Fiction – Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Ron had tried them all, or so it seemed as he sipped at his morning coffee, staring over the busy front counter. He had settled on this one for his morning outing simply because the scenery was the best. The food wasn’t any better than the others, just as bland, and tasteless, but at least here they had men working, not just pimply faced kids working for party cash.

There was a time when even he had stood behind those silver counters, doling out the wax wrapped packages that passed for food. He shuddered recalling how unpleasant the time spent working had been, and how the food hadn’t improved one bit. Hell in fact it seemed to have gotten worse, if that was possible. Crap was crap but this stuff barely went down his throat without some tepid coffee to wash it down. Now, if say Jason over there was to maybe put something else down his throat, he wouldn’t need the coffee.

Thinking of doing the tall brunette made him smile. There was no doubt he had lucked out in finding this particular restaurant. They had Jason who was a 19 year old College student studying of all things, Political Science. Then there was Colin, the 20 year old carpenter apprentice. Now while he had a decent body, he could be a bit dour, but fuck, when he smiled it was like the heavens had opened up to let the sun shine. The guy had that nice of a grin, only trouble was he rarely smiled these days.

Looking around while mindlessly munching on his breakfast fare, he congratulated himself on finding this place. In the back there was Troy and Trevor that always gave him a bit of ache in his groin. Troy was just 18 while Trevor was 22 and both were slender looking blondes with straggly hair. They were always yelling back and forth, and Ron enjoyed the southern accent lilt to their voices. It made him think of his time spent in Georgia. All those southern boys, in jeans and with that sunny look and drawl. Too bad his stay hadn’t been long enough to have more memories, but then he did at least have some.

It was nice to start off each day with a feast for his eyes. He liked this particular outlet because they did table service for regulars, and there was nothing like having Jason or Colin coming up and clearing his table, or just smiling at him. He rather thought Jason was approachable, but it seemed that Colin spent more time bussing the tables.

Jason was always bending over. The way his bum fit those black dress pants was impressive. It made him want to see just how firm those cheeks were, and he usually found his hand straying down to his crotch, to adjust his own dick. Just thinking of Jason was arousing to him, but he had to admit, Colin had a nice ass worth fantasizing about.

It hadn’t take them long either, Jason or Colin, to see he was a regular. They would always stop by and say hello, Jason always with a hug grin. Colin at times, and it made Ron feel rather special, one more reason for coming here. Sure as hell wasn’t for the warmed over food. Though he had been noticing that his breakfast was becoming warmer the more he stopped by. Wish they would warm up something more than his eggs he thought as he watched Colin making his morning round.

He put his coffee cup down, and watched him making his way towards his own table. Ron always chose the one furthest away, simply because it gave him a great view of the place, plus he could watch the young men as they came towards him. He did enjoy that, even though he wished he was watching them come up his pathway or going down his hallway to his bedroom.

Still, seeing them move around, bending over, talking to people, was certainly helping his mornings get off to a good start. If only he had the guts to go beyond the banal talk. If he could just get a glimmer of interest, maybe he might trot out one of his lines, but so far no one had given him the openings.

As Colin approached he kept wondering what it was about him that made Ron keep staring at him. He was the least personable of all the staff, and yet it was that taciturn attitude that maybe made him more interesting. He rarely gave out any personal information, unlike the other chatter boxes. Still, there was something about him that made Ron a bit more excited than when it was Jason or the others.

Colin seemed in a hurry this morning, and Ron frowned. He rather enjoyed trying to get the young man to speak more, to dawdle at his table. He had the coffee pot in his hand and Ron quickly drained his cup. It would at least give Colin an excuse to speak to him, and for him to listen to the sound of his voice. Ron could listen to Colin talk all day. His voice matched his smile, in that it was clear, and lilting in a way that always got him feeling good.

It wasn’t just that it made him horny either. There was more to Colin than that, or so it seemed. He sure wished he could find that out for himself though. Colin approached and Ron felt a bit nervous. There was something different this morning, and he stared thoughtfully as Colin came closer. The way he moved seemed tense, almost as if he was on edge. He kept glancing over his shoulder as well, and Ron followed his stare towards the front, where Jason stood.

He noticed how Jason seemed to be watching Colin. There was a strange look in his eyes as well. In some ways Jason looked disgusted with Colin and yet couldn’t seem to stop staring at him, or at least watching him as he moved among the customers. Some it seemed had noticed too, and they quickly buried their heads in the complimentary newspapers they all had. Just like him and he wondered what was going on as finally Colin was there, standing in front of him, blocking his view of Jason.

‘More Coffee?’

