The Motel

The Motel

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (-)

Michael WiickKaylan pulled the car into the snow covered parking lot. The sign had said ‘no vacancy’ but he didn’t care. Besides, the only car in the entire lot was his, and no lights were on in any of the Motel units, other than the office. He figured whoever owned it, simply threw the sign on, figuring no one would be coming anyhow.

He sighed, as he sat there, staring out at the falling snow, unwilling to leave the comfort of the warm car, for the cold outside. It wasn’t that far to the office door, but he was tired, exhausted from the stress of driving in the blizzard. It had been stupid to have headed out in this weather, but he just couldn’t stand being back there, at the family home, listening to their snide remarks, their little digs at him.

Despite his successes, being a Harvard graduate in business, at being his own successful boss at just twenty nine, didn’t seem to count for much with his family. Whether it was his cousin with his tart of a wife, or his own sister with her constant jibes, they all seemed incapable of giving him any credit for his successes.

The final straw was his mother’s latest, Charlie. Man what a prick the guy was, so charming, so oily, so fake. He hated the guy the first time he met him, and tonight’s little shin dig didn’t erase those earlier feelings about the man. If you could call him a man, hell the guy was older than Kaylan, but only by a year and a bit. Still he acted like he was the Patriarch of the family, when truth was, he was his mother’s boy toy.

He was a fine one to talk, and Kaylan had let him have it, the instant the jerk had said that Kaylan’s success was not about luck, not about intelligence either, but was more about how he used his dick, to get what he had wanted. Like he should talk? Man it had frosted him, but what felt worse, was how everyone around had agreed.

None of them acknowledged how hard he had worked, to get into Harvard, and on a scholarship. None of them had accepted that he had spent long hours, day in, day out, to pass and to work at his own dreams, at making them come true. None of them, not even that sanctimonious Priest who always kept staring at Kaylan’s crotch.

What a fucking waste of time this had been, and here it was, Christmas Eve and he was at some rinky dink motel, trying to get out from a storm, all because his family was a bunch of spoiled snobs, and homophobes. It wasn’t like he brought any of his partners home, unlike his cousin Jeremy, who always showed up with some new bimbo, or the one his cousin Marty actually married, yet they always made it sound like he was some sex maniac.

Looking over at the office, he sighed, feeling his resentment inside, feeling the fire inside of his whole body, from the way he let them get to him. He knew better, knew that any family gathering would be filled with innuendo, if not outright insults. Yet he still kept showing up to them, like a moron.

Okay so he was approaching thirty, and as of yet, hadn’t found anyone. Not like it would matter much, because even if he did find someone to share his life with, not like they could get married. That sucked, but in some ways, not as much as having to attend all these family gatherings, that were more like some Grand Inquisition.

He pushed his car door open firmly, his anger taking hold, as he let the cold winter air try and cool him off. He stood up, and realized how much heavier the snow was falling, in the short time. There was no way he could further, even if he wanted to. Stomping his feet, he pushed through the small pile of snow, to yank open the Motel Office door.

A bell jangled as he walked in, feeling a blast of warm air, scented with pine. It felt good, as he stomped his feet free of snow, at the front. His muscles relaxed a little, and the frown on his face eased a bit, as he heard someone moving around in back. He waited, looking around at the bare office.

They obviously didn’t get many visitors, as even the rack of pamphlets seemed sparse. Still it was better than sitting the storm out in the car, and maybe freezing to death. He felt tired, more than he wanted to admit, as he waited for someone to come out. It was like they were taking their time, and he was about to call out, when the curtain that led to the back was pushed aside, and a tall young man came out. A gust of warm air came rushing out as the man stepped into the office, letting the curtain close behind.

He had dark hair, with a rather tussled look to it. His shirt looked like he had just tossed it on, as the buttons weren’t quite lined up right. Kaylan couldn’t help but stare at the man. He had a slim build, sort of like a swimmer. The way he moved reminded him of a Ballet dancer. So graceful, so effortlessly, that he couldn’t help but also check the rest of him out.

