Fiction – Discovered Pt. #2

Discovered (pt.2)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Tomas felt the wind blowing across his dripping body, the warm wind drying his skin, yet he felt a strange chill inside. The figure up on the cliffs was staring down, it was obvious at the way he stood. Normally, being seen by someone while nude didn’t bother him, it was a way of life back home, but he wasn’t back home. He was here, where sex and nudity seemed a constant topic, but never viewed, least not in public.

The figure stared at him, then Tomas watched as the person slowly made their way along the cliff top, edging towards the steep sloping path that would lead them down from the top, to this secluded beach area. For some reason, he just stood there, watching the strangers progress, unsure what to do. His body shivered a little, and he thought about going to cover up, but for some odd reason, he just couldn’t move.

It was unnerving to some degree. To stand there, his dick exposed as it was, waiting for some stranger to suddenly appear. He shaded his eyes as he watched the figure slowly move down the path, towards the beach area. At first all he could tell was that he was a he. Yet as he began to get closer, Tomas began to recognize more details.

The figure wasn’t old, but young, like himself. Maybe he was even a bit younger, but he had long flowing hair, and he wore only a pair of jeans, no shirt. There was something hanging over one shoulder, and Tomas assumed it was his shirt, though it could have been a towel. He was slender in build, which reminded him of one of the recent young men they had hired to handle odd jobs in the office.

As the young man came closer, Tomas began to think he reminded him of the new driver that his superior had recently hired. He was very similar in looks, and build. That would be awkward he thought, to have him find him like this. His superior wouldn’t be thrilled to find out he had a nudist in his group, as the man was rather a prude, even for a countryman. Yet, there was always something strange about Dimitri. He wasn’t married, even at the ripe old age of nearly 60, but was always surrounded by young men and women. Many back home called him the consummate bachelor, always with something dainty at hand, male or female, though if you listened to him talk, he didn’t believe in sex before marriage, didn’t believe in homosexuality, and was a staunch defender of all things conservative. Yet one of his first acts on taking charge here, had been to hire some rather young and attractive males for what many considered traditional female roles, such as receptionist.

He lost sight of the young figure, and waited, wondering if this could be the same young man, hired to drive Dimitri around. The young man’s name was Kyle, and he had a pleasing smile. He always would nod his head in greeting at Tomas, which seemed to make Dimitri scowl and hurry the man along. The few times he had been with Dimitri in the company car, he always felt like Kyle had been watching him, from the rear view mirror. Still, if this was him, it could be trouble.

Dimitri was one constantly talking about perception, about being on one’s best behavior in a foreign land. He wouldn’t appreciate knowing one of his top assistants was out sun bathing in the Nude. That would offend his sense of propriety, and could make things difficult for Tomas. To lose what he had just found would be disappointing to say the least.

Closer he came, and Tomas could pick out more of his features. He noticed how golden tanned his torso was, how his body seemed to actually glisten in the sunlight, and how fine his face looked. The eyes were hidden by sunglasses, but as he drew closer, Tomas realized that it was indeed Kyle. His heart was ticking a bit faster, as he began to wonder what he could say or do, to keep this embarrassment secret.

He was still standing there, stark naked, and despite his fear, he felt a strange stirring around his groin. No way was he going to look down either, to draw attention to his nudity, though he felt like the young man was already staring. The way he moved down the last bit of the path, his head constantly seeming to be looking right at him, rather than at the path itself.

Finally he was on the beach. He stood a few feet away, the shadow of the cliff casting him in the shade, but his body still seemed to glisten. He took his sunglasses off, and Tomas saw his eyes, the way they were sparkling as well as checking him out. He recognized the look, and saw the slow smile crawl across the young man’s face. There was no mistaking that grin, that look in the eyes either as it began to excite Tomas. Maybe, just maybe, this wouldn’t be a difficult moment after all.

You can get arrested for that, specially around these parts.’

His heart was beating a bit faster, as he heard Kyle speaking to him, the voice soft and soothing. It had a soft musical quality to it, that seemed to make him feel happy. The grin on his face only added to the charm of his voice.

