Fiction – Rather Special Breed

Rather Special Breed

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Tony rolled over, and stared at the alarm clock. He saw the red numbers glaring, and felt very tired. It had been a long night, and the day was promising to be even longer, as well as stressful. Still, he couldn’t help but smile, as he curled up a little, under the covers. It might be a long day, but one that had began over 20 years ago.

His smile grew wider, as he felt the arm encircle him, and the warm body snuggle closer into his own. It still felt amazing, to have him next to him, to feel his body still become excited by Brian’s touch. The jerk of his dick accentuated his thoughts, and it was almost like magic, but the hand resting over his upper chest seemed to twitch, then gradually move down his body, resting now on his hips.

It was like, even asleep, Brian could tell when he was horny, when he was up for some dick play or when he just wanted to snuggle. He sighed, as he realized that it would soon be time to get up, to begin the long day. He doubted they’d have time for anything today, not even their lunch would be sacred today. Hell, that would shock a few people, seeing as how there would be about 40 for lunch today.

The little squeeze on his hips, the sudden rustle of the sheets, as Brian moved his body in closer was almost as if the man could read his thoughts. And it had always been that way, even back in the days when they had first met at University. Brian was 21 then, he a jaded 20, and yet they had clicked.

Brian was taking some business course, while he was doing the agriculture thing. It was expected of him, if he was to take over the family farm, and one did what was expected. Least back then you did, but man did they get a surprise when he came back, not only with a degree, but with a male lover.

He could still see his Father’s face, and the tears on his Mother’s. His sister had just snarled and to this day, he hadn’t seen or heard much from her. A cold Christmas card was her only acknowledgment that he even existed. His two brother’s weren’t much better, at first, but they eventually came around, and today they were still good friends, as it should be. Mind you Brian deserved a lot of the credit for that, which only made him wiggle his body closer into Brian’s still slumbering frame.

All that crap, and yet here he was, over 30 years later, still with Brian, and the family farm was twice as big as it was when his Father ran it. They had more than just cattle now, and next year were expanding once again. It was all part of the plan, that Brian had worked out, and his brother’s couldn’t object, as it meant their incomes went up just as his did. They were both married, had a bunch of screaming kids, and while his sister was married, he had never met her hubby. Not like he wanted to anyhow, as from all accounts the guy was even more a bitch than his sister.

Course him being one of those narrow minded conservative preachers down in Texas didn’t really taint Tony’s view, much. The hand on his hip moved a bit, and he knew Brian was waking up. Looking at the alarm clock, he thought about waking him now, having their lunch break now, because they sure as hell wouldn’t have it later.

Angus from UK Naked MenHe turned over, to stare at his sleeping lover. Brian was as tall as him, and still as lean. Working a farm kept you in shape, if you worked it from out in the field, instead of some office. Okay the hair was a bit sparser on both of them, but Brian didn’t seem to age. While his hair was rapidly becoming snow white, Brian’s was still a fairly rich chocolate color. His face was a bit haggard, bit drawn and the five o’clock stubble seemed to come a bit earlier these days, but he could still bounce a quarter off his stomach. The man had such a flat tummy, that you couldn’t pinch a quarter of an inch, let alone an inch.

Now, he on the other hand, had a bit of flab on the belly, but just enough to shake when he laughed, or when Brian was running his hand over it. And that was still every damn day, which was pretty amazing. Whoever said that sex diminished when you got older was full of shit. Far as he was concerned, they were having the best sex of their over 30 years of being together.

They had some rough spots over the years, but not once had either of them strayed. They were in love, and meant it, even though their love was still reviled by some, ignored as even possible by others, and certainly not legal, but they didn’t give a shit. Came from being country born and raised, they were independent, and it showed.

Things were improving, but he didn’t care, because he had Brian, who was now awake. He hadn’t heard him wake up, but then when he got on his hobby horse, even mentally, he was lost. He could see that Brian knew exactly what he had been thinking, and his hand moved from under his head, and lightly caressed Tony’s cheek.

His touch was like that first time, hot and scintillating. His body shook a little, and his cock a lot. It had been that way for a long time now, the way Brian’s simple touch could give him a raging hard on. Nothing every turned Tony on more, than to feel the light touch, the soft brush across his cheeks, or his chest, or anywhere for that matter.

