Fiction – All Lubed Up

All Lubed Up

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Steve looked down at the stretched out figure of Len. He couldn’t help but admire the long torso, the perfectly tanned flesh of his friend. The way his nipples stuck upwards, the way his chest moved slightly up and down in anticipation of his next move.

If he closed his eyes, he thought he could feel the excitement rushing through the legs that he was sitting on, feel the hairs standing on edge, waiting for his next touch, his next caress. It wasn’t an over active imagination either, as they both realized that they were connected, in a way that many couples never reach.

Sex had never felt so good, and while neither were virgins when they first hooked up, they weren’t what you would call studs either. Sure, both of them had their encounters, their flings, but it wasn’t like they made out in the magazines or porn videos. It wasn’t non stop fuck fests when in High School, nor in college either.

There were some wild stuff, but neither of them experienced the so called ‘wild sex parties’ of the bars, school, or anything else. Len wasn’t a star anything, not a student, not an athlete, and frankly neither was he. Yet they weren’t what you would call social misfits. They went to the parties, hung around the so called cool guys, but it wasn’t like they dropped their pants every two seconds.

Now at the jaded age of 23, they had found something that you never really read about in magazines, and sure as hell never saw in the hardcore sex videos. They had found each other, and as he looked down at the trembling stomach muscles of his friend, he couldn’t help but smile, feel a bit smug really.

Both he and Len were what you would call average. They didn’t have long slinky hair, or bulging muscles. Neither of them was anal about how much body fat they had, though both were on the lean side. He weighed around the 150 pound mark, and Len was a bit chunkier, at around 165, but it fit their 6 foot tall frames. Neither was endowed with huge cocks or giant balls. In fact, he considered his own cock to be a bit under average, while Len’s was about normal, certainly not like those monster dicks you saw in the videos.

Staring down at Len, at the way his lips were pouting, his nostrils flaring as he waited, he didn’t give a rat’s ass if Len’s cock was 10 inches or 5 inches. He loved how it felt, how it tasted, and the grin on his face grew wider as he turned away, to stare at the bottles on his night table. It had finally arrived, and tonight they were going to experiment.

The legs under his buttocks quivered as he reached out and took out the first bottle. He stared at it, his eyes moving from the label to Len, then back again, as he leaned back. Steve flipped open the top, and breathed in, smelling the fruity scent as he looked down at Len. He saw his friends eyes glisten a little, the mouth quiver just a bit. Slowly he leaned back upright, the bottle in one hand that now moved over to hover above Len’s upper chest.

He saw how it moved up and down, the breathing becoming a bit more excited, a bit more rapid as he waited. This was the fun part of being with Len, the way they would both taunt, tease, the other, and yet enjoy it totally. His own dark eyes were filled with his own anticipation, as he looked down, and very slowly tipped the small bottle over.

Steve saw how Len’s eyes were glued to the top of the bottle, to its gradual movement over his body. He licked his lips as he watched the first drop of liquid come to the opening, then slowly watched it drizzle down, until that first splatter on Len’s chest.

God it was unreal, to see how the very instant the first drop touched his skin, Len’s body shook in a strange spasm. His arms shook, even the legs under Steve’s buttock moved noticeably. Steve moved his arm slowly back towards himself, the trail of slippery scented lubricant following behind, as it dripped down onto Len’s body.

He watched the liquid strike the skin, then flow outwards. The strange pattern it made on the skin, the way Len reacted to its touch, was making his own body tremble a bit more. His own breathing was a bit ragged as he flipped the lid closed, the last of the lubricant glittering at the base of Len’s fully erect cock. He saw the pubic hairs right above the penis, flattened and shining by the liquid that had been dropped on it, and the cock seemed to sway a bit as he looked at it.

He leaned forward, smelling that fruity scent of the lubricant, mingled with their aroma of sweat and testosterone that had filled the room minutes earlier. Steve couldn’t help but suck in his breath, as his face moved down, and he found Len’s open mouth. They kissed tenderly at first, then it became more intense, as the smell of the lubricant seemed to permeate their senses.

The quick darting feel of Len’s tongue in his mouth, only made him ache a bit more, and as Len reached up, to wrap his arms around him, he couldn’t help but feel his passion. His own body crushed down onto Len’s, and he felt the liquid flow between their two bodies, spreading itself out in between. He felt the cool liquid, as it was heated by their desire for each other, as his own tongue played with Len’s. His groin ground into Len’s, as he felt the hard cock pushing into his own belly, then sliding upwards, just as his own cock did.

