Fiction – Snowed In

Snowed In

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

safer sex means condomsStaring out the window, all he could see was a falling blanket of snow. The flakes were huge, and they seemed endless to him. Peter felt a slight shiver, as he watched the falling snow, covering everything in it’s white blanket. It wasn’t that he was cold, just that he knew he was in deep shit for being up here, and now being stranded.

He felt the arms wrap around his slender waist, and the hot breath on his neck as Ron laid his head on top of his shoulder, staring at out with him. He could feel the hard body leaning into his, which gave him a strange tingling sensation inside, as he leaned backwards, letting Ron take his body weight.

Sorry you came?

Peter turned his head slightly, to stare into Ron’s dark eyes, to see the small frown on his perfect face. He smiled as he reached out to grab hold of the hands around his waist, and caress them, feeling the warmth.

No, even if I’d know we’d be stuck up here, I’d still have come. You, any regrets?

A soft kiss on his cheek made him snuggle in even more, as he watched the eyes change color. They suddenly seemed more alive, sparkling even as he waited for Ron’s answer, knowing he was just as happy as he was. It was too bad about the heavy snow, but hell, the cabin had lots of food, firewood, so they could weather the storm. It would be a bitch when they got home, but then they weren’t kids any more.

Sure the folks would be pissed, but they were both college boys, freshmen. Okay maybe they shouldn’t have come up here, and yeah they would miss the big family circus gathering, but it wasn’t really their fault. Besides, his mom might be rather grateful, not having to explain to all his other relatives about Ron.

Nope, well, maybe for one thing.

Peter turned around, facing Ron while still keeping himself wrapped in his strong arms. He stared at the face, at the way the eyes were looking at him. There was no mistaking that hungry look, the way the lips were pouting, the eyes glistening.

Yeah, and what is that one little thing?

Didn’t say it was little

Okay, so what thing is it you regret?

You look so cute when you pretending to be angry, your ears turn red, did you know that?

Ron leaned over and kissed one of Peter’s ears, nibbling a bit on the ear lobe as his hands moved up and down the backside of Peters rather bony back. He could feel the hand passing over his spine, feeling the bumps. It felt so good in Ron’s strong arms, yet he wanted to know what he regretted.

Don’t change the subject, tell me, what is it you regret?

Peter felt a hand move down, to firmly hold one of his butt cheeks. The fingers dug in, making him squirm a bit, and move in closer to the warm body of his college friend. Though as he did, he couldn’t help but look into the face, to see the sort of laughing grin over his face. He was always teasing him, which is one of the things that had first attracted him. The way Ron seemed to never take things seriously.

The eyes were looking at him, searching him, while the hands were telling him just how much Ron wanted him, again. It was like he was insatiable, the way he enjoyed having sex. It was that lust that had brought them up from town, to be alone in the cabin. Mainly it was Ron’s appetite for sex, and while he had resisted at first, Ron knew all the tricks to get him to go along.

Really want to know?

Yes, I really want to know.

Well, for an ex boy scout, you aren’t well prepared.

Huh? What’s that supposed to mean?

Laughing Ron leaned back, grinning at Peter.

You only brought one box of Condoms, if we are stuck here for more than a day, we in trouble.

He couldn’t help but laugh. For a minute or two, he had actually thought it was something serious, that maybe Ron wasn’t happy with their sex, or that he hadn’t performed well. Peter was too serious, one of Ron’s constant jibes about him, but now he just couldn’t help but laugh.

Little you know, there is always a spare box up here. It’s in the top shelf in the spare bedroom closet.

Bitch, really?


Now why would Mister Student of the Year have a spare box of Condoms in the family cabin?

Because I may study hard, but I was no virgin when I went to college, and honey, you sure ain’t the first to come up here.


You should know. Now just why is it you think we don’t have enough Condoms?

Ron only grinned as he reached down and under, to pick up Peter in his arms. He grunted as Peter wasn’t exactly a 98 pound geek, though damn close to it. Still, to be suddenly lifted up off his feet, to be held by this strong hunk, only made his body quiver in excitement. It was a feeling he kept having, whenever around Ron, and now, stuck in the cabin, it was like non stop.

