Fiction – The Little Things

The Little Things

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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twinks & jocksHe didn’t think that it was petty, or small minded. No matter what Ted might think, his decision wasn’t based on what happened years ago when he was in High School. This was business, and he just really didn’t think that good old ‘Chase the Amazing’ was the right person for the job. Sure he was one of those, the type every kid knew when in school, the ultra cool, the elite, the upper class in the pecking order of juvenile life.

He and Ted, on the other hand, were the cannon fodder for ‘those kind’. They were the nerds, the one’s who took studying seriously, who wore the pocket protectors, who didn’t have all the latest fashions to wear. Ted was luckier than he was, least he wasn’t a total geek, a total ugly duckling. Even back then, Ted was a bit of a stud, except for his inability to play sports.

He might not have been able to catch a ball, hit one, or dribble one, but when his long tapered fingers touched a keyboard, he could make it sing, even then. Chase on the other hand, he could make a football sing. It was like he had radar for eyes, and his fingers were like precision targeting triggers. Add into that his looks, and he was the poster boy for ‘them’.

Grudgingly, Norm had to admit that Ted was right that Chase never did go out of his way to make their lives miserable. He had shown some class that way, but it didn’t alter the fact, he was a Jock, and looked down on the others. Now, here he was, not yet 25, and already in charge of a small fortune. Between him and Ted, they were considered to be the Elite in their profession.

Ted had been his first. Hell he had been his only one, though he sure as hell wasn’t Ted’s first. That was natural though. While he had been the typical 98lb weakling, wearing glasses with a crew cut hair, Ted was nearly 6 foot, certainly fuller framed than he was. He had a long torso, nice almost six pack like the Jocks, and he had a sort of look that made him sexy. The way his brown hair would hang over his eyes at times, always a bit shaggy, the long hooked nose, the thin lips, all gave him an air of mystery, of danger, that seemed to ward off the more nastier of their school mates.

Like most kids, he had grown out of his adolescent stage, his body was no longer emaciated. While he still wasn’t a giant, his body was more sculpted, more firm than when in High School. He had a solid frame, no real added fat, and he worked out. Not what you would expect from a geek, but he enjoyed his time lifting weights, jogging with Ted in the morning.

Those were his special moments. When he would feel the wind in his face as the two of them would jog through the local park together, talking and just enjoying the freedom of being outside. It also made their desire for each other unbearable. The last leg of their morning jog always became a race, to see who could get to the shower first.

He won got control of the soap, and that always led to some interesting fun. Just like this morning, when Ted had turned on the jets, and surprised him on the home stretch, winning control of the soap. Norm was smart enough to know, that most of his own victories were Ted’s way of supporting him. Truth was, Ted could always beat him, when he wanted to, and this morning he certainly did.

Maybe it was the argument about Chase, or the memories of High School, but this morning Ted seemed to be out to prove something. The way he had taken the lead in the morning Jog, the run to the finish only seemed to make it all the more exciting. He couldn’t explain it, but pumping his legs and arms, trying to overtake Ted had only heightened his feelings for Ted.

The smell of his sweat, the way his butt had swayed in the old faded blue gym shorts as he surged ahead, had all given him a boner long before they got inside of the house. The way Ted didn’t really wait either, how he had leaned over, puffing from the run, then had reached out to grab his hand as he walked past, puffing himself.

The touch of his hand, the strength of it as it grabbed hold of his wrist, holding him back. He had been surprised, and as he looked over his shoulder and down at Ted, he had felt a sort of exhilaration that surprised him. Then when Ted stood up, and pulled him close to him, so he could feel Ted’s own arousal, it all seemed to be like he was standing amidst exploding fireworks.

How his heart has pounded then, how his body had suddenly ached and not from the running either. It still lingered in his memory now, as he stared at his desk. He could still feel Ted’s touch, the way his lips had crushed into his, had spread his own thin lips apart, to force his tongue into his mouth. The way it had driven inside of his mouth, had tasted him, then the hard press of the kiss, that left him breathless. It was like it had just happened, as he felt his face flush a little.

