Fiction – Explain This

Explain This

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Dennis was still shaking his head, as he sat in the chair, hunched over scribbling and checking off the various marks to what applied. His face was red, as he studied the questionnaire, looking at the white box where he was supposed to put down what he wanted to see the Doctor for.

Like how the fuck was he going to fill that one out? Did he just put down he had possible frost bite on his pecker and then how does he fill in the next box, asking him to describe how the ‘injury’ happened? Oh that was going to be good, writing down how he was enjoying a ‘snow day’ from work, and had decided to go for some skiing at the local resort.

He could just see his supervisor getting a copy of this, and how he would not only have to tell the sanctimonious jerk that yes, he wasn’t sick that day, that he played hooky from work to go snowboarding and skiing and in the process got his dick frozen. Oh the bible thumper would love that one.

Though you had to admit, it was kind of funny, and the idea of his supervisor finding out his star employee not only skipped work, but was a friggin honest to god fag, might just be worth it all. To see his face go all those different colors, as he tried to control himself would be priceless, course it would end in his dismissal, and that wouldn’t be such fun.

He rather enjoyed his work, even if it was a bit boring, but the benefits were worth being bored for. Now if he could just figure out how to not explain how his dick got frozen, without outing himself, he could relax. Course the pain in his groin and the weird color that had him rushing here in the first place would take some explaining, though in all honesty, it had been fun at the time.

Dennis was just 21, had been working odd jobs until he scored this position a year and half ago. Edward had hired him on the spot, mainly because he had put down being a former choir boy at the local Church. Edward was big on church, even if it was the Catholic Church, as he had said. Course his eyes had lit up when Dennis had told him he no longer followed the Catholic Faith, and was more Episcopal.

At first Dennis had though Edward was into him, until he saw how his eyes lit up when he talked about Church, and God. He wasn’t really into all that, being a typical teenager. He was into dick, lots of it, but he kept that part of his life out of work. He had the looks, the flair for attracting others and after meeting some of his coworkers, he knew it would be hard to resist, but so far he had.

His fun was away from work, where he could flaunt his flat stomach, the well defined pecs, the biceps, and naturally his ass. He liked to think his ass was one of his finest features, and he actually did spend time toning it. Not just its shape, but the muscles too. Nice little crunches that made his rectal muscles like steel bands.

The idea of being able to hold his own with a pounding cock had inspired him, and was also why he was here, hoping he really didn’t have frostbite of the cock. Man to think it would drop off was like having to think of doing it with a woman. Not something that exactly gave him a thrill.

Still he had fun, and taking time off to go up the mountain, where he had met Ilya was still rather worth the possible grief. The guy was Russian, had been travelling all across the States, doing nothing but living the good life. How he could afford it was a question he never did ask, though he kind of had it figured out, judging by the old fart that always seemed to be hovering around him.

Like himself, Ilya was tall and well built. He had a strong accent to go with the deepest pair of blue eyes. Thin pale lips to match the thin Roman Styled nose, and the blond hair was just the right length. Enough there to grab hold of, to run your hands through, and yet not long enough to ruin a good hard kiss or blow job.

They had done a few trips down the slopes, and Dennis was impressed by the way Ilya would take the turns, or ride the slopes. He had a lot of style and form, and it was no surprise considering he came from the Northern regions of Russia. Now he was showing off and yet Dennis had been a match for him. That had earned him the friendship, that led to his embarrassment.

On what was supposed to be their last run down the slope, Ilya had challenged him to try a more complicated run, that was a bit out of the way. It meant trekking over some snow fields but he was game, though a bit tired. The idea of being away from the screaming masses and alone with just Ilya was enough of a temptation. Besides they would be out of the watchful eyes of Ilya’s faithful watchdog.

It was as they were trekking through the woods that Ilya first broke the ice, saying how nice an ass Dennis had. Naturally he took pride in it, boasted about how tight he kept it, and how powerful his inner muscles were. That was like throwing a gauntlet down in front of Ilya, who was eager to take it up. The problem was, it would be impossible to prove as Ilya and his watchdog were leaving for another resort that evening. There simply was no time, and while it was not ideal, the suggestion of doing it outdoors, in the snow came up.

