Story – Caught (3)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (3)

Terry licked his lips, as he stared intently at the little video screen on his camera. He could see Jesse standing, staring back at him with a sort of wide eyed look that showed how nervous he was feeling. He could see how he stood, so rigid, so stiff that he wondered what was going through his mind. The whole thing was a bit weird, to be caught by the guy, then instead of being run off the property, he had wound up sticking a dildo up the guy’s ass.

Life was certainly strange, but then too those red welts on the guy’s ass cheeks bothered him a bit. It really wasn’t any of his concern, besides which, it wasn’t like he had asked the guy to strip, or to perform. It was all Jesse’s idea and it was a chance he wasn’t going to ignore. The guy was even better looking than Damian in many respects.

Maybe it wasn’t so much that he was better looking, just that he had that shy, country boy look. The faded jeans, the boots, and the obligatory red and blue checked shirt. Naturally he had a scarf or whatever they called it, around his neck, which just made him look so sexy, that Terry couldn’t help but feel himself aroused. Man, what it would be like to taste the guy, to have his dick in his mouth, or up his ass, but he wasn’t about to make that kind of move. Least not until he got the video of the guy whacking off.

Terry could sense Jesse’s nervousness. He lifted his head up, and then moved back towards the spot he had placed the camera for his self jerk off video. He sat down, resting his back, and opening his legs a bit. Okay, it might be a bit much, but judging by how Jesse’s eyes kept following his every movement, he figured it might just be worth it.

Settling back, he lifted up the camera, shooting from a lower angle. He put the camera down, then staring up at Jesse, he told him to just ignore him, to look ahead, and to try and imagine himself with someone special. To think of that one person that got him horny and not worry about him or the camera.

Jesse nodded at him, then stared ahead. Terry watched as Jesse’s eyes fluttered a few times, opening and closing as he tried to picture someone. He found it strange, to see how much trouble he was having, figuring that most country boys his age were nothing but horn dogs, yet it didn’t seem that way with this one. He just watched, as finally his shoulders sagged a bit, and his hand moved up his leg.

Terry flicked the record switch, and the red light began to blink, as he watched the action on his little view screen. How the hand moved so hesitantly up his rather long legs, how the fingers began to spread apart as they moved up his side. The shirt seemed to flutter to the touch, but it was the wind picking up a bit, as Jesse moved his hand up, and then across to rest under his chin.

The fingers moved up the long thin neck, tracing a circle around the bopping Adam’s apple, then he tilted his head back, to show the underside of his chin. Terry sucked in his breath as he watched the fingers move up and over. They crossed the well defined chin, then two of the fingers moved up and over the thin pale lips. One finger suddenly disappeared behind the lips, into Jesse’s mouth.

He watched him suck on his finger, noticing what a natural he was, as the finger moved in and out very slowly. He gulped as he saw him take it out, then lower his head to stare down at the camera. It was a look he had never seen before, one that got his heart firing on all cylinders. He could feel it racing inside his chest as the eyes fluttered, then looked up to stare off into the forest ahead.

The hand moved down his chest, and pulled the shirt out, and began to unbutton it. His fingers moved slowly, starting at the bottom, as they moved upwards, until the entire shirt was open. Jesse pushed his hand inside, and tilted his head back, a soft moan escaping his lips as the hand moved slowly up and down, hidden by the shirt. Terry couldn’t help but feel his blood boiling, feel his own dick starting to grow inside his pants. God the kid was a damn natural, as the hand moved so seductively under the shirt.

His small moans were so arousing, Terry hoped the built in microphone would pick it up. Gawd, how sensuous it was, to watch his hand move up and down his long torso, the occasional flash of golden skin tantalizing him. Then slowly, he saw the hand spread the shirt open more, gradually letting Terry and his camera capture more of his perfect looking skin.

The one hand moved across and out now, taking the shirt edge, and pulling it back so he was now displaying a completely bare side of his upper body. His own eyes bulged as he saw the deep purple skin around a fully erect nipple. It wasn’t large, but it stood out clearly against the golden tone of the chest, and then the shirt was pushed over the arm and off the shoulder. Terry could see the shoulder bone as the arm moved, to let the fabric fall off, with now only half of the shirt covering his front.

