Wasted (2)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Part (2)

Mason felt like he had run straight into a semi trailer truck and he staggered a little as he felt the soft moist lips of Chad against his own red lips. His whole body stood rigid and still, the obvious hard on evident to anyone with eyes. He could smell the testosterone and he breathed in deeply, his chest heaving a little which brought a few more sighs and moans from the onlookers but which he paid no attention to.

You sure know how to dance Mason

Thanks, so do you

Yeah, I kind of hate to…”

Me too, uh… shit, I need a fucking drink

I could use more than one

As they headed back to their table Mason could feel that something had changed between them both. He had this certain feeling that at some point later he would find out exactly just how big Chad was and if that bulge was really all meat or just stuffing. He licked his lips as the idea of grabbing Chad right then and there and stripping him made his groin pulse and ache even harder than it had been.

What you smiling about?”

Huh? Oh just wondering if that bulge is real or Parkay?”

Parkay? Oh funny bitch… its real. Want me to show you how real right now? Right here?”

Hmm, well I could think of worse places to find out, but I also think I’d rather find out where there isn’t so much of an audience, unless of course you like to have a ton of old farts drooling and smacking their lips while you prove your manhood to me

Prove my manhood hey? Hmm, sounds to me like you need a very private lesson in how to address those better equipped than you

Well, I am always one for higher learning, don’t know if you can come close to being a good teacher, but hell I am an equal opportunity type guy… I’ll give anyone a chance… if they got the balls

Chad stopped for a second, to look at Mason, to gauge whether or not this was just casual banter or if Mason was serious. He stared into the blue eyes and he could see the flames burning deep inside of Mason, and as he looked inside, he could feel his heart bursting outwards, attempting to engulf Mason in its grasp but it was still being held in check by his heaving chest. Mason was serious and now he had to figure a way to make it happen, to get Mark to let him welch on his agreement for later, so that he could take Mason up on his own offer.

Oh don’t worry Mason, I got the balls for the job

Guess we’ll find out later then

Guess so

For the rest of the evening, people kept sending the two dancers drinks. It felt rather nice to once more be the centre of attraction for so many people and he could tell that Chad was enjoying it as well. At some point they were having trouble keeping ahead of the drinks that kept arriving with one type of proposition or another but for which they both seemed to smile and ignore. Mason watched as Mark’s face at first was impressed by all the attention his little group was getting, but as the drinks continued and the senders seemed to become bolder, he became less enthused.

Mason could see that Mark was not happy and he sat back a little and realized that in many ways, Mark really wasn’t a bad sort. He wasn’t exactly a raving beauty, hell his weight proved that, but he didn’t really try to force his attentions on anyone. Sure, he liked his pleasures that seemed to involve a great deal of partying or was that maybe due to Chad? Damn, he was getting into one of his thinking moods, when all he really wanted to do was just forget everything.

Sitting back and watching, he could see the pained expression in Mark’s jowly face and for a brief time he was sure he saw tears welling up as he tried to talk with Chad. In many ways, he had thought that he and Chad were alike, and maybe they were. Mark was good to Chad; he paid for everything and looked after him in the same way that Cory had looked after him, which was somewhat weird when you thought about it. He really hadn’t minded that part all that much, and yet it was one of the reasons he used for dumping Cory.

The table was once more getting loaded down by drinks from would be suitors and Mason needed a break. He reached out to tap Chad and they headed back onto the dance floor during a slow song. It felt kind of nice to rest his arms around Chad’s waist and his head on his shoulders. That was one thing that he never did do with Cory, dance. Cory said he had two left feet but Mason really thought it was more that Cory was afraid it would tarnish his jock reputation.

Strange really, how he made such assumptions about Cory and yet really, when he sat down and thought on it, Cory never really came off half as bad as he had thought. Yeah, he did kind of take charge that one time, but he was right, Mason was in no shape to discuss it and even if he had, he was in no mental shape to decide the pro’s or con’s of such an action. George had hurt him, and it was because he had said no, so why was he so stuck on defending George now? For Christ’s sake his brother had raped him, then told a whopper to make his life even more miserable, and for what? Now, he was defending him? God, maybe he did need to see a shrink.

