Fiction – The Reminder

The Reminder

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Frank ran his hand across the rough bark of the huge tree as he felt the carving with his finger tips. He smiled one of those smirks he was famous for, as he recalled the day those initials were first carved into the tree. It wasn’t a young tree even then, some 20 years ago, and here he was, a successful man remembering that moment when he first realized how much he was attracted to other men.

It wasn’t a phase as his parents had thought, or the preacher down at the church a few blocks away. It was part of who he was, something they didn’t understand, yet something that Josh could. The thought of Josh, a young college freshman then, made him smile even more as his hand moved across the initials one more time. How young they both were then, Josh 19 and he 20. Now they were grown men, and as much in love as two people could be in a society that still couldn’t accept who they were without judging, without rancour.

He felt the chill run up his spine but shook it off as he let his fingers explore the deep cuts of the initials inside the crudely carved heart. They had their ups and downs over the years, but what they first discovered so many years ago had kept them together. It wasn’t like they had cheated on each other, but life hadn’t been easy, least not in the beginning.

Josh was one of those typical blond studs. He had the longish flowing hair, the deep blue eyes that could melt your insides if you didn’t watch out. He had a face that when it smiled you were certain he was thinking of you, even if he wasn’t. He knew the effect he had on people too, yet it didn’t seem to matter. Josh was just one of those people you naturally gravitated to when he was around.

The girls used to flock to him, as did the guys. Many mainly to catch the supposed cast offs, but some simply because he was Josh. It was a strange ritual to watch and be part of. He was there for the same reason that virtually the entire cheerleader squad was. To bask in Josh’s presence, to hope for a chance to explore the whole man, or at least his body. Yet while he was careful to give everyone the impression he was interested, it was with Frank that the real Josh came out.

Mind you, as he leaned against the trunk of the tree, it was Josh who had found the key that unlocked his own self. His father used to say that college was where you learned about new things, where you became a real man. How true that was he thought as he could see Josh’s smile dancing in front of his mind.

Frank’s father was a firm believer of higher education. He had constantly told his son that it was an experience worth whatever the cost. He sighed, wondering if his father still felt that way? It had been a long time since they had talked, ever since that night when Frank had told him just what kind of experiences he was having at college.

He grimaced and then looked down at his feet. It was a tell tale sign that he was about to lose himself in thought. Many of his co-workers used to remark that when he looked at his feet, it was time to grab a coffee. Even Josh used to joke about it, and it was first evident when they had been under this tree that it had come up, among other things.

Thinking back, he stared over at the grass near the base of the Tree. The smile came back as he remembered how they would sit there together, their backs against the tree and their youthful bodies barely touching. He remembered how he was always horny then, how his body was always aroused when he should have been thinking of his studies. It was right here where he had blurted out his desire for Josh.

It had been a day like today. The Sun was out and beating down on them, a light warm breeze blowing in helped to make it a perfect spring day. They had met to go over some notes from the morning classes. Josh was never good at taking notes, or remembering what had gone on in the lecture, specially when it was in the morning. Josh liked to think of himself as a night man, and that concept only made Frank excited. He couldn’t quite explain it, but somehow the idea of Josh at night had fit in nicely with his desire to have him.

Back then, though, you didn’t just blurt it out, nor did you now either. Things really hadn’t changed, but he had somehow found the guts to do just that. He had put his entire college life at risk, but sitting there and letting his real thoughts come out.

Slowly he let himself sink down to rest on the grass. His back rested against the tree, just like it had back then, 20 years ago. It was where he learned that Jocks and the Perfect People weren’t all like some thought. Josh had been nattering about something when he just couldn’t stand it any longer.

Maybe it was the smell of his shampoo, or even his deodorant, but something had made him snap. Out of the blue he had just said that he wanted to do Josh. He had just blurted out that he had ached for the chance to undress him, to take his cock out of those pants and play with it, to touch and drink from it.

After his outburst, Frank recalled how his whole body had been tense, waiting for the first fist to hit, or worse, to hear a harsh laugh. Frank had fully expected Josh to jump up and either denounce him then and there, or to beat the crap out of him. After all, nothing in their relationship had indicated that Josh was or wasn’t that way. If anything you would have to say he wasn’t, the way he always had those girls around.

