Story – It Is About Time

It Is About Time

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (-)

Justin stared at the people milling around the huge rotunda, smiling as he saw so many people, all of them looking happy, pleased with themselves. It was like being at a party, without the booze, without the drugs, to give a false sense of happiness. These were people who were really happy, and why not?

Looking over at his partner, Eric, he could recall the first time they had met. It had been so long ago, that it was hard to imagine all that they had endured. There had been times when they had been apart, when there were other’s who they thought were important, but here they were, with all the rest, feeling normal, feeling accepted for the first time in their lives.

It was like a huge weight had been lifted, even though it didn’t alter much, it was a beginning. Staring out at the milling throng, Justin saw some friends he knew, amazed that they were even here, but then maybe he shouldn’t be surprised. Living a secret life was just that, and even among friends, one was a bit hesitant of being totally open, totally frank.

There were things he hadn’t told others, just Eric, who was standing by a couple of Queens they knew. They were all decked out in their finest attire, and you could tell that it was special. Melissa had his water proof make up on, and for good reason. He was dripping buckets of tears, and it wasn’t even his turn yet. Funny, how things could change.

Mel, who was Melissa in the clubs, had swore he’d never take part in any pagan ceremony, or be one of those Stepford Fags, as he called those who fought for today. Yet here he was, bouquet in hand, veil trailing, ready to do exactly what he swore he’d never do.

Justin smiled, as he watched Eric moving among the crowd. It was as if Eric had been born just for this moment, the way his ass swayed in those tight white pants of his. What a hunk he was, and that was saying something given he was nearly 40 now. He should talk, as he was a good ten years Eric’s senior. Still, they had been happy together, and it hadn’t taken any tragedy or anything else to bring them together.

They had met at one of the local gay bars, eons ago. Had hit it off too, and even shared a good old fashioned fuck that first night, and for both of them, they had figured that would be the end of it. Funny, he never had really thought much about that first meeting, yet inside he had been impressed by the 21 year old Eric, how he had moved around even then. He was a communicator, and in all the time he had known him, he could only recall about four or five times when Eric had been fall down drunk.

He was like most 21 year olds, a drink in hand, but he nursed them, rarely guzzling them down and when an evening out was at an end, he was one of the more sober ones in the place. No bar ever got rich off of Eric, nor did any drug dealer either. One more reason why he had fallen for the dark haired twink.

The way he kept his body in shape, but not from mindless hours at a gym, but from work. Real work, as he was a gopher on a construction site, and in the nearly twenty years of knowing Eric, there hadn’t been much time when Eric wasn’t holding down a job. He liked that attitude, and it showed too.

Oh sure he could party, but it was always natural. The guy simply didn’t need some stimulus to be happy, to have fun. Come to think of it, he had learned quite a lot from knowing Eric, which was just one more reason why he was here today with him. They fit each other perfectly, and while things had been rocky at the start, had been more about the sex than anything else, they had grown together.

It had been strange, now that he thought about it, how Eric had pursued him that night, at the bar. Not that he objected to the attention, but he had been trying to chase this other twink in the bar. Will or something had been the guy’s name, and talk about a looker. He was the typical twink, frosted hair, slender build, and a glazed look in the eyes.

Mind you, he was hot. Justin stared out at the milling crowd, wondering whatever happened to Will, then shook his head as he realized it didn’t matter. He had Eric, and just thinking of how he had chased him, made him forget all about Will and the other twinks that were on the prowl that night. He had to admit, Eric wasn’t his typical ideal of a sex partner, despite his good looks.

How his hair hung over one eye, the long eyelashes that seemed to add to the mystery of the guy, were nice to look at, but it never really had gotten him excited, until he applied the charm. That was Eric’s forte really, how he could suddenly make himself look like some sex god, with the thin lips that would curl, the nose wrinkle up, the eyes suddenly sparkle, that by themselves were nice, but together were dynamite.

