Fiction – My Turn

My Turn

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Stephen sat off to one side of the couch, pouting still as Tim came back into the living room. It was the usual routine as Tim sighed, seeing his lover of almost 20 years looking so put off. He really didn’t understand how they had managed to stay together for so long, given how moody Stephen got, when it was his turn.

It wasn’t like he didn’t enjoy it either. Least judging by the way he would squirm, would groan and moan, you would think he was having fun, was enjoying the pleasure of being taken. Still, always when Tim made it known that this time, he wanted to be the top, Stephen went into a huff, a sort of reluctant acceptance.

He rubbed his wet hair with the towel, looking over at the pouting face and still felt a stir in his groin. Stephen was one of those who always looked hot, even when his angular face was all wrinkled up in his disgust look. Tim almost laughed when he would see the dark eyes peering at him, the nose wrinkled up and a sour look across his mouth. It made Stephen look like an imp, and he wondered if maybe it was just a game, a routine to get him more aggressive?

That was how it usually ended up. He would get totally pissed off, and more or less force himself on Stephen. It was always raw and rather intoxicating for him too, the way Stephen would resist at first, then surrender to his sexual demands. The eyes would glare at him, as if he was angry, but if you looked hard enough you could see his love, his passion.

It was different, like night was to day, the way he would somehow become this total animal. Normally they would cuddle for hours, caress each other and just stare at each other with nothing but love in their eyes. It was never rushed, never rough and tumble unless it was his turn. Then all bets were off, and as he stared at his lover, glaring at him from under his downcast face, Tim felt the urge to just grab him, and flip him over right there and drive his dick into his ass.

He’d show him who was boss, and as he felt the hot flush of desire begin to pound inside, he also realized that it was almost like being planned. That somehow he wasn’t calling the shots, but reacting to Stephen’s own desire for something different, something out of the ordinary.

For the most part, they enjoyed a comfortable sex life. He recognized that at times it was perhaps too vanilla, too sedate. Then the feeling would build until moments like now, when he would not ask, but command that it was his turn to lead in their sexual fun.

Stephen always objected, told him he was too predictable, too hetro, which always made him angry. It was like Stephen was goading him, forcing him to think about how he would assault his lover, how he would show him that he could do more than just flip him and pound his ass, or grab his head and plough his throbbing cock into the protesting mouth.

There would be moments, when Stephen would break away, would protest that he wasn’t going to do that, or let Tim do that, but in the end it always happened. It was a game, or was it? Tim stared at his lover, seeing the lips in their ritualistic pout and all he could think of was how it would be to just walk over, twist the dark hair in his hand, and yank the head towards his groin. Stuffing his cock into that mouth, past those lips was a thought, but he had done that last time, as his opener. He did want to make it different, but how?

That was always the problem for him. He liked the touch of those lips on his cock, the way he would rake his teeth across Tim’s stiff dick, but that was too predictable. He was struggling for doing something different, to make the most out of his turn. God only knew when he’d get another moment when Stephen would agree to switching places, to being the pursued, instead of being the pursuer.

Tim enjoyed their sex life, the way Stephen would whisper in his ear, telling him how much he loved him, how much he enjoyed the press of their bodies together. It was all part of their routine, the way Stephen would gently run his hand down Tim’s body. The fingers just barely touching his skin, making him tingle and squirm. Yet there were times when he thought Stephen was off elsewhere, not really concentrating, and the final sex, became mundane. It was then that the idea of him flipping Stephen over, of forcing his legs apart and just driving his dick in, would begin to dominate his thoughts.

Staring over at Stephen, he realized that in almost 20 years together, he still didn’t really know him. His moods he could guess at, but deep down he really didn’t know the man who shared his life for so long. Did he enjoy being tossed on the bed, having his nipples squeezed? At times he seemed to, but then other times he didn’t.

Then there was the whole rimming thing. Stephen rarely, if ever, gave him a rim job. He always begged off, and no amount of cajoling, or pleading seemed to matter. Yet when he went down on Stephen’s ass, the guy would moan endlessly, beg him for more even if he had been rimming him for what seemed like hours. So he liked getting it, but damn he wasn’t going to please him, which irked him.

Standing there he felt a small evil grin cross his face, one that Stephen seemed to pick up on, asking him what was on his mind. Tim merely smiled a bit broader, telling him he’d find out as he went off to the bedroom. He had his plan now, on how to make this different, while also pleasing himself.

