Fiction – Morning Shower

Morning Shower

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Chase stretched and yawned as he turned to stare at the sun shining through the drapes. His eyes fluttered a little at the brightness, the blinds and drapes not keeping the morning sun out all that well. His mouth felt a bit icky, with the normal morning taste as he glanced over at the clock radio, checking the time.

As the red lighted numbers glowed, he felt happy. He didn’t have a hangover, or feel like the world was about to end. No pounding inside his head either, and it was after all a Saturday morning. He grinned to himself, wondering why he hadn’t found this answer before, as he turned towards the still sleeping figure next to him.

It had only been a month since Johnny had been spending the weekends with him. Strange, but ever since he had started hitting the bars, going out on weekends, the person next to him had always been different. That was hell of a record, considering that he was 25 now, and started hitting the bars when he was 18. Seven years of bringing home different guys, until last month.

Granted, there were a few who he had brought home more than once, some even made it to three times, though never in a row. Slipping out of bed, he walked softly towards the bathroom, checking to make sure that he wasn’t waking Johnny up. Chase could feel the smile n his face, as he looked at the covered figure, the bare arm stretched out, hugging the pillow.

As he closed the bathroom door, and proceeded to wash up, he couldn’t help but feel a bit amazed at himself. Johnny was certainly a catch, only 22 and with a body most guys dreamed of. He had longish hair, deep brown eyes, and thin pale lips that were damn tasty, specially after they had been wrapped around his cock. Chase almost laughed out loud, as he felt his body stirring to the memory of last night’s fun. Still it wasn’t like he was a dog either, and he did rather think he was a bit of a catch too.

Okay, he was an inch or so shorter than Johnny, and his hair was close cropped, but he had what many called ‘bedroom eyes’ and his body was in good shape for an old fart of 25. Still, it wasn’t his nature to have someone stick around like Johnny had.

In the past, when they stayed the night, they didn’t stay for breakfast. Once he was up, they were also woken up and headed towards the door, long before he would have his morning shower. With Johnny, even that first sleep over, Chase never pushed him out. Hell he cooked him a full course breakfast, eggs, bacon, toast, and all the other trimmings.

Course his reward had been one hell of a morning shower, and that too was becoming sort of a standard with them. He shook his head, as he spit out the last of the toothpaste. Staring at his reflection, he couldn’t see himself looking any different, but he sure felt different. He felt content, happy, in a way he had never thought possible.

Then too, his drinking had suddenly dropped. One of the waiters at the bar last night had even commented on it, asking if he had become some tea toter or something. No more shooters being pounded back with chasers of Vodka or Beer. Then too, he was noticing how he wasn’t really wanting to spend time at the bar either. He hadn’t closed the joint down since that first night when he had met Johnny.

Since then, they had a drink or two, took a turn or so on the dance floor, then came back to his place. They would watch a video or movie on the tube, though they had yet to see either to a conclusion. Johnny was always horny, and it was rather fun to be the center of attention.

They always had the intention of watching the movie, or video. They would make popcorn, sit it down on the coffee table, then Johnny would nestle into his arm, resting his head on Chase’s breast. He would have his arm around the guy, and before the movie was even finished with the opening credits, Johnny would have his hand groping Chase’s crotch.

Chase managed a local hardware outlet, while Johnny was still at school. He attended the local community college, living in a dorm room with three other guys. The week was pretty busy for them both, between work and school, but the weekend was theirs. Though he had to admit, this last week had been the best.

Drying his face, his hands, he ran his hand through his hair, pushing a few strands out of the way. It was nearly time for another haircut, though Johnny was urging him to let it grow. Maybe he would, he thought as he opened the door to head back into the bedroom.

He looked over at the bed, noticing that Johnny hadn’t stirred yet. His arm still held the pillow, and Chase smiled as he walked over, feeling excited. Rarely had he ever felt that way in the morning, but with Johnny, it was becoming a natural state for him.

