Fiction – Street Rendezvous

Street Rendezvous

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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He thought he had brought enough, but as usual he hadn’t. It was a strange city which perhaps was one reason why he rarely did bring enough of his brand of cigars with him. It was an excuse to go exploring, to find some out of the way tobacco shop that carried his brand, but more than that, it was an opportunity to see the natural sights.

No, Mark didn’t think he was some sex maniac either. He just happened to enjoy the view that one could find, while on a mission to satisfy one vice. Not that he had many, well least not many that were bad for a person. So smoking a cigar wasn’t exactly good, but the desire, the pleasure of seeing some of the various habitants of the local scene, now that was what he called a harmless vice.

Course others from his neck of the woods would disagree. Mark didn’t really quite understand how his fellow countrymen were so hung up on sex, while the rest of the world seemed unconcerned about it. The rest of the world, and he had visited many places around the globe, seemed to simply accept the various differences people had about sex. Not his countrymen, which was a shame as there were some relatively good looking men back home.

Trouble was, most had issues about their sexuality, while abroad most seemed to not worry about it, specially down under in Australia, or so it had seemed.. Some he had struck up conversations with, and while not into his thing, they weren’t rude or nasty about declining the advances. Back home a guy could get seriously hurt if they hit on the wrong person. Still, it was part of life, and hell, even some of those who were interested, were rude or nasty. It depended on the location more than the advance even, which added to one’s frustrations.

Yet abroad, totally different. Oh you still had to be careful, and his ‘[[gaydar]]’ was pretty good about those things. It came with his advanced years, though he really didn’t consider himself old. He could hold his own with most a quarter his age, but still, one didn’t just blurt it out. One more reason, he suspected, as to why he constantly miscalculated the cigars he would bring with him on his little trips outside the good old USA.

Here he was up in Canada, a hop skip and jump from home and things were totally different. This would be his second journey into the city to find a store that carried his brand of cigars. The first had been a plus, but he didn’t like to push his luck. It was at the first store, that not only had he found his brand of cigars, but had found Jason.

Thinking about Jason, he seriously pondered the idea of going back to that store, but then he was on vacation, and that meant finding new experiences, not repeating already found surprises. Jason certainly had been such a surprise.

Mark didn’t consider himself old or ugly, just average really. Okay so he wasn’t quite 6 foot, but he wasn’t standing around hunched over with age, nor did he have a paunch either. Yes, the hair was thinning, definitely white not grey either. It was distinctive, or so many had said when they actually realized what his age was, but that too, was something different than back home. Most of those he had met abroad, didn’t seem to care about age, and most were able to actually carry a conversation.

He hated it when those he met or thought about picking up couldn’t carry a conversation. It was like they simply ignored the world around them, and while he knew they weren’t dumb, their actions would make one think twice about that. Not really true with those in other lands. They seemed to be naturally interested, asked questions, and even had opinions too. They certainly weren’t shy about expressing their views, sort of like Jason.

He had been standing outside the tobacco store when Mark had first found it. Naturally he had taken in the young man, a quick glance that told him he was about early 20’s and was a bit taller than he was. He certainly looked interesting, from his long thin face, to his lanky frame. He wasn’t skin and bones either and his clothes said he wasn’t a street kid either. The jeans looked clean, stylish even, and his t-shirt was one of those yuppie types.

His hair was nicely styled, had a bit of frosting near the front bangs, and made him look rather handsome actually. It didn’t look out of place, as so many did. Jason’s eyes though, now those were something that made Mark lick his lips a little as he passed by, wondering if he would still be there when he came out.

That was one of his rules, to not rush into things, even after a second or third look. You just never could tell, but he did think about him while he browsed through the counters in the store, searching for his brand. Finding them, he didn’t rush out. Mark had taken his time, checking out the other customers in the store and just enjoying the smells and sounds of the store. Besides, there was one counter person that was rather cute.

While he appreciated the man, his mind still kept going back to the young man he had spotted outside. That wasn’t normal and he left the store, without even attempting to make a connection with the salesman. Jason was still outside the store, sitting on one of the numerous benches that were along the street.

For a minute, he just stared at the young man, taking it all in. He liked what he was staring at, the way he seemed confident, at home at just sitting there. His back was to him, as he watched him turning his head now and then. It was as if he was looking for someone, and yet not. He had the distinct impression that the young man was looking, but not for anyone specific. One of his observations that had rarely failed him.