Len’s hand was caressing his back virgorously, and then suddenly only one hand was holding him, touching him. Then he heard the pop of a lid, and felt the cool liquid being spilled across his back. He felt the muscles quiver, the backs of his legs twitch as the cool liquid flowed down his spine, and began to trickle down between his buttocks.

He moaned as he felt the hot breath blowing into his mouth, felt the liquid slowly trickling down his valley, and then he heard the top being closed. Once more two hands were rubbing his back, but this time it was like they were gliding over his skin. The strong scent of fruit was all around him, and he felt like he was in some tropical forest. The smell, the way his body seemed to be on fire, made him think of his holiday in Hawaii.

His eyes fluttered a bit, as his memory took him to the time he was walking through the lush forest, and he felt the press of the hands over the small of his back. Steve moaned as he felt Len’s hands grabbing hold of his cheeks, the fingers digging into the flesh. He felt the lubricant between his cheeks move and fill his insides, felt it teasing his hole, as Len nibbled on Steve’s lower lip.

His body was quivering, as his own hands moved under his body, to touch Len’s stomach, to glide over the rolling muscles. His fingers felt wet, as he rubbed the lubricant all over, feeling it beneath his hand and on top of it. His body seemed to move effortlessly over Len’s, as the lubricant kept their hot flesh from sticking to each other.

Steve felt his hips move, felt his cock as it glided up and down over Len’s shaking stomach. He too was moaning, as Steve pressed down a bit more, feeling his weight forcing their bodies further down into the bed.

His legs were on either side of Len’s, and he felt Len pulling them up, the knees suddenly up against Steve’s buttocks, forcing him up Len’s stretched out body. He felt Len’s face slip below his, felt the lips pressing against his throat, kissing his Adam’s apple, then licking at it. It made his body shudder, as the hands were also pulling urgently at Steve’s buttocks. The lube was sliding all around, some dripping down into his hole, as the fingers pulled at his cheeks, opening his hole a bit.

There was no mistaking what Len wanted, and he realized how much he wanted it as well. Steve slid his body upwards, wrenching his buttocks free of Len’s powerful grip, then he leaned up, panting as he stared once more at Len. The lust in Len’s eyes was enough for him, as he reached over and grabbed the bottle of lubricant. He saw Len reaching over too, but for the Condoms, which only made him smile more.

No waiting this time, as he quickly flipped open the lubricant, and turned it upside down. He poured it out on Len’s stomach, watching Len rip open the condom package, while his body seemed to quiver. Their eyes met, just as Steve shut the bottle top, and Len had the condom out of the package.

It was like several bolts of lightning were passed between them in a millisecond, as both of them shook. Steve felt his pulse racing, felt the beat of his heart begin to pound harder inside of his chest, as he watched Len’s trembling hand move out, reaching up towards Steve.

Len’s face was taut, as the hand moved past Steve’s quivering hips, and reached for the hard cock behind. Steve licked his lips as he turned around slightly, watching Len deftly put the condom over his cock, rolling it down quickly onto the throbbing pole. It was almost as if you could feel the electricity passing between them, as Steve watched the hands move back around, and one rub over the belly, where the lubricant had been pooled.

His own hand reached down, and their fingers met, as he too let the lubricant coat his hand. As Len moved his away, back behind Steve, Steve also moved his hand back behind him. He lifted himself upwards, as he reached across his trembling butt cheeks, and dug down between them. He felt the slippery fingers reach his hole, and he pushed two of them into his own rectum, feeling the slippery goo as it coated his insides.

Steve’s eyes never left Len’s. They stared at each other while their hands moved on their own, preparing themselves. It was like watching from above, as he felt his fingers inside, as he felt the brush of Len’s arm against one cheek, knowing he was coating his cock, just as he was doing to his own hole. It made his chest ache, as he was already panting, excited by what would soon happen.

The look in Len’s eyes changed, the beat of his own heart also changed and he knew it was time. He let his hand drop from between his cheeks, and reach back along the trembling body. His fingers touched it first, and he felt the tingling inside as they slowly reached around, to grab hold of the throbbing base.

His hand wrapped around the base, and moved slightly upwards, to firmly hold the pulsing muscle. A quick glance over his shoulder, then his head and eyes moved back to stare down at Len. He saw all he needed to see being reflected in those eyes, the way they blinked, the way they stared back at him. His hand obeyed the silent signals from Len’s eyes, and the cock was suddenly sliding down between his cheeks.