Kaylan noticed that while he was checking the guy out, the favour was being returned. There was no mistaking how the younger man’s eyes immediately moved down to check out his crotch, which only made him feel warmer. His body twitched a bit, as the man came up to the front desk, a small smile on his lips as he asked if he could help. Maybe he was too tired, but after the time with his family, it almost sounded like he was being propositioned.

For a second, he wanted to say that he most definitely could, and not for a room for the night, either, but he restrained himself. Instead he simply asked for a room, until the storm eased up. The younger man stared at him for a second, as if the request was a new one. It was almost as if he didn’t understand, which was odd, but all he wanted, was a room.

The younger man stared out past Kaylan’s shoulder, at the white swirling snow, then gave a low whistle. It was as if he hadn’t even known it was snowing, until now.

‘Uh, gee, we are closed, don’t think we have any heat on in the rooms.’

‘Can’t you turn it on? I mean look at it out there, I barely made it here, no way I can drive any further, not until the storm lets up.’

‘Yeah it is rather nasty out there, uh, let me check, won’t be long.’


Kaylan watched the young man move back behind the curtains, enjoying the way his butt moved until the curtain blocked his view. He could hear some muted voices in the back, and he wondered how old the guy was. At first he thought he couldn’t be more than nineteen or twenty, but then he revised his estimate, thinking he was much younger. Like what would someone his age, be doing here in the middle of nowhere?

He was lost in thought, and didn’t notice the curtain move, and a figure come out from behind it. It startled him when another more husky voice broke his thoughts. Glancing up there was an older version of the young man standing be the counter, the younger version hanging by the curtain.

‘You looking for a room?’

He felt like saying something snarky, because why else would he be in the stupid office, with it snowing like hell outside? Instead he just nodded, as he noticed the older man look back at the other, then stare down the register on the desk. It looked a bit faded, blank & dusty.

‘The rooms have no heat, we are closed for the holidays.’

‘So your friend there told me, you aren’t seriously suggesting I try elsewhere, are you?’

‘Huh? Oh that’s my kid brother, Garrett, he showed up from College, which really isn’t important. I guess I am trying to think of a way to help you out.’

‘Can’t you just turn the heat on?’

‘Uh no, not really.’

‘Why not?’

‘Well we close the place down around mid November, don’t re-open till February, and well, we shut the power off to the rooms, at the main.’

‘Oh, don’ they have a fireplace or something, space heater or something?’

‘No power for space heaters, and no, no fireplaces, other than the one in back. Look, uh, we got a couch, it isn’t much, but well, it’s all we got.’

‘I’ll take it, how much?’


‘How much, to sleep on your couch?’

‘Geez, I can’t charge you to sleep on our couch, wouldn’t be right.’

‘Thanks, sorry, it’s been a rough night.’

‘Must be, to be out in that weather, guess Garrett & I sort of been, uh didn’t realize it had gotten that bad out there, uh, if you wanna come back, you can warm up more by the fire.’

Something about how the guy acted made him a bit nervous, but he didn’t care. It was warm and no snow, and it wasn’t like he had a choice. Following the older brother inside, he noticed a rather spacious room behind the curtain. The roaring fire filled the room with its warmth, and a strong smell of pine. He sighed, as he walked over to it, to let it warm him up.

The younger man, Garrett, fell down into a big chair, that was off to the side, and just stared at him, while the older brother went further back, into another room. He gave a quick shout for Garrett who sprung to his feet and followed. As he reached out, to let the fire warm his hands, he noticed how the room was rather bare.

The chair to one side was one of those oversized leather one’s, another was opposite, and a rug was spread in front of the fireplace. The fireplace was rather large, and as he warmed up, he began to let his eyes explore his room for the night.

The couch itself looked rather large, more oversized than normal, which would mean he could maybe stretch out. It certainly looked like it might be comfortable, for the night. The lamps on the end tables were rather old fashioned, and he noticed a couple of bottles of beer on one.

He figured the brother’s must have been having a quiet drink together, until he interrupted them. That made him grin, as he recalled how dishevelled Garrett looked when he came out front. He had to stop letting his imagination get the better of him, or he’d screw up, say something, that would get him tossed out, or worse, beaten up. The older brother certainly looked like he could do that, as he was much more muscular, than Garrett.