The feeling of Chad’s hot body next to his was intoxicating and his reflections on the right and wrong’s of his decision just didn’t seem important at the time. He knew that he would have to face it one day, and maybe that was another reason for him to really have left Cory. The more he stayed with Cory, the quicker he would have to face the whole issue of George and of what Cory did about him.

His mind wandered back to the young man in his arms, or more accurately the young man in whose arms he was, and he smiled as he realized that he really did enjoy slow dancing. The earlier wild dancing wasn’t his preferred style, but god it did arouse him but in a different way. He could feel his cock getting hard again as he started to concentrate more on Chad than on his rotten choices and decisions.

As his head lay on Chad’s shoulder, he was able to see their table and he could see Mark glaring over at him. That was strange, normally Mark seemed to like him but now he could actually feel the resentment coming from him as he danced with Chad. Was he that jealous or was there more to this evening than he had first thought? He felt uneasy as they twirled around the dance floor, in a sedate manner, that in itself was sensual and erotic. Chad had his hands resting on the small of his back and one on his right butt cheek and every now and then, he would squeeze the soft fleshy cheek.

Mark seems pissed

Yeah, kind of, he’ll get over it

That because of me?”

Well, yeah, but he’s also pissed cause all these old letch’s are sending us drinks, makes him feel insecure, guess he’s afraid I’ll find a better sugar than him

Is that what he is to you?”

Well like DUH, you don’t think I’d sleep with him for any other reason do you?”

Gee, I don’t know, maybe you are into fat people?”

Mason had said it with a smile, at the same time he pulled Chad’s body in a bit closer; to show he really didn’t mean it. Chad sort of chuckled and Mason could feel the ripple of suppressed laughter running through Chad’s body. It felt good to him and he could feel his pulse start to race a little faster.

Chad dug his hands into Mason’s fleshy butt cheeks and with surprising strength for someone of his build; he managed to force Mason’s body into his. His hard thick cock pressed hard into Mason’s groin and he ground his hips, making sure Mason could feel the thick organ and his state of arousal.

Does that feel like I am into fat people?”

Hmm, well I don’t know, guess you go either way? Haha

God, you are a bastard

I do try, so what are you going to do about Mark?”

I don’t know, I mean I guess he’s okay, but damn it, I want to see what I am feeling right now

Oh you do hey?”

Uh huh

I suppose I could whip it out here

God you are a pervert

Thank you, but you don’t need to flatter me, you already got the date


Oh that too, if you want

Haha, okay I surrender, you win, still doesn’t change anything though, I have to figure a way to get Mark calmed down

Mason was enjoying himself; the light banter was exactly what he needed. Nothing serious, he had enough of that to last two lifetimes already, what he needed and wanted now was to just have fun, to let himself do whatever he desired and fuck the consequences or the responsibilities. Thinking that it would be fun to play with Chad in bed, he knew he had to come up with something to keep Mark pacified. He pinched Chad’s bum and felt him push forward, his semi hard penis still hard enough to let him know it was there, which made Mason even more desirous for Chad.

You think Mark likes me?”

Huh? I don’t know, suppose so

No, I mean likes me as in I turn him on

Oh, shit yeah, I mean you got the looks Mason, why? Just what is going on in that blond head of yours?”

Well you aren’t the only one here who wants to see what he’s been feeling

Uh huh, so?”

Well, we could just go back to the apartment and have our fun in your room, and well, as long as the lights are off or just maybe a night light is on, well, who cares if Mark is there too?”

Hmmm, never thought of that, and besides, he does like jerking off, hmm, guess we could give that a try, but you sure? I mean he’d be there, he’d see it all…”

Well unless he’s blind I kind of figure he’d see… I mean shit, in a way it is kind of a turn on, I mean to know that when you are, well, uh, doing it… well that someone is sitting back there watching and getting off on you getting off, I don’t know, weird I suppose but well, it is an idea

While he had been telling Chad his idea, it made him tingle all over. His body was quivering to the idea of him having his butt filled by Chad’s hard dick while some guy was sitting there stroking his own meat. It made him shiver as he explained his idea to Chad and judging by the sudden hardening of Chad’s very interesting bulge, it seemed to make Chad excited as well.

