Fiction – the Perfect Topping

The Perfect Topping

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Nathan enjoyed this time of year. The whole ‘shopping’ experience might turn others off, but he loved it. The thrill of picking out various gifts, the chance to go into the strange little side shops, all made for a pleasant day. The paying for the stuff, well that was a bit of a drag, but hell, it only came once a year.

Of course his problem was that it generally took him till next March to pay off the credit cards. Still it was worth it and as he stood in the shop, staring at the full display counter of those tiny tasty morsels, he also started to think about his latest fling.

Henry was what he would call a ‘flamer’. The guy was simply too feminine acting at times, at least when they were down at the club or at some gathering. He had one of those bodies that more than made up for his more girlish attitude. Course, he didn’t always act so demur, as there was a rather exciting ‘butch’ side of Henry.

They had met at the local watering hole. Nothing too garish, but it had a decent shooter bar, and the seats were comfortable. Nathan had first spotted him at the long bar, downing the shooters like they were water. He had a way of tilting his head back as he took the shot of liquor.

The way his longish hair flew back, the way his nose seemed to hang in the air, and his Adam’s apple bop up and down as he took it all, had gotten his attention. His face was soft, and you really didn’t see any shadow or stubble either. The eye lashes were long, and seemed to flutter rather a lot when he was excited, which seemed to be nearly all the time.

While he spoke in a sort of soft sexy voice, he could let out a nice high pitched scream now and then. The first time he had heard it, was when he was on the receiving end of one of Henry’s heart stopping ass poundings. He had been totally surprised by the primal scream, and then not even two seconds later, he had felt the hot cream splashing across his upper buttocks. The hot cum had also surprised him, as it seemed to be coming from a fire hose. It hit him so hard, so many times, he had to look over his shoulder, to see if maybe Henry was pouring hot liquid on him. He wasn’t, he had his head back, just like that night at the bar.

His eyes were rolled up, his nose was flaring, and he mouth was wide open, as he held his rather hefty piece of meat in one hand. It too had been a shocker when he had first laid eyes on it. Uncut and even soft, it looked like a baseball bat. Hearing that piercing cry, looking back, he had managed to catch the third stream of Henry’s cum.

If he could have seen his face, he knew it would be registering nothing but shock and amazement. This was a third shot, and he couldn’t believe how much there was, nor how hard it sprayed out. His body had flinched as it had spattered across his back. Watching it, realizing it was because of his own prowess at clenching and unclenching his cheeks while taking that huge weapon, only made him hornier than while feeling that cock inside.

The sounds of Henry’s balls slapping onto his own sweat soaked cheeks had been driving him nuts. The dull ache inside as the huge pole slid in and out in rapid fire had given him an amazing feeling inside. His body had shook to the hard deep penetrating thrusts. The grunts with each entry only added to the sensations that were racing up and down his body.

Then that scream, it had seemed like it would break glass, it was so shrill, so loud. Nathan had seen the waves of Henry’s orgasm flash across his rather thin face. The way his mouth looked, the way his tongue seemed to flutter inside, as his vocal chords shrieked the news of it. It all made his own rather ordinary cock stiffen even more. It also made his balls grow and ache in a way he hadn’t ever felt before then.

The feel of the cum on his back, the look of the heaving chest and shaking nipple ring, all had made him join in the screaming. Not something he usually did either. He was a silent screamer, but not that time. It had shocked Henry a little, who had suddenly flipped him over, and immediately bent down, to grab hold of Nathan’s throbbing cock, and suck on it, till it exploded in his mouth.

Gawd, he still got the shakes thinking of that time, and lowering his eyes, he saw the clerk staring at him with a sort of quizzical expression. Must be the sudden lump in his pants, he thought as he smiled and moved up to glance at all the various goodies on the shelf. There were some interesting concoctions, but the tin showing the rich pouring of dark liquid grabbed his eyes.

Staring at the tin, he lost all interest in the man behind the counter. All he could think of was Henry and the contents of that tin. The idea of opening it, of slowly raising it up and over Henry’s groin, watching the thick dark liquid begin to pour down, to coat Henry’s groin with its messy and sticky mass was giving him a boner that hurt.

