Fiction – The Klutz

The Klutz

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Seth knew what his friends thought of him. They all thought he was a natural walking disaster. Yes, he was a klutz, he had no mechanical abilities whatsoever. So what? He might not know the difference between a gigabyte and mexapixels, or how to set the ring tones on his Cel, but he had something they didn’t. He had sex, pretty much whenever he wanted.

He was 23, almost 24 and still had that fresh innocent look that many simply drooled over. He didn’t have to shave everyday, simply because his facial hair was that fine, that still almost peach fuzz feel to it, while some of his friends needed to shave twice a day, to just be recognized.

Unlike some, when he was naked, he looked better than when he wore clothes. He stood six foot, had a good body that didn’t show any fat but did let his muscles poke through. He wasn’t skinny but a solid 160 pounds and unlike Jeremy or Rod, he had a steady job. Hell, he was in demand too and it was the kind of work he loved, outdoors.

So what if it had taken him nearly an hour to figure out that the reason his phone wasn’t working was that he was hitting the wrong damn button? He could pound a nail in straight with two swings, and he was fast too. He had an eye for knowing when things were aligned, though he never relied on his eye alone. He was a good general construction worker, so good that he had been hammering nails since he was 16. The crew chief always called him first or second when he had a new job, and the pay was good too.

Unlike the others he had gone to school with, he worked steady. He had a bank account and a savings portfolio, something even nerd boy Charles didn’t have yet. He could out drink any of them, and still get up at 7am to go to work and not miss a beat. Seth was proud of that, so who cares if Dillon was making more than him, he was spending it faster, and with nothing to show for it. He, on the other hand, had some property and was building his own house. He even was living in it, though it wasn’t finished. Still, how many of them could make that claim? So he forgot to put the memory stick in on the camera once or twice, didn’t make him an idiot, and even if he was blond, didn’t mean he was stupid. He never had unprotected sex, and was careful who he let share his bed with him. So screw Tabitha and her thinking he was just a slut, a pretty boy destined to a life of one night stands. She didn’t know about Randy, no one knew about Randy, which was how he wanted it.

Randy was the latest hire at the job site. Not as good looking as he was, but he wasn’t shallow like his friends all thought. There was a lot more to Randy than physical looks. He had a warm smile, that made his eyes sparkle and his laughter was never forced. It was real, like all of him, and he had been sharing Seth’s bed for almost five months now. Hell, he often spent the night, going to work together and yet none of his friends had tumbled that the great Seth, the super stud of the bars, had a boyfriend.

So much for them calling him shallow, calling him a slut. Okay, so it wasn’t official or anything, and yes both had been with other guys in the six months, but not lately. He hadn’t taken anyone home in the last two months, nor had Randy. Instead they went home together, and had sex that was still unbelievable.

He doubted if he would ever tire of Randy’s body. It wasn’t the greatest, but it was getting there. At first it was mostly skin over bone, but thanks to constant work it was getting some definition. His pecs were starting to show, and his arms were certainly looking less flabby. His stomach had lost its gut, was flat now and the muscles rippled ever so nicely when he would run his hand across.

Randy knew how to please him too, he wasn’t insisting on stuff Seth didn’t like, though they had begun to experiment a bit more. No simple suck and fuck for them, and sex was never a ten minute wham, bam, thank you either. It was something special, each night and not just once in awhile either. Seth loved the play, the fun before he shot his massive load or before Randy shot his.

Seth loved the feel of fresh cum splattering across his body. He didn’t care if it was on his back, his ass, or all across his stomach or even chest. Randy was good about that, at how he would always make sure to pull out and shoot on Seth’s quivering body. The sudden feeling of emptiness in his ass, then the feel of hot cum splattering across his sweat soaked body was always enough to make him come close himself. Randy would knew it too, which is why he always would reach down or under to grab Seth’s throbbing cock, and stroke it fast and furious. He loved to have Seth cum, and watch how his cock would jerk back, the head rearing back before its wild explosion.

Randy would even moan most times, and as he would hold Seth’s cock, he would aim it too, so that Seth’s milk would splash against his body. He never let go too soon either. He made sure every drop of that hot milk was spent, then he would rub it in, always making sure that Seth had his eyes fixed on him, as he slowly massaged the drying cum into his skin. He would roll his eyes, lick his lips, and tilt his head back, making Seth horny all over again.

That was the fun of their sex, that they could cum and still make the other want more. He always wanted more, so did Randy. There wasn’t that dumb hang-up either of one being the top, the other the bottom. They both loved to take the other’s cock deep inside, and return the favour too.

The way Randy would sometimes even beg him for it, coax him with his body, to satisfy his ‘itch’ as he called it. Thinking of that, he smiled, knowing exactly what he meant because he too would feel that ‘itch’. It was strange, because Seth really wasn’t a bottom. Not many could make him spread his legs, but from the first time Randy had come home with him, he had been eager to spread his legs, to let Randy delve between his fleshy cheeks, and not just taste him, but fill him.