Yet as the silence had grown, Frank had finally found the courage to look over at Josh. He had expected to see anger, but instead some a sort of frown. The forehead had that crunched look with deep creases which meant Josh was lost in deep thought. Frank could still feel the way his heart had been beating a mile a second. The tension was nearly too much until he managed to look into Josh’s eyes.

He didn’t speak or even answer Frank. Instead Frank felt the hand next to his suddenly rest on top. The touch gave him a shock and as he looked into the deep blue eyes, he saw a shimmering spark of something, what he wasn’t sure. He sat there, staring until he saw the smile grow across Josh’s face. The whole face lit up and suddenly he knew that things would be different. Instead of a beating, or worse, there seemed to be an understanding.

Josh didn’t say much, just that they’d meet at the tree after, and it was that night, at around 10 or so that he had stood by this tree, waiting. He had wondered if it might be a set up, but he kept seeing the look in those eyes, and knew it was real. He could feel it and even though Josh didn’t show up for another 15 minutes, he never seemed to doubt that he would.

Looking out at the open space in front, Frank grinned, realizing just how much of a chance they had taken that night here by the tree. Maybe it had been luck, or maybe it was just that they were young and the hormones had taken them over. Didn’t matter because they had sat here that night, waiting for the darkness to become thicker, to add more cover.

Yet even though they waited it didn’t seem to stop Josh from teasing him. The way his hand would suddenly be resting on his outstretched thigh, the fingers tapping impatiently. It was unnerving to, as his head kept a watchful eye out for others. Still it was also thrilling, to feel those long thin fingers on his leg.

Conversation wasn’t Josh’s strong suit either. Mostly they were silent as they waited, but when Josh took Frank’s shaking hand and placed it on his thigh, Frank was certain he’d blow his load then and there, but he hadn’t.

At first he just let his hand rest there, enjoying the feel of Josh’s leg. Then as darkness grew, he got bolder and began to move his hand a little, rubbing the leg. It was pathetic really, now that he thought of it, still it felt like the greatest thrill back then. He could sense Josh’s patience as well, which was comforting, as he slowly became bolder with his rubbing.

It hurt to be so cautious. Eventually though he found his hand moving down and between the legs, to probe the warm crotch even. That was when Josh coughed that startled him and he began to quickly withdraw his hand. Before he could totally remove it, Josh had reached over and held it, then guide it back to rest over the obvious bulge of Josh’s crotch.

Frank’s natural urges seemed to kick in as his hand probed and pushed at the thick bulge. He could feel the heat too, which made him break out in a sweat. He gulped in some air, as his hand pushed and prodded at the hard thick cock that was hidden just under his hand. He hadn’t realized just how big it was. It rather surprised him but then it wasn’t like he was all that experienced in this type of thing.

He had a few experiences with others, but they weren’t like Josh. Oh they were good looking guys, but this was different. Least on his part he thought it was, as his hand continued to pull on the cock that was there, growing hotter as he felt it beneath his hand.

Josh took his hand and moved it up to feel his belly, then he pushed it back down. Josh moved a bit, and he could hear the breathing growing a bit thick as Josh guided Frank’s hand to reach under the waistband of his pants. The feel of his hand on Josh’s bare flesh made him groan a little and he could feel Josh’s eyes suddenly turn onto him.

Panic reached to him but as he looked over, he saw the glint in the blue eyes and knew it was all okay. He felt the smile rather than saw it, while his hand was pushed further down under the pants. The tips of his fingers suddenly felt the hard lump they had been touching before.

His heart raced as he no longer needed Josh to egg him onwards. He moved in and at the same time, let his body get closer too. The touch of their two bodies made him shiver a little in anticipation.  It was a bit scary, as at anytime someone could come walking up and discover them with his hand down Josh’s pants. Still he didn’t care as he let his hand grab hold of the thick cock within.

Sitting there now, he shook his head wondering how careless they had been back then. The smile on his face grew though, as he also remembered how sweet it had felt. The rush of adrenalin had been amazing, and had taken him over. It was the same for Josh, or at least Frank had thought. The cock felt huge, though he knew now that it wasn’t any larger than his own average sized dick. Yet, then it felt like a monster as he let his fingers push deep into the soft groin, his hand wrapped around the throbbing pole.

