Fiction – Helping Hand

Helping Hand

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Casey sprang forward, out from underneath the brush. His long legs began to take long strides, as the rail cars continued to gently roll past. His brown eyes were focused on the coming box cars from behind, as he began to quicken his pace.

The adrenalin was rushing, giving him extra strength as his arms pumped, one hand holding his nearly empty back pack, his legs beginning to pump faster as the open box car was coming closer. His eyes were glued to its dark opened space, his brow sweating as he realized just how dangerous this was, but he was committed. There was no other choices left to him, as the car was nearly level.

He heaved his hand from way behind, tossing his back pack into the opening, and he angled forward, desperate now to reach the edge, to grab hold. His heart was pounding, the sound drowning out the clacking sounds of the train wheels over the rails. His face constricted as he lunged, praying for help. The tips of his fingers touched the cold frame, grabbing hold. Casey felt the shock as the rolling box car pulled him forward.

Panic was tearing at his heart, as he struggled to pull himself up. It wasn’t like he was a wimp, he once was proud of his body, of his strength. He hoped he still had enough left inside, as his arms felt like they were being ripped from their sockets. His legs barely touched the gravel along the path, as he tried to heave himself in.

The train was picking up speed, and he knew he didn’t have much time left. If he let go, he would fall and most likely be cut in half by the wheels of the train. His heart beat faster, his lungs sucked in air as he tried to hook his arm inside, but he was slipping. His eyes were wide open, as he felt like the end was near. It wasn’t supposed to end this way, not for him.

He should be sitting in some dorm room now, not running. His life should be filled with parties, with getting up and going to classes in some college, not hanging onto some door frame to a stinking box car. At barely 18, he should be thinking of the next keg party, not whether he will be cut in two, yet that is what his life had turned into, thanks to simply being gay.

The last three months had been a nightmare. He had tried, but his so called friends either hated him, or were too afraid of recriminations to help. His parents had given him $100, some of his clothes, and told him they would pray for his salvation, then closed the door on him. He still felt the hurt insides as he clung to the box car door.

In an instant, his life had gone from being popular, to being invisible. People who normally would smile at him, say hello, turned away from him. Even old man Winters at the local diner who always gave him a burger or some fries, now chased him away from the garbage, never mind give him a bite to eat.

Casey felt his hand slipping, felt his hold weakening, but he gritted his teeth. He cried out as he tried with every ounce of strength remaining, to pull himself in but he knew he was failing. He was too weak, to beaten down. Tears were falling from his face, as he felt the terror taking hold, felt the hopelessness, when he felt something strong grip his wrist.

Looking up, he saw a pair of sparkling eyes, and the dirty hand holding his. He felt it pulling him, and somehow he managed to find enough strength to push himself forward, as he felt his chest touch the box car floor. His legs dangled, as another hand reached out and grabbed hold of the back of his pants, at the waist, and yank hard.

Suddenly he wasn’t dangling on the edge, but was actually firmly inside, panting. He was face down on the floor, feeling bits of straw and dirt in his face, as he looked up at the sprawled figure in front. He couldn’t see much, in the darkness of the car, despite the odd glint of light that filtered through the slats of the wall.

He could hear the other person’s shallow breathe, see a sort of whiteness staring out at him, which had to be the eyes, though the rest of the face remained in shadows. All he knew, was that this stranger had just saved his life, and he was tongue tied. The rush of adrenalin was rapidly dissipating, and he felt a strange coldness, as his body began to tremble with the realization of just how close death had been.

At 18 it wasn’t something he was familiar with, but somehow he knew it now. It only made him tremble a bit more, as the person in front slowly pulled himself away, and leaned up against the far wall of the box car. Casey could see more of him. The face was haggard, like his own, the hair stringy from being unwashed, and the face looked dark, but from dirt. There was stubble all over the cheeks and chin, but not what he’d call a beard.

The eyes were different, more like tiny beacons as they stared at him. Casey could hear the raspy gasps as the stranger slowly recovered his breath. He heard himself gasp out a thank you, that didn’t even get him a grin, let alone a reply.