Climbing back onto the bed, he could feel his semi erection rubbing against his thigh, as he propped himself up onto one elbow, so as to gaze at Johnny’s sleeping figure. He saw the disheveled hair, the way a lock curled around the ear lope. He could hear the steady even breathing, saw the sheet lifting and falling in time to his breathing.

He let his hand reach out, to lightly push back the lock of hair, and to sort of brush across the skin, just under the ear. Johnny moved a little, still asleep as he let his fingers lightly caress the shoulder, then the upper arm. He felt the tiny little hairs, felt them react to his light touch. Johnny mumbled a bit under his breath, but was still sleeping, as he let his hand fall to rest on the hip.

Chase felt the warmth under his hand, as he let it rest there, while he stared at the back of Johnny’s neck. He leaned down, brushing his lips lightly behind the ear, then under it. He kissed it softly, feeling the tingling of his nerves, feeling the beat of his heart as he licked at the ear lope with his tongue.

He whispered softly into the ear, as he gently let his teeth graze the ear lobe, lightly nibbling at it. The figure was starting to stir, and he let his tongue lick at the ear lobe, just inside and was rewarded with a soft murmur of pleasure. The body under his hand stirred a bit more, a sort of tremble, as it leaned back into his body.

Chase knew that Johnny had awaken, as his arm left hugging the pillow, to reach around behind and touch him. He felt the body turn over, and he could see the face now, as it looked up at him. The eyes were open, staring into his own face. He saw the mouth spread open, a small grin crossing it, as he asked what time it was.

Johnny shifted his position a little, and he leaned into Chase’s body. His head was on his arm, and Chase could feel his body pushing into his. His own body was pushing back, the sheet in the middle. Johnny let his head move forward, as he quickly gave Chase a kiss on the chin, then leaned back a little.

Slowly Chase brought his hand up, pushing the sheet down off the upper body. With his index finger only, he began to caress his friend’s chest. He let the finger move lightly across the skin, feeling it shiver, feeling it tremble at his touch. He brought the finger up and under the chin, then up to rest on Johnny’s lips. He felt the lips curl and purse, then kiss his finger, which Johnny then wrapped his lips over, taking the tip into his mouth. Chase felt the saliva as Johnny sucked his finger tip, then moved his own hand over to rest on Chase’s hip. The fingers were spread apart, holding his hip snugly in their grip.

His eyes were glancing upwards, as he sucked on the finger, a growing sense of hunger becoming visible. The eyes were fully awake, looking for Chase’s response, seeing it, waiting for it. Chase felt himself smile as he took his finger out, and then reached out with his hands to hold Johnny’s face. He moved in, and kissed him hard on the lips, tasting him, ignoring his morning breath.

As they kissed, Chase ran his hand down the trembling body, until it was touching the groin. He leaned in, so his hand could reach further, to grasp the hard cock that had sprung up. He felt the hot pole, felt it stiffen to his touch, even as Johnny reached out for his, despite the sheet.

It felt strange, to have his cock being held, with a sheet wrapped around it. Yet Johnny didn’t care, as he pulled on it, making it even harder. Chase felt the excitement growing between them, as he took hold of Johnny’s cock. He pulled it once or twice, then pulled his head back, his hand still holding onto the throbbing pole.

Someone’s excited

Johnny laughed, as he moved in closer, pulling on Chase’s hard cock and twisting it a little.

Like I ain’t the only one Bitch, so what you going to do about it?

Chase grinned as he suddenly reached out and pulled Johnny on top of him. He felt the sheet between then being pushed out of the way. His whole body suddenly quivered, as he felt Johnny’s hot burning flesh against his own. His body was shaking as he held Johnny, and felt his hot breath on his face, as Chase stared up at him. He saw the hair falling around his face, over his shoulders, tickling his own upper chest as Johnny looked down at him.

He could see the lust, the desire, and Chase knew it was no different than how he was looking. He couldn’t help himself, as he felt his desire welling up, taking hold.


yeah? On what?

I don’t know, on what I feel like.