Maybe George had been right when he said that Mason was a deviant, but shit, the idea of having some guy watching, while he got off, well it did make him feel rather hot and horny and hell, sex was what he wanted and if he could get it by simply letting some fat geek watch, why the hell not? Besides, Mark wasn’t a bad guy and it made sense to have him on his side rather than as an enemy. The other plus to him was that he also got what he wanted, which was to see if Chad really was as big as that bulge indicated and he did like ‘big’.

When the music switched back to a fast pace they headed back to their over burdened table. The drinks had piled up and he wondered if he could drink it all or if for the first time he’d actually leave full glasses behind. He decided that if he was going to be with Chad later, he might just as well pass some of the drinks on, he would hate to go through all this to wind up not being able to do his part later on.

Mason’s plan was a hit and the scowls and dirty looks ceased almost immediately. Mark even engaged Mason in some light conversation and Mason could see the desire in Mark’s eyes. Well, why shouldn’t he be happy? It wasn’t everyone who got to watch two hot guys getting it on, and if the outside packaging was any indication of what was underneath, then Mark was definitely in for an eyeful. He felt rather like a kid at his first date as he thought about it himself, and his cock was never far from total erection as he impatiently waited for the night to end so he could reach for that hard pulsing weapon that stuck out from Chad’s pants.


Part of him felt a bit like a tramp as he tried to keep his excitement under control. His whole body seemed anxious as if this was something new for him, like a kid on his first date, wondering if he would get a kiss at the door at the end. Funny, he used to feel that way each time he would wait for Cory to pick him up back home, yet it changed right after that one night. Instead of feeling giddy or excited, he felt apprehensive, almost as if he was afraid of having sex with Cory. He had tried to tell himself that he preferred a different type of sexual experience than what Cory could offer him, but that really wasn’t true. It was more like, he didn’t feel like he could be what Cory wanted, like he was damaged or something.

Mason shook the dark clouds away as they walked into the darkened apartment and Mark rushed towards his bedroom. He wanted to tidy it up for some reason, which brought a couple of smirks to both Chad and Mason’s faces. Tidy up? Like they weren’t about to make it messier? Chad had this wicked grin on his face and Mason knew he was feeling all the drinks he had downed just before they left. The cold air hadn’t helped either of them and yet Mark seemed untouched by the alcohol, even though he had actually out drank them both. Guess that was a reward for being fat.

It didn’t take long before Mark was motioning them to come into the bedroom and upon entering, Mason was surprised to find a rather large room, well furnished and actually quite neat. The big queen size bed had been turned down and dark shimmering sheets beckoned him and Chad. He walked over to find a small blue light on and he turned to see Mark watching. He looked actually nervous which surprised him and when he turned to look at Chad, he found that Chad was already stripping down, his shirt was off and he was in the midst of dropping his jeans. Talk about in a hurry, but then he could understand that himself, as his own body started to tingle once more.

The idea of just stripping and doing it was a bit weird for him, but as he stared at Chad’s flat chest and the bunched up baby fat on the stomach, he lost all reticence. He could feel the blood warming up inside of him and he licked his lips enjoying the sight of Chad’s 140-pound body. The long strawberry blond hair flowed so perfectly around his ears and neck, just long enough to reach the milky white flesh of his back, that Mason began to step forward. His fingers ached to run through the soft strands of hair while his eyes continued to marvel at the 21year olds wiry body.

While Chad pushed his discarded jeans to one side, and stood in the room clad only in his boxer shorts, Mason moved closer, tossing his own shirt off as the fever lust took hold of him. A thought of Mark being glued to the hot strip scene passed momentarily through his mind but was pushed aside by the idea of his own hot body crushing into the sweet young flesh of Chad. He looked down, into Chad’s eyes and he could feel the fire there, the deep heat as the fever took hold of Chad as well and he kicked his shoes off, then stumbling a bit forward, he hurriedly removed his socks, almost falling flat on his face in the process.