The sound of the train wheels going over the rails echoed loudly in the room, along with the sounds of rushing air from the open door. Other than that, it was eerily quiet, as he slowly pushed himself over to the opposite wall from the man who had saved his life. He leaned against the wooden wall, as the shakes gradually subsided.

The other man reached out for something, then tossed it over to Casey. He flinched, as he reached out to grab it, realizing it was his back pack.

got any food in there?

The voice was weary sounding, plaintive actually. It also had a hint of malicious in its tone, though he wasn’t sure why.

no, sorry


don’t smoke

pot? Anything?

no, just uh some clothes

shit, just my luck, save some rookie, and nothing for the trouble.

He felt a bit scared, and ashamed. The guy had saved his ass, but he had nothing to thank him, nothing to give him, as he let his head drop down, to stare at his legs, at the floor. Casey hadn’t been on his own for long. He couldn’t even call it being ‘on the streets’ as his town only had one main street. It wasn’t like the city, where at least strangers would toss you some coins. Everyone knew everyone and they all knew him, and yet, seemed to suddenly not.

It was as if he had become invisible overnight, a non person in a place where he had grown up. Yet he knew that the guy across from him, expected something for his trouble, even though he had nothing to give.

I do appreciate it Mister, I just don’t have anything to give you



He could feel the man’s eyes staring at him. It was like they were burning a hole right through him as he squirmed under the gaze. Casey didn’t know what he could do, to ease things. He wanted to thank him, but with what? His head was still in a fog, shutting out, or at least trying to, his close brush with mortality. It scared him, at what he had tried to do, thankful that there had been someone to save him, to stop him from just being another statistic.

what’s your story? You get caught with the Preacher’s daughter or something?

no, no Preacher’s daughter, just something.

not the daughter huh, what, was it the son then?

His head lifted up as he stared at the man across from him. For just a brief second he felt a strange kinship, as the voice had lost its menace, had almost sounded caring. Yet as he looked at the dirty face, at the stretched out man, he felt nervous, wondering what would happen if he told him.

something like that

Casey could feel the man studying him, looking at him. He felt uncomfortable, unsure if the guy would suddenly attack him, maybe even throw him out of the box car. The thought of suddenly being thrown out made him shiver, made him draw his legs up under his chin. His head rested on them, staring out at the other man. He had no idea how old he was, or what he even really looked like.

There was no doubt he had been out for some time. His clothes didn’t look new, and he sure wasn’t what he would call clean. There was even a bit of a smell to him, mostly from stale sweat. Yet he knew he didn’t exactly reek of freshness either, and he hadn’t changed clothes for a few days, or even managed to wash up.

you got any Condoms in that pack?


shit, okay a blow job it is, talk about a cheap price for saving your scrawny ass

I uh, you uh want to uh…

grow up kid, ain’t nothing free. I saved your ass, so now I’ll suck your dick, be thankful I don’t want more. Lesson 2, always have something to offer, candy bar or something, or at least a condom in your pocket. Not everyone is as understanding as me. Now we gonna do this easy, or?

There was that tone again. It made him lean back into the wooden wall, as if he could just disappear into it. The eyes were gleaming and the voice also had a strange deepness to it, almost as if the guy was serious. Then as he stared up at him, he knew he was totally serious. He was going to suck him, whether he wanted him to or not.


smart choice, we’ll get along fine, now let’s see what got you riding the rails, get em off, all the way off.

In a strange sort of way, he felt excited. Casey couldn’t explain it, nor did he understand it, but he could feel the rush inside, the growing anticipation as he struggled to get his pants over his runners. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and as he struggled to pull the pant legs over his runners, he could feel the other man’s eyes staring at his naked crotch.

His cock wasn’t super sized, but when it was hard, it was no tickler. It was definitely one a person would feel, when it went in, and it had made Jarrod gag when he had taken it into his mouth. As he placed his jeans underneath the small of his back, letting his legs open a bit wider, he could see the man’s appreciation grow. The lick of his tongue over his lips only confirmed his desire.