They had laughed at it, but as they kept laughing, saying how silly of an idea it was, the more both seemed to want to do it. He knew he sure did, each time he saw those white teeth gleam, as Ilya would throw his head back to laugh, to scoff at the idea of stripping and fucking right there, the more he wanted to. Silly it was, risky even, but then they came to the dense tree line, and the darkness that surrounded them, seemed to be an omen. While the sun shone everywhere else, they were in a secluded spot, and besides, they had their jackets, it could just be possible.

It would mean not taking that last run down the other slope, but then Dennis thought he’d rather have Ilya riding his slope, than pushing through some snow. Ilya seemed to have the same feelings, because as soon as they were in, among the barren trees, he stopped and began to grope at Dennis.

The way he had taken hold of him, held him in his long firm arms, and planted a hard deep kiss on his mouth was enough of a signal for him to unzip his jacket. The whole idea was insane, but as they broke apart from that first kiss, they were already bare chested. Ilya had fine blond hairs along the centre of a very muscular chest, and the nipples were as rigid as icicles.

He licked at them, while Ilya reached and grabbed handfuls of his buttocks. The fingers somehow dug into his body, despite the ski pants. He could feel their urgency too, and in no time he had his pants at his ankles. Dennis recalled shivering, and then hearing Ilya laugh at him. That ended the quaking from the cold, for then.

The cold didn’t seem to bother Ilya all that much, as he undid his pants, pushing them down in one quick push. Jutting out from his groin was an enormous looking penis, nearly fully erect. Two huge balls dangled beneath, with tiny blond tufts of hair and a few goose bumps, despite Ilya’s apparent indifference to the cold.

Dennis had immediately gotten to his knees, as Ilya shuffled in closer, and then he reached down and took hold of his cock. He held it in front of Dennis, then rubbed it up against the side of Dennis’ face. The heat from it was unbelievable, as he reached out and felt the two dangling balls, while Ilya continued to rub the semi erect penis across his face and lips. He teased him, until he reached out with his other hand, grabbing Dennis by his hair, and held him steady.

He moved in closer, and with the other hand guided the cock towards Dennis’s mouth. His eyes were sparkling as he looked down at Dennis, who was gazing upwards. Dennis saw the lock of hair fall across one eye, and then felt the hot cock head against his lips. He blinked once, then stared straight ahead, at the fiery cock head that now filled his vision.

It really was a beautiful cock, and it had a such a nice aroma, that he didn’t waste any time in taking it deep into his throat. He let the head pass his lips, before he clamped them tightly around the shaft, just under the occk head. He could hear Ilya let out a small groan of surprise, as he took the whole shaft into his mouth. His tongue licking at it, his throat muscles constricting around it, holding it down as he moved his head along the whole shaft, until his nose was buried in the sweet smelling crotch.

The rather sparse pubic hairs tickled his upper lip, as his nose buried itself into the soft flesh. His jaw was aching, as Ilya wasn’t exactly small or just average. Dennis let his tongue lick at the cock, then he reached around with his hands, to grab at Ilya’s bare buttocks. He dug his fingers into the soft flesh, moving them along until he reached the centre, the opening to Ilya’s hidden valley. The fingers tightened their hold, and reached down into the valley sides, pulling at the flesh.

Ilya’s groans were telling him he was a hit, as he pulled at the flesh, and sucking on the cock. In a surprise move, he suddenly released Ilya’s cock, and pushed his head downwards, to take both dangling balls into his mouth. He felt the tremor in Ilya’s body, as his tongue licked at the leathery sac that held the two testicles, and he sucked on them, pulling one nearly down into his throat.

Dennis felt his head being pulled back, then he was suddenly lifted up, and turned around. The hand on his back forced him to bend over, and he heard Ilya fall to the ground. Heard the squish of snow as his knee hit the ground, and then the two hands were holding his cheeks.