He stared into Ron’s face, saw the eyelashes flutter, then felt the hard press of lips on his own. His breath seemed to leave as he opened his mouth, feeling the hot tongue push past his lips, licking at his own. He sighed, feeling the strength in the arms holding him, feeling his head swim a little, as Ron kissed him hard.

He pulled away, and there was no mistaking that glint as he turned around and carried him away from the huge bay window. The snow was still falling as he was carried over to the huge fireplace. The roaring fire had been stoked not that long ago, and several of the logs inside were crackling as the flames licked at the spaces between the charred bark.

Ron kneeled down, keeping Peter in his arms. He kissed him on the belly, feeling the muscles rolling. Every part of him was shaking as Ron licked and teased at the flesh around his belly button. He couldn’t help but feel aroused, and he just hung on. His arms were clinging around Ron’s neck, as he was placed gently down on the warm rug, in front of the roaring fire.

He lay there, looking up at Ron. He could see his balls hanging, the hard pole sticking out. It was like it had never gone soft since they had come up to the cabin yesterday afternoon. Peter couldn’t help but smile at the memories of yesterday, last night, and this morning. While he had been here many times, with other guys, none had the sex drive that Ron had. He still couldn’t believe how many times he had taken him, had ridden that long thick cock, or how many kisses he had received.

In some ways, it must be like what a newlywed must feel, the constant need for making love. As he stared up, he saw the rippling muscles, the flat washboard stomach jiggle, as Ron looked down at him, grinning. There was something about the look that made Peter tingle, made his whole body ache, all over again. His own cock was sticking up, aroused just by Ron’s look, by the nearness of his naked body.

Strange, but the moment they had come to the cabin, entered and got a roaring fire going, they had not put on a stitch of clothing. All there clothes still lay in a heap by the very spot he was now, untouched since the first burst of passion.

He had never experienced such wild sex before Ron. Even what they had back at College was nothing to what they had so far. At first, he figured that yesterday’s afternoon romp was the best, but each time Ron got horny, each time they came together seemed to just become more powerful, more meaningful to him. There weren’t words for him to explain to himself, but laying on the rug, he felt the need for Ron in a way that almost was painful.

The pain in his ass, the throbbing of his cock, were so intense, that it hurt. His mind seemed to be lost, aimless even, as he waited. The nerves in his entire body seemed on edge, tingling like sharp needles poking at him. Even his balls, drained several times already, were once more full, and threatening to burst on their own. The hairs on his skin were all on end, waiting nervously for Ron’s first touch.

Ron leaned over, and pulled the ¾ empty bottle of lubricant, and the last strip of Condoms from the coffee table. He set them down and kneeled down to rest near Peter. His knees barely touching Peter’s side. Still, he could feel his body warmth, different than that from the fire’s heat. The roaring fire only added to his sense of anticipation as he watched every move Ron made.

The way his hair had dried, hung in matted strands around his thin face, how it crossed his face, when he would look down at him. All of it was etched on his mind as he waited, feeling his heart starting to run a bit faster, feeling the chest heaving as he began to breath just a bit harder, a bit more shallow.

He saw the hand as it moved out, and the tip of the first two fingers were held tightly together. His eyes followed them as they reached up, and caressed the side of his face. As they did, he felt himself quiver, but he watched Ron’s eyes. He could see them sparkle, almost burst out as if tiny rockets were exploding inside of them. His heart began to beat harder, as the fingers moved down his face, to trace a small light pattern across his trembling lips, then under his chin.

They tilted his chin up, and then suddenly were covered by Ron’s face. He felt the soft little kiss, and felt the rolling thunder beginning inside of his body. His legs twitched, his arms too, as Ron pulled back, and let his fingers continue their journey along his naked chest.

The small tiny tufts of chest hair swayed as the fingers moved over them, tingling and shaking. His chest was beginning to heave up and down, as the fingers moved across the flesh, to each firm nipple. The tips touched every so softly, made him lick his lips, and his eyes flutter a bit. It was unbelievable how he was feeling so much from such a little touch. His cock ached, more than it did just a few hours earlier.

The eyes, they were following the fingers, and he could see the desire welling up inside of them. His own eyes seemed a bit glazed as he tried to follow. The touch of his nipples made him groan too, and then the fingers moved lightly over the firm flesh, then around and around they went. Just barely touching his skin, but he could feel them, feel the tenderness behind the fingers. It was like being connected, as if the fingers were a cord between them.

