Fiction – The Beckoning Trees

The Beckoning Trees

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

The wind off the ocean was cool today, as Danny sat on the park bench. It wasn’t a particularly scenic view from the bench, but it did afford him a view of the entrance to the grove of trees most referred to as ‘Fag Forest’.

He had been coming to this bench, to stare at the entrance to the trees, since he had been 15 years old. Now at 18 things hadn’t changed for him. He still came to sit on the bench, to try and get the nerve up to enter the forest. It was a simple decision, one he should have mastered long before now.

High School had been something to endure, to survive. It was by listening to classmates that he had first heard about this place, and he had been desperate for something that maybe this place could offer him. Problem was, he never seemed to get past this bench.

There had been a few he had seen saunter past, to walk with confidence into the darkness of the trees, but he had sat out here, wondering. He was still wondering now, and yet each day he had come here, he felt it would be the day. For three years, he thought that each time he arrived, he’d walk into the shadows, to experience what he felt he needed, the touch of another man.

He had come close at school, but his natural shyness, his fear too, always held him back. Danny was certain of one thing, that he was into guys, as for anything else, he wasn’t what you would call a positive person. There were a couple at school, that he tried to be friendly with, but it never seemed to work out. It wasn’t that he thought he was ugly either. Least some of the girls didn’t think so.

Maybe if he had tried out for sports or something, it might have been different, but he wasn’t jock material. He only stood a few inches under six foot, weighed a pitiful 130 pounds even now, at eighteen. Still, he had a smile that the girls liked, and they loved his reddish blond hair, that he was always changing the style of.

Everything he knew about sex, had come from either a magazine or the odd porno flick he had watched. He ached for what he had seen in those glossy pages, on the screen. To have someone touch him, to kiss his lips, to fondle his uncut cock. Those were thoughts he had at night, which is why he was more of a loner than he should have been. The obsession of being touched, of some Adonis taking him, always gave him an erection.

Being normal, and alone, he always found that his fantasizes made him horny, which he dutifully attended to. Sometimes more than once a night. He even had come close to being caught in the boy’s bathroom a few times, as the urge was too great at times. Still, no one, not a single person had ever come up to him, had ever given him cause to break his silence, to voice it even.

He hated himself for it, and for a bit he thought he was damaged goods. Being queer wasn’t something his family could understand, or deal with. Then too, he never did come out to them, given their open hostility to homosexuals. Still, he had tried to be different, had approached girls and gone on a few dates. Yet despite his best efforts, the best he ever got was a wet kiss that just didn’t feel right.

Oh he had felt a breast or two as well, but it never got him aroused, certainly not like looking at some naked stud in a magazine could. Maybe they could sense his dissatisfaction with them, or that he wasn’t into females, but soon his experiment of being straight came to an end. It just wasn’t worth the hassle.

In some ways, he enjoyed watching the entrance, not having to walk in, to fear being seen going in or leaving. It allowed him to dream, but lately the dreams were becoming harder and harder to whack off to. They were incomplete, and in his heart he knew he would have to either stop coming here, or take the plunge, and go in. Just the idea of walking in petrified him. His whole body would shake and he would break out into a cold sweat. Yet, he became more angry with himself, as he would see people calmly walk in.

They were all kinds of guys too. From the older men, to the middle aged types. He hadn’t seen too many his own age go in, but a few. They looked no different than him, and some seemed to be as nervous, though they managed to walk in. A few going in had come to recognize him, or at least look in his direction as if they did.

That had kept him a way for a few weeks, but he kept coming back, kept vowing that he would step in. So far, it was a vow he just hadn’t kept. Sitting there now, watching the sun slowly setting, the wind picking up, he felt dejected. It was like being scared of the darkness when a small kid. He knew there was nothing to be afraid of, but he needed a night life for the longest time, afraid of what he couldn’t see.

It wasn’t that he was stupid. He knew it was dangerous, risky even, but he knew of no other place to find some male company. Maybe it wasn’t just sex that went on inside, maybe it was where you could talk, make friends. Problem was, if he didn’t go inside, he would never know.

