Fiction – Moving In

Moving In

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

There was no way he could stuff more stuff into the tiny square box of an elevator. He could barely squeeze in himself as he punched the button for the tenth floor of the 12 story apartment building. He could feel the bile in his throat as the doors closed at last. Derek wasn’t one for small confined spaces but this was the last load of his stuff.

As the elevator silently made its way upwards, he smiled. Derek knew that at the end of this journey would be Ryan and that made it all worthwhile. He could feel the excitement building inside as well, as this was his first attempt at something more than a one nighter or a weekend fling. He had been ‘dating’ Ryan for nearly three months now. A record for him, and apparently for Ryan as well.

Hard to believe that no one had snatched him up. Ryan was your typical hard bodied stud. The guy had short brown hair, cut so it was above his ears and tapered at the back. His face was lean and his body was to die for. The guy had more rippling muscles than Derek had ever seen. Yet Ryan never appeared like some of those other workout fanatics. He had his routine, but it didn’t control him like it did others. One more of the many reasons why Derek knew he was in love with him, not just for the sex.

Though that thought made him squirm a bit, because in all honesty, the sex was damn hot. It worried him that maybe now it wouldn’t be, because they would be together so much. Still, even if they only did now and then, it would be worth it. Like this guy knew how to please, whether as a top or bottom. One more reason why he had fallen for him, his versatility.

Despite his reservations, he had agreed quickly at Ryan’s suggestion to move in. The argument of being closer, of not having to drive long distances to be together were nice, but unnecessary. He liked being with Ryan and while he might act like some high school kid with his first big crush, he realized that he truly did enjoy the company. It was like feeling whole when they were together, empty when apart. Ryan apparently felt the same and so here he was, moving in with all his stuff and already he felt the differences.

As the doors opened, there was Ryan, dressed in a pair of faded jeans, and a damn tight black t-shirt. The shirt showed his pecs and Derek could see the erect nipples too. He couldn’t help but smile as he stared at his new lover and roommate.

The words sounded good inside his head as he began to hand Ryan a few boxes, loading him up so to speak. The notion too of loading him up other ways was making it hard for him to concentrate. Course not as hard as it was when he first showed up to move in. Ryan had buzzed him in and when he got up to his new home, there was Ryan, who opened the door while hiding behind it.

Stepping in Derek had been surprised to see a banner on the far wall, welcoming him, but what really made him feel special, was that Ryan was naked. He had answered the door naked, which was okay but Derek couldn’t help but laugh. There was a small pink ribbon with a bow even, tied around a semi hard cock with a card attached as well.

He hadn’t known what to say as the door had closed and he had seen the naked man. Every part of him was screaming to simply reach out and grab him but he held off. Well, at least until Ryan pointed to his dick and the card. The grin on Ryan’s face only made him feel hornier, as he protested that there was too much to do. Course it didn’t work and so he knelt down, to undo the ribbon and read the card.

Obviously that was Ryan’s plan, because as he undid the ribbon, the semi limp cock began to grow before his eyes. He saw the vein thicken and the head become flush with racing blood. The flesh became a darkish purple hue as Derek’s fingers fumbled with undoing the ribbon. That too must have been the plan, as it was all knotted up and it took him considerable effort to undo it.

His hands had no choice but to hold onto the growing cock. He could feel the heat rising too, as he struggled with it. His eyes were fixed on the solid pole that now stuck out at his face. The hands on his shoulder grew firmer as he took the card to read.

It really didn’t say much. It had ‘welcome’ on it, then it had a command on it, to simply look forward. He turned his face and did, out of habit he guessed but it wasn’t habit that made him suddenly cry out. It was the hard cock that came forward, making his eyes widen in surprise. Ryan merely stepped inwards and pushed his hips forward until the fully aroused cock was banging up against Derek’s closed lips.