Seth had the bigger dick, but it didn’t seem to matter. Randy knew how to take it, both in his mouth and up his ass. He was a bit thinner and not as long as Seth, but damn he knew how to work it. The way he could make it twist and turn when buried deep in Seth’s ass was amazing. He had never felt such a fuck, as he had when Randy was doing the plugging. He could make Seth scream with pure pleasure.

Early in their relationship, while still living in an apartment, he had been so well drilled, that the neighbour upstairs had pounded on the floor to get him to quiet down. They had laughed at that, because the upstairs neighbour was some old fart, who looked like a gnome. The stares he had given them when they had met in the elevator a few days later had been priceless, but now they didn’t have to worry about making noise. He had no neighbours, and Randy certainly made sure that he wasn’t the only one screaming.

His cock tasted good too. It was uncut, and he loved how the hood would slowly disappear at the start of their love making. The way it would droop over at first, when they would both strip, each one keeping their eyes on the other. It was exhilarating, the way Randy would be staring at him, as he took his pants off, then socks, then underwear. The way the eyes would always grow bigger the instant his cock sprang free.

It never ceased to amaze him, because you would think after a few times of getting naked, it would be old news. Yet, each time they made their way to the bedroom, each time they would kiss and fondle each other before stripping, once the clothes began to disappear, the excitement always got greater. He would always find some part of Randy’s naked body that was new to his view. Some part of his legs, his arms, or his chest, would be like he had never seen it before. Randy had said much the same to him too, which made it all the more amazing. Sure would make his buddy Carl jealous.

Carl could never keep a guy, because he always got bored. He said relationships was for dull and ugly folk. If he only could see how wrong he was. Randy wasn’t a raving beauty, but damn he was hot. His whole body was a joy to see, every night. His cock was always making him drool, and when it got totally hard, it always seemed like it had grown a bit thicker, a bit longer.

The balls always hung low, but were just right for sucking too. Hell, every part of Randy’s body was perfect for his taste. The way his nipples would stick out, the way his eyes would roll just before he was ready to cum, all made him fun, made him anything but boring. Okay, so he had a few zits on his chin, maybe one or two pimples on his ass cheeks. Fact was, those cheeks were so damn creamy, so fleshy that who cared for one or two little imperfections?

He wasn’t hairy either, very little on his chest, and thighs. His lower calves were a bit thicker with hair, but it wasn’t wiry or anything. His pubic hairs were softer than most, and when they would switch or after some heavy foreplay, they were always wet and slicked down. Mind you one of his nicest moments was when he had shaved them. Not all off, but had made a nice trim job, which now was part of their ritual.

The whole idea of shaving was new to him, but damn Randy was so good at it. They did each other, and the whole ritual was just a preliminary event for some good old fashioned butt fucking. The way Randy would get the bowl out, the shaving cream and razor. He would grin too, an evil looking grin as he would say he was going to shear him this time around. Course he never did, but for a moment or two he would catch his breath, wondering if it was a joke or not.

It would be at that moment that Randy would push him back on the bed. His hand firmly planted on his chest, and it was rather exciting, to be forcibly pushed back. They didn’t use restraints or anything, so it couldn’t be classed as bondage, but they each took a tougher tone with the other when they were doing the shaving. Strange how that worked, because Randy had a soft gentle voice, except when he was going to shave Seth. Then it got a timber to it, that was deep and harsh sounding, yet also very exciting.

The warm water would get things rolling. How he would soak his hair, dabbing at it with a soft cloth, rubbing as he went. Then would come the shaving cream. He always heated it up under the hot water tab, then let it sit in the warm water before using it. Randy always made sure it was never cold, and when he would start to apply it, he would get some over his stiff cock too. His hand would run up and down the shaft, and he would be staring down at Seth, that grin on his face.

It would be when he’d say something about hoping he doesn’t slip, or some other nonsense. It always gave him a chill, sort of. He would look up and grin back, telling him if he did slip he’d never have anything up his ass as good, and that always got him a laugh, and little slap on the thigh. Then he would soap up his balls, and run his finger below, to caress the insides of his buttocks, to seek his hole. He always squirmed as Randy’s finger would tickle his hole then quickly withdraw.

The shaving was never fast or drawn out. Not like either was shaving off all of the pubic hairs. It was a trim, and he would lean forward, watching Randy’s hand move down his groin on one side, then slowly down the other side. He had a small V shape, while when it was his turn to shave Randy, he did an upside down V.

Once that was done, he would lean back, as Randy would take each of his balls, and slowly run the razor over the sac, shearing him totally. It felt strange, to have something that sharp grazing his precious balls, but with Randy, he seemed like it was all natural. He loved how gentle Randy was, how he did it all very slowly, very carefully. The feeling after was amazing, specially when Randy would wipe them off, wash them clear of the shaving soap.

Then it was time to flip over, and wait for the next part of their shaving ritual. He would listen as Randy would rinse out the cloth several times, making him wait for hours, or so it would seem. Then he would lightly run the cloth between his cheeks, wiping and wetting his soft curly blond hairs. Each time it would pass over his hole, the finger would press down just a bit harder, and he would moan, enjoying the attention.

