Fiction – Come Out With It

Come Out With It

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

It wasn’t that he was a klutz or had two left feet. Shawn picked himself up from the dirt for the umpteenth time this afternoon, having tripped over an obvious log. He couldn’t bear the way Travis was looking back at him, waiting for him to once more start the trek through the bush, but then it was Travis’ fault that he kept tripping.

Travis was his older brother’s best friend, 2 years older than Shawn, and he had changed while off at college. Next week he would be heading back, but this was his last week home, and he had wanted to spend it out in the bush, camping. His brother had already left for college, so Shawn had been tapped to go with Travis.

It was both a thrill and a daunting task. He had always like Travis, and had a secret crush on him too. Though he had always managed to hide that part from both Travis and his brother, he wasn’t doing so well today. The notion of spending time with just Travis, to be able to be in the same tent with him, was making a nervous wreck out of him.

It really wasn’t that Travis was some super hot college dude either. He wasn’t a Jock nor a scholar, just an ordinary 20 year old student. He had shaggy hair, was your average height and weight, but there was something that made him appealing. His face was ordinary, but ever since he had been a kid, he had liked Travis. For starters, he had never teased him, or pushed him away either. He had a sort of charm that brought even the younger brother into his circle.

Shawn had been a geeky looking kid. It wasn’t until his senior year that he had filled out, gotten some muscles and looked more like a jock than his big brother. Hell he even made second string on the High School football team, and even had played in a few games.

Then too, as he began to follow Travis, he realized that it was due to him that he had done well in sports and school. His brother had never helped, but Travis, he had spent time with him, tossing the ball around, helping him with some of his homework. He hadn’t treated him like a kid either, and that meant a lot to Shawn.

Now here he was, trekking along the side of a mountain, about to spend a few days with his hero. It was hard too, because there was something about watching him walk up the slope, the way his butt filled the old pair of blue jeans, the way the cheeks moved, the legs bulging at the back from the muscles, that he couldn’t help but stare at. It was why he kept tripping, he was too lost in his fantasy of Travis.

As a kid his wet dreams had centered around Travis. Even once he had lost his virginity, he would have the fantasy of doing it with Travis. It wasn’t an obsession, just a harmless fantasy, and now he was about to be alone with him, for several days and nights. That idea terrified him, because he was finding it harder to hide his attraction for him. He found himself constantly staring, devouring every detail of how Travis looked. How his shirt would cling to his upper chest, but be loose at his stomach.

How the light hair on his arms would stand up at times, would sway in the wind as he moved the arms while talking, or just walking. He would study him, glancing away every time Travis would turn to look at him, hoping he hadn’t been caught out. It wasn’t the fading warmth of the sun that was making him sweat either. It was the sway of those cheeks, that smile, even the impatient look in the eyes as he waited for Shawn to follow along. No matter what his expression was, it made Shawn tingle, made him sweat a bit more, as he thought about Travis, about how it would feel to have his legs wrapped around his body.

The times Travis had been at their home, splashing and having fun in the pool had been etched forever in his memory. The way he looked in a swimsuit had left little to the imagination. Travis was one of those who enjoyed the sun, who during the warm days always had his shirt off.

The swimming pool parties were a dream day for Shawn, as well as a nightmare. Travis liked his Speedos, and there was little doubt in Shawn’s mind that Travis was hung. He had seen the thick pole outlined behind the wet fabric several times, each time eventually forcing him to retire to his own bedroom, where his thoughts took flight.

His thoughts of taking those shorts off, of pulling that pole out, all had always resulted in him jerking off. It also had been the few times when he had almost been found out, because the notion of Travis, the sight of him in those skimpy suits, had made him careless. It was those past experiences that had him petrified now. The last thing he wanted to do, was to get caught by Travis, to be found out.

They had finally reached a clearing, and Travis had dropped his backpack, and standing there, hands on hips, he nodded before turning and grinning at Shawn.

