn’t seem to matter, he was their leader so they trusted in him but here, here he was unproven, not the leader just some queer who thought he could play football. That was how he was sure they looked at him and for the most part he ignored it, but now it would once more raise its ugly head.

Being the Quarterback of a major college team and then the pro’s had been his dream, now it all lay shattered and in shreds. It was a demanding job, one that required respect and unwavering trust from the other players, and how could they give him their best if they were too worried that he might cop a feel or steal a look at them or worse, put the moves on them in the locker room? This wasn’t how you built respect and trust; at least in high school he had already proven his skills on the field before they found out, now it was reversed.

“Wallace, get over here”

The coach’s voice startled him and he could see his fellow team mates all crowded around Coach Price[2]. He could feel that knot growing tighter inside and he figured he was about to be told that someone else would jump over him to lead the team this weekend. His whole insides felt like shit and he wondered if maybe he shouldn’t just quit football all together. It wasn’t like he stood much of a chance anymore but damn it, he did like the game and he was good, if only he could get a decent chance.

“Yes Sir”

“Okay, look everyone, its been a tough season, we have really had to battle, last week you all showed how we could come back, well we are going to have to do that again now, battle back and Wallace here is going to need your help. Gessler is out for at least 6 weeks, so Wallace, you ready to lead this team?”

“Me? Uh, Yes, Yes Sir”

“Good, see me after practice, we’ll need to get some extra time in the film room, right now you take your team and run off a few plays, get the cobwebs out”


Cory put his helmet on, the chinstrap dangling free for the moment as he felt like he would soon feint. Coach Price wasn’t going with someone else, he would get the nod and for the first time in 2 years he would take to the field as the man. Damn, he could feel his heart pumping a mile a second as the adrenalin poured through his system. This was what he had worked hard for and all thought of quitting was buried for the moment.

It was strange kneeling in the huddle, everyone’s eyes all turned to him and he felt his mouth go dry. His voice cracked a little as he called the same play that only a few minutes earlier had given him this chance. He knew it was a risk, but he also thought that by calling that play he could demonstrate his confidence in his offensive line. If they failed, well better he find out now, so at least this way he might manage to actually make his first start.

He could feel some of the questioning looks as he called the play, many of the players looking at him like he was nuts, but also some of them shifting on their feet, realizing that he was trusting in them that what had happened was just a mistake, one that hopefully wouldn’t be repeated.

“Sure you want to call this play Wallace?”

“Yeah I am sure”

“Okay, just that, well it is a tough pass to make at best, you have been a bench warmer for a long time now, maybe you should try something you can handle”

Cory could feel all the eyes boring onto him. He was being tested early, and at least it was on his abilities rather than his personal lifestyle. He could be thankful for that but he had to deal with it the same way.

“I have made this play lots of times, besides, it shouldn’t matter if I warm the bench or not, I am here cause I can do it, you just make sure you are in the right spot at the right time”

“I’ll be there, you just get me the ball hot dog”

“Hey, look, I am not a hot dog, but I am not a weenie either, got it?”

“We’ll see I guess”

“Just catch the ball, okay? ON 3 BREAK!”

Cory walked up to the line, his mouth dry and his heart pounding as he stared over at the defensive line. He could almost hear the thoughts of some of the guys, the way they looked at him from under their helmets or the way they just lined up. This was his one chance, he had to make the play or else they would never follow his lead in a game.

Rich sat down in one of the bleacher seats, watching as Cory had taken to the field. He had come by to catch the last part of practice and maybe talk with Cory. He had hoped to see him for dinner tonight, and maybe this time it would lead to more than just some heavy cuddling. The cuddling was fine, and he did manage to find himself cumming even with just being next to Cory, but he ached for more than just that, yet he didn’t want to push things. It still seemed like Mason’s presence was there, and he resented him for that even though he never met Mason really. He just thought he was a spoiled rich kid, like some of the others that came to University to party, not to get educated.

