Fiction – Not What He Does

Not What He Does

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Cal was a prude, he realized that as he rinsed his mouth. He had been with Ethan for over seven years now, and together they had become like one person. It was strange to feel so close to someone, like he did with Ethan, and yet also, feel so apart. They were like peas in a pod, and yet things seemed distant these days between them. Well more than just days, as he spat out the mouthwash, and looked at his face in the mirror.

He wasn’t ugly, had a crooked nose from a childhood fight that had left him bleeding with a broken nose. However, the eyes were still clear and there was no signs of grey yet. He was certain that any day now, he would show the signs of being ancient. After all, he was just 40, and time was moving fast. Ethan on the other hand was a short redhead, only 26 and still had lots of living to do.

They had met at work, and it had all led from there. He was the supervisor, and Ethan the gopher of the floor, now Cal was a senior level manager, and Ethan ran the floor. Strange how that had all worked out, and it made for interesting office gossip as well, but that never seemed to matter.

Ethan was wild, he liked to be adventuresome, and it had led to some conflict, but it was what made him special too. He loved his zest for life, the way he would dare him to join in the fun, and yet when it came to the bedroom, he wasn’t quite so daring. He didn’t like taking it up the ass, or doing it either as it scared him. Cal never understood that, but went along. He enjoyed the taste of cum while Ethan seemed to be repulsed by it, even though he loved sucking cock.

It had made Cal wonder if it was him, if maybe he wasn’t the type that turned Ethan on enough. They had discussed it, to no avail. The sex hadn’t changed, and in fact seemed to be less and less as time went on. Ethan swore it wasn’t Cal, or that he was becoming less attracted to him. For some reason, Cal believed him too, and thought that maybe it was simply that Ethan was still basically unused to gay sex.

He was still basically a virgin. Still the guy knew how to suck unbelievably good. Man it alone was worth the journey to the bedroom, or on the living room couch. The way Ethan would tease him with his tongue, his hands, and his lips. It was amazing, and Cal knew that he’d be just as good fucking or being fucked. Still, it scared Ethan and all Cal could do was wonder why.

Maybe it was because of the stories he had heard, or maybe it had been a bad experience in his youth, but each time he would move towards Ethan’s rear, to pamper those white cheeks with his attention, Ethan would tense up and squirm, fear very evident.

Cal was at a breaking point. To look at those very white cheeks, the way they would shake as Ethan walked made his dick stiff, his whole body would ache to delve into those perfect orbs of flesh. He really was becoming obsessed with wanting to take their sex to the next level. After all, they shared a house together, worked even in the same office, and spent a lot of time together, whether it was watching television or going out.

Shopping for example, was one of their highlights. It always got Ethan into the mood, and walking down the aisles of any store, Ethan would usually wind up cuddling and showing his affection as well. It made for some interesting stares by others, but Cal didn’t give a damn. It felt good to be loved, and he knew Ethan loved him, he just didn’t want to explore other sexual activities.

Tonight was going to be different. Tonight Ethan was going to experience sex, the way it should be, between two lovers. He had made up his mind the other day, that no more would he just back off, but he was going to force the issue the very next time they crawled into the huge King size bed together. Cal swore to himself, that if this didn’t work, then they would have to seek help, professional help. He needed sex, needed the feel of a hard pole up his ass, or at least be able to satisfy his own urges.

So, he had decided, on his own, that he would be the dominant force this time around. This time he’d satisfy his needs, and not accept Ethan’s fears or protests either. Deep down, he was certain that Ethan wanted to as well, but the fear was too consuming for him to act on those desires.

Looking at his own determination reflected in the mirror, he smiled making his face look less ominous. There was a twinkle in his eyes, and he could feel the excitement in his body too. His cock was already rather stiff, and Ethan was unaware that tonight he’d be initiated into Cal’s world of gay sex. Tonight, Ethan would finally be the lover Cal desired and needed as he left the bathroom, to start the journey.

Entering the bedroom, he saw Ethan sprawled on top of the bed. His short frame still managed to somehow occupy most of the bed, which was always a pain in the winter. The guy knew how to grab the covers and hold onto them. Tonight he’d learn how to spread his legs instead of how to wrap himself up. Cal smiled as he walked closer to the bed, noticing Ethan’s eyes open a bit wider.