Taking a chance, he walked over to sit on the other end of the bench, to unwrap one of his packages, and have a small smoke. At the same time, it might be an opportunity to speak to the young man, or at least observe him from close up. There was a large cement ashtray type pylon as well, so he knew it was okay to smoke in that area. So many countries were moving away from allowing any public smoking.

Lighting his cigar, he noticed the young man turn his head and look at him. He puffed on the cigar, keeping his eyes averted, but he could tell that he was being checked out, and rather closely too. It made him smile inside, as the signs were starting to be clear. After lighting the cigar, taking a long pull on it, he let his head lean back and slowly traverse the scene in front and to either side, like any tourist might do. His goal was to meet eye contact with the young man next to him, but before he could move his head around fully, the young man spoke to him.

It was a bit of a surprise, as he was asked what he was smoking. Naturally he had to offer the young man one, which was gratefully accepted. He leaned over to offer a light, and in the process, their eyes met. Mark couldn’t believe his fortune, as the man just stared directly into his eyes. He had the finest looking eyelashes, that seemed to flutter a little. The eyes themselves were a dark blue that seemed to sparkle as they peered into his own face.

In some ways, he felt a bit uneasy, at how the young man looked into his face, the way it felt like he was being searched even. He smiled, and the young man smiled back, thanking him and introduced himself as Jason. Mark was seeing all the signs, and the obvious friendliness made him relax a little, as he introduced himself.

They sat there, puffing on the cigars, and talked. It wasn’t anything deep or anything, but it was pleasant. He found himself chatting about home, about how things seemed so different, and it didn’t feel awkward either. In fact, it was almost as if he had known Jason for along time, it was that easy to talk with him.

Before he even realized it, he had finished the small little cigar. Mark was tempted to light another, simply to avoid having to leave, or make the motion to. Jason seemed to have sensed his indecision, when he began to mention how there were some street musicians further down, and then asked if Mark would like to join him to go listen to them. It was a perfect suggestion, as it allowed him to keep company with Jason, and to also try to think of a way to find out more about the young man.

They moved along slowly, enjoying the sights. It was like a stroll with a friend, even though they had just met. The conversation didn’t lag either, which made Mark feel very relaxed. He enjoyed listening to Jason, as he pointed out some of the shops, and at how expensive they were. He also pointed out how much of what they sold could be purchased elsewhere, for a lot less. It was being helpful, that Mark appreciated. It wasn’t a ploy to solicit money either, which raised his estimation of Jason considerably.

The musicians were a small group of four. They played a more jazz type music, and was interesting to watch but before long, Jason, once more took the initiative. He looked at Mark, with a look of longing, and before he realized it, he had agreed to go with Jason to the park that wasn’t all that far. In fact, in a mood of pure pleasure, he hailed a Kabuki Cab, and together they rode down to the local park. It was the scenic route, along the waterfront, and he was glad he had opted for this little extra.

Jason had his hand on his knee, and every now and then would slide the fingers down Mark’s thigh, to tease him a bit. It was all rather exciting in a nice way, and even the young Kabuki Cab driver seemed to not care. Of him knowing, was obvious by the huge grin on his face as he had turned to give his tourist patter. Seeing Jason’s hand on Mark’s thigh, had elicited an even wider grin and from that point on, he never turned back around, just kept his chatter up as part of the ride to the local park.

In so many ways he was breaking his own rules, but Jason was so much fun, he really didn’t care. The concerns, the fear of danger, didn’t manage to break through the euphoria he felt as they sort of ran towards the dense outcrop of trees. As they got closer, he realized that there were pathways into the grove of trees, and while he felt a bit winded, he also felt excited. Jason kept looking back at him, and had reached out and taken his hand, leading him towards the trees.

The look on his face was enough for Mark as he made his way out of the beaming sunshine, into the trees. It was cooler and darker, a sort of murky haze as the trees hid the direct sun. It felt odd as he let Jason lead him deeper into the grove, and the sounds began to creep into his conscious thoughts. At first he didn’t recognize some, but as they stumbled deeper into the woods, he realized it was muted voices, as well as birds.