The man came closer, and he spread his own legs apart, sliding them under Casey’s legs. His eyes never leaving the sight of Casey’s stiff dick. It stood straight up from his groin, his balls hanging close underneath. The light patch of hair on his legs were sticking up too, as Casey felt his heart skip a beat or two, as the man slid in closer.

He could smell him now, but it didn’t matter. The feel of the legs under his, merely added to his excitement. There was no mistaking the hungry look in his eyes either, as his hand reached out, shaking just a bit. It was barely noticeable, but Casey was sure the guy was aroused, excited as he himself was becoming.

Their eyes met for a moment, as Casey watched the man take one finger, then stick it into his mouth. Then he added another, and still keeping eye contact, he inched in a bit closer, then let his moist fingers move down and under Casey’s balls. He could feel them slide down between his buttocks, until they were pressing up against his hole. He didn’t drop his gaze, as he saw the eyes glistening, saw the head push forward slightly. Then he felt the sharp jolt of pain, as the two fingers were suddenly pushed past his hole, into his ass.

He cried out, but didn’t drop his gaze, as the fingers penetrate him. They began to twist a little, which made him bite his lower lip, then he groaned as he felt the knuckles pressing against his hole. The man’s two fingers were deep inside, and began to slowly move in and out, twisting as they did, making him moan a little. Casey couldn’t help it, as it felt good, hard and good.

He slid down a little, giving the man a better opening, more room to work his fingers inside of him. His eyes fluttered, as they stared at the face, saw the crooked nose, realizing it was the result of multiple breaks. The cheeks were gaunt, the eyes sunken a bit, but oh so bright, so sparkling, as he felt his hips gyrate a little, enjoying the hard penetrating fingers. He was shoving his ass down, trying to take more of the fingers, when he felt his muscles being spread open even wider.

A third finger had joined the other two, as he cried out softly, his hands now stretched out, resting on the man’s shoulders. His fingers were digging into the flesh, or what there was of it. Before his fingers could dig deep, they were touching bone as the three fingers twisted and turned inside of him. Moaning he felt his body shake, felt the motion inside. He licked his lips, as he felt the man’s other hand reach down, to grab hold of his fully erect cock.

The touch was like being hit by a bolt of electricity. His body arched up, then crashed down hard on the three fingers inside, driving them in further. His entire muscles inside were stretched, threatening to break as the fingers probed him hard. No one had ever done this to him, and his only experience had been his own futile attempt at fingering. Even the big handle of his father’s screwdriver hadn’t felt this good, as he squirmed, moaning.

The hand that held his cock, was firm. It gripped the base of his cock tightly, squeezing it hard. It only made him moan more, squirm a bit more, as the fingers worked his hole, his entire insides. Then they were out, a strange emptiness filled his insides, as he felt the first flick of the man’s tongue on the tip of his cock. It was like he was suddenly on fire.

Sweat was beading up on his forehead, as the tongue flicked and tasted his oozing pre cum. The raspy edge scratching the sensitive cock head, making him try to sink further into the wooden floor. His hands gripped the man’s shoulders even tighter, making the man groan a little. Casey was certain he had winced, as his hands dug into the bone, holding the shoulders firmly in his grasp.

The tongue moved down, then under the head to lick at his pulsing cock. His balls were aching, his buttocks clenched together tightly, as the man’s tongue moved down the underside of his throbbing shaft. He could feel the blood rushing from his head. His head swimming, growing feint, as the tongue touched the base of his cock, just above his balls.

He cried out, his hands moved to grasp the man’s stringy hair, grabbing hold and pushing the head down with all of his force. He wanted his cock in his mouth, but the man was stronger, resisting slightly as his nose was buried into Casey’s thigh. The tongue licking at his base, at the tight bunch of pubic hairs around it. Casey groaned now, one hand pounded the floor, the other pushing the head down, as best as he could.