‘Care for something hot?’

The voice surprised him, but his mind immediately began thinking of a nice uncut dick, though he was certain the voice had meant something else. Turning around, he stared at Garrett, who was holding a steaming mug of something.

‘Sure, whatcha got?’

‘Huh? Oh, uh, hot rum?’

‘Thanks, that would be great.’

The younger man handed him the mug. When his finger brushed his, he felt a sort of tingle inside, and the way Garrett looked down, made him wonder even more, as he took his first sip. There was no mistaking it had rum in it, as he coughed a bit. The noise brought the older brother out, who scowled.

‘Damn it Garrett, don’t go getting the visitors drunk.’

‘Hey, I only put in what I do for you.’

‘Yeah? Well don’t.’

‘Hey, it’s fine, I like my drinks strong, just wasn’t expecting it, is all.’

‘Yeah? Well, you have to watch my little brother, he’s got a streak in him.’

‘Hey, stop calling me little, I am bigger than you.’

‘Not in everything little brother, not in everything.’

Kaylan coughed again, as he stared at the two. No way, he thought, could he be that lucky, but there was no mistaking the looks the two were giving each other. There is no doubt that the older brother was larger, in frame, in height, and certainly he weighed more, so it was obvious to him, what Garrett had to be referring to.

He couldn’t help but glance down, to check out the packages, of the brothers. Taking another sip, he felt it warming his insides, or was it the sight of those two brothers, and their banter that had him feeling rather hot?

‘Like what you see?’

‘Huh? I uh, sorry, what?’

He felt his face flush, as he realized the older brother was staring right at him, with a sort of wicked grin. Yet as he looked at him, he noticed where his eyes were looking, and looking over at Garrett, he too was looking. Kaylan felt flustered, not sure what he had gotten himself into, or if it was as he was rather hoping.

‘Ya know little brother, he might give you a run.’

‘Nah, I think I am still the bigger one here.’

‘I don’t know, it looks awfully tight, bet it beats you.’

‘How much?’

‘Say, if I am right, you gotta cut the firewood for the week.’

‘And if you are wrong?’

‘I’ll cut the firewood for the week.’

‘Hmm, no, if you are wrong, I get to lead for the week.’

‘No way, not the week.’

‘Yeah, you couldn’t handle it for that long, okay, for tonight.’


The two turned towards Kaylan, both of them smiling as they stared at him. He could see the way their eyes were lit up, and as he drank the last of his hot rum, he felt like he knew exactly what it was they wanted. He sort of just stood there, looking from one to other, not fully believing he could be so lucky. It had to be a dream, maybe he really wasn’t here, but lost out on the road, freezing?

‘So uh, you want another hot drink?’

‘Huh, uh, yeah sure, that uh, hit the spot.’

Garrett moved in closer, reaching out to take the empty mug. As he handed it forward, the young man’s hand touched him, then he moved in even closer, taking the mug and handing it to his older brother.

‘You look like you need to warm up a bit more.’

‘I uh… uh, maybe, I uh, yeah guess…’

Garrett reached out and suddenly Kaylan felt his body shudder, as the younger man kissed him full on the lips. Garrett’s body arched into his, and he could feel his crotch pushing into his, feel the lump inside as he opened his lips, letting the younger man flick his tongue inside.

He sighed, his arms moved to gather the younger man closer, pulling his body harder into his own. Kaylan felt a weight against his back, and realized that the older brother was up against him. He could feel his hot breath on his cheeks, as the man’s hands moved around, unbuckling his belt, undoing his pants.

For a second, he thought about stopping them both, but it felt so good, to be stuck between them, to be the object of their desire, he let himself go. He felt his body reacting to the press of the two bodies, as his own tongued darted out, tasting Garrett. He could feel the younger man sigh, a sort of whimpering sigh. It made him even more aroused, as his hands moved down the slender body, to wrap around the slim waist. His fingers dug in, and pulled, so he could feel more of the young man’s groin press up into his own.