Chad reached out to hold Mason, and to stop him from kissing the floor. He couldn’t have that; he wanted those firm red lips to be pressed against his own mouth, not the floor. His eyes glanced over Mason’s slumped shoulder and back, to see Mark sitting down in the chair, opposite the bed and he saw that Mark had his shirt open and was pinching one of his own nipples. Well, he’d have rather not had an audience, but at least this way he did manage to keep Mark happy, and that meant free rent and parties.

The touch of Chad’s hands on his shoulder was like a match to dry kindling. He could feel the sudden fire bursting forth deep inside of him and his penis became rigid, almost like a 9 inch steel rod and it hurt, his groin suddenly feeling like it was set on fire, desperate to reach out. His eyes were focused on the large bulge before him and he could tell that the package was indeed real, that it was no mirage as he saw the hard outline of a long thick pulsing organ. He could see a growing wet spot where the bulbous head rested, jerking slightly, almost as if it was straining to escape the shorts.

Mason stood up and his eyes met the deep chocolate brown of Chad’s eyes and he felt the fire burn even hotter inside of him. Now his whole lower body ached, not just his groin, and his legs became weak as he reached out with his two hands to rest them around the thin waist of Chad’s 5 foot 7 inch body. The feel of his skin and its warmth made him shake a little and he could feel Chad reaching for his jeans, popping open the button in one quick motion.

He moved in closer as his jeans popped open and he felt them being hurriedly pushed downward. His own hands joined with Chad’s and in a second he stood up, devoid of his pants and his boxer shorts resting precariously on his hips, his belly button protruding outwards and his pubic hairs showing. His cock was hard, pressing straight out towards Chad’s own thick pole and the two tips met briefly as the two bodies came closer once again.

The feel of Mason’s dripping cock against his own fiery dick was almost too much for Chad and he groaned, bending forward so his face could turn up and his mouth reach Mason’s lips. Chad’s hot lips pressed eagerly against Mason’s mouth and he felt a jolt of electricity pass into his body, and he shook and jumped a little. His tongue darted out and passed between Mason’s lips and delved inside, to taste him and to feel him. Another groan passed his mouth as he reached out to hold the tall blond and bring his body crashing into his own body.

As Chad’s tongue played havoc with the senses in his mouth, he reached out with one hand, to run it down the firm belly and the soft cotton shorts to rest it against the throbbing organ inside. He felt its thickness and power and his hand grew hot and sweaty as he felt the pole shake to his touch, tremble to his fingers pressing through the cotton fibres.

They kissed briefly, as their lust grew too intense and they both struggled to quickly discard their shorts and with them both standing totally naked, they embraced each other, feeling the fire rise inside, feeling the urge overtake them and they began to sway as their legs trembled to the force of their wanton desire. Chad was the first to lose his balance and with a loud creak the two bodies bounced onto the large bed.

Mason could feel the sweat beading up on his forehead and all over his body as he felt the heat coming from the body firmly encased in his grasp. The touch of the young skin was making him dizzy as his heart pounded and his lungs ached for more air. Every limb of his body felt weak as the alcohol diluted blood struggled to keep its supply going, failing as numbness took hold over his long lanky legs. The tiny strands of blond hairs matted by the outpouring of sweat from his pores. His hard 9-inch cock pressed against the inner thigh and jerked as it dripped its sticky white cream, coating the side of Chad’s scrotum.

He could hear Mason puffing and his own body was feeling the strain as his hard thick cock rested briefly against Mason’s belly, the head dripping its own juice to mingle with Mason’s sweat. The touch of his body next to Mason’s was making him ache all over and the way his balls kept hurting, Chad knew he was getting close, his mind refusing to let it be wasted on just the soft outer flesh. He ordered his hands to move and with surprising speed and strength, he found himself suddenly resting on top of Mason’s prone body. His legs reaching to press apart the long legs and open the prized area of Mason’s buttocks. Somehow, he had managed to flip Mason onto his stomach, so his backside was facing Chad’s steamy body.

