A Hidden Treasure

A Hidden Treasure

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (-)

Kyle stood up and walked over to the edge. He stared down at the dark shapes beneath his bare feet, then glanced up to see the sky beginning to brighten. Sun rise wasn’t far off, judging by the growing lightness around him. He felt the soft breeze blowing across his toned body. It felt good to be standing there, despite the slight chill in the air.

Looking out, he could see the sky brightening, and he felt slightly sad, that another night had come to an end. Turning around, he saw the curled up figure on the sleeping bag, the bare legs just sticking out from under a casually wrapped blanket. A small smile curled around his lips, as he stared at his sleeping friend.

They had come up here, after the party down in the valley, and it had been a night he would always remember. He chuckled a little, as the sun began to peep up over the horizon. Soon, he’d have to go back, in case anyone was out bird watching and saw him standing here, starkers. Knowing how people in the small town below were, he was certain they’d be calling the cops, complaining about some sex maniac up on the mountain top, by the old water station.

He still had time, he figured, as he raised his hands up and spread them out, letting the wind blow across his naked frame. Slowly he felt the rays of the Sun, as he tilted his head back, and closed his eyes, just enjoying the freedom. To stand there, totally naked, free of clothes, free of people looking at him, free of worry. It felt so good, and yet no one would believe that he would be the kind to do that. To just stand up there, naked, and enjoy it.

Most of his friends, including his sleeping one behind, thought he was too shy for his own good. They always kidded him that he always opened one eye first, to see if anyone was watching, and then he’d open the second, just to double check. He really wasn’t that way, but people, well, they did make him a bit uncomfortable, until he got to know them.

Thinking of that, he couldn’t help but smile, as he felt the wind blowing around him. His legs twitched a bit, and his arms felt a bit heavy, as he kept them spread out, showing off his whole body, to anyone that could see. In all honesty, he doubted anyone could see, but the idea that someone might, was rather invigorating. It made him tremble a bit, and it made his dick quiver as well.

21 years old, and he felt like the world was his, at times. Up here, among the clouds, where people rarely came, he felt like he was a giant, not some 5’9” nobody, like he felt when he was down there, among all those others. How they all put so much stock in height, in being perfect, or seeming to be perfect. He knew it was a mirage, but it didn’t help when some Adonis would walk by, ignoring him totally.

Maybe Sally was right, that he simply needed to stop being so quiet, stop wearing old fashioned clothes that old men wore. It wasn’t that he didn’t like tight fitting clothes, or tank top shirts, it was just that they didn’t suit him. The shirts, well, what did he have to show off? Wasn’t like he had the perfect six pack to display, and while he wasn’t ashamed of his dick, the rest of him was toned, but certainly not bulging with muscles. That was what they wanted, and he simply didn’t have it.

The wind was picking up a bit as he opened his eyes, and let his hands fall to his side. He felt so alive up here, so free, that he felt a bit angry at the Sun, for starting to rise, to signal his return to being just Kyle. Down there he was the one who got the coffee refill, or the basket of bread sticks when the first ran out, but up here, well up here he was someone else. He was the one who rode on top, who made them pant, who made them clutch at the grass in their fist, as he showed them what it meant to be stuffed.

It wasn’t that he was some freak, but he knew how to please, least when he was up here. Down there, well, he just never seemed to find the right words, the right motions, or the right rhythm even. Yet up here, he could find that spot, and hit it time after time. No one he had come up here with, had ever complained. In fact, many had been surprised, because he was different. He acted different too.

Down there, the lights had to be off, the room dark with maybe a candle or two only. Up here, he didn’t care if the damn headlights were on, or if a huge spotlight was shining on him. There he took his time in undressing, sometimes going into the bathroom, then coming out with a towel around his waist. Up here, well, he had stunned a few at how quick he could shed his plain looking clothes. The way he would need to spend more time finding the tossed articles than he took in shucking them off.

This was his place, but soon it would be gone, no longer open to him, or to anyone. The old water tower was going to be taken down, and some government funded crap was going to be set up, here on his mountain top. It made him angry, as he stood there, realizing that with this place gone, he’d never again be the lover he was, when up here.

It was stupid to believe a place could have such a difference, could change a person, but it just did. It was that simple, and so for the last week he had been like some sex machine. Up here every night, with someone different, someone new, to just try and make the memories that could hold him, when down there.

Suddenly he felt deflated, as the idea of losing this place took hold. Damn the world, damn people and damn the Government, he thought. Why did they have to take the one spot that made him feel so alive, so much like a real man? They didn’t need his spot, they could have their stupid whatever anywhere. He didn’t know what they were going to put here, just that it would no longer be accessible, that there would be security guards all the time, that the natural beauty of the place would be ruined, with sterile government buildings and cement parking lots.

No more gravel road to come up here either, but a fully paved road. The big machines were already down at the base, as the day of his doom was fast approaching. Still, he had some time, was making the most of it, but he wanted more. Was he greedy? Shouldn’t he be happy that he had what he had, or was he just too unwilling to make what worked up here, work down there?