The long arm reached over him, and he heard the alarm button being shut off, as he stared into his lover’s face. The eyes had a lot more wrinkles around them, but they still sparkled, full of life, and they were always looking at him. It gave him a feeling of warmth inside, a feeling of contentment that always made him weak at the knees.

While Brian still looked like he was in his mid thirties, the night’s growth on his face was showing signs of age. There were a lot more white whiskers these days, than not. Still, as the man leaned in, kissing him, it was as thrilling as the first time. The grate of his stubble across his own only made him quiver in excitement, because he knew that Brian was in tune with his own needs, his own thoughts.

The hand moved slowly down his side, making the muscles beneath shiver, making them tighten a bit, in anticipation. It was unusual for such morning antics, but then times were different. Brian liked to surprise him almost as much as he liked to surprise him. It was like a contest, and while they always had their lunch time break, you just never knew when there would be a bonus time out.

Tony’s body stretched out, his hard cock jutting outwards, pushing into Brian’s stomach. He felt it slide up the firm stomach, feeling the muscles tingling. He could feel Brian’s whole body spring to life, the legs twitching, then slowly one moved over his, pinning him down. Brian lifted his head up, and leaning inwards, he kissed Tony hard on the lips. Morning breath and all, but he didn’t care. It was Brian, and that is what mattered, as he kissed back, tasting their desire for each other. His lungs were starting to ache, as his desire took over. He wanted his man, and he could feel Brian’s own passion being stirred. The leg over his curling up, the knee working between Tony’s legs, pushing them off, and forcing Tony to turn onto his backside.

Then the man was wedged up to his body, leaning over him, off to one side. He was pinned down, as he stared up into Brian’s face. Every wrinkle was noted, as he had seen each one gradually form, over time. It was like a road map in their relationship, one mirrored in his own face. He could feel Brian studying it, as he did Brian’s. It was amazing, how after such a long time together, they could still find new things about the other, how they could connect beyond just the physical union.

Brian’s hand was slowly caressing his thigh, gradually moving over, aiming for Tony’s groin. The fingers passed lightly over his pubic hairs, making him shudder, a small moan escaping his lips. He saw the fires inside of Brian’s eyes, felt the hot breath over his face, then felt the man’s tongue licking at him, under his chin. The tongue moved down and around his square jaw, tasting him, brushing the stubble out of the way, as it made Tony shake.

The quick kiss on the lips, then the small little nibble on his ear lobe, made Tony sigh, made him sink further into the mattress. It was a perfect start, as he felt the hand reach down, cup his balls and gently caress them. His body continued to quiver, to twitch, as Brian explored his crotch, the fingers running up and down between his thigh and scrotum. It made him lick his lips, and his own hand was already moving up and down the backside, holding Brian, pulling him in a bit closer with each caress, with each touch.

The house was silent, but as the bed creaked to their bodies movement, neither of them seemed to notice. Tony could feel his heart pounding, feel Brian’s too. Both of them were gradually breathing faster, as their hands reached out, finding spots they had touched thousands of times, yet seemed to be for the first time, each time. His body was aroused, tingling all over, as Brian took his time, kissing him under the chin, then the bridge of his hooked nose. Then he was suddenly over his nipple, sucking on it, nibbling at the firm little piece of flesh, the tongue licking around it, teasing it.

His teeth took hold, pulled up, making him wince and then sigh, feeling his body enjoying the sudden jolt of pain. The quick little bite, followed by the hand moving softly up and down his stomach. A finger circling his belly button, then moving down towards his shaking cock. Brian was in form, and so early too. Mornings were his thing, not Brian’s, yet this morning it was almost as if it was midnight.

Tony felt the bed shake, then he felt the whole weight of Brian on top of him. His eyes bugged open, as he saw his lover straddling him, his knees digging into Tony’s hips, and he felt himself lifting those legs, to provide a cradle for Brian. Immediately he lifted his legs, Brian leaned back against them, and stopped doing anything. He sat there, staring down at Tony, the love clearly visible in his face, as he just looked.

It gave Tony a hell of a thrill, as he felt his body shudder, then watched as Brian pushed back, his buttocks forcing Tony’s legs back down, as his torso leaned forward. The whole body moved down so that his upper body now hovered over his crotch. He watched as Brian held his eyes, while lowering his head towards Tony’s hard cock.