Finally he was set, and this time he knew that Stephen wouldn’t be so easy to convince. Still, it was worth it if his plan worked as he went out, demanding Stephen to come to the bedroom. He watched, with an eager eye, as Stephen pretended to be reluctant. He could see the stiff cock making a lie out of Stephen’s protests. He was horny, just as Tim was, and looking at his face, he saw the desire hiding behind the supposed angry glare.

Come to daddy’ he thought as he pushed Stephen in the small of his back, as he walked past. Telling him that it was time he started accepting that he wanted things too, that sex was about sharing, about giving to each other as he saw Stephen stiffen. The muscles in his back grew taut as he saw the bed, and how it was all laid out.

The restraints were backwards. The ankles restraints were up at the front of the bed, wrist cuffs at the back of their four poster queen sized bed. Stephen turned with a quizzical look that he ignored. He quickly made Stephen stretch out, his way. With his head now resting at the foot of the bed. His neck was supported by the edge of the bed, allowing for his head to dangle down. It was exactly as he wanted and once he secured all the restraints he stood looking down at his lover.

The eyes were smouldering, as Stephen hated being tied up. Tough he thought, but it was also the only way he could control him, to make him do what he wanted. Standing there, his hard cock just above Stephens face, he saw him lick his lips, anticipating tasting Tim’s throbbing cock.

The sight of his lover, stretched out like a helpless piece of meat made him ache. His cock was already dripping but he had something else in mind than just stuffing it down his lover’s throat. He reached down, gripped the hard pole and wiped it across Stephen’s lips. He let him taste the oozing pre cum and then stepped back.

Stephen had been preparing himself to take the long dick and was taken aback by its sudden withdrawal. His eyes were staring up right at Tim’s crotch, but he could see the questioning look in the eyes. He just smiled down at his lover, and once more stepped forward, but this time he let his balls rub across Stephen’s face. He felt the tongue flick up and lick at the leathery sac and it made him bite his lips. He didn’t want to let on how he liked it, as once more he stepped back.

He moved over to the night stand, and hid his front from Stephen’s gaze. He could feel the eyes peering at him, knowing how he had lifted his head upwards to watch, but there was nothing for him to see, other than Tim’s buttocks. The white cheeks that quivered a little as Tim thought about his plan. He could hear the protests coming, but he didn’t care as he grabbed the nipple clamps he had bought and then walked over to the foot of the bed.

Tim’s eyes stared at him, as he reached down and twisted one nipple, then the other. He took his finger and licked it and then once more tweaked each nipple. He made Stephen grunt and then he applied the clamp. A small pull on each, to insure their attachment got a small cry from Stephen, that he knew would soon turn to angry screams and protests as he moved back down to stand over Stephen’s face.

He took his cock and once more rubbed it along the lips, smearing more of his pre cum over them. The touch of his cock head on those full lips made him shake a little as he let his body squat down a bit, pressing harder with his cock on the mouth.

Stephen began to spread his mouth open, and just when he was ready to let that throbbing pole in, Tim moved back, and then turned around. He backed up and stood over his lover, his ass grazing the upper chest of his lover.

Now my sweet, time you serviced me, just like I have you in the past’

Stephen stared up at him, his eyes wide open as Tim stood back up and then spread his legs. He reached behind him, to grab his own ass cheeks, and spread them apart. Looking down he saw the eyes almost bulging open as he slowly lowered his buttocks over Stephens face.

Lick me’ was his command, as his buttocks was pressing down on Stephen’s face. He could hear him snorting, knowing how his nostrils were flaring. Stephen’s breath was becoming shallow and rapid, as Tim held his opened buttocks over the face.

Come on, Lick Me’ he ordered, waiting for that first flicker. He lowered his body a bit more, feeling Stephen’s nose press into his valley between the cheeks of his ass.

Do It’ he commanded, and he knew he had taken Stephen by surprise. There still wasn’t any protests, no angry shrieks of no way and he waited, letting Stephen know that he wasn’t about to move until he performed his task.

Nothing was happening, which made him angry. How many times in the past had Stephen asked him to go down on him? How many times had he given in, and here he was, asking and being ignored. Screw that he thought as he reached down to grasp at some of Stephen’s hair.

Wrapping his fingers around it, he pulled up, forcing Stephen’s head upwards, driving his face between his legs.

Now Lick, Do It’ he barked in an angry voice.

No, no Tim, please, you know I…

Do it, I don’t care if you like it or not, I do, so do it’ he yelled, louder than he had wanted. It had the effect he had hoped for as he suddenly felt his body quiver.

