Fiction – Accepting His Good Fortune

Accepting His Good Fortune

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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He was fuming, as he sat there staring over at Ken. It was like he had suddenly become a different person in the blink of an eye. They had been sharing their lives for over two years now, and this was really their first fight. Still it wasn’t right and he’d be damned if he would be the one to give in. Ken could go fuck himself he thought, as he stared at his lover.

Ted felt his body being rigid as he looked at Ken’s own angry glare at him. Well tough, he could stare just as hard and set his head on his hands, keeping his eyes showing only his anger. Though as he looked, he couldn’t help but feel a bit of regret inside. In all honesty it wasn’t all Ken’s fault, though he wasn’t about to say that to him. Let him stew he thought, as he let the moment replay over and over in his mind.

Ken was one of those pretty boys, and it was a good description for him. Ted still wasn’t sure what had brought them together, or why someone like Ken would even look at someone like him. Still they had enjoyed their time together, right from the start. It had been an amazing introduction for him, into the world of knowing that someone was waiting for him every night. It had been his secret desire for a long time, and then to find someone like Ken who shared that concept, well it was like he had won the lottery or something.

No mistake, Ken wasn’t ideal nor was he. Still, it didn’t really bug him too much that when they went out, it was Ken who garnered the stares, the drooling look of those who wanted what he, Ted had. In some ways it was gratifying to watch the other old farts drool when they would walk into the bar, or at some party. They all flocked around Ken, which he didn’t really mind. After all who wouldn’t want some tall blond God to be on their arm?

He had a charm, a smile that could light up an entire city if you could bottle it. The face was soft, and the lips seemed to always be moist and ready, which they were when they got home. Man could he suck a cock, and yet make it seem like you were his first. He had that kind of charm, that kind of aura that just made this fight all the more painful. Ken had been his ideal mate, the perfect addition in his life, and now he felt like it was all over. Maybe Ken was right though, maybe he did over analyse things, but damn it, he couldn’t help it.

To begin with, he wasn’t as lucky as Ken was, in the looks department. His hair was receding, and his waistline was expanding. The typical result of hitting middle age and yet Ken hadn’t seemed to mind at first. Now it was a bit different, or was it?

Thinking about it, Ken always did poke jibes at his looks, at how he enjoyed watching Ted’s belly shake when he laughed. Hell, it wasn’t that much of a belly, but now that he thought about it, Ken did make an issue of it before tonight. So why the fuck was he so upset by that and the other comments? Okay, so Ken had one of those flat washboard stomachs, so he could eat a ton of greasy food and not put on a pound. He accepted that, or did he? Maybe he was jealous, like Ken had said?

He grimaced inside, knowing it wasn’t true. He wasn’t jealous of Ken, least not because he was thin. He rather enjoyed the firm look that Ken had. The way his legs were solid and how hard they felt when wrapped around his own body, as he took Ken’s dick inside. Now that wasn’t something to be jealous of, but to enjoy, which he did each time they made love.

So Ken was wrong about that, just as he was wrong that Ted was jealous of how the others would look at him. Hell, he rather enjoyed it actually. Their so called friends could drool all they want, it was him that went home each night with Ken. He couldn’t blame them, specially when Ken was decked out. The tight jeans he wore did show off his package. So wasn’t that the idea? If only those other queens knew how that package got bigger when he would take the pants off. Man their eyes would pop out of their sockets.

Ken had a huge dick, one that he loved watching grow from being soft, to being the drilling machine that routinely ploughed his ass. God, that was a feeling he couldn’t get enough of. To have him spread his legs, then split them as he entered him, was a feeling he never tired of. It would make him scream at first, then reduce him to a quivering mass of moaning jelly. Ken knew how to fuck, and please him in ways no one ever had before. So why the fuck would he be jealous of some asshole’s comment?

Sitting there now, he felt rather stupid. After all, Calvin was notorious for being a shit disturber, and why should he believe him? Ken was right about that, and as he continued his silent staring contest, he could see that Ken was hurt by it all. Oh sure he had his tough guy look on, but he could see past that. Ken really wasn’t all that tough, though he liked to think he was. He was a teddy bear really and his eyes softened a little, as he realized how much Ken meant to him.

Calvin was just raising his normal shit, but he had hit a nerve. Ken was right too, he did worry too much when there wasn’t anything to worry about. Ken had lots of opportunities to move on, to go with others who had money, had position, but he hadn’t. He was right to point that out, to show that he did care for him. After all, why would he come home to Ted every night for the last two years, if he didn’t have feelings for Ted? It made sense, but he hadn’t wanted to see that, and that was now nagging at him.

That first time had been unreal, and he had wondered even then why Ken had come home with him. It was a thought that somehow didn’t seem to go away, despite the wild night of sex they had that first time. Hell, he could still visualize it now, the way Ken had looked as he had taken off his shirt, showing him that chiselled chest. It still looked that way, even today. His eyes had popped out as he had stared at Ken’s naked body. The way his balls hung from under the semi erect cock. They just dangled there, looking so damn full and delicious too.

