Story – Rescued at Sea

Rescued at Sea

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (-)

Trent kept turning the key, then moving over to the cowling, looking down at the greasy motor, looking for something, though he hadn’t a clue as to exactly what. He was no gear head, and each time he just felt more frustrated, as he would stand up and look around. It was frustrating, the one time he went out, and had the place to himself, there was no one about.

Standing there, wearing his lifejacket, and a pair of broad shorts, he felt suddenly chilled. There were lights starting to go on at the various houses on the far bank, and he realized it was getting dark. Still, someone would come by, he hoped. Looking over to the silent motor, he felt like kicking it, except he had no shoes on, and he really didn’t need to break a toe or two, right now.

It was nearly the end of summer, and this was the first time he had the family summer cabin to himself, fat lot of good that was doing him. He had it all planned, to get one or two of his friends to come up, spend the week with him, and hopefully use up the Condoms he had bought, but suddenly everyone was busy, or off elsewhere. He had been forced to come up alone, but he figured one of the locals help pass the time, and once again he had been wrong.

It was like a ghost town, with everyone gone, or more or less gone. Jimmy, one of his prospects for some fun, wasn’t even up this weekend, and good old reliable Jeff had flaked too. Even the local gas jockey seemed to be pre-occupied, barely giving him a second look when he had filled up the boat. Now here he was, his last night alone, and for his efforts, he had managed to whack off a few times, watch some porn videos alone, and do nothing else. No horseplay with the guy from the grocery store, no looking for a quiet spot to do some serious fucking and sucking, just a bored day stretched out on a blanket, soaking up the waning rays of the summer sun during the day, and knocking back a few cold drinks at night, alone.

He sat back down, staring at the open cowling, at the shiny chrome around the stern, wondering what he was going to do. Like an idiot, he hadn’t brought a jacket, nor did he have any other clothes aboard. Oh sure, he had his little brown bag, the one with Condoms, some lube, and even a nice red dildo, but like that wasn’t going to get the friggin boat started, sure as hell wasn’t going to keep him warm, or stop the rumbling in his stomach.

Even the blankets were back at the dock, along with his clothes, as he stared out at the growing darkness. It was getting chilly too, and the water was starting to lap up against the sides, rocking the boat a bit. Normally he enjoyed that motion, but right now he felt like wanting to puke.

His first year at College was just a few weeks away, and he doubted if he’d be back until summer. It wasn’t like his friends were any different, except maybe Sam, who was already out in the world, working in some construction outfit. College wasn’t for Sam, but then he was already starting to beef up, no longer the puny runt he had been in High School. Might be fun to do him, once he filled out more from actually working, but that wasn’t gonna help him right now, as he stared off at the far bank.

Yelling might work, if anyone was out, but so far he couldn’t even spot the glow of a burning cigarette, or even see a darker shadow, that would signify someone being out. It was as if everyone was inside, packing or eating, and when he heard the voice, he almost fell off the seat. It had come out of the blue, and turning around he couldn’t see anyone, until he let his eyes narrow a bit, and there was this mop of shaggy blond hair peering at him, almost up to the side rail.

You stuck’ the voice asked, and Trent couldn’t help but notice the very white teeth, set off by the darker skin of the face. Definitely sunburned, and the hair looked like it hadn’t seen a comb or brush for months. Still, the eyes seemed to be sparkling a bit, and it was a lean looking face. Almost babyish in appearance, as he finally answered back that the engine wouldn’t kick over.

Help me aboard, I’ll take a look if you want’ the voice said, as his canoe bumped alongside the sleek side of the stalled motor boat. Trent moved over, to stick out his hand, noticing how tiny his saviour looked. He couldn’t be more than 100 pounds soaking wet, and if he was 5ft 6in he’d be wearing high heels. Yet his body was not emaciated looking. He had some meat on him, and you could tell it was well suntanned.