The way he could move his body, so that your eyes would naturally follow his every movement, how he knew when to flash a smile, or give a deep thoughtful look. It was all Eric, and he had used all of those tricks, and more, that night. It had worked too, and right now he was glad of that.

Will, well he had found his way to Bill’s table, and while Eric never said anything, Justin was fairly certain he had a hand in that. Bill was a nice guy, but even then an old lecherous Queen, who loved his twinks. Not that he did much with them, other than the odd grope, the occasional blowjob, but he partied well, and was generous to those who paid him mind. Thinking about it, he was a perfect match for Will, who really just wanted to party, without paying the full price.

He’d have to ask Eric one day, just how he managed it, but right now he couldn’t help but admire his partner. They had been together now for about fourteen years. Living together for maybe twelve and a bit, but he couldn’t imagine his life without him, and more importantly he knew Eric felt the same way.

Justin was the cautious one, the one who kept refusing to rush things, which is why they lived apart for so long, but then it was also a part of being Gay, of living a secret. He had grown up in the era of shame. It wasn’t like it was today, with groups in schools, with legal defence funds, or even with politicians looking for your support. Back then, it was about hiding out, of keeping closemouthed and putting up a front, a sham, so no one would tumble to your secret.

To think, 30 odd years ago, no one even dared dream of having a day like today, but here they all were. About to make history in a very real sense, and he had Eric to help him make his own little mark in the history books. Strange, as he never had considered all this, even five years ago he was more like Mel, than anything. He wasn’t into needing some form of validation, of government approval, yet advancing age maybe had changed his mind, though in all honesty it had been his love for Eric.

How could he not see him protected, for when the inevitable happened? Death was not what one thought about when they were in their twenties, or thirties even, but as time marches on, it does somehow become a question. He shook his head, trying to clear the dark thoughts out, because today was about being happy, about being legal.

And he just knew that Eric would be in top form later on, which always meant that come the morning, Justin would be walking bow legged. The smile that crossed his face made a few smile back at him, but he wondered if they knew what had him smiling. Yes, today’s activity was part of it, but the truth was, he couldn’t help but think of that first night, when Eric had seduced him.

Normally he was the seducer, and he was also the top. Not that night, and that too was a surprise. He liked to be on top, to be the one doing it, not taking it, but that night, he just couldn’t get enough of Eric, and his uncut dick. Man, the kid knew how to work his ass, and still did too. It was like he just didn’t age, and when they were together, Justin didn’t feel like he had grown one day older from that first night.

Going home to his single studio apartment had been an adventure. Taxis were all busy then, and frankly many weren’t too interested in taking any fare to the Castro section of town. They had walked a fair distance, before finally hailing a cab that dropped them off close enough, that he could concentrate on Eric, and not who was watching. Again, part of the times, which had changed, though not all that much. Yes, it was safer, statistically, but then a lot still went unreported, so who really could say if things had improved. One still walked with at least one eye out watching those around. You just never knew, and as they had walked along the street, in the Castro, it had been easier to think of the young man at his side.

Their hands had touched every now and then, along the walk to the apartment. Each touch giving him goose bumps inside, each little brush of that warm hand across his thigh, had made Justin feel his heart beat. Sweat had beaded up on is forehead too, from being so nervous. It wasn’t like they had talked much about sex, but somehow he knew that they weren’t going back to his place for coffee and a nightcap.

Ever since he could remember, he liked to lead. Maybe it was just being naturally unsure of people, or something, but when it came to sex, he was the one who liked to take the stage, to make the moves. With Eric, it seemed like he was always following, even now. The smile grew as he remembered that first night, how Eric had stood in the doorway, commented on how tidy the place was, then simply walked over the bed in the one corner of the studio flat and sat on it.