Unlike normal times, Cal was stark naked. His cock was pointing at Ethan, who was smiling and yet looked wary. He knew something was up, and not just Cal’s dick. He could see the love too, reflected in Ethan’s dark eyes. Gawd, how he loved the little monster. The way his red hair flowed behind him, just covering the nape of his neck, barely covering his ears.

Instead of just waiting, he reached out and dragged Ethan closer to him, and reached down to undo his pants button. The look of surprise was evident as he quickly stripped him of his pants, throwing them aside. He stood up and stared at the red colored shorts that Ethan had on. There was a small bulge and he could see the outline of his cock underneath. His eyes widened as he saw the pole starting to thicken before him. Licking his lips he kept his eyes staring at Ethan’s crotch, then he leaned over the younger man.

His arms were positioned on either side of the 130 pound young man, his head just hovering over the face. Cal smiled as he bent down and gave Ethan a small kiss on the lips. It was just a peck, and yet as his lips touched Ethan’s, he felt the spark. It wasn’t like normal as he smiled now and lifted himself back up. Ethan was taking his shirt off and with it just on one arm, Cal reached over and took it off totally, again tossing it aside. Once more he bent down, keeping Ethan underneath.

This time he kissed him hard on the mouth, pushing his lips hard into Ethan’s. He didn’t open his mouth but pressed hard. He heard the surprise and felt Ethan’s arms reaching up to hold onto him. Cal’s cock was fully erect and he struggled to not look down, to check out Ethan’s crotch. He pulled his head up a bit, told Ethan how much he loved him and then he stared down, looking down his own naked body. He saw the tent look of Ethan’s shorts and smiled, as he shuffled himself back, and quickly pulled the stretched shorts down the young man’s legs. He didn’t take them off fully, but instead let them rest around Ethan’s knees.

He lowered his head, his arms still on either side of the surprised man. His tongue flicked out at the exposed cock head that had come out from hiding. Ethan’s uncut cock was fully erect and as he let his tongue lick at the head, Cal tasted the first drops of pre cum. It made him tremble a little as he knew this was going to be just the beginning.

His mouth moved over the head, his lips tightening around the head and pushing down, pushing some of the foreskin too. He could taste it all and it was that taste that began to work on his mind. He loved the rich pungent scent that came from his lover’s groin, and he felt his head bopping up and down, as he sucked on the hard thick cock.

It wasn’t a small one either, and he could feel the ache in his ass, as he wondered what it would be like to have that thick pulsing pole buried inside his own ass. He shivered a little as he vowed to himself, that tonight he’d find out. Tonight was going to be a night of many firsts as he lifted his head up, Ethan’s cock glistening from the saliva that coated it. Cal smiled as he moved up now, keeping Ethan beneath him. This time though, he moved further up and straddled his chest with his knees.

He held Ethan tightly as he leaned upwards, his rear sitting on Ethan’s chest. His cock was just under the lower lip as he reached down and stroked it once or twice, then he rubbed it across Ethan’s mouth. He felt the tongue darting out, trying to lick at the hard cock that was being passed back and forth over his mouth. He did that for several seconds, then stopped with the fiery head poised just at the lips.

Leaning forward on one hand, he pushed his cock in, again surprising Ethan. He didn’t wait, as he told his lover to suck his cock, and he drove his hips forward, not giving him a chance to refuse. His cock drove past the lips, past the teeth and was impaled in the mouth before Ethan could say a word. He heard his protest cut off, as his cock slid down into the gullet. It felt strange but he continued to push it in, even when Ethan gagged a couple of times. He began to pull out, then push back in. Ethan slowly began to relax, to take the cock in his mouth. His hands now were holding Cal’s hips tightly. He seemed to suddenly be moving his head in time with the motion of the cock into his mouth. His lips tightened around the hot pole, and Cal could feel the pressure. It was driving him nuts as he continued to face fuck his lover.

Sweat was beginning to bead up on his forehead as he realized he needed to stop. Otherwise he knew he’d shoot his load, and it was too soon for that.  Leaning to one side, he reached over to the night stand. Opening the drawer he pulled out the bowl with Condoms in it, then he pulled out two different sized dildos. Ethan began to squirm but he held him firmly between his legs.