His chest began to heave, as he felt the lips around the head of his cock. His whole body suddenly tensed, as Brian still held his eyes fixed to Tony’s face. It was amazing, to see the glitter of lover, the sparks, that just seemed to dance and reach out for him. His whole body was shaking with those dancing sparks. He groaned, as the mouth moved down his throbbing pole, engulfing his cock fully in one swoop.

Tony couldn’t handle it, he broke the eye contact, as his eyes shut tight, his head leaned back and down into the pillow. He felt Brian’s mouth tighten, felt his tongue licking at him, the teeth grating along the hot throbbing pole, then the nose burying itself into his soft groin. He moaned loudly, as the hands held him down, one on either side of his cock. The fingers dug into his flesh, as Brian moved back up, then licked at the underside of his penis. His body quivered, as the tongue licked all the way down, until it reached his scrotum, then flicked out, licking at his dangling balls.

The Sun was just beginning to shine through the curtains, but all Tony could see were shimmering stars, each one glowing, growing huge, brilliant, then suddenly exploding before him, as Brian licked and sucked on his dick. His hand would reach out, dig into the firm shoulders, then fall back to pound the mattress. His body twisted, as Brian sucked on him, then it was all over.

He opened his eyes, seeing Brian sitting up, his legs still straddling his prone body. The sun was shining, casting a strange yellow glow around Brian, a sort of halo, as he watched his partner looking at him. There was a strange look in his face, a look of desire that seemed ready to just explode. He felt the love, felt the passion, and he lay there, waiting.

Trojan CondomsBrian leaned over, taking a condom from the bowl on the end table. He was quick in ripping it open, then holding it out, and looking down at Tony. Tony’s buttocks clenched together, his body became rigid, as it contemplated the upcoming moment. To have Brian inside would really be the crowning glory to the day, but he felt his eyes widen, as the condom was suddenly unrolled down his own throbbing cock.

Before he could take it all in, Brian was suddenly leaning up, hovering over his face. His one hand was off his hips, reaching behind, taking hold of his cock, and wedging it up between Brian’s own quivering butt cheeks. He felt the flesh shaking, felt the warm valley, as his cock was wedged between, then pushed quickly down, until it rested up against Brian’s hole.

His eyes flickered, as he sucked in his breath. His head was suddenly dotted with beads of sweat, as Brian’s face loomed closer to his. He saw the lust, the passion, and then the hard kiss on his lips made him moan loudly. He felt the hand holding his cock, felt it suddenly release, and opening his eyes, he saw the drawn face above. He felt the sudden press on his cock head, felt the resistance, then suddenly he knew he was penetrating Brian’s body.

The waves of pain rolled across Brian’s face, as he lowered his body down onto Tony’s cock. The constant waves flashed across Brian’s face, and Tony watched it all unfolding before him. The warm sensation that enveloped his cock, the press on his body, all were shown in the flashes across Brian’s face. He watched the age lines flatten, then thicken, as his cock penetrated deep into Brian. It was an unreal feeling, made more intense by the surprise of it.

Best of British from UK Naked MenBrian was always the top, mostly. This was a real surprise, as he struggled to keep his focus. Typical of the man, to lead him to one thing, then switch it all around. His eyes fluttered, as he felt his hips pushing up, meeting Brian’s downward push. His cock dove upwards, spreading the tiny muscles inside, like knife through buter.

He heard the groan and saw how tightly Brian had his eyes closed. Tony could feel the mans body trembling, as his penetration continued to roll up and down Brian’s body. He felt his own heart racing, felt the blood inside boiling. Tony lifted his head up, his hands reaching up and around Brian’s head, pulling it down to meet his. He kissed Brian hard on the lips, then fell back to the bed, his hands reached back up, finding the two nipples. Tony’s fingers pulled, pinched at them, while his hips sank down, then pushed back upwards.

Brian moaned, his head tilted up and back, as he pulled his body up, then forced it back down. He continued to impale his insides on Tony’s cock, twisting his body as it slid down the throbbing pole. His own cock would slap against Tony’s stomach, the hard smacking sound only making him quiver more. Faster and faster Brian rode his cock, his buttocks clenching his pole tightly, as his body moved up and down the pole.