He had bounced on it, making his dark hair flip and the way his eyes had glittered, it was like a kid about to start his first pillow fight. The whole face was lit up as he bounced on the bed, as he looked not at Justin, but right at Justin’s crotch. How arousing it had been, as he stared and bounced about. How hot it had made him feel, and horny too, but then that had been Eric’s plan.

The way he let his tongue lick his lower lip, as he stared, then at how suddenly his shirt had come flying off. And flying off was literal, as it hit him square in the chest, making him flinch. He had reacted slowly, which only got Eric laughing, which was a sound he enjoyed. Even now, he would get a stiff dick, every time Eric let out a peal of his unrestrained laughter.

Before he could even mutter out a single word, Eric was leaning back on the bed, his legs apart and his hands undoing the belt and buttons of his jeans. He had stood there, like a statue, until the head popped up, grinning, and smacking the lips. Eric had made some comment, one of his many smart ass one’s that only made Justin laugh, as well as move.

He had tossed the shirt to one side, and quickly removed his own, tossing it to lay on top of Eric’s, moving all the time towards the bed. Like Eric, he seemed to feel the urgency. Getting to the edge of the bed, he already had his pants undone, the zipper down. Standing there he simply dropped the pants, to let Eric stare up at his towering body, at his tented underwear.

His plan had been to get Eric to sit up, to reach out and rub his crotch, then push the underwear down and hopefully take his hard dick into his mouth, to sort of warm him up. Least that had been his plan, but it hadn’t been Eric’s. Instead of leaning up, he had moved his leg so it was in between Justin’s.

Lifting it up, Justin could see the pushed down pants. Reaching out, he pulled them off each leg, so he could toss them behind him. Still Eric put his legs up, so that Justin could remove his socks as well. He couldn’t help but do as requested, his hands moving on their own, while his eyes drank in the beauty of Eric’s young smooth body. How his cock was tenting his shorts, how the balls just seemed to fall out from the leg holes, tiny little tufts of hair showing around the leathery sac that was visible. How the body seemed so smooth, rippling as it lay there, waiting for him.

Thoughts of having Eric suck him were replaced by his urge to reach down, and rip the underwear off, to quickly give that hard pole a good yank, then flip the young 21 year old over, so he could stuff his own throbbing pole between those cheeks. Eric had other ideas, as he let his foot rub up the inner leg, to prod at Justin’s sac, to run across the throbbing dick in his shorts.

Even now, he could still fell how his body had trembled as Eric’s toes had brushed up the inside of his leg. How they had pushed at his testicles, at his dick. The way the foot had moved over his crotch, at the place between his groin and thighs. He had trembled then, just like he was right now, from the memory of it.

How Eric’s big toe had moved under his scrotum, to run up the crack of his ass, pushing his shorts into the valley. How he had kept looking up at him, his eyes gleaming and his lips pursed together. The way the tongue would come out every now and then, to slowly drag across the lower lip, while his toes moved up and down Justin’s valley, trying to spread his cheeks.

The way he had moved his leg, so that suddenly Justin could feel the bare foot crawling up inside of his shorts. How the tip of the toe touched his throbbing cock, and how the eyes looking up at him just glowed at that moment. He could see Eric’s nostrils flare, as the toe moved lightly over the shaft, that made Justin quiver.

He had tilted his head back, enjoying the press of the toes across his cock, when Eric removed his foot, and was suddenly sitting up on the bed. He reached up with one hand, that Justin took, and suddenly felt himself being yanked down and to one side. He hit the bed, bounced on it, but before he could bounce a second time, Eric was all over him.

His hands were wrapped around, and moving all over his body. They were reaching, grabbing, and touching him in a way that reminded him of a feeding frenzy by sharks on the Discovery Channel. The fingers dug into his flesh, pulled at his nipples, then softly rubbed his thigh, roughly grabbed his cock and shorts and stroked it. His mind was overwhelmed by all the different feelings that were coming to him.