He looked over to the night table for some Condoms but couldn’t find any resting there, one hand prying open the soft white fleshy cheeks while the other stroked his hard 9 ¾ inch cock, bringing it to that final state of hardness he so desperately wanted. His mind was reeling, he couldn’t find any Condoms and instead of stopping, he found himself spitting on his hand, and then rubbing his saliva over the hot fiery cock head and he positioned himself, refusing to stop as Mason squirmed under his weight.

Mason felt Chad’s hands around him and could feel the urgent desire to lay him on his stomach and he moved with the force of the hands. He let his hands stray to the outside, to lay flat against the bed and he turned his head to one side, while he felt the sudden heat and pressure of Chad’s penis against his rear. His rectum started to ache with a sense of excitement and his breathing became shallow as he felt his legs being pushed apart by the hot fleshy thighs of Chad’s own legs. He could feel sweat dripping onto his lower back from Chad’s forehead and it only made him squirm more, his own body silently urging Chad on, the fever rising higher with each passing second. His own cock was wedged up against his stomach and the bed; already dripping gallons of hot sticky pre cum and it coated his skin, making his cock rub easier and more sensual as Chad pressed up against his buttocks.

The excitement rose as he heard the sound of Chad spitting on his hand and then the tell tale sound of it being spread along the waiting pole. His arms tensed and he felt his cheeks squeezing a little, clenching and unclenching, while his legs stretched out and moved away from Chad’s hot sweating body. His ears started to feel a rush or roar as he felt himself raise his hips slightly. He could feel the wet hot cock head resting on his one cheek, then it was pulled away and wedged in between his two quivering cheeks.

As the solid throbbing 2 inch thick cock was pushed down his love valley, he began to bite down and grind his teeth while his hands clenched, waiting for that first jolt of pain, praying it wouldn’t be too bad and yet at the same time wishing it would come faster. He suddenly saw an image of a grinning George then one of a sad Cory floated before him just as Chad plunged forward, making his hard throbbing cock a racing missile that quickly and painfully penetrated its target.

He cried out as the jolt sent waves of pain into his young body and he felt every nerve inside of him scream out in agony as the huge cock pushed its way inside. His whole insides felt like they had been torched as the heat of the hot weapon grew even hotter inside and it swelled even more, filling him fully and making his muscles stretch to what seemed like a breaking point. He cried out in agony, his voice trembling with the pain as he begged Chad to stop, his mind shocked by the sudden and painful entry of the huge cock.

The sound of Mason’s voice echoed in his ears but the words were unrecognizable as the lust took hold of him. Chad pushed even harder with each loud cry from Mason, his body thrusting forward so as to force the huge pulsing cock even deeper into Mason’s struggling body. He could feel the muscles desperate attempt to hold him back, but the strength of his throbbing 9-¾ inch cock was too much for them. The soft lining was too sensual for him and he could feel his head rocking as he ground his hips into Mason’s sweat soaked buttocks. The jiggling flesh only further enticing him as it rubbed against his pubic hairs and his full balls.

Chad could feel Mason’s muscles clenching in an attempt to stop his movement, and he swung his hips from side to side, as if to widen the entry and give his powerful cock more room to move inside. He felt the sweat pouring off his face and upper body as he placed his hands on the middle of Mason’s squirming backside, letting his full body weight rest on the arms as he continued to pull and push his hips into the young body. Each thrust, each pull brought a loud cry from Mason and made his body jerk and tremble. He could feel each tremor as it raced through Masons young sweating body and he swore that he could hear the sweat as it dripped onto Mason’s body, making a river of sweat that ran down his spine towards his buttocks, where it flowed down the deep valley between the cheeks to pour over his plunging cock.

His eyes opened briefly and he looked down to see the shimmering blond body shaking under his constant pounding. He saw it glitter in the dim light of the room and he felt the blood begin to drain from his limbs as he thrust forward with all of his remaining strength. His balls were digging into the root of his cock and he could feel them ready themselves to release his pure milk into the waiting cannon barrel of his throbbing cock. Chad began to tremble too, his legs no longer had any feelings left in them and his breath was short and shallow as his hips moved faster and faster, his hands barely holding his weight.