Just as he was about to give up, he saw the blond hair and felt like he knew the person. He had seen him a few times go into the forest, and he looked like someone he’d like to meet. He was tall, maybe his age or a bit older, and he wore faded jeans all the time. It was his build that made him think of following him, but each time he came to the entrance, he’d watch the blond look around. It was almost as if he was making sure no one he knew was around. Just like Danny always did when he came to sit at the bench.

This time, as he was about to leave, the blond was there, but he was looking at Danny. For the first time he managed to see his face, cast in the sun’s fading glow. It was a strange face, one that looked scared but it made Danny feel exposed for some reason. He couldn’t explain it, but it was like being under a microscope.

The blond stared at him, then when he was certain Danny was looking back, he ran his hand slowly down his belly, to rest over his groin. He was too far away for Danny to see much more, but he felt his own body suddenly quiver, a tell tale sign that he was getting aroused. The young man just looked, then slowly turned away and headed inside.

Danny didn’t even realize it, till he smelled the fresh pine scent, that he had approached the entrance. He was closer to it than ever before. His eyes were peering inside, hoping to see the blond. As he stood at the entrance, he was certain he could see a shadowy figure several feet further in. It was the right build, the right height to be the blond, but he held back, uncertain of what to do. His heart was pounding as well, as he stood there, watching.

The figure seemed to be looking at him, but he couldn’t tell until he saw a flicker of light flare up. In that instant he saw the face illuminated by the light. The face was turned towards him, the eyes were sparkling as Danny watched him light a cigarette. The red ember glowed as he took a puff of the cigarette, his face peering out at Danny.

The ache in his crotch was unbearable, and as the darkness closed around him, Danny realized he had finally breached the entrance. He was inside of ‘Fag Forest’. He felt his body shiver, as it was a lot cooler under the canopy of trees. He could smell the dank scent of rotting leaves, as he stepped carefully inside, moving closer to the glowing ember.

Danny began to hear the strange sounds as he moved closer to the blond. He noticed how he was slouched up against the trunk of a huge tree. His head was tilted but his face was still looking towards him. There were the sounds of wind rustling the branches, and off in the distance, and all around him, he could hear other sounds. Voices of people talking, obvious grunts as well. It made the hairs on his arms stand up, as he realized there were guys inside having sex. No mistaking the moans, muted by the trees, but unmistakable.

At last he was close enough to make out more details about the young man smoking. He had a haggard look to his face, the cheeks seemed sunken and the eyes had dark shadows beneath them. His shirt was worn looking, matching his jeans. He had a jacket over his shoulder that looked like it wouldn’t keep anything off the wearer. The eyes seemed to follow his every step, until he was next to him.

Despite his appearance, he had a freshly washed smell to him, that surprised Danny. The eyes didn’t flicker as he got close, just stared at him. Once or twice they glanced up and down, checking him out. He felt embarrassed, knowing he was fully erect, as he gulped, summoning up the nerve to speak.



Uh, I am Danny.

The boy looked at him, at Danny’s outstretched hand. He stared hard, making Danny feel nervous. It was like he was being inspected, when the young man stood upright, and took his hand.

Rod, least you can call me that. Danny is your real name isn’t it?

Yeah, I mean yes, why?

Rule #1, never give your real name.

Rule #1? I don’t… why?

You don’t want anyone to know, that’s why.

Danny wasn’t sure why anyone wouldn’t want to know who the person was. He nodded though, as if he understood, though it was obvious he didn’t. Rod looked at him, and a small little smile crossed his lips. Danny noticed how thin and pale they were, but how they lit up his face, even here in the semi darkness of the forest.

No, you don’t, but that’s cool. You got any Condoms?

What? Uh, no, I didn’t uh.. no.

Rule #2, always come prepared with at least two strips of rubbers, unless you got some quirky notion that sex is naturally safe.

