Fiction – Signed, Sealed, & …

Signed, Sealed, & …

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Morgan finished addressing the envelope. He stood back, seeing his scrawl across the fine linen paper. He smiled at the small crest, beside the return address of the custom stationary, realizing that he was turning his back on all that, and more.

It’s finished, want to see?’ he said, turning around to stare at Chris, his roommate. He couldn’t help but feel a small catch in his throat as he said it, as he looked at the slouching 6ft dark haired Adonis that had been the catalyst, that had changed his life so drastically. Or would, once he sent off the letter, sitting next to the envelope.

Chris looked up from his huge book, and stared at Morgan. His face was angular, a tuft of hair hung over one eyebrow, giving him a rather rakish look. There wasn’t anything special about the face, or his features. He had ear length dark hair, the curled at the edges. His nose was a bit crooked from being broken a few times, his lips were pale and thin. He had a decent body, not skinny, not muscular either. He wasn’t overweight, had long legs that Morgan loved to feel wrapped around his own slender body.

He truly enjoyed their time together, the way that everyday living together seemed to just flow naturally around their own needs. Chris had his space, and he gave Morgan his, but in times of stress, he was somehow always there, beside him. Chris knew when to touch him, when to stay clear of him. No one, not even his Nanny, had that knack, but Chris had it. It was part of why he loved him so much, but it went deeper than that.

There might be nothing unique about Chris, until you looked into his eyes. Then you could see that there was a lot more to him than just being good looking. His eyes were smooth as glass, clear and always looking. They never seemed to stand still, but were always searching. The first time he had looked hard into Chris’ eyes, he had felt his heart pound, felt his whole body shiver, as if something dark and mysterious had touched his very soul.

Chris wasn’t an athlete, but together the two of them would go jogging at the ungodly hour of 5am. Rain or shine, they would don their running gear, and go for a run around the campus, making only one stop on the way home. It was at the local Starbucks, where they would get a coffee, a regular one too and not one of those double this or triple that. Then slurping the hot liquid, they would head home.

It was during those jogs, that Morgan felt closest to Chris. Not like they talked much during those two hour jogs, but then they didn’t seem to need words, to know what the other was thinking, or needing. He couldn’t explain it, but it was early on, in one of their morning jogs, that Morgan realized Chris knew about him. Somehow, without saying a word, or even a telling glance, Chris knew Morgan was gay. In truth, Morgan rarely even admitted to it, to himself, but that morning, he knew Chris knew.

That was also the morning when he had his first real gay sexual encounter. The routine had been to alternate who would shower first, which worked out fine, but that morning, while it had been his turn, Chris just showed up, as Morgan was stepping into the shower stall. He was surprised, embarrassed a little because of his erection, but Chris merely dropped his own towel, and guided him into the shower.

As Chris put his book down, and sauntered over to stand behind Morgan, all he could think of was that morning, when Chris showed him how much he was in love with him. It was a shower he would never forget, but then, these days it was also part of their morning routine. There was no turns now, they would come back from their jog, then head straight to the bathroom, strip and climb into the shower together.

It was where Morgan would get his first real morning kiss, his morning grope. No matter how the day was, dull or rainy or sunny, it was the morning shower that always made Morgan feel so alive, so ready for the day. The jog might get the heart pumping, but the touch of Chris’ hands on his naked body, the feel of his lips pressing against his mouth, were what really got his blood churning. It was that connection, that made him shiver, made him relish the new day. Screw the weather, he would think, as he would feel Chris’ hands digging into his cheeks, feeling his crotch digging into Chris’ own groin. The day was always perfect, once the shower doors closed behind them.

For over two and half years they had shared a room together, and a life. They had their ups and downs too, but it always ended with them back in each other’s arms. Morgan had a few flings at first, then during one of their jogs, it just seemed he no longer cared about other guys. It just hit him, and as he had jogged, wondering how to see if Chris also felt that way, he suddenly felt his hand being taken by Chris. He turned his face, to stare into those eyes, and it was perhaps one of the few times that the eyes simply stared into his, sparkling and shimmering in a way he had never seen before.