His chest rose higher, and he sighed as he drank in more of the pine scented smell of the room. The burnt wood odor combined with the sap, made his nostrils flare a little, as Ron’s fingers moved down. They touched him and circled his belly button. He felt his muscles trembling, felt his arms twitch as the fingers never stopped moving, never stopped arousing every nerve inside. His legs moved a bit, and he saw a small smile cross Ron’s face. He was watching Peter’s cock sway, and his own desire was growing as he lightly caressed Peter.

The fingers moved down, brushing across the tops of his pubic hairs, touching the softer hairs of his thighs, feeling the muscles underneath shake. His whole body was aroused, waiting. The fingers moved down the inside of one leg, then across the top to run back up. Over across his pubic hair, his belly, the fingers moved. They stopped just above the base of his stiff cock. They pressed down a little, then released the pressure. Ron was staring intently at Peter’s hard dick.

Peter saw his eyes flicker, saw then darken, as well as widen. Then he felt the fingers moving, lightly touching the hairs around his cock shaft, just ever so lightly brush past them. His body shuddered, as the fingers moved upwards. The edge of his nails now all that touched him, as the fingers traveled up his shaft.

The crackling and popping sounds seem to be louder, or maybe it was the beating of his heart in his chest. Peter wasn’t sure, as he felt his body stiffen, felt his lungs aching as Ron’s hand moved lightly up his shaft, the nails lightly brushing against his skin. His cock quivered, as the fingers moved up and then around the cock head itself. His eyes closed as he felt the fingers circle just under the cap of his head, then move along the cap ridge. He moaned and turned his head away, trying to hold control over his body. His balls were aching, wanting to explode, but he held back, feeling the fingers move up off the ridge of his cock head, to lightly brush over the cock head itself.

The first touch was almost too much, but he bit down on his lip, keeping a tenuous hold over his body. His eyes were clenched tightly shut, sweat was forming on his forehead, and dripping down the sides of his head. His hair was feeling damp, despite the heat from the fire.

The fingers moved across his cock, barely disturbing the oozing pre cum that filled his pee hole. Again he nearly lost it, but held on, as Ron moved his fingers off, and he heard the ripping sound of plastic. He knew Ron was opening a condom, and the ache between his butt cheeks became more intense, in anticipation.

His whole body shook as he felt the plastic on the head of his cock. Peter opened his eyes to see Ron placing the condom over the head of his cock, unrolling a bit to cover his throbbing cock head. Then he watched as the head moved closer, and his whole body shook, as he felt Ron’s lips pressing over the head of his cock, against the plastic of the condom.

His hands balled up into fists, as the waves of pleasure came racing down his shaft and into the rest of his body. Every nerve seemed to be screaming at him, every muscle taut like a steel band over wound as he felt the lips pushing down on his cock, unrolling the remaining plastic sheath of the condom. His balls were pushing up, his legs stiffened and even his toes felt like they were curling up as Ron unrolled the condom down his penis.

His nose tickled the pubic hairs, then began to press down. His cock was enveloped into the mouth, the lips holding his shaft steady, as it pushed the condom all the way down and over his cock. Peter had never had anyone unroll a condom on his cock, like that. The new sensations were intense, and made every part of his body tremble. He was at a loss as to why too, as Ron was a confirmed top.

The mouth rose up off his cock, and he managed to open his eyes to see Ron popping open the lubricant. He watched as the slimy goop was poured onto the head of his cock, and then the hard grip of Ron’s hand smeared the oily substance down his cock. He felt the firm grip, felt the liquid flowing beyond his cock, to coat his pubic hairs and his balls. The hand rubbed it across, and even more of the liquid was applied, and Ron made sure every part of his cock and balls were soaked with it.

As a log popped in the fireplace, grabbing his attention, he suddenly felt the presence of Ron’s body over his. Turning quickly back from the fire, he saw Ron perched over him, straddling his prone body. The vacant look in his eyes was too much for him, making him sigh. Then he felt the hand reaching back, taking hold of his stiff cock, and the tip of it felt Ron’s hot flesh. His eyes bulged as he saw Ron’s face constrict, while feeling the tip of his cock head being wedged between the butt cheeks. He felt his cock being forced along the valley, until the head was tightly forced up against Ron’s hole.