Tony kept tossing his head from side to side, and he had no control left. His hands pounded the bed, even as the groaning squeaks of the bed echoed loudly in the room. Neither of them could hear it, the thundering sound of their own hearts drowning the bed noises out. Their voices were moaning, as the motion only became more intense. His body was a glistening mass of sweat, as the bed moved, as Brian bounced faster and faster on top of him. Tony felt his balls, felt the blood rushing from his arms, his legs.

He felt the hot splatter of sweat on his chest, felt each drop as Brian’s body became a blur to his eyes. He tried to focus, but the figure was too blurry, the sweat from his forehead was running into his eyes, burning, even as he shook to those drops from Brian. His lungs were burning, starved for air, as his chest heaved, as his balls moved up then down from his groin. His cry barely penetrated the roaring sounds in his ears, as his body shook, shuddered, and then began to arch upwards.

Brian was suddenly no longer on top of him, his body lay next to Tony, the hand was holding his quivering cock, as he quickly glanced down his trembling body. Tony let out another loud cry, and he felt his cock suddenly being held steady, a wet warmth covering it. His eyes were shut tight, the rolling explosions of lights across his eye lids made his heart pound, made his chest ache, as he felt his body surrender. The shaking was like a rolling wave of spasms, as every part of him shook, as the cum came flooding out.

Tony felt the lips tighten, felt his cock head jerk and bang against the inside cheeks of Brian’s mouth. His cum was flying out, and he could barely hear the swallowing sounds, as he cried out over and over. His whole body felt like it was melting, burning into nothingness, as he arched up again, his cock driving deeper into Brian’s throat. Tony could feel his cum swirling around his bare cock, felt the throat muscles tighten, then release, as his flowing load of cum was swallowed.

He was panting, as his body continued to jerk every few seconds. Tony felt Brian’s presence, felt his nearness, then opened his eyes, to see his face above his. The kiss was salty, from his own cum, but it felt so good, he couldn’t let it end. His arms encircled Brian’s head, and held him as they kissed hard and long. Finally he let him go, sinking back down into his wet pillow. It was soaked from his sweat, as his chest continued to heave, struggling for air to replace all that had been spent.

Brian finally moved, climbing out of the bed. He slapped the thigh hard, his face grinning as he told Tony to shake a leg. The laughter in his voice made Tony grin, and sit up.

Come on Bitch, we got a big day ahead of us. You gonna join me in the shower?

Oh yeah, I will, uh Brian…

Brian was already near the bathroom door, but he stopped and turned towards Tony.


Think it’ll go okay? Today I mean.

It’ll be fine, as long as you don’t start weeping like some old Queen.

Fuck you, I don’t do that.

Yeah right, like you didn’t weep buckets when Kyle told us about him and Karen. Just keep your hanky in your pocket sweetie, or you’ll scare the in-laws more than they are already.

Climbing out of the bed, he sat there, laughing. Trust Brian to put it all into perspective. He had been worried about Mr & Mrs Marshall, of how they would react to him and Brian, but so far it had gone well. They had looked like frightened deer caught in a headlights glare at first, but Brian had them both laughing and chuckling in minutes, while he had been wiping his eyes with a frilly hanky. It wasn’t his, but from Brian’s booming laughter the Marshall’s weren’t too convinced.

Careful Bitch, or I’ll tell them the truth about that hanky, and just whose it really is.

Brian grinned as he made his way into the bathroom. The sound of the shower running made Tony stand up, feeling a bit weak still, but ready for round two.

He heard the pounding on the bedroom door, and as he turned to call out, he heard the mocking voice of their adopted son, Kyle.

Hey will you two sex maniacs knock it off, some of us are still sleeping.

From the bathroom Brian heard Tony yelling back, and he couldn’t help but laugh.

You are just jealous, because your over sexed parents can still do it at our age, and you still need training wheels. Go back to sleep, or tonight you’ll find us sex maniacs are in the room next to yours.

The laughter was coming from all over, as Tony moved towards the bathroom. It wasn’t going to be so bad, after all. He and Brian had done a good job raising Kyle, it would all work out, as he closed the bathroom door, looking at the shadowy figure behind the shower curtains. He felt himself being aroused once more, as the steam swirled around. He hoped that when Kyle was his age, that he would be as much in love with Karen, as Tony was with Brian. That would be something.


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