The camera zoomed in as he saw the shirt tail rise up, while the sleeve dangled behind the thin frame. Licking his own lips he moved the camera upwards, to take Jesse’s facial expression in. He couldn’t help but see how the eyes had narrowed, how the nostrils were flaring a little, and how his mouth had a firm set to it. Moving the camera back down, he saw the Adam’s apple bopping up and down, as the freed hand moved across and under the remaining portion of the shirt.

Swallowing hard, he heard the soft whimper, as he saw the shape of the hand reaching across, and circling where the hidden nipple was. He could see the fingers pull together, certain that Jesse was tweaking his own nipple between them. The ache in Terry’s groin was becoming a bit uncomfortable, as he watched mesmerized by the soft motion of the hand under the shirt.

The shirt fluttered a bit at the bottom, then slowly Terry watched Jesse pushing it back, watching the arm move away from his body, as the shirt began to slide off the shoulder. He could see the muscles, the bone even, as the shirt slid down the arm, towards his wrist. When it was nearly off, Jesse flicked his wrist, making the shirt sort of jerk away from him, to fall to the ground.

He could see Jesse’s chest heaving, see the way the skin shimmered a bit in the filtered sunlight that was coming through the dense covering of the trees around them. It had a sort of haze in it, tiny dust particles highlighted by the sun’s rays, that made Jesse’s body shimmer a bit.

Wiping his eyes, he saw the small little tremble go up and down, as Jesse began to once more caress his own body. The hand moved across his belly, making it seem like it was rippling, then slowly inched it’s way back up towards his head. Keeping the camera on the hand, he stood transfixed by the motion, until it reached the hollow of the neck. The camera continued to move upwards, while the hand slid to one side of the chest. He saw the face looking outwards, the thins tightly held together.

Quickly he moved back down, to watch the hand moved down to the pants, where he saw one leg jerk forward, cross over the other. He let the camera move down, noticing the very thick bulge in the crotch, as he let the camera take in Jesse’s long legs. He let the camera focus on the feet, as Jesse pulled the boots off, by simply hooking the heel into the toe of the one, and pulling his leg up.

As the boot came off, he watched as he simply tossed it aside, with his foot, as if he had done it a thousand times. Then he hooked the remaining boot over the stocking foot, and once more pulled the leg up. How the pants rode up his leg, tightening, highlighting his leg muscles was caught by the camera, as he now stood in his stocking feet.

The body moved, as one leg was lifted up and crossed over the other, so that Jesse was sort of hopping a bit on the one foot. The hands moved into the picture frame, and quickly the sock was removed. He bit his lip as he stared at the bare foot being shown in the screen, his eyes lifting up over the screen to actually look directly at the naked foot. Jesse didn’t seem to notice, as he lifted up his other foot, and again crossing it over the firmly planted leg, his hand moved in and removed the sock.

Terry noticed how the toes wiggled once freed of the sock, and at how long they all looked. He hadn’t gotten much of a look when Jesse was taking the dildo, but he was rather certain the guy was hung, and uncut. He was about to find out, as the naked foot was once more on the ground, and Jesse was no longer hopping around. Moving the camera back up the long legs, he saw one hand hooked on the waist band of the pants, the other slowly moving up the leg. It looked so inviting, he was tempted to just put the camera down and go over to undo the pants himself.

Biting his lip, he watched as Jesse moved his hands around to either side, the thumbs hooked inside the pants, sort of pulling the waist band outwards. It pulled the pants tighter around his groin, showing his bulge even more, as he finally moved the hands back to the front of the pants. Both hands were over the button, and there was no mistaking Jesse’s heavy breathing. Terry lifted the camera up quickly, to grab a quick head shot, noticing how the head was tilted back, just a little, but still focused forward, into the woods.

Sound of the zipper quickly had him moving the camera back down, to aim right at Jesse’s crotch. It looked so full, as he saw the pants open, a faded blue fabric behind the open flap of the faded jeans. Terry felt his heart skip a beat as the pants opened wider, and he could see the outline of a huge pole pushed to one side.