Their hands locked together as they continued to jog, no words being spoken other than through their eyes. They knew the route by heart, their legs and bodies seemed to know every twist and turn without being told, and for quite a distance they simply let their bodies work on auto pilot, as their souls seemed to meet. It was a strange experience, but when their hands broke apart, Morgan knew that Chris was only interested in him, and he in Chris. It was somehow settled, and from that moment on, neither of them ever went looking for others, neither one ever accepted the advances of someone else. It was like being married, without the words being said.

As he felt Chris touch his shoulder, he leaned back to feel his partner’s warmth. The touch, the closeness made Morgan feel at ease, at peace with himself. He could hear Chris reading the letter, mouthing the words. He waited, knowing exactly where Chris was at in his reading, waiting for the one part.

The hand on his shoulder tightened, and Morgan knew that Chris was re-reading that one paragraph. He could feel the tension, feel the fingers applying more pressure to his shoulder as he read it over and over again. The words were silently being mouthed, he knew that too, as he sat back, waiting. He could feel the tension rise and fall, feel it replaced by something else, as the touch grew more intense, but less painful. It was a connection he could feel, deep inside of him, as Chris stood back upright. His hand still resting on Morgan’s shoulder.

You didn’t mince words, that’s for sure, positive you want to be that definite?

Morgan twisted around in his chair. He saw the eyes peering down at him, then glance to the letter, then back. He felt the love, felt it around him and around Chris, as he let himself smile, trying to hide his own nervousness, his own tension.

It is how I feel, how I have felt for a long time now, I have no regrets, they both need to know that.

Chris smiled, as he let his hand run lightly through Morgan’s hair, gently caressing him. Morgan leaned back, his head resting against Chris’ chest as he felt his head being caressed. His body was quivering to the gentle touch. Every nerve inside was jangling, reacting to the feel of love that came with each caress.

Sending them that, you give them no choice but to do what they threatened, sure you want to do that? It’s a hell of a lot to give up

Chris’ voice trailed off, and he could see worry in his lover’s face. He knew that Chris would do anything he asked, even do what Morgan’s parents had asked, if Morgan wanted him to. He also knew, that his parents had tried every trick in the book to protect their name, to get Chris to leave Morgan. Looking up at him, he smiled, knowing about the bribe they offered, knowing too how Chris had ripped the cashier’s cheque up, then burned it, in front of his parent’s lawyer.

His parents had done their best to split them up, their last threat had been the final straw for Morgan. Chris had never asked him to, but he knew how proud it had made Chris feel, when Morgan had told him about the letter he was going to write, about how he had enough. Yes, it would cost him, and they had discussed it for several nights, but he had made up his mind. There was more to life than money and besides, he wasn’t stupid either.

In a rare moment, he had surprised Chris with the news that he had always known he was different, that while he never had admitted it to himself, really, he had still learned to protect himself. His allowances had been hefty, but he never had wanted much. He had enough saved, in various investments that if he chose, he wouldn’t have to work, but he wanted to. Besides, he was graduating third in his law class, and whether he joined the family firm or not, there were other firms eager to hire him, knowing he was gay.

No, not really. It’s only money, and we can always get that, not like either of us are incapable of earning a damn good living.

It isn’t the money I am talking about.

I know, but in all honesty, there never was much of a family bond, I have no recollections of time with either of them. They were always off somewhere, at some affair, on some jaunt to somewhere. There really is nothing for me to be missing, Katie and Patrick were the one’s who raised me, while they played power brokers. Kate is long gone now, and Patrick, well he no longer even remembers me. There is no one to miss.

He felt rather sad as he spoke about his Nanny and her husband. He was nice old man, suffering from the ravages of old age now, and the loss of his Katie. She had always been there for him, while Patrick had done what a father would do. He had played catch with him, taught him about fishing, and about life too. Patrick had never worked for his father, but he had come every weekend, to play with his Katie’s adopted son.