Ron looked up and was surprised. Colin seemed to be nearly in tears and his voice had a strange rasp to it. He nodded and pushed the cup closer so Colin could fill it. He watched as the cup was filled, realizing there wasn’t enough in Colin’s pot to fill it even half. He was rather surprised at that and was about to say something, when Colin noticed.

‘Damn, sorry, uh, I’ll take that and get you some fresh’

Before Ron could even utter a thanks, the cup and saucer was whisked away and Colin was half way back towards the counter. Jason was there, a look of displeasure across his face. It was a sight Ron hadn’t seen before.

The man sitting at the table next to his, suddenly leaned over to whisper to him. Ron didn’t know him well, and he always seemed to come in later than the others. He had just come back from the front and as he spoke softly, Ron suddenly turned to stare back at the counter. The man, it seems, had overheard Jason talking to Trevor. Gist of what he had heard was that Jason had caught Colin paying more attention to him than in dressing, so he didn’t expect Colin to be working here much longer. He didn’t elaborate either, though it was obvious. Seemed Jason was also telling the others, who weren’t exactly pleased at the news. Ron realized why he was perhaps more attracted to Colin. His gaydar had been trying to tell him.

He sat back, trying to digest the gossip as Colin came back, with a fresh cup and saucer as well as a full coffee pot.  Silently he filled up the cup and pushed it over towards Ron. His mind was obviously elsewhere as Ron asked him about cream and sugar. The expression on Colin’s face when he asked for the cream made him start. The pained expression and sudden anger seemed so unnatural to Colin, that it shocked Ron.

‘Huh? Oh, sorry, I forgot them, I’ll go back and bring you some. Two sugar right?’

Ron saw how unhappy Colin was. He could sense that he didn’t want to go back. Besides, he could feel Jason staring at Colin, and sort of shared the uncomfortable feeling that had to be tormenting Colin.

‘Never mind, I can do without it, uh, you aren’t your normal self today, everything all right?’

It was a risk, but he did feel sorry for the young man. He wished he could think of something witty to say, to let Colin know that he knew, that it was okay. He also wished he could just take the young man into his arms and give him a real big hug.

‘Guess so, sorry, I can get you the cream and sugar, no big deal’

‘No, it’s okay, you sure you okay though? You seem upset’

Colin just stared at him. His eyes were bit bigger than normal, more open, and you could almost see the welling up at tears behind them too. It made Ron’s heart ache and he really wished he could just get up and hug the kid, then take him away from the source of his trouble.

‘I quit’

Ron almost didn’t hear the words. He leaned forward and saw that indeed, Colin was near tears. He saw the lower lip trembling. The face was scrunched up as the young man tried to fight off the sorrow.

‘Well, I am sorry for that, I will miss seeing you every morning. Uh, you have another job lined up?’

‘No, not sure what I am gonna do yet. Uh, thanks. I’ll miss seeing everyone’

‘You thinking of another restaurant? Or maybe something else?’

‘Don’t know, haven’t thought about it, but whatever comes up I suppose, can’t afford to not be working’

It was how he sounded that made his heart wrench. The obvious worry, fear, was clearly eating at Colin, and all the time he could feel Jason glaring at him. Damn, why did kids have to be so cruel he thought, when it hit him. Maybe he had a solution.

‘There is an opening for a mail guy in my office, pay isn’t great, but it is something to tide you over, maybe?’

Colin acted like he didn’t hear Ron, then he looked up and Ron saw the tear streaks. He turned away, not wanting to embarrass the young man further.

‘Think I’d have a chance? I mean… am I qualified?’

‘You just go around delivering and picking up the parcels from the secretaries. Pay isn’t great, it’s a $1 above minimum but its not hard work. If you want it, I think I can swing it for you’

‘Really? You some management type or something?’

‘You could say that. You interested? I mean it isn’t very exciting work’

‘I am, uh, where do I go to apply?’

‘The office is in the Legacy Towers, downtown, you know it?’

‘Yeah, Can I go there today and apply?’

‘Sure, uh, when are you off here?’

Ron watched as Colin turned to look back at Jason. He could see the angry look that was directed at Colin as well. He saw Colin square his shoulders, and there was a defiant look in his eyes suddenly. The fear seemed to have been pushed aside for a minute as he turned back to Ron.

‘I finish soon as I go back, and get changed.’

‘Well, why not meet me out front, I can drive you down and see that you get the right papers to fill out’

‘Cool, but why? I mean, you don’t know me, I might be a rotten worker or something’

‘I doubt it, I have seen you work here, and why? I guess because I hate intolerance’

Risky saying that, but he wanted Colin to know he wasn’t alone. He didn’t know how else to put it, and as he said it, he saw the eyes grow a bit wider, then narrow as Colin stared at him. You could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he thought about it. Tears were once more near the surface but Colin was fighting them back.