‘I am gonna cum’ he yelled, but suddenly the head pulled back, and he could hear the man panting. His own breathing was ragged, as the sudden urge to shoot his load, relaxed. His body ached, trembled even as he lay there, not sure what had happened.

Then the touch of a finger along his shaft made him tense up. He felt it move along his shaft, feeling it lightly move across his throbbing cock. The blood was once more boiling inside, his pulse once more racing as the finger caressed his shaft, then ran around the cap of his cock head. He groaned and leaned back, banging his head against the wall, ignoring the pain as the finger lightly moved across the head, smearing the oozing precum across the fiery head.

It felt so good, it made his whole body shake, as the finger moved down and under the cock head, to run lightly across his vein, the throbbing vein filled with blood that tightened his skin around his cock. He groaned, as the finger poked into his groin, then the hand cupped his balls, and he felt them being lifted up.

His balls were suddenly being sucked. He felt his testicles being licked, felt the wetness around his sac, as the man sucked both of his balls. Casey was groaning loudly as the man sucked each testicle, then suddenly was wrapping his lips around his throbbing cock. He felt the tightness, felt the warmth, as his cock was slowly being taken into the man’s mouth. The man put his hands on Casey’s hips, the fingers digging into the flesh until they reached his bone.

He felt himself being held, as the head over his cock moved in and out. The tongue inside licking up at his throbbing pole, as it moved in and out of the grip of the man’s lips. He cried out, feeling his body shake, feeling the tremors racing up and down his whole body. It was unlike anything he had every experienced.

His whole body felt on fire. Sweat was dripping down from his forehead, blinding him even more as the water dripped in behind his closed eyelids. He could see dots of blue and red flashing as his mind was absorbed by the strange waves of pleasure running all through his body.

He could feel the tightness in his chest, as he tried to breath, gasping for air, panting as his heart pounded, his pulse raced faster with each beat of the heart. His head was rolling from side to side, and he bit his lower lip, tasting his own blood, as the mouth on his cock moved faster and faster. A hand held his cock still, and he couldn’t stop himself, nothing this time could.

His hips slung back, then with all the force his body could muster, the hips shot forward. His hands reached out and took hold of the man’s head, holding it hard as his hips shoved his cock deep into the man’s throat. Casey felt his cock head touch the back of the man’s throat, and off in the distance, he could hear his own voice yelling, as his body exploded.

Casey felt his cock rear back, felt his groin and pubic hairs grinding into the face of the man, as his cum came flying out. There was no other sound, but the wild thunder of his heart, as his body shot its load. The gurgling sound was new, as his body pulled back, then pushed forward again, with a bit less intensity. The hands on his hips seemed to dig in harder, his fingers grew numb from their hold on the head, and suddenly it was like he was floating.

Just for a brief moment it was like he was riding on air, high up in the clouds. His whole body seemed to tremble, then shake as if a major earthquake was happening right underneath him. His lungs felt like they would burst, as his chest heaved, and then he was falling, no longer floating, and his voice was louder, harsher, as his hips pulled back.

His hands fell to his side, with a loud bang. He could hear the gasping sound of someone struggling for air, not sure if it was him or the man. His body trembled, as the tremors continued to race up and down, gradually lessening in intensity. Sweat was dripping from him, being cooled by the air that rushed past his shaking body.

Casey’s eyes slowly opened again, adjusted to the ever changing light in the box car. The man was still across from him, his mouth open as his chest still seemed to be rising and falling rather quickly. He could see the trail of dried cum on the man’s face, around the corners of his mouth and chin. It had left a trail through the dirt, and the eyes seemed to be just glowing. There was a warm smile across the man’s face too.

He leaned back against the wall, his eyes never leaving the face of the man. His eyes sparkled too, but he could feel the desire still there, the lust. His body ached, and he felt very tired, but he wanted more as he licked his lips.

Don’t you have a condom?

The man grinned even more, as he dug down into his pants, and pulled out a thin little plastic package.

Casey reached out and took the condom package into his hand, as he stared at the man. His own eyes were filled with desire, as he spoke.

Now let me really show you my appreciation

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