It was unexpected to see Cory in the huddle, and he felt a strange giddiness as he saw him saunter up to the line, placing his hands under the center and barking out his cadence. God, it was like a different person, the way he seemed to just be taking command. His voice sounded so drill instructor like, it made him smile a little. He wondered just how his voice would sound as he ploughed his big dick into his ass and his eyes watered a little at the thought. Rich didn’t notice the blond standing at the fence, near the gate as his eyes were strictly on Cory and the way he looked so damn hot playing Quarterback.

When Cory had started to walk out onto the field at Martin Stadium, the entire offensive squad following him, Mason came out from the shadows of the stand and stood by the chain link fence. His heart was in his mouth as he watched Cory kneel down to give the play to the team and he could barely breath as he watched the team jog up to the scrimmage line.

This was what Cory had been waiting for and he prayed silently, begging God to give Cory a good shot, to let him make the right call and complete the pass. He could tell it was going to be a pass the way Cory settled his helmet and stared at the two corners. It was a tell tale sign that he wanted to toss the ball, and he prayed harder, knowing this could make or break it for Cory.

Mason could hardly stand, and he leaned on the gate, his knees wobbly and his heart in his mouth as he watched Cory bark the signals, saw the ball go up into his hands and Cory fade back into the pocket. He saw him take three steps and pump the ball to the left, then pivot on one foot and set his feet for the real pass. The defensive end was coming in hard and he saw Cory side step to his right, then rear back with his hand and toss the football.

It was a perfect spiral; the kind that Cory loved to toss and he watched it float down towards the streaking receiver on the far sideline. His head was turned back, looking the ball in and the cornerback was two steps behind, his head now swiveling as he too caught sight of the incoming missile. The receiver started to put his hands out and Mason knew it was early yet but he kept praying, willing the ball to find those soft receiver hands and let Cory make his first pass a success.

The ball just dropped, a perfect toss and Mason watched the receiver bobble it at first, then bring it into his body as he continued to ran forwards, the defender now coming in for the tackle. It was a picture perfect play and Cory had pulled it off. He looked over at the sidelines, to see the coaching staff all standing, watching in stunned silence as their newly pressed into service quarterback threw a strike. It was amazing to watch the rest of the team too, to see the amazement on their faces but there was none of that stunned disbelief on his face, he knew that Cory had the right stuff.

The sound of someone cheering distracted him and he looked back into the stands to see a tall dark haired stud standing, clapping, and whistling. He looked familiar and then Mason realized that he was watching Rich cheering for Cory. The joy in his heart suddenly vanished and he felt heaviness around his chest as he carefully maneuvered himself back into the shadows of the stands.

What did he expect? Did he really think that Cory would be left on the open market for long? He just wished it wouldn’t be someone as damn hot looking as Rich was. Mason knew Rich from the local bar, Escapes. In one of his drunken moments he had toyed with the idea of trying for Rich but instead wound up drinking the night away with Justin and his friends. Looking at Rich up in the stands, the way his hair flowed, his lithe body shaking with the pleasure he was feeling, all of it made him feel sad and alone.

Mason turned and left Martin Stadium’s practice field. At least he got to see Cory succeed this time, at least now Cory had a chance that he deserved and maybe, well maybe with Rich he would have the support he would need to reach all of his goals. He knew that Rich was not a bad guy, least according to the gossip in the bar, and who knew, maybe he would be a good lover for Cory. There was a pang in his heart as he thought about Rich and Cory being together, but he tried to shrug it off, knowing he wouldn’t really succeed in that. He loved Cory too much, but he had to forget about that, and so he continued to walk back towards the bar. If he was lucky, Chad or someone else he knew would be there and he could get a head start on the night’s festivities.

The bar was pretty empty as Mason entered it and looked around. He couldn’t see anyone he really knew so he sat at the bar, where Randy was tending. He liked Randy but knew that Randy wasn’t exactly a fan of his. He wondered about that, as he always left the guy a decent tip, and he wasn’t a bitch to him and yet Randy always seemed to be rather annoyed at him. Oh well, no accounting for bar people was there?