You think so huh? Well I know what I feel like.

Do you now?

Uh huh, and you gonna find out… now

With that Johnny leaned down and kissed Chase hard on the lips. His tongue pushed apart the lips, drove inside and began to lick him all over. It didn’t last long, as the tongue was out, and Johnny began to kiss and lick at his face.

He kissed the chin, the nose, even the eyes, then let his tongue lick out at Chase’s inner ear, then slide down under, and over his neck. The tongue licked at the hollow of his throat, before kissing him and sliding his body downwards.

Chase was suddenly being straddled by Johnny. His legs were pushing into his sides, his hands also, as he slowly began to kiss and lick his chest. His hard body was slowly moving down, and he bit one nipple, making Chase cry out. Johnny just laughed, as he leaned over to lick at the other nipple, then he wrapped his whole mouth over it, and sucked on the flesh, pulling it up from the body, then letting it fall back, licking and kissing it, before moving further down. His tongue licked at his belly, feeling his muscles rolling beneath, then suddenly he was sliding down, his knees digging into Chase’s legs.

His cock was sticking up, and he looked down his quivering body to see Johnny’s face hovering over his stiff dick. Chase felt his heart quicken, felt his lungs suck in more air, as long strands of Johnny’s hair swayed across his thighs. Suddenly Johnny lifted his head up and stared back at Chase, then as their eyes met, he broke the contact, and pushed himself down, his head now right over his cock. He felt the hot breath a second before feeling the press of lips over his cock head.

Chase groaned, as the lips wrapped tightly over his cock head, the tongue flicked out, swiping at the oozing pre cum, then he heard Johnny as he swallowed his early seed. His body stiffened, as the lips pressed even tighter and began to slide down his cock head, to now wrap around his pole. He felt the teeth graze the head, and he moaned. His hands reached up and out to rest on Johnny’s head.

He pushed down, and felt the lips sliding across his burning skin. He felt like he would explode as Johnny’s nose buried itself into the soft flesh of his groin. Once more he moaned, his hands holding Johnny’s head down, but nor for long. The head resisted his hands, pushed back, but didn’t let go of the throbbing cock. He felt himself shake, as Johnny quickly began to suck on the cock. Chase felt Johnny’s fingers digging into the soft flesh of his sides, just above his hips. He couldn’t move, as the head twisted and turned as it moved up and down on his cock. He could feel his cock head jerking and bouncing from side to side. His balls were aching, as Johnny held him even tighter. It was like a vacuum as he heard the noises, felt the press of lips.

His hands dropped to his side, as he couldn’t hold them up any longer. He felt his body growing more tense, more rigid, as the blood was racing from all over, towards his groin. His moans were constant now, when suddenly the hold on his cock eased, then as he tried to comprehend the change, he felt the hands pushing and pulling at his body. Looking up he saw the glazed stare, and heard the command to turn over.

Quickly he turned onto his belly, as he felt Johnny lift up, then move his legs inside of Chase’s legs. He felt the knees push his legs apart, as the body moved in closer. Then he felt the whole weight of Johnny on his back, felt the hard cock pushing at his buttocks as Johnny leaned over towards the night stand. He heard the drawer open, and he knew he was going to be taking Johnny.

His head was spinning as the press on his back eased, then he heard a grunt, then a slight tearing sound. He felt Johnny’s hand throw something, as the motion made the air over him sway. Chase grabbed the pillow next to him, and shoved it under his chin, and his hands were up, on either side as he felt Johnny’s hand doing something near his butt.

A small grunt told him that it was going to be soon, that Johnny was nearly ready. His body started to tense up, his buttocks clenching and unclenching, as he tried to remain clam. His cock ached, his balls were hurting too as he felt Johnny’s finger sliding down his crack, resting near his hole. Then he felt the finger prod him, poke at him, till the tip was just pushing slightly inside, then it pulled back. His two hands reached down, and he felt them dig into his flesh, and pull his cheeks apart.