Sometimes it is worth the risk, but it is so isolated, I don’t think many come here.’

No, not many make the effort to get to here.

You did

I live near here, and I prefer to enjoy my time in the sun, without the screaming crowds, or the yelling kids. Besides, I have been coming here since I was a small kid. It is my favourite spot.

Tomas didn’t know what else to say, as Kyle moved past him, towards where he had his clothes and towel. The object he had over his shoulder was a towel, and Tomas watched as Kyle laid it out, next to his own. He turned to stare at the young man, enjoying how nicely he filled out his jeans.

His body was finely toned, and the golden hue of his back only added to Tomas’ desire, as he watched him bend over, laying his towel out. The buttocks was filling out the jeans very nicely, that made Tomas excited. He loved a man with firm cheeks, and Kyle’s looked very firm, and were well shaped as well.

Kyle turned and smiled as he kicked off his shoes, and then Tomas heard the belt being unbuckled. He stood there, watching as Kyle shoved his pants down his body, exposing a perfect pair of cheeks. He leaned over, to tug off the jeans, and then simply laid out on his towel, next to Tomas’.

He hadn’t been wearing any underwear, and the site of his cheeks, golden color from exposure to the sun had given him a rather instant hard on. As he stared at Kyle, he couldn’t help but feel that way.

Another worshipper of the sun, he thought, but as Kyle leaned back on his elbows, he could see that Kyle was perhaps a worshipper of more than just sun. His penis was sticking up from his groin, just as Tomas’ had earlier. It was amazing at how beautiful it looked, standing upright among a dark patch of hair.

Kyle turned his head, seeing Tomas staring at him, and the grin on his face only grew wider. His eyes sparkled as he looked at Tomas, then gradually moved his eyes downwards, taking in every inch of his own body until they settled at his groin. He saw the eyes grow a bit wider, sparkle even, then he noticed the tip of Kyle’s tongue lick the thin pale lips slowly. It was as if he was imagining tasting what was sticking out from Tomas’ crotch.

The eyes looked back up at him, and he felt the shudder in his heart. The look was one he knew very well. The lust was not hidden, and it was almost as if he was pleading with him, to come forward, to let him do a lot more than just look. He couldn’t believe how aroused he was feeling, as he grinned back at Kyle, and moved closer to him.

He stood beside the young man, staring down at him and his golden body. There was no tan lines, just a long lanky body, fully exposed, glistening in the sunlight. He licked his own lips as he took a long hard look at the young man’s groin. The way the cock was sticking up, the head swollen by the rushing blood, and the way Kyle opened his legs a little, to give Tomas a fuller view.

Kyle looked up at Tomas, grinning as he began to slowly run his hand along his chest. Tomas watched his hand, the way it slowly caressed the golden flesh, moved around the firm nipple. He was being seduced, he knew it, and he didn’t object. Kyle was a perfect specimen, and as he slowly lowered himself to his knees, he couldn’t help but admire the well defined body.

His own hand moved and rested on top of Kyle’s. He felt the jolt, felt the excitement racing up and down his spine, as well as Kyle’s. He looked over at him, saw him still smiling, encouraging him even. It was more than he could hope for, he thought as he slowly began to move his own hand across the young man’s chest. He felt the warmth of the man’s body, the way the skin moved so lightly under his touch. His cock was aching as he slowly ran his hand down the full torso.

Tomas felt the man’s muscles ripple and shiver. The motion made the hair on his arm rise up in excitement, as his fingers moved down the firm stomach. The flesh growing warmer as he let his hand slowly roam from side to side. Each time his fingers passed over the little tuft of hair, that led to Kyle’s groin, he hesitated a second, trembling inside, as he slowly kept working his way down.

His eyes would glance up at Kyle, each time he moved his hand down, and each time he saw the wide grinning approval. The eyes were slightly clouded, glazed even as he continued to caress the young man’s body. As he hesitated once more, Kyle moved his own hand on top of Tomas’. The touch was electrifying, and he stared at Kyle, wishing he could read beyond the glazed look, the sparkle.