Len’s oily hands suddenly were clenching at Steve’s cheeks, as the fingers dug into the quivering flesh. They pulled back, opening him up as Steve guided Len’s cock down his valley, towards the trembling hole. He felt his muscles tense, felt his whole body stiffen, as the head of Len’s cock wedged up against the tiny pink hole.

A sublte wafting fragrance of fruit crossed his nostril, along with a strong scent of testosterone. His body stiffened even more, as he looked deep into Len’s face, just as his body lowered itself more.

The sudden jolt of penetration raced up his body, making his whole body quiver, and he grimaced a bit, as he ignored the pain. His legs ached, as Steve continued to lower his butt over the cock, that was slowly being impaled into him. He cried out a little, bit his lower lip, as he pushed down hard, driving the cock all the way into his rectum.

Steve felt his insides burn, felt them scream to him, as the muscles were split apart, stretched wide by the pulsing pole that now rested deep inside. He felt it quiver, felt the veins throbbing against his own screaming muscles. Tears welled up at the corners of his eyes, as he shifted his position, making the cock twist a little.

Len was also biting his own lower lip, but his eyes were still focused straight up at Steve. They seemed to flash, to have tiny brilliant streaks exploding deep within, which made Steve groan and shake. He felt his body push down even more and then felt the push upwards from Len’s own body.

As he pulled up, he felt the groin underneath pulling away, then as he began to fall back down, he could feel the groin rushing upwards to meet him. His head flew backwards, his hair tossed to one side, as Len’s hard cock drove into him once more. It banged along his sides, twisted a bit, as their bodies crushed into each other. It was loud, the sound of flesh smacking into more flesh echoed in the room.

He could hear Len’s panting breath, his own ragged short huffs mixing together. Above it all he could hear the hard pounding beat of his heart, as it echoed like thunder in his ears, and the sound of Len’s moans, cries, were a distant noise as his body moved up and down. He felt the hard cock spread his insides, stretch them, but it glided in so easily, to effortlessly that the pain was minimal, the pleasure unbelievable.

Steve could feel the cock tremble, feel it shake as it moved in and out of his rectum. His forehead was dripping from sweat, rolling down his face, splashing onto his chest or onto Len’s chest. He could feel the heat as his body seemed to gyrate and spin on the hard cock.

It was odd, how he could hear each different sound, even though they seemed to be nothing but a jumbled mess of incoherent noises. He could hear Len’s clicking teeth, as he grinded them together each time his hips met Steve’s hips. The way Len’s short puffs would mix with the thundering roar of Steve’s pounding heart was a blur and yet not. The force of the thrusts, both up and down, was unreal as the sound of flesh banging into flesh mixed with the sound of the bed moving up and down. The springs creaking, the noise only making them both push faster.

He could feel the cock inside, feel it thicken with each inward thrust. His body was aching, and he leaned back, his two hands flat on the shaking bed, as he ground his hips, moaning as the cock twisted inside. He heard Len’s cry, and he leaned forward, bending down just enough to meet Len’s upwards stretch. Their lips touched, his teeth bit at Len’s lower lip, then he fell backwards, the hard cock going in even deeper.

Len’s hard cry made him look down, then he felt himself sliding up and off, and fall to the side. He saw Len’s hand reaching for the freed cock, ripping at the condom, and then he was leaning on his side, his hand gripping the hard cock. He saw it gleam, saw it blur as the hand stroked it furiously, and then he felt the first splatter of cum against his upper thigh.

The cum was burning his skin, as more came splattering across his body, and he could hear Len’s loud groans, as his whole body was convulsed into one wild spasm. Every muscle was shaking, trembling, as his cock spewed its milky white cream. Each drop making Len cry out, making his stomach twist and ripple. The legs were stretched straight out, the toes curled upwards, as the final spasm shook Len’s entire body. Every part of him was quivering, as he felt the cum across his thigh, his hip. Steve felt the gooey liquid as it slid down from his hip, across his belly.

Steve’s hand was resting on Len’s trembling hip. He could feel the rolling spasms gradually ease inside of him, as he stared at the still shaking cock. His eyes were misted as he leaned forward, to lightly kiss his friends forehead. As he did, Len rolled onto his back, his eyes still glazed over, still panting. The chest continued to heave, as Len’s body slowly began to return to normal.

He felt a dulled ache inside, from the hard pounding as he waited for Len to recover. Soon it would be his turn. The thought made his hand quiver a bit, as it gently caressed Len’s quietening body, waiting patiently.

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