‘This should do, easy kindling around, not too open, and far enough off the trail, what you think? Want to make camp here?’

He just nodded, noticing the strange glint in Travis’ eyes when he suggested they make camp here. His imagination was working overtime, as he dropped his pack, and began to hunt around at the base of the large trees to gather up some kindling, and branches.

It was nearly fall, and the nights up here could get cold. Though they had one of those little heaters with them, it would still be great to have a fire. And it had rained all last week, so the brush was still damp enough. The fire level had dropped, but the problem would be to find enough dry branches to use. Still it kept him busy so that he could let his imagination cool off a bit, and maybe let his mind get control.

Tonight would be the test, but as nervous as he was, he couldn’t help but think of Travis, think of him naked, holding him tight, touching him. Hell, there he went again, fantasizing, when he knew Travis would never be touching him, least not that way he would like. Still it did give him some interesting thoughts to consider when jerking off.

The tent was all set up when he returned with some relatively dry logs and branches. He stood by and watched as Travis got the fire roaring, then sat back enjoying his handiwork. As he leaned back, he glanced up and stared at Shawn. His eyes seemed to pierce his insides, as he felt a strange warmth, as well as feeling rather nervous. He looked away, but could still feel Travis staring at him.

What?’ he asked, as he looked down at his own feet, afraid to look at Travis squarely in the face.

Nothing, what you so nervous about?

Me? I am not nervous.

Like hell you aren’t.

I am not, honest.

Travis stared at him, and he could feel the eyes on him, as he kept trying not to look. He glanced furtively but each time, those eyes were there, staring. He felt his heart pound a little, as he also realized how his body was finding the whole thing arousing. Great timing, he thought, as he tried to hide the growing bulge in his jeans.

Come on Shawn, I’ve known you since you were a snot nosed brat, so what is it?

I don’t know what you mean, really, I don’t.

He felt his palms getting sweaty, as Travis stared at him. It was beginning to fell like he was some trapped animal, as he kept looking around, avoiding Travis’ glare. He just didn’t know what to say, yet in the pit of his stomach he was feeling like it was all about to explode. Travis’ next words proved him right.

So your falling all over your feet because you were too busy staring at my ass is just coincidence? Come on Shawn, give it up man.

I uh, I don’t I uh…

I like you Shawn, don’t go ruining it with a bunch of bullshit man, you think I am gonna hit you or something because you like my ass? Shit I get lots of guys at college staring, it isn’t anything new.

It isn’t?


It doesn’t bother you?

Why should it? You ashamed of being gay?

I never said I was uh… I mean I uh…

Don’t worry, I won’t tell on you.

I don’t, really? Why?

Be rather hypocritical, don’t you think?


So big bro didn’t tell you?

No, what was he, I mean…

About the only smart thing he’s done, sorry, figured he told you, about me.

What, uh what was he supposed to tell me?

That we had a one night fling together.

He stood there, finally able to look up at Travis. He could see it in his eyes, that it was true. Travis was gay too, and he hadn’t a clue. The idea of his dreams coming true suddenly hit him, as he looked at Travis, saw the hurt in his face, but also saw something else, something like desire.

You are? I mean, I never, it just, but all those girls you and Cody had around you. I never uh…

Figures I liked guys? Hey, we all do what we have to stay safe Shawn, but yeah, some guys. I can handle girls too, guess that makes me bi, but I prefer guys, guys like you actually.

Me? Why? I am not anything special to look at.

Don’t believe everything big brother says. You aren’t ugly, and you have a decent body, not too skinny and sure as hell not chubby. You definitely would be fun.

He didn’t know what to reply with. Shawn could feel himself blushing, as he lowered his head a little, glancing upwards at Travis. God he looked so damn hot, as he just stood there. Then suddenly it hit him, as he sat down and stared.

One night, you mean Cody is gay too?