Even the rather high price seemed inconsequential, as he took two full tins and made his way home. Before he was even out of the store, he was dialling Henry’s number, hoping to catch him. His jaw was set firmly, as he waited for the rings to be answered, and when finally Henry’s voice was on the other end, he was rushing for a taxi.

The cabbie must of thought he was crazy or just plain nuts, the way he had kept urging him to go faster. It was a bit insane, but since seeing the tins, seeing the label, he couldn’t help himself. He had to satisfy that insane notion, and if Henry didn’t hurry up, he’d cream his pants before time. Granted, he was being rather excessive, but it was like he would give them both a present that would make that last time together pale in comparison.

Getting home to his flat, he immediately stripped down to his shorts, and began to lay things out in the bedroom. For a second he pondered what to do about the sheets, whether to lay some plastic down, or ignore the mess that would soon coat his sheets. Peering into his closet, he saw the fresh pair of sheets, and tossed the idea of using the rubber covering. He also pulled out the box of toys he kept there, and quickly selected the John Holmes dildo.

Only twice before had he ever taken that monster, but he knew he’d want it tonight. He laid it out on the night table, next to the bowl of Condoms, the large bottle of lubricant, and the two tins he had just bought. It was a bit extravagant, to expect to use both, but he was certain it would be worth it. After all, he knew just how much of a sweet tooth Henry had. It rivalled his own, and he grinned, showing his teeth as he rushed around, fluffing up the pillows, turning the lights down low and firing up the various candles.

This was going to be a night to remember. Henry might be 26 years old, a year younger than him, but at times he acted like a kid. The way he would go nuts over some exotic brand of chocolate was as bad as how he went when he got the urge to be the top for the night. It was like being caught in a hurricane. Everything Henry did, when in those moods, was fast and furious. The way his hand would snatch at the tiny morsels of chocolate, pop it into his mouth, then would come the ultimate taste test. If it met with his approval, he would moan while gently let the tiny morsel melt in his mouth. It was so damn hot to watch, and always afterwards, the sex was even hotter.

Henry loved his chocolate, and as soon as Nathan had seen those tins, he knew it would make for the best night ever. Staring back at the room, the flickering lights of the candles, he felt his body begin to quiver a little. His cock hadn’t gotten soft, it was still as rock hard as it was when he had first spotted the tins.

The buzzer startled him. He took a quick look around, then rushed towards the door. His cock was so hard it was slapping against his thighs as he walked, reminding him of just how horny he really was. Opening the door, he saw Henry’s surprised look, given how Nathan was nearly naked. Without even waiting for a greeting, he reached out and yanked Henry inside, slamming the door hard. He threw the bolts quickly and again, grabbing hold of Henry’s hand began leading him towards the bedroom.

Horny git tonight aren’t you?

Yeah, well you will be soon too, wait till you see my special little treat for tonight.

Henry laughed as he entered the candle lit bedroom. His eyes looked the place over, smiling as he took his jacket off. His eyes opened a bit further as he spotted the huge dildo on the night stand, and the extra large bottle of lubricant next to it. He was bit aroused by the rather large round shapes covered by a linen cloth.

He didn’t have much time to wonder at what it was, as Nathan was already tugging at his clothes. It was a bit unusual as he felt his pants unbuckled and being shoved down his long thin legs. He shivered a bit, feeling a slight chill as he was prodded to step out of them. Nathan was definitely in a rush.

The sight of Henry’s chicken legs, the small curly tufts of hair dotting the thighs only made Nathan giddy. He liked the way those legs could wrap around him, and soon, he knew that Henry would be in the right mood for another one of those amazing butt poundings. Strange, because he was normally the top, but as he pulled Henry’s shirt off over his head, tussling his hair, he felt his cheeks clenching and unclenching, itching for some deep and hard driving attention.

Odd, he never got this excited before as he cajoled and urged Henry to get his clothes off. The shoes had been kicked off and he gently pushed Henry, forcing him to fall back onto the bed. It shook, as he bounced, laughing at Nathan’s frantic pace.

Nathan reached down, and yanked at the blue boxer shorts, tossing them over his shoulder once off the legs. He stood back, staring at Henry’s cock. The head was still hiding under a sheath of loose skin, but you could just see the tip of it poking out. He smiled, knowing than in a few short second that head would be popping out without much coaxing from him.