Rodney said he could be whatever he wanted, anywhere, that it didn’t take a special place. But he was wrong, he had tried to be the same, down there. It had yet to work, not like up here. Oh there had been flashes, but only flashes. Nothing like how it was up here, where he was the Stud, the one that made the choices, the moves. Up here, he was the one who made others cry out in pleasure, as he shoved his 8 inches deep into various parts of their body.

More importantly, he never needed help in being hard, not up here. It was always hard, the foreskin stretched taut long before he would reach the top. It was always that way, but never down there. It was more like work than pleasure when he was forced to have sex there, but never a chore up here. Here it was like suddenly being in heaven.

Everything clicked when he was up here. He could feel his body tremble, as he felt the growing warmth in the air. Not long now, he thought, as he stared out at the wide expanse of country, all at his feet. He wasn’t some egomaniac either, he wasn’t into control, or into being demanding. He enjoyed sex, in a give an take type of approach. Yet up here, he felt it more, enjoyed it more, whether it was him sucking, or being sucked. Whether it was him driving his dick into a nice tight ass, or if it was his own butt being ploughed.

Blake Mason studs Kyle B & Matt HLike last night, the way it had started out with him servicing his friend, Matt. He had stunned the poor guy, by not only willingly suck his dick, but he managed to suck it all. Now that was something to be proud of, given that Matt had a huge whopper of a dick. He hadn’t measured it, but he would bet all his money that it was bigger than 11 inches. Plus, it was uncut, which only made it even more enjoyable.

So he liked uncut dicks, it didn’t make him a snob. He could enjoy a cock, cut or uncut, with the same degree of pleasure. Still, poor Matt had been a bit surprised by how he had deep throated his whopper. That would be a good memory, to recall how tight it was in his mouth, how full it made him feel. How his tonsils protested, and how the muscles tried to close and not let Matt’s dick in. Still, he hadn’t backed off, or even thought about backing off.

He had wanted that huge dick in his mouth, and Matt didn’t know it then, but Kyle had wanted it up his ass too.

Kyle knew that if he had done Matt down there, he’d never have been able to take that dick up his ass. That would have been a shame, because he really enjoyed taking it. To feel that thick piece of meat tremble as it pushed past his stretched insides. To have felt all of that long shaft, as it filled his insides beyond the point he ever thought possible. To have missed out on that, would have been a tragedy, least in his mind.

Up here, he had not only taken it, but had given it such a good ride, that he had Matt screaming his pleasure. The way he had twisted his body as he took that big shaft, as it had drove deep into him, and how the waves of pleasure just seemed to never end. It had made him lose a few pounds too, from all the sweat that poured from his body, as he took it hard and fast.

While the wind blew around him, he could still hear his own cries, urging Matt to go faster, to pound him harder. He could still feel it, as he reached down & around to feel his cheeks quiver a bit, at the memory of a few hours ago. How good it had felt to feel that pole in there, to feel it reaching deep and pushing at his insides. The way it had dug in, made his body scream in agony, while wanting more.

The way the rolling waves kept his whole body shaking, made him actually pound the ground below him, as each hard thrust tried to bury him into the very dirt. How the blanket was wrapped so tightly in his fists, as the cock jerked from side to side, as Matt moved his hips in a circular motion. How the sound of his big balls slapping up into his butt cheeks echoed in the still of the night.

Gawd, it had been a memorable fuck. One he knew he’d never have a chance at experiencing again, least not the same way as last night. No more Matt’s to seduce, to bring up and amaze with his own sexual prowess. It was about to end, as he looked out at the growing dawn of the day.

The feel of Matt on top of him, of his ragged breath blowing across the nape of his neck. How his sweat poured off his body onto Kyle’s. The way each drop made his body twitch, made him moan even, was amazing. He could still feel the thrill of it, the way his body seemed to ache for Matt, for that giant dick. How great it felt and how sharp the pain had been as it had penetrated him, dug deep past his tiny hole, stretching his insides.

It was making him hard all over again, as his hand reached down for his own uncut dick. He could feel the foreskin growing tighter around his own shaft, as he closed his eyes, thinking of Matt. How his hands had felt as they pushed his buttocks apart, as the two fingers run up and down the valley between his two cheeks. How they twirled around his puckered hole, how they teased it, before suddenly slicing past his guarding muscles.

The sudden entry had made him gasp, as they dug in quick, and deep. Just like how his cock would do it, but he didn’t know that then. Yet he could feel those fingers push in, feel the bare knuckles pushing at his hole, almost as if they wanted to join the fingers inside. How he had moaned then, squirmed a little as Matt twisted the fingers around, pushing at the lining inside of his ass.

Matt knew his stuff too. The way he had kept his fingers inside, while ripping open the condom with his teeth, then unrolling it over that huge cock with his other hand. That was the sign of a real pro, and before Kyle could think much about it, the huge cock was suddenly sliding between his cheeks. He could feel Matt’s legs pushing his legs apart, and he reached behind him, to help by grabbing hold of his own ass cheeks. He dug his fingers deep into his own flesh, then pulled them far apart, as far as he could.