Ken had only smiled and had cupped them in his hand, and sort of pushed them out a little, as if offering them to Ted. Naturally he had taken the bait, and had gotten down on his knees, right then and there, and began to kiss the leathery sac, then slowly take each one into his mouth. His tongue had licked them and he had heard Ken’s moans as he sucked on his balls. Fuck, that was one turn on and it led to him looking up, to stare into the glazed eyes of Ken.

He could see that look now, the one that made his heart skip a few beats. It really was amazing at how Ken had been transformed into something even more desirable than when he had first spied him at the bar. Now here they were, totally different look in their eyes. He felt himself grow uncomfortable as he realized that Ken wasn’t really all that wrong. He shouldn’t have let Calving get to him, but damn it all, Ken was almost 20 years his junior. It was hard to accept that someone that looked like Ken, would want him.

It didn’t make sense, wasn’t logical and yet just as Ken had said to him not more than a half hour ago, love wasn’t logical, or sensible. He was hurt when he had said that, and looking at him now, Ted could see he was still hurt. His heart ached as he realized, Ken wasn’t wrong. Love wasn’t just about the sex, though he had to admit, it sure as hell felt good each time they got it on. It was more than that, and Ken hadn’t just been around to bump and grind with him. He had been there for the other stuff too. Like when Ted had gotten the stomach flu. It was Ken who had stayed home from work, to look after him.

Looking over at Ken now, he smiled a bit, recalling how when he was beginning to feel better Ken had commented that maybe he should parade around in a nurse’s outfit, to sort of get Ted’s interest. After all, they hadn’t done anything for a few days. It had made him realize that he was feeling better, as his cock had instantly sprung up when Ken had reached under his blanket to tickle him there. The smile on his face though had been amazing, making him warm all over. He had felt the love, and okay, yes they had wound up having sex, but it was worth the exhaustion he felt afterwards.

Ken had really been different then too. It wasn’t their normal sex, not wild or anything, but more tender, more sedate at first. He had sucked on his cock, slowly bringing him to a high state of arousal. The way he had licked at his cock, sucked on his balls, even touched him had been done slowly, methodically, and tenderly. No quick wham bam thank you either, though in all honesty they never were that boring.

Sex between them had always been long and very satisfying, for both of them. It wasn’t like he hadn’t had his turn on top, or in being first either. Ken never seemed to mind when Ted wanted to enter his ass. He was a willing partner, who shared his entire body with Ted, so why the fuck did he worry so much about their relationship? Why did he let Calvin or anyone for that matter, make him doubt how much Ken loved him?

As he sat there, he recalled all the past times together. How Ken would always caress his body, how his touch was always full of love and adulation. There wasn’t any hesitation when it came to having sex. Ken never once held back either, of that he was sure.

The way he would need him, to either shoot his load over Ted’s heaving chest, or deep down into his throat, was always out of desire, not duty. It wasn’t like he had to act that he wanted to share all of himself with Ted.

He sighed, his eyes lowered as he realized what an ass he was being. He loved Ken, and he knew with certainty that Ken loved him as well. It wasn’t physical as he had yelled at Ken, it was much more than that. Yes, they were physical with each other, passionate really. The way they would each touch the other, kiss deeply. It wasn’t out of just a physical need, but a spiritual one, or so he was finally beginning to accept.

Ted was aching for Ken, even now as he looked up to see Ken looking at him. He could see the hurt now, more than before and it made his heart ache too. There was no denying his feelings, or those that Ken held for him. Slowly he stood up from the chair and stepped over to sit next to Ken.

He put his arm around the younger man, feeling a slight tingle inside as his body touched Ken’s. The attraction was stronger than ever, as Ken put his head on Ted’s shoulder. As he felt Ken’s head on his shoulder, he whispered his apology, telling him how much he really did love and trust Ken. It was the truth too, as he felt the young man cling to him, wrapping his own arms around his body.

The fight was over, and he felt changed too. Ted no longer felt like there was something he needed to find out, to wring out of his lover as he held him tightly. He was in love, screw the rest because at last, he felt complete. He lifted up Ken’s face to stare at him. Smiling he bent his own head down and kissed his lover on the lips, then wiped away the few tears around the corner of the eyes.

Ken smiled up at him, as they looked into each other’s faces. Time somehow, was stilled, as they looked deep into each other’s very soul. Ken smiled and stood up, his hand outstretched towards Ted, and with that glint back in his eyes, Ted accepted the hand and stood up.

As he was about to once more apologize, Ted reached up with his fingers, to place them on Ted’s lips, to stop him from speaking. It was suddenly like it was all over as he led Ted back towards the bedroom. The fight was over, now came the making up. Ted felt his cock stiffen, as he followed behind Ken, admiring the nice firm cheeks of his lover.

He was drooling, just like all the others did when they stared at Ken, but as he followed him into their bedroom, he smiled, wiping his drool from his lips. They can drool all they want, he thought, he was the one who got the ultimate prize, Ken.

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