Fiction – Giving Him The Bone

Giving Him The Bone

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Richard considered himself a placid type of guy. He went along, rather than make waves, but as he looked over at his friend, Justin, he felt the anger rising inside of him. It wasn’t fair and he had pretty well had enough of Justin’s games. Granted, Justin was hot, six foot and dark hair with matching eyes. His body was muscular, tanned and he was to die for when seen in nothing but a pair of Speedo swimwear. Still that was no excuse, and Richard simply wasn’t going to take anymore bullshit.

He had been giving Justin blow jobs for over two years. While he liked sucking him off, it wasn’t enough anymore. Justin had a body that made Richard drool. It was that perfect, and while he liked sucking his cock, he wanted to do more, he wanted to touch him, to feel him moan as he stuck his tongue down his cheeks. To taste him, as he French kissed him before grabbing his cock and sucking on it.

It was becoming boring, to have Justin show up every friggin Sunday morning, generally hung over, flop on his bed, then spread his legs, grope himself for a bit, then undo the top of the pants and look over at him. He’d smile, and pushing at his hard pole inside the jeans, he’d sort of offer himself, but only his cock.

And that had gone on for two friggin years. He had wanted so much more from him, but Justin always had an excuse. His most often used one was that getting sucked off was no big deal, anything more would make him queer, which he adamantly claimed not to be.

He had allowed it, given in, rather than fight and lose on some tasty cock, but enough with the games already. He was gay, proud of it too, and there was no way that Justin was straight. Maybe bi, but no friggin way was he 100% heterosexual. Not the way he would moan, when his dick was deep in Richard’s throat. Not when he would cry out, as his spunk would fill Richard’s mouth. That was no straight boy yelling, ‘suck it’ or ‘take it all babe’.

He had made up his mind, either Justin put out more, or no more blow jobs. Justin could find some other desperate Queen to give him head, if he wasn’t prepared to at least let Richard have some fun.

It wasn’t like he wanted much either. The idea of slipping his own cock into that tight looking ass was exciting, made him cum a few times in his dreams, it wasn’t that necessary. Sure it would be nice to hear Justin scream out as he boned his ass, driving it in deep and hard, but he could live without the drama it would create.

There was nothing worse than a closet case being boned, and then realizing how much he liked it. It could be messy, and the one thing Richard didn’t need was more drama in his life. He had enough of that from Steve.

No, he wanted to not just suck that slightly more than average cock, but to also taste his ass, to lick him and make him really squirm, before taking his cum. He wanted to make him beg for it, in some perverted way. Maybe he was being selfish, but shit, he had given the guy good blow jobs for two years, he deserved a little taste of more every now and then.

It wasn’t like he wanted to bone him, least not just now. Maybe later on, but there was so much more he wanted. He’d like to suck him off, but naked. Least that way he could maybe get off himself, maybe even spurt his jizz over that lovely flat washboard stomach that Justin was so proud of. Now that would be a good start, to see his man juice covering that perfectly flat white flesh.

Least then he’d feel like he accomplished a bit more, felt a bit more involved, instead of just a willing mouth to take the scraps of whatever Justin felt like spurting his way. Sure he was bitter, but fuck, the guy was hot and it wasn’t right. He didn’t have any troubles getting laid, so why should he not share with Richard?

Christ they had been so called friends for awhile now. It wasn’t like he had lied to him, or hidden that he was queer. Richard had been out an early age, and Justin knew it the day they first met. So what the fuck, why shouldn’t he get more than just a hot dick to lick at, to kiss and suck on?

Richard felt cheap, and it had eaten at him for two years now. But as soon as Justin showed up, he was going to change all that. The idea of having it out, of either stepping their relationship up a notch or two, or ending it didn’t really bother him. He wasn’t exactly a dork or geek. Sex wasn’t that hard for him, specially now that he had changed his hair color to Blonde, with some dark streaks in it. It fit his face perfectly. Certainly appealed to many of the hot studs at the local bar. He had many invitations to party after, and had accepted a few of them too.

That was the other thing. Justin seemed to not like to hear about his weekend, but he sure enjoyed regaling him with his exploits. Like he gave a shit about some broad that took Justin’s bone? He listened, but would Justin? No, he would always make a face, and say he was going to barf if he heard anymore about Richard’s tryst with some stud. Yet it was okay for him to detail in graphical words, how he had seduced some bitch.

He felt himself getting flushed, as his anger grew inside. There was no denying that he was right, Justin was wrong. So why had he not yet made his stand? It wasn’t like he just started thinking this way. Hell, the first time he had sucked Justin off, he had begun to dream of boning him. The way his cheeks fit his pants so perfectly, the way they showed two nice orbs of flesh in his shorts, always gave him a boner. So this wasn’t anything new.