The pants were slowly being pushed down by both hands, and he could see the hair falling in front, as Jesse leaned forward, to slide them down. He watched with his mouth open a bit, as the pants continued their slow downward journey, until they rested at the ankles. His eyes stared at the limbs, noting the soft colored hairs on the skin, gently swaying in the afternoon breeze.

Gulping, he glanced up from the video screen, to see Jesse looking right at him, almost expressionless. The lips were drawn, paler than at first, yet set firmly as he slowly lifted himself upright again, the pants at his ankles. Then carefully he lifted up one leg, flexing it upwards, as his other foot held the pants down, until the foot was freed of the jeans.

Then with his foot still bound by the pants, he shot the leg forward, arching his foot, so the pants would fly off the foot. They went sailing, which he captured perfectly on the video, following their brief flight, as they left Jesse’s body. Looking back at Jesse, his eyes moved up the lanky body, noting the bulging thighs, then the hard lump that showed in the threadbare fabric of Jesse’s shorts.

The guy was a natural, he thought, as his eyes were held captive by the rather large lump. He could clearly see the outline of the cock, see how thick it looked within the shorts, and he felt his mouth going dry, as he glanced up, to see the glazed look in Jesse’s eyes.

The hands moved up and down the legs, slowly, teasing him, and whoever else was to ever see the video. It was so natural looking, so unforced that he couldn’t help but feel his own chest heaving in anticipation. His eyes were glues to the show in front, as a hand moved lightly over the crotch, gently passing over the large pole shaped lump. Terry saw the pole twitch, as the hand moved slowly over it.

Blinking rather quickly, he felt himself swallow hard. The idea of having that hidden pole in his mouth or up his ass was becoming too much to ignore. It was so amazing, as he watched the hand clench, then two fingers moved back down, barely grazing the outline of the hard pole. Licking his lips, he watched as the two fingers moved down, to reach under the leg of the shorts, and slowly pull up on it.

Staring wide eyed, he saw the bulge grow more pronounced, as Jesse pulled his shorts backwards, tightening the material around the dick held captive inside. He couldn’t wait, he thought, as the camera kept recording. Terry felt his hand quiver a bit, as the fingers suddenly released the material, then move quickly up to the waist band of the shorts. They were grasping the edge as he sucked in his breath, waiting for the revelation of that throbbing cock.

Jesse suddenly stopped, then his hand moved downwards, very slowly. He was taunting Terry, or so it seemed, as the shorts began to creep downwards. Terry could feel his eyes widen, as the first glimpse of the small pubic hairs began to appear, as the outline of the groin became visible. His chest hurt, and he could feel the lump of his own cock shifting, jerking inside the pants, as the shorts made their way down, yet still hiding the hard penis from view.

A quick look up and Terry could see Jesse’s head tilted back, the eyes shut tightly. His nostrils were flaring a bit, as he let his hands push down. There was no doubt, he had found someone to think about, making Terry wonder who it could be. Still, he didn’t dwell on it as he moved back to watch the hard cock being unwrapped.

Licking the lips, he saw the flesh begin to show, the fresh pink color of the pole, a bit whiter at the base, from being pushed down by the shorts. He saw it slowly fall downwards, as the shorts pushed, then he found himself jerking backwards, as the cock shot out from the restraint of the shorts.

One second he had seen its outline, next it was jerking in the air, pointed nearly straight at him, away from Jesse’s trembling body. He could see the quiver in the thighs, as the cock stuck straight out at him. The cock head was not fully showing, hidden by a dark patch of foreskin, nearly covering most of the head. It was perfect, to his eyes, as he zoomed the camera in.

The brighter color of the head, in sharp contrast to the foreskin, made him quiver. As he held the camera up, moving it slowly up and down, to capture all of the beauty of the naked young man, he couldn’t help but let his other hand rest on his own lap, feeling his own arousal at the stiffening penis.