That situation changed in a hurry as he opened his mouth, to let the hard cock push inwards. He felt Ryan’s hands dig into his shoulder and suddenly he was being face fucked. His own hands reached out to grab at Ryan’s thighs, his own fingers digging deep into the muscles and tissue. He groaned as he relaxed his throat muscle, to allow the pulsing pole to dive deeper.

One of Ryan’s hands reached off his shoulder and held the back of Derek’s head as the hips continued to push in and out, making the cock twist and turn within Derek’s mouth. The taste of salt was prevalent, but it was the steady motion that made Derek cry out. His body had been taken by surprise and was making up for it as he eagerly began to suck on the cock in his mouth. His fingers dug deep and he heard a soft grunt from above him.

His eyes glanced upwards to see Ryan peering down at him. The eyes were sparkling as he watched himself being sucked off. It only seemed to make Derek hornier. His hands now pulled inwards, forcing Ryan to take another step closer. Suddenly Ryan’s cock was being taken deep in Derek’s throat. Their two bodies were close and with each thrust, Derek could smell the scent of his new roommate. The musky scent of sweat mingled with salt made Derek inhale deeply.

It didn’t take long for Ryan to cum either. The hot milk that exploded into Derek’s mouth and throat was a welcome refreshment. He drank it all, despite a gag or two. He was determined to not let any go to waste. The hot milk tasted better than ever before as he let his head lean backwards. The eyes looked up at Ryan who reached down to help him stand up.

His legs were wobbly but as he stood up, he wrapped his hands around the hot naked body and he drew Ryan inwards. Their bodies touched as he leaned forward, his mouth finding Ryan’s own mouth. Derek kissed him and pried the lips open with his tongue, and he let Ryan taste his own cum. The kiss made Ryan reach down for Derek’s ass, the fingers digging into the soft flesh as if to try and rip the pants off. His groin grinded inwards, pushing the spent cock hard into Derek’s own throbbing prick.

It was one hell of a welcome and he loved it. For Ryan to have taken that time, and to give him such a nice introduction to what lay ahead was to say the least, mind boggling. He couldn’t stop thinking of that and with the last of the boxes moved out of the elevator into the apartment, Derek began thinking of ways to show his own appreciation of the new circumstances.

As he stood around the living room, noticing how his boxes were cluttering up the place, he thought about beginning to unpack them, but then the look in Ryan’s face, sort of made him think of opening something else. His eyes narrowed as Ryan bent over a box. Derek admired the well formed butt, and he could feel the effect that view was having on his body. His own cock had yet to have any release, and without any hesitation he reached out and slapped the tightly held cheeks.

The smack echoed in the room and it had taken Ryan by surprise. He turned quickly and then smiled one of those rather sly little grins, the kind that made his nose crinkle upwards, his eyes narrow, and his face just light up with a mischievous look that always made Derek horny. It worked still and in second he had his arms around Ryan, pulling him close to him. He moved backwards a step and suddenly found himself leaning up on the back of the chesterfield.

In a moment of fun, he leaned back even more, holding even tighter to Ryan and let himself fall backwards over the couch. He took Ryan with him as they toppled over onto the couch and he pressed his mouth onto the surprised lips of his new lover. The taste of his mouth, the warmth of his breathe only made him sweat as he reached down and around, to cup the firm package. He could feel Ryan’s own excitement as he groped and felt the hard flesh under his hand. His fingers dug in and somehow he found the button and zipper and undid them both.

The hard kiss they were locked in broke apart and for a second they stared into each other’s eyes. He could see the love reflecting in the eyes and then their desire took over. Ryan undid Derek’s pants and with some struggling both men now lay on the couch, Ryan on top, with only their underwear on. Derek’s shirt was open while Ryan’s was thrown somewhere on top of some stacked boxes. The touch of their bare skin made him ache in a way he hadn’t really felt before. He wanted him and without delay as he pulled at the shorts Ryan was wearing.