As he climbed aboard, Trent couldn’t help but feel relieved. At least he wouldn’t be stuck out all night, shivering. Plus, his rescuer seemed nice, but no more than maybe fifteen or sixteen. He put aside his fanciful thoughts, as he judged the young man’s age, as he padded over to the open engine cover.

Despite his first impressions, he couldn’t help but check out the butt, as he leaned over the silent engine, and reached to pull at something or other. He whistled a bit, as he pulled on this and that, then stood up, with obvious satisfaction.

Give it a try now

Trent shrugged and reached over to the ignition. Turning the key he heard the whine, then the stutter, then suddenly the motor was running again, rumbling its normal sound, and he felt totally relieved.

Thanks, man I thought I’d be here all night

Yeah it was quiet out here today, noticed you earlier, but thought you were just getting some ray’s.

Sort of was the plan.

Bitch being stuck, when no one is around, I mean you hope for a day without all the noise, the traffic, then get it and wind up stuck.

Yeah, I was thinking just that, when the damn engine wouldn’t start.

Kind of thought so, thought I’d hop on out, besides, needed to work off dinner.

You came out special to check if I needed help?

Well you sort of looked like you were having problems, besides I needed to work off dinner. Bit of rowing always helps.

Don’t look like you have to worry about that too much.

Oh I pack it on, unless I work it off later, and I don’t want to go off to College looking like a beach ball, the coach wouldn’t approve.

His eyes seemed to widen at the news that this was no squeaker. One thing was certain though, he sure as hell didn’t look like he was old enough to shave, let alone attend college.

College? Coach?

Yeah, I got a scholarship to State, for the wrestling team, and well, the coach is fanatical about weight.

I’d never have guessed, uh?

Jason, Jason Walters

Well thanks Jason, I am Trent, uh, can I offer you a drink or a tow back?

Drink would be nice, you are over in the arm there, aren’t you?

Trent wasn’t sure, but he rather liked the way Jason sounded. He certainly looked good, and being good enough to be on a College wrestling team explained why he didn’t look like a sack of bones wrapped up in skin.

Huh? Yeah, how’d you know?

Recognize the boat, and seen you around.

Ah, I see, well hitch your canoe up and we’ll head back to the dock, assuming this beast doesn’t die on the way.

Shouldn’t, just some gummed up line, but you should get it cleaned out by a mechanic before you take it out again.

I will, okay ready?

Jason nodded as he finished tying off his canoe. Trent couldn’t help but take his lithe body into his vision, finding it rather exciting. Turning back, to guide the boat and turn it towards the arm where the cabin was, he didn’t notice Jason looking at him, or that his little bag of essentials was right next to him either.

The boat ran like new, as he slowly angled the bow towards the dock, to let it glide in as he cut the engine. As he did, he turned to leap out and tie it off, when he noticed that Jason had a strange look on his face. He didn’t think much of it, as he got onto the wharf, and tied the boat off.

Ready for that drink?

Sure, uh, nice place you got here.

Yeah, nice when you can get it to yourself, doesn’t happen often.

I know the feeling, I got four sisters, and they always seem to be around.

I only have one, and a younger brother, still, its enough.

Yeah, uh, maybe we can just have that drink here? Kind of nice to just kick back and enjoy the stars, the quiet. I don’t get that at my place, those sisters of mine can’t be silent for two seconds.

Haha, yeah girls, go figure, if they aren’t talking, they aren’t happy.

For sure

What can I get you? We got cold beer, even some white wine, and all the other stuff.

Got some milk?

It made him shiver. He couldn’t explain it, but as he stared down at Jason, he was certain the guy wasn’t talking about cow juice. The way his head was tilted, how he was sitting on the dock, and looking at him, suddenly seemed more than just casual. As did his request for milk, and that smile, even in the growing darkness, he couldn’t help but see it.

Uh yeah, sure that’s all you want?

For now, it would be great.

Maybe spending nearly a week alone had him frazzled, but he was certain that Jason was flirting with him. Then again, maybe it was just that he felt like he had been rescued, that had him feeling that way, imagining what really wasn’t there? Could be that, as he left him at the dock, his feet dangling over the side, while he went up to the cabin for the drinks.