Warm shaving cream was carefully applied. Each cheek would be spread apart, his legs would be forced to spread even wider, and then the warm cream would make him tingle. His butt would clench, getting him a slap on each cheek, and a giggle too. Randy seemed to enjoy that part the most, as he would dig his fingers into the fleshy cheeks, pulling it apart, as he would slowly shave off the hairs. He would do it very slowly, and then when finished, he would rub it down with the cloth. Then he would soap it up a second time, and once more run the razor down the inside of his buttocks.

He said he liked it smooth, then he would take the cloth, and wipe his cheeks free of the soap. Randy took his time, gently ridding Seth’s crack of any traces of soap, then would come the taste test. Randy insisted on that, from the beginning. He needed to taste it, to make sure that he had gotten all the hair out of the way, and that no soap was left. It was the part that always made Seth crazy, because it was so friggin arousing.

Randy would start by a soft tickle at the top of his bum. His tongue would just flick out at where his crack began, near the small of his back, then it would flick out a second time. He would hear Randy smacking his lips, as if actually tasting something, then he would feel his fingers run down his cheeks. They would be tight, in anticipation, and the fingers would just tickle at the insides, as he would slowly position them along the fleshy cheeks. The palm of his hand would rest on the mounds of his cheeks, the fingers spread apart but not yet inside.

He would moan then, he couldn’t help himself, which would make Randy suddenly suck in his breath. Then the fingers would slowly reach outwards, slowly moving between his cheeks, until they could go no further. Then Randy would begin to press and let each fingers slowly dig into the soft flesh. Seth would moan and Randy would be panting as his fingers would press hard, then he would pull the flesh apart, like peeling an orange.

Then he would feel the hot breath on his cheeks, then between them. Randy would lower his face, and breath gently down his valley, making him shiver. His whole body would quiver as Randy just blew softly. Every nerve in his body, and his rectum would be tingling by now, as the tongue would once more flick out, licking at the top of his valley, but this time it didn’t leave.

Instead he would feel the raspy edge tickle him, then curl up and slowly he would begin to slide the tongue downwards, which always made Seth shake. His body would tremble uncontrollably, as he would moan and groan constantly while Randy licked him. It was never fast, just slow and hard until the tip of the tongue would reach his hole, then it would swirl around, teasing him, before it would move further down, past the aching hole. His legs would stiffen, as the tongue would go all the way down, then lick at his freshly shaved balls.

The sensations running up and down his body were unbelievable. His whole body shivered, as Randy would begin to move back up, to slide his tongue up the freshly shaved crack. His nerves would be screaming at him, the waves of pleasure fogging his mind and he would ball his hands up into fists, and strike the bed hard, as he shook. Randy didn’t seem to notice, as he kept the same speed until he reached Seth’s hole. Then he would lick at it, pull his head back a little, blow across the hole, then he felt the spit and suddenly, just as he realized what was to follow, he felt the tongue dig at his hole, twist and drive itself past the hole. He would yell his pleasure, as Randy would press inwards as hard as he could. His tongue was well inside licking and tasting him, which made his body go into a spasm. His legs grew numb, his arms taut, as he felt the sensations rolling all through him.

Suddenly it would all be over. Randy would lift his head up, take his tongue out, and just as he would begin to complain, he would feel a long tapered finger suddenly drive deep into his hole. He would cry out in surprise, then a second finger would be added, and they would dig deep down inside, twisting and turning as they pushed inwards. His body shook, his eyes would see brilliant flashes of reds and purples, as he coped with the constant waves of pleasure that filled his thoughts. He would begin to sweat, as the two fingers would twist around, and he could feel Randy’s knuckles pressing up against his hole, threatening to push past, as he held his breath.

It wouldn’t take long before he would be screaming that he was going to cum. That always made Randy push his fingers in faster, and somehow he would manage to keep the fingers buried inside of his ass, while flipping him over, so he could witness that explosion. The instant he felt himself on his back, he would look up at Randy, and his eyes would be glazed, as his body would buck and jerk. He could feel his balls hurting as his milk was released. He could feel it travel through his body until it was rushing along his throbbing cock. His eyes would widen as he would give out a warning cry that was more of a strangled groan.

His hips would shoot up, his legs stiffen even more, and his cock would ache, hurt even, just before the head would rear back, and then it would happen. He would see Randy’s face suddenly grow taut, the eyes sparkle and his nostrils would flare. The first of his cum was leaving his cock, the first splatter was making its way to Randy, would was watching it in awe. The fingers inside would suddenly dig in even more, as that first load of his cum would hit the belly of the young man leaning over him.

His whole body would convulse in spasms, as he would shoot his load, Randy not even having to touch him. His cock would shoot, while inside his ass, Randy’s fingers were digging deeper. Only when the last of his milk had dribbled out, did Randy slowly pull his fingers out, and lean backwards onto his haunches. He would be smiling, the hand that had been buried between Seth’s cheeks now caressing Randy’s belly, rubbing the milky grey cum into the skin.

The sound of his front door opening startled Seth, as he realized that it was that time already. He looked at his watch, smiled as he realized that he might not be able to set the VCR, but he sure knew how to pick boyfriends.

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