Travis sighed as he looked down at Shawn. His eyes grew a bit darker, and his jaw a bit firmer as he tried to gather his thoughts, or so it looked. It was a bit unnerving, but Shawn waited, not sure he wanted to hear the answer.

We were drunk, least that’s the excuse. Cody says he isn’t, but no drunk straight guy is gonna want it up the ass like he did. He says he isn’t, I let it go at that.

But, I mean did you, I mean did you tell him you were?

Sort of, not like I just told you, but he knows. Hell Shawn, you know how he is, how wrapped up he is in his image. I doubt he’ll ever come out of the closet, but that’s his loss.

Now what? I mean, shit, Cody took it up the ass? Fuck I, I don’t know what to say.

I do, I got Condoms, so why don’t we just forget all that bull, go into the tent, have some fun, or you gonna still try to say you aren’t? Or that you aren’t attracted to me?

He looked at Travis for a few seconds. The desire in his own body was becoming noticeable, and he could see Travis noticing. He grinned, it was like a dream come true as he stood up, dusted off some of the dirt, then ran his hand across his crotch. Shawn could feel his hardening cock, and the look in Travis’ face told him all he needed to know.

With a huge grin on his face, he strode towards the tent, pushing open the flap and turning around to grin at Travis, who simply stood up, a wide grin on his face. Shawn couldn’t help but feel giddy as he moved further into the tent, and got out the small battery lamp, switching it on.

He noticed how the sleeping bags were still unopened, as he turned to see Travis walk inside.

Without saying a word, he unrolled one sleeping bag, and laid it out fully open. He took the second and unrolled it, laying it fully open on top, making a bed for them both. Travis gave a sort of grunt, as he started to unbutton his shirt, and kick off his boots.

Shawn didn’t take long to catch up, then pass him, as he felt the thrill of it all taking hold of him. His body shook a little, as he dropped his pants, pushing them aside with his foot. He stood there, with only a pair of boxers on, clearly tented, while Travis was just shoving his pants down. Bent over, he glanced up, saw Shawn in his tented shorts, and grinned, licking his lip as he took the pants off his leg.

By the time he had them off, Shawn was already pushing his shorts down, his hard cock clearly sticking out. There was no hesitations, no feeling of shame or being inadequate, as he quickly stood up, fully naked. Travis glanced up, gave a low wolf type whistle, that made Shawn grin even wider. It was so nice, to be admired, to be worthy, he thought, as he clambered under the top sleeping bag. His eyes focused on Travis’ almost nude body.

His eyes bulged as he saw his cock spring out, saw the full balls dangling below. He whistled too, feeling totally amazed at how huge the cock looked, how perfect it was. His forehead was warm, as beads of sweat formed as Travis walked over. He stood there, letting Shawn stare at his hard cock, then he knelt down, and grasped Shawn’s face between his hands, and moved his own forward.

The touch of his lips against his mouth made Shawn moan. It was like suddenly he was on fire, as if a match had been struck to him. He felt the tongue digging at his lips, parting them to dive in, to taste him. He kissed back, and reached up to run his own hands across the firm belly, the hard stomach. Each touch making him tremble inside, with excitement.

His body became hot, or at least felt like it was in the middle of some blast furnace. Sweat was dripping as he felt Travis kiss his chin, lick at his burning flesh under the chin, then down his throat. He felt his head tilt back, felt his legs stretch out, as Travis now laid down beside him. Part of his whole body leaning onto Shawn’s.

His body shook, as Travis licked down his chest, then across to one nipple, then he felt his arm lifted up, to feel Travis’ tongue lick upwards across his flesh, then under his arm. It tickled and yet it also made him quiver. He moaned, as his legs grew taut, and his cock was suddenly being pressed down by Travis’ body.

Every part of him ached, and yet felt so aroused, so alive that it made his heart pound. He could feel the blood, as his pulse raced, as his lungs grew tight as his chest heaved with the thrill. The rush of adrenalin was unreal, not something he had ever felt with another man before.