He reached down, grabbing his ankles and spreading his legs, as Ilya slapped one of his butt cheeks hard. The sound echoed loudly in the stillness of the trees, as he stumbled a bit forward. Regaining his balance, he heard Ilya spit, felt the saliva near his hole, then he felt the finger sliding down and slowly working around his hole. His legs grew taut, as the finger teased his hole, then slowly began to push inwards, to feign penetration.

Just the tip of the finger would press in, then pull back out, and it was like that for several times. He was breathing harder, his chest beginning to ache, as once more Ilya spit, but this time no finger came to rub the saliva in. Instead he felt the hard raspy edged tip of Ilya’s tongue, and he cried out as it rolled up and began to lick at his hole.

The tongue licked around the hole, then gave a sort of quick dart towards the centre, then back to licking around the hole, and on the third try, it didn’t pull out. Ilya drove his tongue into the pink hole, spreading it apart. Dennis remembered his cry of surprise, his moan of pleasure as Ilya’s tongue penetrated his rectum. His cheeks quivered from the sensation that was suddenly filling his whole body.

In and out the tongue went, then it would just pull out and lick around the hole, or he would insert one of his fingers, to twist and turn inside of him. Dennis had never felt such pleasure before, as his body continued to tremble with the excitement, with the pleasure.

He wished it wouldn’t end, but it did. He could hear Ilya move away, feel the sudden emptiness inside as no tongue or finger was buried inside. The cool air chilled him, as he turned to see Ilya reaching into his pants, pulling out a condom package. It gave him a huge grin, which Ilya managed to see.

The look of hunger in his eyes, was only matched by the wide smile he had on his face, as he ripped open the condom package. In his heavily accented voice, he taunted Dennis, saying he’d soon see just how good his muscles were inside, claiming his own weapon would be more than up for the challenge.

The cold was gone again, as he watched him unroll the condom down his throbbing pole. It hadn’t softened a bit, in fact looked a bit fatter and longer as the condom stretched over the blood filled pole. Ilya moved closer, spitting onto his hand to wrap it over the condom, and still his face was split wide open in a huge grin.

Dennis turned around, and leaned over more, spreading his legs even further apart, as he grabbed hold of his ankles. He breathed out, just as Ilya stepped in close, and pushed his hard cock up between his spread apart cheeks. Right up at the tip, near the small of his back, he felt the fiery heat burning his cooled flesh. Then he felt a strong slap on his cheeks, hard enough to make him flinch, as the cock began to be slid down his valley, towards his hole, towards his inner sanctum where his steel muscles would be tested.

He bit his lower lip as the cock pressed up into his hole, wedged tightly up against it, and then it came. The sudden push inwards, the searing pain, as the large cock penetrated him. Dennis yelled, then bit his lower lip hard. The pain was intense, racing up and down his whole body, as Ilya continued to push inwards, not giving him a chance to get used to the huge cock.

Dennis reached back, nearly falling forward, digging for his own cheeks, desperate to pull them wider apart, to make the penetration easier, less painful. His fingers pulled hard, spreading his own cheeks, as the long pole slid effortlessly into him. He cried out, and again bit his lip, trying to hold the pain at bay. His mind was suddenly afraid, as the waves of pain rolled up and down his body, making him squirm and stutter.

The breathe seemed to have been knocked out of him, but he managed to quickly recover. His breathing became less labored, as his heart continued to beat wildly, his pulse race, as he started to push back, against the hard thrusts from Ilya. As the shock of the hard penetration began to dissipate, he began to tighten his own grip, to clench his cheeks, to try and hold back the relentless press of the cock. He could hear Ilya groan, feel his body shiver as it slammed into his own. It was an amazing feeling, to be out in the woods, snow all around, and Ilya buried deep in his ass.

He let go of his own cheeks, and let them rest on his knees, as he moved his buttocks in time with each forward thrust from Ilya. It seemed like they had been in that position for ages, when finally Ilya pulled out, and pushed his hand on Dennis’s back. He understood the gesture, and pushing his jacket and Ilya’s out a bit, he got down on his belly, spreading his legs wide as Ilya came down in between the open legs.