Somehow he found himself on his back, with his shorts being literally ripped off his shaking body. His cock was sticking straight up before he even realized that his underwear was sailing across his studio room. He felt the press of Eric’s lips on his stomach, felt the way his muscles coiled, felt how his body was trembling in excitement.

It wasn’t like any other feeling he had experienced. Justin had a few hot guys in his time, but nothing compared to how Eric simply was devouring him. The way the face was suddenly pressed down between his groin and thigh. How a hand was pumping his dick, while the face moved down and between his cheeks. Justin could feel the rough edge of Eric’s tongue as it licked at his balls, then at the tender spot just below, when suddenly he had cried out.

Eric didn’t stop, as he let his tongue lick all the way up, so that it was between Justin’s cheeks. His legs had spread apart, to let the eager tongue poke up along the soft valley of skin, until it was licking at his tight pink hole. He had cried out, as the tip of the tongue had licked all around, then suddenly curled up and flicked inside. The surprise was almost as great as the wave of pleasure that raced up from inside his rectum.

Then it was gone, and once more he felt his body shake, in anticipation, when he felt the hands reaching down, spreading his butt cheeks apart, to let the tongue taste more of him. How it moved up and down his valley, while the hands pulled at the trembling cheeks. How he felt the fingers digging hard into his flesh, how he was moaning, twisting his head back and forth, as Eric licked him.

The whole episode may have last a minute or an hour. Time meant nothing, as he felt the pleasure just rolling up and down, growing with each flick of the tongue, each swipe of it along his valley, the occasional tease of his hole. The odd quick jab as it stroked his insides, and all the time he could feel the finger tips, as they stretched his cheeks apart.

Justin had never been rimmed before, least not back then. So much had been missing, and suddenly he realized that he was going to learn it all, that night, from the 21 year old. How it had made him tremble, how he had suddenly surrendered to Eric still surprised him, even to this very day. The way he simply couldn’t speak, as the pleasure inside only grew more intense.

The way the tongue licked at his hole, then around and down to suck his balls. How it moved back up to lick at the hole, to dive inside, to taste him where no man had ever dared taste him. How his whole insides seemed to be one giant massive bowl of jelly, shaking, trembling, enthralled by it all. How his hands were hitting the side of the bed, unnoticed by his mind.

The way he felt his legs being lifted up in the air, after his hoarse begging cries for Eric to take him. It was still like that, the way Eric could make him beg for it. The ache in his groin reminded him of that time, even now. How it had felt as his legs dangled upwards, how his hands had reached up to grab hold of his ankles, and how he had spread his legs wider.

The press of Eric’s shoulders against his thighs, had made him shiver, made his hands tighten around the ankles even more. Yet Eric didn’t stop his wild caresses, not with his tongue, nor with his hands, that now began to prod, to grope at him.

One second a hand had Justin’s dick in its grasp, stroking it hard while the face was buried down between his open cheeks. The tongue licking at him, then suddenly he would feel his balls being sucked into the mouth, a finger stroking, caressing his valley. Then it would poke at his hole, while the mouth was busy licking at the underside of his cock.

All he could do was moan, squirm a bit, as the hands, the mouth, all kept moving around him. The press of the finger near his hole didn’t even register, until he felt the pain of penetration break through the swirling mist of pleasure he was feeling. It was sharp, yet not like he had imagined it to be, or felt it to be a few times earlier, It hurt, but it was soon adding its own waves of pleasure to the growing expanse inside.

Sweat had become like a raging river over his body, as he felt the finger twist and turn inside of him, making him squirm, making him moan even louder. The way his hands tightened around the feet, pushing them apart, all flashed before him now. He could feel the press inside, the fullness as Eric had driven two fingers into him, had turned them, twisted them, until he was begging him for more, crying out for Eric to take him, but he didn’t.

He just kept the fingers inside, and suddenly Justin felt his cock covered in a moist warmth, like being in a steam room. His eyes flickered but all he could see was a mop of dark hair over his groin, as he cried out, feeling his body push upwards, but being held back by that mop of hair. His body ached, as he felt the raspy edge of something along his cock, and he realized that Eric had deep throated him, while fingering him.