Could be simply that being a Jock, Jason was into a no alcohol thing, or something as innocent as that. Still, the way he had looked at him, how his face had sort of gotten a bit of grin to it, like he knew something, or thought he did. Strange thing was, he didn’t really recall seeing him around, though Jason obviously had seen him.

It was perplexing as he grabbed two glasses, along with a pitcher of cold milk and headed back to the dock. Most likely he had seen him, but didn’t let it register, given how he looked too young for him. After all, last thing he needed was to get involved with jail bait. Mind you, finding out he was the same age, eighteen, was giving him a rather naughty sense of pleasure.

There was no doubt that he was good looking. His build, his whole package was inviting, though the height could be a distraction. After all Trent was a tad under six foot himself, and he definitely outweighed Jason. Then too, he had heard all about short skinny guys, how their dicks were usually where all their height went, and that would be an interesting concept to check out, if the subject arose.

Walking through the bushes, he saw Jason stretched out on the dock, and right next to him was Trent’s little emergency bag. He stood frozen, as he saw that Jason had obviously been looking. Standing there, he wondered if he should just act like nothing was amiss, or should he be ready for a fight?

As he was trying to decide, Jason turned and spotted him in the bushes. He just stared, his eyes looking like tiny stars, the way they flickered at him. In his hand Trent could see he had his dildo, and was glancing at it, and then back at Trent.

Slowly he walked down, and handed Jason a glass, then filled it. They held eye contact all the time, as he filled his own and took a quick swallow, wondering if he should say anything or not. However, just as he decided to ignore the dildo, Jason made the first move.

Holding the dildo in his hand, and placing the glass of milk down, he looked up at Trent, as he asked him if the dildo was for his own use, or if he was hoping to catch a mermaid man. It was a lame attempt at humor, but it broke the ice, as he laughed, saying he would settle for that, at this point.

I can hold my breath under water for nearly two minutes, does that count?

He just stood there, unsure what to say. There was no mistaking the look, the way Jason’s eyes suddenly seemed glued to a spot in line with Trent’s crotch. It was like there was some sort of electrical charge sparking around and between them, as he stood there, unsure how to proceed.

Trent stood there, as Jason stood up, and stepped out of his own shorts, tossing his hair back. It showed off his body, that seemed to just glisten in the growing darkness. It was odd, as he then laid back down, resting on his hands, while his body was aimed at Trent. His legs were spread apart, and there was not mistaking, that he had a hard on.

I figure rescuing you out there, well, worth something, uh in compensation for my time, don’t you agree?

Uh I see.

That all you gonna do? Stare at it?

He had to laugh a bit at that, as he sat down at looked over at Jason. There was tiny hairs on his legs, all them seemed to be sticking up, but it was that patch of hair that surrounded that looming tower of a cock. They were right, or at least in Jason’s case they were right about compensation for his lack of height was made up by the size of his dick. God it looked so huge, and it was standing there, barely moving in the night air.

The balls looked like a pair of grapefruits, the way they lay on the wooden planks of the dock. Looking at Jason, his dildo looked more like a bloody toothpick, as he wondered just how big it was. He glanced up at Jason, who was just staring at him, with a look of pride.

Good thing you weren’t sinking.

Oh? Why’s that?

Cost you more than a glass of milk and a blow job.

Maybe I’d not mind paying the extra.

You can always go out and pull the plug after, then we’ll see how willing you are.

Hate to lose the boat, but it might be worth it.

It would, but well, it’s safe and sound and dry as a bone.

The grin was infectious, and he couldn’t help but chuckle at the words too, as they both stared at the boat. For a brief second, he actually thought about jumping into the boat and pulling the plug, but hell it was a fifteen thousand dollar boat, his father would skin him alive. Besides, he wasn’t so sure he’d be able to take that dick easily, not without a few good sized drinks first.