Richard wanted to part those cheeks, to run his fingers down between them, to feel the flesh hidden by the cheeks. He wanted to smell him, as he licked at that long sensuous valley that led to the promised land, for him anyhow. He wanted to feel his fingers pry those cheeks apart, as he would put his face between them, kissing them and licking at them.

He would let his tongue run up and down, swirling around that pink hole at first, teasing it until Justin could stand it no more. Then after lots of begging, he would let his tongue run across the hole, tasting it and then teasing it more. He would swirl his tongue over it, then curling up the tip of his tongue, he would dig in, push past the tiny little hole and dig deep into the very insides of Justin.

That would make him cry out, no doubt of that. Richard felt the rise in his own crotch, as he thought about how he would move his tongue in and out of Justin’s tight hole, making him moan without a break. How he would taste him, and how his hands would hold him from moving away from his tongue. He could see the indents of his fingers on those perfect orbs now, as his fingers would dig in till they hit bone. Then he’d pull them apart, opening Justin hole up even more. Just so he could stuff his tongue further into him, to make his insides moist from his saliva.

After taking him that way, he’d maybe pull out and stick two of his fingers deep into the hole, stretching his hole even more. He’d finger him hard too, making him twist on them as he dug them in as far as possible without putting his whole hand inside. Then when Justin would cry out, begging him for more, he’d pull out, and once more dive in with his tongue. He’d lick him hard, letting him feel the raspy edge of his tongue. That would only make him squirm more, cry out more.

He really wanted him begging, but not for his tongue, or his fingers. He wanted to lick him so hard, to finger him so deep and hard, that Justin would beg him to bone him. He wanted to hear his so called straight boy pleading with him to take his cock and stuff it into his ass. Richard wanted to hear those words, to have Justin at his mercy.

Naturally he’d oblige him, but not at first. He’d make him suffer, just as he had made him suffer for these two years. He’d say no, he didn’t want to make him gay, to make him take part in what was a queer thing. All the time he’d be fingering him as he made him beg, as he told him how he couldn’t bone him, for fear of making him queer. That would please him, until Justin couldn’t take it anymore.

Then, and only then would he mount him. He’d use one of those ribbed Condoms, and for good measure maybe a French tickler as well. To get a nice stiff one to be just under the cap of his cock head. Then he’d not linger either. No softening him up, no letting him get used to the feeling of the cock next to his hole. No slowly pushing it in.

Not for Justin, not his first time. Instead he’d slide his cock down his cheeks, slapping them once or twice until his cock head was wedged firmly up against Justin’s hole. He’d make sure Justin wanted him, that he wanted to take his cock up his ass. He would agree, begging for it actually, and that would be when he’d push in.

No finesse, no gentle press until the cock head spread the hole wide enough. Just one hard thrust, that would drive his cock head past the muscles, send his cock diving deep and hard into Justin’s insides. He’d not waste time once he was in either. He’d start to pile drive him, drilling him without mercy. He’d make him squeal as he would ignore the cries. That would be exactly how he’d do, and he’d keep on driving his cock into Justin’s hole, until he himself was nearly ready to explode. Then, and only then would he slow down, to make it last longer.

He’s not let him up for as long as possible. Richard wanted him to know what it was like to be a man, to take a man deep inside. He’d pound his ass hard, then slow down to make him think it was over, but then he’d start all over again. He could do that, he had before as it was something he was good at. Richard could hold back, and take his time in ploughing an ass. Justin would be dripping from sweat by the time he was finished.

Justin’s ass would be red from the hard slapping of Richard’s body onto it as he drove his cock into the soft flesh. He would pile drive him, like a jack hammer gone out of control. Justin would know, that when it was over, that he had truly been boned. He would not get up right away either, he would be too sore.

When he did, he’d walk tenderly. His ass would hurt, long after he had left. Richard knew how to twist and turn his cock inside an ass, how to make it seem like a bloody truck had entered. Justin would feel it for days, which was what Richard wanted.

The banging on his door made him look up. It was nearly 11 and he quickly stuffed his cock back into his tight jeans. He knew that knock, it was Justin and he opened the door, grinning like an idiot as he let his friend in. Justin looked hung over, just as he had expected, and he quickly made his way to the bathroom, where he promptly threw up.

Richard stared at him, as he leaned over the toilet, spitting out the last remnants of his bile. Those firm cheeks were staring right at him, and he felt the stirring in his crotch as Justin seemed oblivious to it all. He stood up and began to wash his face. He took a look over at Richard as he splashed water on himself, then as he grabbed a towel, he stood up and stared at Richard.

You been thinking of boning me again, haven’t you?

Richard just nodded, as Justin wiped himself dry and headed towards the bedroom. He pulled a pillow out and tossed it on top of another, and stretched out. He let his legs move apart, showing his bulge, and he just looked at Richard. His eyes were looking tired as he reached out and popped the button open.

I told you Rich, not yet, not until I am ready for that, now you gonna pout, or you gonna suck my cock?

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