To think his brother Cody could have had this, anytime, only made him moan more. He was finally better at something than big shot Cody, as his mind became overwhelmed by the rolling waves of pleasure that were flowing inside. Every nerve tingled as Travis touched him all over. He felt his lips kiss him, felt his teeth nibble at some of his flesh, the hands moving all over, running over his coiled muscles. His nerves were shrieking, his lungs threatening to explode, when he felt the sudden harsh pain deep inside.

He hadn’t even realized that his legs were up in the air, that his whole body was exposed in a way that could only be for what he now felt. His legs ached, as he opened his eyes, to see Travis looming over him. The eyes were like lasers, the way they flashed at him. The face was constricted as he groaned, feeling that first hard penetration rolling through his whole body.

His breathing was hard, rapid, as his pulse quickened even more. The hard pain grew more intense as the hard cock wedged between his cheeks pushed aside the protesting inner muscles. His entire butt felt like it was on fire, as he squirmed, feeling the fullness grow inside of him. His rectum felt like it was being split into two, as if a giant wedge had been shoved between his cheeks, spreading him wider than possible.

He cried out, as Travis pushed in, and slowly began to pull back, then push in. Shawn was in pain, and yet not. His body was quivering, protesting but for more. Tears rolled down the corners of his eyes, as the pain finally began to dissipate, to turn to pure pleasure. He bit his lower lip, twisted his head to stare down his scrunched up belly, to see the pounding as Travis’ hips crashed down onto his stomach. He felt himself lean back, felt the numbness in his legs, as Travis held him tightly around the ankles.

His fingers were wrapped around both ankles, pushing his legs backwards, to where he could see his own toes. His eyes blinked, as Travis continued to plough into him, then pull almost out, then drive in harder and harder with each thrust. He felt it, felt each muscle being ripped apart, as the huge cock pounded him. Shawn could taste his own blood, from biting too hard on his lower lip, but he couldn’t care less. He could hear a voice begging for more, urging it to be hard, to drive it all in, and he knew it was his voice.

The drops of sweat the hit his chest were from Travis. They added to the flowing river that trickled down his heaving chest, until he heard the cry. His eyes opened quickly, the exploding lights against black replaced by the constricted sweating face of Travis. The cry was repeated, and suddenly Shawn felt very empty inside. The hard cock was out, but as he focussed, he looked down, to see Travis holding the cock.

His hands no longer held his ankles, and his stomach was heaving, as he saw the cock over it, saw it being stroked by one hand, the other hand placed near his upper arm, as Travis was leaning forward.

His eyes almost left their socket as the blurred cock suddenly changed color. Shawn saw the head widen, saw it thicken, then saw the white liquid come boiling out from its centre. Then he felt the hot stinging splash up near his chin and upper chest. Then a shot reached up, splashing just by his lower lip. He heard himself groan, as more of the white came flooding out, striking him all over his belly.

It was like being burnt by the end of a cigarette or something. Yet as soon as it hit, as soon as the burning sensation grew, it stopped. His body was shaking, as Travis collapsed on top of him. It felt like their two bodies suddenly were melting. The warmth made him shiver, made him quake, as he felt the cock rubbing across his thigh. His chest was still aching, as he heard the hard panting breathing come from Travis’ prone body.

He looked over at Travis, saw his eyes flicker and open, and the wide grin appeared over his face. He moved up and gave him a small kiss on the lip, then rolled over onto his back. Shawn could see his chest rising and falling, as he slowly began to regain control. At last his breathing wasn’t so hard, so shallow as he propped himself up on his elbow.

Fuck, I am glad I brought two boxes.

Shawn grinned, as Travis handed him a package, and then looked down at the hard cock sticking up from Shawn’s groin.

I hope that’s enough’ he said as he watched Shawn rip open the package.

I brought a box with me too.’ he replied, grinning.

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