He reached out, and let his hand rest on Jason’s leg. The touch made the leg twitch a bit, then it sort of just moved closer to Trent, and the talking was over as they just stared at each other. His heart was racing, and he had to admit, it was the strangest pick up he had ever encountered, and the strangest seduction he had experienced.

Crawling forward, he let his chest push up against Jason’s hard cock, as he moved to sort of lean above the smaller young man. The feel of that giant dick across his chest, then his belly made him tremble, and the idea of it being between his ass was a bit frightening. Jason was right, it might be too much of price, but he couldn’t help but want to try.

Staring down at Jason, he could see the twinkle in his eyes, the grin on his face, as he let his hand roam lightly over the chest, feeling the muscles coil under his touch. He could also feel the heart pounding inside, feel the chest rise and fall to his heavy breathing, as it let his touch move all over. The firm nipples were a surprise, but so were the rolling muscles under the stomach. They felt like coiled steel springs, as his hand kept moving over and around them, while his eyes stared down into Jason’s.

His own chest was heaving, as he sucked in the night’s air, feeling the hard cock move with the motion of his chest. Trent could feel the racing beat of his pulse, as he leaned down more, to close the gap between him and Jason. He saw the lips part, and closed his eyes as his mouth made contact with Jason’s.

The kiss was unlike any had ever felt. It was rich with flavour, a sort of taste that made his nerves tingle, his senses awaken. His body was suddenly on edge, as he felt his tongue darting forward, duelling with Jason’s. It was sort of sweet to the taste, yet felt so different than any other tongue. It felt good, making him even more excited, as his body lowered down further onto Jason’s prone body. The hard cock was nestled tightly into his chest, pushing into him with its thickness, and its stiffness.

The night was cool, but the combined body heat was making Trent sweat, as beads of perspiration were forming all over as he lay on top of Jason, kissing. He tasted him, then moved down to kiss and lick at his neck, at the hollow, and then raking his tongue down, the centre of the chest, all the way to the belly. He felt the body shake, as his tongue traveled slowly downwards, as his body slid further down.

He felt the hard cock throbbing as his chest moved down its length, feeling the vein pulse to his touch. It was unreal, making him sweat even more, as he breathed in the musky scent of the young man’s groin odor. It made the nostrils flare, the nostril hairs flutter. His own body shuddered, as he let one hand reach down, to grab hold of the giant balls, to squeeze them and probe them.

Jason was moaning, his body slippery underneath Trent’s. It felt amazing, as the slender body snaked around under him, moving and shaking. He felt so alive, as his hand cupped the balls, as his mouth came closer to the wriggling pole that was sticking up into his throat, as he licked at the belly.

Then he moved down, his hand encircling the huge cock, his fingers wrapping around the base, pushing down the pubic hairs, as he moved down, and let his face stare directly at the monster cock. His eyes bulged as he saw the winking eye of the monster, the white glow as it showed it pleasure to his touch. It was moving between his fingers, alive.

Licking his lips, he bent down, to kiss that one eyed monster, tasting it. His whole body quivered at the touch, and he felt Jason murmur his own excitement. It was unnerving, as he opened his eyes, to see that huge cock head so close, so inviting. The sound of the wind, the water lapping up against the dock, the swaying of the whole dock, made him groan, as he closed the eyes, lowering his head, opening his mouth.

The taste of the skin, the smell, made him moan, made his own cock twitch and ache. Jason moaned again, as he widened his mouth as far as possible, his jaw stretched as wide as the jaw hinge would let him go. He felt the huge head pass his lips, felt his tongue being flattened, as it tried to taste the hot flesh of the head.

His throat muscles groaned, his whole body shook, as he lowered his head more onto the cock. It trembled, shook as his teeth grated over the skin, lightly. Jason cried out, and Trent felt the two hands reaching up, grabbing hold of his own hair, twisting it, as he continued to feed Jason’s cock to his mouth.