Big brother was good, as he felt the warm air blowing across his bare legs. He didn’t even flinch, as he let the older brother lift his legs up, one at a time, and remove his pants. His briefs were taut, and he could feel his cock straining at the fabric, as the sound of another male undressing, filled his head.

His own hands were busy, undoing Garrett’s pants, as he concentrated on the younger brother. He tasted so sweet, so innocent, and yet he was the one who had started this little private sex party. Kaylan felt the Garrett’s hands around his waist, then the warm flesh of his hands moved between his shorts and his hips.

Kaylan felt himself quivering, as the two hands moved down the inside of his short, along his hips and then to his upper thighs. They fingers dug into his flesh, pulling him even closer, as he felt the soft kisses from the older brother on the back of his neck. He felt himself arch backwards, as Garrett moved below his chin, kissing and licking at the hollow of his neck.

Moaning now, he felt the two men caressing his whole upper body with their kisses, while Garrett’s hands continued to prod at his hips. He could feel the other pair of hands, moving around outside, then back to grasp at his buttocks. He moaned a bit louder, as big brother’s hands moved across his two cheeks, lightly caressing the flesh.

His whole body felt like he was on fire, as Garrett’s hands moved back, moving across the front of his thigh. Every nerve in his body was tingling, as the hands moved up, and then wrapped around his waistband. They pushed down, as big brother’s hands joined with little brother, and he felt his shorts pass below his shaking knees.

Big brother was behind him, licking at his spine, kissing him, while his hands now moved around, to hold onto Kaylan’s hips. Garrett was licking at his chest, then down, at his small treasure trail. He could hear the sounds, as his head tilted back, his own hands now resting on Garrett’s head, the fingers twisting the curly locks of hair in between them.

From behind, he felt the body move away, he press of it against his own, suddenly gone. Then he felt the fingers, moving across his cheeks, then reaching down between, to press into the moist lining inside. The face was licking at the small of his back, and he cried out, as suddenly big brother moved between his cheeks. His fingers had dug into the soft flesh, pulling it apart. His tongue quickly moved down the warm valley, to swirl around his puckered hole.

At the same time, he felt little brother suddenly drop to his knees, his head just in reach, the face pressed up against his belly. His cock was aching, but not as much as his ass was, as big brother continued to lick at his valley, and around his hole. Then he felt the nose pressing into the softness of his inner thigh, between the leg and crotch.

His hands pulled the hair it held, then pushed down, desperate for little brother to move over his raging hard one. In one split second he felt the waves of pleasure come surging into his body, as little brother took the hint, and grabbed hold of his throbbing cock. At the same time, big brother stopped teasing, and the curled tip of his tongue was pushing past the surprised sphincter muscle, into his very insides.

The muscles in his legs stiffened, as he felt the tongue dig deep into his insides. The raspy edge pushed inside, tasting him where no one had ever been. Kaylan could hear himself pleading, begging for more, as he shot his hips forward, his cock suddenly engulfed in a warm wetness.

The muscles in the back of his legs grew even tighter, and he could feel his toes curling as the tongue dug inside, then came back out to lick around his hole, before once more penetrating his insides. Garrett was sucking on his cock, taking it all deep inside, while his hands pulled and yanked on his full balls. He cried out, as he felt the pleasure surging, felt it making his head dizzy and light headed.

Kaylan was suddenly afraid of feinting, as the two brothers worked his body over. The one making him groan, the other moan. His cock was pulsing, growing even harder as Garrett licked at it, ran his tongue all along the veins underneath, before once more taking it all into his mouth. Big brother was licking at his valley, then his hole, then back up between his cheeks, then suddenly once more diving deep inside, to lick as his soft velvet like lining. He couldn’t stop crying out, as the pressure in his body continued to rise, to grow to the breaking point.

Sweat was dripping from his forehead, as he held onto the shuddering shoulders of Garrett, as he felt the force of big brother’s face against his ass. Garrett’s face was pressed hard into his groin, then his cock was suddenly free, as the mouth moved down and under, taking his balls inside. He felt the tongue poking them, felt his saliva soaked cock brushing up the side of Garrett’s face. How hot it felt, as his body shook, as his nerves screamed their joy to him.