He heard what Rod or whatever his name was saying, but he didn’t really care. It was strange, to watch how his lips moved, how he held himself while he talked. It was making him think of other things, like what kind of penis he had, or how did he suck one, or even if he did. It was like all he could think of, even though he knew he should be concentrating on what he was saying. It was like getting a crash course in forest etiquette or something.

Two strips? Isn’t one condom enough?

Shit no, some of these guys you wanna double bag it, just in case, plus you never know, finish one trick and another can appear.

Double what? Trick? I don’t uh…

He felt totally lost. Then too the way Rod started to look at him, the way he took a puff on the cigarette, while staring at him. It made him more nervous, as if he wasn’t scared enough. Now all the lingo, the words he had no idea of what they meant, were all making him feel totally lost.

Shit you are new to this, you sound like a damn virgin

Danny felt his face turn red, and he looked away. He didn’t think it was that plain, but obviously Rod had a lot more experience at this. Still, he thought the darkness and shadows would hide his blushing face.

Fuck, you are, aren’t you?


Shit, you don’t want to be here dude, they’ll eat you alive. You that broke?

Huh? No, I am not, I mean…

Rod held the cigarette near his lips, as he looked at Danny. He could see something in his eyes, as if they just found something important to look at. They opened wide, and in that instant he crushed the glowing ember of the cigarette between his fingers. His eyes narrowed, as he shook his head in bewilderment. It was like watching a switch being turned on.

Come on, follow me and ignore anything you see, don’t talk to anyone. Okay?

Okay, but why? I mean…

Later, come on, before they get wind of fresh meat.

Danny had no idea what Rod was talking about but he followed him through the woods, hearing voices come and go. At one point, where several paths intersected he saw an old man leaning on a tree. His face lit up as they approached, but Rod just glared at him, muttering not now, as they rushed past the man.

He had no idea where they were, but eventually they came to a small clearing. They had pushed their way past some thickets, and even had to get down almost to their knees to get through. As they entered the small clearing, Danny noticed that it was set up as sort of a camp.

Rod pulled some branches aside, and pulled out a Styrofoam cooler. He reached inside, pulling two cans of pop out. He tossed one over to Danny, then sat down, leaning against a tree. He motioned for Danny to join him, as he looked at him, waiting while Danny sat down.

You’re not here to find a trick are you?

I don’t know what you mean, I uh…

Hustle, pick up some spare cash, you know?

Huh? NO, No, sorry, I am not. I uh, I thought it would be a good place to uh, to sort of uh…

Get a blow job?

Danny couldn’t help but look at Rod, at the way he spoke so casually about what was Danny’s secret unfulfilled desire.


How much cash you got on you?

I uh, I have to look. Hang on…

He leaned back, to pull out his wallet from his front pocket when Rod told him to stop. He shook his head, as he spoke.

Dude, never ever show your wallet, Rule #3 and #4. You looking for sex, you put the cash in one pocket, what you willing to hand over, keep your wallet in the other.


Because some will reach out, snatch the wallet and take off before you realize you been ripped off, and that’s the easy grab. Others are nastier.

I never, I mean that I uh…

It’s okay, Danny, right?


So what are you looking for Danny? Want a cock to suck on, have yours sucked? Maybe you looking for ass? Which is it?

I uh, I don’t know, I never, I mean this is new to me, I never uh…

Shit, you really are a rookie. You ever had your cock sucked?  Never mind, I can see by your face you haven’t.


nothing to be sorry about, we all have our own speeds, me, I had mine sucked before I was 14, one of my mom’s boyfriends liked little boys.

I am sorry.

Rod looked away for a minute, then took a long drink of the soda, even though Danny was certain it was long empty. Still he could see the eyes, the way they looked so distant, so suddenly empty. It felt strange having someone tell him so easily about something that had to be scarier than hell itself.

yeah well, that was nearly five years ago, shit happens. Thing is, I liked it, still do. Why I hang out here, easy money more or less, doing what I like.

you don’t sound like you do

The clearing wasn’t all that bright, but Danny had noticed how Rod seemed to look at him. The way he cocked his head to one side, as if seeing him for the first time. It was also rather enticing too. Rod certainly had a look to him, that just wouldn’t let Danny ignore.

smarter than you look, which ain’t bad either. So what’s the plan Danny? You looking to have your first cock in ‘fag forest’?