Shortly they came to a clearing and before he could catch his breath, Jason was right up next to him, holding him tightly in his arms. Panic began to rise in his thoughts, but were as quickly abandoned as he felt the press of the young man’s lips on his, the urgent craving taking hold. His body reacted automatically, as he too reached out, to wrap his arms around the slender young man, feeling his chest crush into his own, feeling it rise and fall in excitement.

The touch of Jason’s lips on his, then the press of the young man’s tongue made him ache all over. His body was fully aroused as they swapped saliva, kissing and tasting each other. He felt Jason’s hand curl around his head, holding it firmly as he kissed Mark deeply. His other hand began to explore the older man’s body, caressing his groin, grabbing at his aroused cock, and then tugging at the jeans. His breathing was rapid, as he quickly undid Mark’s pants, then he began to slide down, to let his mouth kiss under Mark’s neck.

His body was shuddering as his hands now rested on Jason’s shoulders, pushing him down even more. Somehow his shirt had been opened, and he felt Jason’s tongue as the young man licked his flesh, at the hollow of his chest. The raspy edged tongue moved firmly down his trembling body. His hands tightened on Jason’s shoulders, as he felt his body shake. His pants had been pushed down, his shorts were at his ankles as he felt the young man’s hands grabbing at his thighs, holding him steady.

He cried out, as the tongue moved down under his belly, and began to lick at his groin. His body shook, as he felt the mouth kiss inside his thighs, and his hands dug deep into the young man’s flesh. His body was trembling, as he felt the hand reach up, poke at his dangling balls, then reach under to lift them up towards the young man’s face.

Looking down, he saw the head resting near his own belly, felt the mouth slowly envelop his balls, sucking on them, while holding his leathery sac in the palm of one hand. The other hand clenched his leg, digging in just as hard as he was digging into Jason’s shoulder. He moaned now, as the balls were released from the warmth of Jason’s mouth, and he felt his cock being held in one hand. Then the hand moved up his throbbing shaft, and around his cock head, smearing his oozing precum back along the shaft.

The hand moved hard and fast, and he felt himself growing tense, when the mouth suddenly took hold of his shaking cock head. He cried out, as the lips tightened around the head, then slid down to grasp at the shaft, just under his cock head. Jason’s tongue then licked the head, and swirled around it as he stood there, swaying and holding on for dear life. Mark was losing control of his body, as the young man licked at his head, then slowly the lips began to slide down more. He groaned a bit louder, as Jason began to suck on his cock, moving faster and faster with each stroke.

His hands were white from the strain, as they held onto Jason’s shoulders. He groaned constantly now, as the pressure inside of his body became unbearable. He felt the balls slinging upwards, felt his cock head jerking side to side deep in Jason’s throat.

It was too soon, but he couldn’t help it. He was about to cum, and he cried it out, feeling Jason’s throat suddenly relax, feeling Jason’s lips tighten around his shaft. His body arched forward, his hips pushing outwards driving his aching cock deeper into the willing mouth. It was all he could do, to stand, as his body convulsed, quivered and then exploded deep into Jason’s throat.

His head jerked from side to side, his groin was pushed hard into Jason’s face. Mark felt the nose wedged hard between his thigh and crotch, as his body released load after load of his cum. His lungs threatened to burst as he stood there, trembling. His legs were numb, taut from the strain and his arms ached. He felt light headed as his body continued to shake and shudder long after the last of his milk dribbled out into Jason’s mouth.

As Jason leaned back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Mark slowly sank to the ground. He was exhausted and was panting as he stared at the young man. He just smiled, as they looked at each other. It was several minutes before Jason finally stood up, and offered his hand to help Mark up to his feet. He felt a bit saddened, realizing it was all over, but as they made their way out of the dense forest, Jason slipped him his phone number and gave him a kiss on the lips, as they parted company outside the grove of trees.

He stood there watching, at Jason moved through the tall grass in the opposite direction of town. He had given Mark easy to follow directions on how to get back, and just before he was out of sight, he turned and waved. Mark waved back, then headed back to town.

Mark shook his head, ending his recollection of the other day and began to move along the side street. According to directions, the tobacco shop was just at the corner and his eyes began to look from side to side, wondering if another Jason was lurking nearby. The smile on his face, made one or two look at him a second time, as he passed by, because he realized he still had that small scrap of paper in his pocket. His fingers were playing with it, as he came to the store. Right next to the entrance, was a pay phone and he made a note to get some Canadian change from the store, as he opened the door and stepped inside.

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