There was no way he would get it all in, no way he could take it all, but he tried to get as much as he could. He felt his throat muscles resisting, felt the gag reflex inside, as he tried to stuff more in, but he couldn’t. He cried a bit, tears at the corners of his eyes, as he was forced to pull back, despite the press of Jason’s hands on his head. Again he sucked in air, then tried to swallow more, until again he was forced to pull back.

In and out he went, taking just a bit more each time, enjoying the salty taste of the hot flesh, revelling in its jerking motion as it passed into his throat, gagging him. His body ached for it, his mind blank, as he concentrated on the huge pole that kept stretching his throat. Faster he went, while his other hand stroked what he couldn’t swallow. His fingers wrapped tightly around the huge pole, moving up and down in a steady motion, as the sounds of his effort echoed in the night.

Surfers and Skaters onlyHis ears heard the water, heard the beat of his heart, the constant moans of Jason, as his body tried to accommodate the huge missile. He sucked on it, trying to wedge more of it inside, holding the huge shaft tightly, failing to take it all. Yet he could feel the blood rushing, feel the excitement in the other, as he kept trying, kept sucking on it.

Jason’s breathing was becoming more ragged, more short and desperate. He could feel his body shaking more and more, feel the cock vibrating as it went in and out of his throat, thrusting in with the added push from Jason’s hips. His jaw was throbbing, the pain dulled by being so constant. His wrist hurt, as he held tightly to the thick shaft, stroking it in time with the motion of his head.

Trent felt the body trembling, felt the cock actually thicken, as the blood was rushing quickly along the whole shaft, then he heard the moan, the shudder, as the cock jerked inside his mouth. The body stopped shaking, the sounds were gone, as the cock reared back, then flung itself forward.

His own body suddenly tensed, then he felt the stream of hot liquid pouring out into his throat. Trent gagged, as his hand tightened even more around the shaft, as his lips seemed to melt into the hard burning flesh of the cock, as the milk filled his throat & mouth. It was pouring in, as he tried to swallow it all, failing as he felt the cum oozing out of the corners of his mouth.

Shaking, he kept struggling to hold the cock inside, to drink the heavenly flow of milk that just seemed to keep on boiling out. It had a salty sweet taste to it, as it flowed down his throat, flowed out from between his lips. The cock itself was shaking, yet the body beneath him was silent, as he drained the huge pole of the hot milk.

The cock was empty, his own body was in rapture, as he lifted his head up off the softening pole. His chest ached, as he felt his heart pounding, and then glanced over at Jason. The eyes were closed, the face a bit pallid, as if he was asleep, but as he stared, he saw the eyelids flutter, then the body shook, as if being awakened from a sleep.

He stared as the eyes bugged open, wide eyed as if in a daze, as if lost. The legs bucked and he felt them bang into his, as Jason saw him, and stared, with recognition finally coming to his facial features. The grin over his face, told Trent he had enjoyed the moment, as he saw him lick his lips, then sit up.

As he did, Trent realized, Jason had actually passed out, or at least fainted for a few seconds. It gave him a slight chill, as he saw the color returning to Jason’s face, the glow in them making his smile even more appealing. His chest was shaking, not yet fully recovered, but as his eyes moved down the smaller man’s body, he couldn’t help but notice, that the monster dick, wasn’t all that soft.

He felt the ache in his backside, as he turned to look back up at Jason. The eyes were staring deeply at him, then at his cock, then back at him. It was like he was thinking the same thoughts as Trent was. He couldn’t be, but that look on his face, that glance, seemed to say otherwise. His hand moved up from the deck of the dock, and ran across Trent’s chest.

His body shook, as if a stick of burning embers was being run across his chest. His whole chest heaved, as the hand moved down towards his crotch, then stopped. The fingers played with the waist of his shorts, then fell back to rest on his own stomach. The eyes were glittering, as Trent smiled down at him, and rolled off to the side. He lay next to Jason, his hand moving lightly over the still trembling body. He had all night, as he just enjoyed the warmth of the smaller body nestled into his. Suddenly the week didn’t seem like a total wasted effort, as his hand continued to move up and down the warm body.

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