His fingers dug in past the elastic waistband. He wanted it and started to moan a little. His lust was overpowering as he squirmed to wiggle out of his own shorts. He wanted to feel Ryan’s hands groping him too, and in seconds they were both naked kissing each other like they had just found each other. The passion rose as he felt sweat beading up on his forehead. Ryan’s hands were all over his body now, touching and making him quiver with anticipation.

Their antics finally made them fall off the couch with a loud thud, that startled them both. It hurt too but he didn’t care as he laughed and then reached up to kiss Ryan fully on the lips. At the same time he spread his legs so Ryan’s hard body could rest between the open legs. It was all he needed to do as Ryan just kissed him back, harder and with obvious urgency. His one hand leapt from the side to grab at the hard cock and in seconds Derek was panting as he felt the hard pull of Ryan’s hand.

‘Yes, oh Yes’ he mumbled as suddenly the hand moved down beneath his throbbing cock to wedge itself between his cheeks. He felt the hard finger as it moved down the crack towards his hole and as it reached the tip of his hole, he moved upwards, signalling his need.

Ryan’s finger probed inwards, meeting the upward thrust and dug deep and without any pretext. It stung a bit as the finger went in, and Ryan moved it around, making Derek moan loudly. He was out of breath as suddenly the finger came out and then Ryan began to slide down the aching body. His mouth touching and biting at his nipples, then down his head went, his tongue kissing and licking at the sweat stained belly.

It moved down and kissed his belly button, then circled the hard cock shaft, tasting him and he groaned louder now. His hands struck the floor as he tried to grab onto something as the waves of pleasure rolled up inside his body. His hips arched upwards as Ryan’s mouth moved down and let his cock slide past the cheeks. The tongue licked out and made Derek quiver, as it moved quickly past and suddenly his balls were being sucked. First one then the other and then back again and for several minutes he moaned and squirmed around as Ryan sucked them.

Ryan’s head suddenly was pushing within his thighs, moving his dripping balls out of the way. The tongue now reached down and under, licking him and then moving towards the valley of his tender flesh, between his now shaking butt cheeks. Derek couldn’t believe the feelings the raspy tongue was generating nor that Ryan was actually going to lick him there. He had never once tried that before and yet now it seemed like he couldn’t wait.

The tip of the tongue twirled around his pink hole, making him ache even more in anticipation. His body was tensed as he felt the hands pushing hard on the inside of his cheeks. He had his legs up and open, urging Ryan to move in and taste all of him. He didn’t have long to wait either as suddenly a wave of nothing but pleasure came roaring into his body.

The tongue pierced his hope, digging into the softness of his insides and he groaned loudly. His head rolled from side to side as he felt the tip of that curled tongue dig into him, making him squirm as he felt the blood rushing from his extremities towards his own pulsing cock. His one hand brushed lightly over Ryan’s head and then grasped his own pole.

Two or three strokes was all it took. He didn’t know which had made him lose it first, the hot swirling feel of Ryan’s tongue digging his ass or his sweaty hands pumping his aching cock. Either way he shook hard as his body unloaded its milk. The hot stream of cum splashed across his belly and upwards towards his neck. He felt the hot sting of a thousand needles as the stream splattered across his chest.

Crying out he felt his hands fall to his side and his legs grow numb. They collapsed and began to edge outwards and away as his body just jerked and shot its milk. His cock felt totally spent and yet all he could do was gulp for air, desperate to regain his control.

The feelings were raging inside as he looked down his body. There was Ryan, his head resting on the inside of Derek’s left thigh. He could see the satisfied smile on his face too as their eyes locked onto each other. Ryan looked at him, with those puppy dog eyes and Derek knew that somehow this was a just warm up to later. He smiled back, watching his chest heave up and down still, and saw that evil smirk cross Ryan’s face once more.

He hadn’t gotten one box unpacked, but it didn’t seem to matter. Derek realized he had all the time in the world to unpack, right now he was being entertained by the welcome wagon, or whatever you called it. He just enjoyed the warmth he felt inside, not from all that had happened, but from knowing that this was only a beginning for him and Ryan.

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