‘I won’t be long, out front in 5?’

Ron merely nodded, as he felt a small smile cross his lips. Suddenly Colin’s face broke out into a huge grin, and Ron felt like summer had just announced its arrival. He could feel the warmth even as Colin had already turned and headed back. His eyes watched as Jason spoke to him, then shrugged his shoulders and stare over at Ron. The anger was still there, but the expression was more thoughtful as Colin disappeared into the back.

Jason approached Ron and stood there for a second before speaking. His mouth was tight lipped as you could see he was still angry with Colin.

‘You offer Colin a job?’

‘Yes, not that it is your concern’

‘He’s queer’


‘You really want that type working for you?’

‘Sure, why not?’

‘He’s Queer’

Ron stood up, and reached into his pocket. He dropped a dollar bill on the table and looked up at Jason. He could see that Jason was confused. He didn’t understand how Ron could not care that Colin was Gay. He smiled to himself as he stared at Jason, wondering what it was he had ever seen in the young man.

‘Yeah but he won’t be burning any crosses in my front yard’

Ron tossed the paper down and walked out. As he left he could hear the man who had been sitting next to him chuckle, and also stand up. He didn’t look back until he got to his car, and unlocked the door. As he did he noticed that a few of the regulars, were all heading away from the restaurant. Jason was still standing there, by the now empty tables. It felt good as he started the car up, and waited.

He didn’t have long to wait as he saw Colin approached the parking area. He honked the horn and waved when Colin turned towards the sound. Colin seemed to hesitate then came forward but instead of heading to the passenger side, he came to the driver’s window and leaned down.

‘Uh, saw Jason heading over to talk to you, uh, you still think I have a chance at that mail guy job?”

Ron could tell that he was terrified. The eyes were searching his as he turned away briefly, to see Jason at the front window, staring outwards. He turned back to Colin.

‘Screw the bugger, get in. Sooner you fill out the papers, sooner you can start, okay with you?’

The smile was even wider than before and Ron felt his body quiver a little. It too enjoyed seeing him happy and as Colin got in, he backed the car out, and headed towards the on ramp to head into town. He began to whistle as he gunned the car into the lane, and got up to speed.

‘What did he say?’

‘Does it matter?’

‘Kind of’

‘He said you were Queer’

There was silence in the car as they sped along the freeway. Traffic wasn’t all that heavy but Ron concentrated, not wanting to look at Colin. His heart was thumbing a bit out of nervousness. It was now out in the open, and he wondered where it would lead to.

As Ron finally wheeled his car into the parking spot in the underground garage, he finally had the nerve to look over at Colin. No stolen glances, and with the car off, he wondered what was going through Colin’s mind. He had been very quiet since he had found out what Jason had said, but hadn’t seem all that surprised. If anything, he seemed more hurt than anything. Maybe he had had a crush on Jason?

Ron simply didn’t know what to say. He wanted to let Colin know that it was okay, that being who he was wasn’t a problem nor did he want him to think he was under some kind of obligation either. Hell, that was the last thing he wanted Colin to think. Yet he didn’t know how to tell him, and yet also tell him that he did want him.

He felt lost himself as he looked at the young man. He was attractive and yet, vulnerable. It wasn’t something he wanted to take advantage of, but damn he couldn’t help wanting him. Maybe he did in some way want to make him feel obligated, but the thought turned his stomach.

Looking directly at Colin, he knew he had to tell him. There was no way he could take him up to the office and not tell him. It wasn’t fair or right even as he tried to find the words to explain it, and to ease his own fears.

‘Colin, uh, before we go up, we should talk’

Colin seemed to sigh a little and then finally turned away from the window and looked straight into Ron’s face. Ron could see the fear and also resignation. It made Ron quiver a little, and the urge to want to hug the younger man was almost unbearable.

‘I figured’

‘Figured? What did you figure?’

‘There would be strings’

‘NO… no, no strings, that’s what I want to talk to you about. I mean I suppose you might think there are, that maybe I am some old geezer who is looking for a tumble, or something. Truth is, I am attracted to you. Hell, more than attracted. And yeah, I do want to maybe get to know you, in that way, but that’s for you to also want. I mean, if you are uninterested in me that way, I can live with it, and it has nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with the job either. I own this company, I don’t hire people for sex, it isn’t smart, it isn’t safe. I worked too hard for this business, I won’t risk it for a piece of ass. So no, there are no strings attached, the job is yours.’

‘Really? Then uh, what did you want to talk about?’

‘Just that, and to say I am interested in you, socially I guess is the polite word. I am not going to lie, I have enjoyed watching you at the restaurant, it sort of, well, it gets me hot, if you know what I mean’

‘I do, so how come you never said anything?’