The first hesitant flick of Stephen’s tongue made him loosen his grip and he reached back around to grab at his cheeks. He dug his own fingers in deep to the flesh, as he spread them as wide as possible without ripping himself apart. He bit his lip hard as he tried to hold his position, to even lower himself more onto Stephen’s face.

The press of his lover’s tongue around his hole made his whole body quiver. He felt his legs tremble a little, as the raspy edge of the tongue flicked around his hole. Sweat was beginning to bead on his forehead as he flung his head back, enjoying that first touch, that first feeling of being licked.

Put it in… more, come on, do it’ he yelled.

The tongue shot inwards, curling and driving itself inwards. He felt the tip as it moved past his sphincter. His hole had opened, swallowing the tongue as Stephen gagged a little, but kept his tongue moving around from side to side, as it tasted Tim’s insides. He felt himself shaking, as he felt the tongue licking his soft insides. The muscles were fluttering as they felt the raspy tongue caressing them.

His whole body was trembling now as he leaned down more. He wanted more of that tongue inside, and Stephen obliged him as he felt his lover’s head pushing up into his buttocks. The nose was hurting him, but he didn’t care as he felt the tongue twirling around inside. He groaned loudly, as his twisted from side to side. He could feel his body quivering, feel the excitement inside of himself, as Stephen’s tongue worked its way inside.

His balls were aching like they never had before. He could feel the pain inside of himself as Stephen continued to lick him, the sounds adding to his excitement. He knew he couldn’t hold on much longer, as the tongue darted out, then back in harder than before. He could hear it all, feel it as waves of pleasure wafted through his whole body. His arms were stiffening, his legs growing numb as the juice inside of him came bubbling upwards.

Before his legs could give in, he stood up, tottering a tit as he quickly turned around, and leaned forward on one hand, he stuffed his throbbing cock into Stephen’s mouth. He pushed it down, feeling the throat protesting against the sudden invasion by the thick cock, but he ignored it. His body was suddenly out of control as he rocked forward then backwards.

Tim cried out, as he stuffed his cock into the mouth, and he heard the grunt, the small gag, but he ignored it all as he shook. His body couldn’t hold on anymore, and all he could think of was the feeling of Stephen’s tongue as it had licked his insides. His legs were numb, his eyes were filled with water and glazed over, as he shuddered. His cock head reared back, then dove in deep into Stephen’s throat.

He cried out, as his body unleashed its milk. He felt the cock shake inside of Stephen’s mouth, as it shot its load of cum into the throat. The sound of gagging was distant to his ears, as he heard the wild thunder of his heart as his body continued to surrender its precious fluid. Tim felt like every ounce of liquid in his whole body had turned to cum, and was pouring out into Stephen’s mouth as his mind could only think of the tongue, digging at his hole, tasting him and tasting him.

His legs shook, as the last of his cum dribbled out into the already filled mouth. Cum was dripping from his lover’s mouth, trickling down his cheeks as he stared down at the man’s heaving chest. He could see the rivers of sweat, and see the oozing pre cum rolling down Stephen’s own cock. He saw it jerk, just as his own body shook. His cries were echoing in the room, as he slowly pushed himself back, taking his expended cock out of the mouth, feeling the tongue flicker and take one last taste of his cum.

He shuffled a bit, unsteady on his feet, as he turned around once more. Tim could feel Stephen’s eyes on him, as he moved back over his face, once more reaching back and spreading his cheeks, as he lowered himself onto that face. His flesh felt the dried cum around the mouth, as once more he commanded his lover to lick, to lick him hard and deep.

Once more the tongue came to him, licking at his hole. Once more he felt the waves of pleasure roll through his whole body. He was trembling so much that his fingers slipped. He struggled to hold his cheeks apart, to let Stephen’s tongue work its magic on him. He was losing as he finally had to stand up, to walk away. The effort was nearly too much as he sat down on the floor, his head next to Stephen’s. He looked over, seeing the glint in his lover’s eyes.

Untie me Bitch, and I’ll show you how a real rim job is done’ was softly spoken. His own eyes bulged as he stared at Stephen, seeing the lust, the desire. He smiled as he leaned against the foot of the bed.

In time’ was all he said, as he felt the pain in his chest lessen. ‘In time’ he muttered, as he leaned over, kissing Stephen, tasting his own dried cum, his own aroma coming from the lips.

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