Kyle let his hand take Tomas’ and he slowly moved it down, until the hand was rested just above the hard erect penis. The eyes were boring into his own, as the young man spoke in a soft husky voice.

Take me, I want you to take me, here, now

Tomas felt the excitement filling him, then the cold splash of water on it, as he realized he had no Condoms. He stuttered, unsure how to say it, how refuse even, but even as he tried, the smiling face beckoned him. He leaned forward, to kiss the perfect mouth, to try and think. As he moved in, as his lips brushed Kyle’s pale thin lips, he muttered Condoms.

Kyle merely smiled at him, one hand reaching out to grab hold of the jeans he had lain beside his blanket. He pulled them close and reached into a pocket, pulling out a sleeve of Condoms. There were three small packages attached together, as Kyle murmured.

I came prepared

Tomas smiled, as he took the Condoms and laid them close by. He bent over, taking Kyle’s face between his hands, and planted a hard kiss on the young man’s pale lips. He kissed him several times, then stretched himself out, resting next to Kyle. His body moved in, his hard cock pressing hard into Kyle’s warm thigh. His hands moved back down the firm torso, until it slid past the rippling muscles of the stomach. His fingers play with the man’s pubic hairs, twisting and curling them, grazing the hot pole, but never taking hold of it. Least not right away.

Kyle moaned softly, as his body began to quiver. He was squirming a little to the gentle caress around his thick cock shaft, and Tomas was feeling the excitement himself. His body was aching, as his hand moved around to cup the full balls hanging between Kyle’s legs. He felt the fuzzy hair that covered the leathery sac, and the two eggs inside moved to the press of his hand over them. Glancing up, he saw Kyle bite his lower lip as he lowered his own head, his eyes watching Kyle’s face.

He reached around the stiff cock, and let his tongue slowly flick out, to lick lightly against the skin, and encircle the egg inside each ball. Then he slowly moved his face to rest on the trembling thigh, as he kissed each ball, then slowly inhaled, sucking in the flesh and precious egg. He sucked on each ball several times, alternating between them both. He heard Kyle’s moans, felt his reaction as he finally released the balls, kissing them one more time.

Leaning back, he looked up and over at Kyle. His eyes were closed, his teeth still over his lower lip, and his hands were spread on either side, his fingers balled up into a fist. He was shaking, as Tomas moved his hand upwards, to slowly let his fingers wrap around the throbbing cock shaft. His eyes moved down to gaze at the thickened pole, and stare at the growing white pre cum that was oozing from the head.

He lowered his head, licking at the head. Tomas felt Kyle’s whole body shake, then arch upwards, and he opened his mouth, letting the cock head slide inwards. His lips closed around the top of the head, sliding down as the cock was shoved upwards, deeper into his mouth. He licked at the cock as it moved in, and he lowered his head as well, sliding his hands under the upraised buttocks.

Shifting positions, he maneuvered his body to rest between the spread open legs. His head continued to hold the throbbing cock inside, and he moved his head up and down, taking more and more of Kyle’s cock into his mouth. He felt the head slide down his throat, as he sucked the oozing pre cum and swallowed it. He enjoyed the taste as his hands held tightly onto the young man’s hips. His fingers dug in till they touched the bone itself, and helped raise the young man’s body upwards.

Tomas leaned back on his haunches, as he lifted his head off of the throbbing cock. His one hand continued to slowly stroke the long shaft, then he reached over, grabbing the sleeve of Condoms and placed the edge into his mouth. He ripped off one of the packages, tossing the remaining two next to him. He reached up and pulled on the plastic covering, ripping open the condom package, and taking it, he stared down at Kyle.

The eyes were staring up at him, a glazed look of desire covering them. He saw him lick his lips several times, anticipating. He followed Tomas’ hand as it took the thin condom out, and as Tomas leaned back, to show his hard cock, Kyle lifted himself up to watch as Tomas rolled the condom down his own throbbing pole. Looking up, he smiled, as Kyle let himself fall back down, at the same time spreading his legs open and lifting them upwards.