The soft grunt, then the press again near his hole, made him quickly hold his breath. This time as Ilya penetrated him, he was ready, and the pain wasn’t so intense, and Ilya’s inward penetration was being slowed by his muscles inside. He felt them grip the hard cock, hold it for as long as possible, while he enjoyed the slow entry of the cock. His cheeks clenched tightly, as the in and out rhythm went on and on.

Gradually he let his muscle loosen their hold, gradually allowing Ilya’s enormous cock to move in and out faster, and go in deeper with each thrust. Dennis felt himself crushing down more and more with each thrust. The cold of the snow not even coming to mind, as his body hugged the cold earth, buried there by the jack hammering pounding from Ilya.

His head was buried into the snow, he felt his body shaking, as the pounding grew more intense. Then he felt his legs being lifted up, one placed over the other, and suddenly Dennis found himself on his side, the hard drilling relentless as it continued to dig deep into his soft insides. His muscles protested, the nerves continued to tingle as his whole body shook to each thrust into it.

He was sweating, yet as each drop formed, it quickly cooled in the winter air. His legs were numb. His blood was boiling inside, his skin felt like it was on fire, and only the cool snow was able to stop him from melting into nothing, as Ilya drove his cock like a piston. In and out, hard and deep, with the odd thrust to the side then the other side.

Dennis was grunting and moaning with each thrust into his body. Ilya was a constant scream of pleasure as he drove his cock hard and fast. His hands held one ankle tightly, cutting off the circulation or so it seemed. The hard pounding only grew more intense as time passed, the darkness growing until suddenly the cock was pulled out.

He found himself roughly turned onto his back, his legs quickly upraised, and spread apart. Then the cock was suddenly once more penetrating him. He cried out as the huge cock drove in deeper than ever before.

Ilya groaned now, his hair looking ragged and hanging in strands over his constricted face. He leaned forward, biting at Dennis’s lower lip, then kissing him hard before pulling his head back, and pile driving his cock into Dennis.

It was hard, very hard, and made him cry out. He felt himself reaching for his cock, stroking it as he looked up at the figure hovering over him. He could see the glazed eyes, the fluttering eyelashes, the firm chin, and it only made his own hand become a blur, as it pulled at his cock. He felt each thrust, felt himself sink further into the snow covered ground, as he felt his balls suddenly relax under his cock, then he felt the explosion rolling through his body. He cried out, his first stream of cum flying out between his fingers.

His cum was flying in all directions. Some of it hit Ilya’s chest which made him tremble a second, then made his hard thrusts quicken and harden even more. He felt the cock spreading his insides like knife through butter. He cried out, as his hands pounded the snow on either side of his thrashing body. His legs ached, the blood had long since left them, and was barely able to reach his curled toes, still in his boots.

It was impossible, but Ilya was moving even faster now, his whole body becoming a blur as he pounded Dennis’s ass remorsefully. Everything was mixed together. He couldn’t tell if Ilya was pushing in or pulling out, as each thrust came right on the heels of the other, and then he heard the guttural cry, that seemed to echo all around the mountains. It startled him, as did the sudden emptiness inside.

Then he felt the stinging heat on his belly, his chest, and even his chin. Opening his eyes, he saw Ilya with his head tilted back, his mouth open as he cried out, and as Dennis looked down, he saw the third stream of cum come flying out at him. He felt it splatter on his belly, and the top of his pubic hairs. He heard Ilya now, saw the hand shaking as it held the exploding cock. It too was trembling, just as he was, watching the last drops of cum dribble out.

It was over, and yet they didn’t end it there. His chest heaved, as did Ilya’s. It was several minutes before they could move, before the pants were pulled on, the shirts and jackets donned once again. He ached as Ilya helped him up to his feet. The trek back to the resort had been slow and painful. It also was broken up by quick grabs, quick kisses, as once back to the resort, it would be over.

Dennis shook his head, as he looked at the form. His name was called, and he still hadn’t put down any answer, but as he stood up, feeling the pain, he just smiled. He’d just chalk it up to being drunk and naked in the snow, least that wouldn’t get him fired. That would be his story, and he was going to stick with it.

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