It was from them both, that he learned about love, about values that mattered. He missed Katie, the way she would talk to him, always treating him like a person, not a possession, not a job either. It was her he went to when he had nightmares, when he had problems. It was Patrick that taught him that being a man wasn’t about who you screwed, but was one who stood for something.

He missed their talks, but he wouldn’t miss the few conversations he had with his parents. Inside he felt nothing for either his mother or father. They were just names of people he really didn’t know. Despite all the years, he had to admit, they were more like strangers to him, than Katie or her family had been. Morgan felt the sadness inside, but then he felt his head being tilted back, Chris had his fingers under his chin.

Staring up, he saw the eyes, moist and full of love. His heart thumped a bit, as Chris lowered his head, and kissed him lightly on the lips. The touch was amazing. The sadness inside, seemed to just disappear. Instead he felt a warmth taking its place, filling him with happiness.

Katie would be proud of you.

The tears welled up in his own eyes, as he stood up and let himself fall into Chris’ open arms. He felt the strong arms encircle him, hold him and bringing him in tightly. He could feel Chris’ heart beating and felt his love touching him all over. He sighed, as he let his head nestle into the crook of Chris’ shoulder.

Morgan stood there for several minutes, then he lifted his head off of Chris, and looked once more into his eyes. They were clear now, sparkling and crystal clear. The love was real, he could feel it, and the vision of Chris tearing up that cheque, filled him with a strange sense of being. Even for him, used to large sums of money, the size of the cheque had surprised him. To know that it hadn’t taken Chris a minute to tear it up, to not even hesitate in destroying a chance for him to live on easy street for the rest of his life, was a powerful statement.

She’d be proud of you too, just as I am

Morgan felt Chris reach around, and in one second he felt himself being lifted off his feet. He put his arms around Chris’ neck, as Chris hefted him up to cradle him in his arms. He saw the eyes soften, saw the liquid at the corners, and he knew that Chris was proud of him too. He saw his eyes flutter, then felt the hard kiss on his lips.

It was like being in a dream, as Chris carried him gently into their bedroom. He felt the love, felt the hard beat of Chris’ heart as they entered their room, and he opened his eyes. The room was dark, but Chris didn’t bang a thing, as he walked around the side, and slowly laid Morgan down on the bed, on Chris’ side of the bed.

Chris turned towards the night table, and pulled out a tea light candle. A match flared as he lit it and placed it under the pot Pourri burner. Another match flared, and the long tapered candle flickered into life. Slowly Chris turned back, glancing down at Morgan. He stepped back, and removed his shirt, then bent down to remove his socks. He unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his pants, letting them drop to his ankles. Stepping out, Morgan stared at the tented shorts, and he too quickly removed his shirt, and undid his pants, sliding them off his own body. He kicked out with his feet, to send them off the bed, but not once did he let his eyes leave Chris’ face.

Chris held his eyes, looking deep inside and Morgan could feel his heart racing. His lungs began to ache, as did the rest of his body, as Chris slowly pushed his shorts down. He watched as Morgan’s eyes followed the motion, stopped and stared at the rock solid uncut cock that was suddenly staring at Morgan. Licking his lips, Morgan glanced back up at Chris.

A thin warm smile crossed his face, the flickering shadows of the candle adding to his natural beauty. Morgan sighed, as Chris climbed onto the bed, straddling Morgan’s body. His hands moved down, gripped the underwear and pushed them down and lifted his body up, to slide them past. Morgan shook a little as he brought his knees up, to let Chris slide the shorts up and over, to let them rest around the ankles. Morgan pulled his feet out, and with one swift kick, sent them off the bed. His knees were still up, cradling Chris’ backside.

He felt the warmth, as Chris leaned against his legs. His eyes now travelled up and down Morgan’s naked body. Morgan felt the love, the passion too, as he just watched the eyes, watching them sparkle and flicker. He saw the way the candle light danced across the towering young man, feeling like he was in some movie.