The sound echoed in the room, then he felt the spit strike his rectum. His buttocks quivered, as once more Johnny spit, lubricating his hole. Every nerve seemed to be tingling, as he felt the hot breath, then felt the raspy edge of Johnny’s tongue. He felt it lick at his crack, at the pink valley between his two cheeks. He moaned, closing his eyes tightly as the tongue licked around his hope, teasing him, then moving down then back up, then over and around, then suddenly he felt it penetrate him.

He cried out loudly, feeling the jolt inside, feeling the waves of immense pleasure flowing up into his body. His cheeks quivered, his legs shot out, taut like a band of steel as Johnny’s tongue dug deep into his rectum. His hole was quivering, as he felt the tongue lick at him, taste him, then twist around and curl, to lick at him in ways he had never felt before. His whole body was shaking, as Johnny’s tongue licked him hard.

Chase had no idea how long Johnny licked his hole. He felt drained when it suddenly stopped, his body was in torment, from the constant waves of pleasure that had run up and down his body. His heart was pounding, his breathing was laboured, as he now felt the hard press of something up and above his quivering pink hole.

It slid down his valley, wedged itself hard up against his hole. He could feel the muscles still tingling, still shuddering as Johnny grunted, then released his own held back breath. Chase cried out, as the pain lanced up his spine, as his hole was suddenly spread wider than it thought it could be. He felt the hot flesh sliding past, entering his body. His hands balled up into fists, and he gritted his teeth, as he felt Johnny penetrate him fully.

The cock was deep inside before he let his breath out, and it was still moving in, as he twisted his head around as he tried to stop from screaming. He bit his lip, gritted his teeth as Johnny drove his cock further into him. He moaned now, feeling the pain slowly turning to pleasure.

Every fibre of his being was screaming at him. His mind was seeing red and blue dots across his closed eyelids. His heart was racing now, faster and faster it went, until all he could hear was a rushing roar in his ears. He cried out, as he felt Johnny’s crotch grinding into his buttocks.

As he felt the hard press of Johnny’s groin against his cheeks, it began to pull back. Then when he though the cock would be pulled right out, it was once more travelling quickly back inside of him. He banged the bed with one fist, while yelling out. He bit his lip, feeling it flatten under pressure from his teeth, as the cock inside moved faster and deeper.

In and Out it went. He felt like Johnny had a jack hammer buried inside of his ass. Fast and hard it went, each inward thrust Johnny’s groin would slap into Chase’s buttocks. The noise would be drowned out by the grunts from Johnny, the mournful wails from Chase. He could hear his own voice, as if it was off in a distance, begging for him to go faster. He was begging him for more, urging him on, as he felt the constant rolling waves of pain and pleasure travel though his whole body. He was feeling light headed, as the blood was rushing to his cock.

He tried to reach down, to grab hold but he couldn’t. He heard Johnny cry out, felt the sudden emptiness inside of his ass, then the cry again, then the hot burning sensation all along his backside, which made him moan. The hot cum was splashing across his back, up near his neck, then all the way down his spine, and across his cheeks. He shuddered, as Johnny came. He felt the splatters, felt his body shake to each drop that hit him.

Johnny pressed his spent cock along the still shaking butt cheeks. He used his cock to wipe across the splatters, to smear them across the shaking flesh. His body was exhausted, as he let himself fall on top, resting hard on top of Chase’s body. He was panting, the sounds joining with Chase’s, as he lay there, unable to move.

As the thundering noise of his heart pounding eased, Johnny managed to roll over, and lay next to Chase. His eyes rolled a little, as he let one arm fall across Chase’s backside. He felt his own cum, felt the pain in his chest ease, as he slowly regained his composure.

I need a shower, you got me all sweaty’ he said, as he tried to get up off the bed. Chase turned over, to watch, grinning an evil little smile as Johnny walked towards the bathroom. He closed the door behind him, but not fully, as Chase slowly got up off the bed. He listened until he heard the water running, then headed to the bathroom.

I love morning showers’ he said to himself, as he opened the door.

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