‘I don’t know, didn’t have the guts I guess’

‘I like you too’

‘Really? You didn’t say anything.’

‘Sucks doesn’t it? Not being able to say what we want’

‘It does… so, what should we do about it, our uh, our liking of each other?’

Colin reached over, and took his hands to hold Ron’s face. He moved his head closer and kissed him squarely on the mouth. His lips crushed into Ron’s and Ron felt his body shake. It was like being on fire, the heat was unbearable, and the sudden pain in his groin was amazing as he felt the moist lips on his own. He moaned as his own hands moved to hold the younger man’s body.

He could feel the shaking in Colin’s frame as they kissed. His mouth opened to feel the hot raspy tip of Colin’s tongue dart inwards to taste him. He felt the warmth as his heart raced and they embraced each other tighter. His hands were moving up and down the sides. The feel of hot flesh under the shirt only made him ache more as he felt his own tongue playing with Colin’s.

One of the hands that had held his face now moved down and suddenly he felt the pressure of urgent fingers probing at his crotch. He couldn’t believe how good it felt either as he twisted his body around, to let the hand have more room to search, to prod. His whole body was shaking as a soft moan came from the mouth still pressed to his.

The car seemed awfully hot as he let his own hand move across from the side to caress the slightly shaking stomach. His hand could feel the muscles tighten. Colin moved his body closer, along the bench seat and his knee kicked the ashtray. The noise made him start but he didn’t care as he leaned forward to meet Colin.

Colin seemed more adapt at this. His body was twisted so that Ron could feel down, and he did. He reached down to find a throbbing pole stretching the tight fitting pants. He gulped for air as he felt the exhilaration racing up and down his spine. To touch that, to know it was possible was nearly too much. He gulped for air as suddenly he felt his pants being stretched.

As he tried to twist his own body into a better position, he felt Colin’s fingers pulling at his waistband. Then he felt the hand reaching past and resting briefly against his own taut belly. The hot flesh touching his skin made him groin as the hand began to inch forward more. It was driving him nuts. He reached down with one hand, and undid the pants button. The extra room allowed Colin to reach all the way down and grab hold of his aching cock.

He cried out as he felt the fingers wrapping around his aroused cock. He could feel his body tense and then shake as the hand moved along the shaft. His cock was unable to move, trapped by the underwear and pants. Ron tried to shift position but couldn’t as he felt the hand reaching around, holding him.

It was all he had dreamed about, as he cried out and felt the hot breathe being pumped into his mouth from Colin. Colin’s lips were pressed even tighter on his mouth, making him grimace a little. His own hand couldn’t find the top of Colin’s pants and he gave up, as the feeling between his own legs was too much.

His body hadn’t expected this amazing assault. It was in shock and he had no control as he felt the hand move along his cock. It was wrapped tightly, and there was barely any room to move, yet Colin somehow managed to push and pull on the throbbing penis. Ron let his head move backwards, his eyes firmly shut as he tried to capture control over the raging emotions that were running through his whole body.

He cried out loudly. The sound echoed in the car as he lost his battle for control. He could feel his balls emptying their cream as the last echo of his moans drifted away. He could hear Colin panting, his breathe also growing rapid and shallow as his whole groin seemed to suddenly quiver and shake.

Ron’s hips pulled back and then shot forward hard. He had lost it and could feel the cock shuddering, still in Colin’s tight grip. He felt the hot liquid begin to shoot out, to soak his shorts and pants even as he let loose an amazing amount of jizz. It startled him and yet the ache didn’t seem to disappear. He felt his legs stiffen, despite their awkward position. The toes were numb and his hand were clenched. One on the steering wheel, his knuckles white while the other was an equally pallid color, as they were gripping the top of the seat.

A loud shout came from his lips, as he pulled his head back. His body had given in to the pleasure and he felt himself shuddering all over. The hand held his cock tightly, letting his milk coat the young flesh that held him. He could feel it trying to get away, to rear back and soon he felt another explosion, as he let out a loud animal like groan. His body had spent itself and he felt the blood rushing back to his limbs. His head was dizzy as he felt the glass of the door window pressing on the back of his head.

A light press of lips on his made him open his eyes. He could feel Colin’s body on top of his, and as he stared out, he saw the boy’s eyes staring at him. He saw a desire too, and he felt like he had just won a lottery. There were a lot of wild thoughts in his mind as Colin leaned back, taking his weight off of Ron.

‘I live on my own, I have a double bed’

Ron stared at him, and smiled. It was all he wanted to hear as he just grinned from ear to ear, while buttoning his pants back up. The ache in his groin was a little bit easier as he let his hand run down Colin’s chest towards his own crotch.

‘I live on my own too, but I have a king sized bed’

Colin just smiled that smile.


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