Chris placed his hands on either side of Morgan. He leaned forward, his hair dangling over his face as he looked deeply into Morgan’s face. His eyes seemed like burning embers of hot coals, as the face slowly lowered, and the lips puckered slightly. He felt his body tense, as the lips lightly brushed his, then he felt the press of the lips on his chin, then his cheeks and finally his forehead. He opened his eyes, to see the face once more coming down, and this time he felt the lips press up against his mouth.

His own lips parted, and Chris’ tongue darted inside. He felt the tongue lick at his, taste him and then the light nibble of his teeth against his lower lip. He felt it tremble, as Chris pulled back, then felt the force of his love, as the tongue dove deep inside, licking and tasting every part of his mouth. His heart was racing faster, as Chris began to gently run his hand down his chest, tweak one nipple then another, and then he felt the hard cock sliding up and down on his belly.

Morgan could feel the sticky pre-cum as it was smeared across his belly. The muscles inside shuddering, as they felt the touch too. His mouth was fully engaged by Chris’ tongue, as he felt a hand lean over, away from him and fumble with something on the night table. Then Chris pulled back, something in his mouth, the sound of tearing plastic, then he opened his eyes, to stare at Chris.

He felt the hand move down, past his own cock. Chris leaned back on Morgan’s legs, and he looked down his body, watching the thin plastic being unrolled down the hard cock. He licked his lips, his eyes wide, almost pleading for Chris to hurry. Chris looked up, smiled as the last of the condom was unrolled down his cock. There was no need to stroke it even, it was already hard and ready as he positioned himself between Morgan’s legs.

Morgan reached down, as his legs were lifted up and tossed on top of Chris’ shoulders. He felt the shoulders press up on the backside of his thighs, as Chris leaned forward. He felt the cock being held, being moved under his balls, and then down between his shaking cheeks.

Licking his lips, Morgan lifted his eyes to stare up at Chris. He watched as his body squirmed a little, as the touch of the hard cock between his cheeks made him tense up a little. He could feel beads of sweat on his forehead, as Chris slowly moved his cock up and down his valley. His cheeks were spread apart by the thick cock, and his own cock was aching, as he waited for that one moment.

His head fell back onto the bed, his eyes staring up at the ceiling. He saw the shadows dancing across the ceiling, as Chris slowly pushed his cock up against Morgan’s hole. Morgan felt the ache, felt the thick head resting up against him. His eyes stared at the shadows, his heart racing as he held his breath, waiting.

The hand holding Chris’ cock moved away, and Morgan could feel Chris’ eyes on him, as he felt the pressure begin to increase. Then suddenly, the pain came. His body shook, as Chris penetrated him slowly. It was a rolling pain that felt like it would never stop. He felt the slow press, as the cock head began to stretch his hole, to slowly push aside his bodies natural resistance.

He let out a small moan, his hands holding his legs up and spread open. His chest began to heave as the cock head made its way inside of him. His muscles protesting every inch of the way. His insides felt like they were on fire, as the cock made its way inside, feeling like a huge pile driver. His body began to shudder as the cock continued to press inwards.

Drops of sweat were dripping off Chris onto his chest, making him squirm, as the cock was slowly driven into his body. He heard the grunt and felt the press of Chris’ groin pressing into his cheeks. He could feel the wiry hair itself, tickle the outer edges of his hole, and he knew Chris was buried deep inside of him. He groaned himself, as slowly Chris began to pull back, to bring out that huge pole that had filled him.

His body quivered, as he felt the head coming back to his hole, about to leave. His eyes were shut tight, but he saw small dots of colors pulsing behind his closed eyelids. His heart raced even faster, as he let one hand grab his own cock. He gripped his cock hard, as Chris began to slowly push back inside. In and out he went, moving very slow with each thrust in, with each pulling back. Morgan’s muscles inside quivered, holding onto the thick cock as long as they could, letting it slide past reluctantly each time.

He was moaning, feeling each thrust deeply. It made him squirm, made him sweat as the pace began to quicken. Chris began to twist his hips a little, making the cock twist and press harder against the sides of his velvet tunnel. His hole was aching, from being spread apart so wide, but all he could think of was how good it felt. His lungs ached, as his own hand stroked his cock faster and faster.