Moving back to focus on the penis, he sucked in his breath, noticing the very full balls, that dangled freely below. Each one swayed a bit, the shape of the testes clearly visible in the swollen sac. He could see the tiny bristles of hair that appeared across the scrotum, that had a sort of leathery look to it. A bit darker than the flesh of the penis, that was still in need of some growing. Yet even as Terry realized Jesse wasn’t fully hard yet, he couldn’t help but admire the length and thickness.

He could see the mottled color of the veins criss crossing the large pole, see the skin around the head drooping forward a bit, as Jesse stepped out of his shorts, and took a step back. Then he watched as the hand moved down the thighs, pulling the soft thigh flesh back, so that Terry could film the crotch without any other skin showing.

The pain in his groin was almost too much, as his hand moved a bit over it, pushing his own hard cock to the side, as he once more zoomed in on the hardening cock. He could almost believe he could smell his aroma, but he knew it was just his imagination. With the camera rolling, he saw the body begin to sink down, as Jesse began to fall down, or appear to.

He was lowering himself, to kneel and Terry got a guick head shot, seeing the intensity in the face, how the muscles were all tightening, highlighting the bone structure of the younger man. Sucking in his own breath, he watched Jesse sit down on the back of his legs, his knees firmly planted into the blanket. Yet the cock still was sticking straight out, the balls sort of folded outwards, below the wavering pole.

Jesse’s hand came off the thigh, and reached forward and to one side, where the bottle of lubricant was, and as if born to it, flipped the lid open with his thumb. He brought the bottle over, and slowly tipping it over, began to let the lube pour down in a stream, on top of the hard pole, near the base. He moved his hand forward, making the stream of lube follow with the hand, until it was coating the cock head.

Moving the camera up, he saw Jesse lean backwards, over his legs. His head was tossed back, as one hand rested behind him, the other now letting the lube rest next to him, then move and taking hold of the coated pole. The fingers slowly wrapped around the base of the cock, until the whole hand was clenching the pole.

His hand moved slowly forward, until it came to the very tip, where he let it flow over the head, rubbing the lubricant over it, smearing the tiny drop of pre cum that suddenly appeared. Terry heard the soft moan, and looking up, noticed that Jesse’s eyes were tightly shut. The hand now began to move in a sort of circular motion over the hard pole, pushing the skin back, then sort of twisting around, until it was back at the groin.

Jesse’s hand began to stroke the hard pole very slowly, moving up and down, stopping every other time, to reach down and poke at the full balls below, then quickly move back to take hold of the cock. The foreskin was gradually tightening, as more of the deeper colored cock head began to show. It had started out looking so bright, so fresh, but as the blood rushed through the skin, it grew darker, and darker in color. The gleam of the lubricant adding to its hue. Terry felt the catch in his throat, heard his own tiny groan, as he watched the eighteen year old begin to pull on the cock a bit quicker.

The body was shaking, it showed in the view screen, as the hand moved up and over the hard pole. The foreskin was taut now, tight around the whole cock, just a bit loose enough to push forward when the hand was up near the cock head, then it would tighten up as the hand pulled backwards. Terry felt his own body aching, felt the muscles in his butt clench and unclench, as he watched Jesse stroking himself.

The hand he was resting on, came forward, the body lifting forwards a bit, to compensate. The hand moved up his chest, grabbing one nipple and twisting it, as the other hand moved faster over the hard pole. Terry could hear Jesse’s breath becoming more rapid, more shallow, as the hand was becoming a blur over the hard pole.

Terry let the camera pan upwards for a brief shot. He saw how the face was constricted, how the young man’s entire body was taut and stretched. He could see the thighs jutting out as the camera moved back down, see the muscles inside coiling, tightening up, as the hand moved quicker over the shiny pole. His own throat felt parched, his own chest heaved, as he heard Jesse crying out, calling out in short raspy gasps.

Terry felt his mouth hanging open, as he held the camera as steady as possible with one hand, his other hand now reaching for his own cock, still in his pants. It hurt to touch it, to poke at it, as he saw Jesse’s hand becoming a total blur. He heard his raspy groans, heard his cries, as his body grew even more tight.