Glancing up at Ron, he heard the soft wailing moan as he felt his cock suddenly being wrapped up inside of a blast furnace. The heat was intense, as was the strange feeling. He knew his cock was penetrating beyond the pink hole, that his cock was entering Ron’s inner body. The painful grunt, or groan only added to the wild sensations that were suddenly racing up and down his own body.

He was shocked, at how soft it all felt, at how siney too. It was like a thousand tiny tentacles were suddenly embracing his thick cock, trying to hold it, and yet not. He felt the sides of his cock being pressed, knowing it was Ron’s muscles, trying to grab hold, trying to impede his progress, but Ron was the one driving his butt down, making Peter’s cock continue inwards.

His mind reeled. The thunder of his heart was so loud he was glad they weren’t under any mountain ledge. The noise of his heart pounding would surely cause an avalanche otherwise. His body shook, as he felt his cock driving upwards, entering further into Ron’s body. His head was rocking from side to side, as the harsh beat of his heart became more like a whining jet engine. The thin shriek was actually him crying out, as his body shuddered.

Peter’s legs stiffened even more, shot out more rigid than he thought possible, as Ron began to move up and down. Each time he did, Peter felt his body shake, felt his blood race even faster. The new sensation was unbelievable, as he reached up, his hands holding onto the shivering hips. They couldn’t hold on as the body on top of him was moving up and down in a steady rhythm.

Ron’s buttocks was clenching and unclenching. Each time he pulled up, they held him tightly, then as he forced his body back down, they released their grip. His cock throbbed, ached, as it went up and out. Sweat was pouring from every pore in his body, as he felt the hard crush of Ron’s buttocks onto his groin. The slapping sound of moist flesh striking flesh echoed in the room, mingled with the crackling logs on the fire. Yet all he could really hear was the thunder of his heart.

His lungs ached, his balls were like a ticking time bomb. Peter felt the pain deep in his chest, deep in his groin too as Ron’s ass cheeks squeezed tighter and tighter around his cock. The trembling of his body was constant, and he knew he was moaning, though he couldn’t hear it. He couldn’t hear the groans from Ron either, as he tossed his head from side to side, biting on his lower lip.

There was no chance of holding back, as he felt his balls exploding. He couldn’t stop it, no matter how hard he tried, and he cried out, yelling his coming explosion to the room. Suddenly the press around his cock ended, and as his body began to convulse, the condom was being yanked off his cock. He shook, as the first stream of his hot milk flowed out from his cock, high up into the air, but it didn’t fall back down. It had splashed against Ron’s chin and face.

Then as he felt his body continue to shake, the firm grip around his cock head made him gasp. Ron was looming over him as he opened his eyes, his cock was inside of Ron’s mouth, as the second stream of cum came flowing out. He felt the mouth tightening its hold on his shaking cock, felt the tongue flattened under his cock, as he came.

He was out of breath. His whole body was squirming and shaking as Ron sucked the last of his cum, and gradually released its hold on his cock. The sound of it coming free reverberated in the room, along with his own panting gasps for air. Every part of his body seemed to be shivering, to be trembling as he felt the waves of his orgasm still. His toes and fingers felt numb, as he finally was able to hear other sounds. The panting sound was not just from him, but from Ron too.

Opening his eyes, tiny dots of color flashed around the murky image of the room. He could see the light of the fire dancing on the ceiling, as he lowered his eyes to see Ron, laying next to him. His chest was still heaving, as was his own. Sweat glistened on Ron’s skin, and he reached out with one hand, to lightly caress the wet skin.

Slowly they both seemed to calm down, their bodies no longer shaking, no longer hot to the touch. Ron lifted himself up on one elbow, to stare at Peter. Again his finger was lightly caressing Peter’s chest, as Ron leaned forward, kissing Peter softly on the mouth. He pulled back and stared at Peter.

Better start keeping more than one extra box of Condoms.

Peter just grinned and reached out to pull Ron in closer. He kissed him hard on the mouth. Turning his head, he lay back, as Ron’s head rested on his breast. He saw the falling snow, and thought how wonderful it was to be snowed in, also wondering if he could find where his older brother kept his stash of Condoms in the cabin.

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