God, listen to him, he thought, as he toyed with his first drink and stared into the glass. Here he was, in the middle of the afternoon drinking bourbon when he should be watching Cory finish his practice and then be at home to welcome him, to shower him with kisses and hugs, but instead it most likely would be Richard who would be doing that, not him. He sighed deeply and then drank the remaining liquid down in one fast swallow.

“Looks like you could use another, mind if I join you?”

“Huh? Oh, sure, why not”

Mason stared at Terry, ‘Terrible Terry’ was his nickname but today he looked like the stockbroker he was. He was dressed in a dark three-piece suit and other than the round earring hanging from his left ear you would swear the guy was normal. Terry was well known in the bar for his S&M fetishes and according to the gossip; he paid well too for those working boys that would indulge him in his fantasy. Well, he had had enough pain in his life, so he really didn’t think he would let Terry get too close.

“You look like you need more than just a single, hey Randy, bring a double here for Mason and a usual for me”

“Okay Terry”

“Thanks, yeah I guess I could use a double at that”

“Fine with me, so you normally don’t show up this early? What’s up? Looking for a party or something?”

Mason knew what Terry meant, and he could feel his stomach turning at the idea of going home with ‘terrible terry’ and checking out his house of tricks. He could feel his body shiver a little as he thought about some of things he had heard about Terry, but while it seemed to nauseate him, he could also feel his dick getting a bit hard at the idea as well. God, was he that sick, that perverted? Yeah, it was probably a good thing that Cory would go home to someone like Richard instead of a loser like himself.

“Been a rough afternoon, just came to see who was here, that is all”

“Yeah? Well, maybe you want to come to my place? I just scored some wicked snow[3], maybe we could do some skiing[4] together?”

“Really? Well I don’t know, bit early in the day even for me Terry”

“Oh well, can’t blame a guy for trying, can you?”

“I guess not, thanks anyway”

“Sure, no problem, maybe some other time?”

“Yeah, sure, some other time”

“Cool, well catch you later then”

Terry stood up off the stool and signaled for Randy to put the drinks on his tab and then he walked out, glancing back at Mason just before he left. Mason shivered a bit at the look and glanced down at the brown liquid in his drink, wondering why so many sleaze balls always were attracted to him.

He sat there nursing his double bourbon, thinking back to when they left Texas for Memphis and how fucked up he was then. First of all, he had let JT get into his pants, or was it him into JT’s? Damned if he could remember, except that it was the first time he really had been drunk and that was his excuse, or at least the one that Cory seemed to make up for him. He hadn’t argued about it but he felt so damn rotten that night, and everyone else seemed so hyper, as if they had all just won a super bowl game. Jocks go figure, he thought as he took a long pull on the drink and felt the harsh liquid burn his throat.

Maybe that was the whole problem, he was always letting someone else decide what had happened, either making excuses for him or giving him one, Cory had done it for a long time now, first with his relationship with George and then JT and then for Memphis. Maybe he should have been stronger, maybe he should have expressed his own needs better but he wasn’t used to that. His whole life had been planned out for him, first by his parents and then by George and finally by Cory.

How could he be expected to know how to act, when all he had ever been told was to do this or do that, not think about it, just do it because they all knew better than him what was right or wrong. He was wrong to let his parents manipulate him, to let them determine what classes to take, what friends to have, shit, they even decided what activities he should try out for, not once asking him if he wanted to do those things, just telling him.

No wonder he had fallen for George’s lines. After all he was the black sheep in the family, his parents had long since given up hope on making him into a clone of his father, so he was naturally attracted to him. The idea of listening to George talk, in being with him was intoxicating, it was like he was able to defy his parents without them even knowing it and that made it all worthwhile, or so he thought. Now look at him, a common bar fly that even people like Terrible Terry were attracted to.