The press of the huge cock head up against his tiny hole made him tremble, made his fingers dig into his flesh even harder. He gritted his teeth, as he breathed in and out very quickly, then he sucked in as much as he could, as he felt Matt starting to press the dick a bit more up against his hole.

He held it as he felt the pain suddenly begin, then he let it out, just at the right moment, as the huge cock split his hole apart. The pain raced up and down his spine, making him cry out, but he didn’t let his hands release his cheeks. He kept them there, trembling, as the huge shaft penetrated him fully.

The cock head made his insides scream, but as he bit his lip, tasted a bit of his own blood, he also felt the warmth rising, the pleasure starting to catch up to the rolling waves of pain. Soon he was feeling totally stuffed, as Matt slowly worked his whole cock into his ass. It hurt, yet didn’t.

He had cried out, but so had Matt. The press of his groin up between his own cheeks had made his whole body shudder. His mind had long since given up protesting, as he let the waves of pleasure overwhelm him. He felt it deep inside, felt his throat catch a little, as he realized what was inside of him. His body ached, as Matt slowly began to push in and out, gradually making him grow accustomed to the huge pole.

Kyle had cried out, but not to stop, but to have Matt really pound him. To have him slam that pole deep into him, and Matt had obliged. Gawd how he had moved, his hips became giant pistons, as he drove his dick in and out faster and faster. The pain was intense, but the pleasure more so.

More he kept yelling, harder he kept begging, as he felt each crushing blow. His body dug hard into the ground, his fists even pounded the hard dirt, as his body was slammed into the dirt with each thrust. The way Matt would make the huge cock corkscrew inside of him, with every other thrust. How it made him cry out his pleasure, how it made his body shake all over.

He could feel it now, feel that huge pole digging into him, as his hand moved up and down his own thickening cock. Feeling the wind, he let his head tilt backwards, his eyes shut tight, as he let last night flash across his vision. He could feel it all over again, feel the hard thrusts, feel how his muscles protested as the pole drove past them, how it felt as he pulled back, for one more hard deep plunge inwards.

He had taken the huge cock for what seem an eternity. To be honest, he really couldn’t remember how long he had lain there, being pounded. Kyle couldn’t care less, as he could still feel it now, and that is what he had wanted. The memory to last, and as his hand flew up and down his own cock, he knew it would last for a long time. How good it felt, how good he felt at being able to do what others couldn’t, which was take that monster dick, and enjoy all of it.

Matt had been impressed, and totally drained. The way he had cried out, had suddenly yanked his big dick out of Kyle’s ass, then scream even more, with Kyle feeling the hot splatter of his cum on his back, before the cries had even reached full throttle. How it had felt as gobs of precious cum had splattered across all of his back, even up into the back of his head, matting his already wet hair.

How it too seemed to go on forever. Just like the hard pounding, the stream of cum seemed endless, as it spurted and spurted, splattering all over his trembling back. Kyle could still feel the remnants of the dried cum on his backside, as his hand pumped his dick. The memory of Matt collapsing on top of him, his still rather impressive cock flopping against the upper thigh, the whole weight of Matt resting on his backside.

The way his chest was heaving, even as he lay there, how the sweat was still dripping off his forehead onto Kyle’s shoulders and back. It was all there again, in front of him, as he felt his balls sling upwards, then fall down. The rolling explosion making his whole body shudder, as he felt his cum begin to spurt through his clenched hand. His cock reared backwards, then sprang forward, the hot cream streaming out, just as it had earlier after Matt had finally found enough energy to roll off Kyle’s back.

It had taken Matt a fair amount of time, to be able to speak, but his eyes had told Kyle all he needed to know then. How they sparkled in amazement, in exhaustion, told it all to him. His body bucked as he saw those sparkling eyes peering over at him, the satisfaction shining through. He felt the cum jetting out between his fingers, as he cried out, as his body exploded to the memory of a few hours ago.

He felt the sun warming his body, as his hand moved up and down his naked body. He felt his own cum being smeared across his chest, that still heaved, as he finally opened his eyes. Off in the distance was the sun, just starting to fill the sky with its brilliance. He felt his body relax, as he breathed in deeply. The soft fragrance of the morning, mixed with the tangy odor of his cum, made him smile. Kyle turned away from the edge, to look over at where Matt was.

His cries must have awakened Matt, as he was sitting up on the sleeping bag, looking towards Kyle. There was a warm smile on his face, as Kyle smiled back, then let his eyes glance downwards. The blanket that had been over Matt’s naked body, had a distinctive tent shape to it. Looking upwards, he saw the eyes sparkling, saw the grin widen as they just looked at each other.

It would be different, to do it one more time, in the light of day, he thought. Then he began to walk down from the little rise, to where Matt waited. As he began to come closer, Matt pushed the blanket off his body, and there it was, once again ready for him. That huge monster dick, fully aroused, as he felt the ache in his buttocks. It was like they were signaling each other, showing their desire, their readiness for more. Who was he to deny what his body and what Matt’s dick wanted?


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