Justin had felt his body shake, felt it tremble as the mouth moved up and down his whole shaft. The way his cock head was suddenly in a void, then banging up against the constricting muscles of Eric’s throat. He cried out, his knuckles turning white as they held his legs up over Eric’s head.

His mind was filled with strange exciting new feelings, so much he never heard the condom package being opened, never realized that the fingers had been pulled out even. All he could think of was how good it all felt, how warm he was feeling, how much he wanted all of Eric. Just like when the first finger had made its way inside, the first indication he had of being taken, was the sharp jolt that penetrated his thoughts.

Crying out, the sharp jabbing pain of penetration made his body arch upwards. He felt the air leave his lungs, felt himself gasping for air, as Eric’s throbbing cock pushed into his rectum. The searing pain of his muscles being forced aside made him pant, made him ache for air, as his hands could no longer stay up, holding his ankles. His body sagged a bit, impaling itself even more on the hard dick inside.

Drops of liquid were splashing down on his heaving chest, as he opened his eyes, to see Eric’s face over his body. He could feel the press of his shoulders against the wet skin of his upraised legs. He could feel the steady motion of Eric’s penetrating thrusts into him, as he stared up at the sweat soaked face. Tiny strands of hair hung down, darkened by the sweat that now dripped off them onto his own heaving chest.

He cried out, reached up with his hands to touch the hot body above him. Justin had never felt so full, so consumed as he had that moment. The way his body shook, how he felt each thrust as it drove into his aching body. The way the pleasure kept growing, how intense it became, with each deep thrust of Eric’s hips forward. How his body shook, how the bed creaked, as the motion grew even harder, faster.

Justin could feel the pole inside, feel it reach deep into him, then pull back. How each of his muscles inside protested, screamed really, as the huge pole pushed past them. The slapping sound of Eric’s balls hitting his cheeks were but a distant echo. All he could think of, was how good it all felt, how much he wanted more of it.

Even the sound of his own voice, crying out for more, was like a distant sound. The roar of his heart filled his ears, as Eric pounded his ass. How good it all felt then, and still today. The way his whole body tingled, how his whole body would quiver, while being jack hammered. He hadn’t known it then, least not consciously, but inside, deep down inside, he knew it would never end.

And that feeling, that little voice inside, had been right, as he looked up to see Eric at his side. That grin was there, that sparkle was still there, as Eric told him it was time, that their turn had come.

Justin stood up, a bit shaky, as he thought about what lay ahead. Tears were at the corner of his eyes, as he felt Eric’s hand reach up, brush them away and then stare deep into them. He could feel his love, as he looked past him, towards the ornate doors that led to where he would finally become legal, where he would finally realize that at least in his home state, he was not some freak, not some vile creature merely tolerated.

In a few minutes, none other than the Mayor himself, would give him what he had always wanted. A chance at being normal, at being part of the world around him. Now he could rest easy, because if something happened to him, well at least Eric wouldn’t have to worry, wouldn’t have to fight for what was his due.

Stepping forward, seeing all the others waiting their turn, he felt Eric’s hand in his, and he looked down at it. The way the fingers clasped his, the way it wasn’t hidden from view anymore, as together they walked into the large chamber, to see the cameras, to see the others standing on either side, all watching with tears in their eyes.

Justin sighed as he walked up to the dais with Eric, hand in hand, where everyone could see. His knees quivered a bit, as he realized, he would soon be Mister and Mister, that he had nothing to hide. He felt the ring in his pocket, that would soon be on Eric’s finger, a similar one in Eric’s pocket, about to be on his finger.

Even that first night’s feelings paled to the way he now felt, as he listened to the words, as he felt his chest swell in pride. Nothing could stand in their way now.

They Were Married

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