Mason finished the double shot and ordered another, counting out the change first, knowing he had to be cautious of his spending. Cory used to look after that for him, but now he had no one but himself and he was finding it a whole new lifestyle, having to count money and worry about making it last the whole month. God, life was so complicated, as he sipped at the fresh drink.

He could feel the booze warming him up and he wondered if maybe tonight he’d just go home and sleep instead of going out with Chad and his friends. The party atmosphere was nice, but the mornings after weren’t exactly a ringing endorsement for late night binges. Shit, if Cory could hear him thinking this way, he would smile but Cory wouldn’t hear it, he would most likely be listening to Rich telling him how hot he looked or how good he had played. Damn, why did it bother him so much? Cory was better off without him, and to be honest, so was he better off without Cory. Least he could move on his own, he didn’t have to answer to anyone now and that was how he wanted it.

Mason swallowed the last of his drink and felt like he should get going when he looked up to see Terry walking back into the bar. He smiled at Mason as he headed over to talk with Randy. Randy handed him a leather case and Mason realized that Terry must of left something, which was why he had come back so quickly.

“Hey, you still here, huh?”

“Yep, just going though”

“Yeah? Well, sure you don’t want to join me for some skiing?”

“Uh, well… shit I don’t know, what the hell, it is close enough”

“Really? All right Mason, come on then”

“Yep, uh, I don’t have any money to pay for this”

“Did I ask you for any?”

“No, but I also don’t trade for it, you know?”

“Oh? Well, I did ask, so my treat this time around, besides Chad is supposed to call around 7, so, what the hell, let’s go”

“Chad? I didn’t know he was a, uh, well, uh…”

“A Player?”


“Not always, just sometimes, but I told him I might need some more snow, that’s why he’s dropping by at 7”

“Okay, well, as long as you know that I am just along for the trip, no side stops elsewhere”

“Sure Mason, I got that message loud and clear”

“Cool, okay, let’s go”

Mason got off the bar stool and followed Terry outside. Randy stared at his departure, shaking his head and wondering when Mason would grow up and get a life. He was spending way too much time partying and now that he had dumped one of the hottest guys around, he was going home with Terry? God, the guy must really be a blond, all the way through his brain. Oh well, it wasn’t his concern but he sure did like Mason, the way he moved his hips, the way he stood up and just the way his teeth sparkled when he smiled. He knew there was something good there, but damn it was buried under a ton of shit.

Wiping the counter top down, Randy wondered what it was about bar waiters that made all the hot looking guys ignore you? He wasn’t second-class or dirty, and hell, he thought he wasn’t exactly a hot stud but he sure as hell wasn’t a dud either. He really wished that sometime, he could be attracted to someone who would look back and not just see a tray with drinks on it.

The first time he had seen Cory and Mason walk into the bar, he had fallen for Mason. Cory was hot, but just not his type, he was too forceful of a character, at least so he had thought until he saw the way that Mason seemed to have him under his little finger. That wasn’t really fair though, it wasn’t like Mason seemed to really push it but just that Cory seemed to let it happen, as if he was afraid of stepping in, of calling a halt to the shit.

Thinking of Mason with Terrible Terry made him wince a little and he wished that he had the guts to just talk with Mason instead of feeling so tongue-tied. It was as if he was back in high school, whenever Mason was around, and he must be coming off as one smart ass bitch to the guy. Maybe if he could get someone to front for him, like Chad or Justin, but he doubted if they would, both of them were only interested in getting their dicks off, not into helping guys out.

[1] The name is real, this was the quarterback for the Cougars in the 2000 season, please note that the use of real player names or coaches is any indication of anything other than to provide a more realistic tone to the story. As the story is currently set in Pullman Washington at WSU, it is more realistic to use actual names where possible.

[2] Again this is a real person, but anything attributed to real people in this story is fictitious and is merely intended to add realism to the story and not to be taken as an endorsement of this story, or the characters or subject mater

[3] Snow = common street reference to cocaine

[4] Skiing = street reference to snorting or shooting cocaine

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