The memory was too real, as his body was once more aroused. Recalling how Ted had held him so tight, it hurt. The way the arms were wrapped around him, the hands groping at his buttocks, squeezing his cheeks hard. The fingers digging deep into the soft flesh.

Entering the bathroom off their bedroom was still clouded by the whirling emotions he had felt. The sudden noise of the water spurting, the way he had ripped his own shorts off, kicking the runners off, knocking the garbage pail in the corner. How he had felt as Ted continued to grope at him, his own hands following suit. How he too, had held the firm cheeks, squeezing and grabbing the mounds of flesh.

Norm could still feel Ted’s hand rubbing his crotch just before pulling back, so he could drop his shorts. How when he stood up, he could see Ted’s chiselled body glistening, the sweat cooling but leaving a bright sheen to the golden flesh. The way his nipples were already erect, how hard his cock looked as it jutted out from the dark brown bush of hair.

Yet it was his eyes that he could still see. The way they had darkened, seemed to be like a dark void where only lightning existed. How they had flashed was amazing, as he felt his own naked body being guided into the large shower. The feel of the warm spray from the wall jets, set into each corner, only made him more aroused.

Norm’s hands were touching him all over, poking and prodding in a sort of controlled frenzy. The sense of urgency was unmistakable, as Ted kissed him again, as they stood in the centre of the shower. The warm water spray adding to the tingle inside. The soft patter of water only making him moan more, as Ted’s hands moved across his chest, then his stomach.

It was amazing at how he could feel his heart, and Ted’s. Their bodies had wrapped around each other, and then he felt Ted applying the soap to his back. His hand glided over his trembling skin, as he lightly began to cover him in soap, from head to toe. His hand would reach up to the dispenser in the corner, then softly work the liquid into a lather, that was slowly dripping down his frame, as he stood there, feeling the love.

Norm had stood there, feeling his body being lathered. The gentle touch of the hand as it moved along his skin, just touching it enough to be felt. His nerves were tingling, as the gentle touch moved across his chest. The fingers lightly playing around each nipple, then over them. It was like he was being lit on fire, as his body trembled with excitement.

The water had been turned down, to an even finer misting spray, as he felt Ted kiss him under his chin, in the hollow of his neck. The hands were down at his stomach, then he felt the one hand move across his belly, down towards his groin. He felt the fingers run across the top of his erect cock, felt the rolling tremors deep inside, as the fingers moved across his cock head.

Norm could feel Ted’s hot breath on his neck, the way he was panting, feeling the same excitement he was feeling. His heart was pounding, his chest heaving, as Ted’s finger moved down and then around the bulging head. Lightly it moved around his shaking cock, then the tip slid down the underside of his hard penis until it was lightly poking into the top of his scrotum. He had groaned then, shuffling forward a bit, letting his body get closer.

His cock head swayed and brushed past Ted’s own hard cock. It made them both shudder, as Ted suddenly let his arms go around and pull Norm closer. He held him tight, then slowly he reached around and was redirecting the various shower nozzles. He could feel the spray around his midriff, as he also felt Ted slowly sliding down his body.

He was kissing him, even biting at his flesh as he moved down till he was on his knees. The sprays of warm water were all directed at his middle, and he could feel their gentle patter against his thighs, his groin. Then he felt Ted’s head begin to redirect the spray to the sides, as his mouth moved down, licking and kissing until it was over his cock.

A sudden deluge of warm water began striking at his groin, as Ted leaned back, one hand holding Norm’s aching balls in the palm. Looking down he could only see Ted’s soaked hair, but he could feel his eyes staring at him, feel them as they gazed at his cock.

The touch of Ted’s lips on his cock made him moan, his hands take hold of Ted’s shoulders, digging in. His body trembled as he felt his cock being kissed, then licked ever so lightly. The spray of water only adding to the feelings that were rushing through his whole body.

Then he felt himself being turned around, and he pushed lightly over to the far wall. Staggering a little, a bit confused he shuffled forward, until he felt the strong hands spreading his legs. Then one hand moved up his backside, forcing him to lean forward. He was confused, as he felt his legs being slowly pushed apart, then the hands began to massage his buttocks.