Kaylan knew he couldn’t hold much longer, crying out, begging little brother to suck more, pleading with big brother to dig his tongue in even more. They didn’t say a word, as they complied with his cries. Garrett taking hold of his shaft, as he buried the cock down his throat, his nose wedged tightly into the groin.

Big brother had his own nose wedged hard into the very valley, that was pulled apart even more by the fingers. Kaylan felt his body shudder, as the tongue licked at him deeply, as his whole insides seemed to just suddenly explode. Sweat was pouring from his body, his heart was pounding, as he could hear it echo in his ears while Garrett sucked on his cock, his tongue licking around the cock head, then the tiny slit on top, then back down at the whole shaft.

His fingers tightened, and he couldn’t hold back. His hips pushed back, driving his ass further into big brother, who moaned, and then in one fast motion, shoved forward, driving his cock even deeper into Garrett’s mouth. As it shot forward, he felt it bang up against the roof of the mouth, then the head rear back for a moment, before it too shot forward.

As it did, he felt his balls suddenly explode. The wave of the coming explosion made his muscle quiver, through his whole body. The blood was long gone from his arms, and his knuckles were white, as they gripped Garrett’s shoulders.

The long cry echoed in the room, drowning out the crackling roar of the fire. His body gave one long shudder, that signalled the beginning of his orgasm. He felt the muscles release, felt the raging flood of cum leave his balls, and begin to flow through his rock hard cock. He cried out, yelling that he was Cumming, which seemed to go unheeded. Then he felt the fingers tightening, the one’s from Garrett on his hips, the one’s from big brother, around his thighs. The tongue inside his ass drove in further, while his cock was deeply impaled into Garrett’s face.

His cum came flooding out, and he felt himself shaking, every muscle, every nerve, was suddenly screaming at his mind, as his cum came flooding out, nearly choking Garrett. The sound of someone gagging passed, as his second load of milk came rushing up and out into the willing mouth, that was swallowing as fast as it could.

As the third load of his cum dribbled out, he felt the pressure against his back lessen. He could hear the panting breath of the older man, as his body continued to shake to his orgasm. Then he felt the mouth retract from around his own cock, but as he looked down, he saw the mop of hair, streaked with sweat move around his still quivering leg.

Kaylan watched as Garrett was met by big brother, and they kissed each other, their heads resting against Kaylan’s thigh. He felt them leaning against him, as he struggled to hold himself upright, despite the weakness in his legs. The kiss was brief, and he watched as Garrett stood up, cum all over his chin. His eyes were flickering, as he faced Kaylan, then they fluttered and began to close, as he moved in and kissed Kaylan.

He choked as Garrett surprised him, by feeding him some of his own cum. It tasted so salty, with a hint of sweetness, as he swallowed the offered load. He realized that he had probably also shared some with his big brother, which only added to his sense of pleasure.

The kiss was quick, and suddenly they broke apart. He looked around, to notice how big brother was naked, and leaning back on his arms, his legs spread apart.

Right smack in the middle was a nice thick cock, looking like it needed some old fashioned sucking. He felt like he wanted to, but was too exhausted, as he moved to sit on the couch, panting as he tried to gather himself. His body ached, as he sat there, staring at big brother’s raging hard on.

Kaylan licked his lips, as he leaned back into the back of the couch, his body still trembling from its recent release. He could hear his panting breath as Garrett moved into his view, and who now stood above his older brother. The younger man slowly removed his shirt, then dropped his pants. He had a perfect pair of cheeks, that stretched the fabric of his shorts, as he stood there, his front facing his big brother.

In a swift motion he pushed his shorts down, and off, his behind pushing back, exposing his rear fully to Kaylan’s wide open eyes. He felt the ache in his groin, as he saw the soft flesh wiggle, then as he stood back upright, Garrett turned and showed Kaylan his cock.

The sight of him, standing there totally naked, with a massive hard on, only made his heart quicken. He didn’t know which one he wanted first, as he just stared at Garrett, then over at his big brother. Both were well hung, but he had to admit, Garrett was indeed the bigger of the two, as he thought about what it would be like, to be impaled on Garrett’s cock, while sucking on big brother’s dick.

to be continued…

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