Josh had moaned a bit, then while Frank continued to pull on the pole, he felt the constraints ease. Josh had managed to undo his pants, and pull the zipper down and now Frank was able to move his hand a bit faster. Josh’s cock was exposed, and Frank was lost in his action of holding onto the throbbing pole, pulling at it.

His lust for Josh seemed to only be growing and he bent over to kiss the bulging cock head. His eyes closed as he felt the taste of pre cum on his lips. His heart seemed to skip a few beats as he couldn’t just stop with that single kiss. Frank let his legs move off at an angle as he opened his mouth. He felt the heat of the head, as he let it push past his lips. He could taste the saltiness of it, but didn’t care as he fed it slowly into his mouth. Frank’s hand now was stroking the shaft as he began to move down the pole.

The strange taste filled his mouth and he felt himself shake. He was taking it further than he had ever done. His throat suddenly tightened up as the head pushed inwards. Frank gagged as he struggled to get in a better position. He could feel Josh’s hand now on his own head, pushing him down.

Choking back his desire to suddenly throw up, he fought to relax his throat muscles, to take the offered cock deeper. His eyes were shut tight as he smelled the man scent that came up to his nostrils. A soft moan came to his ears as he finally managed to get the cock down his throat, his lips now pushing into the wiry pubic hairs. The sound and smell made him feel feint as he began to pull back, then go down again.

His head bobbed as he held tightly to the base of the cock.  Each time he moved in closer, his nose would now press hard into Josh’s exposed thigh. He could feel the muscles recoil from him as he moved faster now. It was more than he had imagined as he continued to suck on the hot pole in his mouth. His tongue would lick at the underside, and then twirl around the bulging head as it came back up from deep in Frank’s throat.

Frank tasted the growing dribble of pre cum and he felt the body beneath him tense up even more as he continued to suck on the pole. The heat of Josh’s flesh was amazing to him as he sucked hard. His teeth would rake across the head, that made Josh quiver each time, the rolling shaking growing each time. His eyes opened briefly now and then, to see the taut body or the matted pubic hairs before closing once more.

The press of Josh’s hand on his head made him go faster, and he could feel the balls shake a little now. His hand moved away from the base, to cup the balls. One finger pushed up into the leathery sac, and Josh groaned a bit louder. His hand pushed Frank’s head harder. Frank began to move very quickly now as his own body was aching in places he had never knew could ache. He squirmed a little as he moved to lay between Josh’s legs. His own legs pointed outwards, while Josh spread his apart slightly. He was on his elbows which rested on the insides of Joshs thighs.

It didn’t take Josh long until he was squirming under Frank’s weight. The legs were taut and the hips were gyrating a little as Frank concentrated on the throbbing cock that filled his mouth. Soon he heard the soft moans grow louder and then the hoarse whisper from above, warning him of what was about to happen.

Frank tensed as he opened his eyes to stare up at Josh. He could feel the balls as they slung upwards and in that second, Frank plunged his head downwards, sending Josh’s cock deep into his throat. His whole face seemed to plant itself deeply into the soft warm flesh of Josh’s groin as the cry came out from above.

The body beneath him bucked and shook as the hot milk flooded his mouth. It was expected and still he began to gag. It was like a dam had burst. The rush of cum into his mouth made his throat contract, and yet even as he began to gag, he could feel the second load come rushing out.

The cock in his mouth had exploded and Frank struggled to hold on, to take the large loads of milk. He could feel its stickiness as it made its way down his gullet, and as the second wave of cream came, he coughed.

Hot jizz was spilling out of his mouth and back down the cock shaft. He tried to take it all but couldn’t. His mouth was full as was his throat, as more of Josh’s juice came out. The cock had reared back and then rushed forwards with each release. Frank felt the cock quiver and shudder, just as the legs to either side of him seemed to suddenly stiffen, as if a steel rod had been driven into them.

Frank opened his eyes to see a small group of students walking across the open meadow. The sun was still beaming down on him as he felt the ache in his body. He knew that tonight, he would come back to this spot, to once more remember what was now ancient history. Still, it was something that was his to keep, something that no court, no uncaring family could take away from him.

He felt the emptiness inside as he stood up, realizing how much he truly had loved Josh. Looking at the tree, seeing the initials still there, he also realized, that while Josh might be gone, Frank would always have the memories of their life together, all 20 years of it that began, in this spot. The pain in his heart was a little less now, as he once more ran his hand across the carved initials.

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