I was sort of, uh, yeah, been trying to get the nerve up, guess I am the nervous type.

No kidding.

Danny couldn’t help himself. His eyes were attracted to the lump in Rod’s pants. It was highlighted by the threadbare material as well. He was so close, he thought, but how to make it real, to realize his dream? His brow was set in thought, and he forgot all about the young man, until he heard the noise. His eyes immediately looked up and over towards Rod.

There was no doubt that Rod knew his trade well. He had unbuttoned his jeans noiselessly, but had made certain that Danny had heard the zipper being pushed down. His pants now lay open, a dirty grey color just showing among the opening. Danny couldn’t help but stare, then glance up, then back down to the opened pants.

He licked his lips, as he stared at the opened pants. Danny wanted to see more, to see his first real cock. Yet he didn’t know how to ask, but it seemed like Rod didn’t need any prompting from him.

His hand moved down, and he rubbed his groin, his eyes fixed firmly on Danny’s face. With every lick of Danny’s tongue over his lips, the hand would move and push at the open pants. The grey color beneath was clearly his underwear, but his hand covered the lump, the promised land for Danny.

He couldn’t resist looking, and finally he tore his eyes from the caressing hand to look into Rod’s eyes. He saw the glint, the stare and swallowed. He knew what Rod was offering, and yet he felt paralyzed. He just couldn’t seem to summon the nerve to move, yet those eyes seemed irresistible.

Somehow he found himself next to Rod. He had no idea how he got there, but he found Rod’s hand now on his, moving it across his outstretched leg, over to his open crotch. His heart was racing, as he felt the electricity passing through his body. The touch of his hand over the open crotch, of the sensation of actually touching another man made his body shake.

His hand jerked back, but Rod’s hand held him firmly, forcing him forward, forcing him to give in to his desire. His hand touched the crotch, felt the warmth of the young man’s body. His head was dizzy, confused and yet feeling excited, as was the rest of his body. He leaned next to Rod, his back against the tree, just as Rod’s was.

He felt his body next to his, then felt his pants being pulled. Danny looked over, to see Rod’s face. To stare at the strange glint in the young man’s eyes. He knew he too had that look, as he felt his pants button pop open, felt the zipper being slid down, and his own crotch being exposed. He sucked in his breath, as the hand reached inside, to touch him.

It was like his body had exploded. He could feel the strange warm sensations, like fire bolts, racing up and down his body. His legs twitched, and his toes were trying to curl up in his shoes, as the hand reached out and probed his groin. His penis was hard, harder than he could ever thought possible.

He heard a soft sigh, then somehow he found his own hand was now caressing the hard lump, touching it and feeling its heat, just as the hand was doing to his own hard flesh. He moaned a little, taken aback by the rolling waves of enjoyment that made his body shiver. His eyes fluttered, going from fully open, to firmly shut in seconds. Back and forth it went, as the hand inside his pants stroked him, then began to push at his shorts, to crawl up while still touching his aching pole.

Danny could feel it all, yet also feel the strange desire within, that made his own hand mimic the one in his pants. His own fingers were stretching up, touching now the hot belly, feeling the muscles shrink and then tighten to his touch. He felt the same waves beneath his finger tips, as he felt in his own chest.

A soft whimpering sound came from next to him, and he felt Rod’s head on his shoulder, smelled his sweat, as he breathed in deeply. His nostrils flaring slightly as he felt the hand groping for his shorts, then pushing underneath the waistband. Danny felt the fingers reaching down, pushing his shorts down, as they struggled to find his throbbing cock.