With each thrust, he came closer and the sound of his flesh slapping up against Mason’s body was echoing inside of his head. He could hear nothing else now except the harsh stinging sounds of wet flesh crashing into more wet flesh. The ache in his body grew and he felt the fever overwhelm him as his lust for Mason was in full control. His body had no will of its own, his heart answered only to the strange urges of his fever and his body continued to move faster and faster, until he felt that sudden pain in his groin, as his balls suddenly could no longer hold back the raging river of his cum.

Chad could feel his whole body shaking uncontrollably as he yelled out loudly, sending a harsh piercing cry into the night and his throbbing cock further and deeper into Mason’s inner sanctum than before. His cock head pushed aside the remaining remnants of Mason’s muscles, ripping them apart so that huge cock could plough inwards, and as it touched deep inside it started to jerk from side to side and in a second, a raging torrent of hot cum came flooding out.

The hot liquid shot inwards racing past the cock head to fill Mason’s body with its wet sticky feeling. It roared outwards and before the first of it could stop its motion, a second equally powerful explosion happened, sending even more of the hot liquid out from the sizzling penis. Mason’s body shuddered with each explosion and the muscles squeezed tightly against the hot throbbing cock, sticky cum starting to slowly seep backwards, easing the terrible pain of delivery.

The pain lanced upwards through his whole body like a bullet shattering glass. Tiny fragments breaking off to reach far and wide inside, making every part of his body feel the pain of the powerful penetration and then the harsh pressure of the ejaculation. He cried out, partly from the agony of the hard pounding, partly from the strange new feeling of pleasure that was taking hold of his body. His heart continued to race ahead and he could feel his own hard cock shaking and moving along his belly, his balls slung upwards to add to the growing ache and pain.

As the hot liquid seared his insides and filled his body, he could hear George telling him to relax, to let it happen, to order his muscles to unwind and then he saw the brief image of George, standing over him, his long hard cock stained by his blood dangling from between George’s legs. He cried as the image floated through his mind and the pain continued to rise, continued to fill his body with its terror. His muscles contracted, holding the jerking penis within, squeezing it as if trying to strangle it.

The tightening of his muscles added to the pain, as Chad continued to pump his ass with the throbbing jerking organ, the hot cum helping to let the huge cock slide in and out but Mason wanted to hold the cock, to keep it deep inside of him, to keep its warmth in him. He cried as the image of George now left him and he felt himself shudder as the cock came slowly down from deep inside of him. Chad’s body was almost resting fully on his backside, the arms no longer able to support the young body and the wet strands of strawberry blond hair rested on his neck and around his face. He could feel Chad’s deep struggling breaths as he started to push one last time with his hips.

Slowly the huge cock was being pushed back inside, still dripping fresh milk to be added to the river already flowing inside. The cock head still jerking slightly as it pushed forward, but no longer acting like a missile launcher as the power was gradually diminishing. Chad no longer could hold himself up and he rested on the sweating back of Mason, his hips barely able to power his cock forwards and as he struggled to breath he felt his cock stop moving, as it gradually too became exhausted.

With Chad’s body fully exhausted on top of his own quivering body, he felt his cock start to tremble and then he felt the warm flush of cum against his own stomach, his cock finally releasing the waiting milk. He groaned as his cum splashed against his own body and his legs trembled and shook.

Mark stared at the two sweat soaked bodies that were resting on his bed. His hand no longer a blur as it lay in his lap, covered in his own cum as he saw Chad struggling for air, Mason quivering as his heart tried to slow down from its fever pitch. Mark’s own breathing was gradually returning to normal as he just sat there, completely drained from the scene he had just witnessed. Chad had been right, this was well worth the price of a night out and he wondered if he couldn’t convince Chad to set up another night like this one, except maybe next time he could actually be a part of it all. God, to think of himself in the middle of those two made his spent dick twist and jerk a little, as if it too was feeling the excitement of such a thought.

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