Cal could feel Ethan’s hard cock up against his cheeks, and it only made him ache more than he thought possible. The desire was too much as he grabbed a condom from the pole, and ripped it open with his teeth. He stared down at his lover, his eyes glimmering with the lust that was inside of him. Ethan just stared up at him, saying something over and over again, but Cal didn’t hear him. He was too consumed by his plan, and by the lust that had taken over him.

Reaching back he found Ethan’s hard cock. He gripped it in his fist, and pulled on it, making it shudder. He could feel the eyes boring into his, but he ignored them. Instead he placed the condom on the tip of Ethan’s cock, unrolling it quickly. Cal puffed his chest out, feeling rather proud of himself as he managed to unroll the condom onto Ethan’s cock, while astride of him. He looked down, beaming with his success and licked his lips.

‘Time to fuck hun’ he croaked and raised his ass off of his lover’s stomach. His hand held the hard trembling cock and he moved it, guiding it along his own buttocks, till the head was between his cheeks. He pushed it upwards a bit, then down as he shifted his position. Ethan was rock hard, and that included his whole body. The arms were stiff, as were the legs. Cal ignored it all as he felt the press of Ethan’s cock up against his hole.

It wasn’t how he liked to get fucked, but desperate action needed desperate measures. He felt the head poling, and gritting his teeth, he forced his whole body backwards and down.

The pain lanced upwards and made him cry out as Ethan’s hard pole sliced deep inside of him. He felt it as it travelled up and into his body. His legs contracted, tightening their hold on his lover, as he settled his butt down onto the shivering groin. Cal felt the hairs pricking at his cheeks and he groaned, knowing he had the whole cock buried up into his body. He moved his hips and began to sort of do a circle swaying of his hips. The cock inside reacted by somehow growing even harder. He felt his muscles aching as he ground his butt down even more. The bed groaned, as did Ethan.

It was like a starter gun going off, as Ethan’s low groan became more lively and suddenly the body underneath was alive. Cal raised his hips upwards, and this time, as he began to push down he felt Ethan shoving his dick and body upwards to meet him. He cried out as their bodies crashed together. Ethan’s hard cock was digging into him, deeper and deeper with each thrust and he cried out, enjoying the wild sensations that rolled up and down his insides.

Sweat was dripping off his forehead as he continued to ride the boy beneath him. The hands around his hips now dug deep into the flesh. He felt his bones being pressed by the hard tips of Ethan’s fingers as he rode his cock.

It didn’t take long before his lover was tossing and squirming under him. His head was moving from side to side, and suddenly the hands were pounding against the bed, as the hips continued to rise up and down. He was lost in his own passion as he rode the hard cock. He reached down to grip his own pulsing cock as Ethan continued to push up and meet each single downward thrust by Cal’s body.

The scream startled him, and he felt it inside him. Cal stood rock still, his cheeks clenched tightly as he could feel the cum being released into the condom. The sensation was unexpected, and unbelievable, as Ethan jerked inside of him. The scream was loud and piercing as the boy’s hips were arched upwards, literally lifting Cal up and off the bed. The cock was buried so deep, Cal was sure he could feel it at the base of his throat, even though he knew it wasn’t. The cry continued to echo as the cock shot its load into the condom, and he felt every stream pass up along the buried shaft, and even felt the press of the thin condom as it filled with Ethan’s cream.

It was over as quickly as it had began. He felt the body sinking underneath him. Cal could hear the heavy panting of his lover, and of himself, as he let his body press back down. His hand shook as he reached around, to hold the slowly softening cock and the full condom. He lifted himself off and rolled over, to stare at the glazed eyes of his lover. He could see the lust still there, just as he could feel the fullness in his own body from the hard deep fucking.

His own breath was laboured, as he reached out, to run the back of his hand down the cheeks of his lover. Cal felt the sweat, and saw the look in the eyes changing to one of adoration. It made him smile as he caressed Ethan’s face.

“We just starting hun’ he whispered, which made the eyes widen, and made his smile even wider. Cal felt his cock growing hard again, as he saw the love reflected in the wide open eyes. Ethan’s hand was resting on his side, and it was gently caressing his flesh, by the hips. Cal smiled, knowing that his plan was the right one as he just enjoyed the touch of Ethan’s hands on his body.

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