Stepping back, he pushed his own shorts down, enjoying the admiring look that Henry gave him. His eyes focused right onto his hard cock, that jutted out from his more muscular body. His stomach was rippling, his chest slightly heaving as the excitement grew inside of him.

Climbing up on his bed, he moved up to were he was finally up by Henry’s face. He could see the eyes growing dark, as Henry anticipated he would want to be sucked for a bit. Poor Henry he thought, as he leaned back, resting his buttocks on Henry’s chest. His own eyes were gleaming as he reached over him, his hard cock brushing across Henry’s face. The hand found the first tin, and he pulled it out and lifted it so that Henry couldn’t quite see what he was holding.

Leaning back, he saw Henry lift his head up, to stare at the hard cock, then up at Nathan’s face. His whole face was glowing, the eyes were like two burning circles of fire, as he stared at Nathan’s erection. Nathan brought his hand out from behind his back, and tilted it.

Before Henry could even speak, the rich dark chocolate began to pour out, and he felt the first drops fall onto his cock head. As they did, he felt the body beneath him buck a little, squirm and then shake. Looking down, he moved the can of chocolate closer, to let the milky liquid coat his shaft. His eyes glanced over at Henry, who stared in shock at the display before him.

He took one finger and wiped the dripping liquid, as he put the can back on the nightstand. Then he let his finger brush across Henry’s lips, letting him taste the dark rich mixture. There was a soft whimpering moan, and before Henry could say a single word, Nathan leaned forward, his chocolate covered cock pushing up against Henry’s sticky lips.

They opened, as he slowly shoved his cock inside, feeling the tongue licking at it, tasting him and the chocolate. The moans were much louder now, and he felt the two hands grasping at his hips. The fingers dug sharply into his sides, pulling him in closer. His cock was throbbing as Henry began to move his head back and then forwards, licking at the chocolate coating.


Henry lifted up his eyes, nodding as best as he could, as he continued to suck on Nathan’s cock, licking it and getting every drop of the chocolate off. He was also moaning, even while the cock was deep down in his mouth.

Nathan pulled back, noticing how his cock was glistening, and perfectly pink. Not a single drop of the chocolate was left on his hot pole, as he smiled, and ran his finger along Henry’s face.

Want some more?

Oh yeah, damn that is good

Nathan just smiled as he moved up and began to turn around. His eyes were now staring at a very hard cock. Just as he had expected, Henry’s cock was no longer shy, as the head was sticking out, the skin taut behind it. It wavered a bit as he turned himself around, so his buttocks was in front of Henry’s face, and that beautiful cock was in front of his.

He didn’t have to say another word, as he felt Henry spread his cheeks, then felt the cold liquid begin to drip down his tender valley. Henry poured a fair amount of the chocolate down, and then pushed some of it into his hole. He grunted as he felt the slippery finger dig into his rectum, then he felt the can being handed over to him.

Taking it, he slowly began to let the chocolate drip onto the hard cock. His eyes focused on the long trail of dark rich liquid, as it slowly rolled down and over the purple mottled cock head, then began to slide down the pole itself. His breath was suddenly taken from him, as Henry suddenly began to lick at him, to taste the chocolate that was running down inside his buttock.

The press of Henry’s tongue between his cheeks made him quiver, as he put the can down, and leaned forward. The waves of pleasure racing up his spine was too much for him, as he looked at Henry’s cock. The way the chocolate was rolling down, the way it seemed to just naturally follow the veins around the shaft made him ache.

Reaching back, he let his own fingers dig into the soft flesh of his buttocks, then he pulled back, spreading his two cheeks open as wide as possible. It hurt, but he ignored it, as he lowered his head, letting his tongue lick out, taking his first taste of the chocolate. It was like being inside a cannon exploding.

His head reeled, as he felt the chocolate on the tip of his tongue, as he felt the tip of Henry’s tongue suddenly twirl around his chocolate covered hole. He felt the air rushing out of his lungs, as he shook. The sensation was over whelming as every nerve in his body tingled. His legs quivered, as wrapped his thin lips over the hot cock head. The chocolate wasn’t cold, but warm from the heat being thrown off from Henry’s cock. It melted in his mouth, as it also smeared his lips.