Tomas reached under the knees, and hoisted them up, to expose Kyle’s cheeks to him. He stared down at the beautiful cheeks, and pushed the legs backwards, spreading them a bit wider, to open those golden orbs of shaking flesh. He licked his lips, as he saw the young man’s valley open to his view.

Leaning forward, he couldn’t hold back any longer. His whole body moved forward, pressing down on Kyle’s upraised legs, as his aching cock rubbed across Kyle’s own cock and balls. He felt the body quiver, as he reached down, to guide his cock down the opened valley until he felt his bulging head wedge tightly up against Kyle’s waiting hole. He looked up one more time, to see that perfect face, to see his expression, as he slowly pushed his hips forward, slowly urging his cock to split apart the resisting muscles of Kyle’s pink hole.

He heard the grunt, the face showing him grimacing, as he slowly drove his cock past the rectum, to gradually enter the young man’s body. He too grunted, as he pushed a bit harder, making his cock slip past the protesting muscles inside. ‘Oh Yes’ echoed in his ears as his cock finally penetrated the young man fully. His whole shaft was slowly sliding in deeper, as his hands dug deep into the sandy beach. He leaned forward, his hair dangling down over his face, as his eyes stared down. He bit his own lower lip as he shoved his dick in harder, seeing Kyle’s face tighten as he took Tomas’ massive weapon inside of him. His eyes flicked open, and stared right into Tomas’ own eyes.

Bending down, he kissed the mouth hard, then lifted his head up as he began to gyrate his hips and alternate between pulling up and pushing down. His body began to slowly get into a rhythm as Kyle whimpered, then began to moan as his body shook to the increased thrusts by Tomas.

It had been a long time since Tomas had felt such pleasure. His body began to tremble as he pounded Kyle’s willing rectum. His legs shot outwards, stiffening and becoming numb as he drove his cock hard and deep with each thrust. His sweat was pouring off his forehead, dripping onto Kyle’s chest. His long hair was flicking across that heaving chest, adding to the pleasure. Kyle was moaning constantly, squirming under his hard penetrating thrusts. His hand reached up and took Tomas’ head between them, pulling his head down. It made Tomas quiver as Kyle kissed him hard on the mouth, biting at his lower lip, then releasing his head, to flop from side to side, as Tomas continued to plough his ass with his cock.

He was driving his cock like a jack hammer. In and out he would go, harder each time, faster each time, and he felt the ache inside. His balls were slung upwards, his control weakening as he kept driving in harder, wanting to go deeper each time. His groans, his moans were mingling with Kyle’s as he finally felt himself losing control. His body was shaking, and he quickly pulled out, grabbing hold of his trembling cock, ripping the condom off and he leaned forward, his hand a blur as he finished what he had started.

In seconds, he felt himself lose total control. His whole body was shaking as he cried out, leaning forward. His hand was pulling at his cock, as he aimed it and felt it explode. The head reared back, the cum flying out past his firm grip. He heard Kyle cry out, as the first hot splash of his cum hit Kyle just under the chin, then another a bit lower, and then a third around the belly. He felt Kyle’s body quiver, felt his legs shaking as his cum splashed across Kyle’s trembling golden flesh.

It took him several seconds, before he was finally finished. As the last of his milk dribbled out over Kyle’s pubic hairs, he collapsed on top of the still shaking body beneath him.

He laid there for several minutes. Both of them panting from the recent exertion. Their bodies spent, Tomas finally was able to roll off, and stare up at the sun. He couldn’t believe how exhausted he was, or how much his body ached. He turned his head, to stare over at Kyle, who looked back, a look of satisfaction in his eyes.

Kyle let his hand move across, to rest on top of Tomas’ heaving chest, and he just laid there, looking with affection at Tomas. He moved himself in closer, letting all of his body touch Tomas’ body, as he slowly ran his hand down Tomas’ body, to rest around the base of the spent cock. His eyes smiled as he leaned over and kissed Tomas lightly on the cheek, then the lips.

Dimitri was right, you are a stud.

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