They pushed, pulled at the flesh, then every now and then Ted would lean in, kissing his flesh, a playful slap on the other side. Then Norm felt the hands moving inwards, and the fingers reaching towards each other. He felt his cheeks quiver, sucked in his breath, as his cheeks were slowly pulled apart. The fingers had dug into his flesh, along the inside.

As his cheeks opened, more of the warm water began to run down his valley. He felt the trickle around his hole, then he felt something else. Ted had began to lick at the top of his buttocks, and he could feel his tongue, as it licked at the top of his cheeks, at the soft flesh just inside, between his two cheeks.

His body shook, as the tongue began to slide down his valley, aided by the streaming rush of warm water. His thighs tightened, the muscles coiling, as the tongue moved down until it came to his hole. He felt his little pink hole quiver, felt the tremors, as Ted’s tongue circled around it, then suddenly he felt the tip of it on his hole.

Norm had cried out then, as the edge of Ted’s tongue curled and slowly began to move inwards, to spread apart his pink hole. He felt the nerves tingling, felt his muscles tighten, his legs becoming taut, as Ted’s tongue penetrated him.

Groaning loudly, he felt his whole body shake, felt his cock jerk from side to side, as the waves of pleasure began to race up and down his body. Ted dug his tongue in deep, licking at his insides, tasting him in a way Ted had never done before. His cries were loud, yet he didn’t seem to hear them over the roar of his beating heart. He could feel the blood rushing inside his body, feel his cock aching so much that he took one hand off the wall to grab hold of it.

Norm’s hand reached around and gripped his own cock hard. His breathing was ragged, water dripped down off his face as he felt the tongue digging between his buttocks. The sound of Ted licking him, only made him cry out more. His legs were quivering as he began to stroke his cock, feeling its warmth grow, as every part of him was shaking. His eyes closed tightly, his head tilted backwards, as Ted licked him hard and deep. He curled his tongue up, swirled it around inside of Norm, while Norm stroked his own cock. He felt the balls swelling, felt them as they pushed up into the very base of his cock, all the time feeling Ted’s tongue licking him.

Norm didn’t know how many times he had stroked his cock, three or three hundred, as time meant nothing. His eyes could see small dots of lights, even though firmly closed. His mind was overwhelmed by the waves of pleasure that were racing inside. His arm against the shower wall was numb, as were his legs. His body was taut, as Ted continued to lick at him, as Norm continued to milk his cock.

The pain in his balls became unbearable. Norm cried out loudly, as he felt the two full balls explode. His legs shuddered, as he felt the roaring rush of his cum leave his balls, and begin to flow through his blood gorged pole. He shook, then as he yelled, he felt the cock rear back, and then shoot forward. He almost lost his balance, as his cock jerked, as the cum began to stream out.

As it did, he felt the tongue flick up and around, then somehow dive in even deeper. His whole insides felt like they were on fire, as his hips shot forward, then back, his cum flying out from between his fingers. The warm water striking his cock, making him quiver even more, making him moan, as his body shook.

Norm felt himself being held, then twisted around. His body was still shaking, the explosion of lights behind his eyelids were brighter than ever, as he felt his cock being covered up. The beat of the spray ceased, as he felt Ted wrapping his lips around his cock, taking it all deep into his mouth. The last of his cum just dribbling out, but not to flow between his fingers, but to be swept up by the raspy edge of Ted’s tongue. He shuddered, as his body released the last of his milk.

The sound of his phone ringing made him open his eyes. Norm could feel the wetness inside his pants, knowing that once more he had cum. It was the third time already, as he lifted up the receiver.


Your call to Mister McMasters is on line one.

He thanked his secretary, as he punched the button for line one.



I’ve reconsidered, maybe you do fit our needs, why don’t you meet me at the Royal, in the lounge. We’ll have a drink and discuss this further.

Well, sure, I’d like that.

Good, say five?

Okay, five is fine.

Great, we can talk about the job, and maybe relive some old memories too.

Old memories?

Yeah, you can tell me all about you and Ted.

He hung up before Chase could reply, and leaned back in his chair. A smile crossed his face, as he thought about how surprised Ted would be. Ted didn’t think he would have understood, but the funny thing was, he did. Tonight at 5 it would be his turn to surprise Ted.

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