The tongue licking around his hole stopped, then he felt it cross over his hole, then he cried out. Henry had twirled his tongue, curled it up and now was poking it into him. He felt the raspy edge, as it moved past his tiny little muscle. His body shook, his heart began to pound as Henry began to lick at his insides. The tongue moved in and around. It twisted around, licking at his insides, tasting the chocolate that had been poured in.

His mouth was full too, as he let his lips slide down and over the cock head. The taste of chocolate was rich and full, mixed with a strange saltiness as he slowly lowered his head over the hard cock. The ache in his own body was unbelievable. His arms were growing numb as he still held his cheeks open, but now he felt Henry’s fingers spread across the two cheeks, digging in and pushing them further apart. He cried out, releasing his hands to rest on either side of Henry’s shaking legs.

One hand moved to grip the hard pole. His fingers wrapped around the base, as he lowered his mouth more over the cock. The hips beneath him shot upwards, driving the cock deep into Nathan’s mouth. He gagged a little, but adjusted quickly. The smell of chocolate filled his nostrils, as did the scent he knew was Henry’s. His body shook, as he let the huge throbbing pole push up into his open throat. His lips were holding the burning flesh tightly, as moaned.

A hard slap against his buttocks stunned him, then he gasped as he felt more chocolate being poured into his open rectum. Without a second’s hesitation, he felt the hard rubber, as Henry slowly inserted the large dildo. He cried out, arching his own head back, as he felt his rectum being split apart. The pressing inwards didn’t ease, as Henry continued to push the dildo in. He sucked in his breath, as the pain rolled up and down his body. He could feel himself shaking, as the dildo was slid in.

His cock shook, as it dangled underneath him. The cock in front of him remained unattended as Henry began to twist the huge dildo around, then slowly began to move it in and out. Nathan cried out, as his body took the long deliberate thrusts with increasing comfort. His toes were curling up as he began to gyrate his hips, began to match the thrusts in with a push back from his hips.

He felt the dildo push in deeper, then he felt the hard raspy tongue licking at him, around the dildo that was firmly implanted inside him. His body shook, as he felt the tongue digging at his skin, licking at the sides of his flesh. He shut his eyes, as he let his head fall down, and with his mouth wide open. The cock easily slid in, and he felt it go all the way down. He held on tightly now, sucking on Henry’s hard pole. It was shaking, quivering and he could feel the head begin to rear back. It was going to explode, as he continued to hold it inside his mouth. The chocolate aroma continued to make his nostrils flare, as he buried his nose into Henry’s soft groin.

Henry’s hands let go of his cheeks, the dildo still wedged inside. He heard the slap of skin, felt the sudden easing of pressure, as he sucked. The cry was still a surprise, but he quickly felt his body react. His throat opened even wider, as the cock head came rushing back out. The streaming cum made him choke.

His hips suddenly were up off the bed, driving his cock even deeper into Nathan’s throat. The hot cum was already pouring out, filling the throat and mouth. Some of it was already dripping out from the corner’s of Nathan’s mouth before he took his first swallow. The sound echoed in the room, as Henry’s yell was still bouncing off the walls.

Nathan had his hands now underneath Henry’s body. They were holding onto the quivering cheeks, pushing them upwards, forcing the cock in his mouth to go in even deeper. He felt his body shaking, as he swallowed again and again. Every drop of the hot cream was gobbled up, forced down his throat, as he felt his each rolling tremor racing through his body. He was panting, his chest heaving as Henry continued to fill his mouth with his cum.

His eyes felt like they had been glued shut, as he felt the last drop of cum dribble out of the cock. His body was still shaking, as he gradually managed to pull his head back, to gently let Henry’s buttocks sink back onto the bed.

As the lids slowly lifted open, he could see tiny dots of lights flashing in front, then slowly disappear as he leaned back. His body was still shaking as he let himself slowly roll off to rest on the bed. Cum was drying on his lips as he felt himself twist around, so his head would rest on Henry’s shoulder. Henry looked over, to see Henry’s heaving chest. The small ring dangling from one nipple shaking to each panting breath.

Nathan smiled as he let his hand mover across. His index finger lightly tracing around the nipple, barely touching the skin. Each pass of his finger, making Henry moan a bit more. Looking up, he saw the dark eyes peering down at him. He smiled as he said: ‘Want some more chocolate?

Henry just smiled as he ran his hand across the side of Nathan’s face.

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