Morgan opened his eyes to stare down his body. He could barely see his hand as it was nothing but a blur as he stroked his throbbing pole. He felt his body jump with each hard thrust into him, felt it sink into the mattress as the huge cock was pulled back, before once more being driven hard into him. He closed his eyes, feeling his balls slap up against his white knuckles as Chris began to drive even harder. He could hear Chris’ grunts, hear his groans too, as he began to go even faster.

The sound of his heart thundering echoes in his ears, drowning out the cries that were coming from him and Chris. His mind was reeling, as strangle brilliant lights were flashing across his eyelids, making him tremble. He could hear water running, could see the steam slowly filling the small shower stall, feel the touch of Chris pressing against him.

His mind was all over the place, picking out previous love making times, but nothing could compare to the feelings that were now racing inside of his body. His lungs ached, his ass ached, his cock felt like it was burning up, as felt himself losing all control. His other hand fell off his legs, pounded the mattress as the cock drove deep and hard into him. His other hand was a total blur, as it pulled at his cock. The pain in his chest grew tighter, the sound of his heart seemed to be off in a distance, as a sort of eerie quiet muffled the sounds all around him. He bit his lip, feeling the ache, unable to stop it, and he felt his body bucking, shaking, and being literally lifted up off the bed.

His hand hurt, as he heard a shout, a scream really. His heart seemed to just stop for one second. His lungs seemed to linger in mid air, then he felt it. His balls had slung up, his juice was rushing out, and the scream was him yelling.

The feel of hot liquid splashing across his trembling stomach made him cry out more. It made his whole body convulse in a rolling wave of tremors, as his hips shot upwards. The hard cock buried inside twisted and jerked too. He felt it, as his body exploded. The gush of cum seemed to sizzle as it hit his body, and he felt the sudden emptiness inside, as Chris pulled his own cock out. He vaguely heard the ripping sound of plastic coming off flesh, then he heard the cry, felt the press of Chris’ body pressing up against his collapsing legs.

The hard splatter of Chris’ cum hit him just under the chin. Then another a bit lower, near the base of his Adam’s apple, then another across his heaving chest. He heard a grunt, another groan and more cum splattered across his body, mixing with his own cum. He felt each drop as it hit his body, felt the body pushing up against his tremble as the last of the cum dribbled out, across his matted pubic hairs.

His legs were spread on either side of him, twitching and shaking. Then he felt the weight on top, felt Chris slowly collapse on top of him, his body also twitching, shaking. He felt him on top, and reached down and over with his hands, to caress Chris’ head. His hands felt the wet hair, but more than that, he felt the deep gulps of air, as Chris tried to breath, tried to cool down.

They laid there for minutes. Each slowly returning to normal. The ragged panting replaced by somewhat normal breathing, the feverish feeling gradually diminishing as their bodies cooled off. His heart was no longer racing, no longer sounding like a racing engine being revved up beyond safe limits. His eyes were slowly able to focus, the brilliant flashes of light no longer burning into his mind.

Chris rolled off to rest on one side and he leaned forward. His lips brushed the arm, kissing it lightly as he slowly began to breath normally. Morgan looked down, then slowly let his leg move off the bed, and with a great deal of physical effort, he managed to lift his exhausted body up to sit on the edge of the bed. He could feel Chris’ eyes on his back, as he stood up slowly, still feeling a bit feint.

Turning to the exhausted Chris, he smiled. He looked just as he had that morning in the shower, that no longer seemed so long ago. He felt the love inside, as his body slowly tried to recover, slowly tried to get ready for the next round.

He walked out of the bedroom, over to his desk. He leaned down, signed his name at the bottom, then folded the letter up and placed it in the envelope. He opened the flap, licked it, then sealed it and turned around. Chris was standing there, his eyes watching Morgan’s every move.

Morgan stared at him, saw that his cock was no longer limp or hiding behind its covering of skin. His own body seemed to also be awake, as he let the envelop fall back onto the desk. It could wait a bit longer, he though as he turned back to Chris, and reached out for his hand, and followed him back into the bedroom.

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