I am cumming, quick, take it, hurry, Oh God, hurry

The words thundered in his head, stunning him, then he dropped the camera, and leaned forward. He stretched out fully, to see the hand holding the cock, to see Jesse’s hand quivering, as he held the throbbing pole and had it aimed towards Terry. He didn’t even think, as he pushed forward, to get between the legs, to let his hands move up and touch the hot burning flesh of Jesse’s hips.

Jesse’s hands moved out of the way, reaching up until they were grapping at Terry’s head. He felt the fingers take hold of his hair, pulling him forward.

I can’t hold it, hurry

Terry took hold of the hard cock, feeling his whole body suddenly go into shock. His legs suddenly ached, as he opened his mouth wide, smelling the man scent of Jesse, seeing nothing but the glistening cock head. He felt his head being forced forward, as he breathed in deeply, as the cock in his grasp suddenly jerked backwards.

Moving faster, he felt his lisp touch the hot cock head, as it shot forward, the tip just inside his lips. The spray of hot cum was suddenly filling his whole mouth, and Terry gagged on the stream of milk that suddenly was rolling down his unprepared throat. He groaned, as his head was yanked forward, until the cock was thrusting deep into his throat.

He gagged again, as the huge pole filled his mouth, now impaled into his mouth, already flooded by a sea of hot salty man milk. Terry coughed, swallowing at the same time, as cum dribbled out from the corners of his mouth, as he tried to keep it all inside. His tongue was flatten down, as the throbbing pole continued to vibrate, to jerk back then shoot forwards, as more of the hot milk came flooding into his mouth.

He moaned, as his hands grabbed the base of the cock tightly, squeezing it as he felt his nose buried into the soft flesh of Jesse’s groin. His legs shot out, and his whole body trembled, as he began to taste the cum, that was like an endless stream.

Slowly he began to get on top of the flood in his mouth, to have less dribble out, as he tightened his hold around the cock shaft. His lips hurt, as he began to pull his head back, sucking on the cock in his mouth. He could taste it all now, feel it in the pit of his stomach, feel it drying across his chin, and over his hand.

Terry felt the final spasm, as it rolled over from Jesse’s pole, into his mouth. He felt it begin, felt it gather strength, as it travelled along the throbbing pole, to his own lips, through his own jaw, and into his whole body. He felt his own reaction, felt his own cock stiffening inside the pants, felt his buttocks clench tighter, as the last of Jesse’s cum dribbled out.

Pulling his head back, he felt the foreskin as the cock head seemed to suddenly shrink. As he sucked, tasting the salty flesh, his own body shook one more time, and then his mouth was off Jesse’s trembling cock. Terry pulled back a bit, as he felt the hard beat of his heart, the heave of his chest, as his eyes blinked, staring at Jesse’s penis.

Terry could hear the harsh gasps from above, and he lifted his head upwards, to stare up at Jesse. He saw his nostrils flaring, saw the sheen of sweat glistening on his chest, as it heaved. He lifted himself up a bit, as his eyes moved further up, to see the face, to see the glazed look gradually leaving Jesse’s eyes.

He pulled himself back, to once more sit up, and as he did, Jesse moved his legs, to have them crossed over in front as well. Jesse just looked at him, his eyes looking indirectly at Terry, but they looked so wide, so frightened, that it made him just look back, a small smile on his face. He didn’t know what to say, or if he should, as he waited for Jesse to say or do something.

Terry wiped his face, with the back of his hand, tasting the dried cum, realizing it had a bit of sweetness to it, as well as the saltiness. It had felt so good, to taste that milk, to feel it nearly overwhelm him. He felt the ache in his own groin, and glanced down at the bulge in his pants. As he did, he could feel Jesse’s eyes following his movement, feel them stare at his bulge.

Glancing up, he couldn’t mistake the hungry look in the guy’s eyes, as he leaned back, spreading his legs apart, and as he did, he saw the way the eyes seemed to just widen even more. He reached down, and pushed his basket, seeing the eyes follow his movement. Without a second thought, he reached up, and undid the button, then unzipped his pants.

With his pants open, he finally lifted his head up, to stare directly into Jesse’s eyes.

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