His own head rocked a little, the pain of hitting the tree trunk ignored, as his felt his legs push out, giving the hand more room to push inside. His mouth was dry, as he licked his lips, glancing now and then towards the head on his shoulder. He could see the eyes were firmly shut, as the hand reached the base of his cock. It was not like he had expected, it was much much more than he had ever though. His body trembled as the hand took hold of his cock, and began to work its way up the throbbing shaft.

Danny knew his precum was oozing, but worse he could feel his balls filling, feel them aching in ways that always signalled their near explosion. He groaned, his body no longer under his control, as the hand moved up and then around his cock head. He felt his oozing precum being smeared across the head, then around it, then down the shaft. His cock was fully erect, sticking out from his pants.

His shorts were pushed down near to his knees, his pants just below them. He was moaning softly, his chest was aching, as the hand held his cock, and began to slowly stroke it. Slow at first, but as it moved, it hardened as well. The fingers held him tighter, and slowly began to move faster as the pre cum made it easier to slide down and then up.

Danny could hear the heavy breathing from next to him, from Rod, as he concentrated on the feelings he was experiencing. His body was squirming, as the hand began to move faster, his balls began to ache even more, and strangely enough, he felt an ache between his buttocks. It was like his rectum was puckering, as his cheeks seemed to tighten with each stroke.

He knew it was too soon, but he couldn’t help it. It was all so new, so exciting, that he couldn’t stop himself. His body was quivering, his muscles taut as he groaned, his eyes firmly shut tight, as he felt the balls shake, felt them sling upwards. He was going to shoot, and he cried out, trying to warn Rod, and before his words were half way out, he felt the head move off his shoulder. He felt the hand suddenly down at the base of his cock shaft. As he cried out, he felt the head of his cock suddenly covered in a moist warmth that made his whole body tremble.

He opened his eyes briefly, to see the head over his cock, as he felt the press of the lips over his cock head. His body arched up, driving the hard cock upwards, making it go in as deep as he could. He heard a gurgling sound, a sort of cough, then all he could feel was the strange shaking of his entire body.

Danny felt himself shudder, felt the growing pain in his crotch. He could feel his cock deep inside of Rod’s mouth. His tongue licking at the underside of his throbbing cock. Every little details was being etched on his memory, as his cock was thrust deep into the willing throat. His cries echoed as his body was momentarily suspended upwards, His buttock clearly off the ground, his legs pushing him even higher. Yet he was held back, by the head swallowing his cock. He felt the teeth, the tongue as his cock head reared back, then shot forward.

His voice echoed his body’s surrender. It was loud, almost primal, as the blood rushed forward, as his legs grew numb and cramped. His head was filled with brilliant flashes of light, as his body surrendered. His hand reached out, holding firmly onto the head that was over his groin, pushing it down, holding it from moving off, as his body released its first stream of milk. His heart was pounding, the thundering roar drowning out even his loud cries of surrender.

Danny felt his body heave up two more times, each one slightly less than the one before. He was slowly feeling himself being drained, and as he sunk back to the ground after his third explosion, he could feel his chest heaving, feel his lungs desperate for air.

His hands were by his sides, as his body collapsed, his cock drained, no longer fully erect. His balls were shrinking as he lay there, panting. His eyes still shut tight, as he felt his heart racing, not realizing it was over. He felt the cold chill of the wind, and began to hear the other sounds, as the wind whistled through the trees above.

Slowly he opened his eyes, to stare at Rod. He watched him lean back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He knew it was over, he had his first blow job, and he wished he had found out long before now. Yet as he looked at Rod, he couldn’t help but wonder what it was like, to taste another’s cum, to have it slide down your throat. His eyes were suddenly once more afire, as he struggled to regain his breath. His hand moved, to reach for Rod’s leg, to crawl over towards the still open pants.

Maybe he would find out, as Rod just smiled at him, his own chest still heaving. As he saw Rod’s face, he knew that he would have his chance. He let his head fall forward, to gather his own strength back, as his heart continued to race.

The woods had finally claimed him.

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